2016-10-05 An Experience

From Transformers: Lost and Found

An Experience
Date 2016/10/05
Location Lost Light Recreation- Practice Rooms
Participants Waspinator, Fritz, Gearshift
NPCs Drone
Summary What starts as belly dancing ends in a hug

These multi-purpose rooms are capable of being put to any one of a number of uses, including training, exercise, and plain ol' fun. It's a good place for sparring or for sports. The walls have been reinforced and soundproofed so that live weapons can be fired within, serving as a shooting range. This also means that noise does not carry far, no matter how boisterous the game.

Waspinator is meeting Gearshift in the practice rooms. He doesn't know what the femme wants but ever since she called him one of her 'dearest friends' the mech has decided he is going to try and be a good friend to her... Obviously she doesn't have much of anyone else if Waspinator ranks so high. Wazzpinator will be good friend to Gearbot, will alzzo help Gearbot make better friendzz. Being the first to arrive, he awkwardly leans against one wall. Unsure about what he should be doing.

Gearshift reaches the practice rooms second, though what she hasn't told Waspinator is that she's invited Fritz as well, hoping to help the two get to know each other better. She enters the practice rooms and brightens when she sees Waspinator "You're here!" She says, happily.

The practice rooms are one area on the ship that Fritz avoids, if he can help it. Considering he's never been much of a fighter, he's never seen a need to go in and potentially make himself a target for whoever is using them. Today, though, he's walking in as the third and last member of this particular party. When he'd gotten Gearshift's message he'd lit up - he didn't know why she was inviting him, either, especially to here (hopefully not for fighting. Maybe she wanted to do something nice, like stretching?) but he liked her, she was nice, and maybe she could give him more tips on befriending Waspinator. And maybe she knew Penchant! He wanted to get to know his boss better too, even as the news of the minibot's disappearance with some other members of the crew made him nervous. Soundwave could stay on that dead ship forever if he wanted; Penchant was the one Fritz was worried about.

As he comes in, Gearshift is the first one he sees, and his faceplate shifts in a way indicating his smile, one servo waving excitedly. When he notices Waspinator, though, the greeting he'd been about to give is cut off with a surprised little squeak. O-Oh.

"Um, h-hi, Gearshift, Waspinator. How are you?" Fritz's posture grows worse as he slouches nervously.

Waspinator looks up as Gearshift enters the room, giving a small nod and affirmative noise at her greeting. "Yezz, what doezz Gearbot w-" Oh, Izz Orangebot. He looks up as Fritz enters the room, seeing him begin to smile- then apparently fall when he sees Waspinator. Wazzpinator zztill zzcare Orangebot... He gives a small wave back to Fritz before walks to Gearshift, purposefully putting himself on the other side of the femme. "What did Gearbot want to meet here for?"

Gearshift answers Wasp with a simple "I thought maybe we could practice some more dancing, like before." She looks over at Fritz and gestures for him to come closer "And I thought it would be nice to invite Fritz as well." All according to plan, the femme muses to herself.

If only you knew it was the exact opposite, Waspinator. Fritz shuffles closer to where the two are standing, and her suggestion does have him perking up a little. So they weren't going to be fighting anything. Oh, thank Primus. "Dancing? What kind of dancing?" What's visible of his freckles become more pronounced as a light flush crosses his cheeks upon imagining dancing with Waspinator. "I'm, um, not very good at dancing. I'm too clumsy." Which is a little weird considering you'd think he'd have a better balance with multiple arms, and yet in reality Fritz was more likely to trip on a dust mote.

Waspinator listens to what she is plan- wait. Wazzpinator danced with Gearbot once before.. Wazz that weird movement! A mental groan crosses through his processor, though he tries to keep it from leaking into his body language. That wazz weird, and hard. He doesn't outwardly complain. Gearbot wantzz to do thizz zzo Wazzpinator will zzuffer through it. "Ok."

"We could try other kinds of dancing, but my speciality is Belly dancing" Gearshift explains, stretching "It's an Earth dance" The femme adds before going to turn on some music.

Earth, that place where the war ended. Fritz heard about it when he got back from his time with Azize. It sounded nice, he guesses; lots of mechs seemed to like it. He wasn't sure if he understood the appeal. Azize had been beautiful, while humans sounded creepy. "Belly dancing...okay, I'll try." His smile, beneath his faceplate, returns, though now it's sheepish, and this time when he slouches its more bashful than actively anxious. "I might fall down a lot though..."

Waspinator looks over at Fritz and gives the mech a sympathetic look- at least as sympathetic as he can. Orangebot not know what Orangebot izz getting into. He then looks down to Gearshift, obviously waiting for some direction on what she wants him to do.

Once the music is on, Gearshift stands so they are more in a triangle "The best way to learn belly Dancing is to mirror others, so just follow me and I'll keep things simple" The femme smiles and starts moving slowly, rolling her hips back and forth

Sure, okay, he'll do that. Fritz watches Gearshift for a klik before he slowly starts trying to copy her movements. It's immediately clear he wasn't kidding, his hips jerking as they try to follow the roll of hers, all four arms coming up to balance himself. It's going to get so much worse the faster they go. "Wow, you, you really make this look a lot easier than it is," he comments, optics glued to the way she's moving. So, he goes like this, or, er, like that, or, this way...

If Fritz looks bad, Waspinator looks horrendous. He remembers this move, it was a pain in his holoform but it is just torturous in his real body. His hips are not designed to swivel as Gearshift wishes him to and his large insectoid abdomen swishes awkwardly behind him. This is not going to be fun.

Thankfully for both mechs, Gearshift keeps things simple and slow, not wanting to push them too hard, and wanting to keep things light! She adds slow turns in, half losing herself in the music and the dance.

Fritz glances up to see how Waspinator is handling it, and he has to bite back a little giggle. Wasp seems to be having just as much trouble as he is. It's when the turns start that his initial prediction toward himself first comes true - when he tries a turn, his movement is too jerky, and all four arms whirl in panic as he trips himself up and right onto his aft. "Ouch," he mutters, picking himself back up. He's determined, for once, though, and he goes back to trying to copy Gearshift, his optics now flicking back and forth between her and his own pedes.

<FS3> Waspinator rolls Fate's Chewtoy: Great Success. (5 8 8 1 5 7 2 4 3 5 7)

Waspinator flinches a bit when Fritz falls down. Ow. Wazzpinator hopezz Orangebot izz ok. Then it is his turn to try the twist. Pausing to try and figure out the best way to do it, Waspinator attempts to turn in the way Gearshift did. He fails. Spectacularly. Mid spin, Waspinator's abdomen catches on the floor from leaning too far back. This prompts his feet to snag and a whole lot of insect to go toppling back into a pile of training equipment. The crash echoes through the room and leaves wasp looking dazed on the floor with toppled equipment around.

Gearshift pauses and gasps "Oh! Fritz are you okay?!" She goes to help Fritz up, and doesn't start dancing again until she is sure that he is, in fact, okay.

She starts to dance again, but it doesn't last for long when Waspinator crashes himself. Gearshift rushes to help him up when she hears a deep rumble from the pile of equipment.

"Yeah, I'm fine, thank you." Fritz is endeared even more to Gearshift - she tried to help him up! A lot of the time mechs just laughed at him and went on with their lives. Once in a while he fell on something important and then it became anger. He's feeling a little better about keeping up with their practice when Waspinator is the one falling. "Waspinator!" He, too, is rushing over, two servos grasping at whatever part of the bug's arm he can reach. "Are you alright? That looked painful, oh no--" His nervous fretting is interrupted by the noise coming from the equipment, and his optics go wide. In a very small voice, he asks, "What....what was that?"

Waspinator is surprised when both Gearshift and Fritz run over to try and help him. Its probably somewhat comedic for two such smaller mecha attempting to help him up. Before he can respond to them he hears the rumbling, tensing two.

Suddenly a drone jolts up from the pile, scanning the area before focusing in on the three of them.

<FS3> Fritz rolls Bravery: Success. (8 1 2)

Gearshift freezes when she sees the drone come to life. "Uhmmm hi?" She says to the drone, testing a conversation.

Fritz is shaking on his pedes when the drone rises and immediately fixates on them. He forces fluid down his intake, grip on Wasp now tight and fearful. One servo rises to his faceplate in a gesture similar to one biting their nails, the second free one fisting over his spark. No no no no. Instead of trying actual conversation, he manages to try the first thing that comes to mind: "D-D-Drone, end b-battle simulation." That's what people say, right?

Apparently something was knocked loose in the drone's head, as it not only completely ignores Fritz, but lunges at the three of them.

Waspinator reacts to the clear threat almost immediately. Realizing the drone is coming at them, Waspinator roughly shoves the two smaller bots away before turning to grapple the drone. Wazzpinator can't let it hurt Gearbot or Orangebot! be honored, for literally anyone else he would leave them on their own in this situation. Yet Waspinator knows the two are far smaller and likely weaker than him, if he left them to fend for themselves he might lose the only friends he has.

<FS3> Gearshift rolls Body+Body: Good Success. (2 8 7 4 5 1)

Gearshift, after being shoved, turns around again and tries to shove the drone off of Waspinator. Thankfully the angle she gets is just right, and the drone stumbles off, tripping over its own legs and falling to the ground.

This only seems to anger it as it stands, slowly, and scans them again. It runs, quickly, towards Fritz, seemingly sensing that Fritz is the most vulnerable right now.

<FS3> Fritz rolls Bravery: Success. (7 6 5)

<FS3> Fritz rolls Transportation: Great Success. (7 7 3 7 6 6 3 3 7 3 6 3 8 3)

Fritz of course falls right back onto his aft when he's shoved out of the way. His immediate response is 'oh he's saved me again'. Just went up another few notches, ther, Waspinator. Problem is that he doesn't have time to dwell on it; as Gearshift tries to take on the drone next, Fritz gets an idea. A very, very, scary, stupid idea. He closes his optics for just an astrosec, sends a quick prayer to Primus, and then puts the idea into action.

Pushing himself up off the floor, Fritz turns and runs away from the whole scene. It looks like he's abandoning them to their fate until he transforms mid-fleeing, tires squealing over the floor as his lorry mode zips wildly around in a turn to face the drone again. He just needed some distance. Good thing he was an excellent driver! And good thing the drone comes toward him, so that neither Gearshift nor Waspinator are in his way as he peels forward and slams into the drone with his front bumper. He hits the brakes hard, sending the drone flying from his momentum, to crumple in a heap against the closest wall. It looks like it may be down...Fritz really hopes so.

<FS3> Waspinator rolls Transportation: Good Success. (2 3 2 3 8 2 1 4 8 5)

<FS3> Waspinator rolls Melee Weapons: Great Success. (1 7 5 3 7 6 8 5 8)

Waspinator feels the drone go flying away with surprise. He hadn't expected either of them to actually help him. Normally he is left alone with any fights he picks or ones picked with him. He looks downright impressed with Fritz's feat of bravery. Wazzpinator didn't know Orangebot had it in him! He begins to walk over only to freeze, the thing is moving again. The drone looks significantly damaged and dented but still moving nonetheless. That won't do.

With speed only a winged mech can achieve, Waspinator is in front of the drone in a flash. With a almost sickly crunch the bug's stinger is suddenly embedded in the drone's chest. He doesn't stop at that however, Clawed hands rip into the drone's neck, just below the chin, and wrench upwards. The combination of leverage thanks to the thing's impaled chest and talons is enough to rip the drone's head from its shoulders. It is safe to say that the thing is thoroughly dead.

Gearshift whistles, "Well that's certainly one way to stop a drone." She looks to Waspinator "Are you okay?" She asks, before grinning at Fritz "That was amazing!"

Fritz gives a little happy wiggle on his wheels at having managed to do something not only brave, but helpful in stopping the drone. And then Waspinator takes the killing blow, and - oh. O-Oh my. Fritz backs up a few feet, headlights blinking in an unreadable gesture. On the one servo, oh my fragging Primus what if he did something to upset Waspinator and Waspinator did that to him oh no he'd be absolutely an easy kill. On the other....oh my. He's entirely conflicted, though the only way they can tell is in his voice as he says, "G-Good job!" It comes out in a squeak. "Y-Y-You did it!" He is going to need a good nap after this.

Waspinator examines the things head for several seconds before tossing it casually over his shoulder, uncaring where it lands in the mess. He makes his way back towards them, flicking oil and bits of metal from his hands, "Wazzpinator is fine. Izz Gearbot ok?" He pauses in front of Fritz, apparently thinking about what to say, "Wazz good zztrike. Izz Orangebot hurt?"

Gearshift nods at Wasp then watches him talk to Fritz, servos pressed together in front of the wide grin in front of her faceplates. Yes Wasp, make more friends!

Now that the danger is thoroughly eradicated and the head disposed of, Fritz transforms back to root mode. His optics are on the floor, arms wrapped around himself, frame trembling from how exhausting all of that was. His gaze does flick up to see Gearshift answer Waspinator - oh, good, she's alright - and then he looks up at Waspinator. His helm tilts, and his faceplate shifts. A smile. A tired, shy smile, but a smile nonetheless. "Oh, d-do you really think so? And no, I'm alright just a little shaken..." Literally. This is a mech who could use a hug.

Waspinator doesn't quite know how to respond to what Fritz is doing.. with the shaking and all that. He looks to Gearshift for some clue and- what the frag is she making that expression for? Now a bit weirded out by the femme's face, Waspinator grasps at mental straws for what to do. What do Autobotzz do when one izz zzcared?? Unsure, Waspinator crouches down beside Fritz before, very awkwardly but trying, placing a hand on the smaller mech's back. Gearbot needzz to help Wazzpinator!

Gearshift nods, encouraging Waspinator. She gestures for him to give Fritz a hug, 'for comfort' she mouths. She tries to contain herself but her biolights keep flickering in her excitement. The femme is clearly happy for her friend

Fritz's optics go wide as saucers when Waspinator not only crouches by him but touches him. There's a moment when he can't do anything, even if the surprise of the gesture has at least frozen him out of his trembling. His own optics dart toward Gearshift, wondering if he's missed something, just in time to catch the 'for comfort'. Wh-What is she trying to get Waspinator to do? Glancing back to the larger 'Con, Fritz tries to defuse by blurting, "How about you, are you okay? Thank you for helping m--us." Well he tried.

Waspinator flat out gapes at Gearshift. She…she has to be joking right? Izzn't thizz enough? Clearly not as Fritz seems to hike up in tension. Zzlagging touchy feely Autobotzz... Waspinator practically steels himself for what he does next. Very warily, Waspinator puts a bit more pressure on Fritz's back, tilting him closer before pulling him into a small hug against his chest. Why izz Wazzpinator the one who hazz to do thizz??

Gearshift's teeth catch her lower lip. It's sweet, if a bit awkward, to be watching this unfold. She's hoping that Wasp feels a little more comfortable in time, and gently touches their shoulders "We should clean up before we get in trouble for tearing apart the drone."

Fritz would have absolutely been contented (eventually) with just the back touch. He's expecting Waspinator to pull away at any moment, and then the bug...doesn't. His vents hitch as he's drawn up against Waspinator's chassis, frame stiffening, at first. The memory of how Wasp easily ripped that drone apart are still fresh, and the fear lingers. He does, slowly, relax into it, arms coming up to gently hug back, optics shuttering as he rests his helm against Waspinator's frame. Yeah he definitely needed this. At the touch to his shoulder, Fritz comes back to himself and looks over at Gearshift, before politely resetting his vocalizer and pulling away.

"Yeah, um, good idea." Back to the shuffling we go. Fritz doesn't seem quite as tense after the hug, thankfully. "At, at least that's kind of what they're for? To be, um, torn up and stuff."

Waspinator has no idea what to do as Fritz hugs back, just keeps the same position as it goes on. Then Gearshift touches their shoulders and suggests cleaning up. Fritz pulls away and Waspinator lets him, thought of how weird it is that he now feels like he has a warm spot on his chest crossing his mind. Admittedly... it’s not a horrible feeling. He stands back up and looks at the mess, deflating a bit. "Wazzpinator will pick equipment off floor." And off he goes to lug the heavier things he is sure the other two would struggle with.

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