2016-09-20 An Ancient Ally

From Transformers: Lost and Found

An Ancient Ally
Date 2016/09/20
Location Some outpost
Participants Beachcomber, Chimera, Conduit, Gearshift, Hoist, Lockjaw, Mirage, Roughshod
Summary The Lost Lighters meet up with a rather interesting new recruit

It wasn't too long ago when the Lost Light's communications pinged, a message coated in static coming through from some far off location deeper in space. While seemingly passive, the request from the voice on the other end was a strange one, requesting to meet up with the ship at an agreed location further along the crew's flight path and speak of something important. Something about Eukaris. But the voice is otherwise vague through the conversation aside from suggesting a possible alliance before ending communcations.

Welp, time to find out who it is.

And so, without taking them off course, the Lost Light finds themselves docking at one of the smaller way stations set up along a less traveled route. The fuel is expensive as always, the ammeneties are less than spotless, the cargo ship crews going about their business are not entirely friendly looking, and the place generally looks dated. Welcome to the crappy truck stop of the galaxy, folks.

The only thing that really looks out of place is one of the few people the crew will see sitting in the spaceport lobby upon disembarking. One word that comes to mind is haggard, though there isn't much to garner from just looking. The figure is slumped in their seat and obscured in a time-worn cloak, the material some form of black, alien lizard skin. The only thing that gives away that something is off about this person is the quite large legs stretched out from beneath the cloak, the pedes they end in a pair of clawed heels.

Gearshift came on this trip to get a chance to see a new setting, and boy she wasn't disappointed. The being they were going to meet, however, makes her somewhat nervous, though not enough to show it on her faceplates. She observes the worn cloak and the way the figure is slumped and coughs gently, looking to her peers for what their reactions are before doing anything else.

How does he get roped into these situations, Hoist is left mentally asking himself for the umpteenth time in as many megacycles. He's not a diplomat or a negotiator, has little to do with Eukaris, and yet somehow he ended up amongst this motely crew for the outing. He's also possibly the only one not immeadiately taking a cursory interest in their intended meeting, instead getting distracted by the general lack of upkeep the grimy space-truck stop seems to be suffering. "It is a good thing Grapple isn't here. He'd have a conniption fit over the disrepair of these internal infrastructures."

Upon hearing that an unscheduled stop was close at hand, Conduit decided to disembark to stretch his legs. Not really: He's been spending time in his own small ship, sitting in a docking bay on the Lost Light, repairing its internals and tending to his nanites, and he's on the lookout for some useful supplies. Not really: He felt that nudge again, that urge, the feeling that there was a reason he had to check out the station, like the reason he needed to stay with the crew of the Lost Light. Really.

Conduit sees the out-of-place resident of the lobby as well, but feels none of the concern the others might. This must be the one, the reason. He says nothing, but steps forward so as to be noticed, and waits.

"Aw it's not too bad." Crappy truck stop or not, Roughshod is more than happy to be among the small party here, trotting behind Gearshift in beastmode. He doesn't notice the haggard figures, drawn to a stall with all sorts of alien-fitted sunglasses. "Anyone got a few shanix I can borrow?" he calls, perking his ears.

Lockjaw is only too happy for this opportunity. Watching the crew is all fine and dandy, but it isn't exactly what she signed on for. Well, it kind of is, but she'll have plenty of chances to watch them. Random space stations are still something quite new to her, and most definitely not an every day occurance. Plus, there was mention of Eukaris? This could be interesting. She's out here on her own accord, but that doesn't mean she doesn't get a bit homesick every now and then.

The massive femme, litterally armed to the teeth and in height nearly matching Grimlock's, looks around the grimy station with almost youthful enthusiasm. Even Roughshod's presence doesn't seem to disturb her much.

With a sigh, Mirage reaches into his subspace and grabs a handful of shanix. Unlike others he has not forgotten their reason for landing, and he is on guard. As a member of combat, if something goes wrong it will be his job to make sure the situation is contained. Once he has grabbed the money he places down on the table. If nothing else he hopes it'll keep this mecha distracted and quiet while he determines and assesses possible threats.

"Don't spend it all at once," he remarks. Because he doesn't have enough shanix to bribe him into silence a second time. Folly pages: yeah, I haven't played her much here, her skills aren't that great, but she's tough as all get out

You'd think the figure would move at the arrival of the other, but it simply sits there. ...Weird. But when some of the away party approaches they'll find out why when they hear the soft sound of snoring coming from under the cloak. Looks like their contact grew bored while waiting.

That is until some of them speak up and Roughshod yells over the mostly empty space. With a starting grunt there's a flare of jade beneath the hood, the figure grumbling something under their vocals while sitting up and rubbing their head. "Huh..? Ah! You certainly don't appear the be the normal fair around here, so I assume you are the champions who awoke the great Chela." The voice that greets them is warm and silky with a deep, inviting curl, far from hostile.

And then the figure rises. ..And keeps rising until they tower over even Lockjaw, looming at least a head or two over Ultra Magnus, should one ever compare the two. Claw-nailed hands grasp the hood and pull it back to reveal a cattish face framed by a pair of horns and wreathed in a mane of gold. "My name is Chimera of Kalis, champion and spirit walker to Onyx Prime. Which of you do I address as captain to this Lost Light of yours?"

Gearshift gulps at the sight of the enourmous figure, shrinking to an even smaller size than before. Wow. She's really impressed, honest! She's also just a tad intimidated

"Ey, cheers!" Roughshod grins when Mirage foots the bill. "High roller are ya'?" he guesses, and readily pops on the pair of sunglasses he'd picked out with some fancy lip-work. There's 3 lenses for each eye, but he doesn't seem to care. "Chela?" He twists around, lifting his head to look up-up-up at Chimera. "Another Eukarian then?"

Hearing old things like 'Kalis' and 'Onyx Prime' mentioned is enough to snag Hoist's attention back to what they actually came here for. Though he gives a way look in Mirage's direction at first. Usually when historical Cybertronian stuff comes up it can be... problematic. Then he turns his gaze back to the cloaked form as she rises. And rises. And -rises-. And that -face-. It's... something else. "... Oh my..." Then ahems softly, holding a fist to his mouthplate. "Apologizes, ma'am, but the Captain was unable to come personally due to.. official matters."

Which means he's probably sitting in his office with a coloring book while Drift does all the actual paperwork.

Conduit looks up passively at the rising Chimera. "I was not with this crew when the Lost Light visited Eukaris, but I have read of their exploits, and of the titan Chela." He pauses as Hoist somewhat explains the lack of command presence. "I am Conduit, of Cybertron." He bows slightly.

The sound of a voice addressing them draws Lockjaw's attention away from the wonders of the space truck stop and towards the speaker. The mention of Eukaris' titan only helps grab her interest. Unlike Gearshift and Mirage, she doesn't seem to be intimidated by the size of the contact. Her teeth do flash briefly, but only in a smile. Then the smile fades as she takes in Chimaera's apperance "A furwalker?" except, she's not sure she's ever seen furwalkers with claws and horns.

Mirage has to resist the urge to rub his nasal bridge when the mecha slaps on a pair sunglasses and then continues to be just as loud as before. At least one of them seems to be aware of the delicate nature of negotiations, and he throws Hoist a thankful look as he explains the situation.

Now back to the reason they were here. His optics twitch back to this Chimera. Unlike the others he is not so much impacted by her looks (as Cybertronians come in all shapes and this is far from the most strange) but by her size. Just how is he supposed to subdue her if things go awry? A concern for after he's ensured a proper greeting. The scout dips into a short bow. "It is a pleasure to make your acquitance, Chimera of Kalis."

"Official matters?" Chimera speaks the words with an ounce of distaste, her smile falling briefly. Well this is disappointing. What kind of captain wouldn't come greet a potential ally? Hrm, no matter. "I see.. I suppose I have no other choice than to accept that. Either way I am pleased to meet you all." Mirroring Conduit, whom her gaze hangs on a moment longer than the others, she bows in turn and approaches them the rest of the way, her posture offering no slouch to bring her further to their level.

"I am Cybertronian, though I knew Eukaris in its infancy. Sadly I could not stay to see the colony flourish. I trust Onyx is keeping things together?" She offers to Roughshod with an amused, lofty tone, though makes a curious face at Lockjaw. "..I don't believe I understand that term. What is a furwalker?" She has fur, sort of, and walks. What a weird thing to call someone.

Trust me, Mirage, Hoist would rather not have to find out if they could or not. However Chimera seems amiable enough despite her fierce appearances. "I do believe she means when the colony was first started," he asides to Gearshift. Then decides to let the Eukarians present explain the tribe thing, they'd understand it better. He tilts his head a little to the other side in a curious glance. Which also just happens to line up his scanner array for a quick sweep. He's mostly trying to confirm what Chimera is apparently suggesting her age to be...

<FS3> Hoist rolls Diagnostics: Success. (3 5 4 3 2 3 6 7 3)

One of the original Eukarians then. Or almost. Lockjaw still regards Chimera with some wariness, but her look too turns a bit curious. Well, if she left before the tribes went their own way, it's true she might nto know what a furwalker is, but the term seems so obvious to Lockjaw that she can't help but be a bit surprised by the question.

As Chimera approaches, she stretches out to her own full height, even if that still puts her bellow the bigger femme "Someone from the furwalker tribe!" she tries, before making another attempt "Someone who turns in to something with fur" there's definitely a hint of distaste in her voice, even as she makes a gesture towards Rughshod "Like him. As opposed to cloudwalkers, or wave walkers, or scale walkers" that's when the distaste is replaced by pride "like myself, Lockjaw. I am of Eukaris."

Conduit is really wishing someone with firsthand experience on Eukaris were along, but he did just read up on all of this. At least there is a Eukaran along. Conduit moves closer to Hoist, as they are apparently the ship ambassadors. He checks over what he read, and confirms that there was no mention of an encounter with Onyx Prime.

Roughshod lifts an optic ridge. "Onyx Prime's whereabouts are unknown. As far as I know, anyway. But iffen you want to meet the captain himself, we can probably arrange somethin', yeah?" He snorts at Lockjaw's gesture, hoof scraping the ground. "I'm not a /furwalker/, I'm just from Kalis," he huffs.

Conduit is really wishing someone with firsthand experience from the crew's encounter with Chela were along, but he did just read up on all of this. At least there is a Eukaran present. Conduit moves closer to Hoist, as they are apparently the ship ambassadors. He checks over what he read, and confirms that there was no mention of an encounter with Onyx Prime.

Gearshift gulps, she wishes she had been part of the crew on Eukaris as well, instead of just a scout at camp. She lets the others take charge, and trusts their judgement calls.

After a moment or two Hoist emits a low whistle from behind his mouthguard and leans a bit closer to Mirage. "She's legit. Her construction utilizes cybertronian technique that date at least a few million years. I.. think some of it might be -original- even." He sounds as impressed at that as he does just Chimera's age. Several million is ancient even by their standards of a lifespan. He rubs the back of his helm with his hand. How do they proceed with this without it getting.. awkward. Uh. "While I am certain we are all quite intriged by your lengthy lifehoof of experience, miss." He certainly is, but is trying to keep things on task. "There is the matter of why you requested a making of aquaintences here?" Just lightly nudge the conversation back on track, yes?

If there's one person that you can be sure to lose track of at a place like this, it's Beachcomber. Having wandered off from the group shortly after disembarking the ship to poke around, taking samples of the soil and picking up interesting rocks, it's only some time later that he realizes... he was with people when he got here. Oh right. Heh. Where are they? Lessee, there's a smudge of familiar blue on the horizon so we'll just start jogging towards that.

Give him a moment to get caught up to the rest of the class. Beachcomber sidles in beside Mirage, practically under his arm. Their host is tall enough that the size difference between herself and the minibot makes him overlook her as part of the buildings at first. "What's all this chatter about Onyx Prime, Raj?"

Chimera is growing increasingly confused the more they all speak, made evident by the steadily tightening pinch of her brow and the way the tail at her backside flicks in irritation once it peeks out. Just how does no one know any of this? Did no one record the past? "Yes, I embarked with the others upon Chela to find a new life once the war turned."

Jade optics squint to Lockjaw next, trying to process this. "There is only one tribe. Onyx Prime's. Who dictated there be a seperation of kin? Did something happen while I--" And then Roughshod reveals the news about her leader as well as his origins, to which her posture stiffens and optics flash in surprise. "What.. What do you mean unknown? That.. doesn't make sense."

The shock of time is starting to hit the beast femme, one hand pressing a palm to her forehelm as she looks to the floor, trying to think. "Dear Mortilus, have I truly been out here too long..?" She mutters in confusion. Thankfully Hoist tries to bring her back to the task at hand. The visibly shaken femme clenches her jaw and grunts, rubbing the side of her face before answering. "I heard whispers in my travels of Chela reawakening and thought something major had happened. While I didn't hear of anything ill befalling Eukaris, I still dug to find out who did it and came upon your ship. I imagined if I could contact you then perhaps I would be able to travel beside those worthy enough to achieve such a feat. I ah.. Perhaps now I must join for other reasons and learn all that has happened since I left."

Mirage goes still, at a loss. While he does not want to be seen as ignorant he has no idea what half this chatter about tribes and spiritwalkers means. The name Onyx Prime makes sense at least. Hoping it will be enough, he crouches down and whispers to Beachcomber so that no one else can overhear. "The mecha who called this audience has spent a considerable amount on Eukaris," he explains. "Onyx Prime is special to the Eukarians, as I'm sure you are aware."

Really, don't ask him to relate the rest of the political talk, though. It will only leave him flustered and embarrassed. "The tall one is a... spiritwalker?" Whatever that means.

He quickly straights back up, not wanting to seem like he's gossiping or making inappropriate remarks about their potential ally.

Because division based upon traits seems to be a common path of Cybertron-spawned societies, Hoist things to himself. Half the colonies they've been to, from Eurakis to Velocitron, have had some kind of division amongst their kind. Wisely though the engineer doesn't voice that thought. Also thankfully he at least knows some of the basics of what happened on the planet. "Chela awoke while we were visiting Eukaris, yes. Our presence and our Cityspeaker alerted it to an alien infestation that was also plaguing the populations." That's... kind of how it went? He's not entirely sure on the specifics. Instead, he clasps his hands together to keep his congenial attitude going. "But if you wish to travel with our delightful little band," of lunatics some would say "I am certain the arrangements for such could be made." Hardly the first vagabond they've picked up after all.

Lockjaw only gives a low snort in Roughshod's direction. After her encounter with the cloudwalker that wasn't, she paused to consider that yes, there is the possibility of Cybertronian-forged beastformers (poor sparks), but she's still having a bit of trouble with it. She's so used to beastformers equating to Eukarians!

Yet, he does have something she can easily agree with "It's true. We do not know what happened to Onyx prime. It has been a long time since our kind first came to Eukaris. I was forged on it, after the tribes had already been at war with each other. "Chimera's insistance of a single tribe puzzles her, and it shows on her face. This seperation based on form is only natural, isn't it?

<FS3> Hoist rolls Goodnatured: Great Success. (7 3 6 7 7 1 8)

Conduit 's optics widen when Chimera utters the name of Mortilus. While he has always surmised that there were more who worshipped him than there seemed to be, it was very rare for any to reveal it. There is no doubt that this ancient one is the reason Conduit needed to be present. He steps forward again, steeled. "I too have found myself drawn to this ship and its inhabitants. It has only been a short time, but I can tell there is a purpose to it. You may find the same. You should visit and see for yourself."

Roughshod finally shifts back to botmode, and readjusts his shades, eying Lockjaw warily. "You heard 'em kitty-cat goat, pack your bags. We give rides to just about anyone! Even creepy Mortilus worshippers."

Beachcomber's eyeridges raise slowly in surprise at the term 'spiritwalker' and he lets out a low, appreciative whistle. That was hard to do with success, and while he'd never spoken face-to-face with the spirits of old as some claimed to do, he had his days as a conduit to the energies of the universe as well. A kindred spirit, perhaps?

It takes quite a bit of craning his head back to see her now that he's looking for her - the moving tail helps distinguish her from the surrounding buildings. Wow she is a big one. He half-listens to the others around him, the talk about Eukaris and their titan, tugging pensively on his bottom lip with his teeth while he considers how to phrase things. "Do you feel the presence of Onyx in the aether, Spiritwalker?"

Mirage goes silent, absolutely appalled by the words he just heard coming from one of his crewmates. Of course it is the one who was shouting earlier. Without a word, the scout leans towards them and holds out his hand. The other rests on his cocked hip as his golden optics stare daggers at Roughshod. "I believe I paid for those. If you would return them to their propper owner," he remarks, gesturing at the sunglasses. Well, if he is going to make them look like fools he won't very well let him keep the bribe.

Hoist gives Mirage a little nudge with his elbow. "Now now, Mirage. There is no need to look the horse's gift in the mouth." Pause. Head tilt. "No, wait, that's not how that goes is it? Bloody 'ell."

This is all very troubling. They awakened Chela because they were intruders? Clearly a mistake, seeing as Eukaris remained standing and the Titan lived. To be fair, Chela never was terribly bright. "..I have much to catch up on, then." She sighs wearily, but her mood doesn't completely plummet, not with Beachcomber speaking up. Jade gaze travels down a long way before they settle on the small blue mech, ears flicking in intrigue. "I do not, little mech, and that is what troubles me. It is obvious his spark is not ready for the Afterspark just yet, but I still hope he is safe.. And do not mock the gods, mech. It is unlucky to do so." The last sentence she snorts to Roughshod.

That said, she turns back to the others and takes in the whole of the ragtag group before her. It is good to see so many coexisting again... "If you will have me, I would be honored." Straightening to her full height, Chimera gestures in the ancient salute of her tribe like a proper soldier. "I, Chimera of Kalis, lend my bow to your cause, whatever it may be, until my spark gives its final pulse. This I swear." Roughshod is pretty oblivious to any offense given, but Mirage's glare seems legit. "Shoot," he murmurs, handing over the shades. Just assume everyone outranks you. Hoist's idiom is thoroughly lost on him, so he just stares. When Chimera swears her service, all he can think to offer is a thumbs-up. The more tuff monster-y bots the better.

"Excellent!" A little bumpy here and there, but success is success, right? "The Lost Light is most definately an... experience, but certainly our diverse little entourage will be most delighted to have you join us... Though may have to adjust one of the larger habsuites to accomidate your, ah, rather unique presence." A pause. "My name is Hoist, by the way." Yeesh, how did he forget to do that until now. Tsk.

Once again, Lockjaw snorts in Roughshod's direction. This time, however, it's lower, angrier, and acompaied by a glare. Watch your tongue, furwalker. She doesn't stare at him long, however, her attention once again drawn to Chimera. She's still not sure what exactly to think of her. On one hand, she still looks like a furwalker, and old prejudices die hard. On the other, she is one of the original colonists, and that is something worth of resepect on its own. Her salute, too, sparks something in Lockjaw's own warrior spirit, almost making her want to return the gesture. She at least straightens out again, giving a slow, but noticable nod of approval.

A long-suffering expression flashes over Mirage's faceplates when Hoist nudges him with his elbow and proceeds to tell his joke. He gives a quiet chuckle, but it does not stop him from snatching back the glasses when Roughshod offers them up. The scout tucks them against his side as if they really are some sort of prized possession before turning his attention back to the discussion at hand. Which seems to have ended rather quickly, by all accounts. Content there is no danger here, the scout takes this opportunity to disappear before present company embarrasses him even more.

"I'm going to secure the perimeter. Watch these for me, Beachcomber," he remarks, pinching the glasses between two digits and dropping them towards his roommate. Before the geologist can speak up Mirage is on his way out.

Conduit is not one for vows and honor and such, but he assumes it comes from the same part of Chimera that fuels her devotion to the gods, the mention of whom he notes. The jab at Roughshod was very much deserved, although Conduit himself has learned over many years to ignore such slights. Especially from fellow Decepticons. "As a newer arrival to the Lost Light myself, I offer my services in helping you adjust to the ship." And to take the opportunity to discuss the Dark Lord and Death-bringer, but he won't suggest that out loud right now.

Beachcomber catches the glasses dropped at him, blinking in confusion at them. "Sure thing, Raj." They're a little bit big for his face, but if he slides his visor up and balances them just so on his nose, he can kind of make them stay in place while looking cool. And also kind of ridiculous. To Chimera he waves a small blue hand in the vague direction of her face in greeting - but from such a distance away it can be hard to tell. "They call me Beachcomber. Looking forward to traveling with you, Friend."

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