2016-09-13 Break Time

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Break Time
Date 2016/09/13
Location Lost Light: Recreation -- Swerve's
Participants Tourniquet, Breakdown
Summary Tourniquet gets a drink and has a chat with Breakdown.

Tourniquet doesn't go to Swerve's very often. At first, it was too intimidating to really consider. But she's been on the ship long enough that standardformers don't frighten her anymore! Er, well... As much. But now that she's gotten over initial fears, she's been busy studying. All the time really. And she's getting things down pretty well! Still learning but her efforts on the medibay dummy are getting better and better. She feels a little more confident about one day becoming more than a student! maybe a nurse. And then a full blown medic! Ah, a snake can dream.

To celebrate a little with her improvement, Tourniquet decided to treat herself to a little thing at Swerve's. Not sure exactly what but the little bartender promised it was god so... Yeah, let's try it it! Drink in hand and body not made to sit at a bar, she starts sliding around to look for seating more... adequate for her frame. Her very, very long frame. And maybe a friend- future friend?- too! Can't have enough of those! And how depressing would it be to go out celebrating and not have anyone to sit with right? Right.

Breakdown has a seat, but has not claimed an entire table. Instead, he sits straddling a chair backwards, one arm hooked loosely around its back as he leans forward against it. The great bulk of his massive chest scrapes against the chair back, while he nurses slowly through the contents of a glass of cheap-but-hopefully-decent-enough-to-qualify-as-better-than-paint-thinner, otherwise known as his usual. He watches Tourniquet with his cyclopean eye lingering, his head canted to one side.

Tourniquet gets the sense that someone's... Watching her. Its honestly not all that new of a feeling but after a while, the standards stopped staring. If they thought her frame was odd, they should just see some of the Wave Walker! Well... Rumor has it that they're quite odd, at least. She looks around, gaze going over Breakdown at least twice before finally noticing that he was looking at her. She pause, head turning to check that no one was behind her before serpentining closer to Breakdown with a shy wave of her servo. "H-Hello... Have we met?" Maybe? She'd not that good at remember that sort of thing.

"Seen you around medical." Breakdown flips his free hand in an open gesture from about the center of the chair back and then shifts, leaning in a scrapey slide of his bulky chest against the chair to set the glass down on the table. He lets a trickly sigh escape him as he lowers his head with a faint frown. "Dunno if we ever said hi." After a contemplative beat, the big Decepticon adds gravely, "Hi."

Tourniquet hesitated before moving towards the open table. Her body bunches up behind her, more or less allowing her to sit on her own coils with the rest wraps closely around her. Don't wan't anyone tripping her tail. "Yeah! I'm studying to become a medic," she says with a small, unsure smile. Um... She suddenly thrusts out her servo for him to shake. Its how Cybertronians greeted each other. "Yeah- hi! I'm Tourniquet- medic in training! What's your name!" This is all false bravado, ready to be deflated. She is a brave snake, hear her blep.

Single eye falling to her servo, Breakdown smiles. He leans, scraping against the chair again, and clasps her servo in his own huge, point-fingered hand. He says, "Breakdown. I'm in Security. When the medibay needs security I sometimes turn up, 'cause Knock Out runs the place." He speaks Knock Out's name with a certain amount of possessory smugness in a way that, certainly, most people do not.

Haha, his servos were huge compared to her more delicate looking ones. Don't be fooled, they're quite strong. Which is evident in their grip as she shakes his hand, relaxing a bit. "Nice to meet you," she chirps back, optice brightening at the mention of Knock Out. The possessive notes in his tone go straight over her head. "Oh, yes! Knock Out is a great Chieftain, he runs the medibay very well and he's a good teacher." She nods, taking her servo back to clasp the drink she hasn't drunk yet. "Its nice that you help the medibay, though. Thank you!" she adds, optics now starting to look at him curiously. Looking for a colored badge and repeatedly looking back at single optic.

"Chieftain, huh? Do you call him that to his face?" Breakdown asks, wholly amused. His colored badge is still there on his chest but it's a little obscured at the moment due to the way he scrapes and slouches against the chair. He scoops up his drink in his hand and takes a swallow from it. "He's a great teacher, to those who can learn from him. His style ain't sweet, but he knows his scrap, and his students'll know theirs too, if they know what's good for 'em."

"I, uh, yes! He told me to... Sorta." In more or less words. Its a respect thing! Tourniquet wants to respect him. She sports that peak of color- purple!- and smiles. A Decepticon! They were really a nice bunch, weren't they? She nods in enthusiastic agreement. "Oh yes! He absolutely is and I can't wait to learn more from him! I've been trying really heard! Learning is just... Not always easy, but I've really, really been working. Just taking a little-" she wiggles her mostly untouched fruity-looking concoction- "break right now. I hope to bring honor to him and my fellow tribesma- er, medics with what I learn." She nods firmly to herself, looking determined... And then back to curious. "Breakround, can I ask you something?"

"Uhh." The faint knit wakes between the beaten eyepatch over his useless eye and the bright yellow glare of the existing one. He doesn't object to his new name. He renames people all the time and therefore seems to consider it his due. "What kinda question we talkin' about here?"

"I was just wondering why you have your one optic covered." Tourniquet brings her drink closer, and then pauses. "I mean, I think I saw spare optics if you're missing that one."

Breakdown rumbles in the depths of his frame without immediately answering. He picks up his drink and knocks back the entire rest of its contents in one drag, and then sets it down again. There's a little more force with the impact of his glass to the table this time. He hesitates for a long moment silent.

Tourniquet's shoulder's jump when Breakdown, um, 'sets' his glass down. She isn't a skiddish individual. But with all the conflict on Eukaris, those who survive are quick to react even if there is no inherent danger. She relaxes though, watching him... She chews at her lip before looking away. "Sorry, I didn't mean... You don't have to tell me!" She reaches up, rubbing at a minute weld seam on her helm. "I get if you don't want to and everything. Sorry," she adds sheepishly, this time taking her drink and sipping at it. It was sweat and not strong at all.

"It don't work. Knock Out already replaced it. I dunno why everybody thinks we're too fraggin' stupid to figure that out." Breakdown stares at the empty glass for a long moment. The threat of worse temper rumbles in his depths, but in light of her immediate apology, he does not lunge at and/or otherwise emotionally savage the snek.

"I-I don't think you're stupid! Or Knock Out!" Tourniquet shakes her head vigorously, armor plates shifting and clinking in a rather apologetic and pathetic manner. "Just thought maybe you didn't know the parts were in or you forgot- that happened on Eukaris. We wouldn't have the parts or we'd just live without it for so long it... I'm sorry I asked- I didn't mean to insult your or upset you," she assures him further, sounding rather guilty. He invited her to his table and she insulted him! She feels so bad.

"Hrrf." Breakdown rumbles. "You ain't the first." He looks aside and grumps, "It's just busted."

Tourniquet bites her lower lip and looks down. Hrrrmmmm... Then she looks back up with a shy, nervous smile. "That's okay... That just means your one eye is twice as good as everyone else's eyes! Its a super eye!"

"I'm used to it." Breakdown prods at his empty glass with a single fingertip, and then turns the weight of his cyclopean gaze back upon her. "Wasn't so hot at first. Yer processor gotta adjust. Now it's normal."

"Y-Yeah, I know... Your one eye is really nice though!" Tourniquet may or may not be on a mission to get the big, blue, bulky Decepticon to smile. Just a little. "I knew a few other Scale Walkers that lost eyes- they were some of the toughest and best. I bet you're no different! You look strong." Do compliments make the red-faced mech feel better? Maybe?

"I am," Breakdown assures Tourniquet without about as much modesty on this score as, well, his better half has. He chuffs a snort and then adds, "Though the ones who think they're toughest are sometimes the ones who need takin' down a peg. I've learned that lesson a time or two myself."

Tourniquets small smile grows a bit and her body boosts her up, allowing her to be more at eye-level with the larger mech. Relatively larger. She was longer. "There's nothing wrong with learning that- not if you get up and keep going! Hmmm..." She leans back a little, lower lip jutting as she sizes the bust blue up. "So, how strong are you? Throw this table strong? Or crush it strong?" She takes another sip of her drink that's probably nothing more than the equivalent of fancy juice.

Breakdown considers the table with a narrowing of his gaze. He says, "My name's Breakdown. Breakin' stuff and tearin' it down is kinda what I'm all about." He leans backward in the chair, then, tilting into nothing as he lets his massive hands weight against the chair's back he tilts away from, and he says, "But I'm security now. Random property damage in Swerve's ain't the kinda thing I'm supposed to be doin' with my off duty time."

Oh! Breakdown breaks things! Okay, she can use that to remember his name. Tourniquet nods. "Yeah, yeah! I'm good at breaking things too!" Her body tightens its coils, roiling and rippling beneath her. She's good at the crushing thing. "But I don't want to do that anymore either. I want to help you and other bots too"

"Sometimes breakin' scrap is very helpful." Breakdown gives her a grin. It appears the previous surly crank is put behind him in light of his favorite subject, i.e., the crushing of random objects? "But a medic's job is very important. Glad you're learnin'."

Breaking and bashing things is a time-honored Scale Walker tradition! "Thanks, I'm glad too!" Tourniquet sucks down more of her drink before smiling widely. "We should break some stuff together sometime! You can show me how Decepticons do it, hehe."

"Sounds highly entertainin'." Breakdown sniggers in a low rasp in his throat. "I'll look forward to the opportunity. Maybe there's a storage room somewhere with scrap people don't need no more. Used to be I was primarily supposed to be breakin' the fraggin' Autobots but you know," he gestures almost complacently, "--times change."

Tourniquet nods. She'd have to ask Buzzkill if she knew of any closets with useless junk within them! "Heh, yeah. I understand- I used to fight other tribes but Buzzkill and I help each other." Best friend bee. "But, um... Sorry you lost the whole war thing."

Breakdown laughs in a long, low, scrapey rasp. "Are you?" he says. His pointed fingertips scratch tinkily against the back of his helm. "That's interestin'. Most people who ain't Cons ain't sorry about that."

"I am!" She insists. Interesting? Is it? Tourniquet was under the impression that a lot felt bad! If they weren't Autobots... But she has been hanging around a lot of Decepticons lately- not that she's noticed. "Well, Quicksight's been telling me a lot of stuff and I've read just a little bit... So... So yeah!" She nods.

"Hnnnh." Breakdown looks amused. "Quicksight's too young to know what he's talkin' about mosta the time," he tells Tourniquet with an old soldier's confidence, "but he believes real hard, that's for sure." He shifts, rolling his shoulders, and ducks his head, drooping forward a little as he hooks his elbows back against the back of the chair. "We fought our sparks out, and we fought for justice, especially at the start. Tear down what was broke. I believed in that. Still do. But it ain't so simple. Don't forget this part. If we'd won the war and this were a Decepticon ship, the Autobots wouldn't be on it. We all know it. Cons, Bots, Nails. 'Swhy most of 'em still don't trust us. Why a lot of 'em get stuck in the war that's over, and can't stand that we're doin' what we're s'posed ta do."

Tourniquet nods again, this time in agreement. Quicksight believes ferverently and really hard. It was hard to argue with that sort of passion. She leans in closer as Breakdown starts to talk. Yes! Justice, just what Quicksight talked about... But she frowns a little. Autobots wouldn't be here? Maybe they would have stayed on Cybertron. And nails... She feels like that word should mean more than just something you hammer. "Well... I trust you. The Decepticons, I mean... But could you, um... Maybe tell me a little more on the 'doing what you're supposed to do' thing?" Just to clarify for a poor snek.

Breakdown makes a 'shhht' noise. He braces his hands harder against the chair and shakes his head. "They expect it to be a trick," he says. "They expect us to be underhanded. They expect us to be workin' to destroy this from the inside. A lot of 'em. I hear it a lot. Gettin' shouted my head off and so on. I understand it. Like I said. We all know they wouldn't have been here." He shifts, and then drops his knuckles to the table, pushing himself up into a standing position. "Anyways. Knock Out'll be gettin' off shift soon so I oughta get back home."

Hmmm... It must be awful to have so many be suspicious and dislike you even when you want the same thing they want... Poor Decepticons. Tourniquet's head ticks up and she smiles. Oh! Breakdown hung out with Knock Out- how cool! "Alright. It was nice talking to you, uh... Breakdown? Breakdown! I'll loock for a closet with things to break and come find you." She waves. "You have a good rest of the day!"

"Have fun on your ... break," Breakdown says, probably because he thinks breaks are funny. Then he turns and scrapes off across the bar, heading for the doors.

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