2016-09-05 This Is Fine

From Transformers: Lost and Found

2016-09-05 This Is Fine
Date 2016/09/05
Location Lost Light - Habsuites - Common Lounge
Participants Lieutenant, Blackstorm, Blaster, Inferno
Summary Blackstorm has a not-so-great method of getting rid of some ugly decorations.

Blackstorm sits on top of one of the tables in the common lounge, side-eyeing the ugly centerpiece someone left here several weeks ago. The minibot rolls the cig between his digits, hmmming in thought to himself. He's heard more than one person complaining about them. That and it has been too long since he got to say hey to the guards in the brig. Maybe it is time to pay another visit. Taking one last drag on the cig, Blackstorm flicks it over his shoulder so that it lands in the middle of the vase of fake flowers.

"Whoops," he says, catching the scent of burning plastic. "How clumsy of me." Considering the table is made of metal, though, he is fairly certain it won't burn. He just saved everyone an eyesore.

Lieutenant has spend most of his day trying to repair a table someone botched up in the library. He probably could have had maintenance come in and do it to save trouble. Probably should have, all things considered, but the thought never occurred to him until just now. At least no one will hurt themselves on it for now, but maybe he show have someone come and take a look at the table later. For now, he's overdue for his drink so he makes his way into the common lounge.

The avian senses Blackstorm and where he's sitting before he even sees him. Not sparing a glance just yet, he moves over to the dispenser with a bit of a sigh. Tables are not for sitting on, but minibots sometimes need seats to be taller than the rest. Still, it slightly irks Lieutenant. Nevertheless, he finally gives the minibot a nod of 'hello.'

<FS3> Inferno rolls Firefighting: Great Success. (5 7 7 4 5 1 6 6 6 8 3 8 8)

Lieutenant isn't the only one who could use an energon pick-me-up. Having finished a shift not long ago, Inferno had stopped off by the oil baths for a quick rinse and wash before making his way to the common lounge. Firetrucks sure do love their bath time, even if today he was alone. The memory of asking Red Alert to join him sometime comes unbidden to his processor as he walks through the ship, and he's glad there aren't many other mechs nearby as his cheeks tinge a soft pink. Thankfully by the time he reaches the common lounge, the blush is gone.

As he enters, he notes the other mechs there, and has a smile for both Blackstorm and Lieutenant. "Hey, Blackstorm, Lieu, how's it goin'?" he greets, moving to the energon dispenser near where Lieutenant is standing. "Been a while since I seen the two of ya." He fills a cube, leaning back as he takes a sip. "Hope everythin's going well for y--" 'Ferno cuts himself off, suddenly, a particular smell reaching his olfactory sensors. His optics zero in on Blackstorm and the table where he's sitting.

"Is that vase on fire?!"

"It would look like it, yeah," Blackstorm chirps in response to Inferno, glancing back at the vase. The fabric of the petals is beginning to smolder, but it is still recognizable as an ugly centerpiece for now. It looks like it needs to burn for a bit longer before the job is complete. As long as it is doing, so, he might as well take this opportunity...

The minibot reaches over to the pack of cigs sitting on the table nearby, and pulls one out with deft fingers. He tips the cig towards one of the smoldering leaves until it catches, and then pulls it to his lip components. Wisps of smoke curl out from Blackstorm's intake as he finishes another deep drag. "An easy light, at least," he adds with a chuckle.

"So, how about that solar storm? I hear we might be flying through some turbulent weather soon."

While he doesn't voice it, he should probably inform others that he prefer not to be addressed by a nickname as opposed to his name. Allowed one or two to call him 'Lieu' and soon the entire ship seemed to think they could as well. Lieutenant simply steps aside from the dispenser to allow Inferno to get his drink while he nonchalantly sips his own. When there is mention about a fire, the navy avian glances at the vase, but does nothing. Firstly, it's contained; secondly, the flowers are plastic and not real; and thirdly, it's somewhat soothing to watch. The smoke, smell, and sight were comforting to him, so he was in no rush to put it out. This wasn't the oils baths or the reservoir so there shouldn't be any rush. If it got to be too much, Inferno could put it out but until then, just enjoy the drink and the fire.

Inferno's optic ridges go way up at how neither of the mechs here seem to care that there is a fire. He glances from one to the other in disbelief, especially when Blackstorm takes the opportunity to light a cigarette with the growing flames. Sure, Deluge would've done the same, but at least he'd have put the fire out afterward! "Seriously, neither of ya have a problem with this?" he asks, near incredulous. Inferno's not one to freak out, usually. The thing is, fire's no laughing matter, and the blase attitude the two of them have toward this particular flame is, quite frankly, blowing his processor. It's this reason and this reason only that he hasn't gone over to put it out yet - he's too busy giving them both ????? looks. It's a good thing that Lieutenant's observations are correct, and there's no other nearby fuel to feed it to truly dangerous levels. Still, though!

"Not really," Blackstorm answers. "That centerpiece was pretty ugly."

The smell of burning plastic is becoming worse by the moment, and he scrunches his faceplates in distaste. Finally, the minibot shows at least a little sense and shifts to the edge of the table. While the table itself might not be flammable, he very much is. However, he is certain to grab his packet of cigs before retreating. The lighted one remains clenched between his lip components, his glance darting back to watch as the blaze grows in intensity. The plastic stems of the flowers begin to warp into something akin to abstract art.

"I think this an improvement. What do you think, Lieutenant? You're the one who reads all those architecture datapads and slag."

After about two million years standing beside someone who almost constantly radiated at a temperature of three hundred degrees. The smell of anything burning is not enough to make Lieutenant change facial expressions. Clearly not the least bit bothered by this as he moves to refill his drink. Sorry, Inferno, you're the only one who cares about this predicament.

The avian give Blackstorm a side glance, "Architecture does not include gaudy plastic plants." he replies flatly, before taking a sip.

<FS3> Inferno rolls Firefighting: Good Success. (5 2 8 8 4 8 5 6 2 4 4 6 3)

"So you set it on fire." Inferno's tone has hit a monotonous note similar to Lieutenant's. So that's what happened. "You decided it was ugly and your first idea was to burn it up?" Primus, the mechs on this ship were crazy sometimes. We'll just ignore all those moments Inferno did something stupid or reckless because it seemed fun at the time. "Maybe next time ya should, I dunno, just throw it out or somethin'." Inferno downs the rest of his energon before moving to the table where Blackstorm and said centerpiece are, already pulling out his hose.

"Whoever put this here ain't gonna be very happy with ya, either," 'Ferno adds as he comes up beside the table and turns on his hose, blasting the flame with water until they're left with a warped, black, sodden mess that was once the decoration. "Yer lucky there wasn't anythin' else flammable nearby." Except Blackstorm himself, though he'd obviously realized that before moving toward the edge.

<FS3> Blackstorm rolls Stealth: Amazing Success. (5 8 8 4 8 7 7 8 3 8 4)

<FS3> Blackstorm rolls Climbing: Success. (8 5 4 4 3)

It is a good thing that fire draws Inferno's attention like a cat to catnip, because as the other is busy putting it out (and lecturing at the same time) the minibot is busy making his 'escape.' And by escape, he is actually slipping off the table and dashing over to the next one. It also happens to play host to one of the really ugly centerpieces. Blackstorm has already scaled to the top by the time Inferno has finished with saving what little remains of the first vase.

"See, Lieutenant agrees with me," Blackstorm answers, finally pulling everyone's attention to the tabletop where he is standing. Plucking the second cig from where it is clenched between his lip components, he leans over and drops it into the center of the second vase of fabric flowers. He smirks. "Think I'm doing the rest of the crew a favor, getting rid of these things."

Taking the packet of cigs from where it is clutched in his free hand, he eases out a third one and waits for the right moment to light it.

Certainly someone won't be happy - the room is going to reek of burnt plastic for hours. However, the plus side to that is that the common lounge will be pretty empty to avoid the smell. So that, there is a the bright side. However, as his attention moves from Inferno putting out the fire to Blackstorm sitting on another table more swiftly than Skystalker's gait. His gaze narrows at the minibot. One vase on fire was enough, don't try to set everything ablaze now.

<FS3> Inferno rolls Firefighting: Amazing Success. (2 1 4 8 8 8 8 6 7 7 1 5 4)

"An' I already told you, you don't gotta set 'em on fire to get rid of--hey, what're you doing!" Inferno looks up from the charred mess of the first flower vase to see Blackstorm is setting fire to another one. "Now you knock that off, 'Storm, before I get physical!" He doesn't move from where he's standing this time, as Blackstorm's not far from where he'd started. Inferno's aim is pretty good, considering how long he's been doing this, and he easiliy arcs the hose in a way that extinguishes the second fire.

He doesn't stop there, though. With a crooked grin, 'Ferno turns the hose on Blackstorm. "I think ya need a little hosin' off yourself," he quips, extremely pleased with himself before he shuts off the water flow.

<FS3> Opposed Roll -- Inferno=firefighting Vs Blackstorm=escaping < Inferno: Good Success (4 5 3 5 8 5 4 1 2 7 8 2 5) Blackstorm: Good Success (6 7 8 8 2 5 2 5 6) < Net Result: DRAW

Blackstorm just barely has time to light his cig before Inferno douses the table. The minibot jerks out of the way, but one side of his frame does get drenched with water. Blackstorm yelps with surprise, the still-smoldering cig still dangling from his dry hand. The container of cigs, though, have been ruined by Inferno's efforts. Squelch. Blackstorm lets to sodden mess fall to the table.

His optics dart towards the vase, holding back a chuckle when he sees that his goal has been achieved anyways. The fire barely had time to settle, but now the fabric flowers are sodden and wilted, and the force of the water pressure sent the vase flying back and covered the surface with spiderweb cracks. Blackstorm lifts the cig to his intake and takes a deep drag. This could work. If he keeps Inferno spraying at him long enough before he realizes that Blackstorm is maneuvering him to hit certain targets.

The cig waggles in his mouth, a curl of smoke still drifting from the end. "Looks like you missed," he hollers before darting towards the next table (and the next vase).

Blaster chose this exact moment to walk into the common lounge. As he was busy reading with one hand and scrolling- thanks to his 'spar' session with Soundwave- his other hand was not really good for anything at the moment. The smell of plastic burning, or rather, the acrid after smell of it fire being put out, let him finally look up at the chaos that was starting to build up.

"HEY!" Blaster barked, a very bad sign as this is a mech who almost /never/ yells. "What is going on here? Blackstorm, what are you doing?"

Lieutenant is simply going to step aside until he's well away from the other two. He's not going to get involved with their activities. Although the avian does try not to get involved in much to begin with. He glances over to the newcomer, only looking up at him since he is his boss. At the shout, although Lieutenant is guilty of nothing that has transpired, he lowers his fins back and shrinks on the inside.

<FS3> Inferno rolls Obliviousness: Success. (3 8 2 4 1 4)

If Blackstorm has a plan in mind to use 'Ferno's hose for his dastardly centerpiece-ruining antics, Inferno doesn't realize it. He feels a twinge of guilt at ruining the second flower pot by hosing it too hard, but it's quickly replaced with excitement. So it's a game of tag you want, eh, Blackstorm? Inferno's wing-kibble hitch up, and there's a mischievous glint to his optics as he aims for the mini again. "Don't make me spray ya again!" he calls back, voice bright with laughter. At least until--

"Uh, hey, Blaster!" Inferno's grin turns sheepish, and he quickly retracts the hose. He wasn't doing anything bad, honest. "Nothin', we're not doin' nothin', just, uh, hangin' out in the common lounge, 'sall." You can't not believe that face, Blaster, look at him, he's so sweet and honest.

<FS3> Blackstorm rolls Escaping: Success. (2 4 6 8 4 3 4 5 6)

<FS3> Blackstorm rolls Magnetism: Great Success. (7 1 7 8 7 2)

Out of instinct, when Blackstorm hears a sharp voice his plans suddenly alter. Instead of beelining for the next vase, he shifts to run at the nearest wall. Clank, clank, clank. His magna-wheels clack as he scrambles up it. It's a miracle that he does not slip with the water still dripping from his frame in sheets. It's not until he's standing on the ceiling and feeling a bit safer that he finally redirects his attention to the door of the Common Lounge to spot the source of the loud voice.

"Blaster!" he calls out, resorting to his usually boisterous greeting just out of habit, but the smile quickly fades when he sees the other mecha's expression. "Uh, just smoking," he answers, blowing out a puff of smoke to show him.

Of course, that does not explain the charred mess of a vase on one of the tables and the puddles of water all around...

Nothing. Right.

Blaster's optics sweep the common lounge and at the burned, wet, and now one cracked vase, then back at Inferno and Blackstorm. Don't think he didn't notice you cowering in the corner LT, his optics landed on you for the moment too.

He put his bad hand on his arm, watching them all. Ever seen Blaster in a really awful mood? Well, all three get to see it. "Do you mind not setting the place most mechs come to relax on fire? We deal with it enough already." His voice is flat, borderline monotone, expression very blank. "Persist on this in my presence and all three of you are going to the brig." Yes three, including you Lieutenant.

"Yes, sir." Lieutenant replies automatically, heavily in tone. There was nothing like those above you to put you back into place. Without another word, the avian silently trashes the rest of his drink -the knot formed in his tanks can't take anymore- and moves to get a mop.

Yikes. Somebody lubricated in Blaster's energon this morning. Inferno winces at the coldness in Blaster's voice and posture. He's seen the mech angry a few times in his functioning - hard not to when they'd spent a good part of the war working together - and every time it's just as shocking and unnatural as the first. "We ain't gonna cause any more trouble, Blaster, there's no need for anyone ta go to the brig." Inferno sees Lieutenant moving out of the corner of his optic, and hurries to get the mop first. "Let me clean up, Lieutenant, 'smy fault after all." The water is, anyway. There's a glance shot up at Blackstorm, an indication in his expression that says maybe the bot who set the fires should clean up the vases.

<FS3> Blackstorm rolls Reaction+reaction: Good Success. (8 1 5 6 3 5 7 3)

"Right, no more shenanigans, sir. Got it," Blackstorm answers, giving Blaster a thumbs up. His body is tensed up, still prepared to run for safety, but he forces himself to join the others. He knew when he set the vase on fire it was likely he would end up in trouble anyways, so he might as well see it through. Besides, there might be something even satisfying about sweeping up the shards of those ugly things.

The minibot shifts on the ceiling and lets himself fall back down towards the ground. Crack. It just so happens the place he had retreated to on the ceiling was directly above the third and final vase, and the impact of his fall reduces it to slivers. Wincing, the minibot begins to stand. "Whoops. How clumsy of me. Uh..." he trails off, leaning down and beginning to pick up the splinters with his digits.

There was a very faint snarl in Blackstorm's direction from Blaster at the third vase breaking. He didn't know who it belonged to- his best guess was ship property- but it was exactly this foolishness that cause so much damage. His lips thinned and his coils very obviously tensed as he went over to inspect the damages, to the vases, to the table too. His optics then landed on Blackstorm again. "This is a very bad moment to try to mess with me." He states quietly. "I'm going to let this last vase go as an accident." Then he looks at all three of them once more before moving off and taking a seat far off from the three of them, turning his back towards them and massaging his still aching left hand. He should be going to a medic for it, but won't.

The impact Blackstorm makes when he lands has Lieutenant tense sharply for a moment. Sensing the impact of someone/thing is never a pleasant feeling. He is not one to try to fight Inferno for the mop so he stands back. While he only watched the fire go on, he really couldn't do anything about it. All he had to stifle the flames was a cleaning cloth and a glass of energon (which would have made the situation worse had he tried to douse the flame with it). Still, Blaster was upset about not only about what happened here but something else? Lieutenant simply tries to tell himself it's probably been a rough day for Blaster and that's why he is upset.

Tentatively, he steps over where the Head of Communications is sitting. "Sir..," he starts, a pause almost to test the waters and see if Blaster might tell him off. "Sir, is there something wrong?" Besides this mess in here.

Aw, Blackstorm, now why'd you have to go and do that. Inferno glances at Blaster, wing-kibble wilting. Something was clearly eating his friend. He plans on asking once he's done mopping, now that Lieutenant's surrendered cleaning the water to him, but the avian beats him to it. Inferno tries not to eavesdrop too obviously as he mops up the water he'd gotten all over the floor. Sometimes fun came with a price.

Oh no. People are starting to have serious conversations. Nothing is more terrifying for Blackstorm. While he had no intention to keep up with his antics after breaking the final vase, if he had had any more cheekiness in him it would fly out the window upon hearing Lieutenant's questions. Blackstorm does all he can to suddenly look incredibly busy, paying no attention to the conversation going on across the room. Just for good measure, Blackstorm offlines his audials.

As distracted as he is, the cig still gripped in Blackstorm's dentals tumbles from his lip components and extinguishes with a quiet hiss. The minibot scrambles over, frowning at the small scorch mark on the table and trying to rub it away with his finger. When he realizes it will not do a bit of good, he shakes his helm and goes back to sweeping the shards of porcelain into a pile to discard. He spares a fleeting glance to his pedes, noticing that a few shards have worked between his plating and nicked a couple of lines, but he is not all too concerned about it. A few cuts never hurt anyone.

Blaster offlines his optics, trying to vent and ex-vent through the pain. He tries to flex his left hand but... he just couldn't. He was about to give up on his sore hand when his audials perked up. He looks behind him to see Lieu, rather tentatively, coming up to ask him if something is wrong. Blaster looks away for a moment after the question is asked, rather quiet, before looking back at Lieu and answering. "Nothing that won't resolve itself, eventually." He says cryptically, rubbing his hand without much active thought behind it.

Lieutenant narrows his gaze just slightly. Blaster's statement, tone, and body language, have the avian standing straighter. He uses that same line whenever something is bothering him. So it's not going to brush him off easily. His voice takes a stronger tone as he steps from behind to confront him properly, and kneels. "Sir, you were gracious in helping me when last I was upset. If you are willing, I would like to return the favor." Minus the highgrade/getting drunk factor this time. The avian has certainly noticed the rubbing and looks over the hand before looking to meet Blaster's optics, "What happened?"

Inferno tilts his helm a little bit, as if that will help Lieutenant and Blaster's conversation reach his audios while he mops. It's a good thing he's gotten almost all of the water off the floor, because he's kind of set up shop near where the two other mechs are sitting, brushing the mop over the same area of floor over and over again while he listens in. Yeah if either of them looked up right now it would be pretty clear that he wasn't cleaning anything anymore, and in Blaster's current mood, his meddling might make things worse. He can't help it though. He wants to help.

Blaster's optics dimmed a bit. He can hear Lieutenant genuine desire to help in his tone.

Deep vent in, ex-vent out.

He then finally turns around fully to look at Lieu. "Thank you, for the offer. It isn't something I really want to talk about at the moment." He trails off, looking away and remembering how humiliated it felt to be twisted into submission. The feeling turned into anger as he balled up both hands into fists, the strain can be heard from Blaster's left hand from that movement. "But perhaps later? When the feeling isn't so raw?" He added, his tone quieter and softer and less metallic sounding.

Lieutenant gives a nod of understanding when Blaster politely turns him down, before suggesting a later time. "Very well." he replies quietly, "Feel better... Blaster." With that said and done, he stands up and makes his way towards Blackstorm. Why? Because he's counterproductive by cleaning while dripping water on the floor. This avian will not stand for that!

<FS3> Inferno rolls Comforting: Good Success. (8 5 4 2 6 2 8 7 2)

Frag, something is really wrong with Blaster if he's not talking. Inferno stops mopping entirely, dropping his last attempt at pretense as he turns toward his friends. By the time Lieutenant walks away Inferno's replaced the mop, having finished getting up all the water (that Blackstorm hadn't puddled anyway). He glances toward the avian before he moves to Blaster's side, gently resting a servo on the mech's shoulder.

"Couldn't help overhearin', Blast, but if ya ever need to talk, I'm always here for ya, okay?" 'Ferno gives a soft smile and a quick pat to Blaster's frame before going heading back to the dispenser. He'll give Blaster the space he needs, for now, even if there'll be a few worried glances in his direction every so often.

Considering Blackstorm has his audials turned off, he has no idea about the touching moment that just occurred or who is slowly stalking towards him. The minibot has managed to collect quite the impressive pile of shards at the center of the table, though, and is moving to collect a trash bin to throw them in. The few shards still stuck between the gaps of his armor cause him to flinch when he starts the process of climbing, and one or two of the cuts begin to leak small trails of energon, but water still dripping from his frame mingles with and dilutes the color.

It's then that he notices the shadow looming over him, and he slowly turns around to face Lieutenant. The minibot onlines his audials and tilts his helm to the side. "... Something I can do for you, mecha?"

Blaster jumps up when Inferno touches him, having gotten back to being lost in thought after Lieu's offer of talking. He didn't realize that Inferno was listening in, he was so much in his own head right then. That jump also make him uncurl his hands in surprise, which also meant that his injured hand was just forcefully unwound from its fist.

"OWWW!" Blaster yells out, suddenly cradling his hand again and curling over. Yeah, he should just go see a medic.

"Yes." Lieutenant replies simply, as he quickly takes a hold of Blackstorm and pulls out his cloth to begin cleaning the mini's helm, thoroughly. "You are dripping water all over the floor and look at this." He cradles Blackstorm in one arm so his other hand is free to swipe the leaking energon trails. "You are bleeding." With a shake of his head, he resumes drying the minibot off over his armor and in between his plating.

<FS3> Inferno rolls Protective: Good Success. (1 3 1 4 8 7 6 6)

Inferno doesn't make it to the dispenser. He probably should've made sure Blaster knew he was there before touching him. Frag... "Blast! You alright?" He's back at Blaster's side in an instant, kneeling to get a good look at the mech, to see why he's curled over himself like that. He strains to peek to see what part of Blaster is being cradled, since that's obviously the issue, and - "Aw, mech, your servo." That looks painful, and Inferno winces in sympathy. If allowed, Inferno will gently take Blaster by the arms and lift him to a standing position. "I'm takin' you to the medbay ta see Ratchet. And don't even try arguin' with me, or I'll just call 'im, and you know what he'll be like then." Inferno keeps his tone light, though the threat is real. Clearly something happened to Blaster that he hasn't done anything about, and Inferno's not going to let that continue. It looks like the mothering instinct is strong in him and Lieu today.

Any response from Blackstorm is muffled by the towel suddenly thrown over his helm. "Mrph!" the minibot says, trying to wriggle out of Lieutenant's grip. It is only after a very thorough and unforgiving scrub down that Blackstorm is allowed to come up for air. Gasping, Blackstorm peeks out from the towel, his visor slightly askew on his face. "Remember that time I climbed on your shoulder? Remember what I said about picking me u-"

Blackstorm trails off, finally noticing the commotion across the room and Inferno's mention of bringing Blaster to the medibay. Lieutenant can actually see the minibot's optic ridges furrow with consternation with his visor sliding halfway down his face. "Blaster didn't step in any of the shards, too, did he?" he asks, sounding a tiny bit guilty. That much he hadn't meant to do. Blackstorm squirms, trying to get a better look at the mecha leaving, but he is in no mood to climb. Every small movement makes the shards grind deeper underneath his armor, and he already knows they'll be a pain to get out. "No, wait-" Nope, it was too late. Inferno lifted Blaster up, already in firefighter rescue mode. And 'Ferno knew Blaster pretty well, for his protest was pre cut off with him saying he would call Ratchet instead. So Blaster gave a sigh. "Okay, okay... fine." You win Inferno. He'll let Inferno lead the way out then.

"I have eidetic memory, of course I remember." Is the response as Lieutenant looks over at Blaster and Inferno. "No, he never touched any shards. His damage seems to have been caused prior to coming here." He stashes the cloth in his sub space and sits down in a seat as he holds Blackstorm firmly so he doesn't escape. "Speaking of shards, hold still. You have a few." The avian pulls out a small medkit he uses for himself on occasion and takes out a pair of tweezers to grasp one of the shards. So long as Blackstorm doesn't move, this should go smoothly.

Blackstorm's frame relaxes a little when Lieutenant affirms that Blaster's damage is not his fault. "Well, I'm glad," he mutters. And then pauses. "Wait, that's not how it sounds. I'm not glad he's injured. I'm just glad that... well, you get it." Feelings. Gross. Who wants to talk about those?

Just to be difficult, Blackstorm squirms a little when Lieutenant holds him down. The minibot gives an amused chuckle when the other retrieves his tweezers. "Mecha, what's with all the stuff you carry around with you? First a towel, and now this? I know who I want to be friends with in the zombie apocolypse," he chirps. Blackstorm has been making more and more remarks about human culture of late, letting on just how much time he's been spending with Starstruck. "I can do this on my own, y'know?"

But he stops struggling and lets Lieutenant. The sooner those shards are out, the sooner he can clamber back on Lieutenant's shoulders for revenge.

Blackstorm, your feelings are showing. Lieutenant gives him a bit of a look as the mini tries to save himself from his mistake before giving a nod. He does get it. "I am not that prepared for such an event." He replies as he puts away the tweezers, still keeping a firm hold on Blackstorm. No, you don't get to go anywhere just yet. "Perhaps you could get to them on your own but still moving around will cause a shard or two to dig deeper though your plating. Then how will you get those?" Get a medic, hopefully but not everyone likes to be around them.

Lieutenant releases his hold on the mini, puts the kit away in his subspace, and pulls out a cygar to offer to Blackstorm. You know since his others got soaked earlier.

<FS3> Blackstorm rolls Climbing: Success. (2 7 1 6 5)

Freedom! And the chance for revenge. The moment that Lieutenant loosens his grip, the minibot begins the process of scaling the other's frame. It seems that Lieutenant knows just the right way to distract him, though, as Blackstorm stops dead in his tracks when he spots the free cig. With a little too much eagerness, he plucks it out of the other's grip and slides back down into Lieutenant's lap. "I'm good with mechanics, mecha. I could have pulled it out myself even if it did dig deep," he answers. "Thanks for the cig, by the way."

He twirls it between his digits, wondering if he should smoke it now or save it for later. The minibot's optics scan the common lounge and notes all the shards he still has yet to clean up.... Maybe later, in that case. A small smile of satisfaction edges at his lip components at the mess. "Just the right way to celebrate a job well done, don't you think?" he answers, sounding a little too smug. He pauses at the sight of the heaped shards on the table. "So worth it." Inferno has arrived.

Lieutenant is relieved that Blackstorm stops trying to climb him once he spies the cygar. Good, he's not fond of having someone on his shoulders. "I would not refer to it as a job 'well done' but more of a mess well made." That's not something to be proud of by the way. "You are quite incorrigible, you know." he comments, prodding the side of his helm gently. "what did those vases ever do to you?" Rhetorical question, he doesn't actually need an answer.

Blackstorm swats at the digit prodding at the side of his helm half-heartedly, laughing at the larger mecha's teasing remarks. At least Lieutenant is in a better mood than he had been after their encounter in the library. He will take it, though surprising after what just happened. "Have no idea what you're talking about mecha," he answers. "Once this gets around, the crew will be talking about it for days."

Twisting around, he glances back up at Lieutenant. He will be able to see one of his optics burning brightly with enthusiasm. Click. Blackstorm reaches up and pushes his askew visor back into place, finally seeming to remember it got jostled by the overzealous scrub-down.

"And you know what they'll say? 'I can't believe Blackstorm did that! He's up to his antics again!' And then, then they will laugh. People will be laughing about this for a good long while," he explains with a nod. "I guarentee you I made more people laugh than I annoyed today. Smile's worth it." There it is, a brief peek into the weird machinations of the mini's mind.

"If they do talk about it, it will eventually reach command whom shall not be pleased with the actions that have taken place here." Pessimist. Although he isn't so downcast about it, he's just stating a fact. Lieutenant tilts his head at Blackstorm's thought process though. At making others laugh at his antics. Strange and not quite the way he should go about making others smile that way. He says nothing about it though, nor makes any expression on it.

The avian twitches his fins and shrugs, "Well, you can make others laugh in other ways, aside from setting something on fire. Jokes, amusing stories, or something like this," His fingers briefly move to tickle lightly over Blackstorm. "help makes other smile or laugh as well. Although, I am not the second to last person you could take such advice from." "... So?" Blackstorm asks. "It's not like high command here is nearly as ba- Well, nevermind that."

The high command on this ship are nothing like the ones he faced when he was a smuggler. While some of them do make him a little nervous, he does not live in fear for his life. He might as well take the opportunity to let loose. Blackstorm squirms and tries to hold back his laughter when Lieutenant begins to tickle him.

"Hey, hey, hey! Careful, mecha, before I rescind my forgiveness earlier. And about the smile thing, all those other things work to. Why not all of it? If it works, what's the issue?"

Lieutenant relents and gives a bit of a sigh. "I suppose you could do all." he replies simply, shrugging as he's not really sure how to make others happy. The avian takes out a rust stick to chew the end of it. "But at your own expense, is it truly so rewarding?" He's genuinely curious about this, as he doesn't understand really what it is to make others happy - except Torque.

Blackstorm glances back at the shards littering the floor. "Do you mean do I mind cleaning up the mess or spending the night in the brig? Nah. First one's easy enough, and some of the guards in the brig are great company," he explains with a shrug. "Seems like an awful lot of trouble to be grumpy, don't you think?"

Now that Lieutenant has mentioned the mess, though, Blackstorm is eager to get back to work. Clambering back to the floor, he moves to retrieve the trash bin he was seeking when the other mecha intercepted him. "So I don't see how it's at my own expense, yeah? Most of the time it doesn't go wrong."

Lieutenant tilts his head back and forth, at the comment about being grumpy. He's not really 'grumpy' but he's certainly not happy, nor bring happiness to anyone. When Blackstorm hops off to clean up the shards, Lieutenant stands up to get the mop Inferno had put aside earlier. That is no longer needed so time to put it back. "It seems making others happy the way you described seems to be.. odd I suppose." Pause. "Then again such a thing is still a bit alien to me." Happiness is a rarity.

Securing the trash bin, Blackstorm hobbles back towards the table with it in his hands. He looks a little silly carrying the thing, considering it is nearly the size of him. He plunks it down at the foot of the table before starting to climb. "Well, I've had a lot of people tell me I'm one of a kind," he says, giving a happy little chirp when he finally reaches the tabletop. Without any formality, he begins to push the pile of shards towards the edge of the table and the waiting trash bin below.

"Just do what you do, yeah? That's good enough. Even though reading is weird. And you call me odd," he teases, reaching up to nudge his visor out of the way. He winks at Lieutenant before pushing the pile of shards off the table. They land in in the trash bin with a soft clink, clink, clink. "And leave the pranks to me. I'm a master of the art."

'One of a kind.' Well that is one way to put it, the avian won't argue that. Lieutenant raises an optic ridge at the mini and his comment about being weird. He snorts softly and quickly, but briefly sticks his tongue out at the mini in response to his wink. Mop put away, he moves back towards the dispenser to take one more glass. "Oh I shall absolutely leave them to you. Never have been creative enough to even think about doing something to someone for pure amusement anyway. Therefore, I shall gladly leave it to the expert." he gives a nod at Blackstorm, recalling when the mini ambushed Brainstorm with a nerf gun. That was very amusing.

The shards of the broken vase disposed of, Blackstorm moves across the room to his next project. After all, he still has to pick up the water soaked one and the melted mess still stuck to the table. That would be the tricky one. Hopefully it isn't too stuck or he might be here a while. "Well, I'm glad we're understood then," he says, offering up a salute as he trots by Lieutenant's pedes.

He heads for the easier one first, beginning to peel sodden petals off the floor. "Hey, mecha, whether you agree with my methods or not you can't argue that this day wasn't memorable."

Memorable, sure. Everything is memorable to the avian, but he tends not to dwell on the little things such as this. Lieutenant takes a little bit to drink before he decides to get back to his shift. Not yet ready to leave though, he turns to look at Blackstorm, to say something but decides against it. It might end up how things went with Malice and Skystalker and he would rather not alienate himself from the mini. He's growing fond of him after all.

"I agree." Lieutenant replies rather quietly before finally turning to head back to the library.

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