2016-09-05 The Lion, The Dirt, And The Tapedeck

From Transformers: Lost and Found

2016-09-05 The Lion, The Dirt, And The Tapedeck
Date 2016/09/05
Location Lost Light - Command: Soundwave's Office
Participants Soundwave, Steeljaw
Summary Steeljaw stops by Soundwave's Office.

Steeljaw had been hiding in the vents. He'd taken to spending a great deal of his time in the walls and air shafts in the Lost Light. The last thousand years, doing so in all sorts of ships and stations has made these places seem more at home than a nice room with a nice berth in it. Unfortunately it also causes him to become quite dirty more often.

He had sought out Blaster the day of the sparing match and had witnessed almost all of it from the first insult to the end. It had taken all his effort and willpower to keep from leaping out several times and trying to disengage the two mechs. After the two had split apart, Steelie had stayed to watch Soundwave's reaction and then spent hours replaying the scene. In the end, he came to the same conclusion he had the previous six times he'd reviewd the memory file.

What Blaster had said was uncalled for and unneccesary. Yes, what Soundwave did to Blaster and thus the hardship he caused Steelie was something he still became angered about, but there were ways of causing strife for others that wouldn't make one look like a complete afthead and step out of line. Finally, Steeljaw couldn't contain himself any more and he went to the washracks to try and clean himself up, to make himself presentable. By himself, he still wasn't able to do the best and he was always suseptible to dirt under his armor. But he looked at least a little better. Then he made his way to Soundwave's office and lifted a paw, knocking on the office door.

There's still a nice dent on his leg but Soundwave's faceplate is repaired and its like there was not fight- no sparring match. Afterwards, he returned to his habsuite and, like any other workaholic dealing with stress, he surrounded himself with work. And he just hasn't stopped since. The Decepticon Commander signals his door open, not looking up from his datapad. "Steeljaw," he greets in the typical no-emotions fashion.

Steeljaw trots into the office, the door shutting behind him. He jumps up onto the chair in front of Soundwave's desk and sits, looking at the other mech. "Commander Soundwave," he offers with a slight nod of his head. He looks a touch hesitant, as if not quite sure how to act around Soundwave or what is....protocol.

There's a thoughtful pause before Soundwave set his datapad down, his full attention resting on Steeljaw. The last he was saw the cybercat, his life was threatened. Nothing all to out of the ordinary, really. He nods his helm back. "Steeljaw, enjoyed ener-froyo." Not a question, a fact. He had found the empty container. "Would you like another."

Steeljaw tilts his head a touch to the side, "Perhaps. I did enjoy it, thank you," he says then looks uncertain for a moment before speaking up. "I witnessed the confrontation you had with Blaster," he says, his voice a little quieter than normal, as if perhaps ashamed for his friends actions.

Soundwave doesn't visibly react. He takes a quiet minute to process this. "'Confrontation' is an over-statement. It was a mutual spar within the practice room." A pause. "Blaster lost."

Steeljaw lowers his head a little, "If that is the way you see it, then it must be so. Though it appeared to be," he pauses a minute. "It appears that I am wrong in my assumption than. However, his words and manner of sparring were....impolite at best."

"It is not your place to come and apologize on your friend's behalf." Soundwave vents, the light in his visor dimming. "But that is not why you are here." He looks back to Steeljaw, waiting for an explanation.

Steeljaw lowers his head just a little, "I ..." He seems unsure of how to phrase what he has to say. He hasn't always been the most eloquent with words and had fallen out of practice after the whole Blaster being shot dead issue. One didn't need words to clean out vents and chase vermin. Finally, he inhales softly. "I came to appologize for my actions, the night you offered me the fro-yo treat. I was out of line."

Soundwave examine the cybercat closely, vents cycling quietly... And then he sighs. "Steeljaw, come here." He gestures to his desk. His cassettes sit on it often enough, another cybercat won't hurt. "Apology, also appreciated."

Steeljaw s head raises a little in surprise. He figured he'd get some form of lecture like he he's gotten from others in the past for being disrespectful or mouthing off. He didn't expect to be invited to get up on Soundwave's desk, well at least not while he was in the office.

Hesitantly standing, he shifts his weight and with a graceful leap, he's up on the office desk. With slightly hesitant steps, he closes the distance between himself and Soundwave.

From his subspace, Soundwave produces a cloth. "You have missed some areas," he informs the cybercat. He holds out a servo to show his palm, not far from Steeljaw's head. A silent way to ask permission. "It is imperative that you remain clean."

Steeljaw looks from the cloth to the palm and gives a little vented sigh. With a few more steps, he puts himself into easy reach of the mech and sits. "It's hard. I live more in vents than anywhere else. Habit I guess. It's hard to stay clean. The dust and stuff from in there gets inside my armor and makes me itch." He gives himself a slight shake as to emphasize the point.

Soundwave waits until Steeljaw seems at least a little more relaxed than usual to begin working the cloth. For such a large mech, his touch is gentle. He has experience with small parts. His systems hum in thought as he carefully removes any dirt from Steeljaw. "Has your armor been eletro-plated since coming online?"

Steeljaw seems still rather unsure and a touch stiff for awhile as his armor is cleaned a little better. He has to fight the urge to flee since this is mech was an enemy for most of the war. But finally, he relaxed back and then laid down and stretched out, the better to be attended to.

He shakes his head. "No. Seemed that no matter where I went, I was either too small for someone's facility or there wasn't one to be found." He looks almost embarassed. "It's why I have issues with rust sometimes."

"As soon as you are completely clean, you are to go directly to the medibay and have that done." Electro-plating wasn't hard. Annoying and a bit lengthy but not invasive and not hard. It helps attract small particles to the armor and prevent build-up along joints and between seams. Then they're easy to wash away. "This should have already been done." Soundwave doesn't sound all too happy about this. "Blaster or the medibay should have already done this."

Steeljaw frowns slightly and looks up at Soundwave. "Maybe you take care of your mini-bots but me? After I onlined, I was used and abused, and pretty much treated as if I was disposable. I was lucky if I earned enough credits to buy energon to keep me alive for another solar cycle. I had no money to pay for such procedures." He huffs a slight sigh and shifts so Soundwave can get better access to one spot.

"I was almost to the point of deactivation from neglect by the time Blaster found me and took me in. The war had started and it was all we could do to stay alive for awhile. But he got me to a medic to get me fixed back up and kept me supplied with energon, not to mention helped keep me functioning when the going got tough. Such procedures were the furthest from our processors back then." He stops talking now, afraid of saying further. That, once Blaster was killed, he went back to being neglected and finding or even trusting very few with his maintenance.

"They are not mine," Soundwave carefully corrects Steeljaw. Well, they are. Just not... in the sense Steeljaw is using the word. He vents, continuing his meticulous work. Hearing a story like that, though? It makes a righteous fury burn through his lines and an ache clench his spark. Of only he had found him. Steeljaw would have been fighting against his oppressors, not tricked into fighting for them. "If anyone treats you like that, you will let me know." It's an order. A nicely said order. He sits up, removing the cloth. "I am finished. Go to the medibay and have that done immediately."

Steeljaw hesitates, on the threshhold of pouting that the cleaning was over. He loves attention, especially when it involves grooming. But he knows a dismissal when he hears one and he gives a little sigh. With a slight nod, he stands up and nods to Soundwave. "Thank you," he offers as he jumps down off the desk to the chair and then to the floor. As he approaches the door, he looks over his shoulder at Soundwave.

"I am sorry for the words I spoke... As for Blaster..." he pauses as if trying to figure out the right word. "Well, I appologize for him too. No matter how hard I tried, I just couldn't get him to behave himself in public." There is a slight smirk to the lion's lipplates before he triggers the door to slide aside.

"See you in a bit, Commander," he offers in the way of respect he can show the Decepticon.

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