2016-08-27 Street Music

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Street Music
Date 2016/08/27
Location Nowehere'sland
Participants Jumpstart, Quicksight, Ratbat, Skystalker, Soundwave
Plot Denied
Summary Skystalker puts his skills to use to make some money, along with a surprise guest accompaniment.

With the need for gas money and bribe cash a high priority, and Barrister off working on a way to untangle the mess-- it leaves the rest of the crew to figure out how to fundraise based on what skills they have. Ones that are not 'shoot first', for the most part.

Skystalker usually relies on his music as a hobby, and hasn't played for money in quite a while-- but it's the first thing that he thought of. It's easy, even though it raises just small increments. Better than nothing, right?

Skystalker has two instrument cases with him when he leaves the Lost Light and starts making his way off to the city center astride the port, and from there looking for a square of some kind. Hopefully there are no laws against this. In which case, he does have wings. Just in case. You know who else has wings? Birds. You know is, sometimes, a bird? Jumpstart. Who is, at this moment in time, a bird. She's taken the opportunity to get off the Lost Light on a so-far not dangerous world and get in some flying time. It's perhaps no surprise that she isn't trying to make any money, which would be helpful to the rest of the crew, and is instead lazily bouncing from one thermal to the next over the backwater city. She keeps an eye on the Cybertronians as they come and go, as well as some of the other mechanical lifeforms. That's new! Still, for now she's just circling.

This whole 'working for organics for money' thing hasn't really sat well with Quicksight. To have to do things for organics! Eugh! And yet, them's the times. He's part of this crew, which means he has a duty to aid it. So far, however, that aid has consisted mostly of boredly gliding over the surounding area, looking for something interesting. So far, nothing has caught his eyes. Wait, no, X that. Spotting a familiar form bellow, the scout dips down to circle above the starfighter "Hey Skystalker!"

The only reason Soundwave is stepping off the ship himself is to guage their surroundings on this backwater rest stop in case things go nasty. And they usually do, unfortunately. Perhaps some of his cassettes think he should stay on the ship but he's had time, he's healed and put things in better order. He has his moments but they'regetting fewer. And he doubts he'll have much trouble here- most of the organics are giving him the usual, cursory 'its a drone' sort of look. He doesn't mind it, let them think what they will.

It's not quite as loud here, compared to the ship. Most of the minds here are organic, afterall. It was almost nice, if not for the current predicament. His systems hum just a key higher, amused. Being here, with no funds and no way to move on, with an impending and possible threat to come down quickly? He's been there before- although he wore a cape. Silly, looking back, but he can't help but be almost fond of it. Its a shame he went and tossed it away.

Processor churning, Soundwave tries to think of a way to get the funds they need in the quick as he examines and memorizes the streets and buildings. He pauses briefly as he spots a few Lost Lighters- Skystalker and Quicksight- with some genuine interest. He stares and just watches from this comfortable distance, blending in like a lamppost. Ratbat is settled within Soundwave's deck, annoyed at the entire concept of this situation but his displeasure is frayed a bit from the amusement coming from Soundwave himself. How he could having a chuckle from this entire thing is beyond Ratbat. The bat came to make sure nothing goes wrong, as things tend to. Deep down, though? He came to keep watch over Soundwave, a bit worried about him still. (of course this would never ever be admitted to anyone... ever) Its a bit relieving to know that out here there clearly is not as much stress to Soundwave's ability.

Skystalker is bigger than many of the organics here, but luckily he evens out when it comes to the mechanoids on the surface; whether drones or monoformers, he is more apt to come nose to nose or thereabouts. Unfortunately a couple times he has already made attempts to speak to drones, only to be met with an embarassed inner realization. Whoops. He is currently walking at pace away from one such encounter, heat in his face and his emotions flustered with his mistake. Quicksight dropping close out of the sky above pulls his attention upwards, and he gives a smile when the small bot circles him. "Hey. Find anything cool yet?" He still walks as he speaks, his trek steadily taking him into a bustling crossroads, complete with its share of popup merchants and a decorative, simple fountain in the square. Quaint might be a good word, even for a city.

<FS3> Quicksight rolls Observation: Good Success. (7 2 2 5 8 1 1 7 5 3 5)

It's a parade. Skystalker, Soundwave, and Quicksight (Ratbat, of course, being hidden)? Jumpstart completes a half-circle and falls in a line above the other mechs, lowering her altitude slightly. A glance at Skystalker and what he's carrying tells her everything that she needs to know. She accelerates and beats the group to the square, alighting on the top of the fountain as if she owned it. No, she doesn't greet the other Cybertronians. Jumpstart just looks around, wings folded.

If Quicksight had a head in this form, he might shake it "Nuh-uh. Whole load of nothing. There was a bunch of organics fighting each other, but nothing useful." He makes another circle before deciding to simply land. Trotting to keep up with the bigger mech is easier than circling to both remain airborne, and not get ahead of him. As he does so, he catches sight of yet another, very familiar form. Should he go and greet the Decepticon commander? No, fom the looks of it, Soundwave isn't trying to engage, or draw attention, so the scout makes do with a short, polite nod in his direction before moving to catch up with his friend again "What about you?"

Ratbat would be annoyed. This- scrounging around for what is needed- is not something the former Senator ever had to go through. Even as a cassette. Its almost a shame thievery wasn't permitted. Soundwave is decently sure the avians and Ravage would delight somewhat in the nostalgia. Its not like the organics here deserve such decency- its probaby the organcs' fault they're stuck like this... He exvents tersely, steps quiet but heavy as he walks, moving to follow Skystalker and Quicksight. He nods back in accknowledgement to Quicksight, visor light shifting to look at the large avian that just graced the fountain. Hmmm... Very shiny, he ought to commend her. He pings Ratbat, wondering if he would like to stretch his wings. There were a lot of things to watch and hang off of at this slightly-more-bustling-than-everywhere-else square.

Ratbat can feel the near nostalgia coming off his officer but purposefully ignores it. Thinking back to those times would worsen his mood even more. Instead, Ratbat listens to the sounds and feels the swaying as Soundwave begins to follow Quicksight and Skystalker. The sudden ping is almost surprising to the cassette and he takes a moment to consider before accepting the option with a mental shrug. Why not? If his annoyance reaches maximum levels soon enough he will merely return to the deck. He sends back a responding ping for Soundwave to release him from the deck, as he is unsure what is out there and doesn't wish risking ejecting directly into a wall.

Skystalker's optics dart up when the shadow of the bird falls over them, and he gives Jumpstart a small smile as she passes and alights on the fountain in the square. He looks down to Quicksight when the mini catches up, wingtips perked in a relaxed, sort of merry state of mind. Things are there, always lurking-- but right now he seems content.

"I hope so. I'm going to see if these folks appreciate music, or if they'll call the authorities on me." Skystalker flashes a tiny smile at the thought. He waves the end of one instrument case with a 'tada' at the square, making his way over to the fountain that Jumpstart is perched atop of.

Jumpstart wait for the other mechs to arrive before she hops off of the fountain and transforms, flipping end over end before landing in front of Skystalker. "Organics like music." She asserts confidently, having skipped the 'hey, how are you?' portion of a normal conversation. "Leave the case open so they can toss anything in. I used to do this all the time in Polyhex. Though that was a long time ago." She notes, looking at Quicksight but not saying anything to him. No reason to.

Quicksight eyes the bird as well, but his look is a lot less pleasant. Their argument at Swerve's has left him with no kind feelings towards her. He doesn't try to restart that argument either however, not here and now. Insted, he too turns abck towards Skystalker "Why would they call the authorities?" he wonder aloud, before answering his own question "Ah, right, organics."

Soundwave presses the button on his shoulder, deck opening and slots moving to swiftly eject Ratbat into the open air. He holds out his arm as an optional perch as the- notoriously picky- bat looked for somewhere to hang from. He frowns slightly behind his mask as the three talk. Music. Hmph, if that's what they wish to call it. He is fairly certain it won't be much more than the rabble everywhere else. His helm turns, looking around the square. Yes, this would be a good place to usher in panicked organics if things got dicey. It'd be like... What was the phrase... blasting bucket fish? His vents huff. Earth phrases and metaphors were overrated, anyways.

Ratbat ejects from the deck and, with the classic noise of a transformation, spreads his wings to glide a tight circle around Soundwave (ignoring his upraised arm) before settling upside down on a nearby lamppost. He is quick to assess what is happening, seeing the three others talking nearby, and repositions to a closer spot. A spot far easier to eavesdrop from while remaining mostly out of sight. Music, hm? It will be interesting to see what sort of instruments they have brought to perform with... or better yet what is decided upon to play.

"I've only done it a few times, and never for long." Skystalker admits to Jumpstart when she's come down to them. "Usually if I was paid I was in a lounge or some such..." His wings tuck back as he sets the instrument cases alongside the fountain's base, crouching down to open up the small harp. "Sometimes people are touchy about rules." Not so much 'organics'. Skystalker only seems to notice Soundwave nearby when he ejects the cassette, and for a moment the starfighter's self-conscious nature makes slinging the harp onto his hip a proper distraction.

"Any requests?" Skystalker glances over at Jumpstart and Quicksight first, though his optics briefly move over Ratbat on his lamppost; his gaze doesn't linger, soon turning to the harp strings to retune some of them.

Jumpstart draws a foot along the square, throwing up a few sparks. Not too loud, the grip is decent. "Whatever you think the organics might like. Something upbeat." Jumpstart replies to Skystalker, while still looking at the ground. She does turn, eventually, rolling on her taloned heels so as to change her facing without actually taking a step. "If I've learned anything of organic music it's that they enjoy short, upbeat, easily digestible songs that are more about the mating potential of the artist than the content. A metaphor for their existence." Yes, Jumpstart is an Autobot why do you ask? "So...make them feel good."

Quicksight hesitates a bit when Skystalker turns to him, and the Autobot for requests. When Jumpstart makes a suggestion, he actually looks almost relieved "Whatever works for you" he nods. Instrumental music was never something he really got in to, or had a chance to. Most of his musical experience consisted of vocal songs, often sung loudly, out of tune, and with breaks for people to pour more engex in to their systems. Those are probably not a good idea here, especially considering that a lot of them were about war.

He does, however, observe, stepping back a bit to give Skystalker some room to work in. He's seen the instrument before, but he's never actually seen it in use. Now, he watches, optics bright and curious.

Soundwave watches Ratbat fly, only lowering his arm when a perch is found. It is, of course, always an option should Ratbat come back over. The brow ridges beneath his visor pinch together, hearing Jumpstart's explanation. Yes, and that sort of music is rather detestable. To play for the crowd rather than what music should truly be, what and Autobot way to play an instrument. Although, he supposes Skystalker is not, in fact, an Autobot. But Jumpstart is. Blaster too, no wonder he likes that inane noise. He looks over the possible other routes he can take to leave the square and observe more of this backwater planetoid. IF they insist on 'music', then he should part. Ratbat is here to observe, afterall.

Ratbat's optics almost seems to bore into Skystalker as he watches the mech remove his instrument. A harp, that is not what the cassette was really expecting with this crew's track record. He silently agrees entirely with Jumpstarts suggestion, that is the kind of obnoxious music most organics seem to prefer. Its going to be a painful observing period if that is the kind Skystalker decides to perform.

With the harp slung by simple bands around his waist and shoulder, Skystalker brings out a small box from inside the case to clip onto the one at his hip. The harp itself does have a plug for the amp, though at the moment it strums peacefully and acoustic under the tuning of one hand. He toes the case out to where it sits open and waiting.

"You would be right about that, Jumpstart. Maybe something a little less... bold." Skystalker gives her a smile before he begins a piece. It's smooth, and on the edge of upbeat-- more of a tune to draw people in, contenting and easy on the audials.

<FS3> Skystalker rolls Musician: Success. (4 6 4 4 4 1 7 4 5 6)

Jumpstart listens along, though she steps back for now, waiting to see if there's much reaction from the crowd. In fact she ends up near Quicksight, arms folded across her chestplate and beneath her folded wings. "He's not bad." She remarks, perhaps to the Decepticon, perhaps to no one. Jumpstart certainly isn't looking at him. "I've never heard of a Cybertronian performing for organics. Maybe they did on Earth. I don't know. I wasn't there."

Quicksight listens, and watches. He's wondered about the instrument for a while now, ever since he first saw it, after that encounter back on Hubworld. He'd never gotten around to asking Skystalker about it however.

Jumpstart's commentary distracts him, drawing his attention to the birdbot. He doesn't say anything, though he does give her another cold look, mostly out of sheer priciple. Then he looks away from her, turning back to the suroundings. Is Soundwave still in the area?

Soundwave takes two steps in his chosen direction and then stops when the music begins, lingering along the edge of the square. Its a gentle, coaxing melody. He turns on his heel, red visor locked onto Skystalker as he plays. Hmmm... It certainly sounds in tune, no sour notes or ill-advised beats. But it still sounds as if Skystalker is simply just warming up but... He has the Commander's attention. Which is more than most musicians can say.

<FS3> Ratbat rolls Eavesdropping: Great Success. (5 7 7 7 7 5 7 3)

Ratbat sighs vents gently in relief at the somewhat gentle tune that Skystalker begins to play. Maybe he won't be offlining himself by the end of this. He glances around to evaluate the organics in the area that may be beginning to take notice of the music. He shifts his head slightly to listen to Jumpstart and Quicksight, unwilling to risk them starting a fight if their somewhat icy previous interactions are any indication of their relationship. On Earth he never heard of any Decepticons performing for humans but it would not surprise him if any Autobots deigned to do so.

Skystalker's nerves seem to influence his start, if only because he does not know how they will react to him here. Playing for a private audience is different than going out in the street. AFter a minute or so, his arms and servos limber up as he plays, and the nerves sound like they leave him be-- the music finds a steadier sound for it, uplifting as it goes. Skystalker steps further away from the fountain on quiet heels, loosening his wings and fanning them out behind as he strolls out to draw some gazes.

<FS3> Skystalker rolls Allure: Good Success. (8 3 4 7 3 3 3 3 1 6 5 1 4 1 1)

Jumpstart 's brow creases ever so slightly. She picks up on the nervousness. While not a musician herself, she can recognize some of the signs. "He's nervous." She observes. Again, only Quicksight is in earshot, though it's not clear if she's speaking to him or not. The avian is watching Skystalker. "Do you think I should go help him? I don't want to steal his spotlight." That question is definitely for Quicksight. Even if he's treating her icily, she doesn't seem to care. "He's doing the wing thing. He used to do that looking at himself in the holomirror in our habsuite."

Quicksight eyes Jumpstart. Why is she talking to him? Yes, he can see that Skystalker's nervous. Yes, he too is concerned, but he can also see that Sky is begining to relax. "He's doing fine on his own" what, were you expecting him to support an Autobot he really does not like? "I think he's just trying to show off." In contrast to his words, his tone here is rather cheerful. Wings up is good. It usually means that Sky is in a good mood, and Quicksight, he's happy that his friend is happy.

Given time, the notes become precise and flow steady. Soundwave finds it consistent with enough fluxes to keep interest. While he continues to dissect and listen to the sound, he watches Skystalker parade around, gleaming as usual... Then his gaze shifts to intently look at the open harp case, waiting to see if anyone drops in a credit or something of value. His shoulders lifts slightly, considering what to do if Skystalker's venture begins to earn something. Ratbat might notice he's got his 'thinking' posture all set.

Ratbat continues to focus his attention on the two speaking nearby, glancing over at Skystalker as his confidence begins to grow. Even Ratbat has to admit, the mech has nice wings which are bound to attract attention. He might make a fair amount of money after all if he keeps that up, organics seem attracted to shiny things. A quick ping is sent to Soundwave, however, to keep in the area in case he has to split the two fliers apart. Quicksight doesn't have a good reputation for self control from what Ratbat has seen of him and Jumpstart is an unknown. Almost as an afterthought, after noticing Soundwave's position, he merely offers a message of wait until we get to the maximum profits before taking any action. If needed Ratbat may be willing to assist in gauging the profitability of the crowd and suggest a potential change in scenery for a more generous audience, but won't do so unless asked.

Skystalker does not seem to draw eyes until he ventures out like this, strolling freely with his harp; his voice is far more ready to go than his hands were, polished and lovely. It's when he starts to sing along with his playing that he gets some attention that sticks. As Sky circles back he seems to bring a few listeners with him, alien organics that seem happy enough to commentate between themselves, interested in both the music and the strangers gathered near the fountain.

"Oh, he can sing too? Of course he's trying to show off." Jumpstart notes, kind of replying to Quicksight and kind of not. "I wish I could sing." She remarks. A few credits start to flow into the open instrument case as Skystalker brings the organics back around. "I don't think they've seen a singing machine. I bet they think of us like we do of them, sometimes. Like we think the things we can do are unique to us." The bird rambles on, inflicting her thoughts on Quicksight and anyone else who happens to be in the vicinity.

Quicksight grumles something along the lines of "Of course he can sing!" edging a bit away from Jumpstart. Seriously, what's her deal? He though they had an understanding that they don't like each other! Why does she keep talking to him! He'd much rather listen, and watch anyways. This is hardly the first time he's heard Skystalker sing, and most definitely not the first time he's seen Skystalker, but though he might be used to being around the handsome musician, he still can't help himself here. Sky's a natural at this.

Soundwave's helm tilts the the nth degree in interest as Skystalker layers the melody with his voice, adding a depth to the subtle, flowing beat. He glances at Ratbat with his suggestion and... ignores it, beginning to stride towards Skystalker, looking at the spacer intently. He waits patiently along the peripheral of the crowd, towering over them and as stiff as ever. He waits for the song to end before getting nearer.

Ratbat sends a dry look to his officer, fine. Dont take his advice. Instead he refocuses on the other two, watching Quicksight begins to edge away from the bird. At least the music isn't terrible as he watches this train wreck of two mechs who clearly have a dislike for each other.

The more showing off that Skystalker does, the more likely he'll get to contribute to the 'Free The Lost Light' fund. It's a natural progression.

Skystalker dips slightly as he plays whenever someone approaches the case and donates to the Singing Machine(tm). He might hear Jumpstart and Quicksight from afar, but for now he's not worried. Sky knows how Jumpstart talks out loud, and he knows how Quicksight can be grumbly. For the time being he concentrates on the song, whose lyrics are peaceful and hopeful. Perfect for their guests who gather around into an audience. Sky's optics remain partway shuttered throughout the song, and he does not make note of Soundwave's presence until he has finished and gives his impromptu audience that charming smile and a bow in thank you for any more credits coming his way. His optics linger on Soundwave when he bows, idle thoughts skittering like something fearful of a lamplight.

Jumpstart applauds. And why not? It was a good song, well sung. The metallic feathers on her wings rustle quietly as she claps. She goes back to near silence as soon as she lowers her hands, not appearing to take any offense at Quicksight edging away. Aside from talking, Jumpstart hasn't shown any outward signs of being uncomfortable around Quicksight. She simply hasn't cared. The avian looks down at the instrument case. "If he stays out here for the next three cycles straight we might have something."

The song ends, and Quicksight applauds. The applause is eager, and genuine, not just a product of their friendship. It's also brief, cut short by Soundwave's apperance. The scout isn't particularly worried about anything, but his back straightens out, his attention turned towards his friend, and his commander. What's this about?

With the song and strutting coming to an end, Soundwave steps over the organics to stand at the front, more in front of Skystalker. His visor burns into the poor spacer as unseen optics look at the credits within the case. Hmmm... He bows his helm before ticking it to the case, pressing a servo to his chassis. "Permission to join your next performance?"

<FS3> Ratbat rolls Efficient: Good Success. (7 6 5 2 2 2 8 2 4)

Ratbat glances around the crowd, evaluating their reactions to the first song and judging the general tone of the crowd. The better the music choice the more the little heathens will be willing to let go of. His assessment ends and he is quick to send a message to Soundwave telling him the best genre of music to play to increase profits. Belatedly he sends the same message to Skystalker as well.

Skystalker seems more surprised than affronted, optics fluttering a little brighter, though his manner seems unsure. Soundwave? Really? "I don't see why not... if you'd like to." As Ratbat sends him that message, he pauses to recieve it and look up to where the small bot hangs. Soundwave earns a fresh look of curiosity. "I can keep playing this--" He pats a palm over the harp's side. "or I can switch to something with a little more kick?"

Jumpstart 's expression darkens somewhat as Soundwave comes onto the scene. "I think we'll be fine." That's all she says before turning her back on the busking exercise and walking back in the direction of the ship. After a few steps she transforms, flying low but then pulling up and angling high into the sky.

Quicksight simply stares. He's honestly not sure what other reaction would be appropriate in this situation. No, it's not like he'd thought that it was impossible for Soundwave to sing, he just never though that he would, out here, in public, and teaming up with Skystalker.

Soundwave nods, treading forward and brushing past Skystalker on his way closer to the fountain. He takes a seat beside it, back pressing against the stone as he fold his legs... Folds them up as much as his boxy frame would allow- he's gotten better, thanks yoga... And Drift, one supposes. He sits uprights, shoulders stiff and hands in his lap. He looks over at Skystalker, impassive. "Choose your preference," he intones, a small click resounding as he preps his speakers. He quietly messages back a thanks to Ratbat. Ratbat does not respond to Soundwave's thanks but watches Jumpstart fly off before turning straight again, this is going to be either extremely entertaining or impressive. Either way he is eager to see if his suggestion is used and if his assessment was correct.

Skystalker can't help but exude that curiosity when Soundwave settles down, and he is caught between wondering when he ears the faint sound of the speakers in the commander's frame. Ah.

"Right." Skystalker sets the harp down with a careful hand, and replaces it with the violin-like bowed instrument from the other case, which he settles at his shoulder to briefly test the strings. As for Ratbat's suggestion, he mentally runs down the extensive list of music in his head before settling on something that more or less fits, and beginning on that.

Quicksight may have not been expecting such a thing, but that doesn't mean he's going to be like some Autobot and just leave. Infact now he's practically obligated to stick around. He'd be a rather lousy subordinate if he just up and left because his commander got up on the stage. He has no desire to leave anyway.

<FS3> Soundwave rolls Acoustics: Good Success. (7 3 2 7 6 1 4 4 8)

Soundwave listens quietly, allowing the instrument's sound to carry. Pure and clear, wrapping around the square. He takes note of a crescendo until the music reaches a peak and his accompanyment bursts forward. It keeps a steady beat, several layers of different sounds that entertwine with the violin's resounding notes. It harmonizes and compliments, elevating the intrument's melody further. He concentrates, having to make quick adjustments to the pacing to match Skystalker and keep in beat. He doesn't fall flat as a slightly synthed background makes the beautiful violin all the better. As he goes, he records Skystalker's playing, clearing out his own speakers' sounds to play them back again, laying repeated note as if there were another three or four Skystalker's playing. Through it, Soundwave looks ahead, remaining stiff as the music flows.

Ratbat would never admit it, but it always does impress him how Soundwave can do such good work so quickly and is satisfied by the reaction of the crowd. An impressed crowd means a generous one.

Okay, no, Quicksight was not expecting something like this. He stands there, practically mesmerized, not even noticing as he begins to tap his foot to the beat. Who knew instrumental music could be this amazing?

Soundwave's visor flickers and he watches Skystalker as he dances around. Well, just a step below dancing. It's graceful, enhancing the visuals with the audio. He brings in a recording of Skystalker's harp, bringing in the breezy tune to accent the melody further as it begins to slowly crescendo again. He puts everything he can into mixing and producing just the right sound to balance everything. Right before any end, he'll cut off his background accompanyment and let it echo as those last, clear notes from Skystalker punctuate the song's end. He pauses before bowing his helm, just as he had seen Skystalker do before, and then looking at the spacer. The next piece then?

Ratbat is practically radiating smugness as the crowds reaction increases and profits begin to grow as well. He doesn't just sit back however, he continues to watch the audience and scan for any obvious opinion changes. His attention is ripped away from the organics when a very distinctively uniformed being comes around a corner down the street. Opening his claws to release his hold and drop, Ratbat glides over to Soundwave as he sends a ping request to return to his deck. "I suggest we make our presence scarce. It seems the local authorities have arrived and he doesn't look especially pleasant this evening." is his only statement as he transforms back into his alternate mode so he may dock.

The song ends and Skystalker is left with his audials still filtering the sounds, lingering enough in his head to lead his next look back to Soundwave, optics opening up with a moment of warmth. It was a very good collaboration. There are plenty of items to fill the open harp case, and as Ratbat swoops down to alert them, Skystalker laughs dryly and picks up his heels to move back to the others. "We must be missing a permit, no?" This commentary is offered up to any of them, as Skystalker quickly packs up the violin and slings the harp under his arm. "Quicksight, grab the money case, time to split!" The fuzz is here!

The song ends, and Quicksight applauds once more, as sincerely and eagerly as the first time, but louder, longer. Again however, his applause is cut short, this time by Ratbat. Immediately, he starts scanning for the trouble, though he stops on Skystalker again when the spacer starts packing. "Got it!" he nods, darting to grab the case, shutting it when he gets to it. It'll prevent him from flying, but if need be, he can still disappear among the crowds and buildings. He didn't survive as a scout by not knowing how to be stealthy when needed.

Soundwave's speakers offline, chassis opening as Ratbat flips and slides in smoothly. Deck closing and locks engaging. It takes him less time than in actual yoga to get out of his sitting position and to his feet. Running from officials with prejudice is something he's used to. He's only been doing it since he was forged. Add a tarp cape, a cat, and two birds and it would be just like his 'youth.' He glances at Skystalker briefly. "Request: Come see me at my habsuite. I will see you both back at the Lost Light." He inclines his helm towards the neutral and his fellow Con before walking off, steps brisk and heavy. Avoiding authorities would be best. He might be tempted to blast them.

Skystalker has his instruments in hand and his wings fan out to let the puff of his thrusters pick him from the ground; his gaze turns to Soundwave at the request, head tilting in silent question before he answers. "Yes, sir. Of course." Can't say no to a commanding officer. As the shouts of local patrolmen fill the air, Skystalker lifts fully off of the ground, heels sparking and mouth opening in a laugh.

"Just don't get arrested first!" Memories of a long time ago in a home far away come back to Skystalker when he takes flight, giving the crowd below one last graceful bow from above as he goes.

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