2016-08-21 Royally Flushed

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Royally Flushed
Date 2016/08/22
Location Zarazee Casino - Outer Grounds
Participants Blast Off, Brainstorm, Conduit, Grimlock, Jumpstart, Mercy, Ravage, Skystalker
NPCs Viscount Valeen, Malice
Plot Zarazee Casino
Scene GM Soundwave
Summary Viscount Valeen doesn't take kindly to winners. Or Cybertronians.

The Lost Lighters that had come to the High Roller's room were allowed to leave the Casino freely. And there's good reason why. Thanks to Ravage, the Lost Lighters are aware of the Anti-Aircraft guns- multiple AA guns, their locations now known thanks to cat- trained on the Lost Light. With the guns on the ship, launching could lead to massive damage that cound incapactiate the ship. Any crew members milling about the Casino are asked to help with dealing with these guns so they can leave whenever they damn well please. And if they're not gonna help, they better get back to the ship.

After Rodimus's incredibly lucky hand, he helped to free the Cybertronians working under Viscount Valeen and the mechanimal jackal, Corkscrew, was brought back to the Lost Light. The other indvidual's wherabouts are unknown and Ravage is one the case, tracking down Malice to bring her back to the Lost Light. She may be in need of help what with the thing on her back.

    <FS3> Ravage rolls Tracking: Success. (3 8 1 4 2 1 2 2 6)

Mercy had said the thing on Malice's back, and the collar on the jackel, were doing something. Some mechs had doubted the nurses' statement; others had believed her - either way, she was proven right (at least to an extent). And so she's come to help, after seeing the jackel comfortable in the medbay to wait for a doctor to remove the collar. With a medical kit stuffed full of bandaids, Mercy is on the move.

It was down to crunch time now. The Lost Lighters had beat the Viscount at her own game, but it wouldn't be that easy to just leave the planet. Nor were all of their rescuees accounted for yet. But Ravage was on the job, and it was going to take more than pressure to break the felinoid's focus on finishing it. Malice is here and he will find her.

Conduit has finally begun to settle in to his new role on board the Lost Light. Habsuite acquired, position in science and engineering secured, recent history studied. There is still the wonder at how things turned out in the war, and the odd (to him) arrangement that makes this ship's mission possible, but he's able to navigate it.

Having thus settled himself, and being a gambler that he is, Conduit decided he could take the time to have a look at this casino he'd heard so much about. As luck would have it, of course, he finds himself caught up in the call to arms. As luck would also have it, he had thought to pick out a blaster rifle from the armory before leaving the ship. Well, to be fair, that was simply wise planning. It would've been better to retrieve more specialized equipment from his own ship, now parked in a bay on the Light, but it was still off-limits for "decontamination".

After settling with his handler - don't ask how he managed that without much in the way of funds - Conduit leaves the casino in his alt mode, its violet underlights and spinning rims mixing well with the surrounding glamour. << Conduit en route to the nearest gun emplacement. I'll wait for others to arrive before engaging. >>

Skystalker stayed with Jumpstart and Corkscrew long enough to make sure that the latter was transferred into the capable hands of the medical staff. He has one more thing to make good on before anyone starts getting shot into dirt.

Once free of the Lost Light again, he takes up to the sky, a whirlwind of thrusters and transformation as he goes from root to alt, sweeping up into the moonbase's false atmosphere with the burn of rockets. The starfighter draws the eyes of those on the ground as he dives overhead. the wind in his wake tugging at those who stop to gawk upwards. "<< Air support up here. >>" The note hits Ravage's team's comms on the ground.

Once she returned Corkscrew to the Lost Light Jumpstart returned to her habsuite. Instead of recharging, she reached for a compartment beneath her circuit slab and removed the only weapon she brought with her on the Lost Light: a simple sword, single edged. "It's a good thing First Aid isn't here he'd throw a fit." She notes, glancing at his messy side of the habsuite. Her, of course, is near spotless. Spartan, really: just the blue flower from Eukaris for decoration. The sword is keyed to her transformation cog so it's easy to stow.

From there, Jumpstart heads back the way she came, transforming into her avian mode as soon as she reaches the Lost Light's hatch. << "Jumpstart here. Haven't done this in a while. Point me in the right direction." >>

Blast Off would prefer to simply get the smelt out of here by this point- he's not really one for sticking his nosecone into other people's business- but when he learned that Mercy was heading back out into dangerous territory he suddenly felt a weird compulsion to ensure she made it through the mission in one piece. Not because he cares or anything! (But he totally does).

So here he is with her right now, striding alongside her, casting a glance around. "Just be careful," he chides softly, still in his human avatar, still dressed to kill in high end-almost gangster. Literally, right now, since he carries a gun with him. It was the smallest pistol he could find, but it still creates a bulge under his jacket. Hopefully no one will notice. "Expect resistance."

Guns happen to be Brainstorm's specialty. Usually he makes them work better, but he can make them stop working just as easily. To be honest, he would much rather sit out the danger back on the ship, but how can he go back this looks like a matter that could use his skills (and totally not because he may or may not have pissed off a pack of organics at a bar that may or may not have cut off his escape route back to the ship.)

The AA guns nearest to Conduit are still a ways away, beyond the shopping strip. They're placed on the roof of a building, massive barrels pointed at the Lost Light and the sound of its systems humming, online and ready to go. There's a swathe of Suits milling about, armed with machine guns and other such mafia-style shoot out funs. Because go cliche or go home. They seem on the looking for mechanical lifeforms to shoot out. Some even look excited about it.

Ravage's fantastic senses pick up on jet fuel and other such jet-like smells that mark out Malice's scent. It leads through the Casino and towards a set of doors that lead to a winding staircase that goes all the way to the roof. Now its a matter of figuring out which floor she's on. Mercy and Blast Off have an easier time- there's not as many Suits within the Casino and most don't give the organic-looking holos a second glance.

Mercy is careful not to behave in her typical Mercy way, not wanting to draw undue attention to her little trio. Instead, she's remarkably stoic as she and Blast Off escort Ravage on the task of trailing Malice. "I know - thankfully, they can't really hurt holoforms...but Malice may be vulnerable." she murmurs.

One benefit of beastforms: no thrusters or exhaust trails or heat signatures to give away your position. Jumpstart glides through the air towards the AA gun nearest to Conduit, though she keeps her keen optics peeled for the others. << "Do we go one at a time or hit them all at once? If we attack just one, they might tell their friends to fire." >> She notes, gaining more altitude in the night sky and hoping whatever moon the planet has doesn't glint off of her too much. Being shiny is a big responsibility.

Ravage pauses to squint up the stairway for a moment. "She's up here." Ravage was use to working on his own, but at least it was two people that he can reasonably tolerate that came after him to assist. He starts up the stairs, senses still on high as he looks for Malice's trail or other clues to which floor she exited onto.

For Brainstorm, it's out of the frying pan, and in to the fire. In avoiding the angry drunks, he's wound up a little too close to the armed sobers guarding the guns. So far, he's managed to stay safe behind a building. Except, now he's stuck there. If he tried to make a break for it, he'd be forced put in to the open for much longer than he'd like. Getting airborne with anti-aircraft guns around is out of the question.

At least someone has answered the call, which means someone might deal with the guards. He announces his own presence via comms "<< Hey, it's Brainstorm. I'm near one of the guns as well. If someone can deal with the guards, I can handle the guns. >>"

Grimlock lurks.

Enormous dinobots aren't known to be the most stealthy of individuals, but Grimlock at least attempts to make his size an asset-- most of the aliens milling about the casino planet are far, far smaller scaled than he is, so they're not in the habit of looking, well ... up. Find a dark enough alley, and stay still enough, and people will just assume you're part of the skyline, or an art installation, or ... something.

"<< The Guards are mine, scientist. >>" Grimlock mutters into his comlink. "<< Everyone else in position? >>"

"True," Blast Off agrees, "It's why I initially chose such an otherwise..." He glances down at himself, holding his fleshy palm up to stare at it, "Weak-looking holoavatar. I *don't* know how they endure being this ...this *soft* and..." He glances up now, remembering what it was like to be the *little* guy in the room the other night, "...squishy." Then he focuses back on Ravage. Ah, at least it's nice working with a model Decepticon soldier such as the cat. He gives the feline a nod. "Let us know if you smell trouble coming." His hand flexes to pat at the bulge of the pistol in his jacket, ready should shooting be required.

Skystalker pulls out and up into the air outside of the casino, hovering in a large circle like a sleek scavenger as the others take to the building and its floors. Maybe he can see something from here. He mulls Jumpstart's question of tactics, but he is no tactician. That's Grim's job, innit? He circles the air again, keeping an eye out between the various guns and the occupied building Ravage has led the others into.

Mercy bobs her head to Ravage's statement - she's not about to question the feline shifter when it comes to tracking by scent. "Right behind you," she assures him quietly. Blast Off's comment about soft and squishy draws a soft giggle from Mercy before she sobers again.

The organics can see Skystalker in the air and have their weapons up and at the ready. There's a murmur between several and one goes over to mess with the controls of the AA gun. They punch in a few commands and the barrels starts to change direction, no longer aimed at the Lost Light but locking into position that faces Skystalker's current circling. The barrels light up before firing.

Meanwhile, the trail to Malice should leave Ravage up and up and up the stairs... There's a lot of stairs to climb that leads all the way to the door to the roof. The door seems a bit stuck- or maybe its locked?- it might need a little elbow grease to get through. Way up high, Skystalker might see Malice's massive form within the shadow of a taller building on the roof. If he doesn't notice the shot being taken at him.

    <FS3> Skystalker rolls Transportation: Success. (1 6 4 7 6 6 1 6 2 2 5 5 5 2 2)

Conduit doesn't wait for Grimlock's command after the AA guns fire. He lobs a single charged grenade at the nearby substation, then without waiting to see what happens, he converts to root mode and scrambles up the side of the building, using scaffolds and window openings as hand- and footholds. Once at the top, his blaster rifle is out and firing. He hopes that his "diversion" is enough to distract those manning the other guns, or else this new journey of his will be extremely short.

"<< It's me. Grimlock. >>"

And then the AA guns open up! Oh, that's his cue. Grimlock stomps forward, slowly, methodically advancing. He's got that double-barreled blaster of his in one hand, and his hellishly glowing energo sword in the other, and he bears down on the Suits, entirely too eager to do what he does best.

And even through it all, he barks out orders over the radio. "<< Smash the guards, spike the guns, and keep moving! We'll sweep them in a circle, hitting one after the other. >>"

In passing, Grimlock neatly slices through a nearby lamppost with just a single, almost casual wave of his hand.
"How much are you getting paid? It's not enough."
    <FS3> Grimlock rolls Intimidation: Success. (4 6 8 1 6 3 4 1 3)

Brainstorm's response to Grimlock's claim is hardly a disapointed one "<< Have at them, big guy! Don't let me get in the way! Yi-->>" that comm cuts off as the guns start firing. No, Brainstorm's fine, he's just pressed himself further against the wall, having no intention of coming out until it's safe.

    <FS3> Jumpstart rolls Transportation: Success. (5 5 1 6 4 2 5 6 7 3 4)
    <FS3> Conduit rolls Firearms: Success. (2 1 5 2 2 8 3)

A door. Always doors. Can't tell if it's locked or stuck, and really, there's not that much time to fiddle over the details. "Stay back a moment," he warns Mercy and Blast Off. As he stops at the top of the stairs one of his weapon pods swivels a bit as he takes aim. No, not with the missile, that would be stupid. The small but fairly potent laser mounted atop of them is what fires. They don't have a lot of time, so Ravage is resorting to just cutting the locking mechanism apart instead of picking it.

Mercy steps back and out of the way. Her holoform might not be able to be hurt, but Mercy lifts her arm and hand to shield her face out of reflex when Ravage's gun comes out. When there is no ensuing explosion, she peeks through her fingers and then relaxes as she sees the laser. Good choice.

Skystalker can see them down there, and the more he circles the more he realizes that he can provide air support in more ways than one. Such as drawing fire. The bad part about this is that he hasn't exactly warmed up yet-- He swoops and turns upside down as the gunners take aim and fire at him, the munitions exploding in the wake of his thrusters' heat trails and puffing against his tailwind. Ooch, hot hot.

"So that's how it is." Skystalker hisses to himself, the mechanisms of his front plasma guns unraveling and heating up, and the form of his cannon half-drawn at his belly. "Let's dance, boys."

Skystalker turns in a high arch, and sweeps back around to strafe those that try to escape Grimlock and Conduit.
    <FS3> Ravage rolls Firearms: Good Success. (5 8 7 3 8 1 3 4 4 2)

Ugh, so many stairs. Blast Off surpresses the urge to transform and just FLY up to the top... which, come to think of it, he can't do now anyway. Hmm. Maybe he should program jet packs into his avatar next time. He pauses a moment as he hears gun shots go off, turning his head to listen. Welp, things are heating up for sure. As they get to the door, the Combaticon gives Ravage the space he desires, watching Mercy as she shields her face but not chossing to do the same. Instead, he simply takes the time to keep looking around for possible trouble.

    <FS3> Skystalker rolls Firearms: Good Success. (3 3 2 6 8 5 8)

A Suit squawks as Jumpstart comes down and lands, bumbling with his weapon while others step back and turn the muzzle of their own guns towards the birds. They're about to open fire when several shouts and cries. Cries from a sudden electrical boom that lets loose and appearance of the purple-lighted menace. And shouts because Grimlock was just spotted. There's a moment of pause, all staring at... The robot devil. Maroon, the reptilian Suit, drops his gun and just walks away. He's had enough of this, he quits. The others, however, come to their senses and start firing as they scramble to avoid fire as well- mostly Skystalker fire. The one manning the AA gun begins to reconfigure the setting to re-fire at Skystalker once more. Shoot down the menace.

Ravage has fantastic aim and gets the lock with the laser, burning through it easy. From there, the door is easy to swing open. On the roof sits Malice. Her form is tense and stiff but her optics are online. A low growl rumbles in her chassis but she is otherwise still. It might have to do with the thing on her back.

    <FS3> Jumpstart rolls Reaction+reaction: Good Success. (1 7 7 5 6 2)
    <FS3> Conduit rolls Reaction+Reaction: Success. (5 7 6 3)

Grimlock gives a satisfied grunt as Maroon gets to his senses. As for the rest, well ...

A few blasts *ping!* off of Grimlock's thick armor- and then, well, it's his turn! The dinocommander wades into the fray, snapping off scatter-blasts with his double-barreled gun. The phrase 'turkey shoot' comes to mind. Still, as he sees the AA gun start moving on its swivel, he snarls.


    <FS3> Grimlock rolls Firearms: Good Success. (5 4 7 5 8 2 2 8)

Jumpstart doesn't linger for long. With Grimlock and Conduit here there's really nothing she can add to the fight so she leaps up and away, spreading her wings again and taking flight against the night sky. << "I'm heading to the next in case they all start firing. You guys have this one." >> Jumpstart flies off low, trying to remain generally below the profile of the buildings so as to remain below any AA fire, to the extent they could see her coming.

    <FS3> Ravage rolls Observation: Good Success. (4 8 2 8 4 7 2 5 2)

Cautiously, Brainstorm peeks out from behind his shelter. This might be a good time to make a break for it, if the others have the guards distracted. He doesn't. The guns themselves draw his attention, even as Grimlock's voice comes through the comm. No, it's not fear that crosses his face, but thoughtfulness "<< Hey, I know some of you guys are all about the smashy stuff, but have you considered using their own guns against them? >>"

Though Skystalker is so often willing to play the pacifist-- let people live with their mistakes-- he will defend himself. They shot at him first. Some of them may be indebted to Valeen, but there is little he can do about that. He will think on it later, when he's not being fired on. He whips around when the cannon tries to find his path, curving and diving through the air and subconsciously searching for the muzzles of the other ones. There were a few. Please don't let them turn this way. Surely there are teams mobilizing to them... for now he just has to keep this one turning after him. He's fast.

Conduit fully expected return fire after he hopped onto the roof, and wasn't disappointed as he rolls out of the way ... and towards their goal, the gun emplacement. He's about to figure out whether to shoot Suits or work on the gun when it becomes apparent that Grimlock should handle the former goal easily. So, Conduit dashes over to the gun, and Brainstorm's suggestion feeds a similar idea that had spawned in his mind. He points his blaster rifle point blank at the gunner. "I have new targets for you. Fire on them and I might convince the beast behind me to let you go with your limbs intact."

    <FS3> Skystalker rolls Transportation: Good Success. (1 4 4 4 2 7 5 4 6 3 4 4 8 5 3)

It's not a killing shot to the head but certainly Blast Off could still appreciate the precision Ravage disables the lock with. After that it's one nudge with his shoulder to push it open and step out. He opens his mouth to call to Malice, but then stops as something crosses his olfactory senses. That and he was expecting trouble.

Instead he drops down into a crouch, ears slicking back and fangs bared. "She's not alone," he hisses softly to those behind him. Optics narrowing as he scans for the source of that familiar smell. Then lifts his head a bit. "You really shouldn't smoke if you intend to lay an ambush."

    <FS3> Ravage rolls Reaction+reaction: Good Success. (4 2 2 8 7 8 3 3)

The moment the door is open, and Mercy spots Malice sitting out on the roof, the femme is out the door like a shot. Any thought of subtlety is gone from Mercy's mind - it is only Blast Off's comment that has her coming to a stop. Her head swivels around, trying to spot the danger that Boff already knows about; when he calls out, Mercy starts to move again. This time, though, she's trying to not be quite so obvious - let Ravage and Boff take the focus, she has a patient to get to!

    <FS3> Mercy rolls Reaction: Good Success. (5 7 8)

Indeed, Blast Off can admire such marksmechship on Ravage's part, and he gives a little nod of approval. As they step inside, he tenses at the sight of Malice... something seems wrong. When Ravage warns them about company, the Combaticon's hand flits down to just under his jacket, ready to pull his gun out. But... not quite yet. Dark eyes flick from side to side, searching. As Mercy rushes off, he frowns a bit... then steps forward. His sniper nature is to melt into the shadows, but right now, whatever this ambush entails, he hopes the focus comes to him. He doesn't speak- he's too busy preparing for trouble- and action.

    <FS3> Blast_Off rolls Reaction+reaction: Success. (4 7 5 4 5 6 3 1)

There's a lot of 'Oh shit' looks on the many various faces of the organics as Grimlock comes in. Its terrifying, yes, but still they push on. They have numbers. Eventually, they'll get this robot devil. One Suit brings out a rocket launcher and doesn't hesitate in launching one rocket right at the Dino.

They ignore Jumpstart completely, with fleeting thoughts of what an oddly terrifying but pretty bird. But Jumpstart should be able to find the flinting muzzle of another AA gun. It seems to be turning to fire at Skystalkers again.

The Suit at the controls stiffens as Conduit points that massive blaster at him. "I, uhhh..." There's plenty of Suits around and some have stopped to take aim at Conduit without firing. Yet. "Uh... What are the new targets?"

There's a crack, three of them in fact, as a whip lashes out. It misses Mercy, Blast Off, and Ravage, although that crack might be deafening for those with sensitive audios. "You can thank Malice here for the bad habit," the Viscount murmurs, stepping out from where she had been standing behind one of Malice's large wings. Compared to the three here, she's larger. They're more mini-sized and she's more a mini and a half- a Rung. She blows out a smoke ring, her eyes narrowing onto Ravage. "Breaking my locks again, I see. What a talented cat- I've always wanted a cat." Malice still doesn't move and it seems Ravage and Blast Off have most of the Viscount's attention.

    <FS3> Mercy rolls Stealth: Success. (7 4 4 4 4 5)

Jumpstart darts upwards as she nears the building. She isn't certain where the gun is aimed but while there are no Cybertronians on deck to contest it she knows it can't be aimed anywhere good. As such, she has one target. Her silver wings flash in the moonlight (calling to mind her old name) as she rises above the edge of the building. Jumpstart's talons flash for the gunner, trying to prevent him from pulling the trigger or at least distract him such that he will miss his shot.

Grimlock takes a rocket! *KABLOOM!*

Grimlock is briefly enveloped in flame and smoke. But ... he keeps standing. "Hnn. Felt that." Grimlock mutters. And then ... it's time to transform! 'cause now you've made him MAD. He stomps forward, shifting to his bestial form with practiced ease. He builds up speed as he charges straight into the throng of shooters, lashing out with claw, tooth, and flame!

Silver lining, Grimlock finds himself so occupied with dispensing mayhem that he doesn't have the time to yell orders at anybody. Besides, his mouth's full anyway.


    <FS3> Grimlock rolls Unarmed: Good Success. (5 5 6 1 2 4 7 2 1 3 1 5 7 3 7)
    <FS3> Mercy rolls Medicine: Great Success. (4 5 6 8 6 2 4 5 6 7 7 7 5)

Despite the sharp sound of the whip Ravage doesn't jump. He's lived through war and all the ruckus that goes with it, sudden sounds is hardly a bother. Hell, he doesn't even jump from the whip insomuch as step aside as it snaps past him, still in his professional composure. "I fail to be surprised by your presence or your being a poor loser." Though at the last remark he smirks just enough for his metal fangs to show. "Won't be the only thing broken if you aren't careful." Ravage stalks to the side a bit in that circling manner predators, not turning his gaze away from Valeen. "You've been quite busy with your position, haven't you now? Using debts to force others into slavery was just the tip of a very big pile of dirty laundry."

Was he taunting her? To a degree. It's a calculated effort. Ravage wants her attention on him. Not only because he's the one here in a fully combat capable form still, but to give Mercy an opening to do what she needs to do for Malice.

    <FS3> Ravage rolls Deception: Good Success. (4 6 8 3 6 1 4 6 2 7)

Mercy moves carefully now, the close call with the whip having woken her up to the dangers; she tries not to draw attention. She is moving in a path that will take her around behind Malice, hopefully out of the view of the Viscount, to confirm. <<We need a doctor to remove this neural inhibitor,>> Mercy's voice comes over the communication channel to her partners in anti-crime. She looks closely at the inhibitor, shifting from right foot to left. <<And they need to hurry...not sure what else our 'host' has hidden up her evil sleeve.>>

Conduit took the time to download the positions of the other guns while he posed his threat, assuming it would work. And it did! But he looks around and notices that he is vulnerable, as several Suits are taking aim at him ... but not firing. Perhaps this one he has in his sights is important. It's an appropriate time to bluff.

Conduit extends his looking around, trying to make it appear as if he is merely locating the other gun emplacements. He does see Jumpstart attending to one, so the other it is. He returns his attention to the gunner. "The other guns you've had trained on our ship, of course." His voice is low and smooth, but dripping with threat. "The one to the northwest shall be first. 3.75 kilometers is the range. I suggest you hurry." He glances back at Grimlock, now truly a beast. "My associate has begun feasting."

Skystalker remains in the air, soaring in the fresh heat of cannonfire still dissipating in the moonbase's cycled atmosphere. Grimlock shifts into his alt mode-- a monster of a mech that Skystalker takes half a moment to appreciate-- and that gives Skystalker time to turn around and skim the ground level for the other aircraft guns. His sleek shape is visible to anyone looking up, a rippling silhouette lit only from below, by the casino lights, and the reflection of moonlight on the surface. Once he can find another one of those AA gunners, his own cannon unfolds and fires alive with a growing shriek of engines and plasma charge.

Frag. As the whip cracks out, Blast Off almost gets hit with it (just the sort of reason he usually prefers to keep to the shadows, after all), but fortunately he's also quite nimble and light on his feet. It comes in handy right now and the Combaticon is able to lunge away to the side. Taking several wide and oh-so-snazzy-shoed steps, he comes to a halt to look at the Viscount who has finally made herself known. Again, he finds it a bit odd to look *up*... it's so disconcerting when you're used to looking *down* on people.

Blast Off stands there, sizing her up, mouth pursing to the side... but still his gun remains drawn. Hidden (ish). He turns a bit so the bulge is less evident. If she thinks he's an unarmed human it could give him an advantage, so unless somebody pulls a gun on him he'll keep it under wraps for now. He's confident in his skill as a quickdraw. "You speak a lot about keeping your word for someone who doesn't actually do it," he comments, thinking back to the previous night.

The sniper lets Ravage (hopefully) draw the majority of the Viscount's focus, but like the cat, he wants to keep her attention away from Mercy. So he steps once to the side, looking as if he's milling about, not being as directly in-your-face as Ravage but providing that same sense of action just waiting to happen. Pay attention to us, not that femme behind the curtain. He radios to Mercy, "<< Unless you want to call Brainstorm in on this, you're going to have to do this yourself. Surely you can do something to suffice until we get back to the ship? >>"

    <FS3> Skystalker rolls Firearms: Great Success. (7 2 8 8 5 4 8)

There's this flicker of hope. Did they kill the devil? Nope, he just comes back, smoking and a little on fire. And then breathing fire. Some run for their lives but most? Most are swept in the Juraissac carnage. There's another rocket launcher fired and a lot of fearful cries as efforts shift to just take down the Dinobot.

Jumpstart does a good job of taking down a Suit and scaring others, effectively keeping them from shooting Skystalker out of the sky. The distraction from giant- pretty- bird does well because in comes some plasma charges that decimate one of the AA guns at the location and a few Suits. The remaining Suits scramble to shoot at Jumpstarts and aim the one, piddly AA gun back at Sky and fire.

The Suit sees Grimlock. The Suit would like to run away now. He turns to do as asked when one of the Suits aiming at Conduit speaks up. "Or maybe we should just shoot you and then use this to kill that thing!" AA guns are effective on dinosaurs, pretty sure... Decently sure. Grimlock is a bit of a juggernaut.

The Viscount blows smoke out her nose, a hoof stomping the floor. "Maybe, but that's the glory 'bout dealin' outside the Galactice Council. I don't gotta clean any of that laundry." She growls a bit. "I didn't go back on my word. Malice and Corkscrew, now debt free? The rest of ya? I'm afraid you owe a lot to the galaxy. I'm just going to cash in on the opportunity, hon." She smiles, and then moves with surprising quickness, the whip cracking once more. On a side note, Malice probably doesn't care if its a nurse helping her. She'd like and appreciate being able to move again, afterall.

    <FS3> Mercy rolls Medicine: Good Success. (4 7 3 3 4 2 2 6 8 6 6 4 4)
    <FS3> Grimlock rolls Fortitude: Great Success. (2 1 1 5 7 4 3 8 5 7 1 7 2)
    <FS3> Ravage rolls Reaction+reaction: Good Success. (8 5 5 2 4 8 5 5)
    <FS3> Blast_Off rolls Reaction+reaction: Failure. (3 4 6 2 2 6 6 6)

Grimlock slaps that second rocket out of the air with a flick of his tail, sending it spiraling off to explode in some (hopefully evacuated) alleyway. Grimlock huffs out another burst of flame, and then looks over at the AA gun. The AA gun which hasn't been properly disabled or commandeered yet. Hnf.

"Want something done, do it yourself."

And Grimlock turns his lumbering bulk at the turret, and then starts building up speed (well 'momentum' may be the better term) as he lopes across the clearing-- and then, Grimlock *LEAPS!* into the air-- at the gun emplacement! There's a good amount of smashing and snarling and burninating-- at the suits, at the gun itself, and ... well, if Conduit's not quick enough ...

(It's okay. He's a Decepticon).

    <FS3> Grimlock rolls Unarmed: Success. (5 4 7 6 4 6 3 1 5 5 5 6 5 2 4)
    <FS3> Jumpstart rolls Reaction+reaction: Success. (3 2 4 8 3 3)
    <FS3> Skystalker rolls Transportation: Great Success. (6 1 7 8 2 5 3 8 6 8 3 5 4 4 2)

Blast Off blinks in mild surprise at Mercy's response. He mulls it over a brief moment before replying, ""<< Allowed, not allowed, who cares? You're here on a mission- to help this person, right? So /do/ it. Better to ask forgiveness than be denied permission.>>" There's a pause. "<<Or something like that. Anyway, regardless of what happens, you have to do what's right for you. Don't bow to authority if it's wrong. It's not like I'm going to tattle to anyone, anyway. Nor is Ravage. >>" Except to Soundwave of course. And maybe they can have a little chat with Malice later, if it comes to that.

The Combaticon's eyes narrow at the Viscount. "If you have such a poor opinion of Cybertronians, why do you risk encurring their wrath, then? If you know their reputation you know they are not to be messed with." As a Combaticon, he's sure just his team alone has made QUITE a reputation across the galaxy. He takes another step forward. "You should-" He doesn't get to finish the sentence for that's when that whip cracks at him again. Blast Off again attempts to leap out of the way, but hasn't quite gotten this whole *human body* thing figured out- he doesn't get out of the way this time. "Gahhh!"

Still clinging to his wall, Brainstorm watches the fight for the guns. Well, there goes one...and another. Smashy it is then, huh? "<< If you guys leave me one, I can probably reprogram it to target the main buildings or the port, and transfer control to the Lost Light. Or just set it to shoot if we're destroyed. Or both. You know, in case they pull something else out while we're taking off. >>"

Mercy tilts her head up....way up...and then she stiffens her spine and reaches up to begin to climb. Yup, Malice now has the honour of being able to call herself a jungle gym! She may get a Knock Out sized punishment for this but this needs to be done, and now. The cry from Blast Off has Mercy pausing; <<You okay, Blast Off?>> she wonders even as she hurries further up.

Reaching the inhibitor, Mercy peers closing at it, following this wire, tracing the path of that wire, being sure this bolt does what she thinks...and yes! Nimble fingers (Hey, human fingers are good for something!) begin to work. Ask for forgiveness later!

Conduit isn't really one for taking shots, but he's willing to push his luck a little further in the hopes it won't happen. He leans in to speak to the gunner, but his voice remains loud enough for the others to hear it. "Sounds like your friends are making me run out of time. Fire now or I'll have to shoot you, then shoot them, then take over the gun myself."

Conduit's attempt at breaking the impasse is moot, however, as the detente is interrupted by a cannonballing robotic dinosaur. The Decepticon curses under his breath and tries to dash away, firing at the Suits as he does. There's at least one more gun out there still active, and his plan to take it out is very nearly ruined.

Jumpstart evades the few shows that have come her way, deftly turning this way and that before getting some altitude. She weaves this way and that, avoiding the shots as they come in. It's close, a few almost singe her wings. Seeing that this is the last gun and it is imperative to keep the organics from using it, Jumpstart descends, transforming on the way down and landing with wings spread in front of her. The fold back, propelling her forward from a crouch. The avian lunges, sword in hand, to try and disarm the first suit she comes across. Nothing fatal, though. That Autobot crest means something.

Just because his focus is on Valeen doesn't mean Ravage is not paying heed of the others. If anything, he's got a moment while she's rambling. Blast Off has giving Mercy some motivational pep talk covered. Unfortunately the split in attention leaves even the sharp sniper open to the Viscount's retaliation.

"<< What's more important, Mercy; a demotion or helping someone in need? >>" It's all the words he has the time to spare to try and nudge her in the right direction.

Valeen is quick to turn on him next with the whip, but Ravage is quicker, bolting from his spot as soon as she's moving. As the whip lashes at him the jaguar compacts briefly and then leaps, feline reflexes launching him over the whip. And true to his form into an attempt to pounce on the slightly taller alien.

    <FS3> Ravage rolls Unarmed: Success. (3 2 5 2 5 8)

Skystalker hasn't felt as aerially pumped in a long time-- maybe it's the danger factor. "<< There's still one-- >>" Sky cuts out as he spins and does a barrel roll out of the way of the last gun's fire. "<< Over here, Brainstorm. Jumpstart's on the organics. Get your aft in the air! >>" Come and get it?

Skystalker wheels about, scanning the cityscape and pinging the comms of Ravage's team on the roof. Zooming in on where he left them gets him quite the eyeful and mild panic-- "<< Can you take her? >>"

Grimlock's cannonball does some damage and its enough to disable the cannons. If anything though, most of the damage is relegated to the Suits. The gunner Conduit spoke to was fried before he got a chance to answer anything the Decepticon said. Any remaining Suits around this AA gun finally come to their senses and run for their lives from the dinobot devil.

Jumpstart disarms the organic alright. There goes its arm right now. It's got three others, it'll be fine. He does pass out though. But that seemed to be the Gunner, and seeing how most other Suits aren't sure how to work it, they don't try and get it up and shooting again. Mostly, they just try shoot at Jumpstart, possibly ruffling some feathers, their attention away from the guns.

The Viscount's whip slashes across Blast Off's hardlight front, a possible simulated gash running diagnol along his face. Valeen doens't revel in one victory as Ravage lunges for her. Her teeth grit around the cigarette holder and she releases the whip, going down witht he weight of the jaguar on her. But she's quick, using her guantlet arm to protect the vital throat area. She snarls, hat being knocked away as she curls her feet beneath Ravage and kicks with her hooves to kick the cat away.

Meanwhile, Malice's fingers twitch and her posture starts to relax. A quiet vent puffs out. "Keep... Doing, hrn... That..." she breathes quietly, optics sparking and beginning to brighten. Whatever Mercy was doing, it was working.

"<< I'd prefer if they were gone completely >>" Brainstorm calls back, still hesitating to do anything more than peek from behind his wall "<< I don't like being disturbed while I work. >>" especially by guns being pointed at him. That's especially disruptful.

    <FS3> Jumpstart rolls Reaction+reaction: Success. (5 6 3 7 3 3)
    <FS3> Mercy rolls Medicine: Failure. (1 1 5 3 3 6 5 3 5 1 6 3 3)

Grimlock grrrhs! He neatly shears through the anti air cannon's barrel with a *CHOMP!* ... and then he turns his terrible toothed gaze onto Conduit. Those blue optics narrow as they note the Decepticon's purple coloring ... but then, Grimlock takes a step back, finally transforming with a shudder back to his slightly-less-murderous robot mode. And then ... hey, radio chatter!

Slowly, Grimlock turns on a booted heel and starts stomping towards the last gun.

" <<Brainstorm, you worthless coward.>> " Grimlock growls. " << Stop hiding, and do your damn job. If I make it to that battery before you do, I'm gonna cut off your legs and paint you orange so you won't be able to hide from ANYBODY. >> "

Mercy spends 1 luck points on Gotta get Malice moving!.

    <FS3> Mercy rolls Medicine: Good Success. (7 1 1 4 7 5 5 2 6 3 5 8 2)

Well. That's encouraging. "You got it," Mercy murmurs, the movement of her fingers growing more certain with the words from Malice, and the point from Ravage driving home. Knock Out be damned. DAMNED. Ahem.

Disconnecting this wire, re routing the black wire. That box is coming off Malice if Mercy has anything to say about it. And it seems the nurse has alot to say.

Jumpstart rarely gets a chance to show off her footwork in these circumstances, so, on the stage of combat, the avian puts on a show. Even with a sword in her hand it's hard to tell when Jumpstart is fighting and when she's dancing, each footstep precise and calculated. It's still a symphony of near misses, but Jumpstart's twists and turns in the face of oncoming fire allow her to get closer and slash at her opponents, aiming more at their weapons than their persons. Still not trying to kill, here. She keeps her back to the cannon's controls. The Suits have to get through the bird to use it. << "Someone tell me Ravage is hurting the Viscount. I want it to be him." >> Jumpstart remarks via radio to no one in particular while sizing up her next attack.

    <FS3> Opposed Roll -- Grimlock=Command Vs Brainstorm=Cowardice
    <	Grimlock: Good Success (6 3 1 7 6 7 7 6 5)          Brainstorm: Good Success (3 3 2 4 8 4 8 3)
    <		Net Result: Grimlock wins - Marginal Victory
    <FS3> Opposed Roll -- Ravage=Unarmed VS Viscount=6
    <	Ravage: Good Success (6 4 1 2 8 7)          Viscount: Good Success (8 3 2 6 8 8)
    <		Net Result: Viscount wins - Marginal Victory

Slightly singed by Grimlock's assault on the battery, Conduit once again rolls away from danger. He recovers to see the Suits scattering, and the gun disabled. Well, at least there's that, and he lets out a huff as he brushes his armor off. Then Grimlock approaches him, and despite his ominousness Conduit is about to berate him - coolly - for ruining his (and Brainstorm's) plan, but the Dinobot simply departs.

All the better. Without a word, Conduit simply walks back to the edge of the building and leaps down to street level. He's back in his alt mode and driving for the other gun.

Blast Off gets smacked across the face with a whip, knocking his avatar back. Given that this is a holo it doesn't hurt as much as it would otherwise, but he still feels the simulated burn and sharp taste of pain. Hissing, he catches himself from stumbling. He wipes a trickle of blood from his cheek, mouth a thin line accented with one corner pulled back into a grimace. " << I am functional, Mercy. Only an avatar. Just keep focus. >> "

As for the Viscount, Blast Off returns his focus to her-grappling with the cat right now. He decides to bring his pistol out and points it towards her now. "Give it up, Viscount." There's a radio message popping through the channels all of a sudden and the Combaticon replies to Jumpstart with " << Well actually yes, at the moment. >>"

Grimlock's words seem to have some effect on Brainstorm. With the fight going as it is, it's pretty clear who's the biggest threat on the field, and he wouldn't put it past the dinobot to mae good on his threat. "<< Alright alright! >>" he pokes out a bit further, looking around to makke sure the coast is clear "<< But first of all, I'm not a 'worthless coward'. I'm the ship's genius, and the guy who keeps you numskulls alive by making sure you have something to shoot with. Second, my job is to make weapons, hence weapons engineer! >>" nonetheless, once he's sure that the others have the enemy distracted, Brainstorm finallly takes to the air, darting up, towards the last gun.

The Viscount has the right idea, covering her neck. Even if Ravage was more likely to try and slit her throat with his claws than disgust himself in -biting- her. But he's right on top of her, looking her right in the face with a low, ominous rumble. At least until she puts those hooves to use, and one square to the midsection is enough to dislodge the jaguar from her person.

Cats always land on their feet though, and Ravage is no different in twisting midair to do so... Though the landing isn't quite as graceful as he would of liked due to the nice big dent in his underbody now, a back leg splaying out more than intended and his tail lashing a moment to keep his balance stable. "You want to collect on a 'debt' that others much more threatening than you have tried and failed to." It continues to flick even as he resumes his crouched stance, gaze refocusing on the Viscount. "You're a gambler. Yet clearly you never learned to quit while you're ahead."

Beggars can't be choosers! What good is a weapons expert afraid to get his servos dirty? Skystalker's frustration at Brainstorm ekes out in a lively way in his head, and he catches sight of Jumpstart down below having a pointy tango with the various aliens. Thatta bird. For now he turns back around, skimming the sight on the roof before sweeping in to pepper the ground near anyone that might be wanting to get too close to his crewmates.

One fun totalled, another barely online, and the last fully functional and without a Gunner to man it. Jumpstart is doing a fabulous job at missing bullet and distracting the Suits fully from their one last fully operational AA cannons. Way to sparkle and dance, birb. But one never knows when she might need back up to come and thrash and burn more Suits.

Malice breathes a small gasp. The device doesn't come off, it might take a surgery or two to fully remove the invasive device, but the connections that affect her neural net are severed and re-routed, slowly nullifying its effects. She rolls her shoulders, flexing her servos and quietly shifting her wings. She doesn't sound like she's struggling to move anymore. "Thank you... You can get off now."

The Viscount gets back to her hooves, glaring at the gun in Blast Off's hands. In one movement, she throws her shoulder cape back, lifting up the hidden arm cannon beneath. It looks... A lot more lethal than Blast Off's gun, if not extremely painful looking in how it was attached. "Perhaps I can't have that ship or keep you all here. But I can bet I can at least keep one of you." The gun begins to light up, aimed at Ravage. "Even if it is just the parts," she hisses just before a massive servo engulfs her upper body, that arm cannon going off in surprise, as Malice grabs her head.

Grimlock gives a grunt of satisfaction as he sees Brainstorm taking to the sky. He'd never have to growl at -Wheeljack- to get out in the thick of things. He glances down after Conduit as the 'con speeds by, shrugs, and then continues his plodding pace across the battlefield. By the look of it, most of the fun stuff's been dealt with already.

    <FS3> Jumpstart rolls Reaction+reaction: Good Success. (3 6 2 7 8 6)
    <FS3> Blast_Off rolls Reaction+reaction: Good Success. (3 8 2 7 7 6 3 6)
    <FS3> Ravage rolls Reaction+reaction: Success. (6 1 5 3 8 1 6 1)

Mercy doesn't argue - holoform or not, she doesn't really relish the idea of being squished (unintentionally or not). Scrambling off Malice as quickly as possible, Mercy hurries around to the front where the excitement is happening - and she simply gapes at the large hand clamped over the Viscount. "Careful!" Who she's speaking to, precisely, isn't clear.

Blast Off stands, waiting for the opportune moment to strike, and as Ravage is seperated from the Viscount's immediate proximity, this appears to be it. As she produces a weapon the Combaticon leaps back with a huff. "You don't get to *own* any of us... OR our parts." The sniper takes aim and fires off a shot- aiming to shoot the cannon on her arm, maybe knock it off entirely, while trying to avoid Malice.

    <FS3> Blast_Off rolls Firearms: Good Success. (1 1 8 1 3 4 4 3 1 3 6 3 8 4 8 5)

It's a short drive for Conduit to the damaged gun, his running lights a streak of purple against the city streets. This one isn't as high up, so he vaults up out of alt mode and leaps to it, blaster firing at Suits, but assiduously avoiding further damage to the gun. << Brainstorm, I am neutralizing opposition at my location, but saving their weapon for ... investigation. >> Taking a hint from Grimlock, despite the Dinobot's reckless demeanor, Conduit flares his lights and lets loose some bass tones from his sound systems for effect. It feels foolish but could be effective.

    <FS3> Conduit rolls Firearms: Success. (1 7 1 1 3 5 1)

The Viscount gets back on her feet, and tosses aside her little cloak to reveal the massive weapon composing the arm hidden beneath it. It being a weapon was expected, but the sheer size of it is a bit of a surprise. "... Huh. And I thought it was only the males who were into such 'compensating'." Ravage is at least on a roll with the zingers tonight.

Even as the massive weapon is raised towards him Ravage stands his ground, unflinching. Partially because from his vantage point he can see behind the Viscount, see Blast Off readying his weapon. And more importantly, the twitch of the big femme's wings. A soft snort escapes the feline.

"I don't think so. You're the one that went tempting fate, trying to control others. So I guess there's only one lesson left to be learned..." Ravage is moving as soon as he sees Malice do so, bolting away from the gun's line of fire as the massive hand reaches for Valeen's head.

"Fate may be fickle... But Karma is the bitch."

"<< I'll save it for later if I get the chance. >>" is Brainstoem's response to Conduit. He himself dives dow towards the last, whole gun. Jumpstart seems to have things under control there, but the engineer can't help but throw her oppenents a nervous glance. Grimlock, however, gets an even more uncomfortable look. Ok, to buisness then, before the dinobot updates his threat. Brainstorm steps up to the gun control pannel, hand hovering over it as he studies it "Let's see what we have here..."

Skystalker circles the sky, reflections of lights on his underside as he makes a course around the technical battlefield; The Lost Light there, the guns, the others, the suits-- and Malice and Ravage's team. The latter draws his attention more fully when he spies Malice shifting, and reaching, a cannon firing. For a moment he forgets what he's doing; the reason they stayed-- started this-- it's working. Now he just has to make sure that backup can't reach the roof.

Grimlock 's long strides take him in a casual amble over towards the gun where Brainstorm works, and Jumpstart fights. The dinocommander idly draws his energo-sword with an audible *SCHING!* as he stomps up behind the suits-- playing nice, it'd seem, giving the lot of them the opportunity to retreat.

"The lot of you can barely fight -HER-" Grimlock rumbles, even as he tilts his head from one side to the other, little joints in his neck squeaking slightly. He must've gotten some shrapnel in there. "Do you really think you have a chance against me? Run."

    <FS3> Grimlock rolls Intimidation: Good Success. (5 4 4 2 7 3 6 4 7)

"He's not wrong, you know." Jumpstart adds to Grimlock's intimidation. No pride of swordsmanship here.

    <FS3> Brainstorm rolls Hacking: Success. (1 1 3 4 1 1 8 4 5)

Conduit's performance earns more dead and distracted Suits. Same with Jumpstart. But it seems that Grimlock leaving the one AA cannon's location is enough to spurr the Suits to scatter and run for it. The fear of Grimlock deep and he will probably haunt their nightmares forever. Even the ones at Conduit's location get the message and finally leave as well, running away. Which leaves half a cannon for Conduit and the whole thing for Brainstorm. Go wild, genius.

Meanwhile, Blast Off's shot takes the cannon arm clean off, letting it skid across the roof. Any cries are muffled as the Viscount's one arm claws at Malice's servo. The massive jet stands there, her armor plate held loose and her systems humming like they haven't in a while. "I think we're all tired of her voice," her voice drips like hate-heated molasses, resonating deeply from her chassis. Her wings stretch, flaring out as her turbines begin to growl. She glaring at her fist, as if contemplating... Then she looks to Ravage. "Should I drop her or just squeeze?"

"Don't," Mercy encourages, frowning softly. "She's evil, don't want to be like her. Those are something she'd do." The soft-sparked femme can't help it, even evil arm-cannon-wielding over seers get mercy from Mercy. The medic steps forward, hands clutching in front of her chest, as she looks waaaaaaay up at Malice.

The sound of the sword being drawn behind him makes Brainstorm flinch, and glance over his shoulder. He does get back to work, but the nerves aren't really helping, piled on top of the fact that he's dealing with an alien system. But what kind of ship's genius would he be if he couldn't handle this? He'll need to transfer remote access to the ship, and block all other sources too, set it to autofire if it stops reciving the LL's signal...and finally "<< Any suggestions for a target? I was thinking the port, or the main casino. >>"

Blast Off smirks just a *tiny* bit at his work. Excellent shot as always, yes. It also appears as if Mercy followed his and Ravage's advice. He knew she could do it. "<< Well done. >>", he radios to her as he leaves Ravage to his squeeze/drop decision and strides over to pick up the arm cannon that skidded across the roof. What they do to the Viscount is not his concern and given her brutal treatment of the card dealer BJ, it would be just desserts if Malice DID just squeeze. Combaticons tend not to be known for being overly sentimental.

Conduit watches in mild surprise as the remaining Suits flee before him. Hm, perhaps the Dinobot has a good idea. He affixes the rifle magnetically to his back, and then begins to examine the badly-damaged gun. << Understood, Brainstorm. Position secured, investigating the gun myself. It's badly damaged but I'll see what can be done with it. >> Brainstorm isn't the only engineer on the ground here. Since the others have the last gun under control, there's no harm in seeing if he can double their gains.

Grimlock nods approvingly as the last of the Suits take up the better part of valor-- and then Grimlock stompastompastomps over towards Brainstorm, loooooooming over the mad scientist's shoulder to peer at the screen he's working on. "'bout time you started pulling your weight." He rumbles-- and then reaches out with one massive finger to point at what he thinks is the targeting menu. "Don't blow the spaceport, we might want to come back later." Yeah, right. "Shoot one of the casino billboards instead. Leave a message."

With the Suits scattering, Jumpstart simply straightens. No need to chase them or anything like that. She keeps her sword ready, though, in case more opponents appear. "No targets." She tells Grimlock and Brainstorm before she turns to face them. "Even shooting a billboard, you could end up killing civilians or organics that aren't part of this mess. And then we're the bad guys." Jumpstart notes. "If anything shoot one of the other AA guns and take them out. Though, I think we've left our message." She looks to the other part of the roof, where the Viscount is getting hers.

"<<The casino might be with her now-- but not for long. >>" Skystalker, still circling, advises Brainstorm while trying to keep the ground within his scope. His cannon folds away underneath of his frame, and his two smaller guns stay propped out as he hovers over Zarazee. "<< Can you keep remote control on it while we leave? >>" In case they try something very stupid.

    <FS3> Conduit rolls Repair: Good Success. (2 2 3 2 6 8 5 1 1 7)

There's a long, baited pause. Then Ravage actually sighs softly. "As much as I would enjoy seeing her splattered over the pavement below, Mercy does have a point...." Pause. And then that smug feline smirk comes back. "Not that I feel inclined to stop you from making her hurt some for what she's done to you." Sorry Mercy, you can't take -all- of the Decepticon out of him.

"Besides," Ravage adds as he turns to walk away. "There are more ways to hurt someone than physical. I doubt the Council will be pleased knowing how their lenience has been exploited... Or her connections finding out her true motives have been discovered..." With that thought he turns and glances towards Blast Off's avatar. "You think Swindle would like to buy a casino?"

Okay that last one was mostly a joke, but Ravage is quite prepared to make Valeen suffer losing what she's built up.

"<< I meant for the auto setting. >>" Brainstorm explains. Didn't he go over this earlier, when he first brought it up? "<< To disuade anyone from shooting us while we take off. You know, if we go bang, something important goes bang too. We'll have control of it back on the ship until we leave orbit anyways. >>" he looks up to give Skystalkwr a pointed look. What sort of rookie do you take him for?

Grimlock glances over at Jumpstart as she brings up an entirely valid (and Autobot-y) point. "Hnnn. Fine." He says-- and then looks down at Brainstorm. "Auto setting? If you can hack it, what's to stop them from doing the same?" This said, Grimlock turns to look at the gun itself, appraisingly. "Think we could just take the guns with us? Mount them to the outside of the Lost Light or something."

The AA guns are their's! Conduit does an exellent job with a half broken gun and Brainstorm's own genius allows him to manipulate the fully operational cannons. Thankfully, only Grimlock thinks they should shoot more. Dinobots, there's just never enough violence for them. And the Lost Light is officially safe to launch and get back to its mission to find the Knights of Cybertron. More guns for the journey never hurt though.

Malice looks absolutely unmoved by Mercy. The Autobot medic is living up to her name. Now Malice can live up to her's. "I'm nothing like her. And if she's going to be hurt, then I shall be the one to do so." Ravage isn't wrong, though. She wants Valeen to suffer too. Her turbines rumble. "I'm going to take a gamble ," she says in that thick, molasses voice before pulling the arm holding Valeen back. She throws the Viscount, who leaves nothing more than a smoking cigarette holder and that arm cannon behind. Wherever she lands, it won't be visible to any of them. "She might die, she might survive that. You never know with chance." Her wings flare and stretch out again. "Now... I understand you're giving me ride out of here?"

Mercy rounds on the feline, and it takes significant restraint not to wag her finger at Ravage. She can't take away all their fun and, honestly, even that much of an agreement was more than the Autobot expected. Her gaze falls back to Malice. Only to see her throw Valeen - Mercy's shoulder's slump and she sighs. Well...she can't say she's reallys surprised. "Yeah," she agrees.

"If you really want to, we could remote control the cannons and have them shoot each other." Jumpstart suggests. "Just...don't kill any civilians, ok?" She pats Grimlock's side and then walks to the edge of the building. "That went really well." The beastform notes to no one in particular. "And I only got a little organic blood on me. I wonder if this is how the Decepticons felt all the time."

"I can easily impliment a safeguard against that" Brainstorm points out. "We could take them, but they wouldn't do us any good here then. I'd need time to configure them to the ship." ro Jumpstart he adds "I wouldn't be killing anyone. Whoever shoots us would be."

Blast Off returns that glance to Ravage, eyebrow lifting, a mildly bemused expression on his face. He imagines Swindle's been having a blast while they've been visiting here- in fact he's amazed he didn't get called in to get Swindle out of hot water yet- or see Swindle win his way towards owning the whole Casino by now. "I imagine he would. He'd know *exactly* what to do with this place... maybe get us some more assets, too." And Blast Off would have an excuse to mingle here in the ritz and glamour and bling for just awhile longer. Yes, all probably a joke and not happening but hey, you never know.

And then he watches as the Viscount is thrown for a loop- or well, at least thrown. Welp, that's one way to take care of the problem. He nods to Malice. "Yes, all Cybertronians are free to go. We have a ship ready to go."

Ravage emits a soft growling snicker as Malice makes some gamble wordplay and chucks Valeen out of sight. "Or throwing her out like the trash she is. That works too." Well it's better than just outright smooshing her, isn't it? "Yes. Leaving is a fine idea. This much neon gets hard on the optics after a while." He'll decide later if he wants to pass off some of the dirt he has on Valeen, just to ensure she doesn't crawl back up to the power easily.

After the unpleasantness of combat - not that he is all that bad at it - Conduit is pleased to concentrate on the task of repairing the gun. His gun? Well, whoever's it is, it's working again, but he's sure to disable the manual controls in case they decide to leave it and a Suit sneaks back once he's gone. << The gun at my location is operational again. I've keyed the controls to the following frequency for remote control. I'll stand by for a while, then return to the ship. >> After sending the frequency information along, Conduit steps away and sits some distance from the gun. He settles himself into calmness, quietly surveying the skyline of Zarazee, taking in the present sights until he's back on the Light.

Grimlock hnfs at Brainstorm. "Hrrr. Fine. I don't really care." Grimlock rolls his neck, and then starts off for the Lost Light. "Fun part's over with anyway. Someone call me next time somebody needs breaking."

Skystalker is in the air overhead, tugged between eavesdropping and onlooking, as Malice takes her gamble and the others relay the news of proper freedom. Not only the Cybertronians, but now all of them, should they take the reins. He skims near the rooftop and hovers there, the heat washing off of him. All Mercy and Blast Off need to do is disengage their avatars. Ravage, on the other hand, not so much. "...Good to see you up, Malice. Can you still fly?" Skystalker's voice is one she knows from a lean little humanoid, all piss and vinegar over her sake-- but the question is softer spoken, knowing what Valeen has done with Corky's cog.

Malice nods to Blast Off and Ravage... And Mercy too. She's that one that helped her get her full range of motion back. She turns on heavy steps to look at Skystalker. If she recognizes his voice, she doesn't comment. "Fly... Yes, I can. I just can't break atmosphere out of alt mode," she rumbles. "I'll see all of you on your ship then." She almost forgot, she can fly again, now. Her turbines roar, thrusters roaring and shooting her into the air. She probably won't be back down for a while.

Blast Off watches Malice fly away (she's so big- they're all so big!)... and he's about ready to go back to normal now himself. "I think I'm done here as well, then." The Combaticon, dressed in his snazzy gangster attire and smart shoes, takes his fedora off and rubs the scar on his face. Giving a slight bow and tipping his hat with a fancy flourish, a smile plays along the corner of his lips- and then he too, is gone- avatar faded as the real Blast Off wakes up back on the Lost Light, home ahead of them all.

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