2016-08-18 Welcome Back Condy

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Welcome Back Condy
Date 2016/08/18
Location Lost Light - Command: Soundwave's Office
Participants Soundwave, Conduit
Summary Well the names haven't really changed since you hung around, but those dreams that remained, they've been turned around.

Soundwave has little patience for gambling. He doesn't gamble. Not in a casino and not in life. Plus, he does not enjoy using his holoform nor enjoy 'elbow-bumping' with organics. Thankfully, his cassettes have all of that covered and he need not worry. Still, he finds himself straining to listen for them, comming and pinging them at regular intervals. Never hurts to be sure.

Meanwhile, he's taken the opportunity to make it through his list. Not long after the Titan incident, he had a list arranged to help him get back on track. So far, he's completed 'Catching up on backlog' and 'Speak with Windblade'. Unfortunately, one of those was out of order... New things get added, the order shifts, but he's getting through it. And that makes him feel better. Not to mention, he's gotten a good reign on the voices. Currently at the top of his list is 'Meet with Conduit', whom he's already called for his office. He drawn in as much information on the Decepticon from his own archives along with info from old Decepticon databanks on secure networks- which he still maintains. He waits for the Decepticon, helm bowed a little. Just clearing his helm before the other's arrival.

Unlike Soundwave, Conduit is a gambler. His research in nanotech and in understanding the boundaries between life and death is full of uncertainty, and he's grown comfortable working in the in-between, trusting in his judgment. Yet, with a bustling casino just nearby, he's not felt up to trying his hand. Having just awoken from stasis that began before the war ended, he's been preoccupied with catching up and coming to terms with the new state of the world. Specifically, Autobots and Decepticons mixing. Thus, he's been eager for this meeting with the senior Decepticon commander, to help him find his place.

Conduit enters the office quietly, as usual, purple biolights pulsing calmly across his dark plating. He steps to a respectable distance from Soundwave, hands clasped behind his back. "Soundwave. Thank you for receiving me."

Soundwave can respect a mech who doesn't waste his time with a knock when he already has an appointment made. He can also appreciate a punctual individual. He lifts his helm, shoulders straightening into a hard edge and visor's gleam unreadable. He motions to a seat before his desk before folding his servo in his lap. "Your arrival to the Lost Light, unusual. Conduit, sole survivor on vessel. Query: What do you last recall before entering stasis?"

With a curt nod, Conduit takes the suggested seat. He's been thinking about this meeting since before it was scheduled: he hasn't always been on the best of terms with Decepticon command due to his practices in research and medicine, and he assumes that Soundwave will have a full indexed history at the ready. But, the first question is one he is quite comfortable answering. "We had acquired an artifact which we connected to the ship's power supply. After turning it on, it began to draw massive amounts of energy, and our failsafes were not functioning. It grew very bright, and I believe there was a power surge. Rollover and Knuckle were near the artifact, but I was on the bridge platform. It may have only been my distance from it that saved me." He is eager to find his former crew, both to see what happened to them and also for some sense of closure. He only knows that they are dead from hearsay.

Soundwave doesn't need to make notes as he records the entire conversations for later conversion into a report. If Minimus were here, though, he'd make hims write the answers. It was nice, having one to make notations as such. "Artifact, describe it and where it was obtained." Conduit did say 'acquired' and not found, certainly two different connotations. "And are you aware of its current whereabouts."

"In form it is similar to a generator, yet not so." Conduit struggles to describe it in terms more specific than "lots of tubes and boxes". "It lacks symmetry, but is clearly of advanced design. We acquired it at our last stopover, a space station known to have dealers in such ... arcane goods. As for where it is now, I can only assume it is still on my ship, currently in tow behind this one." Another task he's eager to accomplish is getting back into said ship - though not to leave again. He believes he's meant to have arrived here.

Soundwave nods quietly, frowning beneath his mask. Arcane? He's marking that on Conduit's docket. He processes this information, making note to have this power source retrieved and reviewed. Now, that's all he needs from Conduit. His helm tilts just slightly. "Do you have any questions for me?"

Conduit relaxes slightly in his chair. This wasn't going to be as uncomfortable as he was expecting, but then again, Soundwave was always among the more reasonable in command. "Several, in fact. But, I understand you are busy in your position here, so I will only ask the critical ones now. I have been getting answers from others on board for the rest." He holds up four fingers, but only counts off the first two. "Firstly, where are Knuckle and Rollover, and when ... may I regain access to my ship?" He belatedly realizes that he may be acting too forward, but then again, Soundwave asked him.

Those are not the questions he's expecting. But again, Soundwave finds that he respects them. "Mechs designated Knuckle and Rollover are on the ship. Medical Division were given their bodies, they will know their current whereabouts. Sweeps are being made of your ship, clearing it from any possible dangers. Once sweeps are complete, you may access your ship once more. Suggestion: Bring someone with you." Don't go alone in other words.

Just receiving solid information puts Conduit's mind further at ease. He's unsure why he shouldn't board his own ship on his own, but he knows better than to argue that point now. "Understood. Thank you. I feel the need to set things in order." He looks at his hand, two fingers representing unasked questions. He opts for just one. "I also feel that I should remain here on the ship. I am ... not sure of my place, here or out there, now that the war has ended. What I have learned and seen since waking leads me to believe that I can find that out here. So, I seek permission to join this mission."

Soundwave looks at those fingers just a moment before looking back to Conduit. "I will tell Rodimus of your desire to join. But anyone who wishes to join this mission is allowed. You must know that this is an Autobot ship and you must follow the Autobot Code. I will send you the transcript to your assigned habsuite." He will also be assigned a habsuite... Soundwave leans forward slightly. "But we are equal with the Autobots. Report any troubles you encounter to me and I will deal with them... What is your last question?"

Conduit feels comfortable enough to muse about the arrangement with the Autobots. "We are equal yet we must follow the Autobot Code. The more I come to learn about how this ship operates, the more intriguing it becomes. Oh, I do not anticipate any troubles dealing with the Autobots, but I shall do as you say." Ironically, Conduit probably underestimates the odds of having run-ins with Autobots. He hasn't even met Whirl yet.

The last question, then. Conduit thinks for a moment about how to phrase it. He leans in, as if to keep the talk between those with purple badges. "Well, I'm sure the answer would extend beyond our time here, but my last question is: What happened?" The sentiment loaded into the question should be apparent to Soundwave, the unspoken shades of: How did the Decepticons come to stop fighting? How did Decepticons come to work with Autobots like this? What of the principles behind the cause, now that the fighting has stopped? He's partly looking for merely getting filled in on what he missed, but also wondering what Soundwave himself thinks of all this.

Soundwave isn't a fan of the arrangement but it is the one they live with. And he will take it if it meant that they could continue the mission. Besides, he's careful to watch the Autobots. Its easy to slip back into old ways and oppress once more. He nods and sits back, thinking over the new question. It's a heavy one and thankfully he's a telepath so he knows what Conduit wants to know.

"We lost. Cybertron is alive once more and Starscream has been chosen to lead it. The Lost Light is charged with the mission to find the Knights of Cybertron. Megatron has disappeared, we search for him even now." Soundwave vents quietly. "Our original purpose on this vessel, to find our Commander. But things change... With the fighting ceased, we can see clearly. We are realigning our principles, and striving for them. For a new home, for peace, for equality... Autobots, no longer our enemies but we must remain wary, least we slip back into how things once more... Currently, we are rediscovering lost colonies and their... Their titans." His voice drops off, visor dimming. Yes, that is what happened.

Conduit is no telepath, but he can read into some of Soundwave's opinions despite his words being more declarative, explanatory. That Soundwave himself seems to have reservations helps Conduit feel that his own feelings are valid. It is a lot of information, and as he digests it he seizes on the middle. "Realigning our principles," he repeats. "It is, perhaps, overdue. I struck out on my own for similar reasons, to break from the standards, explore. This is unknown territory, but worth the exploration. The mission here dovetails with my own."

Conduit would ask more, but there are tasks before him: a habsuite to find, a job function to discover, and lots of catching up to do. He stands. "Thank you for the summary, and for your time. I am pleased to be back among my Decepticon brethren, especially at the dawn of this new phase of our existence. From the death of the war comes the birth of something else; what it is we have yet to understand. If you have need of me, please do not hesitate to call." He gives another curt nod and glides back to the doorway of the office to depart.

Soundwave nods his helm, not quite looking at Conduit again. "Conduit's return, also pleasing," he somewhat echoes. He stares at a spot in the distance before exventing harshly, turning to write up a report and send a message to Rodimus. Well, he's fairly certain Conduit won't be a problem. That's a relief at least.

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