2016-08-11 Tension and Gaming

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Tension and Gaming
Date 2016/08/11
Location Lost Light - Habsuites - Common Lounge
Participants Skystalker, Quicksight, Rung
Summary Skystalker enjoys a game as Quicksight makes Rung nervous.

The tangle of consoles in the common lounge has been freshly un-tangled, though of course it will be a matter of cycles until it is a mess again. Skystalker is the one responsible judging by the fact he's currently the mech using one of them on the videopane. He can't seem to decide on something to play, given that he starts a game, tests it out, and goes back again to look at more. Lots of things downloaded, and nothing to play! Isn't that what usually happens? Despite this, he seems relaxed; he's sitting back on one of the couch ends, one leg crossed over the other, one hand on his chin as he flips through the screen menus. What about this one? Oh, wow, that's a lot of blood on the screen very fast. "Eugh..."

Rung is absolutely bogged down with busy work at the moment. Patient files, notes, appointments, working out what to teach Watts next: all are weighing down on his mind. So when he steps into the common lounge, chewing nervously on the end of his stylus as he skims over a datapad the therapist is jolted back to reality by the sound coming from Skystalker's game. He blinks owlishly as he glances around, it's almost as if he can't remember why or how he came to get there. This leaves him hovering in the doorway as he tries to figure out where he had been going. It is safe to say Rung doesn't get overly stressed easily, but when he does it tends to hit him strange and hard.

Quicksight's no stranger to the common lounge. He pops in every now and then when he's off shift and there's nothing better to do. NOT be cause he likes video games! Totally not! He just uses them for training! Yeah, that's definitely it!

Of course, he has nothing against other people playing. People are allowed to have fun. Sure he might have liked the consoles to himself, but here it's first come, first serve. Plus, this time, any annoyance he might have felt in that regard is quickly negated once he realises who's claimed the gaming setup. Trotting up to the couch, the scout gives his friend a cheerful nod before glancing at the screen "Hey Skystalker! You playing something?

Skystalker is staring hard at a weapons HUD on the screen when he hears someone falter nearby, his optics ticking over his shoulder to find Rung there, puzzled over himself. Hm? Any errant thoughts or greetings are cut off when Quicksight comes zipping up beside his seat. Skystalker answers him with a crooked smile in return and a shrugging roll of his shoulders. "Kind of. I can't decide. Hello there, Rung." He tacks on a greeting for the therapist now that he's started speaking, offering the mech in the doorway a small smile as well.

Rung is very much out of it as he looks somewhat surprised when Skystalker addresses him. Once he fully snaps out of it, though, he offers a warm smile to the mech and makes his way over. "Hello Skystalker, Quicksight. How are you two toda- Oh goodness... that is... a lot of blood..." Rung's eyebrows knit together as he looks at the game Skystalker is examining. "I see you.. Are playing some video games."

Skystalker's greetings draws Quicksight's attention to Rung. It's certainly not welcoming attention, if the brief glare is anything to go by. Eugh. That guy. Quicksight hasn't forgotten his bullshit about Autobots 'never having fought for Functionalist ideals'. The fact that he can't avoid him due to a certain thieving liar's mandates doesn't help in the least.

The blood on the screen gets a rather more passive reaction, though Rung's reaction to it gets a brief smirk. The scout doesn't really spend much time looking at either, however, instead turning back to Skystalker "Why not?"

"Yes, it is." And it's red, so organic. Skystalker seems a little uncomfortable with it and goes into the menu searching for graphical options before he gives up completely and exits out of it. Back to the game list, then.

"I'm not sure what I'm in the mood for." Skystalker answers Quicksight, head tipping as he scrolls into some platformers. He picks a somewhat colorful one with a cute character on the menu graphic. "Have you ever played this one?"

Rung notes the very unfriendly look directed at him by Quicksight, knowing the Decepticon does not believe that the Autobots never truly supported Functionist ideals makes Rung question if he should stay or not. For now he decides to sit nearby and quietly continue to work on his datapad, he doesn't wish to disturb Pipes if his roommate is in. A glance at the screen has a confused look blooming on the orange mech's face. It's... a rather strange looking character..

The origin of the blood might be a bit gross, but it's not like Quicksight hasn't seen it before. It's kinda like fuel, right? Except it's a lot easier to make organics leak. They're so squishy! He doesn't make any protest when Skystalker decides to look for somethng else, watching as the older mech flips though the options. The game he does stop at earns little more than a questioning look. "Nope. Looks weird."

Skystalker looks after Rung sitting down in the Lounge, offering him another smile between any looks he might be getting from Quicksight. After a moment of letting the screen start play, Skystalker edges over a little to make some room beside him more evident. Maybe this is a good time to get to see how Skystalker and his little buddy get along?

"I thought it was cute." Skystalker starts a new game, and the tutorial begins. The sidescroller is pixelly, and the cute avatar hops around and shoots little energy balls, and wields weapons it finds on the ground. It hits some of the enemies and they poof off of the screen as it scrolls. "See? It is!" Bloodless even.

Rung might not go as far as to say it is cute, he doesn't quite understand the stylistic choice the game designers decided to take but he can see how it has some appeal. The colors are bright and the gameplay itself seems fairly responsive. He will also admit some of the enemies are amusing in their design. He watches as Skystalker plays, leaning forwards on his knees to curiously watch, ".... I believe there was a interactable on that third platform to the left." Rung might not be good at playing games himself (or anywhere near understanding them) but he is pretty good at spotting objects in them.

"Looks primitive" Quicksight observes. He doesn't turn away, however, or suggest that Sky try something else. He doesn't attempt to take the spot on the couch besides the starfighter either. The later is only because he's already chosen another seat. Using the armrest as a booster, the scout scrambles up the couch, claiming a perch on the back, near his friend's shoulder, from where he continues to watch, doing his best to ignore Rung.

"Primitive is okay." Skystalker smiles, laughing a little when Quicksight makes himself the tallest person in the room over his shoulder. He goes back to fetch the bonus item that Rung points out. The character lights up and holds it above their head in a 'ta-da!'. As Skystalker plays, some puzzles come into play-- pushing, pulling, target shooting, timing hops-- it gets more challenging as it goes, and Sky gets more and more into it. He does well until he gets to a boss battle. And then he keeps dying to it! The big, piggish alien stomps him off the screen no matter what he tries. "Oh, come on."

Rung continues to watch as the game goes on, more interested in the puzzles than the actual fighting or platforming. It's surprising how complex some of them are for such a cutely styled game, which is probably what makes it so satisfying when they are completed. He watches in silence as Skystalker plays ... until the boss battle. Rung has no idea what to make of the pig like thing. Head tilting to the side and a slightly confused noise escaping from him, Rung tries to figure out exactly what it is supposed to be. From a different angle it sort of looks like a pinkish frog?

Quicksight doesn't really see the appeal. He personally prefers more active games, for the, ahem 'reflex training' aspect. But Skystalker seems to be enjoying himself, which is enough for Quicksight to sit quietly and watch. The repeated failure to subdue the boss, however, does earn some wincing from him "Huh.. Hang on! Maybe you can dodge that attack if you start climbing just before it hits!"

Skystalker turns into the boss battle again, Rung's further puzzling in the corner of his vision giving him a bit of a smile again. Weird, huh? The boss once again catches the character in its open mouth and spits them out. It's here that Quicksight offers some advice. "I'm not very tactical, am I? Hmn." The noise is just a wee bit frustrated, but Skystalker tries it Quicksight's way. He gets a little further this go, but mucks up on a jump and dies anyway. "Wait, wait, I had it! Okay," Skystalker unfolds his legs and plants his feet firmly before trying again. There we go! He's got it this time! The monster rumbles and flails as it gets poofed into dust.

Rung smiles slightly in amusement at how hard Skystalker is concentrating. Once he manages to beat the boss, the therapist gives a small applause. It was apparently a very difficult battle, so some clapping seems to be an appropriate response, "Excellent job Skystalker, and that was very observant of you Quicksight!"

This time, even Quicksight leans in towards the screen, hands grasping the couch back between his knees to keep himself from falling off. Come on, come one "Nghh!" so close! Come on, you got it this time... "Yes!" the scout beams down at his friend. Got it!

The moment of celebration is cut short by Rung's commentary. Quicksight fires the Autobot an annoyed look. No one asked you for your opinions! "Yeah, that's kinda my job." he grumbles "Did something like that to shake Autobots. Got one to drop a rock on himself that way once!" this time, his tone is boastful, and a bit sneering.

"Hah." Skystalker's triumphant little sound comes just before Rung's polite applause, and it grows into a small laugh for his response, and Quicksight's edge-of-seatedness. "Oh, what?" Skystalker isn't sure if he should laugh at 'got him to drop a rock on himself', so it wavers a little. The image in his head is... kind of funny, really. "Maybe the next one will be easier." Skystalker looks down to the controller in his fingers and away from the scout's moment of pride at Rung, pointedly making an effort to not let it get to him. Instead, he goes to the next world stage-- jungle level!-- and starts in on it. "This looks like Eukaris."

Rung falters a bit at Quicksight's comment, clearly a jab at him. Rung lets out a little sigh as he turns back to the screen, deciding not to comment on anything said. His attempts to get Quicksight to understand were for naught so there is really nothing Rung can do. Some mechs just don't want to try and see things from another's point of view, it just has to be accepted. He.. really cannot blame Quicksight either, even the therapist certainly would not have said he was in full support before Optimus Prime came to pass. So he just resigns himself to quietly watch Skystalker play his game.

As far as Quicksight's concerned, Rung's point of view is utterly wrong, and thus deserves no consideration. Technically, the same can be said for a lot of points of view that aren't Quicksight's, but he's very certain about Rung. The scout doesn't push it this time, however. When his jab recieves no reaction, he simply lets out a quiet huff, and turns back to the screen "Kinda looks like my first planet too."

Skystalker is probably aware of the passive tension between the other two mechs, but he declines to press either. Quicksight is like the cat that hates all of your houseguests. All of them. No exceptions!

"Ahh!" There's suddenly bad guys in the air on the game spewing fire. It's very startling! Skystalker panics, and the avatar flies dying off of the screen. "Scrap. That must be some kind of record."

Rung cringes slightly as Skystalker's character dies in record time. That... was somewhat painful to watch, it must have been even worse to be playing. A sympathetic look is sent to the mech as his character respawns, hopefully more prepared for what is to come.

At least the cat can get out of the house and make his own friends. One or two, but it's something! Right now though, the cat is perfectly happy to sit on a high-up perch and watch Skystalker play. He even gives advice! "I think you can just jump over the fire."

Skystalker sweats it out a little when it comes to the frustration. He tries to jump over the fire a couple of times before it works out. Now that he's getting the hang of it, the levels go much faster and he's even leaning forward to batter some of the bad guys and solve some of the more close-call puzzles. "No wonder you're always training on these things, Quicksight. I feel like I'mgetting a workout..." He's laughing even though he's getting punted off the screen by some kind of dragon.

Rung at some point drifted back to his datapad, scribbling notes and observations in the sides of his patient records so that he will remember them in the future. Occasionally he will glance up and send a supportive smile to Skystalker but it quickly disappears as he looks back down at the pad. Has Watts come across any non-full robot modes such as Tourniquet or Soundwave's cassettes as of yet? A note is scribbled down on another document to ask.

"Well it's good practice when I can't actually fly!" Quicksight fires off, almost defensivley. Yes! It's definitely only for practice, and not just because he finds it fun! Nothing wrong with watching and supporting a friend though!

Wait, how long has he been sitting here? The scout checks his internal chronometer, and nearly falls off his perch. "Aw, scrap! Scrap, sorry, I gotta go! My shift starts in a few minutes!" Jumping off the couch, he gives Skystalker a small wave as he rushes off towards the door. This was fun, but duty calls!

Skystalker lifts his chin and smiles at the defensiveness. He knows how to get Quicksight's goat, even if its harmless. The near fall off the perch has him chuckling, looking back after the minibot as he hops down and giving him a wave as he scampers off. "See you tonight!"

The gaming is a little quieter without the commentary, but Skystalker plays a bit longer regardless. Might be harder now. "I take it you two don't mesh?" He asides after one more death on the screen, attempting to strike up a little with Rung nearby.

Rung almost visibly relaxes as Quicksight leaves the room, a small sigh of relief escaping him. A glance is sent Skystalkers way as he removes his glasses, pulling out a rag from a compartment to polish them as he thinks. "You.... could say that. Without breaking his privacy I can say that he had a... disagreement with another crewmate and when I counseled them I came to the conclusion that the best way to keep another fight from breaking out would attempt to redirect some of their aggression.. Onto me." A probably stupid choice of split second thinking but it seems to have worked, at least for now. "I do not mind being a target of hostility if it means he will be less aggressive towards others." That much is true.

Hopefully Rung does not notice Skystalker's character get punted to its death when he removes his glasses to clean off the lenses. The starfighter is watching the other mech instead, hesitating just a little too long. "He has disagreements with nearly everyone... so you're playing a dangerous game." Skystalker's brows lift a little, but he wears an easy smile. Brave, foolish Rung.

"Well I am afraid safety, despite popular belief, has never been entirely in my job description." Rung sends a small but slightly sly smile towards Skystalker which fades after a moment as he replaces his glasses, "Have you tried finding an alternate path through this section of the game? It seems far too simple to merely fight through a horde of enemies."

"Interesting." Skystalker laughs under his words, looking back to the screen. "I'm supposedly fighting the monsters to take back my kingdom. I imagine the puzzles get more difficult with time? I guess I will find out eventually." He test jumps a few spaces before looking over to Rung again. "Is it really okay to make him be mad at you, instead?"

"I suppose it was not one of my most intelligent ideas." Rung glances up from his datapad again, "But a combination of rising tensions and refusals to see each others side of the argument began to make me fear for potential physical blows." Blast Off and Quicksight had already set the armory on fire in one of their former arguments, after all. "Your character is about to die."

Skystalker's browline arches at the warning, and he is quick to look back and avoid the falling rocks. He watches what he is doing while he thinks about what Rung says. "If it helps, he likes to talk, when he's not arguing about something. I've learned to let him realize things on his own rather than tell him to see something. He asks a lot of questions... so I ask questions back."

Rung gives Skystalker an appreciative smile, he knows that the mech is trying to help but in all likelihood Rung will see if Watts is comfortable overtaking Quicksight's treatment in any future incidents once he is properly trained. Having poor communication with a patient is doomed for failure and he might better respond to someone he has had no negative incidents far as Rung is aware of. "I will have to keep that in mind, thank you for the advice."

"It all might have something to do with my lack of badge, too." Skystalker adds, a bit self-deprecative as he plays through puzzles. "I don't have a buffer zone or a trouble magnet." He glances away to Rung and the image on his chassis. "Sorry if I sound like I'm trying to do your job for you. Most mechs don't bother with him if he gets under their gears, you know?" It's very clear that Skystalker cares for his friend, at least.

Rung can see that he cares as clear as day, in his experiences mechs like Quicksight don't always have many friends but those they do have are very close. "It's alright, Skystalker. I can understand someone wanting what is best for their friend and the advice you're offering is very much appreciated." In fact, Rung is writing it down so he won't forget to add it to the 'con's file. "A lot of mechs are still rather wary of each other due to their badges and it would be wrong of me to hold someone's imprinted hostilities against them... which is why I hope Watts can have far more of an impact than I am able to. As a neutral third party he might garner more trust from others than I can ever expect." Obviously Rung has high expectations and hopes for his colleague. "I am also glad to see that you and Quicksight get along so well."

"He's a good friend." Rung knows this, but Skystalker seems to be saying it more for himself. Something that he needs to hear himself say more. "Watts?" Third party? More of an impact? More trust? There are a few questions Skystalker could add into his thoughts, but for now he stalls.

Rung realizes that Skystalker must not know who Watts is yet, its hard to remember that most of the crew is probably still unaware of the Camien, "Oh apologies." Rung lowers his pad to straighten and look over at Skystalker, "Watts is one of the newer crew members and has joined the medical department as a therapist. He is officially my colleague whom I am training to better treat soldiers and those who are suffering the repercussions of war. He is not entirely well versed in the treatment of issues such a post traumatic stress disorder or trauma induced by combat or war related events." That might be a load of word soup but what can be translated would be: new therapist.

"Oh." Skystalker's optics light further and he's been distracted back and forth long enough that he dies on the game again, and pauses it this time. "I had no idea you were getting someone new in the department. That should be good for him-- and you, hm? Maybe get some downtime, for once." Skystalker's smile is a small one. He knows how hard Rung works. And for all of their sakes, no less.

A chuckle escapes Rung at the mention of downtime, "Heh, I am not even sure what I would end up doing with myself at sudden free time." He.. really is only half joking. But the mention of downtime also has him noticing what time it is, "But I am afraid that I should get back to work. I hope you are able to beat your game and that it has a satisfying conclusion."

"I'll work on it." Skystalker's smile lingers on his lips. "Maybe I'll meet your new mech soon. Don't let him get scared off before that." It's a faint teasing, but Skystalker truly hopes Watts sticks around. They need a second Rung, for sure. It says a lot about the crew, but also a lot about Rung. "Be seeing you."

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