2016-08-09 It's Raining Mecha

From Transformers: Lost and Found

It's Raining Mecha
Date 2016/08/09
Location Lost Light: Docks and Storage -- Shuttle Bay
Participants Beachcomber, Blackstorm, Ghoul, Inferno
Summary Hallelujah it's raining mecha, AMEN!

Blackstorm glances down at the drop warily, biting his lower lip in thought. One of the unfortunate side effects of his climbing habit, sometimes he gets himself into positions where it really difficult to get down. The steeply sloping sides of the Rodpod make for treacherous ground, and the pile of supplies he used to clamber up here in the first place was moved by one of the bay workers while his back strut is turned. He's been puzzling out how to get down for the last half hour or so.

Spotting movement near the perimeter of the shuttle, he sits back and pretends to look natural. He's not quite ready to admit he's stuck or needs help. Not yet at least. "Morning!" he calls down, assuming it is just one of the dock workers. Maybe the very one who moved his ladder.

Ghoul normally hangs out on the less frequently used, Rod Pod. He tinkers on top of it sometimes but not today. Today is sit in the captain's seat of the pod. He's just playing with one of his completed figures of a mech he barely remembers. The jet is just making pew pew noises as he's not paying attention (per usual), until he hears Blackstorm say 'Morning' to someone. He looks up to see where Black is and snickers.

Leaving his figure on the console, he slips up to the top to phase through the roof of the shuttle to look down on the well known climber. "Whatcha doin'?" he coos, "Hanging around~?"

Inferno had heard about the ghost ship and the adventures therein, and he's curious about how that went. Plus it got him to go somewhere else on the ship that wasn't his habsuite or the practice rooms - that was the thing about getting out and about more, you actually had to get out and about. So he's decided to track down one of the team who'd discovered it, and maybe make a new friend in the process. He'd heard most of those who went were Decepticons, but they couldn't have been THAT bad if Sideswipe was there and none of them got punched or shot.

Inferno makes his way into the shuttle bay - one of the bots, Blackstorm, was it? Could usually be found in here. He glances around as he enters, waving to bay workers he sees. Then, as he approaches the Rod Pod, a voice draws his attention and - ah. "Morning," he calls up to the mini. "You need a hand?"

Blackstorm lets out a strangled cry of surprise, expecting to hear a greeting from below and not from behind. The minibot moves to bolt away, but just the act of standing on the sloping sides of the shuttle is dangerous. Soon, his attention is diverted from escaping to stopping himself from slipping. The pilot braces his magnawheels against the side and wraps his arms around the smooth sides of the shuttle, barely stopping his freefall. After that, his optics snap up to see who appeared behind him.

"... Mecha, I get your thing is awesome, but we really need to talk about your timing," Blackstorm jokes. "Morning to you, too."

He turns his attention back down to Inferno. "I don't think I recognize your voice. Designation? Also, whatever gave you the impression I needed help? Never been better."

It might have something to do with the way he's clinging to Rodimus's face like it's his savior.

Ghoul cackles at Blackstorm's reaction. He has terrible timing on purpose for things such as this. It's so much fun to watch others jump in surprise and even fear on occasion. "My timing is exactly the times it must be." he assures, lying down on the roof of the pod, resting his chin in his hands. Inferno gets no greeting, he's an Autobot. If he were Rodimus of Magnus, maybe he'd get a wave but he's not.

Inferno's smile turns to a mask of alarm when he sees Blackstorm stumble and nearly fall. "Whoa, hey, careful, mech!" Like he needs to be told that. "My name's Inferno, and I'm getting you down from there before ya hurt yourself." With a TSCH-TSCH-TSCH Inferno transforms, moving around to the front of the Rod Pod. He extends his ladder within Blackstorm's reach. "Grab on and climb down, I've got you!"

<FS3> Beachcomber rolls Reaction+reaction: Good Success. (7 7 1 6 5 6 6 2)

What's all this ruckus he's hearing down the way? Beachcomber was no stranger to nestling into the overhead vents for his meditation session - or a quick nap, whichever happened upon him first. The thin metal carried the vibrations of voices, of the inner workings of the ship, all up and down the channels. It was a good place to get in tune with the overall feeling of the Lost Light... and right now the LL is telling him there's something interesting going on in the shuttle bay.

A quick peek through the vents isn't clear enough a view to get an idea of what's actually going on, but he sees the Rod Pod and a handful of mecha hanging around it. The Rod Pod is such a silly thing; half Rodimus half dumpling, it makes Beachcomber want to giggle but also to smoosh it to see his cheeks squish and expand. Hmm.. best way to see what their up to is to head on down himself, isn't it? So without further ado, the geologist slides open the vent, curls his fingers around the edge for balance, and casually flips down to land on top of the pod in a crouch - where he casually plops himself the rest of the way down and folds his legs up into the lotus pose. "Hey mechs~ Oh hey 'Ferno! Whatcha doin'~?"

There is a mischievous glint in Blackstorm's optics at Ghoul's words. He wants to play that way? Fine. Now that he's not flying a shuttle he's all game for a little trouble. Instead of grabbing onto the ladder, the minibot edges his way upwards until he is beside Ghoul. Without further ado, he flips over until he's draped right over the other mecha's helm. Finally an acceptable handhold.

"No, no! I'm alright. It's fine. I just found some good footing!" he calls back down. He's smug for all of five seconds before a new visitor unexpectedly drops in.

The minibot lets out another strangled cry and is soon clinging to Ghoul's frame like a leech. Maybe he should have gone for the ladder.

"H-Hey..!" Ghoul finds himself sat on by the smaller mech. He grumbles underneath, likely 'get off' until something else hits the top of the Rod Pod. He's unsure who it is but hey! Roof party! "Stop clinging to me, before I force ya off." he growls, steadily getting up to his knees while trying to tug Blackstorm off of him.

Inferno's help is rejected, but he's not bothered as long as Blackstorm gets to safety. He pulls his ladder back and transforms to root mode as - the firetruck can't help a chuckle when Beach literally drops in to join. "Hey, Beachcomber! Nice ta see you." Inferno puts his servos on his hips as his grin return. "I was just comin' to talk with Blackstorm when he nearly took a nosedive off the Rod Pod." As he talks, Inferno moves around the shuttle, looking for a way that he, too, can get up there. Looks like it's the cool place to be!

<FS3> Beachcomber rolls Reaction+reaction: Good Success. (7 1 5 7 3 3 8 3)

Beachcomber chuckles sheepishly at having spooked Blackstorm, offering an apologetic grin to the other minis. "Hey mechs, how's it goin'~?" Since the pair seem preoccupied with keeping their balance, Beachcomber turns his attention back to Inferno instead with a playful grin. "Yeah mech? You need a hand with that?" It's possible he didn't think this through, but Beachcomber tilts to the left and unfolds from his meditative pose as he starts to roll down the side of the Rod Pod. Halfway down the rounded shuttle, a hand snags an edge at the widest part of the pod and rights himself upward to drop down to his feet on the ground. Straightening up, he stretches his arms casually over his head and heaves a comfortable sigh. "We could get the magnet-grippers for walking around outside the ship?"

<FS3> Blackstorm rolls Magnetism: Success. (3 3 6 5 2 7) <FS3> Blackstorm rolls Body+body: Success. (1 4 7 1) <FS3> Blackstorm rolls Climbing: Good Success. (8 2 3 1 7)

When Blackstorm realizes that the new arrival is just another mecha, his frame relaxes and he lets out a relieved laugh. His strangle-hold on Ghoul lets up a little bit, and he takes the opportunity to wave at the newcomer. And glance upward to trace his path of arrival. A vent! Finally, the minibot has spotted his out. Calculating the distance, the minibot decides if the other minibot can fall that far without harm he can likely leap to it. With a little help.

"Don't get all tensed up on me, mecha. I'll be off in a second if you just hold still," he answers, shimmying up until he's standing on the hunched mecha's shoulders.

Bracing himself, he pushes off and twists in the air. Plunk. His magnawheels stick to the ceiling near the vent. "See? Ain't no reason to get worked up."

Ghoul doesn't like being used as a launch pad but at least Blackstorm got off. He rubs gingerly at his neck, looking up sourly at the mech. If that was payback for abandoning ship to explore the ghost ship, he hears ya loud and clear. "Yeah, yeah, stick to the walls, mech or you'da woulda gotten something unpleasant stuck in ya." He briefly wonders if any of his armor might have separated from that grasp, but Blackstorm doesn't have a strong enough grip to cause damage. He's fine.

Inferno watches Beachcomber slide off of the Rod Pod, poised to catch the mini if need be but not too worried about it. He knows Beachcomber is capable of taking care of himself. "We could. Or we could find a ladder, there's bound to be one around here somewhere." He grins down at Beach, giving him an affectionate pat on the helm. "Too bad I can't use my own, eh?" 'Ferno chuckles, though - he looks up when Blackstorm suddenly magnetizes to the ceiling. "Dunno if there's a ladder tall enough to get up there, though," he says with a smile.

Oo headpats. Beachcomber leans in against the affectionate touch like a cat, nuzzling his helm up into Inferno's palm with a happy rumbling of his engine. The noise of a mech hitting the vent Beachcomber had emerged from likewise drew his attention upward, regarding the other mini curiously. Hmm. Magnawheels maybe? Trailbreaker and him should be buddies, the cheerful mech would probably love a magnet-mini to hang off of him while he zipped up the walls. "A ladder huh?" Beach glances around the walls of shuttle bay, uncertain where to find a ladder. When you're a tiny bot in a big world, you learn to climb without ladders and step stools. "There might be a hydraulic lift or something - crew's gotta get up there to work on the roof sometimes, right?"

Now that Blackstorm is on more comfortable footing, his posture instantly relaxes. When Ghoul mutters his vague threat, the minibot trots out of reach without missing a step (or dropping his slightly-patronizing smile). "I don't know, Ghoul, it was just the handhold I was looking for," he chirrups back. What goes around, comes around.

That completed, he turns to watch the pair of Autobots now down on the ground. How did the minibot get down there? Blackstorm tilts his helm to the side, curious, as he had been a little too busy flipping and twisting to notice it himself. "Make sure I got this right, Beachcomber and Inferno, right? I was a little too distracted being swept off my pedes to carry on a conversation there a bit ago. And the lift is kept in storage most of the time."

He gestures vaguely in the direction of where the bay crew stores a lot of their supplies.

Ghoul makes a face. Ugh, hand holding. However, he let's Blackstorm have his win, for now. Seems the other mini went to join the Autobot, Inferior on the floor. Decepticons once again have the higher ground! Aha! Even though they're not fighting anymore, he doesn't like to think the war is over. Not yet.

"Come up here at your own risk!" Ghoul calls out to them. Yep, he'll fight if he must. Defend an Autobot shuttle from Autobots. Yep.

<FS3> Beachcomber rolls Reaction+reaction: Great Success. (8 8 7 6 4 4 6 7)

Beachcomber leans up against the bigger mech's hand for as long as Inferno is willing to let it rest on his head, content to stand there and be petted a while longer. But when Inferno moves away to search the storage and Ghoul issues his invitation - or is it a challenge? - Beachcomber moves back towards the Rod Pod and gives it a considering glance. It's not the biggest of shuttles to ever grace the bay, for sure, but it's mostly spherical shape does make it a unique challenge. This might take a bit of a running start...

Beachcomber steps back slowly, waging the space necessary, spreads his stabilizers for better traction and darts forward. Hup! The flat side of the pod's 'ears' at least have a lot of edges for hand holds, and Beach jumps to grab one, pulling himself up to brace his elbows and plant his pedes. A flip leaves him upside down but it at least allows him to hook his pede around the edge of ship's ah.. what are those? Exhaust pipes? Once he pulls himself up behind the pipes, it's a fairly easy climb the rest of the way up, offering Ghoul a friendly wave. "Hey. How's it going~?"

Ghoul twitches a little after watching Beachcomber come up the way he did. A bit impressed and maybe slightly jealous. A lot jealous. He wishes he could do that but his frame is made up of parts that are not his own. So such fluid movement is not in his forte and that upsets him. It looked so cool!

Damn Autobots.

The jet considers punching Beachcomber off but he's not one to fight two on one. Not when the thought of enraging Soundwave looms over his head. "Ugh."

It doesn't take long to find the hydraulic lift, and Inferno rolls it over to the Rod Pod once he does. "Don't start the party without me," he teases as he works the controls, hoisting himself up onto the top of the shuttle. He's a little wobbly on his pedes as he steps over to the two of them - being big, he's not used to scrambling around like a monkey as minibots apparently are. He carefully settles himself beside Beach, servo resuming its petting of Beachcomber's helm automatically.

Beachcomber can't help but chuckle at the mech's disgruntled expression, offering out his hand to the other mini. "Beachcomber of Ibex. It's nice to meet you." The question of the other's name is left unspoken, in case he'd rather not say, but he hopes the tone conveys his curiosity well enough. Inferno settling in with them earns a happy rumbling of his engine, falling back against the bigger frame to better nuzzle up against his palm. He jerks a thumb back at his friend, grinning towards Ghoul. "This is Inferno. He's good at head rubs."

It was a party until Blackstorm left. Ghoul's expression is disgruntled at least. His arms crossed over his chest and white optics glaring over the Autobots. "" he repeats slowly, with venom, "And Inferior.." Maybe he can phase through the roof abruptly and make it seem like he's teleported elsewhere. "Er, Ghoul."

Inferno, as ever, happily accepts the leaning, keeping up the motions of his servo. He chuckles a little at the way Ghoul gets his name wrong. "Close! Inferno, actually. Like a fire." He gives a soft smile. "Probably why they made me a firetruck, heh. Get it? And it's nice to meetcha, Ghoul." Seems like this mech doesn't like Autobots much, though Inferno can't actually blame him. The war didn't end that long ago, after all.

Beachcomber simply pulls his hand back at the refusal, leaning back against Inferno and making himself comfortable. He grins at Inferno's casual acceptance of what is blatantly calling him by the wrong name - this mech sounds a bit like Soundwave in that respect. Eesh. The purple badge drawing his gaze to the other mini's shoulder only solidifies the comparison in his mind, but he tries to shake it. Instead he grins up at Inferno's explanation behind his name. "And what a good fire truck you are~" Beachcomber coos up at his friend, reaching for his face to smoosh his cheeks. "He's big but he's a sweetie, don't you worry, Ghoul~"

<FS3> Ghoul rolls Density Shift: Good Success. (3 2 7 6 5 3 7 2 2 2 8 5 1 1)

"Suuuuuure," Ghoul can see how over affectionate they are. Disgusting. "Well do what ya need to up here." He's just going to phase back into the pod, chill in the captain's seat again, and resume playing with his figure there. It's fun to just sit there and pretend.

Inferno flushes lightly at the compliment, grinning sheepishly and looking away. "Heh, thanks, Beach. I try." He looks back up as Ghoul makes his exit by - phasing through the pod? Whoa. The departure wasn't surprising, merely the method, and Inferno tilts his helm. "Guess he wasn't feelin' social anymore." That's okay. 'Ferno can hang out up here cuddling with Beach. Maybe he'll catch Blackstorm another time.

Beachcomber's smile falters a little when Ghoul makes his abrupt departure, but he merely rolls his optics and resumes smooshing Inferno's cheeks between his hands. Apparently the war would have been over a lot faster if the front lines had just cuddled - seems like most of the 'Cons would have run away from the 'ew gross affection'. "Guess he wasn't," he agrees amicably with Inferno's assessment. Beachcomber grins, trying to deepen his voice and adopt Inferno's accent to tease him. "Tha's okay tho, more fer me t'love on, hangin' with the best durn fahr truck aroun'~"

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