2016-08-06 So It Begins: Earth Club

From Transformers: Lost and Found

So It Begins: Earth Club
Date 2016/08/06
Location Lost Light - Recreation -- Gallery
Participants Gearshift, Blackstorm, Windrose, Blaster, Sideswipe, Pipes, Wheeljack
NPCs Drabardi
Summary The first meeting of the Earth Fan Club.

Not all brought on the Lost Light is personnel but also culture, and the desire to share and explore that. Upon entering the ship's modest museum, the faint melodies greet visitors, music collected from locations the Lost Light has visited. The lights are dimmer here than the other locations on the ship, nearly dark. This is to help highlight the rows of holographic walls, displays that show a gallery's worth of interesting sights. Moments of historical significance are rendered for viewing, as well as shared pieces of personally crafted art, or vid-caps of locations the Lost Light has visited. Holographic replicas of cultural artifacts lure attention over here or a particularly interesting visual recreation of perspective call to the senses over here.

At the far side of the room from the entrance is a small stage, complete with a microphoned podium. It would be ideal for small productions or concerts.

The gallery has likely not seen this much activity since the ship was launched. The lighting is generally brighter than usual, with focus on the Earth artifacts already on display, while the others are draped in tarps. Tables scattered about hold a good number of items from Pipes' vast collection of Earth gadgets and gizmoes. In a place of honor, raised on a couple of boxes covered in the least grungy tarps, sits Drabardi, the fortune telling game composed of the clumsily automated upper half of a female human mannequin, draped in gaudy fabrics and jewelry, set inside the upper half of a glass and steel box. A pair of Cybertronian-sized tweezers rests nearby for those who seek their fortune to pluck out the slips of paper Drabardi dispenses.

Aside from the artifacts, there are small conversation areas created by the gallery benches having been dragged into clusters. An open bar near the entrance offers Earth-themed beverages, many engex-free. Music selected by Starstruck from Earth's past and present wafts through the space. There's also a disco ball hanging from the ceiling, at Pipes' insistence.

Gearshift has added some personal touches, like the promise sci-fi playing on a projector, from Star's collection. She's looking around the gallery happily, excited to see who decides to join them. "Pipes this all looks amazing! This is really happening!" She dances in place gleefully, the happiest she's been in quite awhile.

Blaster is quick to come in, as early as he could. He was rather interested in this, and the music pumping out from the speakers is already getting him into the mood. Looking for Pipes, he goes up to him as soon as the mech could be found. "Hey, I hope you don't mind me filming this for Rewind, he's sorry to miss it, but he says he has work to catch up on." From what he has seen, he can already tell that Rewind's going to be very interested in it. Then Blaster spots the beverage station and peers in the drinks. "... these don't look like energon..." He comments, noting the mottled brown coloring of one them, labeled 'Coca-Cola'.

Windrose knows nothing about Earth, having never been there. But that is why she's walking into the Gallery. She's heard other mechs mention it on and off, and it's quirked the explorer's curiosity some, so she's come to investigate. "Well this is... something else."

<FS3> Blackstorm rolls Magnetism: Success. (5 3 1 6 8 2)

While everyone else enters the conventional way, Blackstorm pulls his typical stunts. The minibot enters through the door while climbing on the walls, and gives a low whistle when he walks into the room. They really put a lot of work into this, didn't they? Blackstorm has never been to earth, but considering how much Starstruck talks about it he figures he might as well research it a little. That way he can at least hold an intelligent conversation about it.

The first thing that catches his attention, though, is the disco ball hanging from the ceiling. Unable to resist, the minibot scrambles higher to get a better look at it. Soon, he's standing beside it and marveling at his reflection in the small, shimmering squares. "Can one of you mecha tell me what this thing is?"

Pipes mirrors Gearshift's enthusiasm, practically bubbling. "I know, can you believe it?" He spent most of his time the past week arranging this first blow-out meeting, carefully looking through his collection for just the right items to display. He waves off Blaster. "No problem at all, film away! And we'll have other meetings of our club, this is just the first!" Then a bug seems to crawl up and onto the ceiling, which frightens Pipes for a moment until it talks. Oh, is that someone from the crew? "It's a disco ball!" he calls back.

Gearshift answers Blaster's statement with "That's because it's Earth soda!" She exclaims with an enthusiasm that has her biolights flickering joyfully. When Pipes calls out she looks up to see the minibot on the ceiling. Her spark is racing in her chest plating.

She wants this to go well, she wants to bring people together under a united banner of 'we love Earth!'

Windrose didn't even notice the guy up on the ceiling until it's pointed out. She looks up, only to yelp and cover her optics with one hand as the disco ball happens to glint right in them. "Gah! What does a multidirectional light diffusion device have to do with Earth?!"

"So...da..." Blaster looked critically at the soda before taking a sip. He then makes a little bit of a face. Not because of the fizz feeling- which he likes. But the overwhelming sweetness. He knew that Pipes and Gearshift would try to make these things taste like the stuff humans would take in, but that is way too sweet for him.

He looks up at someone asking about something, and then laughs when he saw who it is. "Are you going to be Spider-Man?" Blaster asks Blackstorm, sort of knowing what a Spider Man is, but not really. All he got is that it is a human that climbs walls and ceilings and sticks to it.

Blackstorm gives a giddy laugh to Pipes's answer. "I have no idea what that means!" he calls back. 'Disco ball' is just a weird jumble of words to him, but the object he beholds before him is a true work of art. He needs a statement piece like this in the Raven Wing. Hopefully it is well secured, because the minibot is reaching a digit out to poke it.

Until a scream of distaste pulls his attention, and he spots a stranger covering their eyes. "Hey, be nice! I'm not a whatever-you-just-said, and I'm not that painful to look at," he jokes. It was an easy opportunity.

His attention shifts to Blaster, who is also calling out to him. "Right, Blaster? Let 'em know. You have to stare at my face all day in the bridge and you're none the worse for it. I'll even come down so you all can have a closer look." Apparently that counts as a greeting and answering Blaster's question.

With, well, everything that has happened recently, Wheeljack probably can't be faulted for forgetting about Gearshift's invitation. He did remember, though admittedly a bit late, and he'd hurried his way down to the Gallery guiltily. Now that his big projects are complete or on hold, it's probably a good thing for him to spend some time out of the lab, and Gearshift's invitation is a good opportunity to do that.

He arrives to some small measure of chaos underway, and hesitates in the doorway. He's not particularly party-ready, with the scuffs from work still coating his armor, but his fins are glowing cheerfully. "Hey, Gearshift," he calls out to her in greeting, and waves. "Sorry I'm late." Before he can make it more than a step into the room, he's distracted by the light, and the voice, coming from the ceiling, and he looks up to spot another familiar face. Blackstorm will receive a greeting wave as well.

"It's a ball. For a disco party." Pipes doesn't know the definition of "disco", but it is apparent that it is the sort of party where a multidirectional light diffusion device is appropriate. "Just be careful with it!" He takes a step back, just to watch everybot who came with appreciation. In his hand is a spicy beige, opaque concoction he's dubbed an "enerchai", and he sips it happily.

Gearshift adds to Pipe's definition with "It was used by humans during the 70s when they danced to a genre of music called 'Disco'. It reflects the light in interesting patterns that humans liked. They're still a bit popular, even if they're seen as a relic." What can she say, Gearshift was an Earthling for a long long time.

When Gearshift hears Wheeljack's greeting she nearly jumps into the mech's arms. She doesn't but you can hear it in her voice instead "You made it!" She says gleefully "I'm so glad!"

Blaster laughs at what Blackstorm says. "Well, I know a certain bridge rocket scientist that certainly likes to stare at you all day." He winks at the mini. "Whatever you are doing to Tetroxide, keep it up." He also can't help but peer at Pipes's drink. "Pipes, mech... are all the drinks on Earth some shade of brown? Is it all flavored dirt?"

"I meant the spheroid... Oh nevermind," Windrose starts to correct Blackstorm but then decides it's not worth the effort. Rubs her optics with the back of her hand for a moment, muttering something about remembering to put her visor down first next time. Once she's not seeing specks of light other than the ones flicking from the disco ball, she turns her attention back to Pipes and Gearshift. "Quite a showing you've assembled here, even if it's very... esoteric."

<FS3> Blackstorm rolls Climbing: Failure. (4 4 6 3 2)

<FS3> Blackstorm rolls Reaction+reaction: Success. (1 4 7 4 3 6 3 3)

Pipes pauses for a moment at Blaster's question. There sure are a lot of brown Earth drinks. He never noticed that before.

More people that Blackstorm knows! The minibot is in the process of clambering down the wall when Wheeljack enters, and he pauses to wave down at him. Losing his handhold, he nearly slips and plummets to his doom. Thankfully, Blackstorm has excellent reflexes and manages to catch himself just in time. He's quick to scurry to the ground before someone notices his undignified moment. "Fancy meeting you here! And back to your proper height, too. Looking good," he says to Wheeljack.

His helm tilts in Blaster's direction for a moment, and a mischievous smile flashes across his faceplates. "And that ain't something I'm going to discuss in polite company. Maybe I'll give you the down low later, though." Blaster likes gossip, doesn't he? He's fairly certain he does.

After due consideration, Pipes answers Blaster. "A lot of them are, but they aren't dirt, they are made from plants. Maybe because the plant parts are dried, they make the drinks brown. I never thought of this!" Already this first Earth meeting is full of discoveries. "You can try the orange juice, which is, well, orange, or the vodka, which is transparent and colorless. I've heard they mix well." The orange juice probably tastes nothing like the real artifact; the vodka, pretty spot on when compared to a 5 dollar plastic bottle of the stuff.

"Thanks, Windrose." Pipes is blissfully unaware of any problem with the strangeness of the displays. "Be sure to check out all the neat stuff I brought out, and get your fortune read by Drabardi over there!" He gestures to the box containing the underlit half-humanoid.

Wheeljack chuckles at Gearshift's enthusiastic greeting, returning it with a pat on her shoulder. "Glad I could," he says. He takes a moment to glance around the room. There certainly is a lot of Earth paraphernalia scattered around the place, most of it things he recognizes, some of it that he doesn't, even having spent quite a few years there. "Looks like you've got quite a collection started already," he notes.

He flashes his fins in a dim but genuine grin at Blackstorm as the mini literally slides down to meet on his level. "Yep, no more climbing onto countertops," he agrees. "Best for everyone involved. He tracks Blackstorm's comment to Blaster, though his optics are blank, with no understanding of the situation. Someone clearly isn't caught up on his shipboard gossip.

"By the what?" Windrose turns her head in the direction Pipes points of 'Drabardi'. Maybe it's the way he refers to it by a name, like it's an actual being. Or maybe it's just because those automated fortune tellers always looked a bit off and weird. Either way, the first thing Windrose does is shriek, and promptly dive behind the minibot! A moment later she peeks out over his shoulder, once she's gotten up past his back kibble. "Why is there half a humanoid locked in a transparent box?! That's terrifying!"

Blaster winks again at Blackstorm, then nudges. "We can get some of our regular stuff at Swerve's later to chat all about it." Cause the mini pilot was right, Blaster does love the gossip. It's almost what he thrives off of. At Pipes's recommendation though, he looks over at the table again. Orange juice. Vodka. What exotic names these drinks are called. Blaster grins and picks up the 'orange juice' "They aren't all sweet, are they?" The 'coca-cola' was just too much for him to handle. He takes a sip of the orange juice... hm... not bad. Sweet and tart. Now the vodka.

Tasteless, but has that same burn from taking down high grade.

Now, upon Pipes's same recommendation, he mixes the two together. "Wow, that's something." Something tolerable that is. "Hey, everyone! You should try mixing this orange juice and vodka together if you like something sweet, tart, and with a little kick!" He calls out to the room, then to the gracious hosts. "Okay if I take some of this back to Rewind too? I think he would want to taste this."

<FS3> Blackstorm rolls Spending: Failure. (4 3 1 4)

With Blackstorm's pedes back on solid ground, he rocks back and stares at the disco ball forlornly. He really would like to have something like it, and he considers tracking down the thing's owner to see if he can buy it off them. The only thing that gives him pause is how few shanix he has right now.... That and the sudden screaming coming from.... what's their name? He honestly can't say he knows the mecha, but as always Blackstorm's first reaction to things is to run.

Giving a surprised yelp himself, he ducks behind Blaster's leg (which had been nudging him moments before). "What are we screaming about?!"

Gearshift nods quickly and giggles "Most of it belongs to Pipes, but the music and the projection over there are Star's. I don't have anything from Earth, regrettably, in the collection." She shifts from pede to pede in an uncharacteristically antsy display of her nerves and excitement.

"Will you join me for a drink as well?" She says in response to Blaster's suggestion of a screwdriver.

Blaster gives a gracious bow to Gearshift. "Of course. Granted, I am not a mixer expert, but I think this... orange juice vodka thing is easy enough to do. I wonder if I can get Swerve to replicate it." He starts to mix the drinks when he feels a mini grab on to his leg. Looking down, he snickers. "It's probably a horror thing from Earth." Pause. "Actually a lot of Earth stuff can be terrifying. You also could use a drink Blackstorm. Want one?" He holds up the mixer so the pilot can see.

"No, no, it's fine, it's just a model," Pipes reassures Windrose. "It's a fortune-telling machine. You press the button on the panel, the human moves around and says something mysterious, and then a little fortune drops out on a piece of paper. You should try it!"

"No problem, Blaster. You can use one of those red cups stacked up if you want!" Pipes finishes up his enerchai and considers a mixed drink of his own next.

Windrose's shriek doesn't only startle Blackstorm. Wheeljack also flinches, and turns toward her, but at least Pipes is explaining it. Wheeljack isn't sure that he could explain that one if he tried. Some things are just questionable even after a while. In the meantime, Wheeljack turns his attention back to Gearshift, and Blaster with his collection of drinks. "I'll just try the orange juice," he says. Worn out from a week of straight work as he is, he doesn't want to test his engex tolerance right now.

Gearshift is startled by the yelp as well, and decides to have some fun. As she joins Blaster and Wheeljack at the drink station, she pulls up her holomatter avatar to use the Drabardi. A dark skinned woman is suddenly in front of the machine, and presses the button on the Drabardi.

"... Oh." Windrose isn't entirely sure about Pipes' reassurance, but okay. "I.. suppose it wouldn't hurt." She ahems softly as she stands from behind the minibot and walks over to the machine. Only to stop when the 'human' appears in front of her to use the machine. Optics shutter-blink once, then she crouches down to peer at the holomatter avatar. "Oh, is that what a -real- human looks like?" Compared to the animatronic fortune-teller, that is.

Blackstorm peeks out warily, and once he ascertains that the coast is clear the minibot gives a quiet chuckle at his reaction. "Oh, is that all?" he asks, relieved. The minibot pulls himself away from Blaster and begins to trot towards the bar. "I think I could use a drink after that scare, yeah. Help settle the nerves and all that."

Like he really needs that excuse, though. If he can't buy the disco ball, he is at least going to use this opportunity to down as many free drinks as he can. Literally. There is a curious glint in his optics. "I wonder what they taste like when you mix them all together."

"Don't go crazy now." Blaster gives a mischievous grin at Blackstorm. It was a quiet encouragement to go nuts. It might just be that mixing everything might actually taste good! For now though, he pours out two screwdrivers and passes one to Blackstorm, then one for Gearshift. "Hey, Shift, I got a drink ready for you too." He baps the prone form of Gearshift, not realizing she was using her holo-avatar.

Holomatter avatar! What a great idea! Pipes sets his empty glass down, converts to his alt mode, and generates his own human-shaped projection - an older male human in a dark blue track suit, trucker cap, and dark red oversized sunglasses. The avatar materializes next to the fortune teller. "Pretty much!" The avatar answers Windrose, looking up at her. "Different shapes and colors, of course, but all bipedal with two arms and a head." Funny how most Cybertronians fit that description. Hm. He stands and watches Gearshift operate the machine.

It's quiet a contrast to Gearshift, who is a younger woman with a large black mane of hair, brown skin, and dressed in a white dress shirt with a black skirt and heels. "I'll be right over Blaster!" She calls, "I'm just getting my fortune read!"

<FS3> Blackstorm rolls Climbing: Success. (5 7 1 2 4)

With or without encouragement, Blackstorm would have tried it now that he has the idea. The minibot clambers up onto the bar counter before taking the drink that Blaster offers out to him. "Well, if I'm crazy, then so are you lot. You're the ones who started mixing things," he adds. "But that's the best sort of company, yeah? The kind that keeps you on the tips of your pedes."

While everyone else is busy marveling at the fortune machine, the minibot is scooting along the back counter and grabbing one of each drink. As Blaster was nice enough to start the process of mixing for him, he keeps pouring a small amount into the cube that the other gave him. Before long, the thing is an even more questionable shade of brown than anything else at the table. "Here we go," he says, more to himself than anyone else, and then takes a sip.

No surprise, he instantly makes a spluttering sound. "Wow, that's foul!" he says, followed by a good natured laugh. With a shrug, he offlines his taste sensors and keeps right on chugging. Hopefully his tanks don't hate him for this later.

This is what Sideswipe gets for wandering in late. Confusion. Which is why he is at the door, looking over what is going on with a puzzled expression. "...Did I miss something?"

Windrose huhs softly. "Interesting." She's seen her fair share of alien species during her travels, but rarely has anything looked like humans have. Especially in the potential variation. A lot of aliens seem to develop very similar traits. Almost like some higher order -wanted- humans to be weird and unusual in comparison... Or maybe that's overthinking it.

Regardless, Windrose stays hunched down behind the two avatars, hands resting on her knees to brace herself. Waiting... Waiting... Finally she can't resist any longer. "Is it working?"

Blaster made an eep sound and jumped a little when suddenly Pipes went still and something materialized in front of that machine that is scaring others. He blinks as he watches Pipes also go up to the weird thing, realizing that is probably what Gearshift did too. Putting down Gear's drink, he then watches Blackstorm climb on the table and mix everything- including the dirt drinks- together. Keeping the smirk to himself, he then snickers as Blackstorm predictably recoiled from his rather atrocious mixture. Sideswipe's timing at the point couldn't be better.

"Sweetspark!" Blaster goes and places a cube of that screwdriver in Sides's hand. "Taste my new favorite drink. But do not go and mix everything there."

"Listen to him. It's pretty foul if you mix it all together," Blackstorm echoes, but he's not really looking at Blaster anymore. His attention has shifted to the holoforms that the Autobots are manifesting. The minibot tilts his helm to the side curiously. So, that is what humans look like. While he's seen them in pictures, this is the closest he's gotten to seeing one in person. The minibot takes another sip of the disgusting cube as he considers.

"I need to get me one of those, too, just like the disco balls," he says, pointing towards the human holoforms. At the moment, his holoform is a hold over from his smuggling days, a nomadic species known to travel the universe extensively as traders. It just crossed his brain module that he has the luxury of changing. Because, damn, those humans are kind of pretty.

Gearshift waits patiently as the Drabardi blinks to life and prints out her fortune. She reads it silently before reading it out loud "Be sure to keep your head in a fight, it could save your life." She sure could have used this fortune a few weeks ago. The holomatter avatar blinks away as Gearshift herself shakes her helm and takes the screwdriver Blaster made her.

"Oooo, mysterious!" Pipes' avatar twiddles his fingers. "Care for a go-round, Windrose? I can push the button, or ..." From the side of Drabardi he hoists up an aluminum rod with a rubberized end. It's unwieldy for him in this form, but a convenient handheld button-pushing implement for those without avatars.

Windrose's optic ridges furrow a little as Gearshift-Avatar reads the paper. "... That sounds more like giving advice rather than foretelling events." How confusing. Maybe there's something in the actual doing of it that makes it a thing. But then Gearshift goes back to her real body, leaving her with Pipes' avatar at the machine as the latter holds up the rod. "Oh, it's good that you thought of that sort of thing. But," Windrose winks at Pipes-Avatar as she gives a mental command to her multi-tool and it extends a long, extremely narrow manipulator rod from it, "As a geologist I have to prepared for handling small, delicate stones. So I think this will work."

She closes the tiny (by Cybertronian standards, it's about the size of an actual human's hand) graspers on the end to make a point, and uses that to lightly press the button.

Blackstorm, still holding his drink in one hand, leaps down from the bar and trots over to where all the fuss is happening. First, he pauses at the feet of one of the holoforms, Gearshift's to be exact, and circles it with an appraising look. "Nice work," he compliments, with a slight nod. "I'll have to file that one away for inspiration."

When he passes by Pipes's, he gives it the same sort of consideration. "Remind me to ask you to show me more stuff with humans in it later so I have a better idea of what I'm working with, yeah?" he says to him, before stopping at the foot of the machine. He glances at the button and the small tweezers and tries to hold back a giggle. They all look rather ridiculous doing that. "If any of you want me to press the button for you, just let me know because..." he trails off, holding up his small hand. This machine is remarkably him-sized.

Impressed with Windrose's multi-tool, he sets down the rod effortlessly. Hey, they look like humans, they don't have to be only as physically strong as them! "Sure thing! You can also check out some of the other artifacts I've got around here, they're made for humans to use or sit on. Happy to demonstrate!" He waves his hands up and down his current form. "I'm Pipes, by the way. Well, I'm Pipes over there, but this is sort of me too."

Windrose makes a bit more of a scrunchy expression as the machine goes through it's flickering lights and movement. That's still creepy for some reason, but at least it's working. When it pops out the sheet of paper Windrose uses that tiny grasper to pluck it out of the slot and hold it up. Geez, that print is tiny. But a problem easily fixed as she flicks down her visor to use the magnification setting to see.

"Beauty will surround you. Open your eyes to see it."

A pause as Windrose flicks her visor back up, just looking more confused. "That's... kind of vague isn't it? I'm an explorer, I've seen beauty around me all the time."

Apparently, yes Sideswipe had missed a bit. He figures that it's better to roll with it, grinning at Blaster. "I'll trust you on this, DJ B." he chirped, gaze flickering to the mini that is currently holding a cube of what looks like rancid oil. "I'll take it that you just did that?"

"I dunno, Windrose, maybe there's something else you're missing," Pipes muses, wide grin across his human-form face. One can imagine something like that on his actual face, hidden behind the faceplate. He waves Blackstorm to give it a try, and then vwoops out of existence as his actual body converts back to root mode. Looks like there's a little crowd at the bar. "How was the orange juice and vodka mix?" He pours himself one to try.

Blaster grimaces at Blackstorm's drink. "Pit, no. That was entirely Blackstorm there." He says as he watches the mini go and check out that fortune spitting machine. "No, the one I gave you is where it's at!" He tells Sides excitedly. "Too bad Rewind is missing out, he would have loved that weird future predicting machine there."

Blaster is addressed by Pipes! "I like it. I want to have more of this stuff. Does it get you overcharged?"

Despite the fact that Blackstorm just said it tastes foul, he leans around and calls back to Sideswipe, "Damn right!" He holds up the engex like it's some kind of trophy. A trophy of idiocy, mostly. "Someone has to make the first leap."

That accomplished, he tilts his helm back in Windrose's and Pipes's direction. "Blackstorm of the Tetrahexian Tempest. Pleasure is all mine, Pipes. And speaking of beauty, I know exactly what..." he pauses. Windrose. So that's what their name is. "... Windrose is missing." Vague finger guns in Gearshift's direction.

At the suggestion he try it himself, though, the minibot pauses. He struggles to read Cybertronian, much less an alien language, and it would be embarrassing to ask for a translation. Trying to hide the flush in his cheeks, he shrugs his shoulder armor and takes another sip of the rancid oil. "Uh, I think I'll pass on that one."

Maybe it's trying to tell her to lighten up instead of taking her 'work' so seriously? But that could be a bad thing. What if she got a detail wrong on a map? How much trouble could that cause!

Windrose shakes her head a little as she stands and steps out of the way. "It's.. something to think on, I suppose." Then tilts her head a little to peer down at Blackstorm. "Oh, really now?" She puts one hand to rest on her hip in that way females do when they're scrutinizing you skeptically. "And just what would that be, then?"

"Well, the orange juice won't, but the vodka is pretty much ethanol and water, so, maybe, but not like engex." Pipes finishes his own mix of the two and swirls them, watching the motes of orange diffuse into the syrupy vodka. These concoctions may not be all that accurate to what they serve on Earth. He gets a look at Blackstorm's drink. "Ugh, what did he - did he mix them all?"

"He mixed it all. Said that it is what must be done." Blaster pipes up to Pipes, putting an arm around Sides's shoulders. "I didn't think it would taste good, but, Earth drinks! There might not have been any thing as a bad combination after all!" He is far too cheerful about it, as he takes another drink of the screwdriver.

"Looks like something Ratch would drain out after a filter or seven broke..." Sideswipe mutters, still giving that brown cube a doubtful look. And wondering if Blackstorm is going to keel over soon.

Then back to Blaster. "Here goes nothing!" and he's tossed back the orange drink.

"Think he would? I don't know much about your team." he hadn't even known Steeljaw's name.

Blackstorm shifts a little where he is standing, all the sudden the center of a lot of negative attention. The minibot looks like he's torn between running and indignation, a very rare thing for him. His armor flares a little at Windrose. That comment, he thought, had explained itself, but here he goes. "I was taking the opportunity to compliment someone. Ain't a problem if it ain't a problem to them, right?" he challenges back, leaning around to peek at Gearshift's holoform.

That done, he relaxes and forces a small chuckle at Pipes's clear disgust. "Hey, mecha, I ain't wasting it, am I? No harm, no foul."

Pipes shrugs and lifts his own glass to Blackstorm of the Tetrahexian Tempest. Hey, as long as everybot enjoys Earth culture their own way, Pipes is happy. He tastes the screwdriver drink and ... yeah, not bad. Little weak, but reminds him of an Old Forged somehow.

Windrose just rolls her optics at Blackstorm's rebuttal. That doesn't help explain the fortune card at all! Oh, whatever. While everyone else is discussing the drink mixing she decides to go browse at some of the other items that have been put on display.

Blaster raises his glass. "Cheers to the first meeting of the Earth club and everyone here." He does a clink with whoever and drains his red cup. "If you will excuse me, I got stuff to take pictures of." And now he is going around the room to look at the Earth artifacts, taking video and pictures for Rewind to go through later.

And Sideswipe is going to snort at that, before looking around the room again. And follow after Blaster, to ask, "What was in that again? Tasted a bit...odd." he's also a bit curious about the objects around them, so he is kinda hoping Blaster knows something about them.

Blackstorm relaxes after that, transforming back into his usual cheery self. Well, isn't today just a day of strange discoveries? And for him the night has just begun. He's only seen two of the objects, and there's still plenty left to poke (and free drinks to disgustingly mix). The others that are moving off to look at the displays have the right idea. That and he has a new acquaintance to get to know. "Hey, Pipes, you know all about this stuff, right? Want to give me the grand tour?"

Guy seems excited to talk about it, anyways. Might as well give him the opportunity to do so.

Blaster takes Sideswipe's hand in his. "Something called orange juice. And vodka. I really like the taste. A lot. Which means I am going to bug Swerve on making something close to it for me." He gives Sides a big smile.

"Really? I mean -- sure!" Pipes can't believe that things are going so well. Well, they should, Earth is great, but to have bots actually interested ... it's more than he hoped for, and he's so happy about it. He shoots Gearshift a thumbs up, and then scuttles over to his new buddy Blackstorm to show off, oh, let's see ... how about the bicycles?

The first comment out of his mouth probably made him sound as stupid as everyone assumed. "Since when can you get juice from a color?" his brain-to-mouth filter may be a bit broken. But he still squeezes Blaster's hand, an embarrassed grin on his face, content to spend a bit more time with Blaster.

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