2016-08-02 Library Party

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Library Party
Date 2016/08/02
Location Lost Light - Recreation -- Library
Participants Barrister, Brainstorm, Mercy, Moonracer, Rodimus, Vortex, Waspinator, Whisper
Summary Rodimus wants to study, and Waspinator knows a thing or two about titans

Meant as a place for quiet study and public record, this storeroom is a repository of information. Whole collections of datapads fill shelves along all of the walls and the multiple diving partitions, giving the space a very 'full' feeling. While many of these pads contain a copy of Cybertronian knowledge and study, many still are empty, meant to be filled with what is discovered from the continuing exploits of the Lost Light. Both a library and record hall, this room shares what is known and means to add to it with what is found.

Inside the entrance is the main desk, unmanned, but the terminal there serves as a nexus to track what datapads have been checked out and by whom. From this entry, there are stairs down and up as there are two levels to this library, one thematically purple and the other predominantly red. The central connecting space is open, allowing for those below to view who might be above and vice versa.

Rodimus has a research project and he is going about it as Rodimus-ily as possible. Well, no. Not as much as possible. Nothing is currently on fire.

Rodimus has claimed a corner table for his research. He brought speakers, hooked to a portable music player which is currently trapped in a looping playlist of 1980s Earth rock ballads. The sound ... carries. He also brought snacks. It's clear he intends to be there for a while. He has only just set up, dumping all of this up and kicking off the music before he pivots to go hit the stacks with his datapad of recommendations to start pulling material.

Mercy has datapads to return - some are her own, and some (okay, most) are from the medical bay. One of the doctors research - she'd offered to take them back with her; she hadn't realized how many there were! With her hands piled full, it's only a matter of time before she drops the collection - anyone want to take a bet on how soon that would be?

Whisper is in the downstairs section of the library, browsing among the datapads as she lets the purple light fall across the lines of books. There are a few areas where the earlier cleanup crew has missed a spot and she has picked up a few of these escapee datapads and holds them sort of haphazardly like she's not sure what to do with them. There should probably be a reshelving cart somewhere, but what the end result is that she has a truly eclectic collection of material under her arm.

The first time a song started, she looked up blankly from below and stared towards it for a bit before going back to her business.

This is no longer the first time a song has begun.

Her step begins to clack against the spiral stairs as she climbs from below towards the main level. It is the only sound she makes.

Brainstorm doesn't always bother with the library, but when he does, it's usally for a really good reason. Like today. Actually, he's here for two very good reasons. The first is that he needs to find some information on titans, specifically, any connection they might have to quantumn engines, or engines in general. Second, his lab is currently full of smoke, and the ventelation is going to be a while.

It's not like he's a complete stranger here however. He's pretty sure he's familiar enough with the place well enough to remember where what he's looking for should be. What he doesn't remember however, is there ever being music in the library. Or what he sees when he poke around the corner in search of its source "Okay, who are you and what have you done with our captain?"

Barrister is trying to work, here. Barrister keeps his office in the library, a simple study room with the detachable plaque 'Barrister of Iacon - Ship's Counsel' affixed to the door. The sweet tones of Pat Benatar waft into the small space, given that Barrister leaves said door open more often than not. He looks up from his research, dismisses the pop sound, and goes back to his work. When it persists, shifting into a ballad about some wasted teenage summer and the love lost with it, Barrister has to rise and go to the doorway to see just what the hell is going on. "What in Primus's name this is a library." He grumbles, mostly to himself.

Waspinator found himself in the Library somehow, a nice quiet spot to possibly take a nap then the noise started. All it took was a glance at the flashy paint job of none other than the Captain himself for Waspinator to creep towards the entrance with the intention to leave. But just as he makes his way past a shelf something catches his optic. Slowly, as if it will bite him, Waspinator pulls a something off the shelf a collection of images on Cybertron, back before the war Waspinator isnt even sure he fully remembers what Cybertron was like before the fighting. So he freezes in the middle of the aisle (probably blocking any passage for others), staring down at it as the images flick by. The fact he is only about two shelves away from Rodimus is ignored.

Rodimus has ... two datapads. He has gone up and down many aisles, passing many books he should have grabbed, and completely ignorant of it because he has next to no idea how to find things in here. He lifts his head from one of his datapads as Brainstorm addresses him and flashes him a brilliant grin. "I'm researching!" he crows like it's the latest super cool extreme sports move -- and then he makes it one by turning a corner, blindly, and right into Mercy, to send her toppling in Waspinator's direction. It was narratively inevitable.

Technically- and this is very technical and reading between the lines- Vortex is not banned from the library. Oh, he is very much banned. He's fairly sure his name is written somewhere, alright. But he's really just banned from taking out library datapad. Going in and reading? Perfectly acceptable! He's perusing, looking for medical and engineering-based books along with locks. Someone just has to have special hands. And Vortex be damned if he won't accomplish that!

As he peruses behind a shelf, he can hear... Music? His rotors twitch and he looks at Fifi standing on his shoulder- look what he taught her to do! Granted, she was just standing but... She was on his shoulder! Progress.

A stint of curiosity grips the rotary's mind and he takes the datapads he's found so far, tucks them under his arm and does the most necessary thing when one wants to see the source of a noise. He scales the shelving unit. His helm pokes up over the top and he spots- dominos. He barks a laugh as he peers over and down his shelf. "Hehe, you all fell down."

Almost a new record! Mercy, and her stack of returning pads, is sent stumbling back, scattering across the nearby floor. Her optics slowly turn up to see the paint job of the one and only ships Captain, before continuing up to Vortex at the comment. She beams a grin way up to the laughing figure. "Oh thats an old Earth rhyme...except it's about a bridge, and a plague and uh...yeah, it's actually kind of sad."

"Exactly!" Brainstorm exclaims. Rodimus, actually going to the library and research something? Must be a trick! Before he actually gets to go any further however, Rodimus turns a corner, and, what would you know, makes a mess "Huh, maybe you are our Rodimus." everyone alive here? Good. Recognising two familiar voices, he turns to give both a nod "Hey Mercy, Vortex".

Whisper comes to rest on the steps, emerging around the corner as a long lean figure of navy and white, wingspan quivering slightly as she pauses, taken aback by the disaster to which she is, apparently, going to bear silent witness. She stands there with her free hand lifted to touch the railing, her bright yellow visor angled towards them with her head angled slightly to one side.

Waspinator is brought out of his near trancelike state by the sound of Mercy falling. He whips around- Only to have several data pads that flew unnaturally high to collide directly with his face. One smacks corner first into his optic while the other slaps one of his mandibles, both delivering painful jolts. In a nanosecond Waspinator has dropped his own pad and clutched at his own face with his hands, letting out a yelp of pain as he instinctively ducks down to protect his head.

Barrister can see everything from where he stands. Someone is singing a cherry bomb, and now Mercy has fallen, and there are datapads everywhere. And Brainstorm. And the captain. And a wasp with sparks flying off his dome. "It's going to be one of those days." Barrister reaches down to his left thigh. A compartment opens there, and he deftly snatches up what can only be described as a flask. He takes a quick drink.

Taking in the resulting carnage, Rodimus can only say, "Whoops. My bad." He managed to keep more or less on his own feet after an impressive stumble that sent him slamming up hard against one of the racks of shelves. Datapads shower to the floor on the other side. But he's still up. Pushing away, he offers Mercy a hand and sends a squint in Brainstorm's direction, puzzling out his change of heart. He gives up on figuring it out after a moment to throw a sunny smile up at Vortex. "Hello up there!" he calls at a library-inappropriate volume. "Hey, who wants to help me find things? Scavenger hunt."

The yelp from Waspinator's direction has Mercy's smile fading, and her head whipping around to try and spot the injured party. She's wired to pick up on indications of pain in patients, and this patient didn't make it hard. "Oh!" Scrambling t oher feet with Rodimus' helpin hand, she quickly clasps her hands in front of her chestplate. "I'm sorry! I didn't mean to hurt you! Here, let me hel..." She catches herself and her shoulders slump a bit. "Let me get you a band-aid...or a doctor?" she offers.

"Ah yes... I know that one. Plagues are funny." Vortex chuckles and waves down to Rodimus before looking over at... Oh... He's here... His look sours slightly but hidden by his mask. He doesn't respond to Brainstorm and instead brightens at- "Scavenger hunt! Is there a prize?!" The rotary lifts himself, twists over the top, and drops down from the top with little care of where he's landing. Whethere its on a who or what doesn't matter. He does take care to make sure Fifi stays okay. Precious Fifi. "That was hilarious, by the way! Anyways, is there a prize? I want a prize!"

Whisper strides forward on a few slow, quiet paces across the room toward the gathering of people. She has yet to greet anyone or attempt to make eye contact. She is eyeing Rodimus's workspace with a very blank expression.

<FS3> Barrister rolls Feign Interest: Good Success. (3 4 7 6 3 7)

<FS3> Waspinator rolls Fate's Chewtoy: Good Success. (4 4 4 3 7 2 7 3 2 5 5)

If Brainstorm noticed that neither of his greetings were answered, he doesn't show it. It's no big deal, especially considering that Rodimus is, well, being Rodimus and drawing all the attention to himself "I really have my own 'scavanger hunt' to do, but why are you even here? Never really took you for the studyiung type."

SCAVENGER HUNT!? Waspinator doesnt want to do any form of hunt with these mechs, this is the first time he has even seen some of them and already they have hurt him! Then Mercy approaches him, weirdly apologetic and offering band aids. Bandaid? What could a bandaid do to help this??? He is about to respond further when Vortex comes crashing down on him, driving all the air out of his vents as he is forced to the ground on his front with a whole lot of helicopter on his back. Why thizz only happen to Wazzpinator!? Not only does his face hurt now, but his back, wings, and chassis.

Liquid courage obtained, Barrister deftly stows his flask and closes up the compartment. He strides forward into the area occupied by Rodimus and his 'friends', a winning grin somehow plastering itself across his features. "Captain!" Barrister greets warmly. He steps around the Wasp-pile, sparing only a quick glance at it. "I see you've managed a small pileup in our quaint library. And I thought I heard something about a scavenger hunt. I have to confess, Rodimus, it's not normally this exciting up here."

"I," says Rodimus, tucking his datapads under his arm the better to set his hands on his hips and pose, "have a list." That is how scavenger hunts usually start. He drops the two datapads he'd found at his feet and holds the third up to show them. Titans this, titans that, titans the other thing: it's drawn from many different areas of study, but it all centers back to one subject. "Rodimus star for whoever gets the most." He says this as though he actually expects it to motivate people. He returns Barrister's grin with his own. "Some of you might have an advantage, I know, but this still seems the fairest way to do it. What can I say? I like bringing a little life into the place."

Life and noise and food and chaos--.

The music plays on from his workspace in the background. "I've studied before!" Rodimus insists to Brainstorm, sounding all offended at everything. "I even made a presentation!"

Whisper looks down at the datapads that Rodimus just dropped on the floor. She frowns. Then she steps forward with great gravity and reserve, bends down with a shift of her broad wingspan, and just as solemnly, silently, picks them up. Now she has his datapads, which she puts on top of her stack of assorted random datapads that she's been gathering up off the floor from random points in the library. Now, also, she's put herself kind of in the middle of things, which seems regrettable. Standing there, the silent Decepticon looks at him reproachfully. You'd think after being trapped in a box with him for days she'd have had enough of being in Rodimus's face to last a lifetime.

She might need to offer more than a bandaid. Mercy looks thorouhly discombobulated as Waspinator is suddenly used as a landing pad. "Careful!" the medic chastises Vortex as she bends to try and get hold of Wasp's arm, intending to help him up and possibly to the medibay, if he needs it. She tosses a look over her shoulder at Rodimus and can't help but grin. "You just don't want to look it up yourself."

Somehow, Vortex lands on someone and stays standing. Its like the universe wants this particular mech beneath his pedes to suffer. The Combaticons vents stutter from the impact, visor widening. "Are you okay??" He asks, voice syrupped with concern... For Fifi. He's asking the roboid. She seems alright though. And much shinner than when Brainstorm last saw her. He pats her helm and then hops off the big, green thing. "Oooo- a Rodimus Star! And... For finding Titan things? Done! So where's that list?" He holds out a servo, all 'gimmegimme'. A reward! Vortex loves rewards.

"Studying yourself in the mirror while you pose doesn't count" Brainstorm snides, though eventually he does raise his hands in surrender "But whatever you say, captain. He does bend down a bit to take a peek at the list "Looks like we might have some conflict here. Some of those are what I'm looking for too.

Vortex's concern over 'Fifi' earns him an amused look. To think that an ancient security droid would be turned in to a pet!

Waspinator shakily gets back to his feet, immediately scrambling away from Vortex and closer to Rodimus, the Captain might hurt Waspinator's ears but he has yet to physically harm him. He hears the bit about titans and shrinks back yet again. Wazzpinator hazz had enough with titanzz! "Wazzpinator not going to look for titanzz, again! Wazzpinator almozzt die lazzt time!" He is backed against a shelf, cornered on one side by Vortex and the other by Rodimus.

Barrister is about to say something, before Whisper intervenes and literally cleans up Rodimus's mess. He watches the lanky mech for a few moments, not deigning at this time to give Rodimus's quest much of a response. He does finally look back towards the captain, a finger curling around his chin as he peruses the subject matter of the hoisted datapad. "Titans, eh? It's like we can't get enough of them. I'm sure this crew has seen more titans than any Cybertronian in living memory." The lawbot remarks. "Interesting fact: under some of the more ancient Cybertronian codes, a titan may sit in judgment of the accused and the ruling of a titan is unappealable, while often times being unintelligible."

Rodimus fingerguns at Mercy: ka-pow. He tips his finger up with the recoil of his shot. "Bingo. I can't find anything. This is taking forever." He turns the datapad so that Vortex can see it, but keeps hold of it, the better to share with all those who want to play. He doesn't trust Vortex not to run off with it. For some reason. Oh-so-graciously, he tells Brainstorm, "Don't worry. You can look at them when I'm done. It should--" He cuts off, gaze dragging over at Waspinator. "Last time?" He seems oblivious to Whisper, much less her picking up after him, as he makes a face at Barrister. "What's a titan know, anyway?"

Mercy steps back quiclky as Waspinator practically leaps away from her, and Vortex, and towards Rod. She's not about to force her help on him - maybe she's gaining a reputation...she can't help but wonder if Knock Out has been spreading rumours? Bah, no...he wouldn't do that! Giving her head a quick shake, she can't help but smirk at Rodimus. "I don't think finding the information should be hard..." Especially not with all this help.

Now Whisper walks over to Rodimus's workspace. Her arm continues to balance her growing pile of datapads against her hip as she leans toward the musical apparatus. She eyes it skeptically. With an air of threat.

Vortex pauses. "You didn't... Make multiple lists?" That's not planning ahead, Rodimus! But yes, he is tempted to snatch the datapad and run. As it is, he reads over the titles quickly, storing as much as he can. Actually, he is about to try and snatch the datapad because UPPER HAND but then... Yes, the big green thing catches his attention as sharply as it does Rodimus's. He turns slightly, seeing the mech as flightly. Intimidate-able. The light of his visor turns predatory, curious to the answer of the Captain's question. Old habits die hard. He doesn't look away, just lifting a servo to casually stroke Fifi's head. "Gotta know something if you're researching them, Cap," He points out, gaze not breaking away with a tremble running up the blades of his rotors.

Brainstorm looks about ready to protest Rodimus' decision, but the same thing that cuts off the captain draws his attention as well. Stepping over to the shaky Waspinatior, the engineer peers down at him with interest "You looked for titans before?"

Barrister makes a point to /not/ take one of Rodimus's datapads. Still, he lingers, arms folding across his black chest. He looks like he might be helpful, but remains on the sidelines. "Everything, if you listen to some. I mean, they know where we're going, that's why we keep looking for them, isn't that right?" The lawbot replies to Rodimus, a slight smirk playing over his features. Blue optics glance at the other mechs as they extricate themselves from the wasp-pile. "Yes. I would say it's never been so exciting here."

As Whisper approaches the music player, she's greeted by the synth-bounce of some late 80s Depeche Mode. The words come soon enough: 'Words like violence/Break the silence/Into my little world/Painful to me/Pierce right through me/Can't you understand?' Sung in only the finest droning voice heavy with faux-meaning.

Waspinator's optics go wider than a deer caught in headlights as nearly everyones attention zooms to focus on him. The worst of it is from Vortex, who has already made it clear he has no qualms about harming him. Any resistance Waspinator may have attempted to put up immediately crumbles and he slides back even further, jostling the shelf behind him. "W-Wazzpinator wazz titan hunter, under Captain Bludgeon." It says something that Waspinator still refers to Bludgeon as Captain, the only question is if it is from respect or fear.

"I dunno. For ancient, wise beings they are awful short on helpfulness." Rodimus pauses slightly. "Of course, most of them have been dead. Or dying. Or crazy." He has the grace to look troubled by this, and it's a look that dips into a deeper frown as he looks back at Waspinator. "Titan hunter?" he demands all judgmentally, considering that they are going from titan to titan for their own purposes and literally just killed one.

Whisper reaches out with a single fingertip and, very slowly and deliberately, turns off Rodimus's tunes. Decepticons, rise up.

The song fades out, on its last bar: "Enjoy the silence..."

Wait wait wait -- so there's a /party/ in the /libary/? Super exciting. /So/ exciting. So totally completely exciting that Moonracer goes excited-clatter still, datapads hugged to chestplate and shoulder-whee-- oh, shit. Belay that still: in the sudden not-actually-silence of the turned-off music, there's a quick-quick slightly-squeaky vmmmmm sound coming from the little zoombot. Who is so excited she's not actually standing still: she's /vibrating/. Then darting off to deliver her armload of turn-ins so fast she kind of skids through a turn or two. Squeak-screeee.

Vortex is happy to help remind Waspinator of his place in the world. Which is suffering. Good thing Waspinator doesn't need anymore taste of his place and answers. What a good bug, answering. And my, what an answer indeed! "That's so cool..." He whispers as the room drops into quiet. What a weight this answer brings! He loves this part of interrogation! Not his favorite but damn if it isn't enjoyable. "Technically, we're sorta Titan hunters too, Cap. We just don't... Kill them, most of the time at least. What'd you do to the titans, Squish? Did you actually find any?"

If Waspinator thought that was going to give him some reprive, he's wrong, at least where Brainstorm is concerned. These news only seem to make him more curious "Hunter, huh? So, how exactly did you hunt them? And why?" that's not a moral judgement by the way. He's legitimately curious about this.

"See? You have an expert." Barrister gestures towards Waspinator for Rodimus. "I say he should get a star. The Titan Hunter star. Let him answer all your questions." He gives a firm nod towards the bug. "That some counsel I can't give. We're very lucky to have a true professional on this ship." He feigns a laugh. "Never ceases to amaze me the talent we've managed to grab here." The ship's counsel clasps a hand on Rodimus's shoulder. "I think the music has stopped, so I had better go take my chair." Barrister makes towards his office, quietly praying that all the commotion hasn't knocked his plaque askew.

Having had little experience with the Titan, at least hands on, Mercy does little more than allow her attention to jump from one speaker to the next - she has little to add to the conversation, but she seems interested enough in the topic.

Waspinator can feel the judgement radiating off Rodimus and has a feeling he should not tell the real purpose of the titan hunters or at least... part of the truth. Wazzpinator might be dumb but Wazzpinator not stupid! .. wait... "Lord Megatron wanted titanzz zzpace bridge technology, made titan hunterzz to track down titanzz... Wazzpinator only find one..." And he.. he doesn't like to think about it. Please don't let them ask what happened to the titan! He looks away from Rodimus, optics flying around the area as he looks for an escape route but fails to find one. "Wazzpinator just... follow? Wazzpinator look for zzignzz of titan activity then follow them..." What is he supposed to say!? He knows what to look for but not how to explain it to others he just... knows. No ... no Barrister don't ... don't do that, your making it worse...

"We're not Titan hunters," Rodimus immediately argues. "I mean -- not hunters." He pauses. "We're Titan helpers!" He mutes a wince. "Mostly. We try to. ANYWAY, Barrister is right, if you really know about finding them and the music has stopped -- WHAT DO YOU MEAN THE MUSIC HAS STOPPED." He abandons Vortex and Brainstorm (and Mercy) to drag answers out of Waspinator and pivots to stare down his attacker.

<FS3> Whisper rolls Stillness: Good Success. (7 8 3 3 5 4 4 2 2 8 6 6 3)

Vortex shrugs. Helpers, Hunters- is there really a difference? Because if you ask him, it feels a whole hell of a lot more like the latter than the former. A claw stops scritching Fifi to tap his chin instead. "Mmmm... So you can find titans, fascinating..." The red of his visor intensifies but he doesn't ask a question he really wants to. If no one else asks it, then he'll do it one on one. Just the way he prefers! "So... Guess this means you gotta help us track down titans now! Maybe this is your calling, Squish."

Whisper returns Rodimus's gaze, standing over his workspace in complete stillness. Her expression is grave, in so far as it can be read with her still mouth and the bright yellow gleam of her visored optics.

Moonracer /not/ dump and run, no really: she turns everything in /very nicely/, okay, just also /very quickly/ so she can zoom-scoot back to the clutch of 'bots. "Was the music not /supposed/ to stop?" is directed at -- well. At anyone, really: she starts with Rodimus, 'cause of the emphasis, but then wide-eyes a quick-quick questioning look at multiple bots in succession. There's even some electronic eyebrow action in on it. "'s not a /bad time/, is it?" Squeak-whir-fidget.

"And here I thought one nutcase gutting titans for a space bridge was enough" Brainstorm muses. Shame they discovered Luna-1 a while back. The titan graveyard there might have helped with this whole engine mysteries. "Only one, huh? You sure you didn't just get lucky? What did you do with it anyways?"

<FS3> Rodimus rolls Stillness: Failure. (1 6)

Rodimus stares back at Whisper. He tries -- oh, he tries -- to stand still and silent and meet her level gaze with quiet reserve, but this is Rodimus, and he breaks away with a restless bound to ditch Waspinator and co and cross to her. He reaches to turn his music back on, staring back at her. "The music," he says to Moonracer, "was not supposed to stop." Look, titans are important, but he needs a soundtrack first.

<FS3> Whisper rolls Chill: Failure. (5 6 1 5)

<FS3> Moonracer rolls Effevescence: Failure. (5 2)

<FS3> Waspinator rolls Fate's Chewtoy: Great Success. (5 4 6 7 4 7 7 7 5 5 1)

Wingspan vibrating with her restrained shift of motion, Whisper stares into Rodimus's face like she's trying to stare a hole through his helm. She drops the massive pile of datapads onto the workspace. They clatter and spill in all directions in a chaotic skew. She snaps: "You weren't even listening to it." A beat passes. Whisper lowers her head very slightly. She says: "...Sir."

With Rodimus distracted Waspinator sees his chance, and makes a break for it. They going to make Wazzpinator tell truth! They going to hurt Wazzpinator for what he'zz done! A sudden buzz erupts in the small space as Waspinator leaps to the side, trying to zip away. Obviously he can't run forever but he can escape for now! Only he chooses the wrong direction, plowing straight into Vortex's sharp rotors and is sent sprawling on the ground as he crashes into a shelf, now actually visibly injured. The universe truly does hate him. "Pleazze no hurt Wazzpinator! Wazzpinator wazz only doing as told! Find titan, then kill for Zzhockwave to zztudy! Only Mazzter Zzhockwave never come after Wazzpinator ezzcape from the bad place!"

"Oh," comes on a breath, then, "oh, /nooo/," one later. Moonpie's little front-wheel shoulder-wings /droop/, then her shoulders and her funny, freckled little face. Datapads /clatter/ and she dart-darts forward, automatic, to catch them -- then stalls out and squeal-squeak stops, her weight braced to balance out her forward momentum as she /looks/, eyes wide, wide-wide, between Whisper and Rodimus. "Guys," strives for light and bright and scrapes it's way through a whine on the way to worried, "/guys/, it's supposed to be a party, okay? Parties are for /fun/." Or property damage. But also fun.

Barrister can ignore the confrontation between Whisper and Rodimus. He can ignore the clatter of datapads. The sound of Waspinator being lacerated by Vortex's rotors...that makes Barrister wince. He turns, watching the hapless Decepticon bleed onto the deck. "All right." The black bot marches back towards the scrum. "Where did Mercy get off to..." He mutters to himself, looking among the stacks. His attention alights on Moonracer just before she goes to pick up the datapads. "Well she has to learn the hard way." His gaze turns to Vortex and Brainstorm. "Well come on let's get him up and back to the medbay. No need to talk about any of that anymore."

"I was totally listening to it! I heard when it stopped, didn't I?" Rodimus argues. The fact that Barrister had to draw his attention to it is ... not in his favor. He sets his hands on his hips. "You could just ask. I'd totally turn it off if you asked nicely." Immediately after saying this, he looks as though he is regretting it. He watches Whisper warily. Don't ask don't ask don't ask. Moonracer distracts him, and earns a baffled look: "What? Uh, yeah. It's a -- study party! I guess. Don't worry, we're not really arguing. No one's shooting."

Vortex is momentarily distracted, turning just a bit to look at Rodimus and Whisper. "Hehe... Flameboy and Ice Queen are at it..." he whispers to Fifi on his shoulder. And as he turns a little, Waspinator decides to make a break for it right into his gleaming, atom-edged rotors. What a stupid bug. Vortex yelps in surprise, being turned on a pivot by the force and stumbling back. And oh... Oh.

A shiver runs over his body, making his armor bristle and then settle in a wave. A happy gasp makes its way past his lips and facemask. "Ahhhhh..." he breathes as his rotors flick energon before hicking up to let that elixir run down the blade. Slowly... like in a daze he turns to Waspinator, a twinkle in his visor no one wants to see. "You feel good when you split open," he tells the bug, leaning in close and claws clacking. "I suppose..." His vents intake and expell heavily a few times, like heavy breathing. "We should save that for a different date." He looks over to Brainstorm. "I guess we're stuck carting him then. This has been a hell of a party!" His blasted grin could be heard by all in his voice.

<FS3> Moonracer rolls Effervescence: Success. (3 2 3 7 2 6 6 2) <FS3> Moonracer rolls Stealth: Success. (6 1 7 1 6) <FS3> Moonracer rolls Stealth: Success. (1 8 6 4 4) <FS3> Moonracer rolls Transportation: Great Success. (8 6 2 6 7 4 8 4 8 1 8) <FS3> Moonracer rolls Transportation: Great Success. (8 6 8 1 2 2 1 7 6 7 6)

Brainstorm winces as Waspinator barrels light in to Vortex's pointy ends. Well, one set of them anywys. "Oooh, ouch" that had to hurt. He doesn't offer his help, however, in good part because he finds himself edging in the opposite direction, away from Vortex as the Combaticon starts acting as if he just, well, it's a little much for even Brainstorm. Kinda creepy. He's rather glad that he's not in Waspinator's place right now. Barrister volunteering him for carrying duty only makes him want to step away further, maybe get back to what he came here for. On the other hand, he has here a perfectly talkative titan expert, and if he helps out, he'll have every chance to continue questioning him. "Don't see why we can't do both" he points out to the other Autobot as he steps up again "Oh, before I forget, Vortex, I'm gonna need Fifi back for a bit."

Moonracer's, "Oh," this time has risen back up the register, not quite all the way at peak perk, but she seems -- mollified, to say the least. "That's good! No shooting, 'cause we're all crew, right? On the same team." It's delightfully dear, the way her eyes light up with sudden inspiration, and then -- quick-quick there's a little teal-white blur that zips in beside Rodimus; a hand skims as close to shoulderish as she can reach, leaves a sticky-stuck Team Moonracer decal in its wake. Then Whisper: it's a teal cirle with a stylized white swoop-checkmark in the foreground, with MOONRACER and her stats printed block-letter tiny around the outside edge of the circle. Her stealth-zoom campaign ends with her back where she started, both hands outstretched to her sides and grin bright-bright and genuine. "Same team!" she declares again, before skewing her eyeline toward the drama of Unfortunate Buzzy and Creeper Slicey. "Should we help?" queries, still bright -- slightly tamped down, though. Not creepy.

<FS3> Waspinator rolls Run Away: Success. (5 4 8 3 4)

Oh no, primus no, why izz meanbot looking at Wazzpinator like that!? Waspinator isn't about to go anywhere with Vortex, at least not willingly. Ignoring the pain from his injury Waspinator lets out a yelp of fear before he clambers up and resumes his escape, half flying half hopping towards the exit as he is having a hard time keeping himself steady. Despite how (surprisingly skillfully) he manages to get away, Waspinator is leaving a small energon trail behind him. It likely won't be hard to find him, nor can he actually get very far. If you want the rest of his story, better catch up to him.

"See? Friendly." Rodimus turns to Moonracer with this point made only to find her -- slapping stickers? On people? Rather than try to peel the decal off himself, he leans over to study it on Whisper, which requires less undignified twisting. He looks from Whisper to Moonracer and back again. In the end, he says nothing about it, and just glances over in the direction of Waspinator's new friends heartlessly. "Eh, leave them be. I'll catch up with him later. I still need help finding some datapads, though. Feel like being useful?"

Barrister plants his hands on his hips as Waspinator makes like Getaway and escapes. "Well that's my attempt at a good deed." He doesn't say much to either Brainstorm or Vortex, just nodding to them. The latter's display doesn't seem to have affected the lawbot much. "Thanks for being willing to help. I'll notify security that we've got a wounded mech buzzing around the halls..." With that, he retreats into his office and closes the door. Which was probably the solution all along.

Whisper reacts to having a sticker placed upon her person by ... nonreaction. She doesn't know what to do, but taking her cue from Rodimus that a violent response would be inappropriate, she just stands very still. She watches Rodimus and Moonracer for a long moment.

Vortex cackles. "Oooo, I love it when they try to run!" He croons after Waspinator. His good mood via bloodshed even allows him to respond to Brainstorm. "Sure, sure, but I'm overseeing her appointment!" Shoving datapads into subspace- ie: Stealing while there's a ruckus- he takes Fifi into an arm and takes off after Waspinator. "Come baaaa~aaack!" He giggles. He sure does hope Waspinator struggles all the way to medbay. What a good way to end today.

Moonracer watches the precipitous exit, but seee-eeems to take Rodimus at his word - as creepy as Vortex's follow-up is and all. "Okay," she says after a moment's (snap-second's) thought. "I like being useful!" Watching-them Whisper gets a face-shift, a scrunch of her noseplate and cheeks that almost disappears her freckles. And a thumbs-up.

And there he goes. You know what, no. Who knows when will be the next time Brainstorm runs in to this guy. He's going after him. Hopefully Vortex won't mam him again. He needs to be conscious to tell them all about this titan. "You know she's technically still my -- fine, later." As Vortex takes off, Brainstorm follows. Titans first. Fifi can wait.

Rodimus takes Whisper's silence as interest: "Good!" With his two new study buddies, he turns back toward the mess they've left in the shelves (again). "Let's get started! Sooner we finish here, sooner I can find out what was up with that guy." He squares his shoulders and then charges back into the stacks, off to climb Mount Learning.

Whisper hesitates for a long moment, but then, at length, she follows. After all, it might even have been a ... very cheerful order.

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