2016-08-02 Counseling Cliffjumper

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Counseling Cliffjumper
Date 2016/08/02
Location Lost Light - Docks and Storage - The Brig
Participants Cliffjumper, Rung
Summary Rung has a chat with Cliffjumper in the brig.

No room is so carefully watched, no area so strongly-constructed as the brig. The cells are monitored, capable of holding a dozen prisoners. The forcefields aren't quite rated for a point-one-percenter, but they aren't far from it, either.

Cliff paces endlessly in his cell, mostly just grumbling to himself in anger. His knuckles are bloody from trying to punch his way out through the walls. There is a spot of countless scuff marks that marked his main target on the wall. Since he threw his last fuel on the ground he was getting pretty hungry. "Stupid Cons. Think they can starve me into submission. Tch-yeah right. Rather shoot myself again. This time in the helmet."

Rung makes his way to the brig, this is a meeting that could not wait. After questioning Tailgate and having a conversation with Gearshift, Rung has an idea about what could be going on in Cliffjumper's head. However, his hypothesis cannot be confirmed until he speaks with the mech himself. So for the second time Rung has made his way out of the medbay to do his job. Pausing only a moment to collect himself, wary that his expression will be highly readable without his glasses, Rung steps into the medbay and makes a beeline for Cliffjumper's cell (as fast as a calm collected walk can allow).

Cliffjumper stops as soon as he heard footsteps echoing down the hall. His optics narrow in on Rung, like a caged animal being taunted by annoying tourists. He waits for Rung to get closer before speaking. "So, you're here to fix me huh?" His voice is full of disgust. "Well you're wasting your time. Im not crazy, glitched or anything. So just get out of here."

Rung steps in front of the cell, watching Cliffjumper evenly, "I do not think you are crazy, or glitched, or anything. Yes I have come to speak with you but I do not believe that you are broken and need fixing." His eyes flick over Cliffjumper, examining the damage he has done to himself, "I think that we should discuss what has been happening, and I am willing to listen to what you have to say."

Cliffjumper snorts definitely. "Yeah? Fat chance you'll even believe me. You've probably been talking to everyone else. Mechs I thought I could trust tricked me into being in here! Just go kiss a Con or something and leave me alone."

Rung doesn’t show any outward reaction to his hostility but mentally takes note of it, "I have been speaking to others, because they are concerned about you. As am I." Rung lets his personal concern slip through to his expression, attempting to get through to Cliffjumper, "But there is also the case that if you have indeed uncovered a spy network, the Captain must be told." The strategy here is to get Cliffjumper to talk, to show his version of incidents, and then poke holes in the logic of the events.

Cliffjumper blue optics examines the shrink closely. Rung was the first one to take him seriously. Though he could just be acting like Pipes. Should have punched him harder when he had the chance! Could Rung be trusted? Herm if Rung is a spy he would have spilled the beans on all his patients, probably brainwash them or something. Rung had plenty of time to take control of the ship. But he didn't. The gears turning in his head was visible on his face. "Fine, Ill talk, but you have to get me out of here when we're done." If nothing else maybe he could stop the spy on his own before it was too late.

"I will do what I can to allow your release, Cliffjumper." At this, Rung waits expectantly for Cliffjumper to give his version of events.

The trapped mech sneers but he suppose that's all he could expect for now. He sighs and gets right to the point. "Gearshift is a Decepticon spy and I failed to take her out. Nothing more than that really."

Rung nods gently, as if this is perfectly logical before speaking, "Could you tell me exactly what lead you to realize this?" Rung is careful to use the word realize instead of believe, to use the term believe would imply he doubted Cliffjumper's claims. "I need to know the entirety of the incident if I am to assist you."

Cliff was already acting more calm thanks to Rungs careful wording and was far more willing to talk without realizing it. "It took me a while to figure it out. First it was that neutral meeting she went to. She didn't even tell me, forgot we had a date. We haven't been dating long, just a few dates. I can only imagine that she was waiting for me to be at my weakest. Almost worked too. We had a fight about the meeting and... I was a little harsh on her. I was waiting for some time to pass before confronting her again, was going to apologize and everything, but then her Con friend Starsucks came for me. Started up a fight with me and abused his power to get me locked up! Guess that was their first part of the plan to get the others to not believe me. Heh, that was their one mistake though because that's when I started to figure out that Shift was a spy." He sighed a little and leans a shoulder against the force field. "Shame... I really did like her. She was weird but cute. Felt really calm around her. That's why I decided to give her a mercy killing. To save her from being tortured and all that. But...," his voice went somber and his optics drift. "Guess I choked at the last second and shot myself. Should have bleed out but... I didn't." He shrugs.

Rung listens calmly, without letting any bias or opinion slip. He decides on the best course of action to take, "Then it is a good thing you have remained vigilant, a spy amongst us would have been disastrous. Yet..." Rung pauses, as if confused, "There are a few things that seem strange to me. If Gearshift was a spy and the neutrals met to discuss moving against us... Why would she have told you? That seems like a rather dumb thing to let slip if she is as crafty as you say she is." With any luck this will get Cliffjumper to begin to rethink incidents, allowing for Rung to peel away at the way emotions and suspicion clouded his perception of the events.

He gave Rung a surprised look. Cliff didn't him to actually expect him to take this so seriously. He straightened up, feeling a little proud of himself for sticking to his guns on this spy stuff. Made him feel like a good solder. Though, he quickly gave Rung a confused look when he brought up the meeting. "Its a cover of course. It would be too hard to meet up with everyone and not be noticed. She had to think of something."

"but you had not heard of this meeting before she mentioned it," Rung continues to speak calmly, knowing if he gets too accusing or questioning that Cliffjumper could be set off. He has to remain sounding calm and mildly confused, "So it would stand to reason that it was not common knowledge, and therefore had gone unnoticed. There would have been no reason for her to even bring it up. You also say that she and Starstruck are friends?"

Cliff gave Rung a confused look as he brought up the loop hole in his logic. "I.. um.." He's at a loss of how to explain that. "Huh? Oh yeah! That Con just came out of nowhere and started a fight with me! Fragger blew her cover that's for sure. Someone as nice," he uses his finger to air quote that," as Shift wouldn't be friend with someone who just attacks for no reason! There's something more going on there!"

Rung raises a hand to his chin, as if in thought, "That is true. It could be argued that he was merely defending his friend, though. I do know if someone had upset someone close to me I do not think I would let it slide. I would more than likely confront them as well, granted in a far less violent manner." Rung looks back up to Cliff, gauging his expression, "I can see how he would be violent though, Starstruck seems to be incredibly protective of his friends... A lot like you would probably be, now that I think about it."

Cliff frowns. He didn't like where this was going. He couldnt deny that he would have done the exact same thing Starstruck did if it was his fact he has done the same. "Frag..." It was all he could say as his senses finally seem to return to him. "I am messed up..." He sighs, not really sure what to do now.

Rung can see Cliffjumper beginning to come around, "What’s wrong Cliffjumper?" He can't change tactics until he is sure Cliff realizes he was wrong, "What do you think you are messed up over?"

The red mech sits on the little bench in his cell, helmet in his servos. "I fragging did it again. I thought an innocent was a freaking spy. And I almost killed her!" What a fragging idiot he was!! "I probably scarred her for life or something!" He groans miserably before looking over at Rung. "I... I need some time alone if you don't mind. But... if you could do me a favor? Make sure Gearshift is okay. I don't want her to have nightmares. Gah she probably already has them. Just... make her better okay? I don't care if she hates me." Just...make her, her old self okay?

Rung feigns surprise at Cliffjumper's confession before shifting near seamlessly to gentle understanding, "Alright, for now I'll leave you to your thoughts. I will return later to speak with you." And with that he leaves, already wording a message to Tailgate telling him of the situation and thinking of where he can fit Cliffjumper's next appointment into his schedule.

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