2016-08-01 Informant: Tailgate

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Informant: Tailgate
Date 2016/08/01
Location Tailgate's Office
Participants Tailgate, Rung
Summary Rung is officially on the case of the seemingly cracked Cliffjumper!

The office is sparse, in the way of someone recently moved in. There is a large desk, orderly but full, and behind it a rolling chair to match. Facing the desk is a single chair for visitors. To one side of the office there is a vast wall made of a security terminal, controlling various security systems, camera feeds, records, and similar ilk. In terms of actual personal touches, there are not many yet.

Tailgate's had an interesting afternoon that's brought him from patrols to the science wing, and then back to his office as he gets some comms answered. A busy little guy. The security terminal nearby is currently in the middle of being fiddled with, and Tailgate is looking between an input screen and his tablet and the message on it. "Okay, I don't speak this level of nerd. I'm officially in over my head with this thing..." Does he talk to himself a lot? Possibly. It gets quiet otherwise. The door to his office is unlocked and partway open, an invitation for anyone that needs it.

Rung does indeed use that invitation as he slowly makes his way into the office, politely giving the door a knock as he enters. "Tailgate, I hope I am not coming at a bad time." Rung definitely does not look his best, an injury still visible on his chest and eyes exposed from a lack of glasses. He also may or may not have snuck out of the medbay (aka just walked out since no one really expects the obedient psychiatrist to leave without permission). Yet the fact he is mobile at all speaks wonders for his recovery. "I would like to speak about Cliffjumper if you have the time."

Tailgate is caught in the middle of turning the datapad upside down and uttering a slow "...Oh." when Rung makes his entrance. He quickly looks up and puts the tablet down on the terminal, visor large and bright. "Rung! No! No way." The minibot hops down off of his chair and makes his way over to offer the other one to Rung, taking it in one hand and angling it a bit towards the orange mech. "They let you out this soon? Still looks like you've got some repairs..." Between looking to the injury and offering the chair, he misses the lack of glasses until now, and he pauses a moment. He has such kind eyes! "I'd heard you'd gone down to Dunia. Didn't take you for a ...dungeoneer."

Rung lets out a slight laugh, "I am afraid I'm not much of a dungeoneer. Red Alert was going so I went along as moral support." It is entirely obvious that despite what happened, Rung is extremely proud of Red Alert willingly stepping outside his comfort zone. It's a huge step forward for his patient. He then clears his throat awkwardly, embarrassed, "Well, I.. ahem.. Would not say they released me, per say." As he says this, the Therapist seems to become very interested in the chair he has been offered as he sits. Its very... sturdy... and quite a distracting excuse for not looking at Tailgate!

Tailgate pauses when Rung sits, narrowing his optics behind his visor. "So you snuck out of the medbay?" At least he's here, and not being like any number of the combat unit. The minibot leans in with a small laugh on his vocalizer, then edges around to lean against the front of his desk so he's closer to Rung than his own seat allows. "Nice."

Tailgate adjusts his stance a couple of times, a little unsure. "So. Cliff. I've been keeping him as long as I can, because he keeps ranting and raving about going after people. I don't want him to hurt someone or himself, but I don't want to have to keep him there... I'm not sure how to fix this."

Rung snaps from embarrassingly looking at the chair to sharp and focused, looking up to the blurry figure of Tailgate in his no glasses state, "Has he been claiming to target anyone specific?" From what Rung has heard Cliffjumper has always been rather aggressive but recent events have been taking it to extreme levels.

"Gearshift. She's a neutral who works in Scouting. She's super nice and he's convinced she's some sort of-- spy or something. She's friends with one of my biggest mechs, and I told him to watch out for her in the meantime. Not that I really needed to tell him." Tailgate seems to have some solace in that. Star's a good guy. "Pipes was the one to kinda-- trick him into getting himself in the brig, and Cliff admitted a lot to him before that."

A Neutral and an autobot... Is there some form of connection between the two? Rung decides to try and push this line of reasoning, "Are you aware of what was admitted to Pipes, or how Pipes baited Cliffjumper into attacking him? It seems strange that Cliffjumper suddenly turns hostile towards a neutral."

"I got some of it, he was still in the medbay at the time." Tailgate holds his arms loose at his sides, hands brushing at the desk behind them. "I think they were together for a little bit, and something happened to make them split, and for whatever reason now he thinks she's a spy. I know that Pipes did what he did so Cliff could be put away, but I don't know how he did it. Yet, anyway."

That is not a lot for Rung to go on but it does bring up one idea... Gearshift. She had a close relationship before Cliffjumper's apparent mental breakdown. "Then perhaps I should speak with Gearshift. Maybe she could enlighten me as to what set him off in the first place."

"I think she might need it. I dunno how she's dealing with this, just that she came to me to tell me a bit about it and seemed really at odds." Tailgate sounds a bit guilty, even if its not at all his fault. "I can't imagine having someone you like turn on you and threaten you like that. Not in such a serious way, anyhow." He'll never forget certain things from his earliest days on the Lost Light.

Rung stands, with a bit of effort, "Then if there is nothing more you can tell me I believe I will go to find Gearshift. If I am lucky I can offer her some comfort along with gaining information of Cliffjumper." He believes she could need to talk to someone as well. It is not easy to have someone you trust turn on you... Rung knows the feeling as well as anyone who has experienced it.

Tailgate gives Rung a hand up if he needs it, more than ready to help. "Take it easy, though. Maybe we can send her to you at the medbay instead? You need more rest and Knock Out might put me in the trash compactor if he finds out I'm enabling your escape."

Rung gives a grateful smile to Tailgate's offer of a hand and gladly takes it, but only for a second until he steadies himself. "I would agree with you, Tailgate, if it did not seem time is of the essence. I would be remiss in my duties as a psychiatrist if I let a patient suffer while I am able to help." He makes his way to the door, steady enough to show he is able to move by himself he merely takes a moment to get up and down, "As for Knock Out," A single finger is placed to his lips and a mischievous glint comes to his eyes, "I will not inform him of this visit if you do not."

Tailgate can't quite hide his laugh when Rung tells him not to say anything in a mutual effort to keep it from Knock Out. Or even Ratchet. He follows the orange mech to the door just in case, browline and visor bent in an empathetic curve. "I hope you can help her. Cliff too. Comm me later?"

"If we are lucky I will return to the medbay before my absence is noted," Rung assures Tailgate, pausing in the doorway, "...I will also inform you of my progress as soon as some is made." and with that somewhat melancholy statement, Rung takes his leave to find Gearshift.

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