2016-07-31 Evidence-Based Practices

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Evidence-Based Practices
Date 2016/07/31
Location Lost Light - Docks and Storage - The Brig
Participants Cliffjumper, Breakdown
Summary Breakdown delivers the prisoner some sustenance. It doesn't go that well.

Cliff has been in his cell for a while now. At frst he was he was fine with it, knowing that it was all part of the plan, but he's starting to get worried about Pipes. He haddn't come to see him since he got there. Is Pipes alright? Did that spy get him? Eh, he hopes Pipes is okay. Cliff would never forgive himself if something happenes to one of his friends.

The brig has more security mechs assigned to guard it when someone's actually in here, which is how Breakdown ends up down here with a plain energon cube in his off hand and banging -- thumpily -- on the wall next to the forcefield. THUMP THUMP. "Oi," calls the one-eyed Decepticon from the hall. "Autobot. You online in there?"

"Eeehhhh..." Great, just what he needs, more Decitiscum. Cliff looks over at Breakdown with a scowl. "The frag you want you Shockwave wanna be?"

Breakdown's single eye narrows. He peers through the forcefield at Cliffjumper. Then he looks over his shoulder just in case there's somebody a lot scarier behind him that he didn't see. "Well, you're online," he says in a musing tone, "but you're clearly off yer nut." Still balancing the cube on the flat of his off hand, he leans in on the brace of his knuckles against the wall. "You get fuel, you gonna try to self-detonate or somethin'? Blow up the forcefield?"

Cliff rolled his optics. "What's it to you?" Cliff stood up and walked over to the force field. "Scared or something?" He smirks. "I have taken on things a lot biggar than you."

"Sure, you're real tough," Breakdown says complacently, not at all like he is threatened, but also not at all like he is goaded. It's a far cry from how he might have responded to a similar taunt a year or so ago. Now, secure in the mantle of authority he has been granted, he watches Cliffjumper with a sardonic singleton eye. He knocks lightly against the metallic wall between cells -- clank, clank! -- and tilts his head slightly to one side. "What it is to me is that it's my job to make sure you ain't a threat to yerself or others while you're down here coolin' your heels after your last assault on a crewmate. Which means if you're gonna be a fraggin' idiot about it I can't give you this fuel. So. Lemme ask you again. Are you gonna be stupid or are you gonna take your energon an' fuel up like somebody who ain't an idiot?"

"The only idoit here is you for not giving me fuel." Tch, another 'Con abusing his powers. Why were they all in security? Cliffjumper's mind started to whirl again, seeing a connection that only he could see. Slag, even here he wasn't completly safe. "Look just give it over and leave me alone." Wait, what if the fuel was drugged? Or worse, poisoned? Cliff was pretty sure he'd rather starve than be a victim to a Con plot.

Breakdown considers for a moment, weighing his options. Then he kind of, clankily, shrugs. He puts the energon into the feed slot that allows it to be transferred through the forcefield, and then closes it up. It hums with a little 'bing!' and then pops up inside the cell on Cliffjumper's side of the wall. It looks ... like a plain energon cube. If anyone has tampered with it, they have somehow done so invisibly. "You make a mess with that, I ain't replacin' it," he says.

Cliff took the fuel and examined it closely. He sips a little of it. He didn't taste any drugs or whatever in it. Better to be safe than sorry though. "So when Am I getting out? You can't keep me in here forever for some stupid fight. Pipes has a freaking crush on Ratchet or something. He'd use any excuse to go back." Cliff hoped the blue idoit would let some info out by mentioning his last fight.

Breakdown rolls his single eye. "When you're cleared and released," he says blandly, balancing his weight backward on the heels of his heavy feet, "that's when. I get orders to let you out, you're outta here. I don't, you ain't. Far as I can tell, you're only still bein' held because you've got what they says in the business is a mental health hold. Way I read it, you're stuck until the little orange headshrinker guy gets to talk to you and figure out why you can't figure out the fraggin' war's over."

"Mental health hold?!" Cliff threw his fuel on the ground, making a mess all over the floor. "Who ordered that?! Tailgate?! He has no right and no proof!" He punches the force field in a fit of frustration. "Get me out of here now!!"

"Yeah you're really convincin' me you ain't fraggin' crazy right now," Breakdown says, watching this with, you know, great sensitivity and tact.

Cliff punches the force field again. "I sware by the allspark, once I get out of here I'm going to make sure all of you traitors get exactly what you deserve! No mercy for any of you! You can't keep me here forever!! I'll find a way out!!" Another punch was given to the transparent wall.

Breakdown braces his hands at his hips, moving to stand directly in front of the force field wall. Standing braced there for a long moment, he watches Cliffjumper railing and punching the forcefield wall. Finally he lets out a long low hiss of air, cycling through his symptoms, and shakes his head. "You ain't gonna find a way out," he says. His tone is almost kind. On some level, Breakdown is just not comfortable with this. "You ain't gonna get out of there until we can get you the help you need. Which you painfully obviously need."

"I don't need anything from you or the others! I don't what that little spy did but she's going to be the first one on my list!" Cliff starts to punch the walls of his cell. If nothing else he's going to make his own way out of here!

The walls are built to take a lot more punishment than it is possible for Cliffjumper to deliver on his own. Breakdown watches for a moment longer and then shakes his head as he turns on his heel and starts to scrape and shuffle his way down the hall. "Fraggin' scrap," he says as he goes.

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