2016-07-30 A Hand Up

From Transformers: Lost and Found

A Hand Up
Date 2016/07/30
Location Lost Light - Science and Medical - Wheeljack's Laboratory
Participants Brainstorm, Wheeljack
Summary Brainstorm drops by to help a recently diminished Wheeljack start to get himself back to normal size.

Ever since he first found out about the little accident in Wheeljack's lab from Torque, Brainstorm has been meaning to find a way to pitch in to the resolution effort. After all, how could he not when Torque and Mirage basically issued him a challenge? Maybe not in so many words, but as far as the weapons developer is concerned, it was implied in their statments. Side effects, hmph! Like his work is somehow more (unintentionally) dangerous than Wheeljack's! Plus, considering that this accident happened at least a couple days ago, and so far, there doesn't seem to be a solution for it, it looks like the other engineer could use a little help, or normal sized, as the case may be, and who better to offer that help than the ship's genius himself! Thus, once he finds time, Brainstorm crosses the length of hallway between their two labs to rap on his coleague's door with a cheerful "Hey Wheeljack! You in there?"

Wheeljack spends most of any given ship day in his lab, but that's become especially true recently. He's had a lot to work on, thanks to the damage to the devices that caused the unintentional shrinking, and plenty of motivation to fix them. Even if he didn't feel guilty about Torque and Lieutenant being shrunken as well, being cassette-sized has not gone well for him. It feels stifling and awkward, and the sooner he can safely change things back to normal, the better.

He's in the middle of examining one of the devices involved when he hears Brainstorm. For a guilty moment, he considers not answering. He's as good-natured about Brainstorm's ego as it's possible to be and stay his colleague, but he's not sure how much he wants to face that now. "Yeah," he calls back, from where he's perched on the top of his workbench. "Come on in."

With the invitation extended, Brainstorm pokes his head through the doorway. Actually, there's no guarantee that he wouldn't have done that either way, but this makes things easier "Heard from Torque and Lieutenat that you have a small problem, eh?" his optics flash with a cheerful look. He thinks he's hilarious.

So hilarious, Brainstorm. Wheeljack is just cracking up over here. He's rolling his eyes because you're so hilarious. "See for yourself," he says, still standing on the table. He's lucky if he even comes up to Brainstorm's hip, standing on the ground, right now. "Some of the equipment I had out reacted unexpectedly when brought into proximity," he explains, because Brainstorm's probably going to ask, and won't be driven away until he knows. "It wasn't exactly a standard mass displacer accident."

Oh, come on, Wheeljack! Did your sense of humor shrink too? Not that this does anything to wipe the amused expression of Brainstorm's face. So tiny! Nonetheless, he does nod as he steps in further "I figured. That would be an easy fix. You know what exactly happened yet?"

"Working on it," Wheeljack says. He gestures to the three deices spread out on the table next to him, covered in obvious signs of recent repairs. "The reaction was enough to blow out some fuses and damage some of the more delicate internal components, so I had to repair those before taking care of anything." He sits down on the table now, letting his legs hang off the side. There's a minibot-sized stepstool set up next to the table, but heeljack doesn't jump down onto it. "If I had to hazard a guess, though, the medical scanner fed readings to the density shifter and the egg-thing here projected it to the living metal in the room."

"Density shifter, huh?" Rubbing his chin, Brainstorm leans in to study the device in question, as well as its eggy partner in crime. He actually looks a bit interested, rather than critical or sceptical. Far be it from him to be unapreciative of tech with potential! But that's a matter for later. Straightening out again, he turns back to Wheeljack "Say, you need any help? Two heads are better than one after all." especially when one of them is his, his tone implies, though it doesn't lack genuinity either,

Wheeljack nods, looking over the devices again himself. The three devices look about as different as can be, in addition to their very different functions. The density shifter is just a black box with dials on the sides, while the scanner is covered in what looks like little silver lightning rods. "They should have been off, but considering what happened... well, I'll be taking the batteries out next time too, so to speak."

"You sure? You don't have other projects?" Wheeljack asks, looking at Brainstorm in surprise. "But if you're offering... sure, I guess." He could definitely get it on his own, but his diminished size makes everything a bit more effort. At the very least he can use Brainstorm for his body, though he's sure his fellow engineer won't be satisfied by that. "Now that they're fixed I need to test how the devices actually interfere with one another."

Brainstorm dismisses Wheeljack's concerns with a wave of his hand "I have time." and an ego that won't let him not do something now that he's told Torque and Mirage that he would. He'll show the unbelievers! His involvment makes things work better, not worse! Seriously, how could they even think that? Which is why no, he won't be satsfied with simply being used as the heavy labour grunt. Not that he would. He's the ship's genius, dammit! "How did it go last time?"

"Well, there was a definite progression. Lieutenant was holding the egg-thing, I had the scanner, and Torque was over by the density shifter," Wheeljack says, gesturing again to each device. "I want to see how the density shifter and this thing work together, without the scanner to turn it toward shrinking us again," he comments. "I've got enough scrap metal over there--" and he points toward the wall now, where refuse pieces are held in a bin "--to test on." Hopefully Brainstorm doesn't mind doing a little fetch quest.

Brainstorm turns towards each device as Wheeljack points them out, building a mental image of what the situation might have looked like. Makes sense that the medical scanner would be the most likely culprit for making the whole mess target only the Cybertronians, instead of just shrinking everything in the lab. Of course, he's not exactly privy to the designs of the other gadgets, but from the sound of it, they weren't intede to get readings. Still, he does inquire as he goes off to grab a piece of scrap "You still have the readings the scanner gave you when it happened? Also what's the egg supposed to do anyways? Projector?" and where do you want this scrap?

Wheeljack starts clearing off a space on the table for the scrap, then hops down to the stepstool to give Brainstorm somewhere to put it. "They're probably still on there," he says, reaching for it to pull it off the table, "if being overloaded didn't corrupt the memory, anyway." It's an unfortunate possibility. "Oh, that thing? It's supposed to imitate the emmission spectrum of a star." Why did he make it? Who knows. "Obviously on a much smaller and safer scale."

Dumping the piece of scrap on to the cleared space, Brainstorm gives Wheeljack, and the scanner, a questioning look "You didn't check? Cause I figure we might need that. What was it set to scan anyways?" he doesn't go to check himself. Not now anyways. He'd much rather preffer to avoid risking becoming a live subject himself. Plus, he's curious to see how this works too.

"Just finished fixing it, remember?" Wheeljack adds. "And at this point I didn't even want to turn one on while the other two were nearby." Being minibot-sized is mildly inconvenient, but being shrunk again would be downright dangerous. "It's just a scanner for detecting internal bleeding and the like," he explains. "Nothing really detailed unless you do a full sweep, and that takes a while."

Now that the table is set up, with scrap in between the two devices, Wheeljack looks up at Brainstorm with his fins flashing cheerfully. "So! Any predictions?"

Brainstorm nods. That's understandable. He still wants to take a look at those readings at some point though. For now though, let's see what a solar emission simulator has to do with a density shifter. Studdying the setup, Brainstorm rubs his chin thoughtfully "Well, it could be that the scanner has nothing to do with it, and it'll just shrink us again. If it is involved, I'm guessing it'll either shrink anything in the way of the emission, or do nothing. Maybe it'll shrink the table down to your size, eh?"

"Can't say I'd mind the table thing," Wheeljack mutters, staring at it. As long as it's reversible, he'll take it. Just as long as it doesn't shrink any of his more important tools and experiments. "Well, here goes nothing...."

It takes a while to get started, but both devices start humming, and lighting up. With the density shifter not turned all the way up, the pieces of scrap only shrink a little bit, and neither device starts sparking.

Standing aside near Wheeljack, Brainstorm watches the whole process carefully, and with no shortage of interest "Okay, so it does work without the scanner, but since we're not any smaller, there doesn't seem to be any effect on us. Although we could try it on a live subject. I know a couple mechs who are usually happy to help with things like that." the weapons developer steps towards the piece of scrap, grabbing the nearest tool to gingerly poke at it.

There's no reaction from the pieces of metal, though they're just as difficult to move as they had been at their regular size. Wheeljack looks wary of testing things on a live subject though. "Well, let's test if we can reverse the effects using this method first, then we can look at those scans," he suggests. He doesn't want more people relying on him to get them back to normal size, right now.

"Definitely not mass displacement" Brainstorm observes, once again stepping away from the scrap. His optics narrow in to a thoughtful expression. This could have some rather interesting applications. But that's for later. Right now, they need to figure out how it's doing what it's doing "Told them this could cause problems" he muses, rejoining his coleague. "Fire away!"

"Well, that's why I'm working on fixing it," Wheeljack agrees. "I don't want anyone getting into trouble just because I didn't fix this in time." Also he doesn't want to be stuck this short for very long, but only one of those things can make him feel guilty about not working hard enough. "Firing away." So to speak. There goes the scrap, back to the size it was before... Want to poke it again, Brainstorm?

Brainstorm does, so that is what he goes to do once he's sure that the process has ended. Again, he doesn't touch it himself, but he does give it a slightly longer nudge with his improvised poker "Mirage on the other hand seems to think that it's perfectly okay to leave people like this" there's a smug note in his voice "I mean, I guess it is if you don't mind risking spark complications."

"Did he say that?" Wheeljack asks, slightly distracted by the pieces of scrap. Once Brainstorm pokes them and they haven't exploded or anything, Wheeljack (after double checking that both devices are now off) reaches out to pick some up. Everything seems fine there. "Test success!" he says cheerfully, pulling out a datapad to make notes on it.

"Yep!" Brainstorm nods. 'What an idiot, right?' his tone implies. "Mass displacement might be okay, but this" he taps a piece of scrap with his poker "could cause all sorts of problems! Might want want to test it again for any losses leter by the way." later. Right now, Brainstorm's more curious about how the scanner might have contributed, already moving towards the medical device.

"Sure thing. I'd like to be back to normal but I won't take chances," Wheeljack agrees. He sets the pieces of scrap off to the side and hops down his stool to go and collect some new ones. One successful test is good, after all, but he'd like to get a few more done even if Brainstorm's interests have switched over to the other device. "Let me know if you see anything interesting

"Sure thing. I'd like to be back to normal but I won't take chances," Wheeljack agrees. He sets the pieces of scrap off to the side and hops down his stool to go and collect some new ones. One successful test is good, after all, but he'd like to get a few more done even if Brainstorm's interests have switched over to the other device. "Let me know if you see anything interesting!" He calls over to Brainstorm. "In those scans or otherwise."

"Gotcha!" Brainstorm calls back, giving Wheeljack an aknowledging nod even as he picks up the scanner. While Wheeljack runs more tests with teh other two gadgets, he will take a good look at the third. Two heads are better than one, and two bodies make the process a whole lot faster.

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