2016-07-30 12 Cycles

From Transformers: Lost and Found

12 Cycles
Date 2016/07/30
Location Lost Light - Science and Medical - Wheeljack's Laboratory
Participants Brainstorm, Ratchet, Wheeljack
Summary Ratchet finds out about Wheeljack's 'little' problem and comes to check on him.

Wheeljack's lab is a masterpiece of controlled chaos. Shelves, stacked haphazardly with completed projects and curios, line the walls. The workbenches in the center are covered with the guts of machines in various stages of completeness, and all of the furniture is solidly built and looks ready to withstand whatever might be thrown, dropped, or spilled on it.

It's been a long and busy day of work in his lab, but with Brainstorm's help, Wheeljack has actually made a lot of progress on the front of returning himself and the others to their usual size. Right now, he's doing some final fiddling with the density shifter, and his attention is engrossed on that. Brainstorm may have shifted his attention to something else by now, but Wheeljack's lost track at this point when a clatter from the doorway catches his attention. He finishes putting a cover over the components before he looks up, glancing at Brainstorm. "Did someone knock?" Usually he's good about paying attention to the door if someone comes up to it, but he's clearly a bit distracted.

After Torque and Mirage esentially issued him a challenge with their doubts (and in Torque's case, later reasurances) about his ability to help with this issue, Brainstorm's ego demanded that he answer it. Thus, he ended up here, in Wheeljack's lab, helping his shrunken coleague work out a sollution. While Wheeljack was working on the shifter, Brainstorm took to working out the role of one of the other culprits, a medical scanner. It's the same racket that catches Wheeljack's attention that pulls the weapon developer's from his own work "No idea. Could have just been someone passing by."

Ratchet had heard a disturbing report about Wheeljack. That he had shrunk himself. That he was much smaller. Ratchet had to find out for himself and headed down to Wheeljack's workshop. This couldn't be good for his frame or processes. Energon might not be processed the same in a smaller frame. Who knew? With a sigh he stands in front of Wheeljack's door and knocks on it. He thinks he hears voices but when the door doesn't open or he's given permission to enter, he knocks again. "Wheeljack, it's Ratchet."

Wheeljack goes stiff at the sound of Ratchet's voice. "Oops..." If he was hesitant about letting Brainstorm in early, he's downright worried about letting Ratchet in now. He hasn't been by medical since his 'little' problem happened, so how did Ratchet find out? Or maybe he hasn't heard anything, and he's just stopping by to check in. Either way, Ratchet isn't likely to be happy with him. "Guess it's not someone passing by," he comments to Brainstorm, his fins flashing weakly.

"Door's open, Ratchet!" he calls. He stays where he is on the tabletop. "Need anything?"

Hearing the voice at the door, Brainstorm gives Wheeljack an understanding look. Having officialy people drop by after something like that is always a pain. Having to deal with Ratchet after such a thing is even worse. Since this is Wheeljack's lab, he lets him handle the task of inviting the medic in, though he himself doesn't imediately go back to his work either.

Ratchet triggers the door to slide open and takes a hesitant step in, looking around as if scanning for something. His optics fall upon Wheeljack and he huffs out a sigh. "You went and did it, didn't you?" he asked in an annoyed fashion. "You fragged yourself up so bad you had to bring 'him' into this," he said, jerking a thumb with Brainstorm.

Wheeljack ducks his helm as Ratchet sets optics on him. Yes, this is going to go exactly the way he was worried about. "Hi, Ratchet," he says. Here it goes. Hopefully Ratchet doesn't know how long he's actually been like this. "No, I didn't frag up. Well, not that much," he amends, looking over himself. Considering his current status, he can't exactly say nothing happened. "But I'm fine! No negative side effects. Brainstorm stopped by to help out, so I'll be back to normal in no time, and so will Torque and Lieutenant."

Normally, Brainstorm would take 'you messed up so bad that you asked the ship's genius for help' as a compliment, but coming from Ratchet, it somehow sounds like an insult. Folding his arms over his chest, the weapons developer turns towards their visitor "Yes, I offered to help, because I can. Despite what everyone seems to think, I can do more than weapons. Gotta adjust for a post-war market!"

Ratchet snorts at what Brainstorm says, shaking his head. "Wheeljack, I want to see you in the medbay. Who knows what shrinking has done to your systems. Did it make you denser, well in more ways than one? Is your body able to handle and process normal energon? There are so many things that could and might go wrong that you are taking your own life into your hands." He crosses the floor toward Wheeljack, and leans down slightly to get an optic full of his 'tiny' friend.

Wheeljack's glad he was already on the table, because it makes it much easier to stand even with Ratchet when he makes his way over. "I might not be a medic, but I know enough about how a frame works to tell when something's wrong and something isn't." He crosses his arms over his chassis. He's probably being stubborn right now, but if nothing that drastic has happened yet, it's not likely to. "It's been a few days already, if something was going to go dramatically wrong it would have happened already! And I need to finish testing this so that I can get everything back to normal!"

Brainstorm eyes Ratchest as the medic moves in. Everyone's a critic! He can't even offer to do something nice without people complaining about it. Seriously, he's the ship's genius, not some garage tinkerer! And what's with the attitude? Just because he's (co) chief medic, he can just walk in here and start insulting them? Rude!

He does give Wheeljack a bit of an 'ehhh' look at his insistance that nothing can go wrong "Well, somthing might happen, but the faster we figure out how to undo it, the lower the chance that something will" he gives Ratchet a pointed look. You're not making it go any faster.

Ratchet ignores Brainstorm for the most part, "Wheeljack!" He nearly shouts. "We've been friends for how long? You know better than this. Even if nothing feels like it's wrong or 'off' doesn't mean there isn't something. Several days is enough for systems to start having issues. You know for a fact that there are medical annomolies out there that won't give any indication of something being wrong until it's too late to do anything about it."

He was trying to prove a point to Ratchet, but it clearly backfired here. He shoots a look toward Brainstorm. It's the look of a mech who knows that they have no backup and no mercy coming to them. Continue his work after him, Brainstorm. You can have his equipment, just don't turn all of it into guns.

Then he turns back to Ratchet... and keeps arguing. "Like Brainstorm said! This needs to be finished, so that it doesn't happen to Torque or Lieutenant. It's my equipment, so I know it inside and out. Brainstorm or Perceptor could do it, but it'd take longer. Besides, we're almost done! A little bit longer and it won't even be a problem."

"And this is why I preffer to wait and catch Mercy, or even First Aid" Brainstorm mutters, giving Ratchet an annoyed look as he chews out poor Wheeljack. He does show some solidarity to his beleagured coleague, jumping in right after him to back him up "Yeah, the point's basically moot now. It would take longer for you to drag him back to the medibay and run tests, and find a solution to anything you might find wrong than it would for us to reverse it. Unless we get stuck arguing about it for the next megacycle ofcourse."

Ratchet turns towards Brainstorm, pointing a finger, "Who asked you for your unwanted opinion?" He turned back to Wheeljack, a look of pure frustration and anger on his faceplates. "Fine. You have 12 cycles. If you don't have a solution by then, you are to come to me at least for a scan. If you do find a solution and you get back to your normal dumb-aft self, you're still to come to me in 12 cycles so I can make sure there are no adverse affects. Understand? Or I'll come find you and drag you back to the medbay myself."

The tips of Brainstorm's shoulder fins shift upwards as his shoulders straighten out, his already crossed arms tightening infront of his chest. Well then! "Last I checked, I still had as much a right to talk as anyone else." he grumbles, before turning back to Wheeljack "Nothing that can't wait a little" his optics narrow slightly. This is a matter of pride now, even moreso than it was before. Turning back to Ratchet, he practically leans in towards the doctor "Challenge accepted!"

Ratchet simply gives a snort and turns to leave, but perhaps not before Wheeljack might catch a look of worry on his faceplates. He stomps off out the door, grumbling something about engineers and foolhardy something or other.

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