2016-07-29 Lobstrosities

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Date 2016/07/29
Location Dunia
Participants Fulcrum, Gearshift, Quicksight, Red Alert, Rung
Plot Colony: Dunia
Scene GM Sao
Summary With something like that I would have white wine, I think.

This particular area of Dunia is not completely absent of remaining survivors now that the Titan has fallen, but the surroundings of the ruined city are very quiet, almost eerie, as the team of explorers approaches. This approach to the ruined city comes with a view. It was clearly where, once upon a time, the entrance that people were meant to use to get into the city from without. The broad height of the cavernous roof has a pair of massive silver-etched and elegant pillars running down either side of it, and beyond these pillars are the broad, gaping maw of what once must have been an intricately carved gate. There is a long third pillar that appears to have been thrown to crash through the door, leaving open a pair of running streets through the cavernous city, running perpendicular, with shattered stone, plaster and bent metal strewn over the floor.

There's a limited mapping available from when Blaster, Soundwave, Sideswipe and Waspinator explored starting from here, so they're aware as they come up that the labyrinthine honeycomb of streets and broken interior building connects up at the museum on their right. From there, though, the city stretches a silent, yawning depth of underground uncertainty to explore.

Gearshift wanted to come along, since she didn't get to take part in the main mission, and is currently taking in the sight of the pillars and the size of the cave itself. She's impressed by it as she looks at all the different stones and the walls.

"Huh." Fulcrum leans toward the opening with an exaggerated posture. He strokes his magnificent chin. He posits, "Do you think we're likely to scavenge anything actually useful? Because this doesn't look that stable to me."

This is honestly not Quicksight's ideal company. The neutral who insulted Megatron and got attacked by a crazy Autobot, the quack he's stuck seeing, which makes for more than one Autobot. And the K-class. He's not sure about that one. No one becomes a K-class unless they're either utterly dedicated to the cause, nuts, or did something to deserve being reformated. The scout hasn't really bothered to ask which one it is.

But he has wanted to see the city properly, and the fact that this lot was going there gave him an excuse, and the chance to see another entrance. The singing crystals are cool and all, but he does want to see other things. Now, he trudges a bit appart from the rest, though he does keep nearby, optics flickering this way and that, taking everything in.

Rung steps into the ruins and gazes around the area in wonder. What a beautiful city this must have been before coming to such a sad end. He came here to give moral support to Red Alert, who he is very proud of since he decided to make the trip down here. As such, Rung gives an encouraging smile to him, "My there is a lot to look at down here isn't it? Even if we don't find anything this is quite the sight."

Red Alert frowns at the surroundings and Fulcrum's words. "It really doesn't look stable, does it?" he adds nervously. He's already got his hands on his gun, and is looking around nervously. He normally wouldn't be down here at all, but hearing stories swapped about the adventures had planet-side made him realize he hadn't stepped off the ship once during its voyage, and he probably should get out more. He shuffles closer to Rung, his companion on this adventure, for a little comfort and reassurance.

Rung for his part is already working wonders on Red's nerves, his remarks about the beauty and grandeur of the place soothes his fears. His hands haven't come off the gun, but his stiff posture eases a little and he chances a small smile at Rung. "I suppose you're right."

As they step through the ruined gate into the city proper, the streets stretch out in opposing directions. To the east, there is a faint sheen of rust over what looks like a brass-fitted door into a building. To the north, the street runs long and breaks into more labyrinthine turns. Their map shows them that both can eventually lead to the multi-floored museum where the statue to Udunus still ... probably ... stands. The question is, where to go from here.

As much as Gearshift would love to go to the museum, she would also rather explore more, and maybe find a companion to her black rock sitting in her room, or maybe even find something for Star. She replies to Fulcrum with a pleasant "At least it's beautiful to look at, right?"

Fulcrum says "Eeeeeh," and tilts his hand back and forth uncertainly vis-a-vis beautiful scenery. "It has a certain grandeur, I'll give you that. I like the door. It's a grand door. Grandoor," he tries to pronounce this last halfway like grandeur. "What do you say we head through that, uh, door there, and head back after we've taken a peek?"

Red frowns and looks down at the map the previous exploration team has left them with. He sighs and vaguely gestures at the way ahead. "I suppose we should get moving. I'm fine with taking the door. It looks like that way's faster anyway. The streets just seem to loop around and come back here." He stands back though, not willing to be the one to open the mysterious door.

"Where's your sense of adventure?"" Quicksight glances over at the other Decepticon, his optics narrowing just a bit "We ain't even seen nothing. What, you afraid of something?"

Rung is fully willing to go wherever the others decide to take him, an adventure is an adventure right? He does indeed notice Red Alert's discomfort and offers him yet another smile before shifting slightly closer to him, knowing his presence will help. "From what I have heard Red Alert is right, it seems the halls lead in the same direction for awhile. Perhaps we should take the quickest route to where the last exploration team ended and continue from that point so that we might continue to map the area."

Gearshift glances at Quicksight "Looks like we're outnumbered." She admits "I was thinking we could go a new way as well."

Fulcrum glances at Quicksight. "Why, yes. I'm afraid of dying!"

Beyond the door, the room is gloomy-dark, but their light sources can show them its general scope. dotted with elegant sculpture and ancient, dusty paintings. As they explore, it becomes clear that several of the sculptures -- mostly statues of Cybertronian figures unfamiliar and probably long dead -- are missing body parts or broken -- underfoot, some stone crunches in dusty rubble. The door into the rest of the museum hangs frozen open since the last explorers went through, with the massive body of a dead, cracked stone serpent slung through it over the floor.

Red picks his way through the museum. Nothing is moving, and that's how he likes it. Cautiously he peeks through the door ahead, gun raised, and then waves the rest forward. They probably aren't relying on the group scaredy-cat (this side of Fulcrum) to lead the way, but he's making an attempt to look like the professional security guard he should be. It's a little easier with Rung at his back to act brave, and he lets that sense of security carry him as he announces "All clear."

Gearshift shudders at the sight of the stone serpent "Primus, that's a big snake" She whispers, stepping slowly into the room. She takes the weapon Brainstorm made for her out, just in case.

Rung follows behind Red Alert, letting himself be herded by Red Alert scouting out the areas ahead, "Thank you for making sure it was safe for us Re- oh dear." Rung steps in and the first thing he sees is the deceased serpent, he had heard of the team coming across a creature but he had never actually tried to visualize it. "It seems the previous exploration team did well not to be as injured more than they were against such a creature." Rung has the distinct urge to find a weapon, maybe a staff he's generally good with those, but resists the urge. After all, what else could be down here? ..... Perhaps he should not tempt fate like that.

Quicksight lets out a short, disdainful scoff. Of course. Definitely not one of the awesome K-classes! And here he was hoping that he wasn't the only real Decepticon around. A part of him wants to go off, but maybe he'll do that later, if he'll just end up in the same place either way. Anyways, someone has to represent the Decepticons properly. Red Alert's attempt at caution is ignored. The scout makes no attempt to stop for him, though his own senses are on high alert, as a scout's ought to. It's only once they enter the room does he slow, arching around the snake as he studies it. "Maybe we'll meet a live one" this is, for some reason said with a glance back at Fulcrum.

"Oh, let's hope not." Fulcrum smiles rather than cringes as he stares at the snake. It's a smiley stare. He's got this. He's together. "We wouldn't want to waste ammo on the local wildlife. I'm sure it was more scared than they were!"

The door with the snake corpse laid out through it leads into another room, two tiered. A long staircase leads down to the next floor -- not that Quicksight needs stairs -- while a statue to the now fallen Titan stands bold and resolute at the top of the landing, holding mining lantern in one hand and whip in the other. There are shattered fragments of stone scale on the floor underfoot, of the kind that might be texturally very weird to step on, but no weirder hazard.

On the bottom floor ahead of them, a door leads north and a door leads east.

"It was alive!?" Red yelps as he jumps away from it, backing up into the next room as far as he can go to get away from it. "I was just a stone statue..." And there goes his pretense of bravery, as he points his gun wildly at anything and everything. "You're not alive too, are you?" he mutters at the statue of the titan, giving it a wary glance.

If the statue is alive, it gives no sign, standing still as, well, stone.

Fulcrum twitches, unholstering his gun in reaction to Red's terror. "They look -- pretty still, right? We're okay?"

Quicksight only scoffs again at Fulcrum's response before turning his attention back to the room around them, pausing to look up at the statues, his arm raising just enough to let the built-in camera get a peek at some of them, titan included. In fact, the scout actually pauses by it for a few moments longer to regard it. Then he gives Red Alert a 'what's your deal' sort of look before moving on again, skipping the stairs entierly with the help of his alt-mode, gliding down, and ahead, on his long wings.

Gearshift heads towards the staircase, looking over the edge to see what she can see of the floor below "I wonder what's down there?" She asks, not to anyone in particular.

Rung immediately spots Red Alert beginning to freak out and makes his way over to his patient, speaking in a soothing tone, "Red Alert, it is alright. It is dead now and the statue is not alive," At least he hopes so, "The exploration team before us would have informed us if it was. We have to go around the snake to continue, are you able to do so or should we turn around and head back to the ship? Whatever you decide is alright." A quick glance is sent at the others, indicating they will follow once Red Alert calms down enough to continue or they will head back alone.

The bottom floor is largely empty but for the length of the reception desk left abandoned there. There might have once been more on the walls down there, based on the faint discolorations in squarish pattern, but there's little there now except for the doors to the north and to the east.

Fulcrum uncertainly reholsters his gun and, noting that Rung doesn't seem too worried and is in the process of talking Red Alert down, opts not to be talked down. Right. He's cool. He treads cautious-like down the stairs. So quiet. That's awesome, right?

"Y-Yeah you're right. They already covered this area, didn't they?" he lets out a shaky vent, and even manages to lower his gun. "It's safe here. Uhh..." he looks around at the crumbling, rusting room. "As safe as it could be, anyway." He pats his therapist on the hand as an 'I'm ok' and follows the others toward the stairs. He can't be shown up by Fulcrum of all mechs. "I can continue for now. Just. Stay close."

Honestly, Quicksight could easily just go on on his own at this point, but he does hesitate a bit to look around, and between the two exits. Longe enough for the others to begin catching up. North, or east? Eeny meeny miny moe. North looks good to him, so that's where he'll head. The others can follow. Or not.

Gearshift heads down the stairs with the others, and follows Quicksight to the North door. "Shall we see what's behind door number one?" She half-jokes, referencing an Earth-show she used to watch occasionally.

Rung gives another encouraging but gentle smile to Red Alert, "Of course, let's catch up with the others shall we?" The therapist quickly walks after the others, slowing down for Red Alert as they get closer to the snake and purposefully puts himself between them, see? It isn't moving. When he approaches the others he decides to follow the other two as well, "I suppose North has been already decided upon."

Fulcrum jogs a tiny bit to catch up with Quicksight and Gearshift, but only a tiny bit, like, he slows down after a couple secs and strolls casually, because he doesn't want to look desperate, bro. "Yeah, this door looks good.

Red certainly isn't going the other way by himself. He quickens his footsteps to keep up with Rung, and follows the others north. He hopes the others are keeping track of their route. He already is starting to feel all turned around in here.

There's no power to the door, but it can be forced open in its tracks with a little bit of leverage, sliding along runners built into the floor. The hallway beyond is long, running in both directions in a maze of tunnels. The tiling of the walls is shattered in places and there are a few dulled, blacked out light fixtures hanging above their heads. The path runs to the west, back into the warren of tunnels surrounding the museum, or it goes to the north and then turns right, deeper into the city.

Gearshift presses her servos to the door and starts to put her weight against it to try and open it.

Quicksight can't speak for everyone, but he at least knows where they are. You don't survive as a scout by having a lousy sense of direction, or a bad memory of where you've been. He could totally wander off alone no problem and stil find his way beack!

Except he can't. All his scouting prowes are abolutely useless against a common door. He's built for speed and agility, not levrage, which leaves him having to rely on the others to help get the thing open. Once that's done, however, he promptly moves ahead again. Ahead ahead. What's the point of doubling back? Let's see what's in deeper!

Fulcrum shifts forward to help only when and if he's absolutely sure the door won't budge without him. But he tries to look like he's thinking really intensely, so it's not just laziness/hesitation.

Red Alert helps with the door, but his short time as leader of the group seems to have been taken over by a small, determined Decepticon. He's starting to get the feeling that he's just here to do grunt work. Well, back of the pack is fine with him. If anything goes wrong he can get Rung under one arm and get out of there. Who's going to miss a few Decepticons, right?

Rung helps pry the door open before stepping into the next room. Before he even has a chance to really see what's going on Quicksight has pushed on ahead. It seems he has an idea of where he is going so Rung is quick to follow behind, sparing a glance at the others to be sure they are following close behind (and to keep a watchful eye on Red Alert).

The pathways that spread for Quicksight to dive ahead into head in three directions -- back south again, west once more, or north. It's possible, in the quiet, to near a distant scratching in off to the north and east.

Gearshift takes a moment to listen. "Do you hear that too? That sound?" She starts wandering towards the North pathway. "I wonder what that is"

Fulcrum posits, "We should /definitely/ not head in the direction of that sound. I think!"

"I definitely hear something," Red agrees, listening hard. "And I second Fulcrum's assessment of the situation." He doesn't have a good track-record when it comes to finding the source of mysterious sounds. It has backfired on him too many times for comfort.

Quicksight nods at Gearshift's asessment. He hears it, and he's just as curious. Especially so when Fulcrum voices his oppinion. North it is then! He doesn't go charging right in, however, his steps becoming slower, more cautious, his weight shifting more towards his toes. If anything comes at them, he needs to be ready to move.

Gearshift walks in stride with Quicksight, still listening carefully. "I gotta say, I hope it isn't another serpent like the one we saw." She says "What do you think it is?"

"Probably aware of us by now" Quicksight grumbles "Since you all talk too loud."

Fulcrum frets his fingers together, and then stills his hands. Because he's cool. He looks at Red Alert, he looks at Rung. "I guess we better stick together." He can be the caboose, though. He doesn't mind.

As Quicksight and Gearshift move north, they reach an old, heavy stone door with an inset glass window in it. The window has been shattered by something, and a few broken shards of glass stick out the sides of the window frame. To the right, the tunnel runs a little distance and then turns to the south. There's more scratching noise, a little louder, audible through that window.

Rung doesn't like the idea of moving forward into the unknown so easily, they have already seen or heard of what manner of beasts can be around but is unwilling to merely let the others go on ahead without him. He might not be much help, but he will be there (with his very little physical medical knowledge) to help. Before he continues he turns to Red Alert, if you are uncomfortable continuing, you should wait here. I am sure we will be back soon."

<FS3> Gearshift rolls Body+body: Good Success. (2 2 3 7 4 8)

Gearshift grips the bottom edge of the window frame, being careful of the glass sticking out, and pulls herself up to peek through the window.

<FS3> Red_Alert rolls Stealth: Success. (5 6 5 1 4 4 8 5 3)

<FS3> Quicksight rolls Stealth: Good Success. (1 1 2 1 5 5 4 7 7 8)

This door, on the other hand, doesn't pose as big a problem for Quicksight. Taking a couple steps back, the scout asesses it, and...he doesn't get much further than two steps as Gearshift beats him to the edge. Slowing to a stop, the scout lets out a soft, annoyed hiss. Hurry up! He wants to see too!

Red isn't comfortable sending Rung up alone without him, so he trails along anyway, trying to keep as quiet as he can. Maybe Quicksight is right, and whatever they can hear can also hear them. It's an uncomfortable thought, so Red takes it slowly and cautiously, trying not to let his footsteps echo too much.

Fulcrum moves forward when Red does, but . . . behind Red. He tries, also, to muffle his steps. Wouldn't want to draw the wrong kind of attention!

<FS3> Fulcrum rolls Stealth: Good Success. (6 1 5 7 8 3 5 6)

The room beyond the window is very dark and gloomy, without any sources of light, natural or otherwise. The air seems heavy with dust. It's hard to see what's inside in the gloom, but it's possible to detect something moving in a scratchy skitter of something hard over the floor. Scratch scratch. Scratch. Tchh. Tkktkk. If a light source were shined inside it, more would be visible, but it would be hard to remain unnoticed .

<FS3> Rung rolls Stealth: Failure. (2 6)

Gearshift gets down and whispers to Quicksight "There's something in there, but I can't see it"

Rung notices the others attempting to be stealthy so he follows their lead, quietly attempting to follow behind but his glasses get fogged up by a sudden cloud of dust and luck is most definitely not on his side.

<FS3> Quicksight rolls Transportation: Amazing Success. (5 7 8 3 7 8 7 1 8 1 4 8 1 1 6 4)

"Let me take a look" Quicksight hisses in response, making no effort to hide his annoyance. He's the scout here! Stepping back again, he takes another measure of the door, and jumps! Not at the door though. In fact, he does it almost at the start, using the rest of the space to gain altitude in his altmode. It's in this form that he approaches the door, almost knocking his nosecone in to it before shifting back to grab at the edges of the window, and peer in himself.

The dust choking through Rung's systems lead him to an unavoidable sneeze, which sends him thwacking into the near wall in an unfortunate scrape of metal.

Inside the room, there's a clack-clacking sound and then ... for a long moment, an eerie silence.

When Quicksight looks in, the stillness continues -- and then ends. The scratchy noises grow louder as the creatures inside the room move in the dark toward the door. TKK TKK.

Quicksight peers in to the darkness, looking listening. That doesn't sound like a good sign "Whatever it is, it knows we're here" the scout grumbles, glancing over his shoulder at Rung as he hops back down to the ground. Judging you so hard right now. Eugh. Civilians.

<COMBAT> Quicksight attacks Lobstrosity A with Knife but Lobstrosity A DODGES!

<COMBAT> Fulcrum attacks Lobstrosity B with Blaster Pistol and MISSES!

<COMBAT> Rung attacks Lobstrosity A with Blaster Pistol and MISSES!

<COMBAT> Lobstrosity C attacks Rung with Tooth And Claw - Serious wound to Chest.

<COMBAT> Lobstrosity B attacks Rung with Tooth And Claw - Light wound to Chest.

<COMBAT> Lobstrosity A attacks Rung with Tooth And Claw - Moderate wound to Right Hand.

<COMBAT> Sao has started a new turn. Pose and choose your action.

<COMBAT> Quicksight attacks Lobstrosity A with Knife - Moderate wound to Head.

<COMBAT> Lobstrosity A attacks Quicksight with Tooth And Claw and MISSES!

<COMBAT> Rung attacks Lobstrosity A with Blaster Pistol - Critical wound to Neck.

<COMBAT> Lobstrosity C attacks Fulcrum with Tooth And Claw - Moderate wound to Head.

<COMBAT> Fulcrum attacks Lobstrosity B with Blaster Pistol - Moderate wound to Chest.

<COMBAT> Lobstrosity B attacks Fulcrum with Tooth And Claw - Serious wound to Chest.

<COMBAT> Fulcrum has been **KO'd**!

<COMBAT> Lobstrosity A has been **KO'd**!

<COMBAT> Lobstrosity C tries to attack but has no target!

<COMBAT> Quicksight attacks Lobstrosity B with Knife - Serious wound to Chest.

<COMBAT> Fulcrum passes.

<COMBAT> Rung attempts to rally Fulcrum and SUCCEEDS. Fulcrum is back in the fight!

<COMBAT> Lobstrosity B attacks Quicksight with Tooth And Claw - Moderate wound to Chest.

<COMBAT> Lobstrosity B has been **KO'd**!

<COMBAT> Rung attacks Lobstrosity C with Blaster Pistol and MISSES!

<COMBAT> Lobstrosity C attacks Quicksight with Tooth And Claw - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!

<COMBAT> Fulcrum attacks Lobstrosity C with Blaster Pistol and MISSES!

<COMBAT> Quicksight attacks Lobstrosity C with Knife and MISSES!

<COMBAT> Quicksight attacks Lobstrosity C with Knife - Light wound to Right Arm.

<COMBAT> Lobstrosity C attacks Quicksight with Tooth And Claw - Light wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).

<COMBAT> Fulcrum attacks Lobstrosity C with Blaster Pistol and MISSES!

<COMBAT> Rung attacks Lobstrosity C with Blaster Pistol - Serious wound to Chest.

<COMBAT> Sao has started a new turn. Pose and choose your action.

<COMBAT> Rung attacks Lobstrosity C with Blaster Pistol and MISSES!

<COMBAT> Quicksight attacks Lobstrosity C with Knife - Moderate wound to Chest.

<COMBAT> Fulcrum attacks Lobstrosity C with Blaster Pistol and MISSES!

<COMBAT> Lobstrosity C attacks Quicksight with Tooth And Claw but Quicksight DODGES!

<COMBAT> Lobstrosity C attacks Quicksight with Tooth And Claw - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!

<COMBAT> Quicksight attacks Lobstrosity C with Knife - Moderate wound to Right Hand.

<COMBAT> Fulcrum attacks Lobstrosity C with Blaster Pistol - Critical wound to Chest.

<COMBAT> Rung attacks Lobstrosity C with Blaster Pistol - Serious wound to Left Hand.

<COMBAT> Lobstrosity C has been **KO'd**!

Scratching over the stone floor of the dark room, three enormous blue-shelled lobster-like creatures with massive, snapping claws -- well, okay, they're not THAT big compared to a Cybertronian, but big enough to fight one on one and make of themselves a severe threat with their slashing, snapping claws. The lobstrosities swarm up and out the glass-sharded window and the battle is joined. It's a hard fought little skirmish that leaves several of them fairly battered but the hard, gleaming shells of the lobsters cracked and their ichorous blood sticky and black over the floor.

Once they are through the claws and armor of the lobstrosities, they can drag open the door and explore the room beyond to make sure it's clear and then perform a little basic first aid. The room seems to be full of crates of ancient (and some of it is maybe questionably stable) distilled energon. Please be careful not to blow it up.

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