2016-07-29 Engines and Entomology

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Engines and Entomology
Date 2016/07/29
Location Lost Light: Engineering -- Engine Room
Participants Wheeljack, Waspinator
Summary Wheeljack investigates yet another complaint of noises in the lower decks.

The quantum generators that power the ship engines push them improbably forward from this very room. There are warning signs near the generators, reminding people not to stand next to them ... as if anyone could ever forget, with one of the Duobots frozen trapped within one of the engines. Screens beneath the generator mark their output while workstations allow engineers to monitor, even alter the generator's output.

With so many projects on his plate currently, including a rather time-sensitive one related to his currently diminished stature, Wheeljack's had less time to engage with the engineering crew than he might normally. The engines aren't usually his purview, either, considering Nautica's expertise on quantum engines, from hardware to theory. When someone comes running to the science deck to report unusual noises coming from the engines, though, there's not much time to worry about finding the most qualified person for the job.

Wheeljack drives his way there to make up for his shortened legs. He stops to transform outside and enters the engine room with caution, watching for any sign of damage on the engines. The generators take up plenty of space, so he can't immediately see the source of the problem, but he can certainly hear it. It sounds like... buzzing.

So far, Waspinator has managed to avoid most major contact with any of the crew members. In other words, he has so far managed to avoid getting beat up and prefers to keep it that way. The engine rooms have become one of the bug's usual haunts, as the only ones who generally come around are those who care for the machinery that keeps the ship running. Currently he is perched on a rather large device that has been shut down for future repairs with a cube of energon in his hands. Ah the peaceful cacophony of banging non sentient machinery. His wings occasionally (and probably loudly) buzzing in a twitch doesn't even register to Waspinator.

It's not easy to pick out the source of the buzzing over the usual sound of the engines working. Wheeljack tilts his helm as he wanders through the engines. It's a bit harder, since he has to adjust the screens and use a stepstool sometimes to get a proper view, but none of the devices he passes seem to have anything wrong with them from his preliminary analysis. The further he wanders, though, the more prominent the buzzing gets. "I didn't even think these generators could make a noise like that," he says to himself as he moves along to the next one.

Waspinator perks up at the sudden sound of someone speaking... well more like freezes mid jump. As quietly as he can, Waspinator creeps to the edge of the machine and peeks over. Just an engineer, nothing Wazzpinator needs to worry abo- wait. Wazzpinator knowzz that mech. That izz zzcience mech, why izz he so small? The result of Waspinator's confusion and curiosity is the slight scraping of claws as he leans further over the edge, optics narrowed in thought, and the buzzing of his wings increasing.

It's the increase in buzzing which finally convinces Wheeljack to look up... and up... and up. He flinches slightly, optics going wide, when he catches sight of Waspinator's helm poking out from on top of the device. He really wasn't expecting to find anyone else in here, let alone hanging around on top of things.

He has to take a few steps back so that he isn't putting a crick in his neck to look up at Waspinator. "Is there... any reason you're in here?" he asks, glancing around. Not to sell Wasp short, but he doesn't strike Wheeljack as the type who has a job in engineering.

Waspinator stares down at Wheeljack, his optics narrowed in concentration, for a long moment before responding. When he does respond it's the tone of someone defending themselves against an accusation, "Wazzpinator not doing anything wrong! Wazzpinator not hurting anything, zzzo Wazzpinator allowed to be here!" He isn't doing anything wrong! Just sitting there.. He IS allowed to be there isn't he? What if Wazzpinator izzn't allowed here!? "Wazzpinator juzzt want quiet place." Does the engine room even count as a quiet place?

"And the engine rooms are the quietest place you could find?" Wheeljack asks. This is hardly what he'd call the quietest place in the ship. "Didn't say you weren't allowed in here, just be careful. There's some delicate equipment in here, and some dangerous things." He gestures back toward the quantum generators. "Actually, though, if you've been in here for a while, maybe you could help me. Do you hear that buzzing?"

Waspinator suddenly hops off the machine to hover for a moment before landing on his feet in front of Wheeljack, energon in hand (if precariously sloshing). The buzz can immediately be directed to the bug's wings, as the momentary flight increased the noise exponentially before cutting off entirely. "Engine roomzz not have noizzy mechzz. Wazzpinator already knowzz izz dangerouzz too." He flinches slightly as he has a mental flashback to the time he got his wing caught, "Wazzpinator alzzo not hear buzzing."

Wheeljack takes a few steps back as Waspinator hops off of the top of the machine. Not that he thinks Wasp is going to squish him or anything, but he's still getting used to having mechs now much larger than him move about around him, especially when they're coming toward him. "As long as you know the risks involved," Wheeljack comments, but he's distracted by the sudden disappearance of the buzzing sound. "Oh! Your wings!" he says, his helm fins brightening at the realization. "I should have realized!"

Waspinator cocks his head to the side in confusion. What about Wazzpinator's wingzz? "Izz there zzomething wrong with Wazzpinator's wingzz?" To try and see what is being referred to, Waspinator attempts to look over his shoulder only to go around in a full circle in an effort to see his back. He quickly gives up before returning to a his previous interest, "Wazpinator wingzz fine. But why is zzciencebot so zzmall?" He kneels down so he can better look at the mech, "Izzn't zzciencebot bigger?"

"There's nothing wrong with them, they were just buzzing!" Wheeljack says. He stands on his toes to get a quick look at them as Waspinator makes his circle. "Someone must have heard it and thought it was something wrong with the engines. Since it's just you, though, that means nothing is wrong with them." Nothing more than the usual question of a power drain, anyway, but that's nothing he needs to bother Waspinator with.

The question about his current size flips a switch in Wheeljack, though. His shoulders hunch, and his fins dim sheepishly. "Yeah, I usually am," he admits. "There was a bit of an accident in the lab, so I got shrunk via matter displacement. Shouldn't take long to get me back to normal, though."

Waspinator stares at the now very small mech. If Wheeljack were normal sized there is no way he would have been getting this close, but having no previous interactions along with the scientists shrunken state has put him at ease a bit. "Zzounds like zztupid accident." At least in all the stuff that has happened to Waspinator he has never shrunk himself!

It's enough to make Wheeljack fidget a little, though he at least manages to keep from stepping back. He can't wait to be back to normal size. Being this small clearly works for some mechs, but it doesn't suit him at all, and although he's adjusting somewhat the longer he's trapped like this, it's still uncomfortable. He winces at Waspinator's bluntness. "I guess you could say that," he admits. "It shouldn't have been able to happen, considering the devices involved..."

If Waspinator didn't know any better that sounded like his special form of luck. Something that isn't supposed to happen or shouldn't be able to? The universe breaks that logic for him all the time. "Will zzciencebot zzurvive long enough to get back to normal zzize?" Its not stated with concern, it almost sounds like the tone of someone wanting to start a better pool (if he wasn't so afraid of other mechs). In placezz Wazzpinator zztationed, zzciencebot not zzurvive.

"I don't expect anything to happen that won't," Wheeljack says, crossing his arms in front of him. "As far as I can tell it's pretty much a usual case of mass displacement, even if the method was a bit odd. There might be some long-term effects, but I'm already finished fixing the components involved so that I can duplicate the effect and run some tests! I won't be this size long enough for anything bad to happen." Now he's the one who's sounding a bit defensive here.

........ What? Waspinator picked up only the bare minimum of those science terms and is staring blankly at the small scientist. "Oh." Without another word Waspinator flits back to the top of the machine and continues to drink his energon, far out of Wheeljack's reach, "... Wazzpinator will lizzten for bad noizzezz from machinezz."

"... Yeah, that sounds like a good idea," Wheeljack says. Now that he's thinking about it again, he's anxious to get back to work on those devices. Lieutenant and Torque are still waiting on his efforts to get them back to their proper sizes, and if there's no problem with the engines, he doesn't have much reason to linger hear. Waspinator may be down in the engine room to escape from noisy mechs, but if he could tolerate Wheeljack enough to hold a conversation with him, then that's something. "Let me know if you do hear something strange."

Waspinator glances down as he gives a slight nod, he has no idea what strange sounds actually refers to but he will try. He feels like he needs to say something else, Autobots seem to be so touchy about that sort of thing... Wazzpinator doezzn't know what to zzay.... But zzciencebot wazz nice to Wazzpinator, at leazzt not mean- And what if zzciencebot comezz after Wazzpinator once he getzz big again!? Waspinator's grip on his cube tightens as his mind races to come up with something, "If ... If zzciencebot needzz any help, Wazzpinator might help." There, yes, that should appease him.

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