2016-07-28 Slip'N Slide

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Slip'N Slide
Date 2016/07/28
Location Lost Light - Science and Medical - Brainstorm's Workshop
Participants Brainstorm, Vortex
Summary Vortex helps Brainstorm test a project and adopts a pet

Experiments all but overflow the available space: every surface is covered with a project in progress, and chains and cords are strung from the ceiling to allow for suspension of larger parts when building something massive ... or if someone might just want to hang upside-down for a while. For whatever reason. Whatever mad genius orders the mess, it would probably be best not to touch.

Vortex has taken several wrong turns on the Science and Medical deck, thoroughly distracted by the communicator resting in his servo. After Swoop, he'd gone to communications in hopes of speaking with Brawl long distance. Big guy didn't answer so he's been waiting for an alert or something that he'd finally gotten around to messaging back. Probably busy squashing some nail's head or something equally fun. So, as the rotary makes his way down to Brainstorm's lab, he hardly looks up from the little communicator. "Swordfish," he mutters, trying to open Stormer's door and walk on in. Previous experience tells him its unlocked and its alright to head on in. He's also a bit distracted.

The door does not respond. It is indeed unlocked, but as far as its concerned, Vortex hasn't done anything to induce it to open. The fact that he hasn't announced himself either means that Brainstorm himself has absolutely no reason to open it from the inside either.

Vortex hadn't stopped moving. He kept going forward, and was rewarded by running straight into the solid metal. This thing's never locked! Unless Brainstorm always unlocks it for him. "Fraggin-!" He double checks that the communicator was okay before slapping the door's control panel. With his fist. "Stormer!"

This time the door opens. Even if it hadn't, the loud clang that preceeded that was enough to alert Brainstorm that someone is there. As a result, when the door does slide away, Brainstorm is already looking up from his current work at his lab computer. His face, or what can be seen of it anyways, reads a mixture of annoyance, and amusement "Can I help you?"

Vortex's expression is unreadable. Even his rotors look unemotive, locked within X formation. He stares at Brainstorm a moment, vents sucking up a sharp intake... Then he bounces on in, demeanor changing in an instant as he waves to the scientist. "I think the question is: Can I help you? Told me to drop by and test something, remember? Heh... Hey, how's Fifi?" The Combaticon had brought her back just as asked. Maybe he can take the lil roboid home again today!

Brainstorm's own expression shifts to one of question. What? What's with that look? Did you really think that the password was actually Swordfish? Ok, that's better. "Yes, I did!" he nods, quickly flicking through several options back on his screen before steping away from the computer "Hang on, let me get it. Fifi's over there." moving towards a shelving unit, he gestures in the direction of a table, uppon which sits the salvaged security roboid, towering over an asortment of parts from her less fortunate brethern.

Vortex's visor flashes and his legs move towards the roboid before his upper body even has a chance to turn with it. It ends up making him look like a spectacular puppet. "Hey there Fifi, Tex missed you. Yes he did! Yes he did!" While waiting for the scientist, he goes over to gently pet the roboid's head. "Mmmm... What are we doing again, today? I got distracted last time by magnets." Kinda sad he didn't stay stuck.

On Vortex's approach, Fifi, who had, up till then had been standing idly over the somewhat morbid scene, comes to life, turning her head up towards him, her laser sight flashing over his plating.

Brainstorm, meanwhile, retrieves a can full of something green and gooey, and likely glows in the dark, which he brings out to the middle of the room "I need you to stand on that red X over there, and drink this" he holds the can up, nodding to the aforementioned symbol.

Vortex chuckles a little. So damn cute. Just wanna reach over and pluck out its optic. His claw shifts to scritch just under what might be assumed as Fifi's helm before he looks over. "Dinner and a show! Now that's what I call a quality time." With a pat-pat to Fifi, he turns and skips on over to Brainstorm. Snagging the can as he hops rather showily onto the X, his facemask snaps back. Onslaught would slap him silly, Blast Off would be embarassed, Swindle would be taking bets, and Brawl... The grip on the communicator tightens just a moment... Then he quickly downs the contents of the can.

Why can't more Autobots be this willing to help? Not that Brainstorm isn't happy to take all the guinea pigs ---erm, help he can get, but it would be nice if more members of his own faction were this willing to volunteer for the sake of progress. Pipes has been pretty good about it, and Punch has helped with opperating things once or twice, but other than them, it's mostly been Decepticons.

But, when life gives you lemons, use them for a science project on the weaponization of citric acid. While Vortex follows his instructions, Brainstorm pulls out a remote. One press of a button, and little nodes surounding the X grow antenas, which in turn emit blusish, transluscent walls, low enough to step over, but high enough to contain the gooey substance the engineer proceeds to dump at his test subject's feet. Despite its apperant consistency, the gloop fills the area rather quickly. "Okay, now try walking. You should just end up falling over, but try anyways."

The goo certainly wasn't sodagex but he's honestly eaten far worst. Or drank, in this case. And it wasn't that bad, had an interesting texture, for sure. Vortex's optics look down as those antennae as the tiny walls go up. That'w when the teeny, tiny voice came up in the back of his processor and there was a niggling thought that maybe, just maybe, he might start to melt and Stormer didn't want to make a mess. Hmmm... The rotary shrugs and finishes the can off as he feels gloop around his pedes. Eh?

Vortex looks down to really look at the stuff, his overly tuned sensory net telling him in an instant that this stuff is slick. "A step? Alright." Seems simple enough. He lifts a pedes, weight shifting. And that's how he learned just slick this stuff is. With a squawk, his feet go out from under him and he falls flat on his back. Huh... "... So what's this stuff and why'd I drink it?" For curiosity's sake.

Brainstorm watches all of this with a passive, if satisfied expression. Exactly what he was expecting. On to stage two. "The stuff you're lying in is Super-Slip. The stuff you drank isn't, even though it looks like it. That's just thge flavouring making it a bit thick. The part that matters is the nanites. They should let you walk through it." with that, he hits another button on his remote "Try getting up now, and tell me if you feel any side effects. Nausea, pain, oncomming spark attack..." this is all said rather causally, like it's no big deal. Hey, it's not like it'll kill him! Probably.

<FS3> Vortex rolls Body+Body: Success. (2 4 7 1 6 6) <OOC> Brainstorm flips a coin. It comes up HEADS.

Vortex tilts his helm up to look at Brainstorm, trying to roll over so he can push himself up. But he couldn't. He could fling his weight all he wanted but there was no purchase for the roll to turn his body. He stills again as Brainstorm speak. "Ah, nanites..." He ate nanites. That's actually... Quite dangerous. His engines rumble at the thought. At the given go ahead, Vortex tries to roll again and manages, pushing him self up in the Super-Slop, before coming to a stop on his hands and knees.

The light in his visor narrows, tanks twisting. Hrgh... But its okay! He's fine! He's Vortex, tanks of steel! If watching a mech cry out his own cranial fluid doesn't churn his tanks, some nanites won't either! ... ... But he might just stay like this with his helm down. For just a klik. " Want me to try standing too?" He's totally like this one purpose! And if he wasn't, he wasn't about to let the testing end so soon! Or risk it. This is fun. He's having fun and not sick at all.

Watching this, Brainstorm scowls under his faceplate. Vortex too, huh? Looks like he might have to make some modifications to the design. Nonetheless, he doesn't look worried "Yeah, try that. And don't worry, the effects will wear off soon, and your system will flush the nanites within a day."

Effects? What effects? He's fine! Although, perhaps not... Vortex is quite the stellar actor, yet failed and gave away the bouts of nausea spreading through his system. Hrgh, he hates feeling sick... The only time being sick was entertaining was when he had to interrogate a mecha with a deep-seeded fear of viruses and getting them. The rotary purposefully gave himself a virus for the occasion. Very entertaining, and very messy too. "Standing, on it." The Combaticon huffs and pushes himself up, quelling the flip-flop inside of him as he stands. He jazz hands. Ta-daaaa. "So, why'd you make super slipper stuff." He doesn't bother asking how the nanites negate the frictionless quality of the slip because, ya know, he doesn't care.

Brainstorm's optics flash at that question. "To make people slip obviously! Imagine spreading it at a bottleneck! Or infront of a lure! Your enemy steps in it, and blam!" he makes a broad, downwards gesture with his hands "Can't get up! Trapped! Or spread it on the road. Your enemy either won't be able to stop, or to go anywhere!" great idea, right? "By the way, is it just the nausia? No pain? Anything else? I need to know so I know what to change."

"I suppose... I prefer my glue gun if I don't want someone going anywhere. Heh... I wonder if Swoop is still there..." Vortex sorta forget he glued the Dinobot down. Maybe he should check on him... Nah! He's fine. Probably. "And doesn't oil help? And wouldn't someone spot the slip? Its kinda... An obvious thing, out of the ordinary..." He jumps a little to really test those nanites. Regret. He holds his midsection, making a face before his facemask slides back over. "If there was pain, I honestly don't know if I noticed."

Brainstorm's optics flash with interest at the mention of a glue gun. He's gonna have to get Vortex to let him take a look at it some time. Later though. Firrst things first. Still studying the test space, and subject, the scientist shakes his head "Oil is good, but this is better" he explains, waving a finger at the mess "And don't worry about the look. That's mostly for me, so I don't miss anything cleaning up. Last thing I need is to get caught in it myself." and judging from Vortex's reactions, the nanites aren't a good counter option yet. He even winces in sympathy as the Combaticon doubles over. That bad, huh? "You need help getting out?"

"Ah, so you haven't got a chance to test it yourself..." The helicopter's rotors spin thoughtfully. Hmmm... The smaller mech nods, just a little hunched over, before holding out a clawed servo. "Just a bit, if you don't mind."

"Right, hang on a moment" Brainstorm nods, setting the remote aside as he steps away from Vortex. He's not gone long, however, only enough to grab a long, metal rod leaning against a small mess of containers nearby. It's one end of this rod that he offers to Vortex.

Vortex gives the rod a scathing look. "... What, can't take my servo?" It's like Brainstorm thought he was going to try and pull him right into the gloop! He was definitly thinking about it, for sure, but he wasn't going to. Vortex takes hold of the rod and with Brainstorm's help, he gets out and immediately doubles over to rest his hands on his knees. Blugh... "So, good success, genius?"

Brainstorm only smirks "Look, I like you, but I still don't trust you all." he nods at Vortex's badge "Especially not you." despite his words, his voice is amicable, almost light-hearted as he pulls the Decepticon out, giving him another sympathetic look when he shows the severity of the side effects "Well, it told me that I probably need to change the design a bit. Starstruck had the same reaction, so it's likely not an individual thing, which won't do." setting the pole down, he reaches for the remote again to hit another button. "Like I said, you should feel better in a bit. Thanks for the help by the way."

Clearly, there's some mecha with some decent common sense left in this crew! Not trusting him? Vortex could smile, what a familiar sensation! And, for some reason... The measured delight is marred by that sharp pain- why is it there??? AUGH! "Wow, such factionism. I'm disappointed," he says back in an equally amicable talk. "Mmhmm, no problem, Stormer. Hey, can I take Fifi with me again? I wanna keep her, if you're just gonna have her stand there." And look at her, standing over the parts of a fallen brethren. Its beautiful.

If the accusation offended him in the slightest, Brainstorm doesn't show it. His optics are as bright and cheerful as ever as he regards the helicopter "I'm still working on her upgrades. She's kind of a side project at the moment. I guess you can borrow her for a bit, on the condition that I get her back, and in the same condition she's in now. She did recognise you you know, since she didn't try to set you on fire."

"She sets things on fire?!" Vortex throws nausea to the wind as he scrambles over to peer even closer at the little, tiny sentinel. "I can't believe you think I'd hurt her. She'll come back in even better condition. Just, like, comm me when you need her." Hehe, that makes Brainstorm Fifi's vet. The rotary holds out a servo for the roboid to climb on. "But thanks, Stormer! Come on Fifi, let's go polish you up while we wait for Brawl to message me."

As Vortex aproaches, Fifi turns her head to look at him again. The laser bounces off the outstretched hand, though she doesn't seem to know what to make of it.

Watching this interaction, Brainstorm quirks a brow ridge in amusement. Who woulda thought that an ancient security drone would be of any interest to anyone but himself "She's not smart enough for that yet. Like I said, work in progress. I'll make sure to work it in to an update in the near future though."

"I've always admired those that work programming- set up AIs. I can't wait for her to be finished." Look at the cutie, all unsure and not knowing what to do. Vortex moves slow and gently scoops the little thing up. There, safe in the crook of his arm. If her base coding was stronger, smarter, he'd start training. Conditioning. Like he did playthings- but Fifi was so much more than a plaything. She was adorable. "Well, I'm gotta get going then, lots to do- comm me for her," He reminds the engineer. "Now, let's go see what's flammable in my room, Fifi!" He nods to Brainstorm and heads out, thumb rubbing the roboid's helm.

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