2016-07-27 Better Late Than Never

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Better Late Than Never
Date 2016/07/27
Location Tailgate's Office
Participants Tailgate, Gearshift
Summary Gearshift finally comes forward about Cliffjumper

The office is sparse, in the way of someone recently moved in. There is a large desk, orderly but full, and behind it a rolling chair to match. Facing the desk is a single chair for visitors. To one side of the office there is a vast wall made of a security terminal, controlling various security systems, camera feeds, records, and similar ilk. In terms of actual personal touches, there are not many yet.

Tailgate has been walking the beat more often then not lately, wanting to get up out of his seat and be involved. Somehow he is already regretting it. His office door is open and he is sitting inside, looking a bit worse for wear. This feels like the first time he's had a sit all day. Dealing with a lot of small things all at once, and of course the matter with keeping Cliff brigged as long as he can manage it. He has yet to get around to seeing Pipes, thanks to the rest of his day bogging down. At the moment he's slowly working on typing a report out onto a datapad, attention divided between this and his thoughts.

This is the first time Gearshift has ever approached any offices pertaining to security, and one might call that a good thing. She takes a deep vent in and lets it out slowly before knocking on the door frame. "Tailgate, sir? Are you free?" she asks, doing her best to shrink to the small size she feels. This was a long overdue conversation. "It's about Cliffjumper."

Tailgate is obscured by a large part of his desk, and when Gearshift pokes herself in and knocks, he stirs from looking down at the surface of it to find her. His eyes light a little in recognition, and he waves a hand to gesture her in. "I'm here." Before he has time to ask what it is, she is way ahead of him. "Oh. Is it? He's... currently in the brig." For some reason he adds this, perhaps wondering if it might make the topic a little less hard. "What is it?"

The femme gulps dryly and comes into the office, sitting down slowly in the chair. "He threatened my life, and Pipes informed me he plans to continue his pursuit." Gearshift looks down at her servos as she speaks. "He and I had been seeing each other, when he found out about the neutral meeting, and got upset. He said something about trying to start another war and I told him it was best we went our separate ways." She glances up and then continues "When I told Starstruck, he's my closest friend after all, he confronted Cliffjumper, which landed Cliff in the brig. The next time I tried to talk to Cliff, he trapped me in his habsuite and pulled a gun on me." Her plating flattens. "For whatever reason, he shot himself in the shoulder instead, then I dragged him to medical. I guess when he got out he attacked Pipes." It's now that she looks up, meeting Tailgate's gaze with her own concerned look.

It doesn't take long into the confessional for Tailgate to slide down off of his seat and amble closer to Gearshift, attention rapt for her accounting of what's been going on. Somehow he's glad she came to him before he could get her name out of Pipes. He waits until she's finished before stepping up to the chair she's seated in and extending a hand to place it on her forearm, wanting to be reassuring.

"Pipes told me that Cliff was planning on hurting someone, but he wasn't able to tell me who. When Pipes told me that, though, I made sure we weren't going to let him out of the brig before we got to the bottom of it. Right now we've kept him there for longer because he's been fighting so much-- but soon I'll have to talk to him myself." Tailgate is a little slow to explain, trying to be cautious about it. Sensitive subject. His gaze behind his visor is bright, but concerned. She has all of him right now. "I'm sorry he came after you. Why does he want to hurt you, exactly? It's not because things ended, is it?" That would be a poor reason! "He thinks I'm a decepticon spy." Gearshift says, hugging herself. "I'm not sure what caused it, I know it happened after Starstruck confronted him, so that might have?" She's just as lost as you are about Cliff's motivations, Tailgate. "He needs help."

"Yeah. He does." Tailgate makes a loose fist with one hand, but it does not linger long. "I've got Rung in the loop too. He knows we'll probably need him soon-- but first I have to talk to Cliff myself." It won't be easy. Cliffjumper does not have a hard time giving him guff. Or anyone, for that matter. "Now that you've explained things I have cause to keep him as long as I need to. I'm sorry it's come to this, Gearshift. You're way too nice a bot to be treated that way."

While Gearshift appreciates the sentiment, she's a bit surprised Tailgate gives her that kindness as they haven’t spoken much, if at all. "Thank you sir," She answers politely. "I have to tell Starstruck as well, I owe him that much." Slowly, she stands "And I appreciate your patience with me."

"Patience with you? No way, you've been nothing but behaved..." Tailgate presses his hands together in a gesture of promise, visor bright and large. "It's Cliff that I'm trying to have patience for..." His shoulders twitch and sink a bit. "He deserves that much from me. I respect him even if he's kind of a... er... sometimes." The minibot refrains from words, but surely she knows what he means. "I'll tell Star it's okay to keep an extra eye on you, if you want? Just to make sure you're safe?"

"I don't think you need to worry about telling him to keep an extra eye. Once I tell him what happened I'm sure he'll be on me like a drone." Gearshift allows herself to smile a little at the thought of Starstruck looming over her constantly. "I wouldn't be surprised if he moved into my habsuite to do so." She shrugs.

Tailgate's smile shows through in the tilt of his head, and the lights of his eyes. "I'm glad that you have a friend like him. This is... This can't be easy for you either. I promise to be careful with Cliff. I can see he needs help."

Gearshift nods. Oh she is going to make sure Starstruck knows how important he is to her. "It's. Certainly not fun," The femme replies as she makes her way to the door again. "And I hope he does get help." With that and a small wave, she's left the office to go find Starstruck.

"Thank you so much for coming to me." Tailgate gives Gearshift a small bob of his head and follows her to the door, optics warm under the blue as she waves, and he does the same in return. When he closes the door behind her the minibot is left to hold his head and settle into wondering how he can help fix this.

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