2016-07-26 Resonance

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Date 2016/07/26
Location Dunia
Participants Quicksight, Skystalker, Starstruck
Plot Colony: Dunia
Summary Starstruck shows off the singing crystalks

Starstruck has been showing off his new piercings all day on his shift, playing with the star in his nose and the hoops in his antenna. He looks so fucking awesome it's ridiculous! When he gets off shift, though, he remembers something else about his piercing session, and so he pings Quicksight and Skystalker to see if they're free. He wants to make it up to the mini, and of course any opportunity to hang out with Sky is taken advantage of, so they'll both get the same message. goin planside 2 c singin crysts. meet shut bay 3 if u wanna come . Signed with his usual star and B) face. If they're able to come (and can decipher his chatspeak) they'll come to the shuttle bay to find Star and a pre-prepared shuttle to take them down to Dunia. He's already had someone from Navigation program the right coordinates so the trip will be short.

Skystalker's response is initially, What is a singing cryst? but thankfully the explanation was short and interesting enough to capture his attention. When he turns up at the bay it's with a somewhat vague expression of interest; he hasn't been underground on Dunia much, and while being under there isn't something he thinks will be nice for him-- the tale of singing crystal gardens is a little too much to ignore.

Quicksight still hasn't let that incident go. His paintjob is still shows signs of his previous adventures in the caves, meaning he's neither cared to bother the medics, nor come back to the body shop. It is, however, Vortex that he's angry about, not Starstruck. Vortex is the Autobot loving traitor. Starstruck may have supported him, but at least he still seemed to think like a propper Decepticon. Quicksight will have to see.

In the meantime, he might as well check these 'singing crystals' out. It's not like they stop at interesting planets every day. That Sky is coming too only makes the trip better. As they say, when life gives you lemons, make orange soda! Or something like that.

When the two arrive, Starstruck beams, standing beside the open ramp of their shuttle. "Sweet! Glad you guys could make it. You're gonna love this garden, it's fucking awesome." He gives a little bow, gesturing toward the shuttle and putting on a courteous air. "After you~"

"I'm sure it's awesome if you say so." Skystalker laughs a little as they collect in the bay and get ready to head down. He gives a playful little bow in return before he boards, too-- he even puts one ankle in front of the other and everything. The trip itself isn't long, once Quicksight gets on too.

It's straight down, and then a low sweep to come in on the openings to the colony settlement. From there they'll disembark amidst the bustle of the convoy, and it will be Starstruck to lead them from there.

Quicksight eyes the other Decepticon's new decorations with some disguist, but ultimately, he doesn't comment. That's not what he's here for, and anyways, if he complained about people benefiting from people he didn't like, he'd never be able to shut up, considering who the primary sponsor of the trip is. Thus, he only gives a nod of greeting before scrambling up in to the shuttle after Skystalker.

The caves cause him no discomfort. He's already managed to do some exploring, even got to stretch his wings and get some manuvering practice. Being small has its advantages.

Starstruck follows the other two up into the shuttle, and away they go! He might be a little annoying during the trip as he bounces excitedly in his seat. He can't wait to show off his singing, of course. Most of the energy, though, is coming from how genuinely pumped he is to show off this garden. It was gorgeous, and he's sure the two of them will think so, too.

When they reach Dunia, Starstruck wastes no time in leading them underground to the garden. He remembers exactly how to get there, considering it was his favorite spot, and when they arrive he holds out his arms in a LOOK AT THIS! gesture. The crystal chandelier hangs above the color coded crystal garden, cracked cobblestones and benches surrounding this midpiece for the room. "See? What'd I tell you! It's gorgeous."

Maybe Skystalker thought that Star was exaggerating the beauty of the garden-- or the size, anyway. When he leads them in, arms held out, Skystalker drifts to a stop, optics drawn up to the vault of the ceiling, the crystalline fixtures, and then to the colorful garden, flanked with its benches and cobbles, aged by time but still holding just a touch of the care that was given it during its lifetime. There is a piece broken from the garden, and some of the stones are cracked as Starstruck saw before, but nothing else seems able to disturb the peace.

"Oh." What light comes off of their bodies seems to reflect on crystal along with the dim lights of the plants that glow along the walls. Skystalker is suddenly unsure of which thing he wants to look at more, and first-- and there's a clear minute where he's standing there looking rather engrossed in all of it.

"Woah" even Quicksight can't help but make a noise of awe as the room comes in to view in all it's glory. He's seen plenty of interesting and fascintaing things even in his short life, but this is something new. He's been getting a lot of that since he came aboard the Lost Light. For a couple moments, he simply stands there, along with Skystalker, taking it all in. Finally he turns to look up at Starstruck "And they sing?"

<FS3> Starstruck rolls Singing: Good Success. (5 3 8 5 7 2 3 5)

Starstruck moves to the side so he can see their reactions, and he is not disappointed. It is, indeed, a beautiful room, despite its age and the impression that it hasn't been taken care of on a regular basis. He's smiling, one fang poking over his lower lip and antennae hitched back a degree. He's bashful. Maybe he'd been worried they wouldn't like it as much as he wanted them too. "I know, right? This place is so cool."

At Quicksight's question, Star moves further into the garden, gesturing for them to follow. "Yeah, they do! It's really neat. I'll show you." He doesn't really know any more lullabies, so instead he goes for something else. "A falling star fell from your heart, and landed in my eyes~."

As before, when Starstruck sang, the crystals wake from their silence. They vibrate against each other, seeming to sing back and even harmonize with Star's voice as he goes through the song. The room echoes these sounds in a pleasant way, as it was probably built for this purpose all along.

Something about the way the place is built-- something about how it feels like they belong here-- something stirs an old memory in Skystalker, and it's followed by more, a mixture of nostalgic and traumatic and lovely. It's hard to read on his features, which sit staring into the dangling cuts of the chandelier. Only Starstruck's singing pulls his thoughts free of the spiderwebs.

Skystalker's gaze moves down and to the chiming crystals, echoing in tune with the large mech's voice; his features light up and his expression vacates all sense of somberness in favor of awe. "Listen to them..." He murmurs, stepping boldly closer to the garden on quiet feet.

Quicksight does listen. He even forgets to follow at first, gaping in amazement the responding crystals. It's only when Skystalker begins to move forward as well does the scout remember about his own feet and follows, carefully, as if afraid that any noise he makes might ruin the scene. He doesn't even risk asking the question that comes with all of this: How?

<FS3> Starstruck rolls Singing: Great Success. (8 8 3 8 5 7 5 3)

As he sings, Starstruck's voice grows louder, more passionate with the mood of the song he's chosen. "The stars, the moon, they have all been blown out, you left me in the dark--" He's kind of lost in it, honestly, and the way the crystals respond, singing back to him, with him, resonating and amplifying the music. There's the impression that if he wasn't alone it would be even more incredible, yet despite him soloing the room's acoustics are nothing to sneeze at. When he finishes, the crystals settle after a klik, though even just their voices may set off some soft vibrations and sounds. Star grins sheepishly at his guests. "Guess I got a little carried away, huh?"

Skystalker turns his head to listen to both Starstruck and the crystals equally, and his first thought is we can't leave them down here. They're just-- They belong somewhere safe. He absorbs the sounds with a shutter of optics, the amber glow a sliver, his biolights a flicker of gold and blue in the cavern light. When Star finishes, he takes a moment to once more consider the garden, looking up to the taller mech after. "That was lovely."

Quicksight nods. It was certianly something at least. Once again, he regrets that his built in recording systems don't come with audio. Not that he'd ever record something like that for his own records! Of course it would be for the ship's collection. Totally for that and that alone!

Now that the singing has stoped though, it's safe to speak. Even so, his voice comes out low and cautious "I wonder how they do it."

Starstruck's smile has turned shy as he looks at Skystalker, antennae flicking back further and one servo rubbing at the back of his neck. "Yeah? Thanks. I try." For such a show off he's sure a huge dork when it comes to actually being complimented. At least by mechs he finds attractive, which, alright, is nearly everyone. "Dunno. It's sweet, though." Now that Quicksight mentions it, though, he's kind of curious himself. "I mean, it kinda looks like whoever built this place set it up like this on purpose. Other than that...?" Starstruck shrugs.

"Beachcomber would probably know." Skystalker glances down to Quicksight with a small grin. "Of course, he'd have to see them too. I hate to leave them here like this." Skystalker's hands knit in front of him, and he looks up and around them once more. "It reminds me of a place I knew a long time ago."

Sky's expression seems more fond than afraid, so any fears that Quicksight may get at his words are able to be put at ease. It's not a bad place. "Should I give it a shot?" He looks over his shoulder to Quicksight first, smiling a little.

Even so, Quicksight tilts his head to look at his friend as the starfighter reminiscises. Except, with nothing to give him cause for alarm, the look is curious rather than worried. There's another place like this?

The look lasts until Skystalker turns towards him again. "Uh, y-yeah! Go for it!" The words start out a bit uncertain, almost a bit surprised, though they do level out by the end of hte sentence. You're asking him? It's not that Quicksight is against the idea, infact, he's quite the opposite, being quite aware of his friend's talents in that area. But why ask him about it? Still, the expression on the scout's face matches his words, and the tone they ended on.

A place Sky knew long ago? Starstruck wants to hear about this! If there are other places in the galaxy with singing crystals, or singing anything, really, he wants to go there and sing with them. He'll just have to ask later, though. The idea of Skystalker singing is enough to make him forget all about that, for now.

"Dude, you totally should!" Star's ringing endorsement is loud enough to create a harmonious feedback from the crystals as they react to his voice. "You'll sound great, trust me." No one could be worse than Cyclonus at singing. No one.

<FS3> Skystalker rolls Musician: Good Success. (5 4 7 5 6 3 8 3 2 3)

Skystalker flashes a smile down at Quicksight at his hesitation, simply friendly. He wants to just include him, that's all! There's a bit of a startle at the ringing that comes with Starstruck's voice, and Sky shields his audials a moment while it dissipates. His grin says a lot for him, though.

When he starts to sing it begins as a low hum, his hands held loosely together, wings tucking down as the notes carry. They are light and slow, in contrast to Starstruck's voice, rising in notes as he goes; the song itself isn't something either of them have heard before. Not from Earth, or even the ship-- something new. Something sweet, but carrying a wistful note. The lyrics are still hopeful, despite the way its sung; Hopeful against loneliness and loss.

Quicksight's optics dart back to the crystals as they once again respond to Starstruck's voice. There are truly strange and wonderous things in the universe. He doesn't linger there long, however. As Skystalker starts singing, the scout turns to look back up at the older flyer, a flicker of concern in his look. Not straightup worry, since the situation seems to be fine, but he has a good guess as to where the sentiments of the song might be coming from. This, however, does nothing to prevent him from listening, to Skystalker, to the crystals. It is all quite ...lovely.

Starstruck isn't privy to Skystalker's backstory like Quicksight is, so he doesn't know where the feelings behind this song are coming from. That doesn't stop it from being any less beautiful. Star's face lights up, pink optics glowing beneath his visor, though there's a softness to his expression. Sing for me, my angel of music.

The crystals respond in kind, vibrating and singing along with Skystalker. It's a liquid, rolling sound, like gentle waves that lap across the room and back. The music surrounds them in a soft, warm way, echoing and adding to Skystalker's voice. Starstruck has eyes only for the starfighter, yet it's different from the lecherous gaze he usually gives pretty bots. This one is more awe.

Skystalker's optics are trained on the shifting of the crystal garden, audials picking up the accompaniment and his voice lifting when he hears it. His wings fan out seemingly on their own, and his fingers link more tightly as the notes rise up and down again. When he finishes the song, it leaves a feeling of wanting more-- lyrics that end with no answers to the many questions they've posed.

Skystalker allows the crystals and the fixtures to trail down and faintly ebb away before he speaks again, a smile growing softly across his face.

"That was ...something else."

Quicksight's honestly not sure if he's supposed to applaud here. On one hand, that was certianly worthy of it, on the other, it feels like any loud noises would just ruin the mood. Ultimately, he doesn't, exchanging that for a simple nod of agreement, and a cautious (for the sake of the noise level) "Y-yeah". The concern fades a bit at the smile. Smiles are good. Smiles mean things aren't all bad.

"So you guys like this place?" Starstruck is bashful again, still recovering from Skystalker's voice. As a singer himself, he can absolutely appreciate when others are talented in that sense, and Sky certainly is! "I wish we didn't have to leave. I love this place." And he actually means it, looking over at the crystal garden and its sister chandelier with fondness. Even with just their 'inside' voices, there are faint vibrations coming off of the formations. He could fucking live here, honestly, if it had wifi and power outlets and stuff. The essentials. "I didn't know you could sing like that, Sky. Your voice is amazing!" His returning grin turns on Quicksight, gentle at the edges so as not to intimidate. "You wanna try?"

"Dunia is dying, right? This will go with it, won't it?" Skystalker sounds sad, but when Starstruck compliments him, he just smiles downward and lifts his eyes at the taller mech. "Thank you." It's a way of being humble, of course.

Before he gets to drift too far in to his own thoughts, he's interupted by Starstruck. The bigger Decepticon's offer has an almost startling effect on the scout, making him step back, hands lifted infront of him in a negative gesture "No, no, I'm good! I don't really sing!" aside from maybe drunken war songs. That's acceptable for a soldier. And maybe the occasional challenge. Never just because! He's too sober for this. Plus, after those performances, anything he attempts will probably sound like a rusty hinge by comparison.

<FS3> Starstruck rolls Singing: Good Success. (8 3 8 2 5 4 7 5)

Oh, oops. Star hadn't wanted to upset Quicksight. Again. He holds up his own servos and says quickly, "Hey, that's alright! No pressure, buddy. It's not fun if you're forced to do it, right?" He turns to Skystalker, instead. "Maybe we could duet, then!" Before Sky gets a chance to respond, Starstruck is already singing again. It's an older song, not as old as Cyclonus or Tailgate, but certainly pre-war. He takes the lower part, listening as the crystals come back to life in accompaniement. It's a song he can sing on his own if need be, yet one that also has a second, higher bit to it. He could stay here and sing all day, and honestly, he absolutely will. Hopefully the other two will hang with him.

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