2016-07-26 A Leg Up

From Transformers: Lost and Found

A Leg Up
Date 2016/07/27
Location Lost Light - Recreation -- Observation Deck
Participants Skystalker, Swoop
Summary Swoop has a problem.

A hexagonal room that mimics the shape of the bridge two decks above, the Observation Deck likewise has two rows of windows that look out into the vast dark of space. Seating arranged casually throughout the room can be retracted into the deck or rearranged into rows for solemn ceremonies. If there's a big event, it's going to be held here.

<FS3> Swoop rolls Fortitude: Success. (5 6 8 1)

"Hey! Anybody out there!" Swoop yells uselessly toward the entrance of the observation deck for what is probably the fiftieth time. Why is it that there are usually bots in here but now it's empty except for him? Why didn't he think to get the comm line of Skystalker, so the only available person to call wasn't Grimlock? He was gonna get Vortex back so bad for this. Extending his wings, Swoop flapped hard, trying to pull himself free of the glue keeping him stuck fast to the floor. He manages to create quite the wind tunnel, blowing anything small and loose about the room. What he does not manage to do is get free, and in fact he kind of strains his knees further. Frag. "Could use some help in here!"

Skystalker hears the noise of wings before he hears more of the shouting-- a telltale 'whumph' of air passing through as he makes his way down the hall outside of the deck. His aim to get from one end to the other stalls out early when he hears the yelling; the starfighter slows down enough to realize where it's coming from and who is doing it. Sounds like.... "Swoop?" Skystalker angles into the door of the observation deck, craning his head in to glance around first just in case of tricks. "What--" Okay, maybe not a trick.

<FS3> Swoop rolls Fortitude: Good Success. (8 1 2 7)

Even before he's done shouting Swoop is trying to fly again. This time the strain isn't as bad on his joints - he just still doesn't go anywhere. Swoop gives a frustrated groan. He's going to be stuck here for cycles, isn't he. But then he hears a familiar voice and the smile that crosses his faceplates, is, well, one of absolute joyful relief. It's a very different look for him. "Skystalker! Thank Primus, can you help me? I'm kind of, uh. Stuck."

The smiling is a little shocking, enough that Skystalker hesitates again and double checks behind him for an ambush before skirting on into the deck. He doesn't run over, but his steps are a gliding clip, brow bent in confusion when he comes up alongside Swoop. His gaze is drawn to the dinobot's feet. "I see that. Why are you stuck? Are you alright?"

Yes, it can be quite shocking to see a Dinobot smiling with anything that wasn't smug amusement or bloodlust. Swoop realizes what he's doing and the smile drops, replaced with a downward turn of one side of his lips. "Vortex happened," he grumbles. "He has some kind of glue gun, and he stuck me to the floor." He doesn't add that it was because Swoop had been about to punch the Combaticon in the face. "And then he just left! Little fragging glitch." There's not a lot of heat behind this, though. Before Vortex left the two had been kind of getting along. Weird.

Skystalker hardly has time to think about it before he pauses, and then begins to laugh. Despite the timing it's not malicious, just-- Vortex, with a glue gun, on the Observation Deck. Come on! It's funny! His laugh is cheerful, his eyes sympathetic. He covers part of his mouth with one hand to try and stifle his reaction, leaning over to look at Swoop's pedes more closely. "Oh, I'm sorry, I shouldn't be laughing-- I thought you lost control of your legs! I thought it was something really serious..." Heheheh. Sorry, Swoop.

At first Swoop is annoyed when Skystalker starts laughing, though...the realization that Sky isn't making fun of him, not really, has the Dinobot chuckling lightly. "It is kinda funny, isn't it?" You know you'd he crying on the floor with laughter if you came up on someone else in this situation, Swoop, don't pretend otherwise. "If I did that I could just fly. That hasn't worked now, though." He gestures at the debris scattered around the room from his escape attempts. "Hey, this is totally serious!" He can't make himself sound like he means it, though, even as his knee joints ache beneath the glue. Whatever, it's just a little pain.

Skystalker looks from the floor up to Swoop's face, giving him a small, tight smile as he tries to quell the fit of laughter entirely. His hand goes out to Swoop's elbow, with a quick pat-pat. "It's pretty funny, yes. I know you'd laugh if it wasn't you." Dinobots are kind of easy to please, right? "Yes, yes, I know it's serious. Hmm. Hold still." Skystalker crouches down beside one of Swoop's legs, wings flicking as he wraps his hands around the dino's pede to give it a testing tug. Is it dry, or still wet?

Sky, that's not how slapping works. Swoop is momentarily puzzled by such a light touch. He doesn't comment on it, though. "I'd be on the floor," he responds instead, completely truthful.

If there's a Dinobot that's easy to please, Swoop has yet to meet him. "Can't really do much else," he says dryly as Skystalker leans down. The pede, when tugged, gives only a small amount. The glue seems to be dry, with a tiny amount of stretchiness but otherwise completely solid in its hold.

Skystalker pulls some air into his cheeks, thinking hard about the give of the glue. "Would you rather I cut it or try to burn it?" He blinks once and looks up-- and up-- considering he is still crouched down beside Swoop's foot. "Er, the glue. Not your foot. I could try to burn it but it might burn your heels too."

Skystalker fishes into his subspace to draw out a multitool, complete with a wee blowtorch for small welds. He was a Nyon Scout. Be prepared! And stuff like that. "Or I could--" The built-in gun on the same arm engages, the hot plasma sparking a little to make his point.

Swoop snrks. "I'd hope you're not trying to burn off my foot. Didn't peg you as the type, Skystalker." His voice is light, clearly joking. The options given to him are mulled over, Swoop tapping his chin thoughtfully with a talon. "I don't think this can be cut, so sure, we can try to burn it off." The appearance of the gun gets a real laugh out of the Dinobot as he adds, "You're gonna shoot me now? I don't think that'll help."

"Yes. Clearly I'm giving you the option to let me put you out of your misery." Skystalker laughs more openly now, the sound still bright as he settles down to open the multitool first. "No, my plasma is hotter than this thing is..." Sky flicks the small welding torch on, and he tucks it down and under into the tiny space of give in the cured glue.

"It'd take a lot more than that to put a Dinobot down!" Swoop smirks, glad for the banter. It helps distract him from the possibility that he may be stuck here all night. "Let's try the torch first, and if that doesn't work use the gun." He bends a little, as much as he can in this state, to watch Skystalker work. Swoop doesn't even flinch when the flame licks his pede; he's had worse. Instead he's watching intently, and after a klik blurts out, "Is it working?"

Skystalker is concentrating when he feels the optics on him. He looks up into Swoop's face when he asks about the progress, mouth thin. "I've barely started! Just let me work on it. It's heating up." Stop watching the kettle boil, Swoop. After another few kliks of sitting there and waiting for the torch to heat the glue on all sides, Skystalker swaps the tool to his other hand, and wraps his arm around Swoop's leg to pull again.

Swoop does the closest thing to a Dinobot pout, which basically means his wings - which have sheathed themselves while he was talking - slump downward. "Alright, alright!" He settles in to wait, continuing to ignore the burns, though he keeps watching Skystalker work. Eventually he gets bored and starts brainstorming aloud. "I'll have to get Vortex for this. Slag was always good at pranks, wish he was here so I could ask. Maybe I can, uh...." Nothing comes to him. "Frag."

"Put super glue on his tools." Skystalker says, unprompted. Swoop's first pede starts slowly, but surely, coming apart from the floor. There's still sticky, hot glue to deal with-- but one step at a time. "Or you could fill his sodagex with curdled oil."

That's starting to feel a lot better. Swoop can feel how his pede is loosening in the glue, and he shoots a grateful look at Skystalker. "Ha! Those sound great, especially the sodag--wait is that what that stuff was?" He finds he's somewhat disappointed. He'd heard so many things about sodagex, and the can Vortex gave him was it? What was the fuss about? "Or I could stick him to something. That'd be ironic, right? An eye for an eye." He's not sure where he picked that saying up, just like he's not sure where 'Miss Bitch' came from. Those wily humans and their catchy phrases.

"I'm sure there's a magnetizer somewhere on the engineering floor." Skystalker looks up at Swoop with a crooked little smile, optics twinkling just a little. Somewhere in there is the incorrigible little punk that gets along so well with Hot Rod. "You have to do it when he doesn't expect it, though. Okay, this is going to make you look even sillier. Forewarning." Schk!, the sound of Swoop's pede sucking hot glue off of the floor is clear, but Skystalker doesn't let go of his leg just yet. Instead, he switches to the tiny knife to start peeling the glue off.

Oh, what's this? A mischievous side to the starfighter? Swoop's optics brighten as he grins back down at Skystalker. Now that's the stuff he likes to see. "I'll have to look into it, once I can actually fraggin' walk again." He should probably go to medical after this, for his knees. It's likely he won't, though. "That won't be hard. He didn't seem like the brightest of bulbs." Swoop prepares himself when Skystalker pops his pede up off the floor, and he's grateful that the mech kept a hold on him, or else he would have fallen over. His knees are still glued together, after all. He doesn't have a lot of manueverability. "Thanks, by the way. I owe you one." Two, now. He'll have to repay Skystalker in a big way to break even.

"He's the tricky kind of smart." Skystalker warns a little on the topic of Tex. He knows enough to know better to underestimate. He tries to peel the glue off fast, but there's going to be a tackiness to walking that can't be avoided. Like stepping in gum. "Okay, there we go. Number two..." And Skystalker leans in to start working on the other leg. "It's fine. Really. You don't owe me anything-- maybe just-- don't mortally injure anyone with Prank Wars."

Swoop sighs out a vent, wings fluttering a little, as if in a light breeze. "Yeah, I noticed." Swoop's not stupid, either. Skystalker isn't the only one who knows not to underestimate someone, and though he'll throw insults around, the Dinobot always tries to keep that in mind. Swoop gingerly sets his free pede down on the floor, and, ugh, yeah, that's annoying, but he'll deal. Surely there's something he can get to fix that...maybe when he goes to get those magnets. The engineers were always up to weird slag.

"I do," he corrects, matter-of-factly. Swoop snickers and adds, "I'm not gonna kill the mech! Just embarrass him. I'd rather not spend the whole trip in the brig, you know."

"I know firsthand how intense prank wars can get." Skystalker laughs and shakes his head, but does not argue this or Swoop's insistence that he pay Sky back. Now that they both know the procedure, detaching pede from floor goes a little faster. "Ah! There we go. Should I do your knees?"

"You do?" Swoop senses a story, and one he wants to hear. Perhaps another time, though, as his other pede is finally released. He slumps in relief, lips curling in a lazy smile. "Much better. And yeah, if you could. It's kind of hard to walk with them like this." He'd have to waddle, in fact, and there is no scrapping way he's going to waddle through the halls back to his habsuite.

"Yep." Skystalker laughs to himself. "Ask Rod about the green paint prank sometime. Actually, no, don't-- he'll kill me." There's a more alarmed sort of laugh when he takes it back, angling a bit to loosen the tack from Swoop's knee joints. Not perfect, but he'll be able to move them.

Swoop cackles. "Your secret's safe with me. You'll just have to tell me yourself sometime." His wing tips flick in a fidget, almost like he's...nervous? Though if he was (not saying he is of course!!) one could hardly blame him. This 'hanging out with mechs outside of the Dinobots' thing is very, very new. Skystalker could easily withdraw at any time.

Swoop pushes that thought from his processor as he tests his legs, frowning a bit at the rigidity in his knees, yet. It's a lot better than being stuck to the floor. "Seriously, thanks, Skystalker. You're a lifesaver."

"Maybe. I've got other ones." Skystalker's smile is a little more shy in its openness now, but as he stands and watches Swoop test his legs, it eases more. "It's no problem. Luckily it was me, hm?" His optics flicker up at Swoop's face before he teases a little. "I'll give you my link so that next time you get caught up with Tex, you can call me for a rescue."

"Wouldn't mind hearing those, either." Swoop shrugs, amber gaze sliding to the floor. "If you want." Opening up isn't very easy; Swoop knows that all too well. He's still miffed at himself for giving in so quickly to Vortex earlier, though honestly, the implications of the Combaticon telling Grimlock about his writing were enough to get him to spill. Yes, Vortex was very good at getting information...gears in Swoop's helm begin turning. Maybe, after he evens their score, he can use that to his avantage.

"Really lucky." The offer of Skystalker's link has Swoop halting momentarily, surprised that it's been given without him even asking. He nods, finally, and says, "Uh, yeah, that'd be great. And I can give you--" he almost says 'mine', but oh yeah, he can't fragging write. So he awkwardly ends with a, "Thanks."

"Whenever you com me, I'll get yours." Skystalker pays little mind to the nerves and pauses, perfectly willing to let Swoop move on his own terms. You can't force something like this out of someone who has never seen it-- he knows that. "I'm an okay storyteller too." That means a relative Yes, to the sharing.

"Good idea." Swoop's wing tips give a small movement of gratitude. This is why he....likes...? gets along with....? Skystalker. Whatever, positive emotions are weird and he's just going to ignore them for now. He'll take the info for now and comm Skystalker at some point, probably to go to Swerve's or something. Or to pay him back. An idea is already forming in Swoop's processor on that front. He gives Sky a lopsided smile, possibly a sliver of that joy from when the starfighter had first appeared shining through. Just a little bit. "Maybe we can swap a few. Right now I'm gonna go and lay the slag down. I'll see you around." Swoop finally, finally gets to leave the observation deck, pedes sticking slightly to the floor as he walks. Which means he's kind of scowling the whole way back to his habsuite. He'll get this fixed after he recharges; right now, he needs to get off his pedes.

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