2016-07-25 Captain, I Shrunk the Crew

From Transformers: Lost and Found

2016-07-25 Captain, I Shrunk the Crew
Date 2016/07/25
Location Lost Light - Science and Medical - Wheeljack's Laboratory
Participants Torque, Lieutenant, Wheeljack
Summary Torque and Lieutenant try to help Wheeljack clean his lab. Don't touch experimental devices, kids.

His first day off from communications, Lieutenant uses it for one thing: making more candy. The time is nearly up though, so he starts wrapping up the absurd amount of sweets but he needs more containers for the rest. No interest in asking medical for some, Brainstorm or Perceptor, and he knows Skystalker won't have any so he goes to the one last mech on deck he can ask: Wheeljack. He knocks at the door frame, "Wheeljack, it is Lieutenant. Could have a moment of your time?"

Wheeljack, as usual, is busy in his lab when the knock comes. He glances up from his current project-- some sort of scanner, if Lieutenant cares to look-- when the knock comes. There's what looks like oil smeared across his faceplate, but he must not have noticed it, because he makes no move to clean it off. "Huh?" is his first, eloquent, response. He pauses for a moment and thinks over what Lieutenant actually said before nodding and lighting up. "Sure, c'mon in. Something I can do for you?"

Torque never minds when it's her turn to go get supplies from storage, always enjoying the trip down. Of course she's not as keen on being asked to deliver things to other people when she's down there. It's not her job, but.. well, she doesn't complain much. At least she's doing a good deed. And so, a medium sized container held on her hip, Torque makes her way to the labs towards.. Ah, there it is, Wheeljack's place.

But oh, what's this? She notes a familiar wing disappearing through the door, making her hesitant to approach in case she's intruding. But.. Jack needs this thing, she guesses, and steps over carefully anyway and raps on the doorframe. "Heya, Lieu." She smiles up to the avian before looking to Jackie. "Hey, Wheeljack. Storage muscled me into delivering some parts I guess you requested." She motions to the box in hand and gives an asking look as to where she should put it.

Lieutenant steps in, noting the scanner and the oil(?) on Wheeljack. Fortunately, the avian has some self control and the rag he's removes from his sub space to clean the faceplate is slowly places back where it belongs. "I-" he starts to say before sensing Torque coming towards the lab, "-Hello Torque- I was wondering if you had any containers you were willing to part with." He made more candies than he anticipated, but there is not need to give a number as to how many more that is. He makes his way over to one of the desks they has a clear-ish opening to place a small box of candies on. As a sort of thanks, even if the flashing finned mech doesn't have any containers to part with.

"Hello? Oh! Yeah, I requested those," Wheeljack says to Torque, his fins flashing eagerly. "Thanks for bringing them, you can set them down, uh..." he pauses for a moment as he looks around the lab, searching for someplace to put the box that isn't already stacked. Apparently Wheeljack has been busy recently, because a good deal of stuff is piled up around. "... There," he says eventually, gesturing to a less messy bit of shelving at the end of one of the tables.

"Containers?" Wheeljack rubs at his chin, inadvertantly smearing the oil further. "I might have something on my shelves, depending what you need them for. He blinks at the container of candies. "Oh, for those?" he comments, then turns toward the shelves. "I have some extra bins somewhere around here. They might need a little cleaning but they should be fine for something like that."

Torque nods and steps over to the indicated table and sets the box down gently, not wanting to rattle around whatever's inside. Knowing Wheeljack it could be volatile! Turning back to the two, she grins. "It's no trouble, I don't mind. Though with how much they ask me to, I should start charging them." She chuckles and leans her hip against the same table, raising her chin slightly to the scientist and tapping her face. "Heh, Jackie, yah got somethin' on your face." She's guilty of never noticing the same at times, honestly.

Over to Lieutenant again, Torque tilts her head slightly and smirks. "If you want, Lieu, I can help you clean some out and carry them back."

"I would appreciate the help, thank you, Torque." He replies, also relieved that at least she points it out to Wheeljack the mess on his face. Lieutenant felt the urge to throw his rag at the mech. Looking around though, the whole place needs a clean. This mech needs cleaning supplies in at least each corner of his lab. "Speaking of, do you need assistance, Wheeljack?" Famous last words.

"Do I?" Wheeljack wonders aloud, bringing a hand up to his face and rubbing his fingers across the plating. Sure enough, when he pulls them away, they're smeared with oil. "Whoops, didn't notice that," he mutters, glancing around. It appears that this time, he actually registers the state of his lab when he looks around at it. Maybe it's because what he's looking for (a cleaning rag, in this case) doesn't eventually appear.

"Do either of you have a rag?" he asks, rubbing sheepishly at the back of his helm. "You know, some neatening up probably wouldn't go amiss. I've been so busy on this project for Dunia..." he shakes his helm then looks back to the both of them. "I don't want to keep you, but would either of you mind lending a hand?"

I've got one, sure." Torque snickers softly and digs into a hip compartment, pulling out a well used, yet recently washed, work rag. Balled up, she tosses it over to Wheeljack before stepping over to the shelf he indicated earlier, poking it about it for some of those empty boxes he mentioned.

"Don't see why not." She muses while shifting around some tools to look a bit neater, taking a moment to smirk over her shoulder at the two. "You get a clean lab, Lieutenant gets some clean boxes, and I get some time eaten up before my shift starts. Sounds like a win win... win to me."

Lieutenant pulls out a rag from his subspace again, to hand to Wheeljack, before putting it back again. Torque beat him to it. "That depends," The avian says, striding over to the boxes to begin putting them in his sub space. They'll clean them after Wheeljack's favour, "will my hand be detached from my body for this?"

"That'd be great!" Wheeljack says, beaming at the both of them. He reacts to Torque's toss just barely in time to catch the rag, then takes a few moments to wipe his hands and his face clean. Once that's done, he steps forward to hand the rag back to Torque. "No, no detaching anything, I promise," Wheeljack says with a chuckle. "I've got plenty of things in here, but I don't have weapons." It's the major difference between his lab and Brainstorm's. Possibly the only difference, in the opinions of some.

"That's a relief, at least." Torque smirks and gladly takes back the rag, shoving it back into its compartment. "It's bad enough I gotta recharge next to the stuff Brainy takes home." Hand to chin now, she eyes his lab space and gives a little hum, hanging on Lieu a moment as he spaces boxes. "Hm.. Well, I guess we should tackle some of the more cluttered spots first, just to get them outta the way." She moves to a particularly messy table and shifts some things, digging through it. "Dunno what you wanna keep and what you wanna junk, though."

The avian finishes pocketing the boxes and moves to identify the items around. At least as best he can. He picks up an item of curious origin to look it. Is it safe to touch these things? Are they still active? Touch active? A shudder is visible at the memory of the last time he was in Brainstorm's lab and one of the projects stuck onto him. "A bit late to ask, but are these all inactive?"

"They should be," is Wheeljack's distracted answer to Lieutenant. He's busy looking at the shelves, which are stacked high but at least marginally organized. "Scraps and random parts go on that shelf," Wheeljack instructs her, pointing as he clears the scanner out of the way. "Anything that looks like it's been worked on-- you'll see wiring or a casing, usually-- should go on the shelves over there." Wheeljack continues rattling off instructions as he picks up something from his workbench, something covered in what looks like tiny lightning rods.

The object Lieutenant picked up doesn't appear to be on, but it may feel like it's vibrating ever so slightly in his hand. That feeling only gets worse as Torque shuffles through the materials on the table, unearthing a heavy black box covered in dials.

"Got it." Torque nods and begins to sort stuff into appropriate piles on one side of the table so she can put them on the right shelves later. "What kinda stuff do you make anyway, Jack? Brainy does weapons and all sorts of zany stuff. You make gadgets or something?"

That's when she comes upon the strange box, giving it a curious look and picking it up. "What's this do?" She questions and experimentally gives one of the dials a twist. ...He said this stuff is inactive, so she can touch it...right?

Oh- oh... Lieutenant looks down at the object in hand, not so confident with Wheeljack's answer. Especially once it starts vibrating in his hand. A tiny eep escapes him as he debates whether or not to put it down. That is until the vibrations are not only coming from the device, but he feels it throughout his frame. His fins twitch madly as his frame starts to rattle. He drops the device out of alarm and stumbles back a couple steps, rapidly shrinking in size.

The avian falls on his aft... which is a much shorter drop than he expected. He blinks a few times and for once, it's he who has to look up, up at his surroundings. There is a little feeling of deja vu.

"Whatever gadgets and gizmos I can come up with, really," Wheeljack says. He turns toward Torque when she asks the question, and he's about to come look at the device that inspired Torque's question, when she cranks the dial up.

The device in his hands shoots out sparks, and he lets out a cry of alarm and drops it. Immediately, his attention is overtaken by making sure the device is all right, so much that he misses the sound of Lieutenant falling. But... his view of the device is getting a lot closer, even though he's still standing. And it seems bigger than it should, what was the size to fit easily in his hand now more like the size of his helm.

Wheeljack looks up to voice his alarm, and that's when he begins to realize that his workbenches are a great deal taller than they should be. "Well, scrap."

Torque raises a brow when her device doesn't do anything, giving it a little shake and turning it about. "I think it's brok--Eh?" She hears Wheeljack's cry and the little noise Lieu makes prompting her to look over and see.. no one? She blinks, confused, until her optics pan down to see two very small mechs taking their places.

"Whoa, Primus! You're so... tiny, heheh.." Alarm is her first reaction, but their short stature amuses her so much that she can't help a stifled snicker. Moving over, she leans down and battles the smile trying to form on her face when looking at them, trying to take this seriously. "What happened? Couldn't have been this thing, I think it's broke, see?" She holds up her gadget and demonstrates by cranking the dial further.

Seems she cranks it a bit too far, though, as it begins humming and sparking before it sends a jolt through the medic. Yelping in surprise, she's sent rigid and clatters over, the box dropping and smoking. By the time she wakes up she's... well, just about as small as the others, if not the smallest. "...Crap."

Wheeljack gives another shout of alarm as Torque goes rigid. For the moment, he leaves his device in place, in favor of getting cautiously closer to the much larger bot. Only she's not much larger for long, as the shrinking commences quickly. "That shouldn't have done that," he babbles, his hands waving as he glances between the three devices. "I didn't even think those devices were active. Something in the power cells must have reacted to one another, but at most that should have caused an overload, not a reaction like this. Maybe the scrap metal in the room caused some interference, but..."

Wheeljack falls into muttering for a moment, but Torque waking up breaks him out of the loop of wondering what went wrong. "Are you two all right?" he asks, his fins dimmed with worry.

As dignified as he can, Lieutenant picks himself up and dusts himself off. His wings twitch in a huff, unamused by Torque's 'tiny' statement. Yes, he sees that. Time-travel Tuesday to when he was this size before the war. Great.

"Define, all right." The avian asks a bit sharply before allowing himself a sigh to calm down, "apologies.. yes, I am fine." He moves closer to the two just to make sure they're okay. "Do you think you can reverse this?"

"I'm good, just... small." Torque's brows furrow while staring hard at the ceiling. It was cute with the other affected, but now she's shrunk too and it doesn't feel as funny anymore. Sitting up, her shoulders slump and antennas wilt in dismay as she sighs, "It was bad enough I was shorter than average to begin with." She rubs her helm and finally stands, wincing slightly and looking down. "I guess this is mostly my fault for touching that thing. Er, sorry guys..."

"We did agree to help, and we touched things unknowingly active." Lieutenant shrugs, "Small set back but it will take far longer to do anything or get anywhere." Except they could probably use their alt modes to get around now. The avian... will be walking. "My shift starts in half a cycle. It will probably take me that long to get to the bridge."

"None of it was supposed to be active," Wheeljack says, downcast. He has to take a few steps back to look at the tabletop where the black box is still sitting, and smoking. "It was an accident. And I know I can figure out what happened and what to do about it!" he is quick to reassure the other two, his fins lighting up in a flash. "It'll just take some time. Even once I've finished fixing those devices it might take a little-- it'll take a while to figure out what specifically caused this effect. Then a bit more time to make sure the effect is reversed..." He droops again. "I definitely can't fix it in time for your shift," he says to Lieutenant. "But I'll get working on it immediately."

"Aw, Jack." The scientist will find a reassuring hand upon his shoulder suddenly, Torque standing there with a little smile on her face. "Stuff like this happens. ..Sorta. At least we're alive, yeah?" That's a plus. "You're a genius, so I don't doubt you can have us big again in no time."

She looks over to Lieu and sends him a look of sympathy. "Go on ahead, Lieu, I know you gotta be there. Jack, I'll help you clean up, then I gotta go explain why I can't work for a while. I doubt Ratchet and Knock Out will believe the 'I got shrunk' excuse unless they see it."

Lieutenant actually looks sympathetic for once, visibly. Shoulders dropped, head slightly tilted, and facial expression. "It is not your fault this happened," The avian places a hand on each other the smaller bots' shoulders reassuringly, "A bit of a hinderence but we are Cybertronians: we adapt to our situations, no matter the size."

The hands on his shoulders are enough to make Wheeljack look up again. Their expressions are enough to bolster him, and he visibly draws himself upright again. The glow returns to his headfins as he nods. "Yeah, you're right," he agrees. "This isn't a time for moping, anyway. We can take care of this." He chuckles. "I guess I should be happy. I've got a new project to investigate."

He nods to both of them. "I can talk to the medics too," he offers. "So they can get the details. I'll let the both of you know when I have something!"

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