2016-07-25 A Little Flare

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Date 2016/07/25
Location Lost Light - Recreation - Body Shop
Participants Torque, Blackstorm
Summary Blackstorm adds a little flare to Torque's work day.

The Body Shop is the place to go when you're not feeling as shiny as you used to, want to be another color, or even want a fancy aesthetic mod installed. Located off of the Oil Baths, the warm, scented air from the Oil Baths seeps through the clear sliding doors between the rooms. The Body Shop has more of a garage feel with state of the art tools hanging on the walls. Auto lifts dominate the center of the room.

Off to the side is a secondary room designed for painting, heavily vented and outfitted with a large window so customers in the main area can watch when not thumbing through design catalogs and color palettes.

Long. That's how Torque would describe the day so far. Even with the influx of some customers, the minutes still seemed to be going by too slow for her taste. Thankfully she's never one to let such a thing get to her, readily tidying up, checking tools, and making orders for low stock.

But with all of that finished, since it never takes her long, she's left.. without much to do. So the medic decides it's time for a little break, currently sitting near the window of the paint room where all the catalogs are, thumbing through a new issue to get the scoop on the latest trends.

It is a miracle; for once, the minibot strides into a room while walking on the floor. It's a true rarity to see Blackstorm using it for its intended purpose instead of relying on a wall or ceiling to get him where he needs to go. The minibot is chewing his lower lip component in thought. That, also, is a rare sight. Many mecha think that Blackstorm is incapable of such a feat.

The moment he spots another mecha, however, that moment of concentration evaoporates like it was never there. Hurrying over as fast as his pedes can carry him, he gives a quiet hum to get their attention. "Sorry to interrupt. You know where I can find someone who works here?"

"Mm?" Antennas flick up from their lax position and Torque looks over the edge of the datapad to spot a rather small minibot. Guess sitting around doesn't look all that professional, so she looks quite apologetic when standing and smiling to him. "Oh! I work here. Eheh, sorry, I was just eating up time." She waggles the datapad and sets it down before presenting him with a hand to shake. "Name's Torque, nice to meetcha. How can I help you today?"

Of course right away she spots the lip jewelry he's sporting, her interest peaking instantly and drawing her in a little. "Whoa, awesome lip piercing you got there!"

<FS3> Blackstorm rolls Body+body: Success. (7 4 3 3) <FS3> Blackstorm rolls Climbing: Success. (5 1 4 7 1)

Blackstorm glances towards the hand, and then back at its owner. His head bobs back and forth like this a few more times before he decides he would rather put himself on her level. Holding up one digit to indicate he needs a moment, the minibot scurries a few feet away and locates a chair. With a huff, he slowly scoots it across and the room until it is sitting next to Torque. Finally, he clambers up and takes her hand, giving it a surprisingly firm shake for someone so small.

"Blackstorm of the Tetrahexian Tempest. The pleasure's all mine. Mind if I eat up your time instead?" he says as way of introduction, giving a totally innocent smile. Because that comment is innocent and can be construed no other way. "I just have a few questions of how much it would cost to get a few new biolights installed."

At the mention of his jewelry, though, the minibot smirks. For a fleeting second, his glossa darts out to lick over his lip components. His flowing glossa piercing is briefly visible (quite on purpose). "After all, I like things that glow."

O-Oh. Torque doesn't expect him to drag a chair over just to shake her hand. She feels a bit bad, but he doesn't seem terribly offended, so she rolls with it. His shake is met with her own firm grip and flashes a lopsided smirk. "Good to meet you, Blackstorm. Heh, and I don't mind at all." Her antennas give a brief little wiggle. He's certainly a spritely little mech.

His request for prices earns a nod as she leans over to grab up another datapad on the table. "Oh, sure. Our prices are actually pretty reasonable. We've got a little interactive catalog where you can mix and match stuff to your.. taste.." That last word just kind of falls out of her mouth when she looks back at him, seeing the flash of his tongue piercing as it slithers by. Uh.. She's just left staring, obviously struck, with the datapad held halfway out to him. "I.. see."

It takes her a moment to regain her composure, clearing her vocals and trying to get back on track. "Did you have anything specific already in mind?"

This 'spritely little mech' really should not be here. Affordable or not, Blackstorm does not have the credits to afford to stroke his own vanity. Not that that is going to stop him. Leaning forwards, he rests his chin on his hand when he spots Torque's fumble. Oh, does he love when they do that. "Oh, I've got a few ideas," he teases. "But then again, it never hurts to look."

The minibot moves, pretending to stretch his joints, but really all he is doing is posing for Torque. He's not even bothering to try and disguise it all that well at this point. Blackstorm never did mind having all optics staring at him. Once he's prolonged that a little longer than needed, he reaches out his hand towards one of the catalogues. "Is there one you suggest?"

He... isn't going to make this easy, is he? Torque's gaze flits away quick when he starts to stretch out so obviously like that, finding herself rubbing at the back of her neck and glancing back quick now and then. "Ah.. r-right.." Thankfully he doesn't keep up the act for long and allows him to take the datapad. Venturing to look at him more head on at the question, Torque taking a step back and letting her gaze wander to take stock of him.

"Hm, well.. You've already got some nice biolighting already. ..Maybe under-armor piping? So it shines through your gaps.."

Once Blackstorm has nabbed the catalogue, he falls back into the chair. He positions himself in such a way that he is laying down with his pedes resting comfortably on chair's arm. Hardly a professional or socially acceptable posture, but the minibot seems so at ease that it's difficult to question if he has the right to. "I know a few things I'd like to get under my armor," he responds, flashing another cheeky grin. "That's one of them. Clever idea."

The minibot begins to flip through the catalogue, pretending to be absorbed in the images as he does. "I might need to go a little more understated, though. I already leave people speechless, after all, and if I'm any more distracting I might get cited for it."

Yep, not easy. Torque shifts at that little comment of his, feeling her cheeks grow a faint shade pinker. "Er, understated, right.." Is that even possible with him? Still, she can't let herself get all worked up, so she tries to settle with soft vent and offers him a weak smirk. "I wouldn't put it past Magnus to ticket you. But then I think Rodimus would be drowning in them." She chuckles softly and pulls up another chair, hooking her pede around a leg and dragging it over so she can sit in front of him.

Chin in hand, she studies him a bit more, some ideas trickling in. "Well, could always go for nice little accent lights. Nothing super flashy, they just add that extra touch of pizzazz to spice up the overall look. Maybe around your joints and torso."

Blackstorm snaps his digits and gives her a dazzling smile. "Now that's an idea," he announces. He tilts his helm backwards a little so he can peek at her, upside-down, over the edge of his chair. "I like where this is going, but I'm the kinda mecha that needs to see it first, right? I'm having a little trouble finding the right area in the cataloque, though. Do you mind?" He tries to surrender the datapad back to her, stretching out his arm as far as it can reach. It's not quite far enough.

"I do got another question, though. Not quite related to this, but I hope you don't mind."

A half smile lights Torque's face when she meets his upside-down, an airy little chuckle escaping her as she reaches to retrieve the pad. "Sure. I can actually do you one better, just gimme a sec." This datapad may not have any of her fancy drawing programs on it, but it's a standard model so it at least has a simpler program. Using this, she uses her pointer digit as a stylus and starts to doodle something.

While doing this, one antennas twitches in his direction and she looks up for a second. "Uh, sure, don't mind at all. What's up?" Still listening, she finishes up her little drawing and presents it to him. And.. it's him! Or well, a rough sketch, enough to show his frame type and structure. There's already some symmetrical lines of light blue in spots around his torso and dotting around joints and pedes to indicate biolights. "How's this? You can erase or add stuff, if yah want. I figure this makes it easier to see what it'd look like."

Now the real reason he's here. He is too nervous to ask this question around the medibay, knowing what sort of exaggerated response it is likely to elicit, but maybe he can get away with slipping it into casual conversation. Maybe. He's damned determined, though, now that the idea is on his brain module. "You've got medics around here, right? Overheard a buddy of mine mentioning something about interfacing with video games, said it's so dangerous you can lose yourself in them. Not like lose track of time playing, but completely wipe your brain module kind of loss. Why's that the case, exactly?" he chirps. "Or was he just exaggerating? Never can tell with these things. It doesn't make sense to me. I'm a pilot, see, and some shuttles are specifically designed to interface with our systems. I've never heard of that kind of risk before. I guess shuttles are different than video games, though."

He's more than happy to turn to lighter topics when she hands back the datapad. The minibot lets out a low whistle as he looks at the picture. "Ain't that something! Just a few changes," he mutters, his digits beginning to fly across the screen. "Oh, and it's okay if you don't know the answer to that last question. I was just concerned for a friend."

No, no he's not. He wants to try the dumb thing.

Torque lets Blackstorm sieze the pad and make his edits. In the meantime she mulls over her answer to his question, idly scratching her cheek while leaning back in her chair. "Well, there's a couple things that can go wrong with that. With a shuttle you've got standard interface programming. But with a video game it can be made to be anything and be made by anyone." She taps her helm for emphasis when looking to him. "It's easier for a virus to be uploaded or for corruptions to damage to processor. Also some of those games like to link damage in the virtual world to pain sensors in the body and it could send a mech into shock or worse. Never seen a death from it yet, but I've read some cases about pre-war underground competitors that fry out their brains or mechs who reject reality and just live in the virtual world and neglect their daily needs. Best to keep the interface level low, in my opinion."

"Huh, who'd have thought," he remarks, trying to sound casual about it. "Well, I guess I'll talk to him about it."

That is a good enough answer for Blackstorm, though. 'It does happen, but it is rare,' sounds like good enough odds for him. He'll have to try it sometime. It's just a matter of finding the right opportunity and set-up, as he's not entirely sure if the activity is considered legal, too. But hey, what is fun if it doesn't offer a little danger and threat of arrest? Boring. That's what it is. He's just glad that this mecha hadn't demanded to know who he had overheard discussing it, as he feared a medic in the medibay would.

With a triumphant grin, he holds the datapad back out to Torque. He's added some wonderful additions. Like a mustache, for starters. "What do you think? Does the look compliment me?"

Torque figures these days that, even if she tries to be adamant about warning someone away from something, they'll likely still do it anyway. So all she can really do is give advice and safety tips the best she can so someone doesn't go about killing themselves.

Retrieving the pad, the medic snickers at his little drawn mustache, but overall approves of the changes. "I like it! I can definitely seeing you pull this off. The mustache, though? Not so much." She beams and saves it for reference. "Did you feel like installing them anytime soon? Maybe we could add a color changing option, if you wanna change it up some days."

<FS3> Blackstorm rolls Spending: Good Success. (4 7 7 3)

It's a good thing how smart Torque can be about how stupid others are. It's mecha like Blackstorm that keep her in a job. In the meantime, he finally straightens up in his seat and laughs quietly at her reaction to his own doodles. "You sure about that? I can pull off anything well," he jokes.

The biolights thing had just been a guise to ask the real question eating at him, but the longer he sits here talking about the upgrades the more his self control is eroding. They really are neat, after all, and he knows he would love the addition. Maybe he can find a way to make it work? He already has a few ideas to make some quick cash.

"Right now I'm just looking, but I'll likely be back in the next few days." Reaching out, nearly falling off the chair as he stretches, he taps the edge of the datapad. "Keep that. Since I like where this is headed, you're gonna need it."

"We'll just have to see about that." Torque throws a bit of tease back, feeling more comfortable since talking to him. His reach and tap against the pad earns a smirk and she pops open a compartment panel to stow it, planning to upload it later to her personal one for touching up. "Sure thing. I'll be lookin' forward to it. Heh, maybe I could interest you in some other things next time you're in.”

Blackstorm slips off the chair, sensing their conversation is drawing near its end. Once his pedes hit the ground, he rocks back on his heels in order to get a better look at her faceplates. Lifting his hand, he nudges his visor onto his helm so that she can see his answering wink. "Some other things, huh? I like a little exploration. I'm game to try new things, especially with you. I already like your style."

His visor drops back into place with a soft click. "I can't wait to see what sort of ideas I bring to your brain module. If they're as wild as the first, well..." he trails off, chuckling. "We're gonna have a lot to play with."

Welp, so much for being comfortable. Blackstorm sees to changing that around real quick when he shows his optics and winks. U-Uh... And then he says that. UH.. Torque's body language changes, hands figdeting nd optics averting while face flushes a more obvious shade of pink. "Er.. uh.. Y-Yeah, totally." Primus, it's like another Beachcomber.

Before she feels completely flustered, Torque sends him a broad smile as she stands, inching away in a less than casual manner. "So uh, I guess I'll see you.. next time. I uhm.. gotta go check on the paint machine, yeah! Have a good one, Blackstorm, don't be a stranger!" Pivoting on her heel, Torque moves stiffly off towards the back of the shop where she can hopefully cool off before anyone else comes in.

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