2016-07-23 Talk Science to me

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Talk Science to me
Date 2016/07/23
Location Lost Light - Science and Medical - Wheeljack's Laboratory
Participants Gearshift, Bulkhead, Wheeljack
Summary Wheeljack asks some friends over to help in his lab. It doesn't go as well as Gearshift might like.

Wheeljack's lab is a masterpiece of controlled chaos. Shelves, stacked haphazardly with completed projects and curios, line the walls. The workbenches in the center are covered with the guts of machines in various stages of completeness, and all of the furniture is solidly built and looks ready to withstand whatever might be thrown, dropped, or spilled on it.

At this point it's safe to say Gearshift has been avoiding Starstruck. In part because she hadn't been leaving her habsuite much, and another because she was almost afraid to tell Star what had happened with her and Cliff.

Wheeljack's invitation, however, is just the distraction she needs- Gearshift is beginning to notice a pattern. She arrives at his lab promptly after his ping and knocks on the door frame as she enters "Wheeljack? You needed me?

"Hey, come in!" Wheeljack calls, from further in the lab. As Gearshift comes in, he waves cheerfully, from behind the machine he's working on. "Thanks for getting here so quickly, Gearshift," he adds, coming around toward her, to lead her toward the device. "I'm working on some supplies to send down to Dunia, to help after... everything. I could use some help, if you're up for it." He glances hopefully at her, as he steps back up to his pule of half-finished machinery. "Oh, and if you don't mind working with a team," he adds. Gearshift may not be the only one he's invited here.

Bulkhead has been meaning to get down here to show Wheeljack what he's been working on, and of course he is always happy to see Wheeljack. So the invitation is absolutely welcome! He'll just have to bring his prototype down another time.

Arriving at Wheeljack's lab, Bulkhead is the next to ping the door panel. What is Wheeljack working on now? His curiosity is piqued, and, at the same time.....okay they'd already agreed to work together on projects, but at the same time, he's warmed to know Wheeljack actively sought him out. It's....nice.

Gearshift answers with an eager "Always happy to help!" Looking at the machine in awe "So what are we doing here?"

before she can be answered Bulkhead comes in and Gearshift gets it in her head that she has to apologize for their first conversation together. Of course this means waiting for the proper time. She gives a half-wave and a half-smile to Bulkhead "Guess we both got the invite." Gearshift chuckles softly.

"Hey Bulk!" Wheeljack says, flashing his fins at Bulkhead as he waves his friend further into the workshop. "Great. You can both help me with this. Have you worked on a project before?" Wheeljack asks, then continues on without pause, "I want to put together some energon detection and extraction devices for the Dunians, because of what happened with the earthquakes. Not to encourage them to oversupply or anything, but they're not exactly in the best position to do it for themselves right now."

"Hey, Jackie, Gearshift." Bulkhead smiles at both, nodding in acknowledgement of what the blue femme has said. He remembers their last in depth conversation, and he doesn't blame Gearshift for it at all. Therefore he doesn't expect any apologies or anything, and he's genuinely happy to see her. He comes up beside Gearshift as Wheeljack explains what he wants to do. Bulk's helm tilts in interest.

"What've ya got in mind?" Bulk asks, already running the possibilities through his helm. "What stage are you in on this project?"

Gearshift crosses her arms as she listens to Wheeljack explain "You were telling me about this when I stopped by last. So you need us to help you test it? Sounds fun" She grins and her biolights flicker.

"Test it, and work out some of the bugs that are in there. I was building it in a hurry, so there may be some. Messy wires, improper soldering, shorting electronics..." Wheeljack looks like he could go on, but he cuts the list off there in favor of brandishing a very put-together looking scanner. "It's more sturdy than it looks on the outside, I promise."

He doesn't remember Wheeljack mentioning this. Bulkhead frowns to himself. He really needs to get down here more often and check on Wheeljack's projects. ""Anythin' ya need us ta do, Jackie, we're happy to help." Bulkhead may already be moving forward, eager to begin. The idea is sound, and knowing Jackie, once they get it perfected it'll be extremely useful to the citizens of Dunia. But... also knowing Jackie, there are definitely going to be some kinks to work out. "Where should we start?"

Gearshift notices the frown and wonders there's something Bulkhead knows that she doesn't. "Yes what do you need us to do?" She eyes the scanner curiously

"I've got a couple different forms of energon hidden around the lab. Do you two mind taking a scanner each and searching them out?" Wheeljack asks, holding a scanner out to each of them. "I want to see how it does with differentiating."

"Sure!" Bulkhead gently takes one of the scanners Wheeljack is offering. It's almost like a scavenger hunt. For science! He studies the scanner while he waits for Gearshift to take hers. It's masterful work, as expected of Jackie. Bulk has the very strong urge to take it apart and see exactly how its internal mechanisms have been configured. How was the wiring done, what type of sensor does it use to find the energon....he might get a bit lost in looking it over.

Gearshift takes her scanner gingerly, looking it over before looking up at Wheeljack. She finds the switch to turn the scanner on and glances at Bulkhead "ready?" She giggles- Bulk is looking at the scanner the way one might covet a diamond ring

"Ready," Wheeljack says, nudging Bulkhead with the tip of his pede to catch his attention again. "Let me know if things seem awkward or hard to use, by the way. I want it to be easy for anyone to figure out." He'd noticed the way jobs seemed to be divided up among the Obsidian Convoy, with plenty of self-made experts, and Wheeljack is happy to build something that facilitates that.

"Huh?" Bulkhead startles out of his reverie. Oh. Right. He's supposed to be helping Wheeljack. Bulkhead looks sheepish as he flicks his own scanner on. "Yeah, absolutely, Jackie." Bulk is definitely embarrassed as he starts shuffling around the room with his scanner. Look around for the energon Wheeljack has hidden, don't look like a weirdo again by zoning out over an invention. He can do that, totally.

Gearshift could see what was going on from a mile away, continuing to giggle to herself as she heads in the opposite direction of Bulkhead with her own scanner. Maybe she should invite Bulk to the Earth Fan Club meeting as well?

Wheeljack, meanwhile, finds a stool to perch himself on, watching with bright fins as the two split up and start scrounging around. He fiddles with a scrap piece of metal as he watches them move around, but stays silent. Can't start giving them hints that will mess with the results the scanners are showing.

Hoping to make up for earlier, Bulkhead goes on his search with determination. His first pass around the edge of the lab doesn't produce much, inklings of scannings without much result. Bulk frowns, and fiddles with the controls a bit, then - yes, there it is ! He just needed to adjust the sensitivity and now the scanner works wonderfully. He finds energon hidden beneath one of the larger shelves in Wheeljack's lab, as well as a cube tucked under a worktable. After finding them, Bulk places each cube on the nearest surface to show Wheeljack his progress, and then continues moving through the room.

Gearshift is having a much harder go of it, adjusting the sensitivity didn't work, and giving it a slow sweep didn't work. She remains silent however, though her engine rumbles in her frustration.

"Something not working, Gearshift?" Wheeljack asks, leaning forward precariously on his stool to try and get a peek at her settings. "Try resetting the scanning distances, up on the left there, that might help a bit." He sits back to fiddle with the cubes that Bulkhead has delivered so far, stacking them in front of him. There's still a few spaces left, so a few more cubes to be found.

Bulkhead has found another cube, behind one of the larger machines Wheeljack has about. He's just setting this down when he notices Gearshift is having difficulty with her scanner. Heading over, Bulk looks down at her, expression gentle. "If ya want, I can look at it for ya. Sometimes Jackie gets ahead a himself and misses things, heh." His tone is lightly teasing, and he even tosses a wink over to the scientist. He's here to help if you'd like, Shifty!

The frustration that grows in the pit of Gearshift's tanks is foreign to her. She shakes her helm and doesn't meet Bulkhead's gaze "No, no I've got it" She does as Wheeljack instructs and.....Ah. There's a rogue cube. She picks it up and hands it to Wheejlack, a troubled look on her faceplates. She doesn't like feeling so sour.

"There we go, that's working," Wheeljack says cheerfully, then pauses upon noticing the dour look on Gearshift's faceplates. Making his stack of cubes goes ignored for a moment. "Sorry that I handed you the miscalibrated one," he says sheepishly. "Clearly I still have some work to do here."

Bulkhead's noted the way Gearshift has wilted, too, despite having found a cube. And he flashes back to the conversation where he'd upset her enough to make her cry. He doesn't want her to be in that place when he can help it again. "Jeez, Jackie! Pickin' on the blue bots, are ya?" The look Bulk shoots Wheeljack is very much 'we gotta cheer her up'. So he goes for a distraction tactic, which surely won't fail. "Hey, Shifty, I heard you've been goin' out with Cliffjumper. How's that been?" Bulkhead usually isn't big on the grapevine of gossip but sometimes he hears things. Especially when they are said very loudly by bots even bigger than himself in Swerve's. Totally a harmless, happy topic, this.

At first Gearshift flashes Wheeljack a confused look "no, no you're fine i'm sorry." Then bulkhead does the very opposite of what would make her feel better: Mentions Cliffjumper. "We aren't. it ended." Her voice is cold and small as her plating flattens against her frame. Her servos start to shake and she immediately puts the scanner down near Wheeljack. "thank you for letting me test this for you but I have to go." Gearshift turns on her heel and makes a break for the door.

Wheeljack automatically moves to take the scanner, his attention already halfway on taking it apart for testing. "Still, thank you for helping," he says, before Bulkhead's question and Gearshift's response register. He hadn't heard that-- but apparently it's not a good topic, considering the way Gearshift all but bolts from the lab. "Gearshift, are you--?" There's not even a chance to finish the sentence before she's gone. Wheeljack turns to Bulkhead with a bewildered look, at a loss for words.

Wait, what...? What just happened? Bulkhead automatically reaches toward Gearshift, expression one of shocked despair. "Shifty, I'm sorry--" Nope, she's slipped away before either can talk to her. Scrap. This was why he didn't pay attention to gossip. Miserably, Bulk brings the scanner he'd been using back to Wheeljack.

"Sorry ta ruin yer experiment, Jackie." Bulkhead scrubs the back of his neck with a servo. "I can stick around an' help out still, if ya want. I think Shifty needs some time alone." Sounds like whatever happened between her and Cliff was bad. He knows it can take time to recover from something like that.

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