2016-07-23 Library Social

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Library Social
Date 2016/07/23
Location Lost Light - Recreation -- Library
Participants Lieutenant, Red Alert
Summary The only thing they have in common is they date firetrucks.

Yesterday had been a trying experience, to say the least, for Red Alert. Which is why he finds himself shuffling into the library on his day off, ready to do nothing but sit in solitude and silence, losing himself in a datapad or seven. As with all places he shuffles in slowly, casting a nervous optic about, but the weighty atmosphere of knowledge is like a comforting blanket wrapped around him and he settles quickly. The library is blissfully empty, and Red Alert is more at ease than he ever is as he moves through the shelves, debating what genre he wants to get lost in today. Only the presence of the librarian breaks up the silence and the stillness, but Red Alert doesn't mind that either. He's like a fixture in this place, and it would be wrong to not see him here.

"Morning Lieutenant," Red says quietly, with a polite nod as he passes him by.

It is rather early, time wise, on the Lost Light. Most are either in rechange or beginning their first shifts of the day. Lieutenant enjoyed the peaceful silence that the library offered and still could not be more happier to be assigned to work in it. It feels almost unreal to be quietly walking around, just to make sure everything was in order. It almost felt normal. The avian was not alone, as he had sensed when Red Alert had come in. At least he knows he wouldn't disturb the peace.

"Red Alert." Lieutenant returns with a curt nod, "Hope you are faring well."

'Well' is perhaps stretching it, but he does feel more settled now amongst the shelves. He can almost call it peaceful. So it's with a reluctant nod that he agrees with Lieutenant's assessment.

"Well enough. And I wish you the same." He pauses, remembering something Inferno said, and then a little bashfully he adds: "And I pass my regards on to Deluge as well, of course."

Lieutenant is fine, always fine. The avian doesn't respond to return, and figures their meeting over until Red Alert mentions Deluge. He merely stands there, deadpan in expression as always, but his audio fins lower back slightly, almost embarrassed - given that one was a touch lower than the other. There were rumors since the spectacle at the bar two months ago that they might be together, but it wasn't until over a month later that they decided to become official. The badgeless Autobot had wanted to keep a tight lid on it, but after karaoke night, everyone knew. He's still getting used to it.

"Thank you." His fins twitch once more, "I shall inform him when we next meet."

Oh, talking to Lieutenant is so much easier than talking to Deluge directly. Red's shoulder sag in relief. He's been meaning to find Deluge after the incident in the training rooms, but he hasn't been quite able to bring himself to face that just yet. Especially not after... Well, perhaps it's safest to say that he's still suspicious about the nature of Deluge and Inferno's relationship.

"Ah, Lieutenant, if you could do me a favour..." He fidgets, wondering if it's okay to ask this, if he's taking the easy way out. But then he decides he likes the easy way, and suddenly says: "Could you tell Deluge sorry for me? Um..." He blushes a little, not sure if Lieutenant has heard the reason behind it from Deluge or not. "Yeah just...tell him I'm sorry."

Favour? The avian's fins pick up with attention. Favours are similar to orders, so he will certainly follow through. However, when Red Alert requests it, Lieutenant's helm just ever so subtly tilts. Sorry for what? The former Head of Security isn't the type to do things that might insult or harm others. Unless, perhaps this happened back when he was the head. Might explain why Deluge never mentioned it to him.

With a short bow Lieutenant replies, "Very well, I shall. I will be honest in saying I am not knowledgeable as to why you wish for me to apologize on your behalf; however, noting the color on your cheeks, I suppose it is best I remain ignorant." Also taken as, I will ask Deluge instead.

"The what?" Red's hands come up instinctively, wanting to hide his face, but he forces them back down to his sides. No need to act like a newspark in front of someone he actually respects. He blushes deeper with his embarrassment though, and has to turn away slightly so he's not looking at Lieutenant head-on. "It was just a misunderstanding I think. I haven't had the time to talk to him about it, is all." Well this just got extremely awkward, and Red is starting to get that feeling gnawing at the edge of his processor that he wants to escape, so perhaps it's best to change the subject for now. "Perhaps you could help me find a book also? I think I vaguely remember one I read before, and I'd like to find it again..." It's easier to navigate the typical rapport of a professional and a client, and so Red Alert begins to relax again. This line of conversation is more familiar, and he can go through the motions quite easily.

Misunderstandings often happen, and depending on what they are, can be forgiven. Lieutenant merely nods, "It may not be my place, but I advise, Red Alert, that you take care of this with him as well." With that said, the avian shuts his mouth to speak anymore on the topic, lest he make the smaller Autobot more uncomfortable than he already is.

"Tell me what you remember, perhaps I know which it is." It doesn't matter what type of genre a book it, if it has words, Lieutenant has likely read it, and memorized it.

Red Alert sighs quietly. That's such a Rung thing to say. Why does everyone I respect have to give honest, difficult advice? But deep down he knows it's for the best.

"It's about, let me think..." He hopes Lieutenant can fill in the blanks, because he has quite a few. "The main characters were a rescue team. There was some romance in it?" He realizes suddenly that he's being a little too transparent. "Also some action. And a lot of drama. I think the main character got hurt at some point and separated from the others? And his, um, love interest patched him up. I'm not describing this very well," he apologizes. Also, he needs to stop describing the romantic parts. It's getting embarrassing and a bit obvious. "Do you have any idea what that might be?"

Rescue team, romance, action, drama... Lieutenant tilts his head, a quiet motion for Red Alert to follow him to the fictional section. There were several titles that could fit the overall idea of the story, but one specifically about a rescue team that narrowed it down to a single title. The librarian selected the datapad from the shelf and handed it to the other mech. Normally, he wouldn't say a word, but for some reason he allows himself to speak. "An interest in 'rescue,' Red Alert?"

Red Alert freezes, clutching the datapad Lieutenant handed him and looking very much like a petrorabbit in headlights.

"That sounds a lot like something Deluge would say..." he says cautiously.

Lieutenant's usual half-lidded optics open fully at the comment. His fins twitch up and tense. He can't say Red Alert is wrong in his statement, but to hear it. "My apologies." he replies, moving away to exit it the row. Perhaps the other mech is rubbing off on him unintentionally. He really should just remain quiet.

Scrap, I've made it awkward again, Red Alert thinks as he moves quickly to Lieu's side so he can't flee completely. He clutches the datapad close to his chest for courage as he opens his mouth.

"No, Lieutenant, I--It's me. I should apologize. I didn't think that comment would make you uncomfortable." He remembers the distant look in Inferno's optics as he admitted that he was jealous of Lieutenant and Deluge. 'Wish I could have something like that.' "I just mean--I can hear him in you. Er, in your words. You mean a lot to each other, don't you? That's what Inferno told me." He's listened to the recording dozens of times. It's like he can hear Inferno right next to him. "It must be nice," Red Alert says shyly.

Wish I could have something like that.

"What I said made you uncomfortable, I should have expected you to respond accordingly." he replies simply, "Nevertheless, I should have held my tongue. It is not my place to make any such comments of your choices or interests. I may be with Deluge, but I have no interest in speaking like him." Lieutenant frowns, turning to head towards the front of the library.

The other mech does mean something, but... The avian shakes his head, as this is not the time to have an emotional dip. "Do not look to us if you wish to dream of romance." he states firmly, "Look to Rewind and Chromedome."

"I'm not looking to dream of romance," Red Alert frowns, holding a love story in his hands. "I guess I just meant--I don't know what I meant." He ducks his helm, focusing for a moment instead on speed-walking his way to the front with Lieutenant. As they arrive he finally speaks up again. "Congratulations, I guess. I hope it works out." He slides his book across the counter, feeling distinctly like they'll both be happier when this social transaction is over and they can thrive in silence again. "I'd like to check this one out, please."

Lieutenant says no more on the topic. He takes the datapad to scan out for Red Alert, then hands it back. There is nothing to say that won't either come out sounding like Deluge or sounding dramatic. Besides, he doesn't quite want to start up another conversation.

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