2016-07-23 Fine Tuning

From Transformers: Lost and Found

2016-07-23 Fine Tuning
Date 2016/07/23
Location Medbay
Participants Soundwave, Ratchet
Summary Ratchet gets a look at Soundwave after his tangle with the Titan...

Red crosses on the door identify at a quick glance the medibay. Inside, the forward medical bay contains a half-dozen slabs lining the sides of the room where the medical staff can take care of patients. There is a central slab as well, but the winches and pulleys, carts of tools, and life support machinery is all designed to be easily reconfigured to support any number of patients at any of the seven beds.

At the back of the room, there is a large work station dominated by a large screen that includes two holoemitters. Two doors at the back of the room lead to cold storage, where patients in need of better care than the medibay can provide -- rare as that is -- can be put into stasis. Offices for the medical officers are on the other side.

Things are always better with his cassettes... But none of them can stay forever, and its best that they don't. As much as things are better with them, Soundwave ushers them off after some time. He doesn't want them to worry. He lies on the medical berth without Ravage now, staring at the ceiling with a faraway look and soft mutterings under his breath. If he doesn't pay attention, he keeps doing that. It’s getting better though. He stops the murmuring when he hears the door to the ward open but he doesn't look or say a greeting. Soundwave will lean towards silence whenever it’s a possibility.

Ratchet saw on his docket for the solar cycle that he had been assigned Soundwave. He pulled up the reports of the injuries physically and mentally that he had received while battling the titan. He grimaced a little. He'd never seen any of Soundwave's components but if they were anything like Blasters, there might be a bit of fine detail work and adjustments needed. Looking over what information there was, setting it to processor so he didn't have to reference the pad later, he wondered why Knock-Out wasn't doing this one.

With a sigh, Ratchet gets up from his desk, tossing a dust cover over the project he'd been working on to keep it half hidden but free of any particulates that might settle in his absence. There were so many little delicate parts that he needed and he had no idea where to even begin looking in these backwater worlds. Some of these, he might even have trouble finding back on Cybertron. Exiting the door, he saw Soundwave already on a medical berth and starting up at the ceiling. Ratchet took a moment to observe the 'Con and then worked to set up his mental shields, dampening down his own thought process, focusing it on only the task at hand. When he felt he had done all he could to keep things behind his mental shields, he walked over to the berth and looked down at the big, blue mech. "Heard you played hero recently and got yourself into a bit of trouble."

The light behind his visor slowly moves from the ceiling to the old medic, refocusing on the white and red color scheme. He admires Ratchet's efforts and appreciates it. Really, he does. But he is just not in a mood for visitors outside of his cassettes. "My actions, not heroic," he responds in the usual, dower monotone. "What do you require?" So he can be alone again sooner.

The 'old medic' raises an optic ridge. "Well for one thing, you got banged up pretty good according to the reports I've read. It looks like you've also suffered psychological trauma which can throw off some of your mental capacitors and most likely your telepathy network." He crosses his arms over his windshield chest-plates as he looks down at the blue mech. "You were sent to me to give your deck and internal mechanisms a check over and there's been a rumor running around here that you've gotten stuck upon transforming. So obviously, there's some form of complication with your T-Cog."

The red and white mech grows quiet, judging the other as he runs a couple of surface scans. The other medics had seen to all of Soundwave's repairs, but obviously he'd been sent to Ratchet for that 'final' tune-up and inspection to make sure there was nothing missed. But he needed Soundwave's permission and the other equipment in the medbay to investigate any further. "So, would you like me to see what I can do for you or do you want to be left alone and suffer getting stuck transforming again?" He looks thoughtful for a moment, "Or I can explain everything to your to your cassettes and they can harass you into agreeing, for your own good."

Soundwave stiffens at the mention of his deck. He doesn't like anyone messing with it. Though, this is Ratchet. Famed- almost infamed?- among the Deceptions even. The mention of his t-cog's condition earns an annoyed-sounding huff from his vents. No need to bring his cassettes into this. He looks back up at the ceiling, locks disengaging and deck opening. Might as well get it over with. Soundwave nods to the old- yes, old- medic, his gaze narrow and scrutinizing. He presses his fingers against the berth to stop their slight trembling as he speaks, "Continue, then."

Ratchet gives a slight internal sigh, a stray thought of /stubborn mech. Why do all tape decks have to be alike? Blaster's no better./ But he clamps down on that thought as he pulls over a scanner boom to hover over Soundwave. On a side table, he pulls up Soundwave's internals and previous scans on file on a data screen. With quick, for once, steady hands, he begins to manipulate the different settings on the scanner as he shifts in and out on digital renderings of Soundwave's internals, looking them over carefully. His mental capacity is all business right now, rolling from one layer to another, thinking about this tension line or that hinge or that circuit.

Finally after a little bit of time passes, he finally looked back down at the mech, "So, would you rather have me work on you or Knock-Out? I have the experience to fix all the little issues I've found, none of them major except for the t-cog, but I don't have much of the dexterity that I used to for fine detail. But for that I can get First-Aid to assist me. Or I could get Knock-Out to do the work. He might be able to do the fine detail but doesn't have the millennia of experience working more than just triage."

Soundwave huffs again. He is nothing like Blaster. He watches Ratchet closely, quiet. He knowledgeable, methodical, and sure. It’s rather reassuring what with how vulnerable an open deck makes him feel... He's still rather stiff. "Ratchet's skill, sufficient. Dexterity sufficient. Continue." He's not going to wait for further repairs when Ratchet is capable.

There was a moment of pause, a hint of surprise. A stray thought leaked out past his shields, /Why would he have such faith in me?/ But he then is quiet again. With a huffed sigh, he raises an optic ridge. "Very well. Let me get a few tools and I'll begin. Do you wish to be cognizant while I do this or do you wish to be in stasis?" He's had mech freak after they assured him they were fine being awake. It was always a struggle when that happened.

He moved about the medbay, gathering a few specialized tools and setting them out in an orderly fashion. As he worked, another stray thought carried past his shields as he thought about random things for a moment /I wonder if he has extra gears, circuits and hinges small enough for my project.../ Soon he had everything gathered and was setting things up on the scanner and the system next to him to record his actions and keep track of certain feedback that was a possibility.

"No stasis." Soundwave has no problem with medics, he finds a fear of them to be ridiculous even, but he delicate mechanism that he and his cassettes rely on. And any slight incompetence could ruin a sync or bring an imbalance to a cassette decking. Just mess everything up. So, he would like to watch. Just as another pair of optics. "Ratchet, experienced medic, have seen his work. Not faith, simply knowledge of your skill." He reaches up to rub his temple, watching still. "Why do you require parts?"

Ratchet blinks and looks down at Soundwave, about ready to start when he asked that question. It takes him a moment to realize Soundwave had heard that stray thought. He stands over the mech and looks down at him, into his optics, "Because, the parts you use on your casseticons are similar to the size and type I need to help me rebuild a new pair of hands, using the schematics taken years ago off of my original ones. These new ones Knock-Out made me are good for an average mech but are poor comparison to my original that I sacrificed to help remove Overlord." He holds up one of the 'new' hands.

"But I am limited in supplies and quality here. I have parts a plenty for mechs with big hands or average styled hands. What I don't have are the delicate, fine crafted pieces mine were made of." He huffs a little and prepares a monitor for Soundwave to see everything that Ratchet does. "If you have spares, I'd be happy to compensate you for them or replace them when we get somewhere that has supplies of such things." He leans over the open chest plates and triggers his bi-oculars to transform out and slide over his optics so he can zoom in on the finer details of the delicate mechanics. He picks up one of the tools next to him and begins to make small adjustments here and then over there. He grows quiet, his mind forgetting about the parts for the time being and simply focusing on his work, his processor racing over facts, specs, and simple work arounds he's discovered over the years.

<FS3> Ratchet rolls Medicine: Amazing Success. (6 4 7 4 6 5 8 7 2 8 4 7 4 4 7 3)

Soundwave glances at Ratchet's servos. They looked fine. They sounded fine. In fact, they seemed a little above the rest. Medic servos, just constructed. "If servos or insufficient, you should speak to their creator." Soundwave is so sure Knock Out will love to hear how his precise and delicate handiwork isn't enough. But it’s true; he should bring it up with the Decepticon Medic. "I have plenty; I request you do not share this fact." He likes to make bodies in his spare time, he has a lot he's bought and traded and collected over millennia. He can offer some at least. "I will require a list of what you need." A pause. "And while you are here, I request that you remove my shoulder cannon from my person as well." He does not give a reason as to why, though he expects the medic to comply.

Soundwave's request stops him completely, his hands stilling. "You what?" He pulls his hands away so not to make a mistake as he seems confused. "I know we are not at war with each other but it's obvious there are many dangers in the universe, some we are just finding. Why are you wanting your form of dense removed?"

He grumbles under his breath for a bit, "And for your information, I've spoken with Knock-Out. He's made adjustments, but it is not enough. They are not 'my' hands as they once were. There are still catches, kinks, bits that don't move the way I need them to move, the way I'm used to them moving." He huffs out his frustration as he keeps working. "It would be like your telepathy components only working part of the time and not up to full standard, perhaps you expect to hear a full conversation but only get bits and pieces. It's frustrating and confusing."

Soundwave isn't in the headspace to argue with Ratchet. Perhaps when he is feeling better, when his servos stop shaking. When he's got some control back again. He greatly doubts Ratchet will be able to rebuild 'his' servos- despite all their parts being replaceable for the most part it’s... Not as easy as just that for some. "I have other defenses. If you will not remove it, I will find someone who will." His reasons are his own and something he does not wish to talk about.

Ratchet just grumbles under his breath at this point, "Fine...fine. But I'll have to report this to Rodimus." But he goes back to work, his processors focused on the work that he would have to do to disengage the systems for the shoulder canon, the change in the transformation sequence, and all the little things that will go awry. The whole time he grumbles under his breath about mechs and their strange ass requests, how this will throw off Soundwave's balance and on and on. But he does nothing more to dissuade him. The cycles click by as things seem to begin feeling, strangely, better. Little aches and pains become non-existent, the kink in one cable releasing pressure on the others as it's worked out and Soundwave's body is fine tuned. Ratchet is nothing, if not thorough.

Soundwave's gaze hardens at the mention of Rodimus- it's not his business- but he doesn't speak up. Instead, he just lets Ratchet work. As time moves on, he stops watching and goes back to staring at the ceiling with unfocused optics. As Ratchet fine tunes and works on his outside, he tries to work on his inside. It earns him further, quiet mutterances almost undetectable by those without the sharpest of audios. As much help as the fine tuning is, it doesn't do anything for the real problem. That's all in his head, after all. He stays like that, not saying anything further to the medic the rest of the time.

Ratchet finishes working on Soundwave, much later than expected. He managed to remove the t-cog, clean it and replaced several small pieces that were worn out. Soundwave should be able to transform again without complications. He removed the shoulder cannon, made all the adjustments and set it so that the next time Soundwave transformed, it would make the final adjustments to his frame. Wiping his hands off on a rag, he triggered the sequence for Soundwave's chest plates to close up. "There, you're as good as I can make you. Recharge here for a while but then when you get up, transform to reset things and then back again to verify everything is working as it should."

With a final huff, he headed back to his office, not really expecting Soundwave to truly comply. But he had a call to make to Rung. Soundwave was definitely 'off' with the way he stared off into space and his mumbling that Ratchet had had to strain to hear...

Later on, Ratchet sits at his terminal and writes up two messages:

To: Rodimus
From: Ratchet, Co-CMO
RE: High Importance Message from Ratchet


It is my recommendation that you take Soundwave out of any further encounters until he's seen by Rung and perhaps had some sense pounded into that thick skull of his. During a procedure today to get him back into top form, he demanded I remove his Shoulder Mount cannon and said that if I didn't, he'd find someone else to. I removed it but it’s currently sitting in my office. He also spent a portion of the time absently staring off at the ceiling and muttering to himself. I've sent a report to Rung, recommending he get that nutter into his office to talk to him before he does something to hurt himself or others.

- Ratchet

To: Rung
From: Ratchet, Co-CMO
RE: High Importance Message

You need to get Soundwave into your office ASAP. During a procedure on him today, he stared at the ceiling and mumbled things to himself constantly. Not to mention he demanded I remove his shoulder cannon mount. There's something off with him, and not in the normal Decepticon Crazy way either. I think his battle with the Titan did a number on him and it's something I can't fix internally. Get him in to talk to you before he goes bonkers on us or something.

- Ratchet, Co-CMO

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