2016-07-21 Just Dropping in

From Transformers: Lost and Found

2016-07-21 Just Dropping in
Date 2016/07/21
Location Mirage and Beachcomber's Habsuite
Participants Mirage, Beachcomber, Torque
Summary Torque drops in to visit Beachcomber and Mirage.

A lone wisp of smoke curls from the 'workstation' centered perfectly against the far wall, carrying with it the heady scent of incense. Closer inspection reveals that the workstation has been converted into a makeshift shrine, a detailed mural painted on the wall behind it. The outline of a hand is filled with elaborate iconography from many different sects and religions, but prominent among them is a t-cog being cradled in its palm. Airy drapes pinned to the ceiling above the shrine radiate around the room, fluttering with every small movement.

There is an invisible dividing line through the room. On the side with the window, the room is devoid of all but a few decorative flourishes. The only clue that it has been lived in is a line of datapads perfectly tucked away on a hexagonal storage shelf, alert sentinels ready to be picked up, read, and enjoyed.

On the other side of the room, every inch of wall space not used up by the room's monitor has been overtaken by the same hexagonal storage shelves in a range of bright colors. An eclectic range of items are stored there, perfectly entwined like lovers, in an oddly meticulous attempt to fit as many things in as limited a space as possible. A small, blue hammock is suspended by the side of the recharge slab (which has been converted into a daybed). A solitary crystal charm brazenly dangles over the invisible dividing line, threatening to destroy the balance of the room.

His hammock was too small and the work console a bit too dusty with rocks, so Beachcomber had taken over the guest bed instead with datapads spread around him, deep in thought. Small fingers reached to scroll down the page of one to his side, glancing at it for reference before returning to the one in his lap. Pillowing his jaw against his curled fingers, he heaved a sigh from his vents and tapped his toes against the berth. "Raj, what do you think Titans dream about? Their nightmares must be pretty awful, yeah?" A sigh escapes him again, turning to the next pad in the pile to search through for whatever information he was seeking. "I wonder if they ever have bad dreams about their Primes." If Mirage wasn't still recovering from the whole episode on Dunia, he would have been up on his pedes scrubbing down Beachcomber's work station of that hateful dust. As it were, his golden optics keep peeking over the top of his datapad to glare at the offensive mess. Occasionally, the digits of his left hand twitch with the need to move, but at least he's not the frantic ball of energy he's been since preparing for his party. This is rather an improvement.

At Beachcomber's question, though, the scout falls silent. It's a touchy subject considering what he had witnessed on Dunia, his failure to speak with the titan. "I'm not sure, but I would like the opportunity to ask someday," he remarks. "Not that I know how to begin learning."

Torque has been keeping track of Mirage's progress post-medibay, as she is want to do with most patients. So her arrival today shouldn't be much of a surprise. ..And also she just enjoys hanging out with the duo, so that could be part of it, too.

A small knock makes herself known, politely waiting to be let in or invited to enter on her own. Either way, once the door is open, she'll greet the both of them with her usual sunny smile, antennas twitching up in delight. "Hey, you two~ How's things?" The sight of the scattered datapads draws an amused little smile from her, but she eventually hangs on Mirage in particular. "Just popping in to see how you're feeling and if you need anything."

Glancing up at the knock, Beachcomber looks to Mirage first for a reaction - was he expecting someone? - before he calls out for them to come in. "Oh hey Torque~~" he purrs, offering her a grin and collecting up his research material to offer her a place to sit. Off the pads go, tossed up into the small hammock hanging above the berth to be out of the way while she checks on her patient. What a sweet medic making house calls like that. "Hey Torque, lemme ask you: What do you think Titans dream about? Do you think they get nightmares?"

The scout's expression immediately morphs at the sound of Torque's muffled voice through the door. Sitting up, he nearly hops to his pedes before he remembers himself. While he's well enough to get around on his own by this point, he still highly doubts that Torque will approve of him leaping about. Perhaps vainly seeking her approval, he remains glued to his berth (although his frame is tense with anticipation). Mirage dips his helm in a nod as she enters.

"I don't know how mecha bear to sit around like this," he admits at her question. "But as well as can be expected. I still have a bit of a helmache and stiffness, but that's just a matter of time. But enough about that. It's a pleasure to see you, Torque. How are your rounds going?"

Torque beams brighter at the welcome, the aura of the room always a pleasant one to enter into from the rest of the ship. She gives a thankful look to Beachcomber moving his things, but doesn't sit just yet. She does set her kit down upon it, however, and hums pensively while searching for her diagnostic scanner. "Hmm, good question." She muses and purses lips a moment, thinking. "...I guess since they speak all poetic, their dreams are probably so abstract only they can figure it out. Nightmares, though.. Maybe? Titans are such a mystery it's hard to imagine how they think, let alone dream." She shrugs to the minibot and smirks.

Tool in hand, Torque steps over to Mirage and leans slightly over the berth, her smile turning more thoughtful at the edges. "You're just a fidgity mech." She teases and runs a general scan on him, getting a diagnostic of his vitals and a low-level view of him beneath the armor. "They're going well, just had a break and decided to sneak off to check on you.."

His mention of aches and soreness is a little worrying, but not uncommon. If he'll allow it she'll take his hand in her own, the one that's still being rebuilt, and palpate gently around the joints where they're covered and working her way up. "Any numbness or slow response with the repairs so far? Also I can leave some pain patches for the helmache, if you like."

Tapping a stylus against his lips Beachcomber lets out a thoughtful hum. "That's true... though abstract thought can be pretty telling if you know how to listen to it. Gotta just, y'know, make yourself receptive to the feel of it, gotta feel out the energy of it~" Not that he knows the first thing about Titans or Cityspeaking, but he's a firm believer in communing with the universe at large. If there's a language to be had, there's a way to understand what's being conveyed even with the lack of words. Feelings were fairly universal, emotional language could speak louder than any words at times.

Hearing Torque's inspection, he turns his head their way and props his chain in his hand. "He is fidgety," Beachcomber teases with a grin towards his roommate. "I don't know how you've kept him in that bed for so long. I never could. Though Primus knows I've tried~~"

Mirage must be unusually good humor, an odd contrast to his moping about the titan comment just moments before, as he does not immediately frown in dismay at Beachcomber's little tease. "Wouldn't you like to know?" he remarks. His golden optics, gaze bold and unwavering, slips in Beachcomber's direction. "Well, one thing the rumors are not wrong about. I am full of secrets."

As Torque begins to examine his semi-reconstructed arm, though, the scout snaps back into the moment with a quiet hiss. The worst of the pain is gone, but that doesn't mean it's particularly pleasant to have it prodded at. He does not draw away, though, forcing himself to suffer through it. "My regular prescriptions should suffice for now, but I do appreciate the offer. I'm sure the limb will function optimally, but I've not had much chance to truly test it of yet. Really, though, must you? You know as well as I do I'm scheduled for a check in soon enough. If you're off duty. Well..."

He gives a throaty chuckle. "It's about time I finally found you at the right moment."

Torque doesn't mean to hurt him, but it has to be done to know how much feeling he has in his arm. Thankfully her touches aren't too hard and she relents soon enough and glances sidelong at Beachcomber's tease, the smile that meets him a bit on the bashful side as she rubs the back of her neck and antennas twitch back slightly. "I have my ways.."

As for his question of her visit, she tsks him softly with a warm smile and wags her finger. "Yes, I must. And I've got some extra time, so I figured it would be a good chance to come hang out with the both of you. If that's alright, I mean." A look to Beachcomber as well includes him in the question. It's both of their room after all. "Oh, and speaking of the right moment.." The medic brightens and pops open a panel, reaching in to retrieve a neatly folded strip of lacy, metallic cloth. The one he lent her for the party. "Sorry I didn't get it back sooner.." Antennas ease back in apology alongside the sheepish smirk when resting it beside Mirage. Once it's back in his posession, she moves to place her tool back in the medical kit beside Beachcomber, turning to the mini and asking with a lopsided smile. "Heard you went to Dunia, too. Got any scrapes or bumps I should look at while I'm here?"

Beachcomber chuckles to himself at Mirage's stare, the meaning of it going rather over his head. Would he like to know? Well that certainly sounded scandalous~ His fingers lace together beneath his chin, elbows resting on his knees as he leans forward with interest and a broad grin. "Oh do tell, Mirage~ What's her secret technique~? Something to do with those medic fingers no doubtRage (talk) Right Torque?"

The mention of Dunia made his mirth trail off rather quickly, a hand scrubbing the back of his neck as he shifted up and off the berth, snagging the weaving of his hammock in one hand. A couple steps up the wall help him to flip and deposit himself neatly into his little bed, piling his datapads in his lap. Evasive? Him? Never. "Yeah, no, I'm fine. I'm good. I was studying... missed the ah.. 'excitement' down there.."

The scout is not about to let her escape or talk business for too long, as this is the first real moment they've had to relax since that little talk in the medibay. Reaching out with his good hand, he plucks the strip of cloth from her before stealing a moment to squeeze her hand, optics dancing with a hint of mischief that quickly fades away. "That's quite alright, Torque. If rather suits you, and if you ever wish to borrow it again just say the word."

His attention is dragged away, though as his roommate's playful attitude suddenly shifts. He quirks an optic ridge, feeling a flicker of concern. Enough so that he scoots away, relinquishing Torque to do her job. "I would hardly refer to it as exciting. Are you quite sure, though? I'm sure Torque can spare that 'medic's touch' for you if need be."

Torque hung back at the squeeze to her hand, instinctly curling digits around his. That mischevious look about him and his words leave her cheeks a shade pinker as free hand idly scratches her cheek to distract from bashful smirk while nodding. She knows what it means to him, so it's appreciated immensely.

Back over to Beachcomber when she moves over there and questions him, his aloof response is.. something she doesn't expect of him. Mirage gets a questioning look, silently asking if Beach is alright, before she returns to the blue mini. "Well, ah.. Alright, if you're sure. Hope things've been alright, otherwise."

"Really. I'm good." Beachcomber hunkers down in his hammock and sets it to swinging slightly above the guest berth. "I was only there for a chit chat with some of the elders. Got an archive of their history. Some of their worship traditions, their songs they sang. I've been on board ever since... I wasn't really anticipating the news, y'know? Thought I had more time to study."

Okay he needs to redirect this conversation elsewhere. Somewhere not on him. Torque said she was off duty didn't she? "Raj you shoulda told me you were aching, let's break out the pipes and get those tension wires relaxed - unless that's gonna mess with your prescriptions?"

As is their unspoken agreement, Mirage does not press further when Beachcomber insists that he is fine. While that had been something of an awkward moment, the scout is well aware why Dunia may be a touchy subject. Instead, he lets Beachcomber change the subject without a fight. "I suspect Torque will know the answer to that better than I do," he remarks, askance in his optics as he tilts his helm towards Torque. Usually he resorts to those substances for his insomnia, not pain management, but his sleeplessness is bound to re-emerge soon enough. He's curious to know. "Though I have a fair guess at to what the answer is."

"Don't let that stop you, though. It's of no matter to me."

Torque also doesn't object to the switch, knowing it's for the best for everyone right now. And luckily for Mirage and Beach, the answer to their question is a good one, Torque raising her hand in polite refusal for herself. "None for me, thanks. I'm still on the clock, just on a break." She looks briefly to Raj and grins. "You can, though. Shouldn't have any negative side effects, as far as I'm aware. I just say be a bit cautious 'cause it may feel stronger than usual." Which some might say isn't a bad thing, but she still advises he be careful.

At that moment one of her antennas twitches and she pauses, digits pressing to the base of it to speak over comms. "Yeah? ...No, why? ..Guh, really? Alright, be there in a sec." With a sigh she lowers her hand, shoulders wilting in defeat. "Well, I was on a break. Someone's getting rowdy and I gotta go help out." Smiling weakly, she takes up her kit and gives a playful little poke to Beachcomber's midsection. "I'll take yah up on that offer later, I'm sure I'll need it."

She turns to leave, but of course before she does she stops beside Mirage, smiling wider and catching his hand for one last little squeeze while she leans down to place a soft smooch upon the side of his forehelm, being careful not to upset him helmache. "I'll seeya later. Just take it easy, yeah?" Smiling to both of them now, she nods and excuses herself.

Beachcomber makes a disappointed little sound when she refuses, exaggerated for the sake of teasing her. Torque is his smoking buddy~ But he doesn't put up more of a fuss than that. Just a bit for show. He hates to admit he's relieved, he's not really in the right mindscape for being questioned about Dunia. He should have been there. He should have been down there, trying harder, hands on, instead of studying. Maybe he could have made a difference. Maybe. But maybe not. Still. It hurt to think about, and about what was lost and what it would mean for the others.

Torque's kiss to Mirage's helm certainly garners his interest tho, and a small grin towards his roommate. Just slightly teasing. "Well, look at you - physical affection and you're not even polishing it off of your face yet. I'm proud, Raj."

Mirage isn't all that disappointed when the smoking session falls flat either. His helmache is not nearly bad enough to warrant indulging in such affairs, and it would have been somewhat awkward for him to remove himself and sit back while the other two went about it. Maybe later, though, if he found he craved the absolute blackness of passing out. Torque's actions, though, distract him from that course of thought. Leaning into the kiss, he feels his spark flutter and an easy smile dances across his faceplates. There's a blush, too, but more daring than his usual one. He makes no move to hide it, even when Beachcomber throws out his cheeky little comment.

"Well, it's charming and romantic. Those are rare enough qualities these days. I can appreciate it when I do find it."

Leaning his helm on his hand, the scout gives a wistful sigh and glances towards the door. He's absolutely smitten, and he's doing a terrible job of hiding it. He does find the presence of mind to say, though, "But don't be getting any ideas."

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