2016-07-18 Listening Hurts

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Listening Hurts
Date 2016/07/18
Location Lost Light - Science and Medical - Medibay
Participants Soundwave, First Aid
Summary First Aid checks in on an uncommunicative Soundwave, deprived of recharge.

It's the quietest ward the medibay has. More isolated and insulated to mute out sound, not to mention bar radio signals. For most mechs, it would be enough. For Soundwave, it just muffles some of the onslaught. But, it is better than being without. He's gotten medical care for his more physical injuries but he hasn't gotten... Better, per se. He's not muttering to himself anymore, and he's laid on the medical table in silence. Resting beside him are Buzzsaw and Laserbeak, one servo gently rubbing between their wings. As tired as he is, he has not slept. Not for lack of want, mind you. His armor rattles a klik before settling, the avians hardly stirring its happened often enough.

First Aid is sliiightly worried about what he might return to when he slips into the ward quietly. The last time he'd worked on Soundwave, the tall mech had attempted to fix his own vocalizer. Thankfully he's still in one piece. "Hello, Soundwave," he greets softly, datapad tucked up against his wrists. "I was hoping to find you recharging by now." The wave of a handheld scanner reports enough irksome results for First Aid to spend a moment flicking through screens, distractedly.

Soundwave's fingers twitch before curling into fists as First Aid enters. He stays there, tense... Before relaxing some, acclimating to the new presence. It takes a minute before he acknowledges First Aid more directly, with a nod. Another minute before he responds. "Can't recharge." It was the truth, after all. The light in his visor flickers and he gives his helm a quick, terse shake.

"Could you... try to describe to me the sensations you're enduring presently?" First Aid asks after a pause. "I want to be sure we've done what we can before I try to give you some help in the recharging department. It's my understanding there was some mental trauma - ?"

Soundwave's vents let out a long, low hiss as he rests his helm back. He absent-mindedly strokes Laserbeak's head with a finger. He does not like speaking to medics about... any of this. His outlier ability, what that all entails. His look levels with First Aid and he... dodges around the question. "Query: what is the status of external repairs." His monotone sure sounds tired.

First Aid might've expected the dodging, but he still doesn't look too pleased about it. "Patched up the damage to your deck. I wouldn't use it too much though, not for a few more days at least." He leans in a little. "Sir. I cannot help you with that fatigue in your voice unless you give me some more information." They sure could use an outlier specialist. First Aid ponders over the notion for a moment.

Soundwave glances down, a servo lifting to touch the glass to his deck. Had they been working on that? He hadn't noticed, which is saying something. And he certainly doesn't like the advice not to use it. Where else could his cassettes rest safetly... "No outlier specialist known- Shockwave may qualify," he answers. Oh, was that pondering not allowed? He hadn't noticed. He vents again, another rattle running along his armor. "Having difficulty focusing." Soundwave does not want to advertise his ability nor its extent- much like Rodimus had advised not long ago.

First Aid winces a little at the mention of Shockwave. "Alright." Something is scrawled into his notes with a dull clack-clack of his stylus. "We have a few remedies for focus but... I'd like to see if a bit of rest will help things heal first. Is there anything you want us to take care of before I induce recharge? Anything else I should know? I'll be consulting with the doctors over this. And Rung."

Rest sounds good. Maybe if it was induced, he wouldn't have to worry about hearing all of this. Soundwave looks to the resting avians, visor dimming. He does not believe he wants to speak to First Aid about what happened. He doesn't need to know. No one should know. As confident as he may be in his decision it doesn't make it... Easier. "Audios," he intones after a long moment of thought. "Listening, hurts." Nothing hurt like that since... Well, since Optimus Prime shot him through the head. Of course, that's probably the only thing First Aid could help with.

First Aid vents faintly. Busted audials he can tackle. Soundwave's schematics are readily pulled up on the medtable's console, and the medic shifts to sit nearby, setting to work removing helm armor. "Must've missed it," he murmurs unhappily. Things are fried all right. The delicate metal plates are scorched. "Well that explains that. Sit tight, try to relax. And tilt your chin up for me a little." He vents a sigh. It's a little tiring when everyone fears and avoids the medics, and the only person that /trusts/ First Aid is /Getaway/. But he's not going to press. Psychological damage is beyond him.

Soundwave does not relax. These are his audios. There's a sanctitiy between him and that particular bio-mechanism. His fists tighten in an attempt to gather himself physically and not flinch away. He does tilt his chin up, making every effort to help and not hinder the medic. "I don't fear medics," he says after a tense moment.

First Aid continuously forgets to tailor his thoughts. Hrn. "Well. That's good." How else can he respond! For all of Soundwave's tenseness, First Aid is gentle and thorough. Replacement parts are set in place, circuits are mended. He can only hope this draws most of Soundwave's focus and gives him some respite. There's something of a tone and frequency test for each audial, and First Aid waits for Soundwave's cues as he goes up and down a range that's impossible for organics.

Soundwave knows what First Aid is doing. He can hear the thought processes running as First Aid works. Its quite fascinating, a medic's mind. How they think of what they're doing but also think about their things, practiced fingers working... First Aid is quite skilled and he relaxes... Just a smidge. He flinches though. "Please, stop." He can hear those frequencies fine. No need to test them, please. He vents.

"Sure." First Aid relents, and finally closes up the armor, scuffed fingers drawing away. At long last he offers up the bluish gel pill, setting it in Soundwave's palm. "Take it when you want to recharge. Should last no more than a cycle. Uhm. If you want to talk to someone... anyone... Just say the word. I recommend you stay within the ward, though."

Soundwave looks at the blue pill and nods. He lifts his servo away from the avian and towards his facemask. But it comes to a stop just short. The light in his optics flicker to First Aid. He stares before speaking. "This will allow for recharge... without nightmares, correct?"

"It's meant to knock everything out. Including inessential brain module activity. But don't anticipate much more of these." First Aid manages a small visor-smile. "You're in good hands, we've got a great team here," he assures, for what /that's/ worth. But he'd been taught that even the aloof-types can appreciate reassurance.

First Aid pauses at the door, bracing himself for the flood of notifications once the radio signals return.

Soundwave nods. "I know... Thank you, First Aid. And if you see Ravage, please direct him here. No other visitors." He pauses, shoulders stooping. Inessential activity... He could stop hearing that screaming. A shudder runs through him, armor clattering a bit as he removes his faceplate. He'd like to stop thinking and hearing the echoes of Udunus. If just for a cycle. He can only hope the little pill he took acts quickly.

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