2016-07-18 Impromptu Field Surgery

From Transformers: Lost and Found

2016-07-18 Impromptu Field Surgery
Date 2016/07/18
Location Dunia
Participants Lieutenant, Bulkhead
Plot Colony: Dunia
Summary Lieutenant is injured; Bulkhead helps out.

Torque had just finished repairing his wing three day prior! She said Just don't go sticking it in an elevator again or transform. and he wouldn't injure himself again. Spelunking was an unspoken way to also undo a repair, so Lieutenant has no one to blame but himself for this.

The avian kept to the Obsidian Convoy, giving Jinxkeys the history of Cybertron, Devisiun, Eukaris, and Velocitron. Some things to read from other colonies, but after that, he just sat around reading. He couldn't go back to the Lost Light or else Torque might find him, ask him how his wing is and he's terrible at lying. Lieutenant is just going to stay here until his wing magically fixes itself.

Or until a friend shows up to fix it for him. Bulkhead has finally made his way down to Dunia, deciding that, despite how much he wants to work on his prototype (and possibly find some way to fulfill Getaway's idea) he doesn't know how much longer they'll be here and he really shouldn't miss out. Plus he knows Wheeljack is around here somewhere, probably in need of another scolding, knowing his friend, and he's hoping to find the scientist. The area he ends up in, however, is devoid of any Italian-style bots with flashing fins. Slag.

Bulk wanders around for a little while, checking out his surroundings. His pede catches on a rock, making him stumble, though when he glances back - oh. It's shiny, and black, smooth-looking and glittering. He quickly leans down to scoop it up and put away in his subspace. Beachcomber will love this.

Though Bulkhead spends his time observing rather than socializing, eventually his walk takes him near a figure he recognizes, and he grins as he heads toward the green avian. "Lieu!" His greeting is fond as he takes up the nearest seat next to Lieutenant. "Didn't know ya were down here too. How's it goin'?"

With some of the tremors in the planet's crust recently, Lieutenant's seismic sense doesn't quite pick up on who's coming near him. In fact he's sitting crosslegged on a pile of rubble so he doesn't sense his surroundings. So when Bulkhead greets him, he flinches. Probably due to their last encounter, he's not forgotten that. However, he doesn't show bitterness. "Bulkhead." The avian returns evenly, setting his datapad down to give the larger green mech his attention, "Things are fine." Always fine. "Hope things are well for you."

<FS3> Bulkhead rolls Care For Creatures: Success. (4 6 1 5 8 3 1 1 2)

Bulkhead doesn't notice the flinch, luckily for Lieutenant. He shifts to get comfortable on another pile of rubble, his grin turning sheepish when he remembers the last time they'd interacted. Oh yeah. The tickling thing. "Yeah, I'm doin' good. Glad I got a chance to get down here." It's easy for Bulk to settle into small talk, except...his optics catch on something that troubles him. There's an odd tilt to Lieutenant's wing, an angle that's not quite right. "Ya sure you're fine?" he asks, concerned, as his gaze moves back to Lieutenant's.

One day, Lieutenant will be able to say he's fine and no one will question it - even if he's not. The avian gives a nod, "Quite a curious place it is. I do hope we are allowed more time here to learn of the history and the culture." Perhaps bringing up about the planet would distract Bulkhead enough so he doesn't realize his question is left unanswered. "There is a great deal to explore; although, if you are interested in going, be careful. There are traps, creatures, and it is a maze in there."

<FS3> Bulkhead rolls Care For Creatures: Good Success. (2 2 8 8 3 7 6 4 2)

<FS3> Bulkhead rolls Repair: Success. (7 2 4 2 4 3 5)

"Yeah, I'd like ta learn more about this planet. Kinda regrettin' not gettin' down here before now." Bulkhead watches Lieutenant carefully. It's not uncommon for mechs to think he won't notice them dodging topics or hiding the truth from him. After all, he'd pretended to be dumb for quite a long time. He thinks back to the day before, when Getaway and Blackstorm seemed to accept his musings, and decides that, once and for all, he's not going to pretend anymore. "Sure, that'd be nice. Maybe I'll get around to it later." Bulk stands, and his optics are narrowed. "Right now, ya need some help. And don't try'n tell me you don't. I know a broken wing when I see one." His expression softens. "If you let me, I can try and help." He won't move unless Lieutenant gives him the OK.

So much for trying to avoid the topic. Lieutenant sighs heavily in defeat, his fins lowering back. He wants to say 'No' but who is he to bite the hand that wants to feed him? That would be ungrateful. Besides, he does need it fixed before Torque, or any other medic finds out about it.

"It is an internal injury." Lieutenant explains, "No blood loss, as far as I know." The avian wilts just slightly, "Please do not tell anyone of this."

<FS3> Bulkhead rolls Repair: Great Success. (5 8 6 7 8 3 8)

<FS3> Bulkhead rolls Care For Creatures: Good Success. (4 3 5 7 7 4 2 4 8)

If Lieutenant will allow it, Bulkhead will softly rest a servo on the avian's shoulder. He's not one to scoff at hiding stuff from others, considering. "Unless ya tell me to, I won't mention it to anyone," Bulk promises, voice gentle as he shifts around behind the mech. Ooh, yeah, he can see exactly where the injury lies. As he'd already noticed, the wing is bent at an odd angle, and Bulk's scans reveal how and why. Some wires are snapped, the plating cracked, internal structures bent in ways they were not meant to be positioned. His servos are gentle as he begins working everything back into place, as best he can, anyway. He's no medic.

"So what've you been up to down here?" Bulkhead asks casually, to distract Lieutenant from what he's doing. He doesn't have anesthetic, and it's possible there could be pain. "I saw you reading. You learn anything new about this colony?"

Bulkhead may not be as skilled as Torque but Lieutenant is thankful the mech is able to fix him. He tries to keep still without flinching but he can't help it when he does. His hands grip the datapad in his hands tightly. "Collecting and trading information for the library." he replies, keeping his gaze down, "Working on a project for whenever the next colony we come across." It's more of just reviewing the work he's done so far and making more notes on what should be added in or changed.

<FS3> Bulkhead rolls Repair: Success. (6 1 8 3 2 2 4)

When Lieutenant flinches - Bulkhead was doing well, he's confident he was doing well, and yet he still jerks back instinctively. He doesn't want to hurt Lieu. It takes him a klik or two to go back to what he'd been doing. "Oh yeah? I wanna read it, when yer done." For once he's too focused to flip into the 'smart' voice. "If ya don't mind. How's it goin' in the library, anyway? I haven't been yet. I gotta get around to it." He sounds apologetic, even as he works on Lieutenant's wing. He's almost done, and despite the size of his servos, his touch is soft.

The avian twitches reflexively, but he stays still for the most part. It's not that Bulkhead is hurting Lieutenant - he's not. The mech just can't help it sometimes.

"It is, quiet." He replies, unsure of how else it could be going in a library. "Expanding on our colonies section with every planet we visit, but nothing much aside from that." Lieutenant tilts his head, trying to look over his shoulder, "You wishing to stop in?"

<FS3> Bulkhead rolls Repair: Great Success. (8 7 4 6 7 6 8)

Bulkhead isn't bothered by Lieutenant's twitching. He can hardly blame the avian; he isn't a medic, after all, and he could very easily do something wrong. It's, honestly, a huge honor that Lieutenant is trusting him to even try, and Bulk feels his spark swell fondly. He may not have medical expertise but if Wheeljack was able to help Ratchet out during the war using his engineering skills, then Bulkhead can help out a dear friend now.

"Yeah, I really should stop by - be careful, don't move too much," he admonishes gently when Lieutenant twists his helm. "I gotta look up some stuff. I'm workin' on a personal project and, heh, I don't remember as much as I used ta. There's some mathematics books and engineering manuals I should read over again. Just ta be sure I don't accidentally blow somethin' up, heh." Not that Bulkhead has ever been known to do that (cough unlike Wheeljack and Brainstorm cough). He was always the more levelheaded, which is likely why he was head of the guild in the first place.

Tools have been appearing and disappearing from his subspace as he worked, and fianlly Bulkhead steps back. It's not as good as a medic's work, no, but the wing is no longer bent the wrong way, and much of the damage has been repaired. Some of the snapped wires, though stitched together, will need additional healing, which Lieutenant's internal medical protocols should be able to handle on their own. He may need a touch up of paint as well, what with the small cracks in his veneer that came from how his wing had been bent.

"Yer all set," he says, dusting his servos off against each other. Bulk can't keep the curiosity out of his voice when he adds, "How'd this happen, anyway?"

"If you wish," Lieutenant offers, turning his head away so he stops moving, "I could send you a list of what we have so you may look at them briefly. See what you need and what you do not." Beat. "Then again I suppose that would take the fun away from the library." The avian assumes that's the 'fun' part anyway. He likes looking for information so perhaps others do as well.

He glances out the corner of his optic, gently moving his wing to make sure it's been put together properly. "Thank you for your assistance, Bulkhead." Lieutenant begins to get up but the tremors in the ground... could it be the titan? Whatever it is, the avian would rather not walk to find out. So he sits back down. "There was a trap that someone activated that cause it to break." After just getting it fixed. Oops.

Bulkhead shakes his helm, smiling to himself. "Nah, mech, you don't gotta do that. I don't mind explorin'." He's completely sincere in this sentiment. "'Ppreciate the offer, though. Besides, it sounds like you got enough on yer plate." He doesn't want to take away from the time Lieutenant is spending on this compilation, especially since he's quite eager to read the finished datapad.

"Hey, anytime, Lieu--" Bulk stops, frowning, when he too feels the tremors. Unlike the avian, he doesn't have any idea what could be causing this disturbance, though knowing the luck of the LL crew it can't be anything good. "Huh. 'M not surprised. This place looks like it holds a lotta traps." Bulkhead gives their current surroundings a once-over.

"Ya need any help gettin' back to the ship?"

Lieutenant nods, "Very well." And with that, the mech turns on his datapad to resume his reading. "Hmm, Thank you, but I think I shall stay here a while longer. I shall see you again on the Lost Light."

He'll wait out the tremors, until the planet has settled down again. Besides, Bulkhead's 'help' might be carrying him back onto the ship. So degrading.

Well....Bulkhead had pretty much expected that. It's become quite clear that Lieutenant doesn't like showing vulnerability or putting control in the hands of others. Unless 'others' is Deluge, but that's a whole different story. Bulk gives a little nod, then settles onto the nearest rubble pile.

"Think I'll hang out here a bit too, if that's alright with you?" He offers a friendly smile. Bulk won't press the issue, and yet he also doesn't want to leave Lieutenant here alone. He can offer quiet company, if allowed.

Lieutenant glances up at the larger mech before giving a silent nod. Yes, he can accompany him. He offers up a datapad for the other to read: engineering on different buildings and monuments during the 'Golden Age.' Perhaps Bulkhead will be interested in that.

Bulk's smile turns into something more, well, relieved, to be frank. He takes the offered datapad, faceplates lighting up when he notes the contents. "Thanks, Lieu." His voice is nothing but the purest gratitude, and he's already perusing the files, optics scanning the text contained in this device. It's something he's read before, and, though Lieutenant won't know this, it's one of his favorites. Good job, fellow green.

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