2016-07-14 Mirage's Vision

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Mirage's Vision
Date 2016/07/14
Location Lost Light - Recreation -- Observation Deck
Participants Beachcomber, Blaster, Brainstorm, First Aid, Gearshift, Gearstrip, Lieutenant, Mirage, Pipes, Ratchet, Sideswipe, Starstruck, Swerve, Torque, Waspinator, Wheeljack
Scene GM Mirage
Summary WE'VE ACHIEVED SOMETHING. Mirage transforms the Observation Deck into a lounge bar, and it's the place to be.

A hexagonal room that mimics the shape of the bridge two decks above, the Observation Deck likewise has two rows of windows that look out into the vast dark of space. Seating arranged casually throughout the room can be retracted into the deck or rearranged into rows for solemn ceremonies. If there's a big event, it's going to be held here.

The observation deck is completely transformed, decorated with various holographic representations of landmarks from Velocitron in each of the far corners. The soft glow from these holograms and the simple lighting fixtures placed at the center of each table are the only sources of light in the room. Tables are arranged in a circular pattern around the center of the room, where the bar has been placed. Simple engex mixtures line the table in readiness and anyone is free to take one; however, Mirage stands ready to prepare more complex requests from those with picky tastes.

At the start of the party, the music is soft and unobtrusive, fading to inaudible as one approaches the sweeping vistas of the night sky. Chairs have been placed alongside the windows to foster quiet moments and intimate conversations, a nod to those mecha who prefer silence to the usual rowdiness of such large gatherings. The more social mecha have not been forgotten, though, as a dance floor has been cleared beside a recreation of one of Delta's racetracks: an homage to Veloctiron's constant and graceful movement. Instruments have been placed out on stands, along with a mic, and a small sign explains that all party goers are encouraged to make their own music or entertainment: whether that be reciting poetry, an impromptu comedy routine, or a toast.

The lack of provided performers is quickly shown not to be an oversight, however. On each table is a stack of unorthodox party favors, all meticulously wrapped with tags that read 'Create' in Mirage's flowing script. Inside mecha will find everything from fingerpaints to lyrics.

As the first guests arrive, Mirage steps out from behind the bar. His usually refined paint scheme has been touched up with intricate flourishes of red. In an extremely rare gesture, the Yussian has also draped himself in an antique chestwrap as a testament to his heritage. The scout gestures to the room with a flourish. ?Welcome, come in. The night is yours. Make of it whatever you desire,? he announces. ?If you need anything, anything at all, you can find me behind the bar.?

Starstruck is pumped! There's this like, whole colony thing going on, which is cool and all, and he's so going to check it out, but - but Mirage has his party tonight. A party Star has been looking forward to for a quite a while now. Raj was so excited about this project the last time they hung out, which means Starstruck is excited about the end product. Even if his flirting didn't go over well, he likes to think of Raj as a friend (they're friends right? Probably?) and he's into the things his friends are into! So he's fairly prompt in entering the observation deck, and. Whoa. Whoa.

Upon entering, Star makes a beeline for Mirage, optics wide beneath his visor. "Mirage..." he says, in awe, as he takes in the whole scene. "This, it looks fraggin' amazing. Holy shit. Holy shit!" Words have never been his strong point. Hopefully his reverent tone makes up for it.

Gearshift enters soon after Star, but doesn't automatically make her way to him. As a matter of fact the Robin's Egg femme makes her way to where the chairs are set near the windows, so she can keep an eye on who comes in. Gearshift knows Cliffjumper is still in medical, she knows there's no way he'd be here and yet there was a fear gnawing at her spark. So Gearshit sits and watches Star and Mirage instead.

Pipes has been hopping back and forth between Dunia and the ship, trading and gifting things that the Obsidian Convoy needs. He caught wind of this event and, being a little worn out from the trips for the moment, decided attending would be a nice diversion. He enters the Observation Deck and is taken aback much like Starstruck. "Whoa ... atmosphere." He naturally works towards the center of the room as his head turns here and there to look at all the decorations. "Hey Starstruck! Mirage! Thanks for putting all of ... this together! It's really, uh, cool." He helps himself to one of the premade drinks, and even finds a straw. That's service. He points a finger inquisitively at Mirage's chestwrap. "What is all that?"

One would think that with all the interesting stuff scrounged from the abandoned capital of the colony bellow, Brainstorm would lock himself in his workshop and not come out until he started collapsing from exhaustion. One would be pretty close. That was very much the engineer's intent, up until he came to the issue of getting his lab computer to properly read ancient Cybertronian code. The task was certainly nothing that was too difficult for him, but it took long enough that once he was finished, the engineer opted to leave the computer to it's task while he took a break. And since there's a party going on, why not check it out in the meantime?

Ducking in through the doorway, Brainstorm looks around the room "Nice setup. Hey Pipes, Starstruck."

Mirage throws Starstruck a self-satisfied smile. "Why thank you. You're a hopeless flatterer," he replies, but his dancing, golden optics hint he is well aware just how amazing this all is. After weeks of work, he is not about to put on anything but a memorable show.

With an unnecessary twirl, Mirage turns back towards the bar where he'll be spending the rest of the party. To no one and everyone, he says, "I encourage you all to circle the room. There's plenty to see and do, and you may take one of the party favors, too, if you're inclined."

As he slides into place behind the bar, Pipes takes the opportunity to point out his wrap, though. The scout's optics flash with mischief. "Just a little matching formal wear, is all," he explains, glancing towards the door and waiting for Torque to show up with his borrowed gift. "But can I get you anything?"

Wheeljack has lingered on the ship, rather than immediately returning to Dunia after their first little foray into the ruins of the capital city. It means he's here for the party, which he's apparently put some effort into looking presentable for. He isn't covered in scuffs or scorch marks, at least, which is as much improvement as he can probably accomplish on such short notice. Apparently this is enough to leave him fidgety, because for the moment he slips past Mirage with little more than a wave and a friendly flash of his fins.

Instead, he moves toward the tables. As soon as he sees Gearshift sitting at one, he turns in her direction, with a wave. "Hey, Gearshift," he says. He's speaking quietly in an attempt to respect the atmosphere Mirage is making, but his fins still glow bright. "Mind if I join you for a bit?"

Gearshift jumps, startled out of her thoughts by Wheeljack's voice. Primus she hasn't seen him in what feels like ages. A smile spreads across her face but it's a bit strained. She's glad she doesn't have to get up and move from her vantage point and pats the chair next to her "Hello Wheeljack, sorry for startling I'm just. Thinking a lot." Smooth. Real smooth. "I'd be honored if you joined me." The femme says politely.

The atmosphere has certainly changed in what can be described as a testament to Velocitron. It's a spectacular site to behold. Lieutenant sticks to the back of the room, blending into the wall as he looks around. It's lovely to see everything, but interact with others... no thank you. He's only here for the sights, and some support for Mirage.

His fins twitch once, fondly at the Yussian garment. The avian knew Mirage was from Yuss from his file (Lieutenant's read everyone's file, war habits) but to see him show it with pride is a wonderful sight. One of these days he must ask him about that region. Not today though.

"Nah, dude, I'm just telling it like it is!" Starstruck picks up a drink of his own from the assortment on the bar, visor bright, smile flashing. "You did really awesome with this. I mean it." He'd linger, but he needs to explore the room! He was pretty sure he'd caught a familiar blue bot enter, and his optics brighten further when he spots Gearshift. He doesn't even think about what went down with Cliffjumper a few days ago. He'd turned in the paperwork, done his job, that's what mattered. Downing the drink in one quick movement and grabbing another (well two, actually), he tosses a, "These taste great!" over his shoulder at Mirage before heading to the table where Gearshift and... a quick rifle through his memory banks produced another name. Wheeljack. Yeah. Where they were.

"Hey Shift." Star doesn't ask before sitting beside her, though he glances over at the scientist joining them with interest. "Wheeljack. What's up?" The second drink he'd grabbed is placed before Gearshift. He's got you.

Pipes nods, agreeing with Starstruck. "Oh, no, I'm fine, I'll give this a try." Pipes holds up the welcome drink, then takes a sip. "Smooth," he comments, with a small amount of surprise. "Formal wear, huh? Well, it does look real nice. It reminds me of Mercy, she had a 'dress' for a while that she really loved, although she got teased for it." He grumbles a little at the memory. "I hope she still has it. It would be appropriate for the occasion." Pipes suddenly worries that he's underdressed. Having no clothes at all, actually. Should have grabbed a Rodimus Star or two.

Gearshift is pleasantly surprised at the drink that appears in front of her, and greets Star with a wave "Thank you Star," She gives him the same, slightly strained smile. "Wheeljack and I were just settling in to enjoy the view." She sips the cube, though she's debating if being intoxicated would be a really good idea.

First Aid has found himself seeking out /any/ excuse for recreation lately, so of course he's here, and of course he's found a table to dump out the creative party favors on. There's no shame or awkwardness as he has far too much fun sifting through the possibilities at his lone perch. Eventually he's gotten into the paint, and ends up painting yellow stars on his armor with surprising exactness.

Completely ignoring the free drinks, Brainstorm skips straight to the socializing, moving deeper in to the room to join some of the others. "Don't think she threw it out. At least not that I know." he had made an effort to dissuade her, though that was a while back. They're not even roommates anymore.

"Didn't mean to sneak up on you," Wheeljack says as he takes the seat next to her. "Or interrupt you. Thought it was high time that I said hey, though! I've got so caught up in projects that I haven't been out of my lab as much as I should... how're you doing?"

He's interrupted from that line of questioning by Starstruck's arrival. "Hello," he greets Starstruck, after a moment's pause. No reason not to be friendly. "Sorry, have we met before?"

Something's not right. Starstruck's optics narrow beneath his visor, even as he drinks from the drink he'd brought for himself. "Huh," he says, and then his attention flicks to Wheeljack, momentarily. "We haven't. Name's Starstruck." That's all you get, Wheeljack, because he's leaning down (quite a bit) to murmur into Gearshift's audios. "What's wrong? Did something happen? Are you okay?" You could've just commed her, Star, it would've been less weird.

Torque is.. well, maybe a little nervous? She isn't even sure why. Maybe she's nervous for Mirage, maybe she's nervous about looking good enough for the party. Whatever the case, she makes sure she isn't late to the opening, sheepishly entering the observation deck when everyone else arrives and stepping to the side a moment.

Every nick and scratch usually about her has been buffed smooth and paint done over in a fresher coat, allowing it to pop from the high polish she sports. But while this would have been enough, she's taken it a step further. Upon a hand, thanks to Mirage wrapping it earlier, she wears the same lacy wrap he'd dressed her up with before, its pastel yellow complimenting her lilac shade. She also appears to have gotten creative, as a small ornament is magnetized to the side of her helm at the base of an antenna, small purple crystals inlaid on a frame forming a wing-shaped piece of feathers.

It's only when she spots Mirage mingling with the others from behind the bar that she gets up enough courage to finally move, stepping with more confidence when approaching the counter with bright optics and warm smile. "Mirage, this looks amazing, it's fantastic." She was honestly a little afraid he'd go overboard, but it seems her worries were for naught.

Like clockwork, the moment that someone grabs a drink Mirage moves to replace it. With swift, graceful movements he mixes, pours, repeat. It is almost as if the tray never has an empty spot, even for a moment; however, the ones he is preparing to set out are simple enough that he can spare his attention to keep talking with those at the bar. "Mercy? Ah yes, I think I've met her," he remarks. The one who hugged him without asking first, but that has been some time ago. "Well, I hope she shows up tonight. I wouldn't want to be the only one dazzling in their attire."

Just as he is settling in to make another drink, though, he notices something at a nearby table.... Is that mecha painting himself? Well, okay then. That's not quite what he meant by create, but he is not going to stop them. Picking up a washcloth, though, he shifts over to wipe a few splatters of paint from the table before they dry.

Ratchet enters the observation deck, a deep scowl on his face. He's dragging Blaster by one servo and grumbling to him, "I don't care how hurt you 'think' Sideswipe is, he's recharging and healing. Leave him be for now."

Gearshift, before answering Star, answers Wheeljack with "I've been well, how has your lab work been going?" She sips more of her drink and murmurs to star "I'm fine, nothing happened." She feels bad for lying but she doesn't want Star to feel guilty, not tonight. She also doesn't want Star going after Cliffjumper again.

You can say that Blaster was dragged there by force, as he is pulled into the room by the old grump medic himself. And it is not like Blaster didn't like to party, he loves to party. But last night's city exploration was a bit of a disaster, and he knew it was all his fault. He tried to make excuses not to go- he and Mirage not exactly getting along notwithstanding- but since Ratchet wouldn't hear it, here he is.

Blaster gives a low whistle, impressed by the room's layout and the occupants already getting into it. He hopes he is not a downer.

"Speaking of looking dazzling in their attire, I'm glad you've taken a shine to the party favors," Mirage remarks to First Aid, trying to hold back a chuckle. He does not want to be rude. Besides, if it makes the mecha happy, why not? That is what this night is for. "Wouldn't you agree, Pipes? Isn't our friend here the star of the night?" he calls back.

Just as he tucks the cloth against his side and prepares to move back towards the bar, though, he turns to find Torque standing nearby. The scout's venting hitches for a moment and his optics soften a little. "Just... dazzling," he mutters. And then he catches himself. "Thank you, thank you, Torque. Can I get you anything?"

There's a tense moment where Wheeljack is stuck glancing between Starstruck and Gearshift, uncomfortable with interrupting what seems like it should be a private discussion. Gearshift does seem down, but it's not really timely for him to interrupt and put that out there. Wheeljack waits to speak until Gearshift's question, using the moment to create the change of topic Gearshift seems to be trying for. "Things in the lab are going well!" he says. "I've wrapped up that force field project, finally, so I've got space to start something new. Any suggestions?" he asks, glancing toward Starstruck as well.

Starstruck's expression pinches. He absolutely does not believe you at all, Gearshift. "What did he do?" Star asks, quietly, hopefully quiet enough that Wheeljack doesn't hear it. And then - luckily for Shift, he's distracted by that whistle. He knows that voice. Well, heh. The Voice. "Blaster!" Starstruck has no idea what went on during the last few days on the colony, considering he has yet to go himself. So he's blissfully unaware of any bad things that have happened. He gets up to greet the Autobot, and - the other Autobot? Oh yeah. Ratchet. That's Ratchet.

Ratchet drags Blaster over to the closest drink service. He grabs what looks like it could be a stiff drink and shoves it into Blaster's servos. "Here, drink this before you say another word." With that he grabs one himself and tips it back, draining it in an astro-second.

Duly impressed with Mirage's barkeeping ability - why isn't he working at Swerve's? - Pipes turns and spots a vision approaching, gleaming soft violet and yellow. "I don't think you will be, Mirage." He then tears his optics away to see what ... hm? First Aid? "Hm? Sure, right." Pipes is a little distracted at the moment. However, he does pick up on something something between his host and Torque, so he sort of drifts over to First Aid's table.

Gearshift is about to dismiss Star again when he gets up to see Blaster. Well that solves that, even if it makes her spark squeeze a little at his absence. The femme turns her attention back to Wheeljack "Nothing to suggest but something to filter the sand from our vents. The storm we saw was so....inspiring." In beauty and in ingenuity. "I'm hoping the force fields hold against the winds, if you're looking to field test." Her biolights flicker and the smile remains on her faceplates.

First Aid has got a little galaxy painted on his arm by the time he looks up to survey the other guests. Torque sure is striking. He tries to catch her gaze and convey that he admires her wardrobe choice, all through vague, happy hand gestures from afar. Then he's waving at Ratchet, visor a cheery blue contrast to the doctor's scowl.

"Oh gosh," First Aid snorts at Mirage's compliment. "They're just the easier shape to paint, I'm no artist. Hah. Hi Pipes. Want something painted on you?" He brandishes his little brush.

Brainstorm scowls a bit when neither his greeting nor his comment earn him so much as a look, let alone a response. Did he manage to invent invisibility and not realise it? Okay, so this isn't really his territory, but would a 'Hi, Brainstorm, how you doing?' be too hard? Oh well, their loss. Instead of trying again, the engineer simply turns to the next interesting thing in the room. Who woulda thought it would be his roommate? "Mercy really did set a trend. What's the occasion? Can't be just this." he makes a small sweeping gesture with his hand. Dressing up for a celebration of their success on Velocitron?

"It was something, all right," Wheeljack agrees. "If that was the mild part of it, I don't want to see what it's like when it's really bad," he says, shaking his head. "I'm sure the force fields could stop the sand, but I'd worry about them rolling away. They're not exactly the most stable things," he says, miming a ball with his hands. "You'd get a rolling tour of the planet's surface!"

Blaster couldn't help but crack up a little at Ratchet's rather forceful attempt to get him to stop moping. "Well then, cheers Ratch." He says as he also downs his drink. Then actually has to slow down. He looks at the drink again, then drinks it more slowly. It was /delicious/. "I don't know who made this, but this is the most superior drink I had on this ship." He comments before his head looks up at the call of his name. Then he puts on a smile, "What's kickin', Star?" He says, before doing a mid-five with the security mech in greeting.

Lieutenant notes when Torque enters the room, and raises an optic ridge. She looks... stunning. Not to mention the way Mirage greeted her, he wondered. Is there something here he should know about? More things to talk about at a later time. He takes the time to look through all the Velocitronian art while everyone else socializes.

Gearshift gives a soft giggle, starting to finally relax (just a little). "Weren't you also working on a portable base type structure? There was a lot of ideas forming when we last spoke. I'm feeling a bit embarrassed I can't think of something now." She finishes off the drink Star gave her and gazes out the window at the vastness of space.

Aw yeah, mid-five. Starstruck beams as he follows through on the gesture. "Not much, bro! Just came to par-tay." There's a thought in the back of his processor that he shouldn't have left Gearshift alone, and it's got a point, but...that scientist guy will hopefully distract her enough. "How's it going on your end?" Okay, despite not heading to the planet himself, he's heard some rumors. He is a gossip hound, after all, and things spread quickly on a ship this size. He does at least take the time to note Torque, whom he remembers dancing with a while ago. She looks awesome, and if she spares him a glance she'll get a thumbs up in acknowledgment of this.

Torque's antennas twitch down a little and an embarrassed little smile toys her lips at the look Mirage gives her, fingers brushing at the ornament absently. "How about you surprise me?" She offers, curious what he'll mix up, and finally gives a glance to the rest of the party. "A shame none of Command has shown up yet.. But you know, I think it's better to impress the crew since they're the ones that go out drinking the most." Then her gaze catches Lieutenant, who she offers a happy little smile and a greeting wave. Afterwards she hangs on the setup First Aid has made, antennas perking up. Oh? Art? "Heh, you doing a little paint stand, Faid?"

Pipes considers for a long couple of seconds. "Oh, heck, why not." He plops down in a chair next to First Aid. He fiddles with some of the other favors on the table in thought, until: "How about something on my arm pipes? I can look a little more formal, fit the mooooood." He sets an arm on the table, chromed pipe facing First Aid. Don't worry, they hardly ever go off on their own.

While Mirage waits for Torque's next remark, he hears someone scream Blaster's designation. The scout looks over just in time to see Ratchet-Ah yes, he made it. What a pleasant surprise-shoving a drink into Blaster's hand. His smile falters only for a fleeting moment, but he really can't be disconcerted for long. This is his night, after all, and even Ironhide punching him in the faceplates won't dim his excitement. Moving along the bar, he quickly replaces the the drink that Ratchet snagged without a word.

"Torque, when don't I surprise you?" he teases. "Very well, though. I'll make you up something memorable. Just one moment."

As he moves across the bar to start mixing, though, he spots Brainstorm looking ill content across the room. Well, he won't tolerate that on this night. He wants everyone to come away feeling exultant. In a colorful whirlwind, he shifts over. "Can I get you anything?" he asks, gesturing towards the bar.

"Yeah, there were. And I had someone nearly roll out of the shuttle bay, testing one," Wheeljack says with a laugh. "Those force fields have gone through a lot. Don't worry about the ideas, though. I put you on the spot. If someone did the same to me I'd probably come up with something ridiculous like a hamster-powered laser.

Blaster's smile falters only slightly before it is even brighter and more dazzling than before. "Oh, got into a spot of trouble when I went abandoned city crawling, nothing big." It was as this point that Blaster absolutely downed the drink he was given, thoughts of Sides still in the medbay. Injuries caused to Soundwave (still secretly happy about that). His overall decision to explore elsewhere, while he ended up in a really interesting area and an art piece or two brought back... the guilt that he woke yet another sleeping beast really bothers him. But he shares none of those thoughts with Star. "What about you? Enjoying the party?"

That last idea earns Wheeljack a far more sincere laugh from Gearshift, "I can't imagine that would go over well in combat." Her tone has even gotten more playful. "and I'm not sure we could get hamsters sent from Earth quickly enough to reload." An optic flickers in a wink to the engineer.

Waspinator had been wanting to stay as far away from the party as possible, crowds were just asking for trouble. But the Bug's curiosity had gotten the best of him, leading to his current situation. Waspinator is currently in a vent on the wall, watching the party going on from the safety of his tiny constricted space. Wazzpinator only watch, Wazzpinator doezz nothing wrong. Wazzpinator learn about crew. Only problem: he can't see much from his safe spot. To relieve himself of this problem Waspinator leans against the grate, attempting to angle himself. The grate has ideas opposed to the bug's as it gives out from his weight and swings open, sending the bug crashing to the ground face first. Waspinator lies there on his face, stunned, for several seconds before scrambling looking up, hoping to Primus no one noticed his chaotic entrance.

Okay, this is just getting old. Brainstorm came down here to socialize, but so far, he's received better responses from his lab equipment. Maybe he did discover some new source of invisibility? He's about read to go test his suspicions when the host of the party does it for him. "Nah, I'm good. I always bring my own." the engineer reaches under his chestplate to produce his flask "See? Nice setup you got here though."

"There's a buncha' other stuff too," First Aid says, beaming up at Torque. "I think this is a harmonica...?" He turns the metal rectangle over on the table and finally slides it over to Pipes for him to appraise. "Formal. Hmm." Pipes will get some graceful white swirls that dry nice and matte over the chrome. A little bit smudges when Waspinator crashes to the ground. "Cripes!"

Luckily for you, Blaster, Starstruck isn't the most observant of mechs, which means he doesn't notice the way Blaster's smile falters. "Yeah? What happened?" Star sips at the drink he'd taken earlier, helm tilted and body language all sincere interest. As evidenced by their last interaction, he likes Blaster a lot, and sincerely wants to know what happened. "Oh yeah, it's great! Mirage did a fucking good job setting this all up. I can't wait 'til he's got his own place. And his mixed drinks? Shit. Amazing." He may be going off a bit - again, he considers Mirage a friend, and he's happy to brag about a friend. Raj deserves it!

<FS3> Mirage rolls Reaction+reaction: Good Success. (8 2 8 1 7 5 2 3)

Though he is by no means late, Skystalker arrives with a graceful sweep of limbs that indicates he at least walked briskly to get here. When he slips onto the deck proper, the shine of his recently polished armor reflects the light of the party and the golden shades of his biolights. It's a meticulous polish, even down to the grooves of his joints and the caps and heels of his boots. Torque will likely recognize the technique of it even from afar. Skystalker is taking a silent stock of the room and atmosphere when a bit of the upwards crating falls out, and a bot follows onto the floor. Of course he startles just a little, the ends of his wings pricking into the air and his attention drawn.

Some of the smudging on Pipes's arm is also due to his own little jump as Waspinator makes his entrance. He tries to return to stillness as he cranes his neck around to see what it was. Ah. Who. He doesn't recognize him, but still, "Hi there! Nice of you to drop in!" Sorry, everyone, he had to say it.

"Well, it doesn't have to be for combat," Wheeljack says, flashing his own version of a smile. "I'm sure there are plenty of scientifically valid applications for a hamster laser. Surely there are some situations where a regular old laser just won't do."

If Wheeljack was going to say something else it's delayed a moment, the clatter of Waspinator's arrival startling him into twisting to look. "... Wasn't expecting that!"

For Star's benefit then, Blaster is not going to tell him how not friends he and Mirage are at the moment. Nor will he tell him about the dungeon thing, at least not much. What Blaster will do though is laugh and say, "Mirage mixed these? I was wondering who made the drinks tonight. Very superb, extremely refreshing." High compliments to the mixer, maybe that is what Mirage was doing with all that fuel he was carrying? Who knows?

Mirage is opening his mouth to respond when an ear-splitting racket shatters the peace of the room. His golden optics snap up, and even in this formal scene old instincts kick into gear. When he spots the mecha lying on the ground nearby, he's up and over the bar in the blink of an eye. While the leap is impressive, it is highly likely he knocks one of the fluted glasses over in the process. Right near where Brainstorm is sitting.

As he trots across the room, he hunches down next to the new arrival. "Are you alright?" he asks. It's only after this that his tanks churn. What an unexpected turn in this night of all nights, and he has to hold back a grimace. Hopefully nothing else goes wrong. As he glances around for a medic, just in case, he spots the mess on the counter near Brainstorm. His optics flash with apology. "I'm so sorry. I'll clean up the mess in a moment; I just have to see to this."

Torque chuckles softly at Mirage. "Touche." He truly never ceases to surprise her, and tonight is no exception. He really went all out, and for that she's proud. While he goes to make said drink and entertain Brainstorm, she notes to him that she'll be right back and sidles up over to First Aid and Pipes, curiously overlooking the fellow medic's little design. "Very cool, First Aid." She beams and snags another brush from the table, giving it a flourishing twirl. "Mind if I do you up next?" She looks to Faid hopefully, getting some ideas off of his star pattern.

Gearshift gives another jump at Waspinator's arrival as well "Primus. If this keeps up I'm going to have a spark attack!" she smirks at Wheeljack then glances to the bag of favors on a table nearby. Opening it, she takes out the paint and looks around, seeing First Aid painting Pipes. "This looks fun" She raises her gaze to meet Wheeljack's invitingly, "What do you say? You paint me I paint you?" She offers

Ratchet downs the drink, never really tasting it. He needed one to take the edge off his nerves from having Blaster pacing for cycles in the medbay. He set the glass down and looked around. Blaster was distracted by someone so perhaps he could slip away now.

However, First Aid piped up and waved at him so to be 'social' he moved away from Blaster before he he got pulled into some conversation or another that he didn't want. He grabs another drink but doesn't down it this time, the last one still working through his system. He makes his way to First Aid's table. It's obvious that Ratchet put no forethought into coming to the party. He didn't do more than wash up, not even bothering to take a buffer to his scratches and nicks in his paint. He probably stands out a bit as being the scruffier looking one at the party. There's always one.

He stops at First Aids table and looks down at him, "What do they have you doing?"

Waspinator is frozen in place, oh no. Mechs noticed. He looks around the room rapidly before Mirage approaches him. When the mech speaks to him, Waspinator practically throws himself into a sitting position in a whirl of movement and flattening back against the wall. "Wazzpinator didn't mean to! Pleazze don't hurt Wazzpinator, will leave!" Is he cowering? Yes, he is definitely cowering.

First Aid can't even be mad at Pipes' pun, keeping a close optic on Mirage and Waspinator to make sure no one twisted a leg anywhere. Torque snaps him back to attention with her offer. "Oh! ...Sure uhm... Do whatever you like!" Then scruffy ol' Ratchet heads over. "N-nothing, I'm just..." He reaches for the slip with Mirage's fancy handwriting. "It says /create/. Here Ratchet, sit down and join us!" He extends the brush in Ratchet's direction. It somehow looks threatening.

"Eh?" Brainstorm jolts at the sudden ruckus, turning towards it's source, only to turn back at the sound of a glass falling over and... well, his arm does have a port for engex, but it's on top, not on the side. Plus, he usually prefers to choose his own drinks. "It's fine" he mutters, a not of annoyance crossing his voice as he stands up to shake his arm dry. So far, this isn't the best party he's been to.

"Yeah, he's good at it, right?" Starstruck chuckles, though there's a niggling thought in the back of his processor. Blaster never answered his question about the colony they were orbiting. What happened? What went wrong? Star knows, through the grapevine, that Sideswipe is in the medibay. And he also knows, through said grapevine, that Blaster and Sideswipe are quite close. What did he miss, what went on-- and then he scowls for a whole different reason. "Oh god damn fuck," he says aloud, knocking back the drink in his servo. His chronometer is pinging at him, a reminder that, Primus fuck shit dicks, he'd agreed to take someone's shift tonight. He'd forgotten it was tonight, the night he was going to have a lot of fun at Mirage's party.

"I gotta go." Star sighs as moves to set his empty glass on the counter Raj had set up. "Have a good one. Tell Raj I'm sorry." RIP Star's fun.

"Sure," Wheeljack agrees, holding out a hand to take whatever color Gearshift would like to hand over. "Can't guarantee I'll be any good, though! I can draft a design well enough, but making things pretty is not exactly my strong suit." Nevertheless, he nods agreement. "Bet they have more colors at the other tables there, though. Should we head over there?" he suggests, glancing toward the congregation forming around First Aid. He pauses as he notices Brainstorm standing by the drinks, looking sour. "Brainstorm, want to join in the painting?"

Ratchet sees the brush being held out towards him and he takes a bit of a step back, "No, I don't need to be painted on. I get enough of being painted in strange colors from the operating table."

Gearshift takes his servo in her own as she brandishes the brush and dabs it in a nice sunshine yellow. She's painting the start of a simple flower "that's okay, I'm not exactly Da Vinci myself." Or maybe Sailor Jerry would have been more appropriate? She shakes her helm in her thought and looks over at the other group "Maybe the table next to them? It's getting crowded."

Pipes notices the table is getting popular. "Ooh, First Aid, go ahead and finish up that pipe so Torque can work some magic on you." He was about to see if Ratchet might want to work on the other one but ... maybe not. "Ratchet, you can paint my other pipe! If you want. I mean, at least you won't be patching me up like usual! Eh heh." Oh, strange colors. That's actually kind of gross, there, Ratchet.

Mirage holds out a hand towards the fallen mecha, still worried about his well being. And, to be honest, he also doesn't want to explain how and why a mecha got injured at his party to command. It wouldn't help his attempts to convince them at all. "You're fine. Here, let me help you up," he offers, trying to give a reassuring smile.

He tilts his helm just enough to glance back at Brainstorm without pulling his attention away from his distressed guest. "I hate to leave you in such a state. I'll be back over soon, but there should be some cloths behind the counter if any spilled on your. You have my deepest apologies for that clumsy moment."

Blaster grins and pats Star's arm. "It happens. It was nice partying with you while it lasted." Dazzling smile, dazzling smile. "We'll catch up sometime, yeah?"

First Aid manages a grimace. Yeah Ratchet that's gross. "Well, okay," he murmurs, crestfallen. Before long Pipes' swirls on one arm are finished, and First Aid makes a few silly expressions in the reflection of the chrome before relenting. "Should get painted up like Optimus," he recommends with a sage nod.

Ratchet takes another step away and holds up his one empty servo. "No, I can't paint." There's a slightly uncertain look in his eyes. "I'll just...let you get back to what you're working on." With that he turns slightly and downs his second glass, again, barely tasting it.

Waspinator flinches slightly at the hand being extended towards him, throwing up his arms to cover his head. When nothing happens he parts his makeshift shield to peek out at Mirage. Autobot izz.. helping Wazzpinator? Extremely hesitantly, Waspinator reaches up and takes the offered hand. "Autobot not going to hurt Wazzpinator?" The blatant 'why not??' is left to hang but clear in his tone.

Swerve really didn't want to come to this party but he wants to scope out the competition. Avoiding the main crowd, he makes his way to a table and finds the favors and in them, a Kazoo. He smirks, mildly amused now. The mini looks around and sees the mic and gets an idea

The party is certainly a popular place; all kinds of bots and the groups that gather draw Skystalker's gaze as he moves over to the line of refreshments. He does not hide a calm smile as he crosses over, taking in the nearby painting and the entertainment provided as he chooses a drink. It is not nearly as noisy here as-- speak of the devil, huh? Skystalker's amber optics catch on Swerve milling around and opening up one of of the favors.

Brainstorm has half the mind to just make his way back to his workshop when the sound of his name being called draws his attention. Well, at least this is an improvement. MAybe he isn't invisible after all. Or maybe only mechs with a significant amount of white in their paintjob can see him or something. Whatever it is, at least it's something. The fact that it's a fellow engineer is a bonus. Giving Mirage a small 'it's cool' gesture, he moves towards his colleague and his companion "Painting?"

"Yeah, it is," Wheeljack agrees. "Next table over it is!" He holds his hand still for long enough that Gearshift can finish up with the yellow. As soon as that's done, he'll scoop up the rest of the paints they do have, careful of the still-wet paint on his own hands, and begins a migration toward the growing group.

As they approach, he catches the tail end of Ratchet's complaint, and shakes his helm. "C'mon, Ratchet, it's just for fun!" he calls over to the other table, his fins glowing brightly as he does. "C'mon, we'll get you green, then we can match." From the look in his optics, Wheeljack probably knows that his suggestion is not going to be any particular incentive."

Gearshift sits and sets up the paints as Wheeljack does his best to convince Ratchet that getting painted is in fact the bee's knees. In the meantime she grabs herself and Wheeljack some drinks and notices Swerve with the kazoo. That can't end well.

Torque gains a twinkle in her optics when First Aid agrees, her lace adorned hand reaching out to brush under his chin and turn his face towards her whenever he's finished with Pipes. "Awesome, I already have something in mind.." Gold will suit her needs for this, her brush moving with practiced precision across the side of the mech's face in gentle swoops and swirls.

"There's a lot of other stuff to do, Ratchet." She muses to her boss without looking at him, a smirk on her lips. "Maybe you should go sing." She snickers a little at that, but quiets after and continues her work. By the end of it First Aid will have a filigree design of glittering gold outstretching from the corner of his optic visor and splaying down the side of his face, motifs of stars and little celestial things woven into the design. A chest panel popping open, she withdraws a small mirror to show the medic. "Whaddya think?"

And look who is wandering in. He is just a tad bit bored, and is looking for something to do. And yes, this looks like something interesting to do. Now, time to find someone to talk to.

"OK, doc." Pipes's tone isn't disappointed; he wants everybot to have a good time. He thanks First Aid and slides out of the way. "Yeah, Optimus," he agrees with the artist. While he lingers to see if anyone is up for working on his other arm, he picks up another favor: it's a handheld toy, cross-shaped with cups on three ends and a spike on the fourth, and a ball hanging from a cord. Pipes moves clear of the table a couple of steps, then commences trying to loft the ball up and catch it in one of the cups.

Mirage barely holds back a flinch. That explains the cowering; from this mecha's reaction, he can only assume that he has heard the rumors about him. The best he can do is act as courteous as possible in an attempt to dispel them. "Of course not. Why would I do such a thing? We're all friends here, see?" he turns, gesturing towards the room. He finally notices the crowd gathering around Aid, and... is that Swerve? Okay, maybe not all friends (but he does not need to know that).

"Maybe you should sit down for a while until you're feeling better." He tries to lead the mecha to one of the barstools where he can easily watch him and keep working at the same time. As he makes his way back, he immediately dips under the counter and pulls out a cleaning cloth to wipe down the messied counter. He also nods towards Skystalker as he passes. "Is there anything I can get you?"

Blaster is all alone and now a little bored. Taking another drink, he wanders around the party a bit. No, he does not want to dance tonight. Also, Aid's little painting table looks crowded. So, he looks for someplace- ah there. There were chairs by the windows, and one mini- he believes her name is Gearstrip?- sitting there. As not to bother Ratchet and to continue to watch the gathering. So the party animal sits alone with drink in hand.

Ratchet turns his look at Torque, not sure if what she's offering will save him but when she suggests singing, he scowls, "What is this? 'Try to pick on Ratchet' night?" He was suddenly accosted by Wheeljack who was pretty much backing him into a corner. "I get enough making a mess in the medbay, I don't need to make one here." He holds up his empty glass to Mirage, "Got something stronger?"

"Yep, painting!" Wheeljack said to Brainstorm, briefly holding up his hand with the beginnings of the flower painted on it. He takes a moment to nod to Gearshift as she heads over toward the drinks. "If you don't want flowers or something I could give you a circuit board," he offers. That at least is something he knows he can draw decently, and done up in the right paint it could probably look decently artistic.

"It's not a mess unless you make it one, Ratch'" Wheeljack retorts across the tables toward Ratchet, his fins glowing cheerfully. "It's just a little paint."

Swerve gets up to the mic, adjusts it so it reaches his height, and starts playing "What's new pussycat."

Gearshift sits down with their drinks and picks up the brush again, slowly taking Wheeljack's servo back (As long as he allows it) and starts on her flower some more, adding touches of red and pick to the petals. It's not pretty, she's no Torque, but it's something that quiets the intrusive thoughts in her processor.

<FS3> Pipes rolls Earth Culture: Great Success. (6 7 7 3 4 7 8)

First Aid shan't push Ratchet further, seems Wheeljack's got that covered. Also he's too busy delighting over Torque's handiwork. "Wow!" Now if only his bae was around to see him. "You're so good at this. Makes me wanna' change up my scheme. But... nn, red and white kinda' comes with the job. Thanks Torque!" Now to watch Pipes play the silly ball-cup game and try not to cringe at Swerve.

"You are quite the busy host, aren't you?" Skystalker answers Mirage as he moves past, a smile on his lips. "I am fine. Just taking it in." He gestures a small toast to Mirage with the drink in his hand before he sips from it. As he hears the rustle of the microphone being adjusted, Skystalker looks over at Swerve with a somewhat apprehensive narrow of optics. Hm. Okay?

<FS3> Mirage rolls Bartending: Good Success. (5 7 5 8)

And there goes a Blaster. And Ratchet. Don't mind the Lambo attempting to sneak by, it's not like Sideswipe is supposed to be resting, not at all. Shhh.

Swerve is going to continue this, playing 'What's new Pussycat' over and over. At least seven times. Waspinator doesn't struggle against Mirage as he is taken to a barstool, still dumbfounded why this strange mech is being so nice to him. He perches on the barstool, legs and arms held close to his body like some form of bird about to leap off at a seconds notice. "Friendzz? Wazzpinator not even know you." Well seems that Waspinator does not, in fact, know who you are Mirage. How could someone be friends with a mech they have never met before? That is tossed to the back of his mind when the freakish noise of a kazoo hits his audials, what IS that!?

Brainstorm briefly studies the flower before looking back up at Wheeljack "Didn't know you were artistic. Looks like this is getting really popular though" he nods towards the larger group. "Looks like I'm one of the odd ones out, huh?"

Soon, Pipes's concentration is mostly taken up by the toy he found. He's doing all right with it, holding the cross-shaped part and swinging the ball up to land in the different cups. The ball has a hole in it to accommodate landing it on the spike, but that feat eludes him. He creeps toward the bar while continuing his efforts. "Hey Mirage could you." Flip catch. "Make me an." Flip catch. "Old Forged? It's my." Flip miss. "Favorite." He takes a break to answer the Eukaran. "Is your name Wazzzzpinator? I'm Pipes. I don't know if we've met before. But, now you know me!" Pipes does recognize the irritating song Swerve chose to perform, and tries to ignore it.

"Something stronger? Just say the word," Mirage responds as he finishes wiping down the table. Now that he finally has a quiet moment, he begins mixing the promised drinks. While everyone is distracted by the painting, that does not stop the scout from twisting and tossing the tumbler in a beautiful display of grace and dexterity. After a minute, he pours the mix into two glasses. The first he pours in a little something extra before sliding it across the bar towards Ratchet. The second, he moves to where Torque is seated and hands to her with a bowed helm. "My apologies for the late service," he says with a small smile, and if she reaches out to take it he may let his digits slide across hers. Just for a fleeting moment.

With that done, he turns back towards Skystalker and the stranger who literally crashed in. "Yes, I can't deny that, but someone has to run the bar. By the way, I've not thanked you for that distraction you provided back o-" he trails off. Optics widening, he slowly turns towards the mic to see Swerve.

Mirage's faceplates discolor as if he's about to die.

Gearstrip slips into the room with bright curiosity in her pale optics, her hands a loose twine of servos behind her back. Her goggles crown her helm, and she orients on no one in particular in the first pass of her attention post-arrival.

Seeing as how no one has stopped him, Swerve goes from the seventh What's New Pussycat right into 'it's not unusual'. He has plans and he's going to follow them through!

"No reason not to join in," Wheeljack encourages Brainstorm. He's looking on avidly as Gearshift adds detail to the flower she's drawing. He fidgets with the paints with his free hand, but he manages to keep the hand in Gearshift's grip still. "That looks awesome, Gearshift," he adds, tilting his hand to examine the detail she put into it. "It'd be a shame to mess this up."

Distraction? Skystalker's brow lifts a little, waiting for the finish, but now is when Mirage notices the minibot at the mic. Ah. "Why does he keep playing that song?" Sky wonders out loud. Oh, wait, there's a different one. Thank Primus. His gaze moves back to Mirage before he gets away again. "I haven't poured drinks in a long while, but I have some past experience if you need a hand?"

Gearshift looks up at Wheeljack to offer a gentle smile "Don't jinx it, Wheeljack" She chastises playfully as she starts to paint Vines up his arm, glancing at Brainstorm and offering a nod of greeting. "You could always join us, Brainstorm." With her free hand she takes a deep gulp of another drink.

Waspinator looks down at Pipes, giving him a strange expression when he sees the strange object he is playing with. "No, Wazzpinator." He obviously does not realize that his attempt at correcting the other is in vain, as his pronunciation of 's' will prevent any progress unless he spells it. He focuses on Mirage again, confused about what he provided a distraction for. He sees the horrified look on Mirage's face and proceeds to look between Swerve at the mic and Mirage repeatedly.

"No, it's 'try to get Ratchet to have fun' night." Torque glances to the senior medic and smiles wide before looking to First Aid, pleased he enjoys the new look. "Heh, well, if you ever decide you wanna try somethin' different for a day, you know where the shop is. Anyway, you mechs have fun, I gotta go visit someone.." She gives them all a collective nod and is about to excuse herself fro the table, but Mirage's arrival has her pause.

She meets him with a curious sparkle in her optics at the delivered drink, head ducking ever so slightly and a bit of color coming to her cheeks when hands linger. "It's alright, I know you're busy. Thank you." Before he leaves she takes a sip and is obviously pleased with the result, her antennas fluttering faintly as she licks her lips. "Delicious! Raj, I'm surprised you didn't open a bar sooner, this is lovely."

With drink in hand, she properly excuses herself now and makes for a certain avian across the room. She sidles up beside Lieutenant, looking at whatever he is, and offers him a little smile while giving him slight nudge with her elbow. "Enjoying the party?"

As soon as Swerve finishes 'it's not unusual' it's back to What's new pussycat. Welcome to hell, Mirage.

"Maybe I will" Brainstorm pulls up a seat, though rather than immediately joining in on all the artsy fun, he moves to unscrew his flask. Might as well, since he already got it out. As he does, he glances up at Swerve, going in for another round of the same song he's been playing for how long now? "I should have brought the E.M.Pistol. Or invented a song cancellation device."

<FS3> Pipes rolls Earth Culture: Good Success. (3 2 4 8 4 5 7)

Beachcomber is late. He knew he would be late, he did try to warn Mirage that he would be late. He tried to make himself ever so slightly more presentable before sauntering through the door - only to be assaulted by the sounds of the kazoo on stage seeming terribly, terribly out of place.

Lieutenant turns off his audio receptors at Swerve's choice of music. He doesn't listen to music for this reason: it repeats over and over in his head. It's frustrating and takes forever for it to flush out. The avian keeps away from the rest, stumbling upon the one poster he and Mirage had discovered in an alley. He didn't mention he had finished it.

Lieutenant jumps with a soft 'eep' at the nudge. Had it been someone else, he would have jerked away and may have smacked them, but this is Torque. He briefly turns his audios back on. "Not as much as you are." He replies with a dry tease, jabbing at her and Mirage.

While waiting for an Old Forged, Pipes is content to keep working on his ball-catching skills. That spike, though. Tricky. "Oh, sorry, Wazzzpinator." That was one less "z", he's getting closer. When Swerve changes songs, Pipes adds a little bit of hip-shaking to his efforts, trying to catch the ball in time with the groove. But then it's back to the first one. "Swerve! Do something else!" he calls without looking up from his task.

First Aid finally gets up and starts to dance by himself, riding the silly high having his face painted up all flashy-like. He pauses to wave at Gearstrip and beckons her to join him. After a while he begins to notice what Skystalker pointed out. It's the same damn song. "Hey change it up!"

"I'll try not to. I'm sure I have some sealant in my lab somewhere that could make it last longer," Wheeljack says, extending his arm so that Gearshift doesn't have to stretch to add the vines. Wheeljack's happy to admire them. Between that green and the red in the flower, it fits rather well with his usual paint scheme. "But my work keeps my hands busy, jinxing it or not."

When Brainstorm pulls up a seat, Wheeljack isn't above literally beaming at him, though he twists around to glance at Swerve in front of the microphone. "Do EMPs work on kazoos?" he asks. "A sound dampener might not go amiss, though."

Ratchet reaches for the glass at the edge of the bar, trying to get ahold of it. Something, anything to take the edge off. He swipes the glass and tosses it back, taking a step back that causes him to stumble slightly and end up landing in a chair. "Scrap!" he growls, and then seems to pause, that last drink causing quite a buzz. "Someone shut off that horrible racket," he bellowed out, tired of hearing it.

Swerve doesn't stop until he has played a grand total of 14 more What's New Pussycats. Once he's done, though, he gets down from the stage, takes a bag of party favors, and makes his exit.

With a reluctant grimace, Mirage nods to Skystalker. He would rather see to it himself, but now he has something to do. "I hate to ask a guest this, but I do need to go do something very quickly. I would appreciate it. Thank you kindly," he mutters. Thus freed for a moment or two, he slips out from behind the bar.

He offers a fleeting glance to Waspinator, making sure he is alright one last time, before he strides towards the mic and Swerve. This is his night and he will not be upstaged. Without the least hesitation, he yanks the mic away in the middle of the song (leaving Swerve standing in an open, empty space).

Not bothering to adjust the mic to his size, Mirage leans down and clears his vocoder. "I'd like to thank you all for coming. The Lost Light has had a memorable journey, and I am honored to have flown with all of you. Many of you have probably wondered why I went through all this trouble, but I would like you all to know it is for a simple reason. For all you've done, you deserve to have a happy moment. Never forget..."

He presses a button a banner unfurls from the ceiling, reading 'WE'VE ACHIEVED SOMETHING.' With a smirk, he raises to his full height. He will not be outdone.

<FS3> Skystalker rolls Bartending: Success. (5 5 5 7)

Gearshift stops the vines just shy of Wheeljack's chest plating, having covered from his servo to his shoulder in green vines and leaves. "I wonder how long we can get this to last?" She asks "Maybe that'll be the new experiment?" She takes the yellow up again and starts adding flowers along the vines. It's therapeutic, and she is on her third drink now.

"No, but that can induce involuntary transformations" Brainstorm smirks, turning back to Wheeljack. At least, he probably does. It might be a bit hard to tell with the faceplate "He can't play that thing if he's stuck in his alt mode. I left it back in my workshop though." tipping his flask over the intake port in his arm, he tilts his head to study Gearshift's work "You could seal it with something if you really want it to last."

"Gives me a reason to see more people while I'm here. Good luck." Skystalker takes Mirage's place behind the bar, armor shimmering with the reflections in his polish as he makes Pipes that Old Forged he'd heard not long ago, refilling a few empties as he goes. When Sky slips out from behind the bar it is to move over and deliver Pipes his drink with a small smile. "Our gracious host had something to attend to. As you can see..." It's then that Mirage takes up the mic and lets fly his banner, prompting a puff of a laugh from Skystalker.

Beachcomber is.. not entirely sure what's happening until Mirage yanks the mic away from the other bartender on stage. Aaah. Something like jealous rivalry, was it? Tsk. That was unprofessional and a bit mean spirited, Swerve. At least Mirage seemed to have a handle on the situation and didn't seem too distressed about it. Not openly, anyway. It might be a different story once they were back in private quarters together.

The geologist weaves his way to the bar and just finds a seat when the banner unrolls. Chuckling, he applauds loudly and lets out a whistle of approval.

"Seems like a good experiment to me," Wheeljack agrees. It's harder to watch Gearshift work when she moves her way up his arm, but Wheeljack continues holding still to let her paint as he looks over toward Brainstorm instead. "Yeah, true. I guess that's a solution after all... oh, wait, there we go," Wheeljack says, watching as Mirage stalks over to interrupt and unfurl his banner rather dramatically. It's enough to get a laugh out of him. "That's one way to make it stop!"

Waspinator watches Mirage leave and his display of the banner. 'we've achieved something' .. What hazz been achieved? Did zzomeone kill zzomething big!? ... Kill zzomeone big? Either way Waspinator's attention is caught once again by Pipes playing with his toy, trying to figure out what the heck he is attempting to do. Sorry Mirage, Waspinator doesn't consider a pretty banner worth staring at or clapping for.

Gearshift looks up at the stage long enough to laugh at Swerve being unceremoniously halted in his performance. She answers Brainstorm with "That'd be good."

Torque flusters at Lieutenant's comment, her cheeks turning a visible shade of pink which she tries to hide quickly in her glass. "Is it.. that obvious?" She mutters shyly, amber optics flicking up to him briefly before shifting away with a thoughtful smirk overtaking her. "It just sort of.. happened. And I like it. So.. we'll see where it goes." Slow and steady.

Finally the horridness that is the kazoo stops and Torque looks up when she hears Mirage on the mic, spying him on stage and-- Oh! She lights up as the banner unfurls, smiling and carefully balancing her glass in one hand as she claps into her palm.

Now, a fresh drink is something Pipes will pause his cup-and-ball practice for. "Ah, thank you thank you," he says as he accepts the drink from Skystalker. He attends to Mirage's short speech, delivered with Swerve's muted kazoo warbling as background, until the banner is revealed. He hoists up his drink. "Something!" He's about to have another go with the toy when he notices Waspinator's interest. "Care to have a go?" He offers him a turn.

Ratchet struggles back up out of the chair he tripped into and grumbles something. He sidles away from the others and makes his way as carefully towards the door as he can, hoping to avoid being noticed. He'll put in his recommendation to Rodimus in the morning.

That done, Mirage straightens up and strides back across the room. He is absolutely horrified, but he knows he cannot allow it to show. He still has to play the host and pretend that disaster did not happen. As he comes back to the bar, he nods his thanks to Skystalker (and tries to hide the flush of embarrassment in his faceplates). "Thank you again for the assistance, but I'd encourage you to enjoy yourself now. You didn't come here to work, after all," he says.

The scout throws himself into mixing drinks in an attempt to forget what happened. It is only quasi-successful, but at least it keeps him busy. As he works, he passes Beachcomber and gives a genuine smile for a fleeting moment. "I'm glad you could make it."

"Finally" Brainstorm mutters once the infernal noise that was the repeat of the same song on a kazoo stops "I'm still making a noise dampener once I get some free time though. Or maybe something that electrocutes anyone who plays the same song more than twice in a row." he lifts his flask, setting it down on the table as Gearshift turns to him "I have some at my workshop if you want to borrow it later."

Gearshift nods, finishing her flowers on Wheeljack's arm and beaming at her handiwork. She takes a fourth drink now and sits with Brainstorm "That'd be awesome." She raises the brush "Do you want a design too?" her gaze gets a little distant

That Swerve still goes through with the kazooing is admirable, in a way. Even so, Skystalker cracks a smile as he returns to the space behind the party's bar, weaving past guests with a small perk in his step. He gives an assist with one more drink before Mirage returns, whose words are given a small roll of shoulders and a shift of relaxed wings when he moves out of the way and has a seat to Beachcomber's left. "It's perfectly fine. You had to -- handle that."

Lieutenant only nods once. He's had nothing better to do than observe from afar, and particularly Torque because she is a friend. "See where it goes." He repeats calmly, "It seems to be going well so far. Dare he allows things to go south with you though," he looks at Torque with a dead serious expression, "I shall ban him from the Library for the rest of this journey."

The avian looks up and his expression relaxes to a perhaps faint look of mirth. "I wish you two the best, no matter how it goes." Beat. "You look lovely today,"

"Sorry I'm late," Beachcomber rumbled, reaching out to brush against Raj's fingers in passing. A show of affection. A show of support. He shifts around to face the bar and rest his forearms against the counter, rubbing his palms along the top. Nice and smooth and cold. "I got kinda held up. I see I came in at the tail end of the night's musical guests~?"

<FS3> Waspinator rolls Fate's Chewtoy: Great Success. (2 4 3 7 8 7 3 1 5 4 8)

Mirage pauses for a moment as Beachcomber reaches out towards him, taking a moment to remind himself to take a deep breath. The scout's optics scan the room again and sees that people are still enjoying themselves. Letting the minibot anchor him for a moment, he nods his helm before continuing on. See? Not a nightmare. He will just have to tell himself that repeatedly until he believes it. "You two know each other?" he asks as Skystalker settles down. "And you sure you don't want anything for all your hard work?"

Waspinator stares down at Pipes in confusion, did ... did the Autobot just offer him a chance to try at his object?Slowly and tentatively Waspinator reaches out and takes the toy from Pipes, examining it carefully. "What izz the purpozze of i-" Waspinator imitates the motion Pipes used on it and is immediately smacked in the optic by the flying ball when he puts too much force into it. The purpose is pain!!

Waspinator's hands fly to his probably cracked optic, dropping the toy on the counter in front of him. Who would want to play this!? "Why would autobot play with torture device!?"

Aww, Lieu~ Torque expects something far more threatening from him, so when he says he'll ban Mirage from the library if something goes wrong, she can't keep herself from laughing softly and giving him another playful nudge. "Haha, I'm sure he'd be pretty upset if you did that." Her laugh dwindling, she smiles behind another sip and looks over the party. "Thank you, though.." Free hand reaching for his, the avian will receive a thoughtful squeeze of appreciation.

As for his compliment, she beams up at him and touches the helm ornament. "Eheh, thanks. I made this piece a long time ago. Never thought I'd ever be invited to a nice enough occasion to wear it. And this..." She looks fondly to the lacy handwrap. "..Raj did this one. Yussian fashion is just amazing, I had no idea there was so much meaning in just one piece." That said, she just smirks and downs the rest of her drink before motioning to the bar. "Wanna come get a drink with me?" She could use another, it's a party after all.

"Sure, why not. Everyone else is doing it" Brainstorm shrugs, offering Gearshift his arm. The one without the funnel still jutting out of it. Last thing he needs is paint in his energon stream "Drop by later."

For Brainstorm Gearshift decides to paint a very lopsided white rose (or at least she hopes it looks like a rose). "I will, I definitely will " anything to keep her busy. Star left fairly early, and while Gearshift is glad she doesn't have to worry about him pressing her for information about what happened, Gearshift misses him.

"A little. Beachcomber likes to visit the Botany Lab sometimes." Skystalker's head tips towards the minibot. "A refill would be fine..." He slides forth the empty glass he had been using before taking the bar for a spin. "Maybe some consideration if you ever need a shift filled?" His features open up with a sparkling little grin.

"Oh, geez, you all right there, buddy?" Pipes hurries over to Waspinator. He glances around in case he needs some medical attention, but his go-tos of First Aid and Ratchet seem to be unavailable. Oh, it's probably nothing anyway. "I think you just put a little too much oomph into it, that's all." He side-looks at the toy, though.

Beachcomber nods in agreement. "I don't think we've chatted much but we've crossed paths plenty. I like meditating in the botany lab, it's really soothing to be surrounded by something that breathes like that, y'know? I'm no xenobotanist or anything but I do enjoy the company of plants." He offers his hand out to Skystalker, grinning up at the bigger bot. "Seems like a good time for a proper hello: I'm Beachcomber of Ibex. It's nice to meet you."

The avian bashfully squeezes Torque's hand in return. There is too many people around to let down his stiff stature and relax with her, even holding her hand is bold right now. "It is quite beautiful, Torque." He gestures at the helm decor at first before looking at the handwrap. How long had she be seeing Mirage that he gave her such a thoughtful gift? "My previous crew's medic was Yussian, but he never shared the culture like this. It is lovely." As for the drink though, "I would rather stay here." Away from the crowd of.. Everyone else. Especially with his healing wing. Someone might accidentally bump into him or touch it or something.

Brainstorm doesn't really mind. He'll probably end up having to scrape it off soon anyways, along with whatever experiment gets stuck to his plating this time. That's assuming it doesn't get burned off by the experiment itself.

Gearshift decorates his arm with small white roses, adding touches of teal to them as she goes. She gulps, as the roses get a bit more lopsided as her drinking hits her. She's not in a bad way, but she should probably go lay down.

Waspinator pulls his hands away from his optic, offlining and onlining it several times in quick succession as a test. It is definitely cracked, obvious by the .. well crack running down the center, but still functional. He doesn't seem all that effected by the injury. Making a face, Waspinator nudges the object back towards Pipes. As if touching it fully will cause it to bite him. The toy itself is miraculously unharmed from the collision with the bug's head, "Autobot can have hizz thingy back."

Mirage goes quiet at the offer. Being the control freak he is, the mecha hesitates. It is logistically impossible for him to run the lounge completely alone, but he is not quite ready to give up that dream yet. Nodding to Skystalker, he says, "A refill it is. And we can talk about helping out when we have a quiet moment, no need to linger on business now."

Moving to start the refill, he quirks an optic ridge at his roommate. "Not to be rude, Beachcomber, but I can honestly say I have no idea what you're talking about," he teases. "Though I don't doubt there is something to it."

As he works, his optics shift across the room as he seeks anyone else who may need serving. When he spots Torque in the far corner with Lieutenant, though, he starts a little and spills some of the engex on the table. The scout forces another deep breath before he turns back towards his roommate. Anything slightly out of character, the mecha will notice. "As requested," he offers with a vibrant smile.

"Plants never judge." Skystalker muses agreeably at the company of plants. They make for quiet company too. Beachcomber can practically see himself in the hand that Skystalker offers out to take his with, Vortex's shine still fresh on his hide. "Skystalker of Aetherius Peak and Nyon." He mimics the introduction given with his own.

"Of course, no business here. I do want to say I really like the atmosphere you're going for, Mirage." Skystalker gives a real and no frills compliment for his party, everything else aside.

Pipes carefully picks up the toy and inspects it, trying to figure out how it could hide how dangerous it is. Looks innocuous though. He notices the crack in Waspinator's optic. "Ooh, better have that looked at. But I'm glad it's not any worse." He sets the toy back down and, after another careful look at it, heads off to mingle. He has a mind to do some own paint work on his other arm, to be even with First Aid's work.

Torque figures he wasn't about to come with her, which is alright. She knows Lieutenant will be alright and perhaps he'll come visit him later. Patting his arm, she smiles warmly to him and nods. "Alright. I'm just gonna go over and say hey, then. Maybe I'll see ya later, yeah?" With a nod she slips away and back over to the bar, silently stepping up behind Beachcomber in particular.

Setting hands on his shoulders, she's grinning when leaning in at the side to look at him properly. "Beach! Glad you showed up~ I actually had an idea I think you'd like, since you're an artist, too." Ducking a bit closer, she whispers something in his audial and motions towards the painting going on. Oh yes, she has a plan, but no one else will know yet.

Looking up after she passes along her private little idea, she finally gets a good look at Skystalker and.. w-whoa, shiny. "Sky, you look.. Wow, really good!" She grins, optics bright. Tex's work, she can tell.

Gearshift finishes her handiwork on Brainstorm and inspects it closely. "Okay. Okay...." Her speech slurs a little as she stands upright "I need to head to recharge." She gulps. "I'll... I'll see you around" Gearshift waves and makes her way out of the observation deck and back to her habsuite.

He's surrounded by people and Torque is complimenting the polish job-- Skystalker takes a second to smile back at her for it and makes sure to enunciate what he says next for anyone paying attention or eavesdropping. "Vortex does amazing work, doesn't he?" It's called advertising!

Lieutenant nods at Torque as they let go of each other. His hands clasp behind his back as he returns to admiring the poster. Wonder if Mirage is still planning to contribute this piece to the library...

Waspinator watches as Pipes leaves and feels the distinct urge to leave as well. This has been.. well maybe not fun, but definitely enlightening towards the autobot mindset. Torture devices make good toys to them, he will remember that. Waspinator hops off his barstool and slinks out of the party, not towards the medbay but towards the workshop. He needs to find some duct tape.

Once he's given Skystalker his drink, Mirage moves to clean up what he spilled a moment ago. As his back strut is turned, Torque makes her way back up to the bar and begins talking with the pair sitting across from him. The scout's scrubbing becomes a little more forceful than needed and he takes another deep ex-vent before turning around. "I would argue that we all look glowing tonight," he remarks. "It has been a night to remember."

That was indeed a very shiny hand. Beachcomber was a little mesmerized by it when it was offered, watching the reflections of the room around them warp on the curve of that shiny palm. Mirage's slight spill is more than enough to draw Beachcomber's attention to his distress, though the source of said distress is uncertain. He has yet to see Torque off in the corner with Lieutenant, but he also didn't know how Mirage was mooning over said truck medic. Well, not yet anyway. Instead, he assumes it's nerves about his party - it'd been quite a while since he'd had to put on a show this grand in his place as a spy. So he turns his attention to the decor and tries to think of something appropriately flattering to mention about it. "That painting is fantastic, Raj - I don't think you showed it to me before. Is it new?"

Torque's hands on his shoulders manage to make him jump just a little - his zen isn't all zen with certain someones lurking about on board, after all. Tilting his head back to peck a little kiss under her chin, he grins up at her. "Hey~ It's my buddy Torque~~ What's your idea, sweetspark? Still thinking of redecorating your suite?" He leans in obligingly to her whispering, making soft noises of interest in reply and glancing towards the paint. Ooohhh..

"See ya" Brainstorm gives Gearshift a nod as she takes her leave. Don't worry about the rose. It's probably not that visible anyways. White doesn't really work too well on, well, white. He'll stick around a little longer, maybe finish off his flask, chat a bit more. Or listen anyways. "Redecorating?" now he's curious too. It's his room too, after all.

"He sure does!" Torque marvels, rather entranced by the warp if light over Skystalker's frame. But he's careful not to stare too long, instead turning back to Beachcomber and snickering as she takes a seat beside him. "I think I like control chaos too much to have a nice hab like you and Raj."

And speaking of the spy, she turns back to him and smiles softly, empty glass twirling idly between her fingers. "I just know this'll get you your lounge, Raj. It's been a great party so far. Fanciest party I've ever been to, for sure." One which she'll be sure to stay at until the end so she can help him clean up. She opens her mouth to say something else, but Brainstorm chiming in has her perk up at her roomie. "Oh, heh, just an idea we've been tossing around. But I know we've got so much stuff, it'd just get cluttered again." That's what happens when you room a scientist with an artsy medic.

"What kind of idea?" Brainstorm doesn't look at all opposed to this, just curious. So long as no one touches, or, Primus forbid, organizes his tools or projects without his permission, he doesn't really care about how the place looks. It's not like he spends much time there anyways.

There's that feeling again, tearing through him like a wildfire. And he does not have the excuse of a helmache or drugs this time (even though he wishes he did). Clearing his vocoder, he glances away while Torque and Beachcomber talk. "Thank you, Torque. You're too kind. I can only hope that command agrees, but even if they don't I believe this night was worth the effort," he responds, all proper words and decorum.

Underneath it all, though, he is just fidgeting for a distraction. As his gaze drifts away, he sports Lieutenant across the room. Even after what he just saw, it is easier to go in that direction than linger on these strong emotions. "Seeing as you all are settled, I think I might circle the room to make sure the rest of the guests are comfortable."

Sweeping up one of the drink trays in his hand, he drifts away and begins to pass them out (heading in Lieutenant's direction).

Beachcomber watches Mirage go from the corner of his optic, tracking his circuit around the room. Torque was distracted talking to Brainstorm, which he kept an audio on and his face turned to in the picture of polite interest, but Mirage he watches. What was he up to? What was going on with that mech.

The avian was about to move onto the next Velocitronian artifact when he senses Mirage coming. A short bow in greeting, Lieutenant finally addresses the mech, "Your attention to detail for this 'party' is lovely. Absolutely stunning." He takes another glance at the poster they had found that was finally completed. Really it is one of the loveliest pieces here. He almost wants to ask when it will be approved to be featured in the library but he decides against it for now.

"Mm, well.." Torque slips into her own thoughts a moment, chin in hand on the counter. "I kinda like the idea of something lighter, help make the room look more open. Maybe a pastel, I dunno yet." She blinks and resurfaces to smirk to Brainstorm. "'Course we could always use your input if you want anything specific. I'd hate for you to not like it." He may not stay there often, but half of it is still his.

Looking back to Mirage, she notes something.. just a smidge different in his actions, her brows knitting ever so slightly as he starts to move off towards Lieutenant. "..He okay?" She raises a brow to Beachcomber and absently reaches for one of the regular drinks laid out for guests.

Lieutenant spots him coming and gives a friendly enough greeting. While Mirage never tires of compliments, he is too distracted to flare his armor with pride. Instead, he watches Lieutenant with an all-too-intense expression for a fleeting moment. His golden optics dance with his own questions, but he chokes them down. He knows it is not his place. "I put my whole spark into it the past couple of weeks," he admits. "It's hard to believe that so much work will be over much too soon."

He lapses into an awkward silence. "Would you like a drink? Or is there anything else I can help you with?" He's doing a great job of making this natural. Can you tell?

"Sounds good to me" Brainstorm nods, tipping his flask over his arm again "Just warn me when you get around to it so I can move my stuff." Open, pastels, whatever. He's not one to stand around insisting on drab consistency. He does tilt his head as the medic goes off to check on her friend, but he doesn't follow. Whatever it is, it's not his business.

Beachcomber glanced back to Torque at the question, reaching to pluck up a drink for himself and taking a small sip. "Mmm... I think so. I think so." He opted to let Mirage have his privacy, leaning back against the bar with a grin towards the pair. "I'm sure he's just frazzled because of Swerve's musical session. I get the feeling that wasn't exactly scheduled,

Torque offers Brainstorm a side glance and smirks weakly, nodding. "Sure. Might not be for a while, though." She tends to be indicisive when it comes to those things, what with all her ideas floating around. Back to Beachcomber, she eases at his reassurance and smirks behind the mouthful she takes. "Yeah, I mean, he wasn't bad, but I think he felt a bit spiteful. I think it'll be good to have two bars, though. Swerve's attracts the rowdier crowd, which is fine, but sometimes you want a drink in silence. Anyway.." She tries to change topics. "You go down to Dunia yet? Seems like a nice rocky planet." "It certain shows," Lieutenant nods, "I certainly commend you on all the work gone into this. If you need assistance cleaning up, I can oblige."

The avian has a PhD in noting serious expressions. His expression remains the same, deadpan, but gold optics meet gold and there is a near invisible tinge of concern, "I know we are not close, but is there something wrong?" Parties can lead to negative emotions, which is why Lieutenant normally avoids them.

<FS3> Mirage rolls Deception: Good Success. (6 4 3 7 8 8 6 1)

Collecting himself, Mirage shakes his head vigorously. "No, no. I just wanted to ensure you were having a good time," he assures Lieutenant. Odd, his desire to confront Lieutenant, and yet when he finds himself in the position to do so he cannot bring himself to do it. That is probably for the best.

After all, tonight has been an odd night full of roiling emotions: both good and bad. It isn't a fit state of mind for much of anything. "Also, while the sentiment is much appreciated, I would not ask that of you. I rather enjoy putting things in their proper order. It's no chore for me at all."

The quiet will be nice, too, and a way to unwind and think after all of this. For obvious reasons, he's in no mood to seek out the library once this is over. Or even the habsuite for that matter.

"I popped down," Beachcomber nodded to Torque. "Nice little place. Very rocky." He sips his drink, humming quietly in thought. "They seem a little out of sorts. I'm doing some research on their traditions trying to get an idea of what happened with their Titan. Maybe it can be repaired, or restored. Maybe there's reason for what happened." Beachcomber plucks the datapad from his subspace and waggles it at Torque. "Want a copy~?"

Lieutenant raises an optic ridge at Mirage. While he could press on the denial, he decides to let it slide. They're not friends so it's not his place to continue asking. "Very well." He replies before allowing the silence to overtake the room.

"I don't think I'll be able to pop down there during our stay, unfortunately. Got enough on my plate up here." Torque sighs at that, sad she can't visit. Of course that can always change later on, so we'll see. But oh, what's this? Attention shifts to the waggling datapad, following it like a cat for a second until she smirks and outstretches a hand to politely take it. "This is perfect! Thanks, Beachcomber~ Now I can still get a sense of the place if I never make it there." Which will be nice. She'll have to read it tonight, maybe, if she's not otherwise occupied, though that's yet to be seen with the way Mirage is acting. Optics hanging on the two across the room, hand fidgeting against her glass when speaking next to the minibot, not looking to him. "..If I'm not doing anything else later, you mind if I come hang out?" Her tone denotes something's on her mind. ou drive a hard bargain"

The partygoers are finally beginning to drift away, and the observation deck is cleared of all but a few guests. Mirage shifts the tray in his hand, giving Lieutenant one last sidelong look, before he decides that he cannot stand lurking here a moment longer. Even though all his hard work is drawing to an end, his frame is still tense with barely restrained energy. While before it was driven by inspiration, now it is simple compulsion and base need. But still, energy that needs burned.

"I left a copy of the hologram on a desk in the library. Since you helped me find it, I only thought it fitting. Now that it has debuted publicly, there is no reason you shouldn't have it. Also, I do so thank you for coming."

Nodding, he moves off to talk to the last few stragglers and begin the process of tidying up.

Beachcomber lets the pad be plucked from his fingers with a soft chuckle, draining his glass and setting it on the bar. "I don't mind if you wanna come by~ Let's have a study session, we can read the data together and compare notes." That seemed like a valid excuse, right? That would be easier for poor Mirage to accept, yes? He seemed so rattled. "We'll make it a party~ Raj is great with details, we could use his eye and his experience as a spy."

Torque finally turns to Beachcomber and smiles kindly. "Sure, I'd like that." She would prefer Mirage not be there, for once, but she'll just have to roll with the punches however it turns out. That said, she raises her glass to him in a little toast and downs the contents before setting it gently aside. "I'll be back, I'm just gonna go mingle for a while." Not many folks left, but it'll be nice to get lost in the crowd for a while, so she wanders off to enjoy the rest of the party as it winds down.

Lieutenant will head straight to the library, after he's nabbed one of those drinks on Mirage's tray before the mech walks away. Might as well at least have one... and, it smells like high grade. Maybe Deluge would like it instead.

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