2016-07-12 Ancient Treasures

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Ancient Treasures
Date 2016/07/12
Location Dunia
Participants Air Raid, Brainstorm, Riptide, Wheeljack, Windrose
NPCs Coalblack
Plot Colony: Dunia
Scene GM Sao
Summary We didn't find the titan, but we got a lot richer!

The Obsidian Convoy -- as they seem to refer to themselves -- has been fairly forthcoming and friendly and curious with the newcomers, except when it comes to the questions that directly relate to their interest in Dunia, Dunia's Titan and the Knights of Cybertron. It's amazing how friendly and forthcoming they can be about, apparently, everything else. Finally, though, Coalblack -- self-appointed ambassador to the Cybertronians, apparently, although pretty much everyone they've talked to so far seems to be self-appointed to just about any task they undertake -- agrees to take them through the secret ways underneath the surface to an entrance he knows to the ruined city where once, apparently, a Titan ... may have fallen. The Dunians seem very uncomfortable discussing it.

The entrance to the city is brushed steel and broken stone. There once was a door here. Now, there is open rubble leading into an entryway. The walls of the hallway are peculiarly intricate, with careful tilework that some artisan once spent years slipping multicolored mosiacal tiles into place. Now dozens of them are shattered out of the wall at random instances and it's hard to entirely see what the original design was. Perhaps it was a spaceship, its engines lit with the glowing brilliance of a launch.

"Well, I'm not going in there," Coalblack says like the very idea horrifies him, idling in his alt mode a few feet back from the entrance. "But we won't move camp until we hear from you again."

Wheeljack looks over the crumbling remains of the mosaic from a distance, occasionally poking at the broken remains of a tile. Even stepping back doesn't make the image any easier to piece together, so he turns away to look at Coalblack where he idles by the entrance. "You sure?" he asks. Having someone along to ask about Dunia-- not that Wheeljack hasn't been asking plenty of questions already-- would probably be useful, in his opinion, but if none of the Obsidian Convoy like going in the place, then they might not be helpful as guides around the city. "Well, thanks anyway for taking us here," he says finally, turning his helm, and his headlights, toward the far end of the hallway. "Let's make our way in, then," he comments to the party of Lost Lighters.

Finally, some actual exploration! Old ruins!... Old ruins that the locals don't want to risk entering! Creepy but even more exciting. Windrose is all over this. While Coalback is rambling about how he doesn't want to dare tread within the walls, Windrose steps partway up the rubble remains of the doors to look past it. Which is followed by the *click click click* that's probably reconizable to some as the shutter of a camera. Probably built into one of the modules mounted over her shoulders. "Oooo, I can just smell the discoveries waiting to be made... well, if I actually had nasal ducts capable of that sort of olfactory detection I would, at least."

Why do they keep visiting hot planets? Can't they just go somewhere nice and tropical? Perhaps with some clear waters. Still, at Air Raid's urging, the aquabot accompanies them down to the planet. What sold him was the prospect of a dungeon. Dungeons mean adventure. And treasure. He is so all about that stuff.

Taking up the rear of the group, Riptide carries light with his dual pistols and trusty electro-trident in hand. He really hopes there won't be anything to fight them in here, but hey, always come prepared.

This sort of attitude sounds a bit suspicious. Clearly something happened in the capital, else the locals wouldn't be avoiding the topic so much. The question is what, and when, and does it still pose a threat. Brainstorm would much rather avoid anything dangerous. Of course, that's why the other are here, particularly Riptide and Air Raid, whom the scientist is careful to keep in his sight, and infront of himself. Plus, whatever it is seems like it happened a good while ago, judging from the state of the tunnels, and the locals. Maybe it's gone now? And maybe the titan is still there. Actually, Brainstorm is betting it is, going off the current hypothesis about the cause of the recurting power drain in the engines, which means this might be another chance to take a close look at one. Maybe he'll actually get to do it in peace this time. He really wants to, both because of the engines, and his own curiosity.

"I'm sure I could figure some sort of olfactory discovery detector, though then you wouldn't be able to set foot in to my workshop without being overwhelemed" he responds to Windrose's comment, though there's an excited glint in his optics too. Channel BiggerScene added with alias bg.

Through what used to be a door into the roofed street of the underground city, the Lost Lighters have a few different avenues they could pursue. There is an intact-looking building up ahead and to the right, and a few labyrinthine twists of street to the south that could lead anywhere. It's hard to say from here.

Windrose makes sure to get a couple of snapshots of the busted wall designs too. Maybe later some computer reimaging can put some of the murals back together. Like a giant ancient picross puzzle. But we'll worry about shifting through the data later, right now it's mainly collecting. Though of course Windrose also has her mapping software running in tandem. It'd be a terrible mess if they got lost with a NAVIGATOR on the team, now wouldn't it? "Well, we've got not shortage of places to look."

Wheeljack pauses just inside of the city, taking in the tunnel-like streets of the city, as well as the broken house. "Should we keep going?" he asks, nodding toward the twist of roads leading toward the South. "I doubt we'll find clues on the titan this far out, so the streets seem like the best bet," he explains, waving off in the direction they lead. Never mind that he's already breaking the 'all left turns' rule of exploration with that suggestion.

Air Raid has elected to flick a few small tile bits at Riptide's head, snorting childishly even when they miss. Eventually he trudges to the fore with Windrose and gestures with his rifle barrel towards the streets. "Yeah, open roads," he agrees simply.

Riptide is busy picking at something in a seam at the side of his helm with his smallest digit when a tile or two strike him. Startled and almost somehow tripping over himself, the mech huffs at his roommate and waves his trident at him to get him moving, the prongs popping with weak currents. "Tch, quit it!" As for which way to go, he finally looks more present, taking a more alert scope of the area, and hums to himself. "I vote streets, too. We gotta get to the center of this place, that's how these things always work."

Brainstorm's optics flicker across the streets and buildings. He wouldn't mind having a propper look at things, but he does agree with Wheeljack,and, surprisingly, Riptide, to whose statement he gives a nod "I'm betting all the interesting stuff's deeper in too, so we should keep moving."

The mosaic continues down the halls of the city to the south as they go in that direction. The tiles darken as they go but for a few that seem to shimmer, picked out in silver and platinum and diamond in ways that almost seem to represent the whorls of a distant galaxy. Underfoot, stones shift and slide beneath. Off to their right, the street ends in pieces of building that were crushed by a long ago cavein. Continuing to the south, they reach the end of the road where the encroaching cavern wall surges forward to meet the built edges of the city street, and the road twists and curves deeper in.

"Okay, street it is then!" Wow, this group came to a concise agreement quickly. If she wasn't already hyped up Windrose would be surprised by that. As is the femme is energetically taking the lead down the streets, though keeping wary of the 'guards' being nearby should she need to duck behind someone from danger. "I wonder what story these told at some point..." The murals, that is. Finally she pauses, hffing softly. "Heads up guys. We're coming to a series of turns, and they wind back enough I can't just scan around them." Corners marked on her map so they don't get lost returning to the exit later.

Since there's no disagreement, Wheeljack nods and steps forward,following Windrose down the path. The color change of the tiles catches his attention, but other than looking over them as they walk, Wheeljack isn't paying them too much attention. Instead, his focus is on the path they're following, and on keeping his footing in the dim underground. Every so often, he glances over the ruins of the buildings and remains of the cavein. It looks bad, but old, so hopefully it won't cause them trouble later on.

"Keep an eye out for dropoffs," is Wheeljack's suggestion, "But we can double back if we have to."

Air Raid grins like a jackal and shuffles forth under the threat of that trident. He keeps close behind Windrose and Wheeljack, vigilant now, optics darting between the glinting tiles, rifle back in hand. "No life signals, right?" he asks no one in particular. There's so many smart-types here that he reckons any question can get answered straight away. Any!

"What's the fun of scanning ahead?" Riptide smirks to Windrose while strolling forward with the others, giving a twirl to his weapon. "This is an adeventure! Surprises come with the territory. And if trouble pops up, me 'n Raid'll handle it." They're the muscle of the group, after all. Combat division, yeah!

Keeping to the middle of the group, Brainstorm continues glancing about them. The tiles do hold his attention for a bit longer than anything else, being the only remotely interesting thing they've seen so far, but eventually, he turns back to the path ahead of them. Rewind,or some other history buff might have found it worthy of stopping, but he's more curious about what's up ahead "Looks like no one's been here in a really long time." he observes, looking over the rubble "Feel free to go an look ahead though" this is directed at Riptide "We'll make sure someone says a nice eulogy, though I can't guarantee we'll be able to bring back all the pieces when you fall in to a pit of spikes."

<FS3> Brainstorm rolls Presence+presence: Good Success. (8 4 6 8)

<FS3> Air_Raid rolls Presence+presence: Good Success. (7 6 4 8)

<FS3> Wheeljack rolls Presence+Presence: Success. (1 1 7 3 1 2)

<FS3> Riptide rolls Presence+presence: Good Success. (6 7 3 5 8 3 8 6)

<FS3> Windrose rolls Presence+presence+2: Good Success. (4 7 1 1 2 4 7 3)

As they round the corner, it is into a gloomy dark, but all of them spy the danger before it materializes: a drip, drip, drip from a pipe running through the city ceiling, oozing liquid water heavy with stone dust of some kind, and running along the floor, an ancient, fraying wire sparking with electricity. Ahead, past the hazard, the wire seems to run to a closed, sealed door. A tiny electric glow light blinks from the security panel by the door, even after Primes only know how long. You would think somebody had to have been paying the bill.

"While I agree with the sentiment," Windrose replies to Riptide matter-of-factly, "it is no reason to charging ahead half-cocked and unprepared." Almost as if to back her up there's a bleep on her HUD as they round a corner and Windrose stops a few steps into the darkening passage. "As I was saying!" One module swivels over her shoulder, sweeping across the water dribbling about the floor. "Yep. We've confirmed maintenance hasn't been down here in ages," she adds with a sardonic tone.

Just ask Wheeljack about currency exchange rates, Air Raid. Except don't, because something far more interesting just came up. Alerted by the sound of dripping, and the crackle of electricity, Wheeljack edges forward slowly, only to stop when he sees what the wire is doing. "Wow," Wheeljack comments, looking over the puddle. "I'm impressed that this is in any condition to be active. Something's working down here." He looks past, toward the blinking panel on the door. "I think this made things a bit more difficult for us, though."

Riptide gives a little scoff to Brainstorm. "Well maybe I will." He ignores Windrose's followup and does exactly what she advises against, quickening his pace to get ahead of the group. Luckily Riptide isn't so dumb that he doesn't look where he's going, because right when he rounds the corner he's forced to stop, almost skidding on his heels. "Er.. Okay, so much for going ahead." He sheepishly rubs the back of his neck, glad he didn't go and fry himself, and looks to the smart ones of the group.

Brainstorm steps forward a bit, next to the hazzard to lean down and take a look, taking care not to actually touch it "Titans are esentially cities" he reminds Wheeljack "We could already be standing on it, or parts of it, and not know it. Or the colonisits could have conected everything to it. I'm guessing it's still alive, and that's what's keeping the place running."

The wire definitely looks live, although how much longer the worn thread of it is going to last before it shorts out or else snaps entirely is another question.

Air Raid eyes the cloudy puddle. Even when Riptide skids to a stop, Raid reaches out to grab his back kibble. Just in case. Likewise, he says nothing and looks to the problem-solvers. Fixit.

"Alive and in reasonable working condition are two different things," Wheeljack observes. "You're right, though. It's a good sign for finding out the information we came here for. As long as we can get to the Titan itself," he notes, glancing beyond the wire at the security panel, and attempts to edge around the dripping water and the fraying wire to get a better look at the state of the old technology.

It is possible, with care, to avoid the fritzing wire and the worrying puddle. The technology does look old and kind of decrepit. The manual access to the security panel shows some signs of rust and several of the buttons on what was once a keypad are straight up missing.

Windrose edges her way around the puddle, murmuring something about this would be easier if there was room to transform. Oh well. Not all of them have flight modes anyways. But hardly about to let a little electrified water spill slow down their exploration! ... old security locks, that might be a different matter. She's not a codebreaker. "I think this might be more up one of your alleys. Wheeljack, Brainstorm?" Hint hint gesture towards the keypad. At least she's not some annoying glowing fairy shrieking HEY LISTEN! every twenty seconds though.

Riptide hangs a little on Air Raid's hold before rocking back on his heels and crouching near the dripping water and wire. Hmm.. Hmmmm... "Maybe we can force the door open with a little jolt." He smirks, thinking this is totally the best idea ever. Psh, who needs to be in science division to be smart? Not this mech, clearly. Lighting up his trident, electric current dancing between the prongs, he pokes at the puddle to give it a shock. ..Or shock himself, he doesn't think this through.

"Hey, I've managed to power a whole planetmover engine on just a titan's spark before" Brainstorm boasts, waiting for Wheeljack to make his way around the puddle before following him "Seriously, these guys seem to be able to take a lot and still keep things running." Okay, what have we got here? The weapons developer moves in to peek over his coleague's shoulder, though Riptide's comment makes him glance over his own first "OR you'll just fry both the door's circuits, and your own."

<FS3> Riptide rolls Repair: Good Success. (7 2 6 6 2 8 7)

<FS3> Riptide rolls Reaction+reaction: Failure. (2 6 1 2 4 6)

The power surge glows in a sharp burst from the prongs of the trident, coursing through the wire. If they had olfactory sensors, they'd start to smell that singey ozone stench of burnt electronics. The short sputters a rain of sparks from some internal system and there's a soft humming whine that wilts and peters out as power dies in the security system. The door is still closed, but the securing clamps go dead and fall loose in some ancient failsafe designed to prevent people from being sealed in in the event of a power outage.

Unfortunately, Riptide's a little too close to the action and the jolt of electricity fries through the puddle of water to sear up his arm through the grip on his trident. BZZZZT! That HURT.

Air Raid is pretty impressed with Brainstorm's claim. So impressed that his fingers fall away from Riptide with the aquabot crouches to poke at the puddle, and he barely manages to avoid getting zapped. "Sunnuva-!" he yelps under the rain of sparks, shuffling backwards. "What the frag!"

Air Raid is pretty impressed with Brainstorm's claim. So impressed that his fingers fall away from Riptide with the aquabot crouches to poke at the puddle, and he barely manages to avoid getting zapped. "Sunnuva-!" he yelps under the rain of sparks, shuffling backwards. "What the frag!"

Wheeljack hasn't turned back away from the security panel when Riptide makes his attempt, so his first warning about what Riptide's planning to do is Brainstorm's ominous prediction. By that point, his turning to look is interrupted by the sparks, then the little explosion of sparks. "That's one way to hack a security panel," he observes, optics wide, as the entire thing goes dead and unlocks. "You alright there?" he calls back to Riptide.

Yeah! Suck it, Riptide is a genius! ..Except he's not because he doesn't think this completely through and ends up absorbing the shocking backlash that jumps back through the trident and into his body. "GHZZKKT!!" The poor aquabot stiffens up and convulses as electricity dances all over his frame and optics flicker dangerously. It only stops when he finally releases the trident and falls backwards, laid out and still buzzing with an arch or two. He remains there, optics overcharged and crazy bright, until Windrose calls over. To this he shakily lifts his hand to give a thumbs up, his mouth cracking open as he does and saying through a wheeze of acrid, black smoke, "Nailed it..."

"Told you" Brainstorm gives Riptide a rather unsympathetic look. What did he just say? Well, at least it seems it's helped with the door. Now then, to actually open it. Brainstorm scans the barrier before turning back to their more physical companions. Mostly towards Air Raid, since Riptide probably needs a few moments "Looks like we can just pry it open now." just not him. Unlike some people, he has no desire to blindly charge in to the unnknown and potentially get himself killed by whatever's waiting there.

Windrose tilts her head as clunking can be heard within the door when the locking mechanism because of the shock to the system from Riptide's futzing around with the puddle and electricity. Rolls her optics behind her visor. "It worked, but what a revolting way to do it." Moving on! "Hmmm." Brainstorm says to try prying it apart, so she extends her multitool and tries to wedge the end into the seam like a crowbar to get some leverage on opening the doors. She's not expectionally strong, but it at least gives others something to hold onto? "A little help here?" You're not gonna make the femme do all the work are you?

Air Raid openly frets over Riptide, trying to get him to sit upright. It's only when he's sure the sharkbot's not going to bleed out of his optics does Raid glance up at Brainstorm. "What? ...Oh." To Riptide, "Don't move. Don't touch anything," he insists, then moves to help out Windrose. With a solid grip, he puts all of his strength into pulling on that crowbar, digging his heels in. "Rrghh..."

"I feel like I bit my tongue.. Did I bite my tongue..?" Riptide says hazily up at Air Raid while being fussed over, his words sounding a little gurgley until he sits up. That's when the energon starts to drool out of his mouth and he sticks his tongue out, which indeed has a shallow bite in it. "Ow.." His movements are shakey and somewhat erratic, but he manages to grab his trident again and haul himself to his feet, using it as a crutch while staggering back to the group.

<FS3> Air_Raid rolls Body+body: Good Success. (3 6 6 8 2 8 8 1)

Rather than help the other two with the door-- Air Raid and Windrose can probably get it, but if they can't, Wheeljack can make his way back over-- Wheeljack moves to take Air Raid's place next to Riptide. "Let's not try that again, huh?" he comments, his fins flashing as he approaches. Riptide's already making the clearly fantastic decision of getting up again, so Wheeljack hurries around the puddle to act as a support on the Shark's other side. "Careful, don't fall," he says, reaching out to help Riptide balance.

The first braced shift of the door is the hard part -- once it starts to pry open, it slides smoothly on its track and Air Raid finds it easy to lever the door all the way open. Inside, the lights are all dark, but then again, they did just kill the power. There's a weird skittering sound. Is something alive in there?

Hey now, Brainstorm's not one to assume that someone is incapable of a task just because they're a femme! What kind of bot do you take him for? Anyways, Air Raid is in it, and the engineer himself has more interesting things to pay attention to, like the door pannel. Well, at least until the duo gets the door open, at which point Brainstorm steps back again. Feel free to have the honor of seeing what's inside first, Windrose, Air Raid. He'll just hang back here and watch for a moment.

"Whew!" Air Raid tosses the crowbar back to Windrose and shakes out his hands, buzzed on his own flow of energon. He slings his rifle back into his palm and flips on the light near the tip. No fancy car headlights on him. If he hears the skittering, he pays it little mind, marching into the darkness. "C'mon gang!"

Riptide sinks a little into Wheeljack when he comes over to help, his vents clearing another wisp of leftover smoke. "Thanks, mech.." He mutters, speech hindered slightly as the pain of a bitten tongue starts to reach his brain. Ugh, hurts to talk. Still, at least he didn't die. And he's got some cool glowy things to distract him, at which he stares at and smirks, amused. "Whoa, your headfins are so cool. Blinky.." His mind is probably still frazzled, or he's just simple, which is obvious. But he dawdles along past the door with the others, steadily getting the shock out of his nerves as he goes.

Windrose reconfigures and slides the tool back into its spot on her arm once Air Raid is done, following him inside. At least until the skittering. Skittering with no visible source in the darkness. That's enough to get even the stalwart explorer a bit twitchy. Enough that she squeaks a bit, and promptly latches onto the Aerialbot's backside. You know, which is pretty much a jet compressed into a backpack in the first place. "What was that?!"

The light of Air Raid's rifle gleams across smooth paneled walls of deep blue paint, only peeling in a few places. Long disregarded computer terminals sit silent in the gloom. Row after row of small metal doors seem to glint at them all down one wall.

"Security alert," a smooth but completely emotionless voice announces from out of the dark as Air Raid crosses the threshold. "Vault breached." Then there are a few other, identical echoes of that same voice: "Security alert. Vault breached. Security alert. Vault breached." It sounds like there are at least four distinct copies of the same voice eerily repeating the same thing.

Little dusty ancient silvery metal robot-kobolds - roboids - are skitter-marching back and forth over the floor. Laser sights flare over the walls in sheening passes of red. They're weirdly cute in an extremely hostile way (like, I don't know, really small Whirls?).

Wheeljack chuckles as he notices the way Riptide is tracking the glow of his headfins. "Yeah, they're pretty cool," he agrees, purposefully letting them light up as he follows the group toward the doorway. He comes to an abrupt halt as he hears the voices at first, but then leans around Windrose and Air Raid to try and catch a glimpse of the source of the emotionless, repeating message. "Wow, and those are still working too," he says, fins flashing again with his interest. "... We probably should deal with them before they try something bad, huh."

Air Raid has one task, and he's down one mech (dammit Rip!), so he's quite okay with Windrose using him as a shield as he levels his rifle on the roboids. "I don't want to open fire if I can help it, shrapnel could be a problem," he murmurs over his shoulder at Wheeljack. "There's small doors, and terminals. Maybe we can bypass these guys."

As the others head in, Brainstorm puts himself near the end of the group, practically dallying at the doorway. It seems like his precautions aren't for nothing either. His optics dart warily in the gloom as their intrusion wakes some old security system. Air Raid's suggestion is only all too welcome "Sounds good to me."

Riptide isn't down, Raid, he's totally up! ..Barely, but still! He unhelpfully chuckles at seeing the little mechanoids things, bowing forward on his weapon. "Ha, they're so small! Guys, we can totally just smack 'em outta the way, c'mon." He tries to wag his trident, ready to fight, but he doesn't get very far as his legs give a little wobble and he has to brace himself on Wheeljack.

"If we have to, but I'd like to try and get any data we can from these terminals," Wheeljack says. "They might give us a better idea of where to look for the Titan, or at least some information about it." Riptide's attempt at swinging at the little droids and subsequent loss of balance is a good reminder of why that might not be possible. "Let's go for the doors," he agrees in the end.

The roboids advance! Their small-legged march is probably not that threatening. Their laser sights, when they land on Cybertronian feet where none are authorized, become short bursts of fire. Bzzt bzzt bzzt!

<FS3> Opposed Roll -- Air Raid=reaction+reaction Vs Robot Kobold=4 < Air_raid: Great Success (6 8 3 8 8 8 5 8) Robot_kobold: Good Success (8 5 7 7) < Net Result: Air_raid wins - Solid Victory

But Air Raid's quick reflexes enable him to avoid the first burst of their small blasters, and he makes it look easy.

"Maybe we can just go ar--" And then the little robo-kobolds start making little zap zap sounds. "--nope!" Windrose promptly ducks right back behind the Aerialbot. "No far on the cute things also being what's armed down here!"

Air Raid frowns at Riptide, and waves his hand irritably. "Just stay with Wheeljack! Hup!" He bounces out of the way of the little shots, with Windrose in tow if she doesn't let go. "Hrn, okay-" A quick glance to make sure Brainstorm is still about, "Go do your thing with the terminals, I'll see about... handling these things." Okay maybe they weren't so threatening. They were cute. And whirl-shaped. So this might be super satisfying. Raid lifts his foot and aims to just step on one.

<FS3> Opposed Roll -- Air Raid=unarmed Vs Robot Kobold=4 < Air_raid: Great Success (4 4 5 5 6 8 4 7 8 1 7 6 6) Robot_kobold: Failure (5 5 4 3) < Net Result: Air_raid wins - Crushing Victory

<FS3> Wheeljack rolls Hacking: Failure. (1 6 2 5 5 3 5 3)

Yeah, nope. Brainstorm is quite glad that he is not at the front. Sure, they're small, but fire is fire, and it still hurts, and he would still preffer to avoid that. Just as well that he has an excuse to do so. While Air Raid is dealing with the robolds, the scientist makes his way towards the terminals, pausing only long enough to call to the arialbot "Could you maybe leave at least one of them more or less intact? Thanks."

<FS3> Brainstorm rolls Hacking: Success. (5 2 5 5 4 6 6 8 1)

"Wait here," Wheeljack says to Riptide, before he nods to Air Raid and is moving his way toward the consoles. He dodges around Air Raid's stomping grounds with ease to pick the nearest terminal. The one he picks is apparently in bad condition, because he has to wipe a coating of dust off just to see the screen. Even worse, his attempts to get the thing working in the first place aren't doing any good. After a string of increasingly noisy and irritated key tapping, Wheeljack wraps his attempt up with a kick to the console, then steps away when that does no good. "I don't think I can get anything out of this one," he reports to the group.

CRUNCH! The little robot aims its little gun hands to shoot up at Air Raid's foot as it comes down but it doesn't even have time to get a shot off before Air Raid has crushed it to the floor. There's a little whiny sound and then a winding down of gears and then nothing from THAT department.

The other three reorient on him and their voices grow slightly in volume and pitch: "Alert! Alert! Alert!" but the security guards they're supposed to be summonsing with that just aren't listening, so the kobolds are on their own. Blaster fire skitters wildly through the room as the three of them all shoot. Wheeljack could totally hack the shit out of that computer if only it didn't keep freezing while trying to boot up. Static sputters over its screen when he kicks it, but that's the best result he gets out of the damn thing. He can't even get into the operating system. It's dead, Jim.

Brainstorm has a little bit better luck getting the other terminal to wake up. It's sluggish and it takes a few tries to slice through the security system, but he's able to begin gleaning some about the computer systems here. The heightened security is because this is the vault of the Bank of Udun. The collected wealth of the wealthiest of the colonists is all concentrated here in this room behind this vault doors. Although ordinarily these machines would be networked to the rest of the city there's not a lot of network activity going on in the abandoned city and it's a little amazing that these are still working. Brainstorm could probably get the vault doors to trigger open all at once using an exploit with a little work and time -- at least, any vault doors that aren't rusted shut or too broken to open.

"I think this is more your area of expertise." Windrose backs well away from Air Raid stomping around kicking tiny kobold robots, as to not get accidentally smacked or shot herself. She'll hang back with the dazed boatbot.

<FS3> Opposed Roll -- Air Raid=reaction+reaction Vs Robot Kobold=4 < Air_Raid: Success (2 2 2 6 8 2 4 1) Robot_kobold: Success (3 6 7 4) < Net Result: DRAW

<FS3> Brainstorm rolls Hacking: Good Success. (2 3 2 8 7 2 1 4 2)

Brainstorm's optics flash eagerly as the machine comes to life. Slowly, which takes some fire out, but at least it's going. Better than Wheeljack's doing anyways, which leaves Brainstorm looking a bit smug "I got something! And, looks like we're in a bank! Hang on, I think I can get the doors open."

Air Raid is pretty diligent in making sure the defense 'bots stay away from the party's hackers. He raps his rifle against his leg to draw some attention and aggro, but they round on him anyhow, cheers! Oh right, gotta' keep one for Stormy. Thicker armor prevents them from doing too much damage with their wee firearms as Raid reaches to pick one up and sling against the nearest wall.

Vault doors ping open. Ping, ping, ping! Six of them, among some twenty that line the wall. There remain more sealed than open. There's a seventh that kind of opens part of the way and then jams in an awkward position. There are a few others that seem to try and open with creaks and whines but they just can't do it. Of the vault chambers that open, though, all seem occupied with ... wealth. In the gloom it's hard to tell what at this range but the flash of various lights across the doors reveals at least the flash of gold from one point and a definite gemstoney glitter from another. These safety deposit boxes just aren't that safe, guys.

<FS3> Opposed Roll -- Air Raid=unarmed Vs Robot Kobold=4 < Air_raid: Great Success (6 8 4 8 4 8 4 6 8 6 2 5 6) Robot_kobold: Good Success (7 8 2 3) < Net Result: Air_raid wins - Solid Victory

Air Raid successfully scoops up one of the little kobolds and, while it thrashes and flails and tries to shoot in all directions, sends it into the wall. It slides down the wall and hits the floor in a definite faceplant

Windrose just watchs Air Raid live up to the raid part of his name, until the clanking and whining of door mechanics snaps her attention away from the honestly one-sided fight. "You got them to open. Nice!" And GLITTERY. All it takes is spotting the sparkly of a jewel to get the explorer to forget about the drones as she goes for the nearest vault. "An oppritunity to examine the mineral wealth the early colony procured from their perilous pluming of the planetary depths!" Or another shiny rock to add to her collection. Really its about the same as far as rock hounding goes.

Wheeljack takes one last kick at his console, in a (failed) attempt at percussive maintenance before he finally steps away. It's not a competition. Really! The point is that they unlocked everything, as a group, and accomplished their goal stop looking so smug Brainstorm. Wheeljack turns to look into the vaults and stops to stare. "Somehow, it's not what I was expecting," he says eventually, shaking his head. Well, on the plus side, maybe if they bring this back they can stop relying on Drift's blood money so much. Or return it to the Convoy, if they even want it any more.

"Well, some of them anyways" Brainstorm honestly looks a bit disapointed by the result. The disapointment doesn't last long however, quickly replaced by curiosity as he turns to peer in to the vaults, pulling out his Junkionian flashlight to get a better look "Well, it is a bank, though I'da hoped that they'd keep something a bit more interesting in here too." he eyes the still locked doors, giving them a judging look. What are you hiding?

Air Raid grabs the remaining pair of teeny bots and attempts to knock them both offline by smashing their heads together. He /tries/ to be careful about it. "Nice alliteration," he finds the time to praise Windrose. The scuffle is a bit one-sided, yes, but he's not complaining. So far the only mech hurt is Riptide, due to himself!

Windrose finds in one of the vaults a cluster of small but prettily cut gemstones, recognizable as diamond, beryl, malachite, amethyst. Brainstorm's flashlight illumines a vault with a collection of ancient Cybertronian gold-minted shanix, some kind of weird numismatist's dream at millions of years old. One of the vaults contains a very old dataslug in addition to pile upon pile of thin bars of platinum, clusters of palladium and some loose chunks of iridium. Two more contain simply stacks and stacks of old shanix-- not as fancy or as valuable as the gold-minted pre-war coinage, but potentially worthwhile as money. The sixth contains four gold bars, two platinum bars, several electrum ingots and a solid brick of silver.

<FS3> Opposed Roll -- Air Raid=unarmed Vs Robot Kobold=4 < Air_Raid: Good Success (5 1 5 2 8 5 4 4 2 4 2 8 1) Robot_kobold: Failure (5 3 4 1) < Net Result: Air_Raid wins - Solid Victory

CRACK. Air Raid finishes his comedic crescendo with the thwack of two robot kobolds' heads into each other. One of them cracks and sparks more than the other one from this impact, but neither is crushed beyond repair.

Air Raid ensures the kobolds are offline before tucking them under his arm. TWO of them. Just for you, Stormy. He then does a quick head count to make sure everyone's still in the same room and conscious, before returning to Riptide's side. "Up, c'mon ya' doof."

Windrose gathers up the gemstons like they were precious artifacts. Which to some degree they are. Clearly the colonists at some point still regarded such gemstones and rare alloys as monetary worth. Surely she'll be able to talk them into letting her keep one or two. Value be damned, she's got a collection of colony 'geological samples' to keep expanding. "I've got our path mapped," she remarks as she walks back out of the vault. "So don't worry about getting it all in one trip."

"I call dibs on the slug over there!" Brainstorm announces, already heading towards his chosen vault to retrieve his prize. After all, he's the one who got these doors open, so obviously, he deserves first dibs, right? The current state of the roboids doesn't escape him either. That's his next prize. He'll be taking the ones in the best condition first, but he's not against grabbing the rest either. All the more for him to poke around in.

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