2016-07-05 You Thought Wrung

From Transformers: Lost and Found

You Thought Wrung
Date 2016/07/05
Location Lost Light - Docks and Storage - Rung's Office
Participants Lieutenant, Rung
Summary When you think it's going to be all fine and casual but then it turns out someone's clearly past their bedtime

Tucked next to the munitions stores in a quiet, seldom-frequented corner of the ship, Rung's Office is notable for the models lining his shelves. There is also a workstation and a couch capable of holding even truly massive bots.

Lieutenant has not been in the best of sorts since... Last week. He could argue the day before last was the source of his 'funk' but it really has been since the elevator incident that he's not been well. As if he'd admit that. No, the avian continues to plug away at his work in storage, stop off at the library to work there the rest of the day, and maybe catch Deluge in the late evening. So far he's only managed to complete his division shift and was making his way to the elevator before he pauses by Rung's office. He wonders how the mech is. Thinking back on their drinking game at Swerve's and karaoke night, he can say he thinks a little differently about the therapist than he originally assumed.

The avian finds himself knocking at the door, "Rung of the Pious Pools?"

Rung looks up at the knocking at his door, surprised anyone has shown up at this time of the day but is happy to accommodate them anyways. Smiling, he gets out of his chair and goes to answer the door, "One moment.". When he sees Lieutenant standing on the other side he can't possibly imagine what the mech could need from him (no word has gotten back to him about Lieutenant requiring his assistance) but merely steps aside to let him into the office, "Oh Lieutenant! Its nice to see you, please do come in!"

The avian nods in thanks as he steps in. "I do hope I have not interrupted you from anything." He glances from Rung, over to the shelves with model ships all neatly in order, much like the rest of the room. Lieutenant had heard he collected them but being that he never had scene Rung's office outside of floor plans, he had no idea for certain. "I merely dropped by to see how you were fairing." He says, breaking his gaze from the ships back to the smaller orange mech. "And, well, to say you were quite good that night of karaoke."

Rung closes the door after Lieutenant enters and carefully sits back down behind his desk and looks up to meet the avian's eyes calmly, "Do not worry, I wasn't doing anything of importance." He feels a burst of pride as Lieutenant eyes his ship collection, it is quite amazing isn't it? Rung is snapped from his ego trip at the mention of karaoke night. He shrinks down in his chair slightly, heavily embarrassed, "Oh ... I ... apologize for my unprofessional behavior that night. I hope it has not changed your opinion of me as a psychologist." Greater mechs' careers have been ruined with less.

"It has not." Lieutenant drank to licking a specimens dish, and more embarrassing things that night. As if he could look at someone lowly for singing. "It was a rather bold song and something I did not expect to hear from you." He didn't expect him to get up on stage at all, but he did. "As I said, you did well."

The emerald flier returns his optics to look over each of the model ships. They truly are fascinating, and timeless pieces in his mind. "I remember when they proposed on building the Ark-1. What a spectical that was, to expand." It's been ages since Lieutenant has thought that far back. So much memory of war and grievances has pushed back such a peaceful time. "I can hardly believe you have models on all of the Arks. Quite the collection."

Rung smiles at Lieutenant in relief, and is even more relieved at the change of topic, "Oh yes it has taken quite awhile to find some of them. After all I only collect the models of the ships I have served on." He stands to join Lieutenant in looking at his ships. "The Ark-1 is the only ship where my service was temporary, though. I was reassigned to a different case just before the launch."

Served on? Lieutenant raises an optic ridge in surprise. "My, you have active lifestyle." Who'd have guessed really? It was good to hear Rung did not stay on the Ark-1, those who returned were different. Cyclonus was the, lightly put, best that came back from the ship.

Rung looks amused at the surprise evident on Lieutenants face, "Yes I suppose that is one way of putting it. I took the role of therapist wherever I was needed and evidently many needed me. I often analyzed the mental state of soldiers, I was even called in to psychoanalyze the wreckers before a mission. However, I am afraid the specific details on that visit are classified through patient confidentiality."

The avian is too weary to keep up his usual deadpan expression. It's been over two months since he last recharged, and he is due for another /very/ shortly. So he doesn't care if Rung can clearly see his expressions. "You do get around." Lieutenant puts simply, "I suppose now that the war is over you have quite a few patients in need of assistance in talking about the past." The avian is not one of them. He relives his pieces of his past on a day to day bases, and turns over in his mind the details of it. Sometimes longing to return to that time.

Rung notices the drop in Lieutenants normally deadpan expression and concern is the first thing that comes to him. That is out of the ordinary for the avian. "Yes I do have quite a few patients now. Some are doing very well for themselves and slowly adjusting to life outside of war. It can be quite a culture shock." The longer he examines Lieutenant the more something seems.. off. "Lieutenant you look... tired. Would you like to lie down for a short time?" He indicates the couch on the opposite end of the office, "I do not have any other appointments for the day, so you wouldn't be intruding. And I've been told the couch is rather comfortable." He lets a calm but slightly amused smile slip past the concern.

Lieutenant shakes his head, and politely declines, "Thank you, but I am fine." Besides, he finds it best to stand so his wing doesn't hurt so much. Lying down would probably feel better but he knows once he's down, it's only a matter of time before he's out. Then someone would have to move him to his room... Or the medbay. No, he's not risking that again. He got lucky last time with Torque, and that likely will not happen again.

The flier rubs near his right wing to relieve some of the pain. "I will rest later." If he doesn't pass out in the hallway first.

Rung can see the weariness affecting Lieutenant, along with the way he rubs his wing. "Lieutenant when was the last time you recharged?" This doesn't look like just a few days without sleep...

Lieutenant falls very quiet, as his audio fins lower back and his gaze falls to the floor in shame, "Eighty-four days."

Lieutenant glances at Rung with dulled, exhausted look in his optics. Normally he'd be stubborn about recharging (ask Penchant) and deny his need to rest; but Rung's tone leaves no room for turning him down. That and the avian really is too tired to keep up his stubbornness for long. At least he's not being told to go to the medbay, so it could have been worse.

With a heavy sigh, Lieutenant gives a short nod. "Very well..."

Rung gently squeezes Lieutenants arm, just enough of a compassionate motion to show he is doing what he thinks best, before letting go and going to the door. He turns back to Lieutenant, still with a stern expression, and waits for him to follow. He is fully planning to escort him all the way to his habsuite and make sure he at least lies down. Rung wouldn't put it past any mech to try and pull a loophole and he is fairly certain once Lieutenant is down, he will pass out.

Lieutenant gives a quiet yelp at the squeeze, and tenses up. It can't be helped when he pulls away, but he understands Rung's gesture was meant to ease him, not hurt. The reaction couldn't be helped. With a slower vent, he follows the therapist out of his office. He rubs at his optics on the way up, trying to keep himself awake and rubs off the cover up on his face to show his freckles underneath. While there are normally loopholes Lieutenant would try to find to get out of a situation like this, all he can really muster the energy for is following Rung. And using the access panel to his hab.

He's certainly going to pass out on his berth, and he'll definitely be there for a few days. Many apologies to Penchant ahead of time for not show up for his shift.

Rung watches Lieutenant go into his habsuite and, if the avian's prior actions are any indication then he will certainly go to sleep and be out for a long time. As he turns to leave, Rung makes a mental note to inform the correct officers that Lieutenant will likely be on bed rest for at least few days... doctors orders.

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