2016-07-02 Life Support is Broken

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Life Support is Broken
Date 2016/07/02
Location Common Lounge
Participants Bulkhead, Huffer, Lieutenant, Wheeljack
Summary Everything is falling apart on this ship! First the elevator, then Wheeljack's berth, and now the energon dispenser!

The only reason Lieutenant ever bothers coming into the Common Lounge is to take from the energon dispenser. After shift, before shift, whenever he enters or exits his room, and basically whenever he passes the lounge. It keeps him awake. Except today, the cursed thing is broken AND empty. That's just peachy. The avian is not pleased with this arrangement and goes straight to trying to fix it on his own. He's not going to be able to live without this machine! He can't go to Swerve's unless he wants his tab to look like Torque's. Nope, this dispenser means life! It must be fixed! And he does not know how to fix it... turning it off and on isn't working like it normally does.

Bulkhead needs...there are a lot of things that he needs. A good recharge being the foremost. Except his berth isn't providing him this, and that's why he comes into the common lounge, servos rubbing at tired optics and mouth open in a yawn. At the very least he can get some energon that'll perk him up, except - he stills once he notices Lieutenant fiddling with the dispenser. Oh no. Oh no. "It's not working?" Bulkhead's tone is bordering on desperation as he watches the avian fiddle with the machine. He really needs this and it seems like he's not going to get it. "Can I try?"

<FS3> Bulkhead rolls Engineering: Success. (8 2 1 5 2 1)

The only reason Huffer ever bothers coming into the Common Lounge is if there's a fire in the engine room. Worse than barely-functioning machinery tends to be up there. In other words: People. And yet, he still needs a break from the servo-shattering work to do down there. So he prays to whomever he can think of that the lounge will be empty, then winces when there are a couple of idiots puttering around an energon dispenser instead of doing anything that passes for useful on this damn boat. Against his better judgment he speaks: "What exactly is goin' on over there, eh?"

It's not that Wheeljack plans to pull triple shifts regularly. It's just that sometimes, they happen. He can't help it, he just loses track of time when he's in the midst of an interesting project. He'd finally finished tinkering when he realized that his vision was blurring too much for him to work on the delicate parts he needed to make. To his credit, he'd headed to his room to try and sleep, but his berth didn't turn on properly when he made the attempt.

He comes into the Common Room not far behind Bulkhead, his fins unusually dull. He wants to get some energon before he tries fiddling with his berth to try and get it to work, but... Oh. Whoops. "Broken dispenser, I guess?" he answers Huffer.

Unfortunately, yes, the energon dispenser is broken. Lieutenant gives a suffering sigh and nods at Bulkhead when he offers to fix it. Wheeljack come help fix it, please. Life cannot go on without it. The avian doesn't look as desperate as he is on the inside, but this is enough for his expression to show a touch more emotion than usual. "I am not sure how long it has been out like this for."

Bulkhead's shoulders slump when Lieutenant nods at him. He kneels, exposing the innards of the machine, and starts working. He's doing an alright job, but it's not...not going great. When he hears Jackie's voice, his helm snaps up, a grin spreading across his faceplates. "Jackie! Come help me with this." He beckons with a servo, and when his blue gaze alights on Huffer, he gives a little wave. "We'll get this fixed as soon as we can." Probably. He's pretty out of it. This will surely end without incident.

Huffer just wants the problem to go away. Strictly speaking, it's not his problem, considering he doesn't even enjoy the product being dispensed. But the idea of people talking about it for much more just gives him a helmache. "Maybe I ought to go get some tools for you all, otherwise I imagine you lot are just going to bungle it up some more..."

Bulkhead is glad for Wheeljack's help, except - he's having difficulty focusing. Wheeljack isn't the only one here to pull more than one shift in a row. The more Bulk's optics cross as he attempts to fix the dispenser, the more it becomes clear that this isn't something he can do in his current condition. He's just so tired, and it doesn't matter how much he tries to push past that; it's not working. "Jackie.." He gives his friend a slightly pleading look. "We can't do this. Not right now." He's noticed how tired his friend is, too. Which is why he stands and moves to the nearest couch, patting the empty space beside him. "We" He's already flagging, oops. The others may not be this bad off, but he certainly is. Bulk barely conceals a yawn as he settles on the couch.

Huffer slides his palm over his face. Not only were these bunch not competent enough engineers to fix a glorified drink dispenser, they were also trying to do it on approximately no berthing for however long they'd decided to work to prove they were tough or something. Huffer knew tough, and they were not it. Huffer knew tough meant switching rest for hatred. Pure, steaming, invigorating misanthropy beats stimulants any time. He would take over from here. "Wheeljack, sever every connection with a red wire and see what happens."

<FS3> Wheeljack rolls Explosions: Good Success. (3 1 7 1 6 7 6 8 1 4)

<FS3> Huffer rolls Misfortune: Success. (5 2 1 1 8 1 3 6 1 6)

<FS3> Lieutenant rolls Balance: Success. (8 6)

"Funny story, I was going to be trying this so I could go lie down," Wheeljack says with a chuckle, as he pokes at something inside of the dispenser. "I was going to grab some energon before trying to fix my berth. Don't worry, though!" he says cheerfully. "I'm sure something's just jammed. It'll be a quick fix." In theory, anyway, but Bulkhead is making a sad face and heading toward the couch. It would probably work better if they hadn't put a project in front of him first.

"And see what happens?" Wheeljack asks skeptically, glancing back toward Huffer. "Well... if you're sure," he says, and reaches inside.

Apparently there was still some energon left in the dispenser after all, because some spark from the wire is followed by a fwoom and a bang. Wheeljack pulls his hand out of the dispenser with a yelp.

Lieutenant jumps in surprise and when he's back on the ground he nearly falls over. Which does end up with him scraping his injured wing against the floor. A sharp pain runs through his frame but he bites his tongue in order not to make any sound of agony. Unfortunately, he glances at the dispenser, and.. it's most likely broken for good. New parts will be needed and the like. Maybe they should have called maintenance.

<FS3> Huffer rolls Plumbing: Good Success. (6 8 6 1 1 8 2 4 6)

Huffer swears and breaks the back-jumping Wheeljack's fall with one strong, extended arm. His face is full of soot and sparks and dross energon. It is not pleasant. Not much on this tub is pleasant to Huffer, but this least of all. "Well, you removed the jam, at least. Dolt. Let me see if I can start the flow more steadily." He shoves a servo up the mass of wires, careful not to brush the volatile severed red ones, and gives the emitter node a twist. There is a pop that even the sullen engineer has to admit is satisfying. Something is now back into place that was recently all wrong. Something's now right in the world.

He did it on Huffer's request, but Wheeljack doesn't say anything like that. He steps back and lets Huffer move in and take over the job. Energon dispensers aren't complicated devices, but without being sure what was wrong, he didn't want to do too much poking around. Huffer seems to have a good idea of how to fix it, though, so Wheeljack lets him set to it without protest. "Sorry for the surprise!" he says to both of them, instead.

Lieutenant waves it off, accidents happen after all. Seems to be a lot of them recently... In anycase, he has no idea how to help fix the machine so he merely stands aside to watch. Probably send a message Gearstrip too, if Huffer can't fix it.

<FS3> Huffer rolls Repair: Success. (3 6 5 1 5 1 1 2 8)

Huffer merely grunts at Wheeljack's apology. He hates that he was wrong about what wires to cut. Actually, he hates that someone got hurt under his auspices, but he'll stick to the first one if he's asked for an explanation. No point in letting them think he's giving any further sympathy, because he's not. In any case, he peers up at what he's doing with a small light from his work bag and then reaches up with a long, thin wrench to realign the spouts. He made a note to thank Pipes for training him on things like this, if his pride would allow him to.

"Looks like you've got more than enough tools here to complete the job yourself," Wheeljack observes as Huffer keeps working on the repairs. "Guess we should have handed it off to you from the start!" Either being tired is enough to make Wheeljack chatty, or he's trying to make up for the other two staying quiet, but he does at least manage to keep the volume down for the sake of Bulkhead who's still resting on the couch. "Let me know if you need a second set of hands."

Lieutenant could assist when the elevator malfunctioned, but this was a different. He had no mechanical skills, unlike his Amica. Wonder how he's doing now that the war is over now that he thinks about him. Hopefully well. In any case, the avian remains quiet to let Huffer do as he needs to.

<FS3> Huffer rolls Plumbing: Good Success. (4 2 3 7 1 8 4 2 6)

Huffer has almost got it. Almost. He hates almosts. And you know what he hates even more? Almosts that require someone else to finish them off. He sighs. "Wheeljack, could ya... uh, just shove a hand up here with mine, you'll see what I mean when you get here." Hopefully this hoser wouldn't blow them all up a second time.

"Sure, what's..." Wheeljack steps forward again and wiggles his hand up into the dispenser, feeling along for whatever it is that Huffer's talking about. His fins blink when he finds what Huffer is talking about. "Yeah, that'd be leaking everywhere if there were energon in here," he comments, shifting his fingers. "This is a bad angle for it. Want me to shove it in properly?"

"Yes, you're going to need to thrust it with a little more force behind it. Do it like you mean it." Huffer locked optics with Wheeljack. He was not going to be upstaged, even though he was doing a job he hated for people he hated. He was going to make the energon flow, dammit, and he was going to go to berth full of schadenfreude at the embarrassment of those who couldn't pull it off. Or maybe he wanted the others to have some small comfort even if it were something he couldn't appreciate. Whichever. Not like motivations mattered anyway.

Unfortunately for Huffer, Wheeljack isn't feeling too competitive. Getting the dispenser fixed is his priority at the moment, not being the one who does all of the fixing. He nods in response to Huffer's instructions. "Sure thing." He puts his other hand on top of the energon dispenser, and grunts slightly as he shoves the piece into place, pressing forward until it clicks into place. "There we go!" he says, poking at it to make sure it's solidly in place before pulling his hand back out of the dispenser. Eugh, and his fingers are covered with gummed up bits of energon now. "That ought to do it."

Pursing his mouth, Huffer grinds his dents. "Guess you are good for something. I'll... put the plate back on. Lieutenant, uh, help yourself to this swill. Looks like my work here is done. Fools." He turns to leave.

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