2016-06-30 Backscratched

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Date 2016/06/30
Location Lost Light Recreation- Practice Rooms
Participants Tailgate, Waspinator
Summary Tailgate comes across a recently "pranked" Waspinator.

These multi-purpose rooms are capable of being put to any one of a number of uses, including training, exercise, and plain ol' fun. It's a good place for sparring or for sports. The walls have been reinforced and soundproofed so that live weapons can be fired within, serving as a shooting range. This also means that noise does not carry far, no matter how boisterous the game.

Late at night, the practice rooms are quiet and seemingly devoid of any life. Devoid of life, except for one of the crews newest members. The last mechs to use the room left hours ago, which prompted a certain large green bug to take over the area.

Waspinator occupies a far off corner of the room, fiddling with several objects before him. Each item seems either broken or filthy, as if dragged from the trash, yet Waspinator is careful as he holds them. Currently in his clawed hand is a dinky looking buffer, which whirrs with a not so subtle grating sound, and he strains to reach a specific spot on his back.

There are times that Tailgate takes it upon himself to spot someone for a shift, or simply decide to alternate bots so that he can spend a little time 'on the ground' so to speak. Patrol a bit, keep his feet wet. His steps are not very loud, light and widely spaced as he traipses around the Recreation deck in the hours after happy hour and before last call, whenever that might be. His chronometer has never quite gotten back to working order, possibly.

A faint growl from the practice rooms draws him towards them, and one by one he peeks in and takes a quick look. When he opens the last, it's the one he's searching for. Tailgate stops quietly in the doorway, hand on the frame. "Hey, what are you doing?" Not quite a 'boo'.

It doesn't take a boo to spook Waspinator, a fact made abundantly clear by the jolt that passes through the insect's frame. That very same flinch causes him to drop his glitching buffer and make a mad scramble to catch it before it hits the ground. The attempt is in vain as he repeatedly misses and the object crashes to the floor, practically shattering as the pieces split. His shoulders clearly slump in defeat as Waspinator whirls around to face Tailgate, "Wazzpinator doing nothing!!" Wazzpinator do nothing wrong! Wazzpinator just sitting in room, no rule against sitting-Wait, is there rule against sitting?

"Whoa!" Tailgate jumps a little at the reaction he gets, watching in dismay as the makeshift buffer goes scattering into chunks. His visor is large when Waspinator turns to face him. "Didn't look like 'nothing'." Tailgate barely holds back any chuckling. "Looked to me like that used to be a buffer. Sorry for scaring you, by the way. I was just curious because it's so late-- I don't usually hear anyone in here at this time."

Waspinator doesn't lower his hackles at Tailgate's friendly manner, if anything it warps some of his fear into flat out defensiveness. It is Minibot again. Has minibot finally come to beat Wazzpinator!? Clear Suspicion and caution are the only things displayed by the wasp's body language, "Yezzz... Wazzpinator was using buffer. Minibot hazz seen Wazzpinator so Minibot can go!" With that, Waspinator grabs what looks like a very mangy brush and continues to do what he had been doing, obviously attempting and failing to reach his back (which he pointedly does not turn towards Tailgate).

Tailgate isn't sure what to think of this guy. Not at all. Seems like he's had a rough go of it, though. He watches as the other mech reassures him that everything's fine before going back to his struggle, this time with the disheveled hard brush. Hrm. "...Do you need some help?"

Why minibot still here? Wazzpinator say he ok, should be enough for minibot. Of course Wazzpinator not need minbots help! Despite his inner thoughts, Waspinator is getting tired of this, It is becoming obvious to even him he cannot reach the spot he needs to. Either his arms wont bend right or his wing joins block him from getting to the area. But his pride isn't quite to the edge yet, "Wazzpinator can get it! Wazzpinator ... got paint on self." That is a lie but is it too much to hope Tailgate will fall for it?

The fact that the decepticon is insistent on getting it and yet can't reach during the whole spiel tells Tailgate one thing. He can't. "Aw, paint? Jeez, did someone forget to put up wet paint signs again?" The minibot puts his fists on his hips, sounding a little exasperated. "Please, let me help! I'm just the right height!" Tailgate is very determined to be helpful!

Waspinator makes a face at the term 'right height'. Right height is tiny? Is Wazzpinator too big!? Wazzpinator not be too big, bigger mechzz on ship than Wazzpinator. It takes him another second to realize the implication of Tailgates words. He is about to tell Tailgate no once again when his paranoid mind kicks in. Minibot security, security makezz rulezz, minibot makezz rulezz. Wazzpinator say no to minibot, Wazzpinator break rulezz?? Why Autobotzz so confuzzing!? Finally his internal battle brings Waspinator to the conclusion that he should let Tailgate assist him, resulting in the bug slowly sitting back down and holding up the brush to him in defeat.

Tailgate can't possibly know what's going on in Wasp's head, and so for a moment the buggy fellow is just not answering, leaving Tailgate wondering if he should repeat himself. The minibot lifts a hand to scratch at his chin just before there's a slump out of Waspinator and he relinquishes the brush. "Don't worry, I won't let you down!" He takes up the brush in his hand, voice smiling as he edges around to see what he's dealing with.

Waspinator shifts so Tailgate can get to his back, lifting his wings to accommodate the minibot. In the spot just beneath Waspinators wings is not simple paint splatter, but a clear spray painted image. Waspinator had been dragging the rivet equipment back to storage when someone, he isn't sure who, had slapped what he later realized had to be a stencil on his back. A very distinct spray sound later had a caricature of a squashed bug in white paint standing out starkly against his green plating. Waspinator is used to abuse but finds this downright humiliating. At least beatings you can have pride in surviving. Meanwhile he isn't even sure who it was that did this to him, the culprit gone around a corner before he could turn and see. So that lead to several abandoned objects being snatched, halfhazardly repaired, and used in an abandoned location to try to keep his dignity intact. Of course Minibot have to find Wazzpinator, now Wazzpinator must listen to minibot make fun of him.

Tailgate's hand is gingerly resting at Waspinator's shoulder when he fans his wings open for the brush; a finger touches at the spot where he's been stenciled. Tailgate does not get cheesed off in such a way very easily, but this is just cruel! "How did this happen? Who did it?"

Waspinator merely shrugs in response, its just more mechs being mean to him. Its nothing new, just a more creative and humiliating tactic most likely from someone who knows him or sees the easy target he is. "Wazzpinator not know. Just mech in hall?" Doezz that matter? Anywayzz Wazzpinator wouldn't tell even if Wazzpinator did know. Wazzpinator not snitch. "Wazzpinator walking down hall, feel something on back, mech gone when Wazzpinator turn."

Tailgate sighs a little, a tiny groan in his chest as he starts to brush at the spraypaint stencil. Feels like he's done something like this before. "Well... if you find out, let me know. This kind of thing isn't cool. I don't mind a prank or two, but when it's at someone else's expense it really grinds my gears!" Tailgate uses his miffedness to brush at the paint, at least. An outlet. "You shouldn't let someone get away with being mean to you."

Waspinator turns slightly to try and look at Tailgate over his shoulder, confused by the blue mech's worry for him. How izz different than other prankzzz? And why izz being mean to wazzpinator bad? "But.. Everyone hurtzzz Wazzpinator." The saddest part about the statement is probably exactly that, it is said as a statement. As if it is a simple fact of life and the idea of anything else perplexes him.

Tailgate can't help but give the puzzled look back, twofold. What? He'd said some things equally worrisome the first time they found him, but Tailgate thought it was just the Moment. His brushing pauses, and the small hand steadying Wasp's shoulder seems to give off an errant warmth. "No-- no. 'Nobody should hurt Waspinator."

".... But ... everyone doezzz hurt Wazzzpinator.. right?" Why would bots not hurt wazzpinator? "Even thingzz hurt Wazzpinator." A glance at his wing reminds him of the very incident that had him found. "Wazzpinator always get hurt. Autobotzz, crew matezz, organiczz. All hurt wazzpinator... Why minibot not want to hurt Wazzpinator?"

Tailgate's hand gives a small rub to the Decepticon's shoulder, and he seems at a loss for the space of a vent. "Because nobody deserves to be bullied around. You're not a target! You're a person!" It's breaking his spark. "Grr. I can't stand bullies--" At least the paint stencil seems to be rubbing off, though Waspinator will need a repaint in the future. "You can call me Tailgate. It's better than minibot, right?" He tries to breathe a bit of levity into things again.

"Almost!" Tailgate is okay with the subject change. He has said what he needs to, right? There's nothing else to be said. Hopefully it was heard? That's all he can hope for. "You should go see Torque or Vortex at the body shop sometime, they can freshen your paint up. If you go, you can put it on my tab, okay? They're really good!" As he talks here, he puts the last few good scrubs in to get all of the stencil off. "There you go. All gone."

Waspinator likely is not going to do that, that patch of scratched up and missing paint will probably be there for months to come. Tailgate does not need to know that though. "Wazzpinator will consider minibo-..... Tailgate's offer...." Decepticonzz not do thizz for each other... What Wazzpinator supposed to say? After what seems like forever he decides to do what he has seen other autobots and neutrals do, just say thank you. "Thank you for help." It sounds incredibly awkward coming from him, as if he never really uses the word.

Tailgate will take awkward. His small laugh is more of a smile, shown in the sparkle of his visor too. "No problem, buddy." He pats the Con on the shoulder and passes back the brush as he steps around to his front. "Thanks for trusting me." Maybe it is not important to Waspinator to hear, but Tailgate feels the need to say it. Poor fella's so twitchy. "I'm going to go finish my walkabout, I'll see you around!"

Buddy??? What has Wazzzpinator got self into? That is the last thing Waspinator bothers to let himself think before nodding to Tailgate then gathering up the left over objects on the floor and making his way out, Autobots are tiring and now that Waspinator has that finished he is going back to his vent.. like frag he is going back to his assigned room. He isn't about to leave one situation with a confusing autobot just to run into another.

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