2016-06-29 Slippery When Wet

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Slippery When Wet
Date 2016/06/29
Location Lost Light: Elevator
Participants Lieutenant, Mercy, Skystalker
Summary The elevator gets jammed, and Mercy needs to get to her shift or Knock Out might knock her another rung down the ladder.

This is one of several elevators that core the ship, running from top to bottom. The doors are solid with access panels above and below in case of emergencies. Not that there'd be an emergency, right?

It's just one more passing day on the Lost Light, as bots go to and fro on business and pleasure; one of the several elevators has currently moved up from the docks level and is heading up towards the Bridge, though a couple lights signal that it will stop along the way there.. Skystalker is nosedeep in a datapad at the moment, tucked against the back of the elevator as he fills out a scouting report before he gets up to the top of the ship. He should have done it when he got in last-- it's a late report, but thankfully his track record is good otherwise, right?

ONe of those stops sees Mercy scampering onto the elevator. Scamper is a good description of it, indeed, though the scampering quickly skids to a halt as she sees that the elevator is already occupied. "OH." She stares at Skystalker for a moment before waving. "Hi!"

Lieutenant stuck to the back corner of the elevator, rewriting one of eight volumes on alien biology for the library. Really, he ought to wrangle Vortex for this. At least he has some work to do so Penchant doesn't try to make him slip into recharge. It's quiet at least until Mercy comes on. He glances up at her, though not addressed, and nods. "How are you doing?" Because the poor medic needed support the other day. He hopes things are doing a little better.

Amber optics flick up from the datapad at the sound of the door, and MErcy's breath of surprise when she scampers on in. Her greeting is answered with a prompt, charming smile from Skystalker, his wingtips at rest giving a small upward shift. "Hello, Mercy." He glances to the librarian nearby, edging to the side so that he can be sure Mercy has some space to stand. "Going up?"

Mercy nods quickly to Skystalker, though it is Lieutenant that gets a first response. "I'm good, how're you?" Settling into the elevator, ultimately ending up between the two, she swivels he head around to look to Sky. "Oh, yeah...have a shift in the medibay!"

Lieutenant's fins flicker one after the other as if to answer by saying 'so-so.' At least Mercy was doing well though, that's all that mattered. He returns to typing before steadily glancing up again when the lift doors close and start heading to Mercy's level. "Either of you feel the elevator.. Slowing?"

Skystalker presses a new stop into the elevator's buttons as Mercy seems to settle in. He tucks the datapad away and keeps his smile tame as he rocks back on his heels and watches the floor levels tick up. There's a look over his shoulder to Lieutenant at the other flier's words. As they begin to pass the Science deck, the emergency lights come on and the elevator pumps to a total stop. If that wasn't enough, it is barely thirty seconds before the emergency sprinklers come on as well.

"Really?" Skystalker vents exasperatedly, mouth turning in a frown as rivulets run down his frame and face.

The sudden stopping of the elevator has Mercy's optics widening slightly - that isn't normal. And that abnormality is quickly followed by the sprinklers which -really- isn't normal. But unlike Skystalker's exasperation, Mercy responds with a bright bubble of laughter, her hands lifting upwards towards the sprinklers. " least we will be clean!"

<FS3> Lieutenant rolls Seismic Sense: Good Success. (8 2 2 5 3 5 2 7 3)

Good thing Lieutenant didn't get painted at the body shop. He doesn't say anything, just stays quiet for a moment before stamping his foot down. To see maybe something went off on the science deck. "Well, we still how our clean streak going." he states plainly, "Just a malfunction perhaps."

Skystalker does not look as entertained by the soaking as Mercy is, and he gives her a sad little frown when she giggles. His wingtips even droop, reminiscent of certain cars and their spoilers. There's a quizzical squint for Lieu's stamping foot, but whatever he does seems to give him insight? "Or just a lot of smoke? It's too bad the doors lock, Mercy, else you'd be on time for your shift--" For measure, he tests them. Nope. Fire Containment. "If there were an actual fire, I expect we'd have heard from the guys by now."

The observation from Skystalker has Mercy's cheeriness immediately fading. Her arms slowly lower to her sides as she stares at the locked doors. "Oh no...." she groans, her shoulders slumping. "Knock Out will demote me /again/ for being late!"

Lieutenant definitely would have heard from Deluge if there were a fire. The avian continues to type again, exactly in a rush to solve this issue, but when Sky mentions about Mercy being late, and Mercy fearful of being demoted, he stashes his datapad. "I can try to hack into the system to see if I can fix this." he says, already moving to the panel, pulling out another datapad which transforms to wrap around his arm. "Either of you two familiar with mechanical repair? Because I can hack into the system but there is a likely chance this lift will plummet. I need someone to access the panel here," he taps his foot against a low panel near the floor, "to lock us in place."

Oops. Skystalker still has his hands on the doors when he notices her mood falling. "Sorry, I mean..." What did he mean? Well, exactly what he said. Mmm. His hands drop to his sides, digits flexing. "If it helps, he's going to be locked down wherever he is too. He's not ignorant, he'll know it was the emergency systems." Ah, what faith. It's nice.

When Lieutenant steps up to the plate and the door panel, Skystalker just stares back at him with a faintly puzzled, concerned look. "No, I'm not-- but if you explain it I can do it." Probably.

"I have a little repair capabilities," Mercy offers, after being sure to move out of the way of Lieu. She starts to crouch only to pause and look up at Skystalker. Maybe he is better suited to it than her? Nope, seems he doesn't, so she drops to her knees and opens the panel.

Ahhh, it's so nice to access panels without the ship yelling at you. Those good days are gone, and Lieutenant looks both at Skystalker then at Mercy. "Okay then," he nods at the medic who's ready to work. He takes out another datapad from his subspace library of them, and scrolls through it before handing Skystalker the pad. Thank Primus for being in logistics and having a copy of the ship's specs. "You can help Mercy with locking us in position. If I can get the elevator to work again, I need her to turn it back on. There might be a violent jolt but that should be normal." Should be. That's normal on other ships, right? "Let me know when you have locked the elevator and then I'll hack into the system."

<FS3> Mercy rolls Repair: Good Success. (1 3 7 7 4 8)

"Gotcha." With a small, puffed laugh, Skystalker takes the datapad in his hand and crouches down to help Mercy with the panel that she pops open. "If we plummet down the shaft I apologize in advance-- but then you'll still get to medical, right?" It may be Skystalker's attempt at a joke-- the response could go either way.

"Okay," It's a simple agreement from Mercy as she bends closer to study the now open panel. Opening a hatch in her arm, she pulls out several medical tools that will now also be used for repairing, it seems. "It should be this here, and..." Mercy begins to cross this wire with that pulling out this chip and shutting off that circuit to bypass this other one. Activating the emergency brakes isn't actually that difficult, and it is only a moment before she announces, "Got it." She hopes.

<FS3> Lieutenant rolls Hacking: Success. (2 3 6 6 6 1 5 6 4 1 1 8)

Skystalker, as funny as that was, Lieutenant will only respond by narrowing his gaze at him. No.

The avian gets on his datapad once again and starts going through the systems. It's some occasional flurry of typing against his pad, or at the panel, but give him a couple minutes to keep his focus and... no, that didn't work. What about... no. Third time's the charm right? No, but at least the sprinklers are off now. Once more and yes! He glances back at Mercy. "Release us." Skystalker, you might want to hold onto something went this jolts.

The squinting is answered with a faintly wavering smile. What? Skystalker watches between Mercy and Lieutenant as the duo work together to fix the elevators, amidst the steady drizzle of the sprinklers until they turn off. The edges of Sky's wings fan out as Mercy is told to release the lift lock, the subtle hum of the thrusters along his back giving Lieutenant's senses a faint pulse.

Still dripping, and with more than a bit of water around her knees and now in the panel, Mercy nods slowly. She reaches out to do what Lieutenant says, and hopes she doesn't have to try and find something to grab on to. She doesn't think either of the other mechs will appreciate it.

The elevator drops. It's only a good four to six feet before it hitches against its track and steadily hums back up as though nothing happened.

Lieutenant's way of brace was shooting his wings out to their full span to wedge himself strongly between the walls, from one to the next. As sharp as the drop was, for him, there have been worse. "Are you both okay?"

<FS3> Mercy rolls Reactionn: Success. (1 1 4 7)

Even though she knows it was coming, Mercy has no wings with which to brace herself, and she's not quite quick enough to grab hold of the lip of the hatch she had open. What she IS quick enough to do is precisely what she hadn't wanted to - she grabs one hand onto Lieutenant, and one onto Skystalker. It's not graceful, but it does keep her from belly flopping onto the deck. She keeps hold of them (or tries to) even as the elevator hums back to life.

The drop has Skystalker hovering in the air as the elevator drops under his feet, and he reaches out for Mercy when he thinks it's going to drop even further, and she is already moving to latch onto him with one hand. He lets out a small laugh as the elevator stops and his arched boots land back on the floor, his arm having looped under Mercy's grasp to give her something decidedly more solid than a wild grab. "I'm good." Skystalker's wingtips tuck back again, the hum at his back lessening when he looks down to Mercy.

Lieutenant stays frozen, unmoving until Mercy stops touching him. Might want to watch out for the avian's wings when you two start moving around though. He's kind of stuck where he is, closer to the front of the elevator than the middle. Of course he could get himself out but he'd rather not have an audience when he does it. There's a hum coming from Skystalker which earns a perplexed optic ridge raise, but he can't exactly look at Sky. In any case, at least he's okay. "Mercy?" he asks, sensing at least that she's not dead.

When things seem to be back to normal, Mercy carefully unclutches her two saviours and offers a chagrinned smile at each. "Sorry," she offers as she steps back, quickly. "Thanks, I almost fell." Because, you know, that wasn't obvious. Bending down, she closes the hatch once again, giving herself, and the other elevator occupants, a moment.

Wings folding over the silencing thrusters, Skystalker gives Mercy another smile, shoulders back and amusement in his optics. "Thank you. Times like this I find myself rather-- useless." He would have just waited there in the sprinklers on a locked elevator were he by himself.

Lieutenant tries to twitch his wing but it's not budging. "Well your option could have been to climb up the elevator shaft and fly up to the nearest deck to get help." his fins twitch once.. twice, "Or just comm for assistance." The elevator stops once again and it's doors open this time. Medical. Hopefully Mercy can make her shift on time now. "Try not to run, Mercy."

<FS3> Mercy rolls Mind+kind Sparked: Great Success. (1 5 7 3 7 8 1 7 3 8 2)

"I won't,!" Mercy assures Lieutenant as she starts to rush out of the elevator. She even gets one foot outside before she stops and, foot still mid-air, turns slowly back. "Are you stuck, Lieutenant?" she asks with a tilt of her head.

Skystalker doesn't notice the predicament until Mercy does-- and then he is looking between Lieutenant's wings and Mercy. Oh. Ah. "Do you-- need a hand?"

"Not for long. Thank you, but no." Lieutenant answers, more flicking of his fins. It hurts to stay in this position but he doesn't want Mercy worrying about him. She has a shift to get to! "I will be fine, just go before Knock Out sees you are late." Not that he knows when her shift schedule is but he really would hate to hear she's in trouble again. He'll get out of this on his own, it'll just be a little painful.

Mercy eyes Lieutenant for a moment before she glances over her shoulder, consideringly. And then she shakes her head, and steps back into the elevator. "What do you need to get un-stuck?" she asks, even as she reaches towards one of his wings as if to help by tugging it free.

"Are you sure? I'm still headed up to the Bridge-- I can just-- help?" Skystalker seems unsure when Lieutenant sounds so certain, his voice gentle despite Mercy's own interjection on things. She seems so determined. But Skystalker does not move to assist.

Lieutenant tries to jerk away from Mercy when she reaches for him but being stuck doesn't help him get far away from her. "Mercy- No, please." he reaches his hand out to block her from touching his wing. "I will be fine. What I need to be able to dislodge myself is space. I can comm you as soon as I am free but Mercy you really need to get to your shift. You getting in trouble with Knock Out again? I will not sleep over knowing such a thing happened." Not that he ever sleeps anyway. "I need to close the lift doors, and Skystalker, you can either stay or go but if you stay, I need you in the front corner over here so I do not hit you."

Mercy stops immediately when Lieutenant motions for her; her fingers hover just shy of his wing for a moment before they pull back and she nods, slowly. "Okay, but...if you get hurt, come see me and I will fi...find someone to repair you." Correcting herself, she starts to step out of the elevator. Again. The medic glances once more to Skystalker as she does. "Make sure he doesn't get hurt, okay?"

"It'll be alright! Now get going, or all this will have been for nothing." Skystalker cannot help but hold a laugh down, smiling past Lieu at Mercy before he sidles over to where the avian indicates to stand, giving just a wee bit of commentary to Lieu in the process. "My, am I glad that I don't have your stature."

Elevator doors close. Hopefully Mercy makes it on time, as Lieutenant sighs. "This was a lot easier when I was smaller." Lieutenant mutters to himself, before responding to Skystalker, "I wish I did not bare it either. At least your's is functional." He takes a deep vent and releases it. "Listen, despite how I may react with what I am about to do next, I want you to know: I am fine."

With that, the avian manages to leap up with both feet planted rather high on the wall on either side of the door. The in one strong, swift motion, he pushes against the elevator with all his might. With a loud, painful snap and wings scraping against the walls, Lieutenant falls down hard, grimacing. He's free now though! So much easier to do that in closed spaces that out in a hall.

Skystalker watches Lieutenant intently when he bemoans function, and even more so when he explains what's going to happen. What? What does he mean by that? Intent moves to concern as the flier braces his feet and pulls himself free. Skystalker flinches visibly at the sound and movement, the lines of his armor tightening and his biolights blanching with a moment of fear. Whatever the feeling is, it passes, and despite protests before Skystalker crouches down beside Lieutenant. His hands are to himself, pressed on his knees while he's crouched there. He doesn't say anything-- but he hopes that his presence might mean something. He's there.

Lieutenant doesn't make a sound, until slowly he rolls to sit up to look at Skystalker. He shuts his optics to wince at the pain once the shock subsides, and rubs the back of his helm. "I did not hit you.. doing that, did I?" he asks slowly, considered for the other flier.

"No. Just reminded me of something I'd have sooner forgot." Skystalker's brief smile down to Lieutenant as he sits up a bit errs on the side of weary, but it passes soon enough. The starfighter's brow bends, and his voice is level, perhaps a little calming. "Are you sure you're alright? What in the world happened just now?"

Skystalker does not suggest the medic. They just had one in here, and even as the elevator lifts up towards the Bridge deck, Skystalker finds himself at an impasse. If Lieutenant says he is fine, perhaps he is. Still, maybe he'll revisit that question again at a later time. Just in case. "Hm? Oh, I just--" A moment of nervousness sweeps in, and Skystalker stands, palms flush against his thighs. "I've ...had my wings injured before." There is surely more to the story than that, given the fearful flinching from before. The thing is, Skystalker does not offer it up. "Here, sorry--" He holds out a hand to help the other flier to his feet again.

Lieutenant doesn't pry for further explanation, though he is curious. Skystalker is a neutral after all, they don't really seem to have bad histories to them. Unless they were tortured, in which Lieutenant could see that. Nevertheless, not exactly something to talk about in the elevator.

The avian looks at the offered hand for a moment, hesitant to take it at first, but he does. "Thank you."

No, definitely not elevator talk. Skystalker's grip is firm but not overwrung, a steady pressure in the helpful tug of Lieu to his pedes. "No problem." The elevator bell chimes in their audials for the Bridge deck, and the door opens to admit some bots going down as Sky loses his hand back to his side. Someone mutters something curious about the floor puddles. "Thank you for the technical assist. See you around." Skystalker's farewell is a tiny wave of hand and a smile over his shoulder as he slips out of the lift.

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