2016-06-29 Fuel Fight

From Transformers: Lost and Found

2016-06-29 Fuel Fight
Date 2016/06/29
Location Common Lounge
Participants Riptide, Whirl, Starstruck, Vortex, Blast Off
Summary Vortex introduces sodagex to the crew. Let the Can Wars begin!

It's not often that Whirl comes to the common lounge. There's really no point, he's not fond of other people and all the video games in here involve the use of controllers he can't use. Still, he can only go to Swerve's so often before it gets old so, after making sure there's no one else around, Whirl settles in on the couch. Another glance to make sure the coast is clear, and he turns on one of the video consoles. "Alright.." He clutches the controller clumsily in his claws. "Let's see what the fuss is all about."

Man, last night was so awesome! Starstruck hasn't stopped grinning since he woke up. Which, okay, is pretty normal for him, but still. It was a lot of fun! He hopes they do karaoke again soon. For now, though, he's just gotten off shift and he's feeling pretty social, so he's picked up one of his handheld gaming devices from his room and brought it with him to the common lounge. Wrangler is a genius (for the right favors), the Jeep can make anything given time.

When Star enters the lounge, he finds that it's practically empty. There is at least one bot in there though and this guy immediately draws his gaze. Oh - so that's Whirl. He remembers the images in the mech's security file. Dang son. Deciding not to bother the Autobot quite yet, Starstruck settles on a nearby couch and turns on his handheld, though he keeps a side optic on Whirl out of curiosity.

Yes, Whirl is alone. All alone... For about a minute. "Come ON, Ripper! You've gotta try this stuff! Haha, knew it was a matter of time before Swin let me have it again!" Not that he didn't find another supplier on the side. But that was on Cybertron. "Comeoncomeoncomeon!" Vortex bounces into the room, rotors fanned out behind him in full tropical bird display. On the dull side of his rotos he's carrying packs and packs of... Sodagex. He's carrying even more in his arms.

It takes him about zero seconds to instantly spot Whirl. He's bit and recognizable. "Haha! Cyclops! INCOMING!" In about as much time as it took to notice Whirl, he's charging at him and flinging himself up and over a couch at his fellow rotary. "Catch me, brother!"

Riptide is following along like the good soldier he is, a noticeably dopey, forward stoop to his tall frame as he shuffles into the lounge, carrying even more sodagex while looking like he was just woken up. "Tex, what even is this stuff? And why do you have.. so much." Toddling after him, the mech hefts the pack to one arm as he straightens up and displays sharp teeth in a weary yawn.

Snapping them back together and taking better stock of who's in the room, he finally takes note of Whirl, who gets a little wave and a happy smile while he's tackled. Starstruck across the way also gets a look, if a tad sheepish, and a verbal greeting. "Hey there, Star!"

It's only been about five seconds since Whirl sat started the game and he's already having a hell of a time; he just can't get a good grip on both the controller and the control sticks at the same time. No mater how hard he tries, the character on the screen keeps walking into the same wall. "UGH!" He throws the controller clear across the room, embedding it in the far wall, almost immediately after Starstruck walks in. He turns his head to silently glare at him but it doesn't last long when Vortex comes out of nowhere.

"Argh, what the hell!?" he yells as the Combaticon drops into his lap. "Are you freakin' kidding? I've been here for less than a minute and everyone on the damn ship is here!"

Well, that was an impressive throw. Starstruck's cheeks puff up with the laugh he is struggling not to release. It's clear Whirl isn't someone you want to laugh at (while he's present anyway). Starstruck, wisely, does not comment on Whirl's frustration. Which works out anyway because his attention is soon caught by - "Hey, Riptide!" Star surges up off the couch, handheld disappearing back into his subspace. It's still on. That can't be good for the battery.

"How's it going and--" He notes Riptide's full arms. "What're you carrying? Need any help?"

<FS3> Vortex rolls Enthusiasm: Failure. (4 5 6 5 4 4 2 5 1)

Vortex grunts as he lands harshly in Whirl's lap. "That was a terrible job." Air Raid would have caught him. And Brawl. "Although, you don't have hands, so I guess that's my fault!" He sorta laughs, not at all hurt that his new bro made no effort to catch him. Not at all. Although, usually, Vortex would be bouncing so much, his helm would hit Whirl's undercarriage repeatedly.

Instead the little rotary, carefully maneuvers himself, arms still full, so he sitting beside Whirl. "I didn't know you didn't want to see me. 'Specially seeing how I'm getting you that tick-you-know-what-tock." His rotors wilt and all the sodagex packages they were holding slide off. and fall to the floor. "Ah, slag." He goes to pick one up but, wait. Arms full... Hmmmm. He tries to get one with a pede. Fool proof plan.

Riptide snorts mockingly at Whirl when Vortex lands on him, "Psh, nice catch." Of course he's teasing him, attention soon turning to Starstruck as he approaches, greeting him with a sharky smile and a wiggle of rudders. "It's goin'. Was trying to recharge, but Tex insisted I try this." He sets a package on the back of Vortex and Whirl's couch and hefts the other up in a hand, opening it and taking out a can. "What'd you call this again, Tex? Sodagex? This anything like that Kremzeek stuff?" He observes the can oddly and gives it a little shake. Riptide, no.

As grumpy as Whirl is acting right now, he makes no effort to dislodge Vortex. "I don't need hands to catch things, you just.. surprised me is all." He swings an arm over the back of the couch when Vortex moves to sit next to him, eyeballing the packages that tumble out of his arms. Hmm. "Aw, come on! Don't give me that guilt trip stuff! Geez.." He bends down to help Vortex pick everything up. "Sodagex? What the hell is that?"

Starstruck has seen this stuff before, he's pretty sure. It's been a while, but... yeah, he thinks he recognizes it. "Heh, well, why nap when you can party!" That's the spirit. He watches as Riptide takes a can and, no, wait a minute. "Riptide, uh, I don't think you want to do that..."

Vortex seems to perk as Whirl starts to help pick things up. Yes! Good brother. Rotors waggling now, he rebounds back to his pedes, dropping the packages to the couch. "Yes! Sodagex! This is the best stuff. Primus, I could down fifteen cans in one go." His bright looks goes serious. "Then Onslaught banned me from them and made Swindle cut me off." Beat. "But he's not hear and can't tell me what to DOOOOOO- WOOHOO!" He throws his fists into the air and quickly opens another package.

Vortex tosses a can to Starstruck and then Whirl before taking one himself. "Ripper, set that all down and come here. We gotta toast. Because there are not ruuuuuules!" His facemask pulls back to show a broad, toothy grin. He's eager. "What's the toast, Rip?" He holds out a servo for the boat.

"Hm?" Riptide looks up from shaking the can, blinking dumbly at Starstruck. "Why not? What, is it gonna--" He's going to say 'explode', but Vortex's exclamation gets his attention and draws him to look their way, smile widening. "Oh, right! Coming!" His voice gives that chipper, sing-song lilt and he waves Star to join them while shuffling over, packages dumped on the couch. Then.. O-Oh.

Riptide looks a little stiff at the smaller hand offered. Handholding? In public? This is.. odd for Tex, but.. He likes it. Glancing away sheepishly, he takes the rotary's hand, fingers flexing in a fluttery, delighted way. "Heh, I'm not good at speeches, but uh.. I guess we toast to friends, family, etc etc and.. uh.. Sodagex?" He smiles nervously and lifts his can, hoping that's good enough.

"How about we toast to how sickeningly cute you two are right now?" Whirl says, cracking open his can of the mysterious sodagex Vorex tossed him and holding it up for the big toast. "I mean, seriously, you two make me want to throw up sometimes." This must be how Vortex feels about him and Blast Off. "Bottoms up!" He tilts the can back and pours the entire thing into his neck hole.

Starstruck immediately forgets what he'd been warning Riptide about when a can is tossed his way, one he catches easily. "Thanks, dude!" As he moves to join them at the couch he recognizes Vortex as the bot who shot him with glue. You'd think he'd be pissed about that. Fortunately (unfortunately?) Gyro has done way worse to him in the past, and as such that behavior has actually made the helicopter more endearing. Go figure.

Then - his optics widen behind his visor. Oh! So this was the mech Riptide had been practicing dancing for! "I can toast to that," Starstruck says, still grinning crookedly as he cracks his own can and holds it up before he copies Whirl and drains the entire thing in one go.

Vortex's rotors twitter, fingers lacing around Riptide's. The rush of energy seems to slow back down to a more even pace. "Yes! To sodagex!" Vortex agrees, giving Whirl a look. "Hopeless romantic, Cyclops? No wonder you and Blasty get along so well." He laughs and bangs his can against the boat's before using his own teeth to pop open the top and chug.

For those quickly drinking, they'll find it bubblier than any other kind of engex. A tingling as one feels bubbles pop in their mouth and throat as the liquid goes down, making a odd burning sensation rise to their nose- or whatever the fuck would constitute a nose thing for Whirl. It's sweet and thick and the additives possibly border on too much. Its like Nightmare Jet Fuel meets carbonation meet molasses. It may or may not be a little acidic on the pH scale.

Riptide just sticks his tongue a little out at Whirl and gives a little 'tch' while grinning. "Dude, you have no room to talk with all the stuff I hear you and Blast Off do in public." Thankfully his toast goes well and he's grinning for it, delightedly clanking it with Tex's and watching him open it with his teeth. Oh, cool! He's totally gotta do that, too. Bringing it up, he hooks his top teeth on the tab and pulls it open, but.. That's not a good idea.

As soon as the seal cracks open all the pressure he built up from shaking it is released at once and spewing all over his face in a bubbly torrent. "Grglghg!!" Half gargling half choking as it spills down his throat and all over his face, Riptide stumbles back in surprise and trips over the small table between the screen and couch, going down in a loud, crashing heap. He lays there, stunned and gurgling until he reflexively swallows and.. whoa! "Oh damn, that's good stuff!"

"What's that supposed to mean?" Whirl asks Riptide, giving the boat what might be considered an intimidating glare if someone was versed in the art of recognizing empurata emotes. He easily finishes the can and crumples it in his claws before letting it drop to the floor. Someone else will clean that up. "So, how come Onslaught banned you from drinking these? They dangerous or something?" He doesn't even wait for an answer before grabbing another and drinking it down.

Ooh, tingly. Reminds Starstruck of poprocks, which he totally ate on a drunken bet from Wrangler. This is way better, considering it's alcoholic. "Probably because they fuck you up," Star says casually, even as he tosses his own can. Yes, it's all coming back to him now, even as he also reaches for another can, pops the top, and guzzles a good amount of it. "Like, really fuck you up." Starstruck gives a little chuckle. "Not as bad as Solarian mead, though, I think I was passed out for a week!" And then he's laughing harder when Riptide's can explodes all over him and he falls over. "Told you, dude!"

"Aaaahahahahaha!" Whirl points and laughs as Riptide's can explodes all over his face. "Drink much??"

Vortex has forgotten how much he missed this sweet elixir. He takes a break- he's a lot smaller and can't down the whole can in one go unlike these... Holy shit, why is everyone in this room, BIG? His rotos fan out to compensate as hie licks his dentae- his lips a little harder to reach. "Something about 'addictive qualities' and making me 'more unbearable' than usual. Said he reached his limit when he 'found my bloody pede prints on the ceiling.' Cut off my own leg to show Blasty I could touch the ceiling? I don't know. It was- ho shit!"

Vortex's servo is caught in Riptide's as the big ship goes down, his little tugboat companion goes down with him. The rotary's arm shoots up and levels out his can and he does manage to save his drink as he smack into Riptide. Hrr... He looks up to smile at the shark, bringing down his can to take another drink. "I told you. I would never lie to you, Ripper." The grin on his face drops for a brief moment and he looks down at his midsection. Ow, what was that. Like something just stuck him... But he's fine. Oh well!

The Combaticon crushes the can against his helm. "Hey, Rip, check it out. I bet you a can of sodagex I can hit Whirl's eye with this." His glossa sticks out between his teeth in a grin as he, still laying across Riptide and holding his hand as well, tosses the flat piece back blindly. "Did I do it???"

<FS3> Vortex rolls Flirting-3: Success. (3 8 4)

Riptide doesn't even notice Vortex on top of him until after he's downed his mouthful of sodagex, licking over his lips to get whatever he can. Once he does notice the little rotary, though, he's noticeably much more pink in the face. But he's not about to get all flustered, instead smiling wide in that toothy grin and waggling rudders with a breathy little titter. "Heh, I know."

Vortex showing off helps alleviate some of his nervousness at being so close, looking up just in time to see the can hit Whirl. "Ahahaha! Direct hit!" The sharkboat laughs loudly and grabs Tex by the waist, hoisting the small mech up with him as he rights himself and sits. "Nice one!" He gives that waist a little squeeze with fleeting hands before occupying them with another sodagex to start guzzling down. And he doesn't shake it this time.

By the time Starstruck and Vortex explain to him how dangerous these drinks are, Whirl is already halfway through his third. "Addictive qualities? What a load of shit, I'm not convinced there's even any engex in here.." He finishes the rest of the can and peers inside of it as if he's going to analyze the contents of something that's not there anymore. "Pass me another, I'm not feeli- HEY!" He gets smacked smack dab in the optic, prompting him to crush up his can and chuck it at Vortex. "I've got more where that came from! I don't care how snuggly you two are being right now, I will end you!"

<FS3> Whirl rolls Hooliganism: Success. (4 7 1 2 3 6 5 3 5)

Starstruck is finishing his second can when Vortex hits Whirl with an empty one, and unlike before he lets out his roar of laughter. "Nice aim!" he says amidst the laughter, crushing his own empty can in one large servo. He wants to join in on the fun, but.....he is not about to risk Whirl's ire and who knows if Tex will glue him again. It could happen! So instead he goes for the bot he does know, chucking his can (actually fairly lightly) at Riptide, hoping to bonk it off his helm. "Can fight!" He declares, reaching for another and popping the top so he can chug it.

<FS3> Starstruck rolls Unarmed: Great Success. (1 5 5 8 7 6 7 7 1 3)

Vortex's visor flashes. Of course direct hit! He's just that good. He giggles but quiets as he's lifted up and righted. His rotors flick and twitter before he takes another can himself, shoving Riptide's arm lightly. "Thank you." He tips his can back- again, using his teeth as a can opener- right as something smacks into his forehelm. He stays frozen, maybe in surprise, and sodagex starts to trail down the corners of his mouth and his chin... And then he lifts the can up and pours the contents over his helm.

"Oh... OH ITS ON! I, a proud Combaticon warrior, Vortex challenge you, the Autobot warrior, Whirl! Face me if you dare." He gives his helm a shake, licking his lips (sort off) before waiting a beat. "Oh wait... You can't!" HAH! He chucks his can at Whirl, not even noticing the piddly little light toss Starstruck did at Riptide, and he hurried to tug on Ripper's back kibble. "QUICKLY! The couch! We must get ammo!" Cackling, he lunges for more sodagex to kick them in the general direction of Riptide. They're a team. Us VS the two of them. They aren't a team. They're alone.

"Eheheh, too bad you couldn't get this stuff earlier, it's really goo-Agh!" Riptide is interrupted by the bonk of something bouncing off his helm, jumping like a startled cat as he whips to see just who threw that. ..STARSTRUCK! "Oh, mech, it's so on! TO BATTLE!" He cackles at the tugging from Vortex and grabs a can in each hand.

Fully loaded, the aquabot springs from his spot and, in true John Woo style, lunges sideways through the air while crushing both can to spray at Whirl and Starstruck. GET SOAKED!

<FS3> Riptide rolls Pranking: Failure. (1 4 4 2 3 6 3)

Turns out Riptide was holding the cans backward and they spray in his own face as he lands useless on the floor in a heap. Wipe out.

<FS3> Whirl rolls Hooliganism: Good Success. (5 5 7 6 8 2 1 8 5)

Funny thing about this sodagex, it gets you piss drunk without you even realizing it. Piss drunk, but still able to run around chucking soda cans at people. "THE FUCK DID YOU SAY!?" Whirl hollers at Vortex, one of his empurata jokes finally rubbing at him. "I'M GONNA WHOOP YOUR ASS! WITH CANS!" He scoops up an entire case in his arms and leaps off the couch, making a break for a nearby table. He kicks it over onto it's side and ducks behind it, waving a claw at Starstruck. "Hurry! Help me kill these cans!" He starts double-fisting (double-clawing?) sodagex, draining them in a matter of seconds.

He pops up from behind his cover, armed with dual cans and ready to unleash hell when he sees Riptide... spray himself in the face again and fall over like a doofus. "...This is going to be easy." He chucks he cans at the fallen aquabot.

Holy shit, Starstruck is laughing so hard he can hardly see straight, even as he finishes his third can, crushes it, and chucks it at the duo. Whirl's beckoning, however, is not missed, and the bus is quick to barrel roll behind the fallen table, helm popping up over the edge just in time to see - holy fucking Primus. "Ha! Riptide! Fuck!" He can't even speak real words, he's almost bent over with laughter, optics sparking beneath his visor in a mockery of tears. That has got to be the best thing he's seen all week. He might be buzzed already.

"We're gonna fucking crush them!" Star whoops, grabbing two cans in his servos, using a fang each to pop them open and squashing the cans so that twin flows of sodagex pour down his throat. Then he's following Whirl's lead, pelting both Vortex and Riptide with empty cans.

<FS3> Starstruck rolls Unarmed: Good Success. (8 3 7 4 4 5 4 1 4 6)

"I SAID YA GOT NO FACE!" Vortex cackles back, just so Whirl knows how much he loves that something got to him. Okay, they got plenty of ammo now. He quickly grabs some cans to drain, chucking one at Star as he runs. He looks over, rotors trembling as Riptide looks badass in the air like- oh... Pft.

Vortex laughs, he can't help it. That was such... It was such a Brawl thing to do! Combat mechs, heh. He starts heading over when the first can hits Riptide. "H EY! He's down! Where's your HONOR!" He jumps over the shark and turns, rotors revving up and spinning in a flurry- hopefully sending any cans heading their way back at the two. Whirlwind rotors- SUCK IT WHIRL. Vortex ducks down to poke at Riptide. Bah, he's alive. And look! Two full cans right beside him.

"Ripper, watch this." The Combaticon revs up his rotors more, grabbing the cans and shaking them vigorously. "This is for you." Shuttering his visor in a wink, he turns, rotors going still silently. Fangs sink deep into cans and then he throws them both at the enemy. "GRENADES!!"

<FS3> Vortex rolls Transportation: Great Success. (4 8 7 8 3 5 8 2)

<FS3> Vortex rolls Flirting: Good Success. (8 4 2 7 4 6)

Riptide was looking so badass until a full force of sodagex went all over him again and he landed on his face. He doesn't move at first, laying there like a slug as empty cans start pelting him. He's dead Jim... Or at least until Vortex comes to his rescue!

His head lifting, Riptide grins wide as Vortex blows the cans back, but it's the wink that gets him. Wide optics sparkling and a bright, dreamy grin on his face, Riptide props himself up on his elbows and presses hands to cheeks while a leg curls up. That's his Vortex~ He looks like an idiot, but he's hopped up on whatever the hell is in this drink, so who cares.

But he's not about to sit out of the fight forever, jumping back to his feet and ducking behind the couch. They need a bit more ammo, so he readily bites a can or to and shotguns them before popping up from cover (though his kibble was showing the whole time) and pelts the enemy team whenever they look up. "You guys are so losing!"

<FS3> Riptide rolls Pranking -1: Good Success. (3 4 7 7 8 3)

"GRENADES!" Whirl throws himself onto the floor with a crash, cans of sodagex bouncing off his head and spewing it's addictive, deliciousness all over the place. He's going to be so drunk and sticky when he gets home. "Starstruck!" He thrusts the case of remaining cans at him. "I'm going to back you up, just keep throwing!" He jumps up onto his feet, just in time to get another can in the not-face courtesy of Riptide, and lets out a maniacal roar before punching his arm right through the table. He hefts it up in front of him and bum rushes the other team, essentially using the table as a makeshift shield to block him and his teammate from the assault. "GET THEEEEEMMMMMMM!"

<FS3> Whirl rolls Hooliganism-2: Good Success. (6 8 8 5 5 1 4)

"Fire in the hole!" Starstruck too ducks, though he's much bigger and bulkier than Whirl and therefore takes more of the returning cans than Whirl. You think you're gonna be sticky, Autobot? Perceptor is gonna flip his shit (if he even comes back tonight). He licks some of the fizzy alcohol spewed from Vortex's grenades from his lips, grinning so broad it looks painful. But he's having the fucking time of his life. "Two can play at that game, tiny!" he hollers, and there's a quick succession of him following Whirl's command by picking up cans, popping them with his fangs, and tossing them at the other side. He may completely down one or two before chucking the empty container at Vortex and Riptide, strong arms getting a real workout as he follows Whirl's charge, no longer trying to be careful as he whips cans across the room. He's so drunk. But he feels great!

<FS3> Starstruck rolls Unarmed-2: Good Success. (5 1 4 8 5 7 1 4)

<FS3> Vortex rolls Melee Weapons-2: Success. (6 2 1 8 2 1 4)

Vortex looks back at Riptide, pausing when he sees the ridiculous boat... Before giving his own goofy grin. He stands there like that, only moving when a can hits his chassis. Oh, right! The Combaticons grabs some cans as well, not bothering with opening the top. Nah, he just rips it open with his teeth and drains the contents before throwing the can back. Take tha-! What is Whirl doing?

Vortex scrambles. AAHHHH- OH! He grab a six pack still clinging togther and gives them all a shake. He reaches out, putting a servo on Riptide's back. "Just know, I do this so our better side can fight the can war for anotherday." Then pulls out a rotor.

Charging at Whirl and his table shield, he shouts: "Sie sind das essen und wir sind die jager!!" Laughing, he uses the couch Riptide was using for cover to leap off of and fly towards Whirl. Okay, now to just stab the table and sling the near to popping pack over and nail them both with a frothy explosion. Assuming he does this all right.

<FS3> Vortex rolls Enthusiasm-2: Success. (7 6 2 1 3 5 3)

<FS3> Vortex rolls Melee Weapons-2: Success. (5 4 5 1 3 1 8)

<FS3> Whirl rolls Stabbing-2: Good Success. (7 6 3 2 8 6 8 3)

Riptide turns to Vortex at the touch to his back, optics glinting delightedly at the show he puts on. So, in true couple fashion, he joins in by dramatically clutching his chest as the Combaticon goes off to sacrifice himself, reaching out as he cries, "I'll never forget you! For the greater good!!"

Of course right after that he's bursting with laughter, the engex portion of the sodagex really starting to kick in as he wilts over the back of the couch and slithers down it while still getting pelted. He ends up laying with his face down in the cushion, gleeful giggles muffled as he just stays there. He'll probably end up passing out soon anyway, so best to call him out for now.

Blast Off had this crazy thought that maybe he'd come in the Common Lounge and try that video game Air Raid showed him once. It's usually pretty quiet and low key, and after a long shift the Combaticon figured some time to just decompress and focus his mind on something else besides fencing and faceplates and exposure and little brothers. Speaking of which, his faceplate now adorns his face - as is good and proper. He is not exposed to the world anymore. Thank Primus. Yes, a little time spent checking out this stupid little video game that he's REALLY not interested in, he SWEARS- but ahhh he just happened to be in the vicinity. Yeah. That's it. The shuttleformer steps inside the room- and gets *SPLOOOOSH*!!!!!!- nailed with a splash of ...something. With a startled HUFF, he freezes just as Vortex goes charging by to lunge at...Whirl???!!! What the smelt??!!!

"I DON'T KNOW WHAT THE FUCK YOU'RE SAYING!" Whirl shouts, charging at Vortex full force. He comes to an abrupt stop when the Combaticon vaults off the couch and stabs into his table shield. "Argh!" He tries to shake him off but it's too late, he's being pelted by carbonated beverages. The sodagex in his system is hitting him full force now and in his fizzy fueled inebriation, he decides the best way to counterattack this brutal assault is by punching his other pair of claws through the table and right into Vortex's body.

For the record, he has no idea Blast Off just walked into the room. Otherwise he might've reconsidered. Maybe.

Starstruck is laughing again. Or maybe he never stopped? Who knows! He does, in his drunken, fizzy haze, see Riptide faceplant, and that makes the giggles worse. He may not be chucking as many cans now because it's hard for him to laugh and puncture a lid with his fangs at the same time. In fact, once Whirl and Vortex clash in the middle of the room, Starstruck has already stopped, giggling harder while he too is pelted with sticky liquid, a half-torn can in his servo that he's currently guzzling. Whoa, did Whirl just punch through that table and into Vortex? Shit, bro!

Wavering a little on his pedes, Starstruck finally turns his gaze on the newcomber. "Oh hey! Uh. You!" He knows this guy, come on, come on - "Blast--heh! We're blasting off again!" What was he saying? Starstruck resorts to waving instead. There we go.

Vortex giggles as he swings from all the shield thrashing. His plan totally worked! Riptide is impressed. Wait until he tells Air Raid! He looks back, grinning wildly as his remaining rotors twitter and twitch to reflect his energy levels. "Ripper! Don't nap! You gotta see my heroics!" He laughs, yeahing a familiar...

"Blasty!" Vortex croons, giggling again, kicking his pedes excitedly as he hangs there. "Join my team! We just-! Oh." He looks down, feeling another stab in his gut. This time, he can see something actually causing the sensation. He stares at the large blue claws digging deep into his abdomen, energon running and mixing with all the sodagex. Oh.

The Combaticon snorts and giggles, still hanging off by his rotor. "Blasting off- HAHAHA! That's- pffft! Did you, did you see that? With your audios? Haha! Hey, where's Ripper, he can't do energon." He lifts his free servo, licking the sodagex off. Good shit right there.

Blast Off stands frozen. Dripping sticky wet, the only signs of life at the moment are bristling armor plates and purple optics that are shining brighter and yet deeper than usual. They flicker as Starstruck waves and talks about *blasting off*- WHY do people keep making jokes about *blasting off again* around him, what the frag is that supposed to mean? *Again* what? Why? Who is this person anyway? He stares, but soon his attention goes straight to Vortex and Whirl, still uttering not a word as he watches his massive cyclopsian boyfriend slam claws straight INTO Vortex's innards. Purple gaze pierces both Whirl and Vortex in return, then snaps to the cans lying on the floor. The lights in his optics shine even brighter, the light goes more pale. He still speaks not a word, staring hard at Vortex, but his EMField is crackling.

"Aw, geez! Are you kidding me right now!?" Whirl pulls his claws out of Vortex's gut, shaking off some of the energon clinging to them. "You're way too easy to stab, bro. You really need to beef up your armour or something!" Then suddenly everyone starts making blast off jokes and he turns his head to see known other than..

"Blast Off!" Whirl throws the table (and Vortex) off to the side so he can drunkenly stumble over to the Combaticon. "Hahahahaa.. I'm so happy you're here, shuttlemuffin~" He reaches out to grab his hand onto to notice the purple stains still on his claws. Shit, he stabbed Vortex, didn't he? In front of Blast Off? "Uh oh."

So many things are happening right now. Starstruck finishes the can in his servo wait, this might be a new one? He giggles, not remembering. He's absolutely already forgotten what he was saying to Blast Off. And he's not really interested in whatever Whirl and the shuttleformer are doing. Instead he weaves his way over to the couch where Riptide faceplanted and is....possibly still laughing? Maybe passed out? He can't tell, considering that the boat is facedown. Starstruck so meant to check on him, except he just kind of...slides onto the floor next to the couch, helm resting blearily on his folded arms while the rest of his enormous frame sprawls on the floor.

"Hey," he rumbles, poking at Riptide's kibble. "Your boyfriend is like...really cool..." He yawns wide, displaying them teefs. Not quite as impressive as Tex's or Ripper's, but nice all the same. "Congrats...bro...." Yeah he's out, still leaning on the cushion beside Riptide. Good night, sweet idiot.

"I got good armor!" It's just around his chassis and less-so his abdomen. Hrm, does anyone else get the feeling of anger? And white hor lasers boring into their helm? Vortex turns to see his brother staring at him. Why does he look so pissed? "You stop that," he makes sure to tell Blast Off as he suddenly goes sailing. Whirl is so strong, wow.

He lands unceremoniously with the table on top of him. Some kicking later and pushing, he manages to slide the table off and sit up. Hmmm... Ah, there. The Combaticon takes a can and pops it open on a tooth, sipping it as he looks over at Riptide. D'aw. He's sleeping. "Heh, Whirl, shhh. They're sleeping." He's not tired! He's wired. "Blasty, Blasty. You still got them paint cans? Let's go graffiti shit!" He forgets about the stabbing. It happens.

Blast Off 's head whips around to stare up at Whirl, optics shining that very pale, almost ghost-like violet that is rarely a good sign. Nor was that deep purple earlier. Nor is the still crackling EMField. No, no good signs here. His head tilts slightly to regard the drunken mech as he flings Vortex and the table across the room, still not uttering a sound even as Vortex goes flying by with a *stop that* directed right at him!? His stare lingers on Vortex a moment after his landing and consequent standing up, optic ridge twitching once, then his head whips back around to gaze up at Whirl. Who, it seems, suddenly realizes he might be in hot water. Uh huh. Blast Off's head just keeps tilting more as he looks up at the larger mech. A long silence stretches between them before he finally speaks, his tone one of forced, deadly calm. "I see you've been busy."

As Vortex open s up another can, his brother snaps to attention at the sound. Arm outstretched, finger pointed. "YOU!! DIDN'T ONSLAUGHT SAY NO MORE SODAGEX??!!" His head whips back to Whirl, his other hand flinging to point at him too. "AND YOU!!! DIDN'T I SAY I WANTED THIS FAMILY TO GET ALONG??!!" Back to Vortex, with a wing twitch. "And DIDN'T WE AGREE WE /WEREN'T BRINGING UP THE GRAFFIT THING/ ever AGAIN??!!" *huffffffff*

Whirl flinches at the tone of Blast Off's voice. Aw geez, he's in trouble. "Er, well.." He tries to think of an explanation but then the shuttleformer starts yelling and pointing fingers which gets an irritated huff in response. "We ARE getting along, we're having a great time! Vortex is cool, he's like the little brother I never had!" He gestures to the room, broken furniture and discarded cans included. "We had a can war. IT WAS AWESOME! I'm pretty sure my team won."

Vortex looks at Blast Off, bend in his visor making it look like its widening. Then he snickers. "Onsy's not he~re~" He takes another long, thoughtful sip of the stick, sweet, bubbly... He really did miss this stuff. Slag, its all over the floor now. And walls... And ceiling... And all of them. He sorta feels like he should like it all up. Nothing go to waste! "Yes! It was totally fun! You're a madman, Whirl! A MADMAN! Can war, the best war. Hehe... It's funny. Autobot, Decepticon versus Decepticon, Autobot... Hehe..." Teamwork. Vortex doesn't push the graffiti thing. But he sure does think about it. One day. One day soon, bits will see what pretty, illegal things you can do, Blasty. "Hey, you want a can, Blasty? Pretty sure there's good ones somewhere.." He takes another sip.

Blast Off snaps his head back to Whirl, matching his huff with experience and higher volume. "You just STABBED HIM!!" This is apparently bad even though Blast Off seems to consider shooting Vortex an appropriate response at times. "YOU CAN'T JUST GO AROUND DOING THAT, NOT AFTER--" The shuttleformer stops midsentence, optics flickering as he looks back to Vortex. Wait, what? Then to Whirl. Wait, what??!! He stands there, again in silence, armor plates bristling up like a riled bird.... and then he straightens, arms dropping to his sides and plates smoothing against his frame once more. The confused back and forth between Vortex and Whirl continues for a bit.

"You... *are* getting along? You had... fun?" Blink, stare. "Little... brother?" He surveys the room- the complete and utter wreck of a room, soaks in the damage and the blood and the bots passed out over there... and then his chin lifts up, optics dimming with a sigh. "Well... I just... I mean you can't..." He sets his jaw and gives Vortex a dour look. "Yes, Onslaught is not here, but if he *hears* about it...." There are things best unsaid. Like Blast Off's graffiti days. We don't discuss those! "I.... I don't think I want any, no. I think they're not good for you."

"I can't what? Stab people I like!?" Whirl laughs. "If I recall, that was part of our courtship and I wasn't hearing any complaints then!" He leans over and drags a claw, still wet with energon, down Blast Off's chest. "Come onnnn, we're getting along! You should be happy!" The claw poke-pokes at the shuttleformer and then he turns on a heel a scours the floor for a still sealed can of sodagex. "Not good for you? I beg to differ! I'VE NEVER FELT HEALTHIER IN MY ENTIRE LIFE!" He cracks open the can, 'chugs' it, and then spikes it onto the floor. "YEAH!"

Ah, there it is. You just gotta give Blast Off some time and he'll either reign himself in or level off. Vortex nods. Getting along, yes. Fun, yes. His rotors do twitch at another mention of Onslught. Hrn. And then Whirl mentions courtship. HRN! "Yeah!" He quickly finishes his can and flips it in the air. "Also, look at this!"

<FS3> Vortex rolls Balancing Object-2: Great Success. (7 7 8 8)

And Vortex catches the can on his helm, balancing it there. A flick of his helm and the can bounces up and lands on his nose, balancing there once more. "Ta-da~"

"HOLY SHIT!" Whirl stares at Vortex like what he's doing is the coolest thing in the world. "How do you do that!?"

But that was *ME*, not Vorte-- I-I mean I don't *care* but I-" Blast Off's excuses trail away with that brush of a claw down his chest, optics flickering again with the touch and the poke. "I..." Uh. Wait... this.. this is actually reminding him of being with his team, with all the Combaticons together. There's a twinge of nostalgia as he again surveys the spilt soda and blood intermingled with sounds of happy laughter. Ahhh, it's almost like home. The shuttle's shoulders finally sag as he relaxes with another soft sigh. "Yes, is almost like... like..."

One hand comes up to scratch at the back of his helmet as he watches Vortex do a pretty good job of balancing that soda can. Not that he'll admit it. "I just..." Glancing down, he picks up an unopened can and stares at it, frowning.

Whirl kills the rest of his can and tosses it over his shoulder where it bounces off of Riptide's head. He jumps up onto his feet and bounds over to Blast Off, sidling up close to his side. "What's the big deal? It's just engex, right? Nothing wrong with a little engex!" Or several cases of it. He slips an arm around the shuttleformer's waist and bumps their bodies together. "It's fuuuuuuuuun."

Vortex grins with attention and praise. It is a spectacular trick, yes indeed. Too bad Riptide can't see it. Good thing empty cans don't do any damage. Not that there's a whole lot to damage in there... Ow, there's that pain in his gut again. Or maybe that's just him slowly bleeding out. Who knows. He glances over, rotors fanning. They're getting too close. NOPE!

"Hey Whirl! Come stack some more cans! Brawl's stacked five before- bet ya can't beat that!" Brawl and all the Combaticons have stacked more than five. But gotta start simple to draw his fellow rotary over.

Blast Off should be quite cross, he knows he should. But part of him is relieved to see Vortex and Whirl having fun and getting along like this. Like Combaticons. When Whirl bounds over he stands his ground, allowing the cyclops to wrap an arm around him and pull them close. His engines start rumbling in response, emitting a soft purr. "Well...I suppose a little bonding isn't *all* that bad~..." He murmurs...

Oh. WAIT. What. Vortex asked for no PDAs. Slag. Violet optics snap wide and Blast Off pushes away abruptly. "Yes! Uh. Go uhhh... bond."

Whirl is just slipping his claw into Blast Off's hand when he's suddenly pushed away. He grunts, none to pleased by this but accepting of it regardless. "Oh, I'll bond alright. I'm going to bond SO HARD." He trots back over to Vortex, bending down to gather an armful of empty cans. "Alright, hold still. I'm going to beat the fuck out of Brawl's record!" And that is what he does. Or rather, what he attempts to do for the rest of the night until the high-energy engex wears off and he finally passes out.

Tch, some mechs can't hold their sodagex.

Blast Off really thinks that Vortex should go see a medic. He'll be sure to bring it up... at some point.

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