2016-06-28 Touching Base

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Touching Base
Date 2016/06/28
Location Lost Light - Science and Medical - Perceptor's lab
Participants Beachcomber, Perceptor
Summary Perceptor gets up to date on Beachcomber's projects.

A neat and orderly lab, Perceptor's Lab is everything one might expect from the resident ship genius. (One of them, anyway.) Experiments are neatly labeled running from xenobiology through metallurgy. An isolation room has been built into the lab for experiments that require it.

Beachcomber didn't wander to the labs too often. He didn't really have much reason to since his specimens, his equipment, and his supplies were all tucked neatly into storage in his room and chassis compartments. It wasn't that he minded the stricter, sterile, and more academic feel of the labs, but with Brainstorm around and with Beachcomber's specimens ranging from simple quartz to shards of Korlonium and volatile samples of Ore-8, he didn't want to risk his supplies getting into the wrong set of curious and overzealous hands. He was sure that Brainstorm meant well, most of the time, but...

Perceptor scheduling a meeting had come as something of a surprise, though, and he half expected to see a group meeting of the S&E department when he shuffled his way into the lab. A small, pensive noise left his throat as his visor cast about taking stock of the ongoing experiments, the things bubbling and the things glowing. "Hey Percy," Beachcomber lilted, thumbs tucked loosely around the kibble on his hips. "Sup, mech~?"

The various entry habits of sciencemecha never ceased to in turn frustrate and amuse Perceptor, entirely dependent on the mecha, of course. The CSO had arranged a set of stools near an empty workbench, prepared for a somewhat informal meeting. At Beachcomber's entry and greeting, he set a length of metal back on one of the surfaces, turning to stride into the frontal section of his lab. "My designation is Perceptor." Despite how often he allows Drift to use the shortened form. "Hello, Beachcomber. Would you like to have a seat?"

"Y'got it, Perce," Beachcomber hums, glancing at the set up before pulling himself up onto one of the stools. Tucking his legs up into the stool's rungs, he gets comfortable and waits for the meeting to begin. In his experience with the scientist, Perceptor was nothing if not methodical, and he was getting the feeling that this was going to be involving a clip board at some point. "So." He props a foot up against his knee and rests his arms across his belly, hands linked together. "What's up?"

Perceptor inclines his head slightly toward the geologist, settling onto the remaining stool. "Would you bring me up to date with your present projects and preliminary forecasts for completion?" He folds his hands in his lap, optics flicking over Beachcomber's posture for a moment.

Beachcomber gives a little shrug, optic ridges raising slightly in surprise. "Analyzing some samples from Velocitron - I nabbed a couple from Mu but I would have liked to have gotten a few from the cities' tracks to see how the radiation from the sun changes the soil quality. But, y'know, otherwise there's not a lot to dig in space." His hands spread out in a what-can-you-do gesture. "My focus of study is best suited for having both feet on the ground, y'know?"

"I understand the limitations to your profession given our present location." Perceptor nods, fingertips tapping in a quiet cascade against the back of his other hand. His next question comes after a small pause and pursing of lips. "Are you presently happy with your place and duties within science and engineering?"

Beachcomber's head tips slightly to the side, visor glowing more softly as he considers the question - and where this conversation might be leading. "Pretty happy, yeah. It's a lot better than being at war, and it's not exactly the Science Academy, y'know? It's nice having the freedom to wander again, instead of getting deployed to some place for centuries on end. Why do you ask?"

Perceptor gives another slight nod. "That's good." He shakes his head slightly at the question. "I have only rarely seen you around the science deck, I worried that perhaps you were lacking for stimulating work or," and here he gives a small shrug, "Felt out of place among your peers."

Beachcomber offered a small laugh at that, shaking his head and casting a quick glance around the lab just to be sure they were its only two occupants. He leaned closer to Perceptor, dropping his voice slightly. "Oh no, nothing like that! I just keep my stuff with me in my room - Torque mentioned Brainstorm takes his work home with him and causes kind of a ruckus so I don't want him getting access to my more volatile sample jars, y'know? That's all." The minibot leaned back and flapped a hand dismissively, as if waving away smoke. "He's young and inexperienced, don't want him to get in too far over his head thinking everything is bismuth and obsidian. Not safe, y'know?"

Perceptor is silent for moment, then slowly shakes his head. There's a quiet muttered in your room before he actually replies. "Beachcomber, were you to follow proper procedure and conduct your experimentation on the science deck, Brainstorm still would not have access to your samples." His visible optic narrows somewhat, frown now apparent. Really, Brainstorm may not be the most careful of mechs, but he highly doubts the mech is a theif. "The only thing you are accomplishing by conducting your research within your habsuite is putting your roommate at risk."

He never said Brainstorm is a thief, but scientists are curious bots by nature. It wouldn't be outside the realm of possibility for a jar to get mixed in with others and carried off by accident, or opened just to see what was inside. Especially since Brainstorm was a little bit laissez-faire about safety regulations. "I don't conduct experiments like the ones you do, Perceptor," Beachcomber hums, visor dimming slightly. "Besides, if I wanted to use those kinds of crystals I would absolutely move them to a more appropriate setting; but they're just in storage right now. They're part of a collection, more than materials to be experimented with. I have such a finite amount of each one, after all."

"With all due respect, Beachcomber," Perceptor's straightened up, turning his disapproving frown toward the elder mech, "If you deem something unsafe for Brainstorm, it should not be removed from the science deck. If you would prefer a laboratory with more robust locks than the ones already provided, I am happy to oblige. At present, your work and location thereof cannot be allowed to continue without relocation."

Beachcomber sighs, a little bit annoyed at himself for having mentioned it, his head lolling back on his shoulders from the force of his exhale. Rolling his neck, he lets his gaze linger meaningfully on the discolored patch of floor from where it had been melted and repaired before turning his attention back to Perceptor. "With all due respect, Perceptor, I have the training and experience to keep my samples and specimens stored safely that others may not have - but if you really want I'll move my volatiles to the lab. The rest of my collection is harmless and has no reason to be relocated."

Perceptor would have found out sooner or later, Beachcomber. He's your commanding officer, after all. "Thank you for your compliance in the matter. I am sure security measures can be set in place to ensure your samples remain undisturbed if it remains a point of concern." The words are coupled with a tight smile. "Is there anything else I should be made aware of in regards to your work?"

Beachcomber offers another shrug, shaking his head. "Only thing to report is that Mu has good healthy iron deposits. Like I said before: there's not a lot of work to do in my field of study until we touch down on a planet again. Beyond that, I'm mostly just waiting for my geodes to 'ripen' so I can cut them open." His expression turns adoring, dreamy almost, lost in thought for a moment. "One is an agate, and I can't wait to see how vibrant the colors and striations are in the slices. It's going to be lovely~"

"Alright." That seems like an appropriate wrap to this meeting. "Thank you for taking the time to meet with me." Perceptor stands, again inclining his head toward the other mech. "And allow me to wish you the best of luck with your agate geode pigmentation."

Beachcomber hops down from his stool and stretches, arms over his head, back bending slowly in half until his hands touched the floor behind him, and his pedes followed after in a tidy, if slow, little backflip. Straightening himself, he hooks his thumbs back into the kibble at his hips and offers Perceptor a grin. "Aw thanks Perceptor! I'll bring you a slice when it's ready. And I'll move the volatile stuff into the lab storage tomorrow." He heads for the door, tossing a wave back towards the bigger mech. "Go in peace, brother~ See ya 'round."

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