2016-06-28 Overdue Datapads

From Transformers: Lost and Found

2016-06-28 Overdue Datapads
Date 2016/06/28
Location Body Shop
Participants Lieutenant, Vortex
Summary Lieutenant has been slacking in collecting overdue datapads. To his horror, Vortex made them 85% cooler.

The Body Shop is the place to go when you're not feeling as shiny as you used to, want to be another color, or even want a fancy aesthetic mod installed. Located off of the Oil Baths, the warm, scented air from the Oil Baths seeps through the clear sliding doors between the rooms. The Body Shop has more of a garage feel with state of the art tools hanging on the walls. Auto lifts dominate the center of the room.

Off to the side is a secondary room designed for painting, heavily vented and outfitted with a large window so customers in the main area can watch when not thumbing through design catalogs and color palettes.

Torque had opened the Body Shop well over a month ago, and Lieutenant hadn't come in yet. He has meant to stop in, perhaps even consider something small to change, but he has been occupied. That and Torque herself has been busy with both jobs. So he walks in, even though he already knows the towtruck isn't there herself. Someone else who he's meant to see is there instead. Vortex. After seeing Blast Off in the library was a reminder that a particular brother of his hasn't returned his library materials.

The avian does not look around the room to see how it's laid out, he only looks directly at the rotory. "I suppose my messages to you have been going into the trash." he states curtly, expecting Tex to know he's referring to his overdue materials reminder.

Vortex may or may not have been watching out the door. Watching bots soak in the oil and ignore him being all lonely and bored. The animals. And also watching to see if anyone would head in the direction of the body shop. So he may or may not have bolted from the door to one of the tables where he proceeded to do the splits and look really impressive while shining his claws. Oh, this? He does this all the time. Casually. Be dazzled.

Dear Primus, he's so bored.

Vortex flexes his fingers and looks them over before looking at Lieutenant brightly, at ease. "Heya, Lieu!" He tosses the polish rag away and leans forward, elbows on the table and helm resting in his servos. "Nice to see ya too. What can I do ya for? We got mods, paints, decorations- you name it, we got it! Er- if I can pencil you in. So busy here." So busy that its utterly silent outside of the faint sound of his rotor blades shifting and flicking. Lieu is his first visitor in days. The last guy that walked in and then immediately walked out doesn't count.

"You need not pencil me in for any modifications, paints, or decorations. I would not change a thing about myself." Except maybe everything. He really doesn't like his own appearance, but he tries to carry himself as though he does. "Vortex," Lieutenant is a bit firmer in his tone this time. He didn't come here to do business, he has business to take care of already. "Your materials from the library: eight books on alien biology, and six lyrical books, have been overdue for the last fifty-one days." The avian frowns slightly, at the recently repainted heli. He should have been on Vortex after the first two weeks but he's been busy. Plus he's been trying to put distance some between the mech since the last time they met.

Vortex's helm tilts. "Mmm, you keep tellin' yourself that, greenie." Obvious lies are obvious. Plus, he really wants to pencil someone in. Anyone. He'll shine Grimlock's damn teeth, he's desperate here. His visor flashes and he taps a claw against his chin. "Library... Library... Oh right! Yeah, I already read those. Can't wait to meet some of those alien species though- the book wasn't too specific about certain things. I'm sure I could fill the gaps." With a shrug of his shoulders, he waves a servo dismissively. "Yeah, I'm done with those. Hey, you're looking a little scuffed. Maybe a nice buff and polish?"

"If you are done, return them when you are finished here." Or Lieutenant could just hack the code to his room and return them himself. It wouldn't be the first time he's done something like that.

The avian glances away for a moment to consider Vortex's offer. Really his only concern is being touched. It doesn't matter who it is or what the intention is, he always reacts suddenly. "I think it would be best if we did not... open that can of worms." Earth phrase, he's picked it up from Bulkhead. "Perhaps it would be nice but I do not think you would be strong enough to keep me down for that." Also you see that clear door? The one where everyone can see in? Yes, no, that is another issue.

Vortex watches Lieutenants closely, observant optics locked on the avian. "Ah, right... Sensitive, that's right. 'Specially in the feetsies." His own pedes wiggle as he shifts his weight and semi-rolls into a better sitting position, like a relaxed lotus position. "We got anesthetics, ya know... But hey! IF you want those datapads back, here! Got 'em in subspace."

The rotary pulls out the datapads and dumps them on the table. If you can call them datapads. About half have been cut into what looks like ninja stars, others are clearly melted through and misshapen. One datapad looks normal... outside of the face that its more or less encased in a block of solid glue. "There ya go. That's... One, two... Eight, nine... Thirteen datapads! Just cooler."

One of Lieutenant's fins twitch at the comment, but it's slight irritated movement is all he shows. That is before Vortex presents the datapads. The avian's wings begin to fan out to make himself look bigger, more puffed out. How could anyone do this? Has Vortex never heard of a library? Taking care of things that didn't belong to him? Oh it was correct to guess Lieutenant clearly ticked off by this. He gathers himself though, calming down and allowing his wings to drape back as they were before. He's read most of these so he could rewrite them. The one in glue... he'll have to try and save what information he can.

"I am revoking your privilege to borrow anything from the library again." the avian says calmly, but with some sternness to his words as he takes the datapads to put them in his own sub space. "I shall inform Rewind of your inability to take care of what is not your's. You may speak to him if you ever wish to regain your privilege."

Vortex watches the display with fascination. Look at that! The librarian has a full range of emotions. Who would have thunk it. Vortex can't help but snort a laugh, his own rotors fanning out to compensate for the fact that he... Is smaller. Much smaller. Holy shit, Lieutenant is tall. And yet, very intimidating. Like a giraffe.

"Are you allowed to do that? I don't recall you owning the library..." Vortex thinks about it and shrugs, leaning back. "Okay, but, like... Seems pretty fair." And he won't mention the loophole. Which is: He can still enter the library. HAHAHA! Lieu is just lucky there isn't any energon on- oh, wait... Those two. Those two there have mystery energon stains. Whoops. "Hmmm..." He leans in closer, quirking his helm.

With his faux authority, yes, Lieutenant can. Actually just showing these to Rewind and having /him/ make the call is more official. The avian runs his finger over one of the pink stains on the datapads before putting it away. He looks at it over his finger then back at Vortex. "You must have been very bored in order to have done this much damage to just a few datapads." he speculates, looking over the small stain transferred to his finger, "So, is this your's or someone else's?"

"Yep!" Vortex admits cheerfully. He gets bored a lot. Because he's in combat. Hey, here's an idea: PUT HIM IN SECURITY. He leans in closer. "Oh, that? It's mine. Don't worry about it. Say... You

"Yep!" Vortex admits cheerfully. He gets bored a lot. Because he's in combat. Hey, here's an idea: PUT HIM IN SECURITY. He leans in closer. "Oh, that? It's mine. Don't worry about it. Say... You've got some nice servos. Can I-?" Oh, too late. He's reaching.

<FS3> Vortex rolls Touching: Good Success. (5 6 4 7 3 8 8 6)

Lieutenant was just about to yank his hand away but Vortex takes hold of it. The avian's fins flutter in a bit of a flustered manner as his fingers twitch lightly. "Vortex, I do not like to be touched..." he orders, his voice dropping to a slight waver in it's tone. "Please let go..." Vortex either ignores the pleas or just doesn't hear them. It's kinda a combination of both. Doing the work he did, he's just learned to tune out a certain pitch. His practiced claws work quickly and carefully, turning the servo over and roving over seems and other bits. "Mmmm... I like these." He works a claw under a knuckle... Thorn? Something. and lifts it, leaning in close to peer at the mechanism. "And here I thought you were all soft."

The avian's fingers curl up, not enough to make a fist, but enough for Tex to look without hurting his hand. "I need leverage where I can get it in combat." He's never been the strongest mech, and even for his size he's fairly weak. However he makes it up at least with his seismic sense, and once in a blue moon his fists. He tries to avoiding punching others at all costs though. "Thinking of modding a pair on yourself?"

Vortex takes a finger to glide it over a prick. Yes. Knuckle pricks. Knuckles thorns. Spikes? Knuckle spikes sounded weirdly inappropriate for some reason. He pauses and then sinks his fingerpad against the sharp tip. "They could use some sharpening. I could do that for you right now!"

Lieutenant sighs as he looks over his knuckles once Vortex tries to prick his finger on the tip. "I suppose I could allow you to." The avian can't be caught in battle and have dull tips if he were to throw a punch. He's already disappointed Rodimus in battle once before. (More than likely the captain's forgotten that by now, thankfully.)

Vortex's rotors give a spin. "Yes! A sharpening! Go sit down, I must get a sharpener! And you can tell me all about yourself while I do! Spaaaa daaaaay." Releasing the servo, he spreads his fingers with a wink in his visor before going to gather said tools. COSTUMER.

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