2016-06-27 They Belong

From Transformers: Lost and Found

2016-06-27 They Belong
Date 2016/06/27
Location Lost Light - Docks and Storage
Participants Soundwave, Viviqueen, Ultra Magnus
Summary Soundwave and his secretary, Minimus Ambus, go to see the Lost Light's resident dragon.

The storage room that makes up Viviqueen's extended living space aboard this ship sits at the far back of the hull, away from the more often used rooms. It helps with the level of noise that blares constantly from the room, between the jukebox that is always on some Earth music and the occupant's own issues with modulating her volume. Right now, at least, it is only the jukebox as the large, golden form of a dragon sleeps curled up over a bed of mismatched, lost products. Broken datapads, missing curtains, a golden quill, a bright and veined rock that Ultra Magnus will find very familiar (that was, in fact, dug from the Cavern on Velocitron), stolen tools. Her hoard doesn't inspire much majesty when looking on it, but the way the light catches and shines on Viviqueen as she slumbers, the hitch of her engine almost a purr as she sleeps.

When Ultra Magnus was the executive officer, he came armed with the on-board weaponry inherent in the massive blue and white armor, from the on board guns to the rocket launchers in his shoulders. Now that Minimus Ambus comes here as Soundwave's secretary, he does so in his medium frame, green and white and shorter than Soundwave, if not -- minibot sized, and he is visibly armed only with a clipboard and light pen. He's highly conscious of the contrast. Actually, he's highly self-conscious about just about everything he does, which means that Soundwave's super hearing gives him the opportunity to witness essentially a running narrative about this. There's a reason that Minimus Ambus is socially awkward; he's his own worst critic.

Soundwave had given his word to come and see Viviqueen- mostly her hoard- and now that he had taken care of business on the ship and on Velocitron, he has decided now is the time to make good on his word. And he always makes good on his word. But he's only met a tamed Viviqueen in her bipedal mode so, as much as he did not want to tear his assistant from his work, it seemed wise to bring him along too. And it's 'too' because his chassis deck is just brimming with cassettes. Those who haven't seen the dragon were quite enthused at the opportunity. But for now, they stay hidden behind thick glass and dented armor- the Decepticon Commander is too busy to worry about pleasantries such as undamaged armor.

The big blue walks in a confident line, holding himself with his usual quiet dignity and looking straight ahead as he approaches the storage room. The slight twitch of his fingers are the only indication at how annoying he finds the jukebox. As if Minimus's thoughts weren't exasperating enough. But he doesn't comment on it, seeing as its not a hindrance. Yet. Soundwave stands straight and square as he reaches out and knocks on the Storage Room's door. "Viviqueen, we request entry." He's using his polite monotone. Promise.

Behind the door, there is not much of a difference for Soundwave to tell as the dragon rouses from her sleep; Viviqueen's thoughts run in a very straightforward manner, not to be mistaken for a lack of intelligence. Indeed, there's a deep wealth of knowledge there, only hampered by her existence on isolated Eukaris. "COME IN," roars from inside, at what might be a polite volume for her. By the time the door slides open, her dark gaze is staring directly at the entrance of the storage room, even as her tail sweeps a small pile of junk closer to her golden body.

Minimus Ambus picks up his light pen between his fingertips. He presents quite a different appearance than he has at any other point in time that Viviqueen has seen him, being ... smaller, mustachio'd and far less threatening. He says, "Good day, Viviqueen," with mild courtesy all the same, though.

Soundwave takes several steps in as the doors open, subconsciously keeping one pede slightly edged in front of Minimus. He looks up and regards Viviqueen with his unemotive gaze, a unique intensity within the light of his visor. Then he bows his helm respectfully. "Greetings."

"YOU," Viviqueen exclaims. For a moment, she stares hard at Minimus Ambus, eyes narrowing in threatening increments, before she stretches out with one long neck to inhale close to the 'bot. Surely, she doesn't need it, but it seems to satisfy something of her curiosity before she exhales her fumes warmly over the secretary. She adds in a quieter hissed. "Councillor. Welcome."

Oh. What is happening. Minimus Ambus holds very still while Viviqueen investigates him, his scarlet eyes widening as she breathes him in. He contains his flare and sputter of nerves to the invisible with the care of somebody who has been suppressing those for centuries. He gives her a grave nod and says: "Thank you." He then turns his glance up to Soundwave, visibly deferring to him by taking a half-step back as he tips his head.

Yes. Him. But Soundwave doesn't need more words to really understand the Eukarian. Although, he is attempting not to listent too closely to her thoughts. In a subtle shift, he edges just a bit further in front of Minimus as Viviqueen leans forward. And as Minimus steps backs, he takes the chance to move forward and get between the two all the more. "Viviqueen, recall our last meeting?" Which is why he's here... His vision flickers to the jukebox and its irksome noise.

That is pure Earth gold, Soundwave, and is playing Prince, Viviqueen's favorite. "Yeessss, I remember," she answers, drawing herself away from Minimus as Soundwave puts himself between them. There is a slight sound that might be an offended huff, but she seems content to curl herself back up with her jaw on her large, golden paws. "You wanted to see my hoard. WELL? WHAT DO YOU THINK?"

Minimus looks about at Viviqueen's hoard, half-reflexively trying to determine what of the objects here he might recognize. He tries not to sigh. There is an abortive engine stutter that stops in his throat. He also thinks, but isn't sure, that he knows the song the jukebox is playing, based on the collection of Earth music Drift gave him not long ago.

Soundwave doesn't care if the one making the noise is royalty or not. Its horrendous. No, no. No. If she will play music, he will give her something proper. But later. He nods and makes a small motion for Minimus to stay before taking several calm steps forward to gain a better look. "Hoard, impressive. Viviqueen's vigilance, also impressive. How do you add to your hoard?" His helm turns slightly to look at the dragon directly. He hopes Minimus is taking notes.

"I find things that belong," answers Viviqueen in a careful, edged hiss after a long pause of consideration in which her gaze only narrows on Soundwave. It slides briefly to Minimus Ambus, in remembrance of similar questions, but she doesn't get defensive yet. "This, here-- It came from Velocitron." Her dark, wicked claws close around the bright rock, a softly glowing green veined with silver and half of Soundwave's size that she must have excavated herself.

Minimus does note down this answer in the neat flow of his hand, light pen gleaming in a flicker as it scales across the thin pad set against his clipboard. He follows the wordless indication to remain behind, watching with a faint frown tucking his mouth down at the corners. "From the resistance caves?" he asks.

Soundwave considers the answer... And accepts it with another nod. He understands that. Something that belongs. Or someone. Again, with careful steps, he moves in closer to look at the rock. It's very large. "I see... I heard of how you aided the Mu Rebellion. Rock, well deserved. In proper place." He adds the last bit, knowing how she considers these objects. "What of that?" He nods to the Jukebox. Turn it off, for the love of equality.

"That-- that is not technically part of the hoard, no. But it is being held for interessst," answers Viviqueen carefully, her gaze sliding towards Minimus once again before returning to Soundwave. She bares her teeth in a grin, a pleased thing with the sound coming from the jukebox. "It belongs to my envoy."

Minimus carefully underscores envoy on his clipboard and peers up between the two of them with a grave frown on his face. He wonders: "Do you keep an inventory of the objects you select in here?" Does Viviqueen like spreadsheets as much as Soundwave and Minimus do, that is the real question.

Soundwave's systems make a gentle hum of thought as that object is singled out. A brief image of Pipes flashes in his mind's eye. Or perhaps Viviqueen's and it was just being relayed or he just knows who that Jukebox actually belongs to. Either way, he's starting to piece things together. Councilor Magnus(and/or Minimus respectively) and Envoy Pipes. How interesting. Soundwave stays silent though, letting Viviqueen answer his aide.

"NO. THERE IS NO NEED. I KNOW WHAT IS MINE," roars Viviqueen suddenly, no warning as her volume suddenly rises as protective instincts flare at the mention of inventorying the hoard. Luckily, the rock under her claws is hard, because the clench of them only elicits a sharp noise rather than any cracking.

Minimus frowns, and makes a note on his clipboard. He glances up and around at the shelving around the storage room and then to the floor beneath Viviqueen's claws. Lowering the clipboard slightly, he says, "I see," and enfolds his light pen in his hand, vanishing it from immediate view.

Soundwave doesn't waver at the volume, armor tightening just a bit reflexively. "Understood." He lifts a servo, clicking the button at his shoulder and letting his deck open. And out comes several cassettes. The three avians, Wingthing, and Enemy- all currently off shift and very curious to see the dragon. You know they're impressed because Enemy stays silent.

"Then know they are mine." Viviqueen is not the only one with protective instincts. And he would like to just make sure to let Viviqueen that they were all off limits to just about... everything.

The sudden appearance of others in her hoard room is enough to raise Viviqueen's metaphorical hackles, her teeth bared immediately in something that can't be mistaken as a smile even as her body coils in tighter on itself like a spring. "YOU WILL VOUCH FOR THEIR PRESENCE, THEN? THEY WILL NOT TOUCH ANYTHING?" she demands of the Decepticon leader. Again, she looks to Minimus, as if seeking his answer over Soundwaves. (Sorry, Sounders.)

Minimus Ambus looks back toward Viviqueen, and then tilts his head slightly toward Soundwave. He's a little unaccustomed to being deferred to when he's not kitted up as Ultra Magnus, and the stir of uncertainty about this he has is something plain for Soundwave to detect.

Soundwave's servo raises to rub the side of Laserbeak's head as the condor rests on his shoulder, his other two frametypes resting upon the other. "Your Councilor does not vouch for what is mine. But you have my word they will not touch what is rightfully your's." His servo drops, visor locked upon the dragon. "They will do nothing but respect you, as they should." Enemy grumbles at his pedes but there's no arguments. Is the Eukarian satisfied?

"Yeeessss," hisses Viviqueen slowly, watching the cassettes carefully. It is a long moment, as she takes in these small things, before she finally bares her teeth and then rolls the rock under her claw towards Enemy. Yes, it might be as large as he is, almost, so it's hard to play anything, but it is clearly meant as a gesture of it.

Minimus Ambus's expression reflects a certain surprise for the gesture. (He's definitely never volunteered any of HIS stuff for Enemy to play with.) He says, "You do seem to have acquired more material since the last time I was here."

Soundwave's neck cables relax marginally as he watches Enemy suddenly run towards the large- much larger than the cassette in face- rock excitedly. However, the red mech stops short, looking from Soundwave to Viviqueen with a squint. "Wait- I'm allowed to touch this? This ain't some slaggin' test is it? I hate tests!"

Soundwave vents quietly and nods. It certainly seems like Viviqueen was inviting some touch. So unless she quickly says otherwise, it seemed like no harm. "Do you intend to continually add to your hoard at this rate?" That's a lot of missing and stolen goods.

"SOME THINGS COME, SOME THINGS GO," answers Viviqueen simply, though don't ask her to define the percentage of things that 'go' versus 'come'. (Soundwave can tell that it is not a very high rate.) "I only collect the things that belong."

Viviqueen doesn't, notably, protest about Enemy touching the rock. She watches him, even as she answers the other bots.

Enemy is attempting to shove the rock right back to Viviqueen in an attempt to play some sort of game of toss. But Enemy's expertise is in being an annoying little shit and thus, isn't as strong as Rumble. Or even Frenzy. But he sure does have some colorful language. Soundwave watches his cassette as Squawktalk preens a wing on his shoulder. "When something belongs, you know. And you bring it close and protect it." He looks back up at the dragon. Was he close?

"Yeeeesss," drawls Viviqueen in confirmation, even as she lifts a wicked claw to push the soft, glowing green rock back further than Enemy has even managed to push it. There is a grin there in the touch of her features as she does it. "This, belong." She searches the hoard for the wrench and she points at it, "This." Then the jukebox and a quill and and--. "They are loved and special. They belong."

Minimus says in a voice that has gone a little dry despite himself, "It sounds like a pleasant state of being for an inanimate object." He makes a note about a couple of the other objects that he sees by eye.

Enemy grumbles but doesn't stop trying to push the rock anyways. He's a tenacious one- though his cursing gets louder and even more creative. Soundwave, however, is quiet, considering what is said. "Yes, I understand... Viviqueen, I see the importance of what is your's and you have my assurances it will stay safe. Even without you present." Her feelings towards inanimate objects and junk was something he could... relate to. He could understand on a deep level because its something he feels everyday.

"Thaaaaaannkkk yooouu." The two words hold a depth of feeling, and all of the tension held in the dragon's body melts away. Viviqueen bares her teeth in a smile, tapping on the rock again as she slides a look to Minimus. "YOU HAVE THINGS YOU HOLD IN SUCH A STATE, I AM SURE. WE ALL DO."

"Perhaps," Minimus admits in a fairly neutral tone. He doesn't have a lot of objects, not really having been in a state to accumulate them over the years, but those few that he does treasure he guards with both ferocity and privacy. "Far fewer than you, however."

Soundwave turns his helm to look at Minimus. Yes, what do you hold near and dear, Minimus? Besides Rodimus and Drift, that is... Then back to Viviqueen, bowing his helm low. "Thank you, for allowing us entry and showing us your hoard." Enemy seemed to have given up on pushing the rock and was now climbing it, eyeing up that massive black claw.

One of Viviqueen's wicked talons clicks against the rock, right next to Enemy, just resting there. "Yeeessss, probably fewer," she agrees. "But what I had was destroyed. By those of you on Eukaris. Now, I only replace." With that reminder, she watches Minimus for a moment, two, as if measuring him too before looking back to Soundwave and his cassettes. "Thank you for coming. Yours-- are special too. I can see why you collect them." She brushes her talon closer to Enemy briefly.

Minimus Ambus offers nothing further on which to reveal himself. He watches the interchange between Viviqueen and Soundwave's cassette with a slight baffle visible in the crease at his helm, and mostly stands quiet.

Soundwave's armor bristles and then tightens reflexively. "Affirmative." His helm quirks and Enemy doesn't need much more to get him to quickly slide off the rock and hurry back over to Soundwave. Admiring big claws is one thing. Being brushed by one was another. "And thank you. They are very special..." He stares at Viviqueen once more. He isn't sure how to properly cut away and make an exit now... So he bows his helm again. "We have further duties. We will see you again."

The rolling noise in Viviqueen's large engine is probably a laugh, probably, as Enemy leaves. She nods, and then promptly starts to curl herself around her pile for another nap. Apparently they have proven trustworthy enough for that, though she doesn't actually fall asleep until the commander and his secretary are gone.

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