2016-06-27 Karaoke Night 2: Electric Boogaloo

From Transformers: Lost and Found

2016-06-27 Karaoke Night 2: Electric Boogaloo
Date 2016/06/27
Location Lost Light: Recreation -- Swerve's
Participants Deluge, Drift, Grimlock, Perceptor, Pipes, Lieutenant, Starstruck, Rung, Skystalker
Summary It;s another karaoke night at Swerve's!

Often referred to as the heart of the ship (by Swerve), the bar is rarely empty, rarely quiet. Central to the whole is the bar itself: just tall enough for a minibot to serve over the edge and lined with stools capable of accommodating bots of any height. Large, clear vessels stand behind the bar, containing the brews of the day. Behind the bar, an engex distillery assures there's always something new.

Round tables are scattered across the floor. Seats fold up from the floor beneath. Large booths along the sides of the room have room for a half-dozen or more, if they don't mind getting cozy, while monitors here and there find occasional use showing old vids.

A sign outside the door says:

                        No Guns, No Swords, No Bombs                         

Underneath is written: I MEAN IT!! LOCK YOUR WEAPON SYSTEMS DOWN AND DUMP EVERYTHING ELSE IN THE BIN BY THE DOOR. It is signed with a little frowning Swerve face.

On the other side of the door is a SHAME LIST. No, really, that's what it says. It has the number of days that various people are banned from Swerve's and counts down at the start of the morning shift.

When Swerve cracks out the karaoke machine, it doesn't take long before people get wind of it. Skystalker has a seat in the bar long enough to see someone spirit it out and plug it in. A couple of minibots, looks like, who are intent on getting up to some fun. So, of course, he feels a friendly obligation to leave Drift a short message to the effect of 'the karaoke machine is out'. He has an empty glass in front of him at a table not far from where the minis have set up, one leg crossed over the other as he watches and listens to them do a spunky duet. One is off key.

It doesn't take long for Drift to get to Swerve's ater receiving Skystalker's message, especially since he's driving through the halls in his alt mode. Screw the rules, the karaoke machine is out! He comes barreling through the door, skidding to a halt and transforming in a rush. "I'M HERE!" he bellows as his customized light show explodes behind him. "Let's do this!!"

Pipes is nearly run down by Drift before he himself enters the establishment, but he pins himself to the wall just in time. Oh, he can't blame him for his excitement. Finally, when the minibot himself enters, it's to the mellifluous sound of a pair of fellow minis belting their sparks out. Any off-key singing is obscured by the pride Pipes feels. With a spring in his step, he practically skips to the bar, and as is becoming usual, an Old Forged is ready and waiting for him. Gee, they are getting fast with making those - maybe they have it pre-mixed? Maybe Pipes is too frequent a guest? He gives friendly salutes, finger points, nods, and whatnot to those he knows before hopping up onto a stool and getting comfortable. (By drinking.)

Starstruck doesn't even need someone to tell him what's going on. It's like he feels the presence of a karaoke machine, and he is instantly there, just behind Drift and Pipes. The flash of black might be fine for most but Starstruck's neon pink accents and biolights surely fucks some bots over. Oh well! He makes a beeline for the bar, settling himself next to a familiar face as he orders a Megatronus. Strongest there is, that's what he needs.

"Pipes!" he greets cheerfully, letting a servo rest on the mini. It might be a little rough. Sorry Pipes, him big. He keeps the servo there even as he turns back to Swerve and says, "Yo, I totally call next song. The Sugar remix by Maroon 5." Swerve should know what that means, and the bemused look the minibot gives him is only encouraging. This mini duet is cute and all but Star is absolutely going to show them up.

Skystalker is listening to the minibots when the door lights go off and Drift folds back upright as he busts in. No door to bust down, but it still startles a couple people near the front. Skystalker sees him spring into the bar, giving off a slightly sheepish smile before lifting his hand in a friendly wave to beckon Drift closer. "Hey! How did you get here so fast? Did you speed in the halls?" Skystalker lets out a tsk-tsk, head shaking.

<FS3> Pipes rolls Earth Culture: Failure. (3 2 3 1 2 3 2)

<FS3> Pipes rolls Fortitude: Failure. (5 5 5 4 2 6 5 3 1 6 6 4)

<FS3> Pipes rolls Reaction+Reaction: Success. (6 3 2 8)

"I sure did!" Drift chirps cheerfully, bounding over to the table Skystalker is at and taking a seat next to him. "That's just between me and you though." He gestures towards Pipes, who he almost ran over. "And Pipes. Anndd.. everyone else who had to duck out of the way." He leans in, grinning. "So, are we going to do a song together? Do you have any suggestions?"

Starstruck's friendly pat knocks Pipes off his stool. He does manage to land on his feet and, most importantly, keep more than a few drops of his drink from spilling - barely. "Oh! Hey, hey Starstruck! Sorry about that, I must be already too into the show!" Pipes is getting better at being comfortable around Decepticons in the crew, but he took immediately to Starstruck, being a fellow Earth nut I mean fan. The mini rotates his arm a little - it's nothing, really - as he works to get back onto his seat. "Maroon 5. Is that a Velocitronian group or something?"

Ah! Starstruck is still ~handwave~ about Autobots, but Pipes is one he actually likes. And this is the second time he's knocked the mini down. "Scrap! Sorry, man!" He may try to help Pipes back up, if allowed. "Nah, it's an Earth band. You ever hear of them? I could show you soooo many songs." He's, somehow, already, halfway through the drink he'd ordered. He might have knocked that back before accidentally knocking Pipes over. Did we mention he's been pre-gaming? Whatever!

"I'm sure the last thing Pipes wants is to be roadkill because you got too excited." Skystalker advises most people to not run in the halls. At least with traffic around. He seems to be on the verge of a laugh over it, though. "I hope so! I don't have any-- I haven't seen all of the songs. We could always put it on shuffle." Skystalker angles his seat at the table a bit closer to Drift so they can better watch the minis at the mic, who are now finishing up their song to a smattering of applause.

Grimlock just wants to get a drink. Is that so much to ask?

The massive dinobot ducks his head beneath the door to Swerve's, and slowly lumbers across the room to the bar with all the ponderous inevitability of a freight train. He's in what passes for a 'good' mood for Grimlock- which means he's merely surly, as opposed to outright murderous. He hasn't even punched anyone! 


"I wasn't going that fast!" He was though, he totally was. Drift swings an arm over the back of his seat and leans back, watching the minibots wrap up their duet. "A randomly picked song? Ohh, that could be fun, let's do that!" He flashes another grin at Skystalker. "If I don't know it, I'll just improvise the lyrics!" Spoiler alert, it will be anime related.

"No problem!" Pipes assures Starstruck, as he lets the Decepticon help him back to his stool. He's not upset about being knocked over - it happens - but is a little ashamed he didn't recognize that Earth band. "I guess I haven't. But I think I need to learn about all of these songs." There was that Earth fan club idea, Starstruck and Pipes and Gearshift ... this might be a good activity! He belatedly returns Drift's hello, now that his drink his safe, and settles back in, sipping happily. As Grimlock thunders in, Pipes throws him a cheery wave.

<FS3> Starstruck rolls Singing: Success. (8 2 6 6 5 4 3 1)

Rung has finally finished with all of his appointments for the day. He had heard that Skystalker was going to be holding a karaoke night and, while he might not intend to join in himself, he thought he could provide some support for those performing. Also it is highly likely to be entertaining in one form or another. So he quickly sneaks, or just silently walks in behind Grimlock (in the large mech's metaphorical shadow), inside and starts heading for a booth towards the back to watch until someone notices or ...something inevitably happens. Something always seems to happen.

"You totally do!" Starstruck also remembers the plans that he Pipes and Gearshift had made for an Earth fan club. How unfortunate they'd yet to follow these through. He's busy drinking what's in his cube and side-eyeing the Dinobot stomping in when Swerve raps a servo against the counter. There's a silence that's formed since the two minis had finished their song. Oh. OH!

"Heh, woops!" Starstruck gives Pipes another (much gentler) pat on the shoulder before he's off toward the karaoke machine. Stepping up to the mic, Star takes it with confidence, and he raps out the first notes of Nicki Minaj's preface, heh, to the song. "Yo I got them Now & Laters, Jolly Ranchers too, it ain't a question, but I got the answers too--"

Skystalker looks up and over at the latest bar patron, noting to himself to watch for anyone that might accidentally aggro him. What? It helps to have a keen eye! He narrows an amused look to Drift, settling into his seat and smiling back. "You have so much music that it'd be hard to fool you, wouldn't it?" Sky turns his head back to the mic as Starstruck slides up to it, all smooth confidence.

Grimlock makes it to the bar (which, conveniently enough, has a nice, big space cleared out as mechs with healthy senses of self preservation get out of the way). It's as he settles in that Starstruck starts to do ... something. Hn.

Visor narrowing, Grimlock reaches out with one long, long arm, and attempts to grab hold of Pipes, so he can haul the minibot closer for questioning. He's Dinobot-gentle, which means he's only likely to scrape paint and chrome rather than leave dents or remove limbs. 

"What the hell is going on? Is that 'con malfunctioning?"

<FS3> Pipes rolls Reaction+Reaction: Good Success. (7 5 3 8)

<FS3> Pipes rolls Fortitude: Success. (5 3 4 5 4 2 6 7 1 2 1 2)

As Pipes is aware of Grimlock's motions (who isn't), he fares better at being hauled in than he did with Starstruck's friendly love-tap. Not a drop is spilt as he adroitly hops stooltops. It does take him a moment to fathom the dinoboss's question, though. "No ... it's karry-okee. Haven't you heard of it? The machine there plays a song, and you sing the lyrics to it. It's an Earth thing!" It is highly likely that it isn't just an Earth thing, but it is an Earth thing nonetheless.

Drift smiles sheepishly and rubs at the back of his neck. "Yeah, that's true, but it's mostly Earth stuff. If the playlist pops out something from Caminus, for example, I'll be screwed." He flicks his gaze over to Grimlock and Pipes, cracking an amused grin when the minibot explains what karaoke is. "I really hope Grimlock sings, that would make my night even better."

<FS3> Starstruck rolls Singing: Success. (3 1 1 8 6 3 5 2)

<FS3> Starstruck rolls Dancing: Good Success. (2 7 2 2 2 1 8 7 2)

There are bots socializing in the bar and that's cool, and all. But what Starstruck is doing is sooo much cooler. "Your sugar, yes please, would you come and put it down on me?" he sings into the mic, and even as he follows the lyrics on the karaoke screen (not that he really needs to, he knows this song fairly well) he's also pulling off some sweet dance moves. If only Blaster was here. He'd have a dance partner then. Instead, Starstruck looks toward Pipes mid song and stutters an optic in a wink. It's not even a suggestive wink, more like a 'you and I both get how sweet this music is' wink.

"Carry ... what? He's not carrying anything." Grimlock releases Pipes-- all the better to take up the small keg of unleaded the bartender plunks down in front of him. Grimlock takes a much-needed pull, and turns to watch Starstruck's singing and dancing- which serve more to puzzle Grimlock more than anything. At the wink, Grimlock looks down at Pipes again.

"You're sure he's not just malfunctioning? I think that 'con is having face spasms."

"Would it?" Skystalker sounds a little skeptical when it comes to Grimlock having fun in this kind of way. He tosses the dinobot a glance before looking back up to Starstuck. Oh, hello, "Dance moves too, huh?" The starfighter's smile grows as he watches the Decepticon at the mic.

Those are some smooth moves and sweet notes. Pipes catches that wink, that of the in-crowd of course, and can't help by returning it (well, under his visor, you can't see it) with a single subtle fingergun. Subtle because he's not sure if it's legal for anyone on board but Rodimus to make that gesture. Settling in once more, he continues the education of Grimlock. "Karry-okee is one word. Japanese, I think? An Earth language. And that was just a wink." He considers. Maybe it's part of some dance move, and Pipes just responded to it? How potentially embarrassing. "Probably." He gets a good draw from his drink to recover.

Perceptor, heroically, doesn't make a face at the door's aqua-and-red light-show upon entering the bar. There's a few moments of assessing where the people he knows are within the room, and after much deliberation, he picks his way through the room to Drift's table. "Mind if I join you?"

<FS3> Starstruck rolls Singing: Success. (6 7 3 1 3 4 3 4)

<FS3> Starstruck rolls Dancing: Success. (6 3 1 1 2 2 5 4 8)

Starstruck finishes out the song, dancing as much as he can while also singing the entire time. Yeah, he saw that wink, Pipes. Having a visor himself, Star actually is fairly good at noticing when there's a wink hidden by one. As the song ends Starstruck replaces the mic on its stand, his grin bright as he heads back toward the bar where Pipes and that Dinobot are, until - until he notices the booth with Drift, Skystalker, and now his roomie? Sky is enough to draw his attention, and he knows who Drift is (even pirate-mercs on the edge of space have heard of Deadlock) and then of course there's Percy. He can't resist.

Giving a little wave to Pipes, partially a 'come with me' gesture, Starstruck follows Perceptor. He even claps a servo on his roommate's shoulder as he arrives with a grin and a, "Hey! What's up?"

Drift becomes far more interested in Starstruck's performance when he starts busting out some sweet-ass dance moves. "Woah!" He wasn't expecting that, but he's glad it happened. "He's pretty good.." Too good. Drift is really going to have to step up his game if he's going to compete with that. His attention snaps over to Perceptor when he finds his way to the table and he greets him with a smile. "Percy! Sure! Yeah, take a seat!"

"Hmf. Earth." Grimlock grumbles, and takes another pull of his fuel. "I've been there. Don't see why everyone's obsessed with the natives. Just another bunch of organics." The dinobot drums his fingers upon the bar- and then straightens up a little when it looks like Starstruck's gonna head his way- never know when a 'con needs punching, you know.

Wait, that's a lie. 'cons ALWAYS need punching. But Grimlock's being good. For now.

<FS3> Perceptor rolls Reaction+reaction: Good Success. (1 6 8 3 2 3 7 6)

Rung can't help but give a small applause for Starstruck once the con finishes. It was quite impressive to watch even if he is not a real fan of rap. Starstruck truly does have amazing dance skills, easy to see why Riptide would go to him for lessons. Only this little clapping display probably brings attention to the therapist sitting in the back and he quickly stops in embarrassment at the fairly automatic response. He ducks his head again and returns to the cocktail he had decided to get before heading to the booth at the last second. He is also totally not slumping slightly in an attempt to hide.

Pipes conceals his jealousy at Grimlock having visited Earth, but he knows better than to try to defend its honor to the dinoboss. He claps vigorously when Starstruck completes his performance; he'd wolf-whistle except for the mouthplate. This drowns out Rung's applause, at least to Pipes's sensors. He notices the Decepticon's "c'mere" move and wonders what that could be about. "I'll be right back. But you should think about trying it." He slides off the stool, drink in hand, fully in control this time, and sidles over to the table of Skystalker and company.

Perceptor's bright smile in return to Drift's disappears into a mildly affronted frown while he ducks away from his roommate's hand. "Hello, Starstruck." Taking a seat, he tilts his head toward the stage, attention back to Drift, and a small smile to Skystalker. "Have I missed any interesting performances?"

Like the minis before him, Skystalker offers up a well-mannered applause for Starstruck, tipping his head back to smile a greeting up at Perceptor and give him a nod. Suddenly there's a bit more bodies gathering in Percy's wake, and the starfighter can't help a small laugh. Aw. But they like you, Perce. "You got some of his." Sky glances to Starstruck in turn. "Drift and I were going to have a go, right?" Hey, mic's free!

Grimlock stays resolutely put at his barstool, hunched over his drink. He glances between the empty stage and the little knot of mechs with no small degree of suspicion ... 'Fun.' Hnf. There's got to be something fishy going on here. Maybe someone spiked the drinks? At which point, Grimlock looks at his own tankard for a long moment ... and then shrugs and takes a pull anyway.

Well his appearance doesn't get the adoration and awe that he'd expected. Starstruck's performance had been so awesome, what the hell! "Perceptor," he says, in a nearly stony voice. Nearly. He's not very good at it though and this shows. He brightens again, however, at what Skystalker says. "Really! Yo, yo, do it!" Any slight upset from a moment ago is forgotten, and he even moves aside to allow the two bots their shot at the karaoke machine. His arm instead falls around Pipes. Hello tiny friend.

Drift takes note of the way Perceptor ducks away from Starstruck's touch. Ooohhh, rejected! "Nice performance up there," he says to the Decepticon with a friendly grin that quickly turns mischevious. "But not as nice as ours is going to be, right Sky?!" He nudges the starfighter with an elbow. Back him up here! Speaking of, the mic is free which means now's the chance. He grabs Skystalker's hand as he stands, tugging him towards the stage. "Come on!"

<FS3> Pipes rolls Fortitude: Great Success. (5 1 7 8 4 3 6 7 1 8 3 6)

Skystalker's answer comes in the form of Drift taking him by the hand and leading him on up to the microphone and the machine. "Easy! I've only got the two arms!" His wings speak of a more delighted mood than his joking around, the tips perked and his manner upswept in the moment when he goes to pick something off of the shuffle. "Alright, let's see what we get."

Pipes must be getting stronger; the fall of Starstruck's arm on his shoulders doesn't even make his knees bend. This vantage point is going to be really good for watching the next duet. "GO FOR IT!" he yells, probably too loudly. And he's only just finishing his first drink! Skystalker pages: they have lots of choices!

A quietly raised optical ridge is all Starstruck gets for his attempt at could-shouldering. "The anticipation is nearly too much to bear." Perceptor deadpans at Skystalker's, and then Drift's declarations of intent to perform, a laugh bubbling out at the swordsmech's antics. Venting audibly, he sets about ordering a drink, apparently he's at the popular table of the night.

Rung silently smiles at the stage as Drift and Skystalker take their turn. He straights so he can pay proper attention to their performance. After all, he doesn't want to miss seeing anything.

Yeah, his performance was nice. Starstruck preens under this compliment even as Skystalker and Drift head up toward the empty mic. As he's sweeping his pink visor over the bar toward the stage he - oh ho! "Ringo!" Whether or not this mistake is purposeful is impossible to tell. With his arm around Pipes, he drags the mini with him as he makes his way over to where the therapist is holed up. "Hey! Didn't see you there!" Which was, perhaps, Rung's purpose in choosing this location. Too bad kid, Star has found you.

"What happened to picking a random song?" Drift asks, poking Skystalker in the side before taking over the list so he can go through it himself. And by go through it, I mean 'randomly flip pages and then jab your finger blindy at a random track listing.' Now that fate has decided what song they'll sing, Drift cues it up and grabs a microphone, tossing a second one to Skystalker. The music starts, Drift tapping a foot along to it. Anyone who knows anything about Earth music will recognize it instantly. "Just a small town girl, livin' in a lonely world.."

<FS3> Skystalker rolls Musician+50: Great Success. (2 2 2 2 3 8 3 8 1 2 3 5 8 4 6 5 1 8 5 1)

Grimlock , despite having actually spent more time on Earth than many other 'bots on the ship ... does not know this song. And so, he just squints at the stage, baffled. "Drift's not a girl." He notes, mostly out of principle. "And he's not from a small town, either. Hnnf. Carrying-okees is dumb." And then Grimlock drinks- only to find his mug suddenly, tragically empty. Grr.

<FS3> Pipes rolls Earth Culture: Success. (1 2 8 4 2 4 4)

Skystalker takes up the microphone when it gets passed over, and while he begins, the starfighter's smile breaks over his features when he recognizes the song anyway. Great. "She took the midnight train, Goin' anywhere--" He starts out tame enough in voice, but pretty soon Skystalker is getting into it and pulling right out of the gate.

"Train? What? Is this song about Astrotrain?" Grimlock rumbles-- a bit louder, this time. Maybe that drink hit him harder than he thought!

Annnd Rung has officially been found. Mentally cringing he forces a smile on his face, he had been trying not to ruin anyones fun but now that seems inevitable, "Hello Starstruck, Pipes. I came in after Grimlock, I suppose his presence is enough to snuff out my own." He lets a small chuckle out before continuing, "I had been hoping I would not disturb anyone back here." The song that plays... sounds painfully familiar but he can't quite place it.

Skystalker spends 1 luck points on Forgot to spend first for karaoke!.

A server is bringing over a refresh for Pipes's beverage when Starstruck "escorts" him over to ... Ringo? Has Pipes met him? Her? Oh! "Hi there, roomie." The server chases after the two possibly not so welcome guests and plunks the glass for Pipes down, among others that may have been ordered. Or not. "Oh, I actually know this song," the mini says as he gratefully swaps out his drink and finds a new seat. Hope it's not too close for comfort. If it isn't, it might be once the chorus comes around.

Drift seems delighted that Skystalker knows the song and then immediately gets flustered once he starts getting into it, like he managed to forgot how amazing a singer the starfighter is. His gaze lingers on him for a bit before he pulls his optics away and continues with the song. By the time they reach the chorus, he's gesturing wildly with his arms and bouncing around the stage while he sings. "DOOOOON'T STOP! BELEEEEEIIIIVVVVVING!" he yells into the microphone, throwing his head back and thrusting a fist into the air.

<FS3> Drift rolls Adorability: Success. (4 1 5 1 2 7 2)

Wow. Skystalker can sing. Perceptor hides his surprise with the arrival of his drink. When the two hit the chorus, all that awe for the starfighter is overwhelmed by how incredibly ridiculous Drift looks. What grace.

Skystalker tries not to let his own moment of thrill take him off track, and when Drift gets to the chorus he manages to offset the other mech's fist pumping and heartfelt singing/yelling with his own voice and gestures. Somewhere they balance out, right? Surely! "Hold on to that feeee~eeeeelin'!"

oh... now Rung recognizes this song. He has heard it being played by the others around the ships he has served on that visited Earth. Skystalker is a fantastic singer and Drift's efforts to sing are quite the sight. It brings a wider smile to Rung's face, evidently this particular piece of music cannot be sung with anything other than raw passion.

Grimlock twitches the corner of his visor as Drift hits (or is it misses) a high note. Hnnn. He flexes his fingers into a fist, neatly crushing his empty can o' fuel- and then Grimlock just looks over as the song begins to wind down. "Pipes! You know about stupid earth junk. Why did the humans write a song about Astrotrain believing something?"

Pipes is about to join in on a chorus when two things stop him - realizing that Rung, right next to him, might just crap some bolts, and hearing Grimlock bellowing at him from across the joint. "It's not Astrotrain, it's ... it's everybody! Don't stop believin', Grimlock!" Unable to restrain himself further, he starts singing along.

<FS3> Grimlock rolls Mutiny: Good Success. (8 1 2 6 3 7)

Drift is far from a perfect singer and he certainly can't hold a candle to the true skill that is Skystalker but damn is he making an effort. "STREETLIGHTS, PEEEEOOPLLLE WOOOAAAHHHHHH OOOOH OOOOOOOH!" He makes sure to accentuate this part with a dramatic knee slide across the stage.

Grimlock 's visor tracks Drift's slide across the stage, lest the singing samurai careen into him. Thankfully for everyone present, he doesn't. "This is stupid." Grimlock rumbles as the song winds down, and then stands, trompatrompatromping off to the exit.

It goes without saying he doesn't sing.

Well this is a spectical. Lieutenant has been tucked away in a corner of Swerve's for most of the ongoings and frowns at it. But who's he to spoil everyone's fun, Grimlock? No, he keeps to himself, and just watches the rest have their.. fun. Looks more like public humiliation. He only shakes his head and sighs before moving up to the counter to single Swerve out for a moment. He makes a slight nod in agreement to Grimlock's statement as he replaces him at the bar.

Skystalker's amber optics track Pipes when he hunkers closer to the stage and starts participating, and that pulls a bigger smile out of Sky. Some others chime in too, knowing the song as well. Sky starts in along with Drift's singing again, the pair of their voices picking up in tandem for the last chorus lines of the song. "Don't stop believin', Hold on to that feeee-eeelin', Streetlight people..."

As it comes to an end, anyone who started singing along in the bar, including Pipes, gets a sweeping little wave from Skystalker, his grinning rather infectious. Nice. guys.

"WOOOOOOO!" Pipes shouts as the song ends, along with another round of vigorous clapping. Is he bouncing in his seat? Maybe a little. Sorry, roomie. "That may be one of the best karee-okay songs I've ever heard."

When the song finishes, Drift jumps up onto his feet, both fists held high in the air. He drops the mic and shouts, "I FRIGGIN' LOVE KARAOKE!" Then, in true rock star fashion, he leaps off the stage like he's about to go crowd surfing except there isn't much of a crowd to surf on. In addition, the few bots in his path simply move out of the way, which means Drift gets a face full of bar floor.

Rung is smiling as he watches the two of them, its quite the show. He gives a gentle but heartfelt applause as the song winds down. But as Drift takes a flying leap to the floor Rung stands in alarm to see Drift, distressed at the idea that the mech could be harmed, "Oh dear, Drift are you alright?" In true medical personnel fashion he quickly heads over to help the other off the floor.

Perceptor straightens in his seat to clap at the end of the song, impressive performance! While he hadn't joined in, the general atmosphere of playful fun has gotten to him, best illustrated by his dissolving into laughter when Drift jumps, giggles made worse by the flat drop to the floor.

Skystalker stands up there and winces as he watches Drift take a leap of faith and be horribly disappointed. Both hands are on the microphone, the wince of his expression lingering, edged out soon by a smirk. "Looks like nobody is mosh material, huh?" He sets one hand up along his hip, looking over the bots that moved out of the way of him with a note of disappointment.

Drift, try not to damage the sound equipment... or yourself for that matter. Lieutenant snaps straight up and turns to look at Drift. If the sound didn't startle him, the sudden meteor hitting the floor did. At least that's what it felt like. "Karaoke is far worse than highgrade." he mutters aloud.

"KAROH-KAYYYY!" Pipes echoes (because Drift would have of course pronounced the word in Japanese), with his own fist thrust, arm opposite Rung for safety. Drift's majestic flop on the floor is met with mild confusion. "I ... I think he meant to do that. WOOOO!"

<FS3> Pipes rolls Optimism: Good Success. (5 4 8 1 3 1 3 1 1 1 4 7)

One of the Drift dodgers just looks at Skystalker and shrugs. He came here to drink, not to catch a commander what got drunk on the magic of karaoke!

"Uuuugh.." Drift rolls over onto his back, staring up at a very concerned Rung with a goofy grin. "It's okay, I've done worse." He hooks an arm around the doctor's shoulders as he's helped onto his feet, that stupid look never leaving his face. "WOOOOOOOOOOOO!" He fist pumps at Pipes. HE GETS IT!

Perceptor, ever the caring friend, continues to sit at the table and await the return of it's other occupants. He does order a round of drinks for when they get back, though. You fell on your face? Have some engex.

Despite the shrugging, Skystalker's response to the Drift Dodger is a small laugh, brief and amused. It lingers when Drift hops up and joins Pipes in a whoop. Skystalker, in the meanwhile, replaces the mic to the stand and steps back down to zero in on their table, sliding back into his chair with a sigh.

Rung gladly helps Drift to his feet, letting a small grin slip out from how quickly Drift rebounds from his faceplant. Once he is sure the commander is steady on his feet he steps away, watching in amusement as he seems to share a moment with Pipes.

"WOOOO!" PIPES DOES GET IT. His last exclamation comes with him lifting his feet in the air too. For emphasis. He finally relaxes, much of his excitement spent in that cathartic performance. The night is yet young, though. He scootches over to where Rung can hear him. "You should give it a try, Rung. After that song, the crowd is all worked up. They're sure to cheer you on. Seriously, this is a great chance!" He lets his encouraging look linger as he sips from his drink.

At least Drift is fine. Lieutenant hopes that's the end of the that. Now Swerve can tell him the total of Deluge's tab again without shouting it out loud. He's just here now to pay it off for him is all. Then there is Pipes, still hyped about the singing, and moving over to his roommate. If he can get Rung to sing, he might even pay off the blue truck's tab too. That would be impressive.

Drift gives Rung's shoulder an appreciative 'pat-pat' before rejoining Perceptor and Skystalker at the table. "Oh, wow! That was super fun!" Despite his scuffed up face, he just keeps on smiling. "We definitely need to do that again," he adds, grabbing one of the drinks Percy ordered for them and taking a sip. "Not tonight though, I think I've reached my face-planting limit for the night."

Rung suddenly has the alarmed look of a deer in headlights, wha- HIM? "I- I am not sure I would be capable of putting on a good show for everyone." The idea of getting up on stage makes him somewhat nervous, his normal taste in music would probably not to be to their tastes.

<FS3> Pipes rolls Optimism: Great Success. (2 1 2 1 6 7 2 8 1 7 8 7)

"I wasn't aware you sang," Perceptor tips his head slightly, offering one of the ordered drinks to Skystalker. The carefully muted surprise in his tone turns much more teasing when he grins at Drift, reaching over and bumping the mech's shoulder. "Whatever happened to looking before leaping, O' grace personified?"

"You've got some kind of energy up there, don't you?" Skystalker answers Drift. It was fun, yes. "Maybe wait for someone that will definitely catch you, next time?" Just an idea! Perceptor's words pull his attention away, with a nod. "I play some things too. Remember when I asked if you liked live music? Ah, you ordered drinks? Thank you!" It's accepted graciously, of course.

Pipes will not be dissuaded on his opinion here. "I'm telling you, they will absolutely love it. The mood here is incredibly good right now. The energy, still crackling. It's gonna just sweep everyone up. Go for it." He's nodding now, radiating positive thoughts.

Drift responds to Perceptor's playful shoulder bump with one of his own, laughing. "Where's the fun in that, Percy?" He takes another sip and winks at Skystalker. "I'll keep that in mind next time." His gaze flicks over to Rung and he puts his drink down so he can clap and yell, "DO IT!"

<FS3> Rung rolls Dumb Luck: Great Success. (2 7 7 8 1 3 4 8 7 5)

Rung can't bring himself to deny Pipes, he looks so excited about him singing... So Rung slowly makes his way on stage and kneels before the karaoke machine. He has to think for a full minute before he gets an idea for a song he wants to sing, probably the only one he really knows that could possibly fit with the theme the night seems to be going with. After what seems like forever he finds the song and selects it, standing as the system preps the song. Whatever people were expecting it most likely wasn't the country twang of The Band Perry, "You've been wearing that crown and tearing me down, It's been a while since you've treated me right, You strung me along for far too long cause I never gave up the fight, Until now" He doesn't even entirely remember how he came across the song, probably just finding it on the human radio channels, "It's gonna hit you hard 'til you see stars, It's gonna put you through a world of hurt, Oh, I don't believe in getting even but giving what you deserve. Oh my, oh my, huh."

Well, well, the therapist does sing. The avian raises an optic ridge after he finishes his business with Swerve. Lieutenant certainly never expected Rung to get up on stage, especially singing a song like that. Rather strong for someone pegged with such a quiet demeanor.

Still affecting quizzical, Perceptor nods affirmation to Skystalker's question. "I recall, yes. I wasn't aware that it was a query regarding your own skills. Several mecha of note prefer live to recorded." He pauses to stick his tongue out at Drift. Stop making compelling arguments for bad decisions. "I didn't want to just order another for myself." And then Rung is up on the stage and wow, alright then. As if Drift's singing wasn't punishment enough.

<FS3> Pipes rolls Earth Culture: Success. (6 3 7 2 6 2 6)

What's up with the winking? Skystalker doesn't have much time to peer back or dwell on that before Drift looks away again. Mm. "Yes, I do quite a bit of music." The music that comes with Rung's choice of song has the starfighter's capped toe bobbing in place along to it, the scrawl of the fiddle drawn to his audials. As for Rung himself, not bad! There's a clasp to his hands and a curved smirk on his lips.

For all of his surety that Rung would knock the socks off the crowd, Pipes did not know what sort of song the therapist would pick. When the rock / country riff kicks in, he finally recognizes it as another Earth song. And a bold choice. (Somewhere deep inside he was expecting Simon and Garfunkel.) He bobs his head down to alternating sides in time with the beat, singing along here and there. "I'm through-ooh! With you-ooh!"

As the song continues Rung cannot help but begin to get into it, having something of a personal connection to it. Logically he knows that perhaps he is projecting his (still fresh after near eons of) frustrations with Froid onto the lyrics and forming a larger affection for the music than he would have otherwise.. on the other hand why shouldn't he? That dick stole his work, blackmailed and betrayed him, "Mama always told me that I should play nice, She didn't know you when she gave me that advice, I'm through with you, You're one bridge I'd like to burn, Bottle up the ashes, smash the urn, I'm through with you, la dee da!" He suddenly realizes he was seconds away from doing a fist pump and, in an effort to keep the little pride as a professional on the ship, quells the urge as he continues, "I don't wanna be your "just for fun", Don't wanna be under your thumb, All I wanna be is done, Done"

After all Lieutenant thought earlier, he can't help but applaud Rung for getting up and singing. It's not an easy task, and the chosen song was bold. Can't say the avian doesn't admire him for it. Good job, Rung. That was lovely.

"Oh, I see." Perceptor nods, then quietly, deliberately, attmepts to exit the conversational topic by choosing this exact moment to empty a sizeable portion of his drink. For all his expertise in multiple fields of science, the microscope is forever at a loss when it comes to music and the performing arts. This does not stop him from trying to ignore the music playing at this moment.

Skystalker does no whooping-- he's not nearly drunk enough for that, even while he nurses a glass-- but he does give an applaud and whistle of enthusiasm for Rung's turn at the mic. He had no idea the skinny doc had such passion for song down in there. The fact he got up and did it is even cooler. "Go Rung~!"

All the singing and cheering has suddenly left Pipes with an empty glass, which of course will not do, not while the joint is still jumping. He gets up as Rung's performance closes and lets out another "WOOOO!", then points to his roommate and shoots him a patented Pipes thumbs up (patent pending). Told ya. He returns to the bar for a refill and promptly gets caught up mixing with other revelers, but thoroughly enjoys the rest of the festivities.

Drift wasn't sure what to expect when Rung got on stage, he didn't peg him as much of a singer. Consider him impressed! "Wooo! Rung, you rock!" He then sips at his drink, looking between Perceptor and Skystalker. Well, this isn't awkward, nope. And certainly not because Drift tried to hook them up under false pretenses the last time they all hung out. Nope. "Sky is REALLY good, you should hear him play sometime. I swear, the way he plays and sings, it will have to feeling all sorts of.. feelings. It's an experience."

Deluge has hovered near the back of the bar, close to the door, for only a short while, coming in at about halfway through Rung's song. The therapist has an impressive voice, he'll give him that. Once the song is over, though, he makes his way towards the bar and one mech in particular...

"Hey, Lieu." He rumbles warmly when coming up behind the avian, hands slipping over his shoulders in a familiar touch while smiling down at him. "Heh, you come to sing? Never took you for the type." He teases of course, helm lifting to observe the others chattering at the table. "Any idea who's up next?" He questions still to the flier, eyeing the stage at the moment. Hmm.

Perceptor perks up at Drift's intervention, optic brightening a little, mouth popping into a little 'o'. "You play?" Drift just said that, genius. "Do you ever perform on the ship? Your voice is fantastic though I should think it is far more impressive when coupled with your own musical accompaniment." That's such a silly question, he would have to have performed for Drift to know how well he played.

As he finishes the song, Rung can't help but feel slightly embarrassed, that probably wasn't a good song to choose. He wants to keep a cool and calm exterior for the crew and that .. was not that kind of song. He probably should have chosen a Frank Sinatra or Perry Como song, even if it would have somewhat ruined the mood. Though... he does feel he vented a bit of frustration so it wasn't all bad. That doesn't stop him from gently placing the mic down and shuffling off stage as fast as he possibly can, back to his booth and becoming very enamored with the new drink he receives. Its just coincidence he doesn't have to look anyone in the face now. He will finish his drink then head back to his room, its getting late and he has appointments in the morning.

Maybe now they'll put away the machine. Lieutenant ponders as he takes a sip of some plain energon from the counter. He almost moves to leave when Deluge comes up. Oh well, no, he's definitely staying now.

"Deluge," the avian nods, slightly sliding closer to his partner, "I could never hit a note if my life depended on it, so no. Not everyone as gifted as you." Lieutenant shakes his head and swings his cube in the general direct of the table with Perceptor, Drift, and Skystalker left. "Drift and Skystalker already sang, which was... interesting. Rung was better, in my opinion. Very bold." he glances up at the firefighter with a hum, "I think that is it, unless you want to go." Kidding, he's kidding. Don't do it, Deluge.

For all that Rung does for them, the least Skystalker can do is be supportive when he's brave, simple as that. He offers up a clap until Rung moves from the microphone, and then folds his hands around his glass on the tabletop to look between Drift and Perceptor. He seems a little flustered at the former's complimenting his skills like he does. "An experience? Goodness, I don't think I've heard that one before. I sometimes practice in the Lounge, Gallery, or on the Observation Deck, but that's as far as 'perform' goes right now." Skystalker's hand plays at the lines of his crest for a moment, tracing the tine that goes down one cheek.

"He's being modest," Drift asides to Perceptor. "He played this song for me once, it was amaaaazing. No joke, if it was physically possible for me to do so, I would've cried. That's how great it was." He looks into his drink, swirling it around a bit before taking a long swig. "Is anyone else going to sing?"

"If ever you find yourself with time to spare, Drift's praise for your talent has stirred up a fair measure of curiosity on the subject." It's not often now that Perceptor manages to get a truly earnest tone to his questions. At Drift's question of anyone else singing, he just shrugs. Who knows. Certainly not Perceptor.

Deluge gives a little chuckle at that and rubs the back of his own neck, optics hazarding an almost shy glance to Lieutenant. "I'm not that good.." Modest, isn't he? Still, the stage is tempting... Screw it.

Giving the shoulder still under a hand a squeeze, Deluge flashes him a hint of teeth and makes his way to the stage at a casual pace. "I'll give it a try, if no one else is gonna." He answers Drift, sending the table of mechs a simple raise of his hand in a wave. It's a bit weird to be up on stage, the giant giving a slightly unsure look to the small crowd before eyeing the machine next to him. ..This would be much easier in the showers. But he's already up here, so screw it. It takes him a minute to cycle through the songs, but once he finds the one in mind he can't help a sharp smile from forming. Perfect.

The music starting, it sounds like another country song with the twang of a guitar, the melody smooth and casual. And then, he sings. "Baby lock the door and turn the lights down looow~ Put some music on that's soft and sloow~" The voice that leaves him is probably leagues better than one would expect from the burly mech, deep vocals resonating in that dark, melting way as his body shifts slowly to the song. And yes, he's looking at Lieutenant as he sings. Maybe giving a little wag of his brow, just to be terrible. "There's no hurry, don't you worry, we can take our tiiime~"

Hearing it said that he got such emotion out of Drift adds up. Skystalker's hand comes to a rest on the back of his neck, fingers kneading and wingtips tilting back. Perceptor's words get a decisive nod. "I'll be sure to keep you in the loop."

It's now that one more goes up to the mic, and Skystalker sits up when Deluge takes it over. Oh? That is not who he'd expect-- as the truck starts to sing, the starfighter leans his elbows on the table and puts his head on his hands to listen, eyes a little large.

Lieutenant winces a little at the squeeze, but he doesn't mind it despite his soft reaction. Then Deluge decides to go next. Oh no one look at the avian as his face is already heating up. He's heard Deluge sing before and it's enough to melt him. His partner taking the stage to sing has him trying to hide on one of the bar stools.

The avian's handcovers his mouth as his cheeks become aglow. He can't look away from his partner, even if this whole scene makes him flustered. Hopefully everyone else is watching Deluge too. Primus above, he's too wonderful. Absolutely amazing.

Drift takes note of Skystalker's body language and frowns, trying to conceal it with a final sip of his drink. Did he make him uncomfortable? He's not going to lie, it was a really powerful song. "Oh my god.." He puts his drink down, watching the way Deluge sings to Lieutenant, and the avian's reaction. "That's so cute, I didn't know they were a thing."

Perceptor's shoulders fall and he slumps a bit, leaning his forearms on the table but tilting a bit to listen to Drift. "Who are they?" Ah, yes, gossip.

"I've been thinkin' 'bout this all day loong~ Never felt a feelin' quite this stroong~" Deluge continues on, not even having to look at the screen, already knowing it from memory. He even takes it a step further by descending the stage and moving into the crowd, leaning closer to a mech now and then as he goes. The three at their table get his presence soon enough, that rugged smile flashing. "I can't believe how much it turns me oon~ Just to be your man~" They may even get a wink as he goes by, dead set on the avian at the bar.

And he won't be able to retreat. Not when Deluge tilts his chin up with a free hand and looks him in the optics. "Ain't nobody ever love nobody, the way that I love you~ We're alone now, you don't know how, long I've wanted to~" And before he pretty much kills Lieutenant, he's releasing him and moving on back to the stage, ever singing until he reaches the machine again. "I've been thinkin' 'bout this all day long~ Never felt a feelin' quite this strong~ I can't believe how much it turns me on~ Just to be your man~" Deep voice rumbles smoothly at the end until the song reaches its natural end, music following soon after until he's left in silence. Holstering the microphone now, the big mech clears his vocals and smirks. "Ah, thank you." Welp, didn't think he'd ever do that.

Lieutenant is lost in Deluge's deep voice, his melodious words that make the avian flutter inside. The firetruck is never without a surprise; not since the first day they met. He keeps his hand over his mouth throughout the song so no one sees the dumb in-love smile he's unable force into a frown. How did he get so lucky to meet Deluge? Lieutenant doesn't feel he deserves someone so special as him.

His spark races as he watches his partner go about the room and before he knows it, finds Deluge fingers moving to tilt his head up to look at him. The avian feels his frame running excessively hot, as his fins flutter rapidly and his face near a complete pink hue. His hand fallen away as he's rendered speechless. He's slain, and once Deluge let's him go, he only curls up in his seat to hide his blushing face.

Skystalker catches on well enough when Deluge steps away from the bit of stage, sitting up when he brushes past their table and allowing himself a tiny tug of dentae over his lower lip. One voice to another, it's totally appreciation. He turns his head to watch the progress of the firetruck, smiling into his knuckles as Lieutenant reacts and Deluge seems content to leave it at that, for now. When Deluge moves back to the stand to finish, the end and awkward bit of vocalizer clearing earns a gentle but polite applause from Skystalker.

"Well, Lieutenant," Drift starts, trying to subtley point out the avian. "With the wings over there? He helped bring down that Syk ring we had running on the ship." He grins at Deluge as his performance takes him towards their table. "Deluge is like.. your ex-special forces type, he's a pretty cool guy." He continues watching, looking way too delighted at the rather romantic moment that occurs between the two. "Aaahhhh, oh my goddddd!"

Drift's explanations get nods and a mumbled "I see, thank you." Then Perceptor lets out a low whistle. Clearly they are an Item, capital intended, and a solid one if the poor avian-Lieutenant- is anything to go by. "I would guess he is ex-special forces in a dissimilar way to how we are ex-special forces?" He hopes, at least. The Wreckers are a very special sort of force.

Deluge dismounts the stage once he's done, offering a sheepish little nod to Skystalker at his polite applause. The other two at his table also get a lazy salute in passing. "Hope you mechs enjoyed. I'll have to go for something a bit more upbeat next time." He chuckles and moves back to Lieu, his smile wide at the poor thing's embarrassment. "So? How'd I do?" Now he's just teasing him.

The avian yanks down on his visor as far as it can go. His arms try to hide his face completely, that is until Deluge returns. Lieutenant can't find the words to say, or the courage to even look up at him. His response is only to pull his partner close and hide his face against his board chest. That was spectacular, flawless, astounding, and he loves Deluge but he just can't tell him these things. So the best option to convey all this is clearly through embrace.

"I'm happy for them." Skystalker hides a little bit behind his hand as he says this and catches sight of Lieutenant hiding himself in Deluge's frame. Palm resting on the angle of his jaw when he looks back between Drift and Perceptor, Skystalker finishes off his drink's last drops.

A hug? In public? Deluge must've done a damn good job. ..He's kidding, he knows how much it flustered Lieu. "I'll take that as good." He's probably going to regret it later, but he doesn't much care right now. Nor does he care about people looking when he makes his next move.

A deep chuckle rolls in his chest at the embrace and, before Lieutenant can probably react, there's a pair of large arms wrapping around him and hoisting him up over his shoulder in a fireman's carry. "Later, mechs. Enjoy your drinks!" He beams to the others and saunters on out with his thoroughly flustered catch.

"There's a lot of special forces out there," Drift tells Perceptor, giving him a brotherly punch to the shoulder. "But only one Wreckers!" Don't worry Percy, we're still the bad-assiest guys here. "I am too," he says to Skystalker, turning to catch his gaze. "I hope things go well for them.." He looks away and reaches for his drink only to find it empty. Ah well.

"Have fun, you guys," he calls out to the departing Deluge and the embarrassed avian slung over his shoulder. DELUGE! Oh forget it. Lieutenant just accepts his fate. This is what it is now, no need to attract more attention. Off to Deluge's hab they go, probably to turn the lights down low...

Perceptor was attempting to dig for a specific branch, that answer was not helpful, Drift. He sways slightly with the punch, scrunching his nose slightly and smirking back at the Wrecker Pride. "Indeed." Belatedly he straightens for a small, awkward goodbye wave to the departing truck and his quarry, affecting a frown, muttering "I do not see the appeal of country music."

Skystalker does not keep the gaze when Drift catches it, and he just turns to give Perceptor's tastes a smirk before easing out of his seat. "I've got to go myself. It's been lovely. Thank you for the drink, Perceptor. And thank you for the song, Drift." The last comes with a brief touch to the scientist's shoulder, which lifts to give a small wave of hand to Drift before Skystalker slips away entirely.

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