2016-06-27 Get Some Things Off Your Chest

From Transformers: Lost and Found

2016-06-27 Get Some Things Off Your Chest
Date 2016/06/27
Location Lost Light - Recreation -- Observation Deck
Participants Torque, Swoop
Summary Torque gets to meet another Dinobot. Swoop has some troubles he's reluctant to air out.

Swoop has been coming to the observation deck so much he's practically become a permanent fixture in the room. After his shift ended he'd tried to practice more of his writing (he needs to see Skystalker for more tips, especially on how to keep his claws from cramping) but that l word had hit him again. The one we don't mention. And so he'd come here, again, his favorite haunt outside of his suite with Viviqueen or the storage bay where she keeps her hoard. He's in his usual spot, claw pressed to the viewport, talon clicking idly as he looks out at space. He's actually beginning to recognize constellations and patterns in the stars around the ship; they're not official constellations, true. Swoop likes it anyway.

That is, when he's not imagining the planets he could be flying around at this moment, which is what his processor switches to after tracing out a few shapes in the glittering pinpricks of light. Someplace warm....clear skies, cushiony updrafts that can take him higher and higher in the atmosphere until he lazily circles back down. His optics dim a little as he thinks about it.

"A dinobot not in the bar or bustin' up mechs in the training room? What is this?" A cheery voice suddenly pipes up behind him out of nowhere, Torque standing a few steps in from the door with hands on her hips and a bright smile on her face. She just happened to be passing by at that moment and noticed the bigger mech staring out the window. It was curious to see him standing there, so she decided to be a little nosy.

She doesn't intrude much further into the room until she's sure he's comfortable with it, instead speaking from where she is. "You're Swoop, yeah? Was wondering how long it'd take for me to meet all the others aside from Grimlock. ..Mind if I join yah for a bit?"

Swoop is startled out of his reverie by an unfamiliar voice, and he whips around, optics wide and bright, wingtips unfolding somewhat in his surprise as his gaze zeroes in on the newcomer. He has no idea who this is. Unlike his usual instinct (aka be snarly and bitey), the friendly tone takes him off guard enough that he shrugs. "Yeah, that's - that's me. Swoop." Scrap this ship is so weird. First people were being nice to Grimlock, and now someone is acting like they actually wanted to meet him? What alternate universe has he entered?

"Sure, go for it." Swoop half turns back to the viewport, though one optic remains trained on the stranger. "You won't get to meet the others. Sludge, Snarl and Slag are all still on Cybertron." And unlikely to leave at any time in the future.

Torque gets along with the rough and tumble sort pretty well, so it wouldn't be much of a stretch for her to be nice to a dinobot. At his allowance she steps further into the room and hangs about two steps distance at his side when coming up to the window. "Oh?" His comment draws her attention, looking over and up at him, her smile turning more sympathetic. "Sorry, I didn't know. I'm still a little fresh on the ship and there's a lot of mechs to remember."

Looking back outside, she smirks softly. "Well, at least you have Grimlock. He's pretty cool. Rough, but cool. Reminds me of a few mechs I knew back in the day. He's gotta work on that arm wrestling, though." She chuckles under her vocals at that.

Swoop shrugs, his wings finally settling back into their resting state. Usually when he's in here he wants to be left alone, yet...that forbidden l word continues to nag at him. "It's not a big deal." It is, though, and there may be a tightness to his tone that betrays this. He moves past it by turning a bit more to face her.

At least you have Grimlock. Swoop has to struggle to not comment on that, seeing as, yeah, he honestly really doesn't, and that's becoming more clear every day. "He's gotta work on it, huh? That mean you beat him?" Yes let's talk about that instead.

Unfortunately Torque doesn't know his side of the story, so it's an innocent mistake on her part. Since he doesn't comment on that and chooses to focus on the wrestling part, she gladly elaborates with a big smile and makes a show of flexing an arm. "Damn right I did. He put up a good challenge, though." And took it surprisingly well when he lost. She half expected him to break the table. Maybe Swoop will believe her, maybe he won't. Not like it looks like a smaller thing like her could defeat the leader of the Dinobots.

It's rare, to hear of Grimlock losing anything (except his temper) so, despite how unbelievable it is....Swoop laughs. "Frag, mech, you two better have a rematch because that's something I gotta see!" She's got some good muscles....whoever she is. "I bet he flipped his processor when he lost." His tone turns fond, thinking back to the good old days, where once in a while Sludge could outmuscle Grimlock and the Big G would smash shit or, sometimes, straight up wrestle the other Dinobot. The memory does, however, sour a bit when he comes back with the realization that they'll never have that again. Giving a soft, nearly silent sigh, Swoop glances back toward the viewport.

"If I catch him and convince him, I'll definitely comm yah." Torque chuckles in turn, though tones it down and taps her chin in thought afterwards. "Hm, actually he was pretty good about it. He said I was.. impressive. And wasting my time in medical." She snorts at that and shakes her head, smirking. "Plenty of mechs say that, but I like it, so that's what matters."

Looking back up to him, she notices the silence about him and his body language. Something's bothering him.. Others may be hesitant to ask, but Torque has never been one to shy away from helping someone. "...You okay?" The question is soft and careful, simply throwing out the rope and leaving Swoop to decide if he wants to grab on or not.

Grimlock not throwing a fit after losing to someone - especially someone smaller than him - is. It's news. Has so much changed since Grim left them? Swoop is so troubled he can't even add anything to what his company says. Normally he'd challenge her himself, though if she's beaten Grimlock there's a good chance she'll beat him too. And that would be fun! Now, though, he's too wrapped up in his own thoughts.

"What?" Swoop shakes his helm, yellow optics flicking back to the other. "Oh. Yeah. I'm fine." This is totally not convincing, considering how his claw has curled on the viewport.

"Hey.." Swoop will find Torque's hand suddenly resting atop his own clawed one after she steps up. Should he turn to look at her, he'll be met with a calm look. Friendly, reassuring, and open. "Listen. I know we just met and you've got no reason to say anything to me, but well.. I try to keep an open audial to those who need to vent, even if they never use it. Just letting you know." And that's all she says as she withdraws. No prodding, no forcing, simply letting him know he's got someone to talk to who isn't Rung. That said, she resumes her few steps back to give him his space.

<FS3> Swoop rolls Self Control: Success. (1 4 1 2 2 7 1 3)

Swoop stiffens at the servo resting over his own. What...what? His optics flick uncertainly toward her and to their touching servos and then back. What the hell is this. What is that look. Friendly? Reassuring? What. "I." He's so caught off guard by...well, everything she's doing. His optics have settled firmly on her now, though they continue to be the picture of wonder and surprise. Even Skystalker, who he's reached Acquaintance levels with, wasn't this interested in a connection. Skystalker wasn't actually interested at all, as far as Swoop remembers. There's a fleeting astrosec where he wishes he was back with the gang, since no one would ever approach them in this way when the Dinobots were all together.

In that respect, Torque is lucky. The word he won't acknowledge has come back with roaring force at such treatment. He hasn't...he hasn't told anyone this (especially not Rung, Primus, he's avoiding that inevitable appointment like it's infected with scraplets) and so he starts out quiet and slow as he says, "Grimlock left us." That first sentence is hard, though there's a...relief, at getting it out of himself. "He's fragged up before, and when he said he was sorry for it, I believed him. And then he left us." Swoop's voice may be growing stronger.

"No comms, no messages, nothing. He stayed here and he didn't tell any of us and, and - after what he said on Earth? He thinks that's just okay? To leave us like that? And now that I'm here he won't talk to me, not alone, he won't own up--" Swoop struggles to bring himself back down from this venting, and when he does he's fiercely avoiding looking at the bot beside him. He shouldn't have said any of that. It may be cleansing to rant to a stranger, but it's still embarrassing, and his wings tighten in their fold as his cheeks flush a light pink.

"Shouldn't have said that," he mumbles eventually. It's almost an apology.

Torque just listens. That's all she does. No condolences offered as he speaks, no suggestions given. She just keeps quiet and lets him get it all out. When he finally finishes is when she speaks up, voice low and easy. "Don't say that.. You have every right to feel how you do. I'm sure it wasn't easy." Her smile is more tamed this time around when hovering a bit closer towards him, understanding as optics glance briefly up to him before looking out the window. "..You said he won't talk to you, but have you tried talking to him? Telling him what you just told me? I know that's not the easiest thing..."

Swoop's faceplates tighten, and when he looks at the mech beside him (closer than before, though...he finds he's okay with it) there's a clear frown. This frown has a lot of messages in it. Why do you care? being foremost, and also a touch of What do you want?. Surprisingly he doesn't say this aloud as he drops his claw from the viewport.

"Of course I have." Swoop's scoff is harsh, and he reels it in. So far, this particular mech hasn't done anything to piss him off. So far. "I've been practicing. Uh. Writing it down. Getting my thoughts together." That's what Magnus suggested at least. Swoop's scowl deepens even as he adds, with quiet interest, "What's your name?"

Torque understands the look, the distrust. It's hard to take a stranger seriously in a situation like this and she doesn't blame him. But at least it's allowed him to get some weight off his shoulders, if only a little. Antennas twitch back just a smidge at his scoff, but doesn't take it personally. She just smiles up to him lightly, her voice holding some praise when commenting, "That's good. There's something about being able to reread your thoughts once you get them out there than make them easier to work with. ..I hope it's helping, I figure it's not easy to say all the stuff you're thinkin'." It seems to be a common thing among all the wartime bots, she's been noticing. Such repression couldn't have been healthy for so long.

"The name's Torque." That part is where she perks up in from her calm demeanor, offering him a hand to shake.

There's still a distinct unease in Swoop's posture, wings tight in their fold. Once again he thinks about how weird this is. Even the Autobots he knew in the war never tried to reach out like this. Yet he's taken note of the way her antennae move, and how there's a positive tone to her voice. The soft, pink blush has returned. "Um. Yeah. I think so." Wow he sounds like an idiot. Dragging himself back, Swoop carefully takes Torque's proffered servo with a claw. He knows how sharp his talons are, and he's hesitant to hold too tightly. "Swoop." Wait, she knew that already. His faceplates scrunch in embarrassment as he attempts to remedy with, "Nice to meet you."

He may not wish to hold tight, but Torque isn't bothered at all by giving him a firm shake. His slip would have brought a small laugh out of her, but she's careful to tame it back and just smile wide up at him. "Nice to meet you, too." That said, she gives a motion back towards the hall. "I was just on my way to Swerve's for a drink. You wanna come along?" If not, that's fine.

Swoop's astonishment continues to grow. Torque's firm handshake has his optics wide once again, wings sliding out somewhat. She keeps doing that thing, that thing where she smiles at him, as if she likes being around him. What is this!!! " want me to come drink with you?" He's very rarely this tongue-tied. It's just very difficult for him to process. "On purpose?" Swoop can't even remember the last time a mech who wasn't a Dinobot asked him to get a drink. The l word really is hitting him strongly today to entice such reactions out of him.

Torque gives him an odd look at that, her brow raising as she snorts a little laugh and grins. "Well, I'm sure not asking by accident. Heh, now quit bein' silly and make up you're mind, I'm ready to go get drunk." Of course she says this while slowly backpedaling towards the door, an encouraging wave of her arm beckoning him to come along. You know you want to, Swoop.

Swoop is, honestly, always in the mood for a drink. It's the Dinobot way! Other than punching shit, of course. And so when Torque starts backing away and beckoning him forward, Swoop does not hesitate in following. "You and me both," he says, even as he scoots out of the observation deck after her. It's still difficult for him to process that someone who isn't Slag or Snarl wants to be drunk around him. He's pushing those misgivings away for now in the face of drinking. "Lead the way." As if she isn't already. Let's do this, Torque!

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