2016-06-26 Resolving Issues

From Transformers: Lost and Found

2016-06-26 Resolving Issues
Date 2016/06/26
Location Lost Light - Recreation -- Observation Deck
Participants Skydive, Vortex
Summary And possibly creating new ones.

The confrontation at the bar was the last straw. Skydive couldn't have this wait any longer, much as he wanted the others to see reason and let it be. But now that Air Raid is being harassed... He won't have it. And so, with a polite invitation to join him on the observation deck sent, Skydive waits.

Hands at his back in proper fashion, he stands at the large window and observes the stars, as anyone waiting likely would. The urge to check the time arises every now and then, but he stifles it and keeps himself occupied with his own thoughts.

Vortex drags his pedes. Uuuuuugh... Like a child being sent to the principal's office, he makes his way down to the observation deck. He doesn't want to see Skydive. That's the wrong flyer. Where's Blast Off. Whiiiiiine... He pokes his head into the deck, rotors flicking as he instantly spots Skydive's back. He stares at it and then ponders of he could still back out and ignore the invitation. Would Air Raid be mad? Maybe... Slowly, he starts to edge out of the room.

Skydive may not have seismic sensors like Lieutenant or super hearing like Soundwave, but he knows when someone is there. "Vortex, come in. Please, have a seat." ..It also helps that he saw a sliver of the rotary's reflection in the window, but he doesn't let that be known.

A slight pivot of his pede allows upper body to swivel around so relaxed, blue optics can settle on the Combaticon. "I'm glad you came. There's.. something we need to discuss." He steps forward, gait smooth and fluid as he moves towards a grouping of chairs set up to look out the window. Taking two, he sets them up a comfortable distance apart, facing each other, and sits in the one nearest him. Looking to Vortex again, he gives a polite gesture for him to take the other.

Whether he complies or not is his choice, but it doesn't stop Skydive from continuing with the matter at hand. His hands fold neatly in his lap and optics fall half-mast in a troubled appearance, his expressions feeling more on display now without his glasses. "I wish to speak of our spar not long ago. ...And I would like to apologize." A beat passes, his body betraying his usually tamed emotions by giving a minor downshift of wings. "It was wrong of me to assume how you would take my directing, which admittedly became more jesting than I intended."

Vortex freezes. He's been caught, oh no. Huffing, he drags his pedes into the observation deck, shoulders stooped. UUUUUUGH. "If you say so..." He mutters, shuffling over. He gives the seat pulled out for him a look. What is this, a session at Rung's? He doesn't sit- can't tell him what to do!- but he does lean against the seat's back. His rotors fan and flick, showing as much emotion as Skydive's wings. Although, he doubts Skydive speaks rotor.

Vortex cocks his helm curiously, looking over Skydive. He doesn't look angry... But he does look... Ashamed? Something like that maybe. He's so focused on body language that he doesn't- "Wait, what?" He stares at Skydive. "You just- did you... You're apologizing... To me."

There's this moment of blissful silence and then Vortex laughs. "Primus! I beat your face in and you apologize to me! What's wrong with you? I mean, yeah. You were a total spit valve. But wow." The rotary shifts and takes a seat, leaning back. "Okay, okay... I didn't hear a sorry though. So definitly go on." And here he thought he was in trouble!

He's certainly taking it well. Not that Skydive expected much of anything else from the rotary. His laughter brings a faint curl to his lips and a little exvent, wings shifting back up as his posture becomes more relaxed. "I'm allowed my quirks." He says softly back, smile growing just a bit. "I felt it needed saying, so I've said it. But, well.." Now here comes the hard part.

"Air Raid.." The name is said with a deeper exvent, one hand raising to rub the two fingers to the side of his orange temple. "I knew he would confront you. I wished to stop him, but I couldn't in that state. I'm not here to apologize for him. I know how he thinks and.. have an inkling of his thoughts on you, so I wasn't as worried about him harming you. It's the others that trouble me now." He looks to Vortex directly, a hint of low energy about him as even the thought of that day exhausts him. "Whirl and Blast Off confronted him the other day at Swerve's. A threat on your behalf. I'm not faulting them. I have no room to do so with Raid acting on his own. But I don't wish for this animosity to continue. I told them this began and ended with us and I intend to keep it that way..."

Vortex likes this whole 'apologizing to him after he beats you up' sort of thing. Yes, everything should be like this from now on. "Just don't do that again. I don't care about being beaten- but I will not be talked down to," he clarifies a bit. He's got a limit with tolerance in that area. But he perks at the mention of his favorite Aerialbot, leaning forward a bit. "Oh, that? Tch, no apologies needed. I figured- others?" Primus dammit- WHIRL!!!

The Combaticon crosses his arms, using his pedes to push the chair so he's balancing on the back legs. "Mmm, I see... Oh, quit with the Raid business. He didn't even really kick my ass. He did more to my door. Bent up my rotors- idiot sliced open his hand- but he held back. Even after I told him to hit me since deserved it after all." He shrugs a bit, servo lifting to touch his forehelm where Air Raid... "I thought this was already resolved. But if ya need me to talk to Whirl and Blasty, I can. I told Whirl not to do anything, the stupid crab."

"That's why I said I wasn't as worried about him going to see you." Skydive reiterates. "Raid is.." Optics fall, pondering. How to word this. "Complicated." That's the simplest way he can put it and looks back to Vortex, lips pressing a bit thinner. "I would appreciate it if you did. Whirl is.. Whirl. But I do respect your brother and I don't wish for a schism to form between us all."

That, in Skydive's mind, is the end of the issue. But now another one begins to steadily rise and take the forefront of his mind, the mech sitting back a bit more comfortably in his chair and looking to Vortex with a calm, neutral appearance. "Back on the topic of Air Raid.. There is something I've been meaning to ask you, as I'd like to hear your side." And Raid won't tell him his. The edges of his optics crease faintly, just barely squinting. No malice, just curious. "...What are your intentions with my brother? I hold no judgement whatever the case, I only ask because.. He seems confused and knotted up whenever your name enters the conversation, especially when his roommate's name comes with it." Hands fold back into his lap and shutters fall halfway, awaiting the answer.

"Schism- ain't that just a hundred shanix word?" Vortex chuckles to himself. 'Complicated.' Funny, Blast Off would probably call him the same. "Sure, sure. I'll tell them to cut it out. I don't need defenders. I'm the defender." And also the offender. Just how he likes it. "Well, if that's that, then- oh..." He wants to talk more. Uuuugh, Skydive, no.

Vortex's rotors all flick and flair. Wow, lots of bots asking him this. Back in the day, no one had to ask his intentions. Then again, he did a lot of, ya know, murdering then too. But this information about Air Raid was... Interesting. His rotors all tremble. "I see... I'm not sure what you mean, though? I am dating Riptide- pretty casual though- although... Air Raid called me charming..." Vortex taps his chin with a claw. Wonder, wonder, wonder why Raid would be all... 'knotted up.' Vortex almost giggles.

"But hey! Air Raid talks to me about you? Are you, like, his keeper or something?" Vortex lowers himself and leans forward. "That's super cute."

"I am his brother." Skydive answers flatly, no shift in his appearance. He isn't going to give him the satisfaction. "I talk to him, I listen to him, I worry for him. I expect you do the same with yours." Decepticon or not, Vortex is part of a team. A family. He has to know. "And I understand you're in a relationship with Riptide, but I don't think Air Raid does. Or wants to."

Skydive vents a soft sigh and finally stands, gaze lingering down at the rotary, his face hinting worry. "..Perhaps I'm being overprotective and overthinking this, I'm unsure. Just know that.. Air Raid isn't the best dance partner, so to speak. I don't wish to see him so bothered by this, so please, for his sake, be more direct in what you want with him." Or with yourself.. Those words hover just behind his lips, but he holds them back and gives a bow of his head. "Anyway, I'm glad we can have this issue with the others resolved. Since that's taken care of, I'll take my leave so you may continue your day. Thank you, Vortex." And with that, he turns to make his exit.

Bah, Skydive was a lot less fun when he wasn't punching in his face. Now that Vortex can look at it and not be infuriated, he could see how handsome it was. He wants to touch it. Has anyone ever noticed how fine his lips are? So nicely contoured. Yes, he's gonna touch it. Some day. Some how. "Yes, relationship." His rotors swivel in a so-so motion. Dating and hanging out isn't really a 'relationship' so to speak. Its just fun.

Vortex rubs his servos over the missiles on his arm, rocking back in his chair once more. "If you're implying I've been indirect, I haven't. I haven't even been direct!" Why does everyone think he's got all these ill intentions for everyone. Again, not unjustified. But really annoying. "Whatever. Yeah, yeah, I'll fix all the problems again. See ya around, Creamsicle Face." He waves off Skydive to look out at the stars. Hrn... After a bit of fidgeting, he gets up to leave again. Speaking of Riptide! He should go get some drinks with they guy.

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