2016-06-26 My Roommate, My Boss

From Transformers: Lost and Found

My Roommate, My Boss
Date 2016/06/26
Location Lost Light - Docks and Storage
Participants Lieutenant, Penchant
Summary Lieutenant seeks out Penchant to congratulate him on the promotion and does not give him #1 Boss mug for it. Should have though.

A steady hum of activity runs through the lower levels of the ship. Although never entirely quiet, there's a feeling of isolation that's impossible to entirely shake.

Can't say he didn't see Penchant's promotion coming, but when Lieutenant found out he only put more effort into showing up to his shifts. He doesn't quite like his position here: Krok had him under manual labor so it made working in storage near unbearable. The avian couldn't fly so he only lifted things around and transported what was requested around the ship. It physically wore him down. Not to mention, he was an addict over a month ago, so he couldn't do his job when drugged. Now with his roommate as head, he couldn't tell him he wanted to leave. Penchant just started as a head and the avian wants to see how things go under his management.

Besides, he has something for the new Chief of Logistics.

Penchant is perched on some stacked crates to lean over a table with a few other bots, looking over some proposed shelving arrangements. "See, that's going to be an issue," he taps the layout, then circles it. "See what you can do about clearing the passage here." A quick glance up has him waving Lieutenant over, as the minibot turns to sit crosslegged on the crates, smiling.

Lieutenant steps forward, noting the orders Penchant's giving. "Finally, that one shelf there was holding more weight than it can take." he says, commenting on the issue, as he hands rest behind his back. Small wrapped up gift but that's all that's back there. The avian will present it soon, but he opts to make some conversation first. "I see you are handling your new position well."

"Heh, you thought so too huh." Penchant looks up-up-up as Lieutenant nears. "Am I? Hard to tell. Give it a month. How ya' doin'?" He lowers his voice, gesturing for Lieutenant to lean down a little. "How are you /feeling/?" Referring to syk withdrawal, of course.

"Felt, not thought." The avian gets down on a knee to lower himself enough for Penchant. Lieutenant stays quiet for a moment, turning over the question in his mind. "Fi-" His automatic response is 'fine' but he knows that's not the honest answer, "Well, I am working to be fine." That works as an answer. He glances away for a moment, tapping at the gift behind him. "Making progress, I suppose." Slow progress, Lieutenant would whine about it if he could and number quitting syk as one of his biggest regrets, but he doesn't.

"Felt...? Oh. Your sensors. Handy." Penchant nods once, smile turning a little sad as Lieutenant answers honestly. "Progress is good. I'm proud of you. From all that I can tell, you're doing well." With a slow vent, he slides off his perch and moves along the storage perimeter, beckoning for Lieutenant to follow. "If only for some privacy," he clarifies.

It's hard to believe he hasn't had a lick of syk in thirty-one days. Feels excruciatingly longer than that, when the avian thinks about it. Lieutenant stands up and slips the gift into his subspace for now. He's not sure what Penchant needs him for privately, but he says nothing. Only follows as instructed.

"You understand you're entitled to take time off to properly recovery, right?" Penchant folds his arms, back to gazing up. "You could just... chill in the hab or the library for a while. I mean we've got the paperwork for it. No one would chide you for it," he assures with a small grin. "I just want you to be comfortable." Knee-pat.

"I took enough time off under Krok's command, Penchant." Lieutenant replies evenly as he folds his arms. "The rest of Logistics sees me already 'playing hookie' with my work here. I want to make up for my lack of efficiency here." Even if it has been hard, he feels he's done nothing but tarnish his own reputation since he came on board. "No one may chide me for it, but I will myself." With a sigh, he gets down on his knee again, "Your concern is appreciated, but I cannot keep 'chilling.'"

"Welp, at least I tried." Penchant will always admire hard work ethic, so he's not going to argue the point here. If Lieutenant wants to work, Lieutenant wants to work. "Okay buddy," he relents with a puff. "You looking for an assignment then?"

"Well, yes, but," Lieutenant glances away and taps his fingers against his knee as though he forgot what he was going to say. Of course he hasn't forgotten, he's just a bit shy to presenting the gift to Penchant. He hadn't properly given the mini the flowers from Eukaris last time so this was a bit.. new. The avian took out the gift to give to his roommate, now boss. "Congratulations on your promotion." he says quietly, as he holds out the pink wrapped box.

Inside is a datapad, similar to the one Lieutenant used to always keep on his desk. It's thicker than the average datapad, and has seams showing that is can transform. It's platinum plated on the back in has etched: Penchant of Altihex.

Penchant steadies Lieutenant with a curious look as the taller mech apparently buys time. Penchant is patient, however, and just watches, expression open, until Lieutenant finally gives him. "Aw, Lieu," he almost laughs, unwrapping the datapad to hold it up in the light. He tilts it this way and that, letting the tall ceiling's lights flash along the metal. Then the etched text on the back. He thumbs over it fondly, and tries not to look /too/ moved. "This... This is really nice. It transforms? Does it compact or something? Jeez Lieu..." He shuffles bashfully, rubbing his helm.

Oh good he seems to like it. Lieutenant can release his hostage vent in relief now. "It does transform to wrap around your dominant forearm and the palm of your hand." he explains, "Project holograms, holds over a yottabyte of information, and that really is all." Still, because he's used his for so long he thought Penchant might also need some sort of datapad to keep everything in one place. "That.. that is all."

Penchant tests out it, watching as it clicks and clacks as instructed, wrapping around his arm. He wiggles his fingers. "Hah! Lieu, I... I don't know what to say..." He reaches to take both of Lieutenant's hands in his and squeezes. "I feel like I don't deserve this. You're the one that helps /me/ out, more often than not."

The avian's fins flutter as they lower back bashfully. He can't help it, touching anyone's hands is a sincere gesture that Lieutenant takes very seriously. Carefully, his fingers wrap around Penchant's hands loosely. "You /do/ deserve this. Penchant, without you I would not have chosen to interact with others on this ship. I would not have given myself a reason to willingly give up syk if you were not an instigator for me. And, I am still learning to accept it, but the fact that you care for me..." his voice drops to a quiet, heartfelt tone, "Penchant, you could read my mind and still not have any idea on how much that truly means to me." He smiles softly, holding his hands a little more closely. He can't put to words how much he cares about his roommate and no gift will ever be able to convey it.

"I think I have an idea, at least," Penchant returns the warmth with a happy green glow of his optics. "Of course I care." He draws his hands away and lightly bumps Lieutenant's shoulder with his knuckles. "I find someone with a good head on their shoulders, I gotta' stick around 'em. You're a solid mech, Lieu. Would've been proud to have you in my ranks. If only you were a neutral eh? Never too late!" Nudge-nudge.

Penchant lingers there with a satisfied grin, and runs his fingers over his etched name once more before straightening up. "Right. You wanted work. I'd like a weight map of the floor, if you could manage that."

"War is over so technically I am neutral." Lieutenant shrugs, resting his arms over his knee. "I know not what qualifies me as one though since I did participate in the war but I suppose we could discuss that another time." The avian stands up and nod upon his orders. "I should have it completed within the cycle, sir." With a salute he heads out to work on what he was assigned.

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