2016-06-26 Autobot Support Group

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Autobot Support Group
Date 2016/06/24
Location Common Lounge
Participants Lieutenant, Mercy, Pipes, Swoop
Summary Mercy's been (UNFAIRLY) demoted, and the rest manage not to get all up in-arms about it.

Mercy is seated on one of the L-shaped couches, one leg tucked up under her and the other hugged to her chest plate. She rests her chin on her knee and seems to be focused on a datapad laid on the sofa in front of her, from which is coming some cheerful sounding noise that -has- to belong to a video of some sort. She has a half-finished drink beside her, and seems for once to be calmly sitting without bouncing around.

Pipes doesn't spend enough time in the lounge. Especially with its Earth-made gaming consoles. Are they from his collection? Hard to tell. He doesn't remember loaning them out, but it sure could have happened. He has multiples anyway. Anyway, after several visits to Mu to help the locals start their rebuilding efforts, he's convinced himself he could do with a break. He enters the lounge with his usual noise level, but quiets himself when he sees Mercy apparently concentrating. He creeps up, softly not to disturb her, but hopefully not too softly to scare her when he asks, "Hey Mercy. Whatcha doin'?"

Lieutenant only comes to the common lounge for one thing: the energon dispenser. It's great for those with insomnia who decide to wander that halls at night and grab something to drink. Yes, old faithful energon dispenser. The avian sips a drink from it and glances over at the others in the room per routine. Drink, look, nod in acknowledgement, then occasionally play the quiet game.

Swoop......never comes in here. In his off time he's usually headed straight for the observation deck, so seeing a Swoop in the common lounge is quite strange. He's curled up on a chair in one of the corners, datapad in one clawed servo and a stylus in the other, fiercely ignoring Mercy as he tries to write. Swoop had wanted to practice this more in his own habsuite, but Viviqueen wasn't there and he's - an l word. An L word we won't mention. So he'd come here for even the slightest hint of company. The smaller bot's video, however, is really irritating him, and he's having a hard time continuing his writing practice while a burning amber gaze is directed at Mercy, dentals grinding. Stop. Doing. That.

It may be odd to see Mercy sitting completely still, but it seems that is not a sign that she is fully absorbed in something - she doesn't even start a little when Pipes comes up an speaks softly. Instead, she glances towards him for a brief moment before unwrapping one of her arms from her legs to tap the screen and pause what she was watching. See, stopped! Happy now Swoop? "Just watching something cheerful." she returns with a smile. "I -should- be watching some training videos to keep up on my skills since I'm not actually supposed to do any of them as a nurse now, but..." She shrugs and trails off.

Pipes mimics Mercy's shrug, but then pauses. "Wait, not do any of them? I thought nurses were supposed to do ... medical things." He should know, he's been in medical enough over the past couple million years. He returns Lieutenant's nod, and notices Swoop but doesn't want to break his concentration. Or interrupt the glaring. Or, pretty much, do anything to possibly antagonize him.

Lieutenant is curious as to what Mercy was watching but doesn't want to just go up and ask. No he'll wait and see if she says it aloud. But what does she mean she's not supposed to do any? MALPRACTICE MAYBE? Probably. Yes, all medics do it. Trust him on this, he knows for a fact. Meanwhile, he sips his drink and glares at Swoop. Oh, he remembers you over there. Infuriating little punk bird who Lieutenant had to call security on. The avian bristles slightly just recalling that memory.

When the noise stops, Swoop's folded wings do leave their rigid posture. Thank fraggin' Primus. He's about to go back to his writing when - his wings perk up again, the gaze he'd been bringing away from Mercy finally alighting on the green avian near the energon dispenser. Oh yes, he remembers you too. In fact his lips quirk in a smirk, stylus and datapad disappearing into his subspace as he lifts himself from the chair he's been sitting on. He's no longer paying attention to the two bots doing - whatever they're doing. The smirk widens as he approaches Lieutenant, leaning against the closest surface as he says, "Have you made any more candy?"

Swoop absolutely ate the entire bag of what Lieutenant gave him last. And there's no Deluge in sight, so he's not going to hesitate to harass this mech.

"Yeah but not the things I used to do as a doctor...medic...senior staff...whatever you want to call it. Not things like operate or repair." Mercy shrugs once again, and her smile looks just a little less bright. "Knock Out called me foolish and know, I really -was- trying to cheer him up when I painted his office."

Oh, the office thing. Pipes did hear about that. Personally he thought Knock Out took it the wrong way, but then again, Knock Out will be Knock Out. Pipes moves himself over to the couch and sits, not too close, but not too far. "That's ridiculous. You are a great medic. I think it's--" he hushes down, in case anyone else might hear him question authority. "I think it's dumb to keep a great medic from doing her job. We need you. What if the rest of them get busy, or we get in a bind somewhere? This demotion or whatever won't matter." He huffs. "I mean, it was just paint."

Bad Swoop, bad bad pterodactyl. Go back in your chair and stay there. No candy for you. Lieutenant is not dealing with you and your candy issues today. "No." is his curt reply as his fins twitch at what the other two are talking about. Normally anything about medical is dismissed by the avian but this.. Mercy painted Knock Out's office and got demoted for it? There is a ping of sympathy for her. Pipes is right though, they have five medics, two trainees, and one ward manager and they all can get busy at a moment's notice. They need all the experience they can get. Mercy's demotion shouldn't last long considering the ship has a knack for collecting half-dead bodies.

The rude reaction to his question was not unexpected. Everyone treats Dinobots this way; it's practically a law. Swoop still wrinkles his nasal ridge at the other flier. "Maybe you should. They were good." Is that...a compliment? Who knows. His audios half pick up the conversation from the two smaller bots on the couch. He doesn't actually care about what they're saying, until Knock Out's name reaches him. He actually remembers this name, if only because he'd been irate that a 'Con was one of the CMOs aboard the ship. Which means--

"What kind of scrap is that?" Swoop is suddenly peering over the top of the couch, claws digging into the material above Pipes and Mercy. Zoooooom. "What does he know, he shouldn't keep you from doing your job!" Maybe Pipes just said the same thing. Swoop didn't hear it. He only heard the 'Knock Out said to me (insult insult insult)'.

Mercy is in the habit of shrugging, it seems, as she does so yet again after quickly sweeping the pad out of Pipes way. "Knock Out said i should have known better, that First Aid had a bad reason for it. Clearly I must hav...oh, well...I can give you a bandaid?" she offers with a grimace in Pipes' direction. "Oh, and I can make notes and prep things for when someone is available." Then Swoop is jumping in and sharing his VERY clear opinion on the matter. "He isn't. He just...gave me a new job." she offers, quite lamely.

Pipes isn't as even-keeled as Mercy and bounces on the couch slightly as Swoop ... swoops. It's a momentary distraction, and once again, Pipes feels outright treasonous as the Dinobot seconds his opinion (regardless of how shallowly it may have been). "I don't like it, not one bit. Hmph." Arms cross. "There must be a way to get your job back." Uh oh, Pipes is starting to think. Thank goodness a medic is nearby.

Listen, Lieutenant avoids medics (aside from Torque) as best he can. He does not trust them, at all. However, he's sorry that Mercy has been demoted to a meager secretary when clearly she is better than that. "Has First Aid or Ratchet spoken to Knock Out?" he asks as he pulls himself away from the dispenser. "I understand being upset, but the worst he should have done was make you clean his office and leave it at that. Not demean you to a front desk job." That's his two-cents on Knock Out though.

Unlike Lieutenant and Pipes, Swoop is absolutely livid over this. Mostly because it's a Decepticon handing out said punishment. Totally prejudice! And Swoop's not afraid of Knock Out or authority (haha, bad habits learned from Grimlock) so he doesn't try to keep his voice quiet as his wing tips quiver angrily and he voices his thoughts on the matter. "That's slag," he hisses, claws still digging into the couch top. There might be tears there when he lets go. "There's punishment and then there's revenge. Sure you painted his office - so what! Like he said - " and that's when he jabs a thumb talon in Lieutenant's direction, " - pushing you out of your job is too far. He's only hurting himself at this point." Swoop's tone is a snarl.

"Oh, we did have to repaint his office..with tiiiiiiny brushes," Mercy assures Lieutenant quickly. She doesn't want anyone thinking she didn't do what she should have done! Unfolding, Mercy twists around so she can more fully view all three of her new conversation partners at once. "And First Aid got in trouble with me, and so did Tourniquet and now they can't work together, and I don't know if Ratchet talked to him, but...well, they have to work together and it would be bad for everyone if they started fighting, and I don't want them fighting all because I got demoted to nurse, and then everyone would be upset because they are mad at each other and," Uh oh - Mercy is starting to hit 'ramble speed'. Quick, someone interrupt her.

There is mild horror in Pipes' optics as the stream of problems in the medical department pours out from Mercy. Besides the obvious anxiety it's causing poor Mercy, there's the fact that the ship's medical facilities, so crucial to his own continued functioning considering what he gets into, are apparently falling apart from the inside! "This is ... this is crazy! Back in the war they'd never let things get this bad! I don't know what ... Ratchet ... and what about ..." Well, Pipes's plans are derailed as he blusters.

It should have ended at the tiny brushes. "Just because you let someone live does not make the 'punishment' merciful." Lieutenant comments bluntly, knowing that some Decepticons had a habit of killing off those that stepped out of line. "This is not only absurd but cruel, and unprofessional. Being the only Decepticon in Medical grants him no special authority to get away with what he does. If you cannot get First Aid to convince him, talk to," ugh, he's going to throw up in his mouth, "Soundwave." That tasted awful. "Tell him of this and request he speak to Knock Out."

The admission of painting with tiny brushes doesn't ruffle Swoop at all. Grimlock has come up with much more colorful punishments in the past; Swoop is used to that. It's the whole 'demotion' thing that's getting to him. Even at his angriest Grimlock would never embarrass the Dinobots like that. It's just - it's just wrong. Sure they might get beat up a little, but. But.

"Scrap," Swoop repeats. Why not just smack her around a little and call it a day? What were these 'Cons thinking? He answers his own internal question with, they don't. "Medics ain't - you don't just throw them away 'cause they messed up. Medics are crucial." He might be thinking of a specific medic. No one here will know that, though.

Mercy reaches out to rest a reassuring hand on Pipes' shoulder as he gets worked up over her predicament, and she shakes her head. "Things aren't that bad," she assures him, trying to climb out of the hole she has apparently pulled everyone into. Her optics dance from Pipes to Lieutenant then. "No...Knock Out is in co-command of medical. He can do what he did; he didn't do it because he is a Decepticon;" Mercy is sure of it. "He did it because I'm naive and foolish and can't be trusted to make good decisions." Then Swoop is eyed, and she nods. "I'm not thrown away. I'm a nurse. I make sure things are ready for the others to do repairs."

Pipes is a little embarrassed that Mercy is comforting him about this. He rests his own hand on Mercy's, patting. "I'm OK, just sort of ... flabbergasted." Knock Out is in charge of medical, sure, but he's not a dictator. Wait. "Co-command. Who else is in command? Ratchet, right? He can step in, can't he? Or even Soundwave, like Lieutenant said?" Go up the chain, all the way! Pipes would file a formal objection if he, you know, wasn't so obedient. But he's really thinking hard about doing it.

Lieutenant returns to sipping his drink. That just isn't right but if Mercy says he did it because she was naive, foolish, and can't be trusted to make good decisions then let Medical talk about that. He knows better than to keep pushing against something when he only knows one side of the story.

<FS3> Swoop rolls Self Control: Success. (4 2 6 2 4 8 5 5)

Unlike Lieutenant, Swoop does not know better, and in fact has never known better. He bristles further, wings sliding a bit out of their fold. "No. No, that's not right. He's made you an errand bot when you should be doing your real job. That's slag." Swoop is so ready to launch into an extremely angry rant against Knock Out, and he almost does. Instead, the Dinobot digs his claws deeper into the couch (yeah there's definitely going to be punctures there) and grinds his dentals. It doesn't matter that he has never met Mercy before, and honestly has no idea of her name. He's still going to defend her against shits like Knock Out.

"Frag Soundwave." Okay maybe Swoop isn't keeping his anger in as well as he should. "Go to Ratchet. You painted Knock Out's office and you repainted it. That's all it should take!" Thankfully he doesn't add that Knock out should've just punched them a few times for good measure, in the ol' Dinobot fashion.

Mercy nods slightly and, after a squeeze of Pipes' shoulders, she pulls her hand back. "I'm sure Ratchet read the did all the others in charge." Okay, maybe not Rodimus, but Mercy is sure he's heard all the same. "No one's said anything, or if they did, it didn't go anywhere, so..." Mercy shrugs and then once more focuses on Swoop. "Hey, it's okay, really. Maybe in a few thousand years I'll be a medic again."

<FS3> Pipes rolls Optimism: Good Success. (1 2 6 7 3 7 3 5 2 1 2 1)

Internally, Pipes is in a flurry of thoughts on what to do, how to fix, but something makes him snap back to here and now. There's a medic - medic - here who is really in need of cheering up and maybe even thinks her punishment is just. He lays his hands flat on the couch. "I'm sorry, Mercy. But listen, you aren't naive or foolish, especially for just doing some painting. There wasn't a malicious struct in your structure doing that, and you know what? I think that's why this dumb punishment isn't going to last. Once Knock Out untwists his cabling about it, everybot is gonna remember how great you are, and why you should be a medic, and you'll be back on staff just like that. Time served." Pipes is sure that things will work out. Even if it might take a little nudging.

Few thousand years they'll still be on this ship looking for those fable knights. So as long as they're chasing these phantoms, Mercy could be reinstated within that time. Or what Pipes said since that sounds more likely. Lieutenant finishes his drink and nods to concur with Pipes. "This should stay between us," Swoop. "it would be best if Knock Out not hear you spoke of this as it could earn more ire from him." he advises.

<FS3> Swoop rolls Self Control: Good Success. (2 1 4 7 5 1 3 7)

<FS3> Mercy rolls Kind Sparked: Great Success. (6 7 7 3 4 6 6 8 3 7 4)

"A few thousand years?" Swoop is on the brink of flipping the fuck out. He's ready to storm Knock Out's office right now, on behalf of - whoever this medic is. However, strangely...the combination of Pipes and Lieutenant keep him at bay, wing tips sliding back into the normal folded position while he's in this mode. It wouldn't help this medic much if he went off and beat the scrap out of Knock Out for pulling this. Beyond the other implications, of course. So instead of continuing, Swoop extracts his claws from the rips he's made in the couch. "What he said," is his final contribution, a talon jerking toward Pipes. And then he's off to the dispenser. Time to grab a cube and disappear to continue what he was practicing in the privacy of his suite.

Mercy leans forward suddenly, and makes to hug Pipes quickly if she can, before she tries to do the same thing to Swoop (if she can catch him before he moves off to get a drink). Lieutenant she learned before it is better not to hug...not all the time, anyways. Standing, she offers a quick wave and a bright smile. "You guys are all good mechs...come see me if you need a patch!" she offers. Taking her leave, the pad with her movie is left behind.

Pipes accepts Mercy's hug gladly. Doesn't get a lot of those, but then again, not a lot of bots are huggers. He watches her depart and notices the datapad left behind. He'll leave it be in case she remembers it and comes back, otherwise he'll take it and return it next time he sees her. In the meantime, and with a venting sigh, he moves his attention back to his original goal - those game consoles. He might not even play a game, but only poke at the little boxes gently, open and shut their little doors. To be convivial, though, he offers to the bots still here, "If anyone is up for a game of ... something, let me know."

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