2016-06-26 Anyone Else

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Anyone Else
Date 2016/06/26
Location Lost Light - Docks and Storage - Rung's Office
Participants Rung, First Aid
Summary First Aid goes to Rung to clear his record from Delphi and gets another appointment instead. >:I

First Aid had been putting off this visit for a while now, citing a full schedule that wasn't quite full, or other projects that needed to be tackled first. Soon there was a day where he had no excuse. So here he is, at Rung's door, having called ahead, for what he described as a simple talk. With a polite wave and faint 'hello', he settles into the nearest seat and fumbles with his digits.

Rung is relieved that First Aid has finally stopped giving excuses to not see him (yes he is aware that First Aid has been putting off their visit). He quickly returns the hello and watches as the medic settles himself in, "Hello First Aid, I am glad you were able to clear your schedule for a few hours. How are you doing today?" Seeing how nervous First Aid is, he offers a quick smile of reassurance.

First Aid brightens a little. Who doesn't like smiles! Probably Decepticons. "I'm okay! Slow day actually. On the way here I passed someone who was having spinal strut problems, and pried out an offending piece of shrapnel right there in the hall." He does a little dusting-hands gesture in a small show of pride, then shrinks back to his reserved slump. "I wanted to talk to you about your diagnosis of me back at Delphi. When I was labeled as... obsessive compulsive? You remember?"

Rung's smile remains as First Aid recounts his exploits of the day, amused at the obvious pride he shows in his work. Then he wanes a bit, and the Therapist's smile falters just slightly. "Yes I do remember. If I remember correctly you constantly checked the insignias of your patients because you... 'wanted them to be straight', did you not?"

First Aid very nearly forgot about the exact excuse he'd given. He stares blankly for a moment, then nods twice. "Ah, right. Uh." His nervous digits slide around the back of his neck as he works through the words. Lying to a doctor was something he discouraged in everyone, so the guilt presses on him heavily. "The truth is, I was given a mission by the Wreckers. Well, by Springer. A double agent would be sending messages back in the form of bullets, shot through the right eye of the Autobot insignia. I was supposed to look for those messages. Enough time as passed now that I feel it's safe to tell you this. I'm... I'm sorry I lied. It was... important to me."

Rung listens carefully to what he is told. First Aid was on a secret mission.. for the wreckers. That seems like a flimsy excuse for even the worst of patients but Rung can't help but reevaluate First Aid's claim. Looking back at it, he had never entirely been certain that it was a correct diagnosis but it was the only conclusion he could have gotten with the information provided. "... Is there anyone who can corroborate your claim?"

First Aid manages to pale, somehow. He hadn't really thought this far, assuming his own sincerity would be proof enough. His visor swims up to meet Rung's glasses. "You... You don't believe me?"

Rung immediately feels bad seeing the distress beginning to overtake First Aid, he doesn't like this part but he has to make him understand that he needs proper evidence, "I am sorry First Aid, it is not that I don't believe you but that it has been so long since you were diagnosed with obsessive compulsive disorder that now a proper investigation of your claims cannot be held. You would need a witness or someone you confided in to truly override my past diagnosis."

"I don't... I don't have proof beyond contacting Springer, and he's presently in a coma," First Aid admits ruefully. "I'm not obsessive, doctor," he presses, voice wavering slightly, "I was just given a job that I couldn't elaborate on. I-I mean, do I seem obsessed to you?" His fingers clench and spread uneasily. "How about you just... re-evaluate me."

Calmly, Rung watches First Aid. He is clearly nervous about this and its causing him a lot of stress but Rung just has his hands tied. It is possible to do a reevaluation, "I could do so but I do have to tell you that it would not override my previous diagnosis, it would officially be on the records as a mental improvement. Not a recanting. If you wish I could schedule you an appointment."

First Aid goes quiet for a little. Anywhere else, he'd attempt to fill the silence, but Rung likely knows enough to let him stew a moment. He massages a wrist anxiously, thumb working into a palm. "It's okay," he finally mumbles. /Talk to him. You can talk to him. That's what he's he for./ "How would you... treat someone who is obsessive compulsive..."

Rung gives First Aid the time he needs to think before responding to the question, "There are different methods. One would be the medicate the patient to help," Rung still believes in the old fashioned methods, though, "But I would suggest Cognitive Behavior Therapy. I help to find out way to restrain compulsive thought patterns and help deal with Obsessive Compulsive conditions."

First Aid mulls over the options carefully. His ambulance kibble tilts unhappily - all of this makes him feel broken. This was supposed to clear his record, not cement him into a diagnosis! Though he wouldn't be lingering here if the doubt didn't teeter on the edge of his mind. "Can... can you become obsessed with people instead of objects?"

"I suppose it is possible... First Aid why don't we attempt a reevaluation first before we discuss treatments. If you truly aren't OCD as you claim, then its highly possible you will not require treatment at all," Rung says, careful to speak calmly and relaxing, "If you pass I could write you off as cured or at least properly treated. As I said it would not wipe your past behavior from your record but it may clear any doubt about your competence...That is why you are here? Isn't it?"

"I-" First Aid draws his arms tighter against his chest. Rung is soothing at least, though this doesn't stop the medic from turning his gaze away, almost shamefully. "I'm here because Rodimus spoke to me after I had... acted out. I'm sure you heard of the vandalization of Knock Out's office." Same division, after all. "I would not have pulled something like that in the past. I got my coworkers in trouble. I got them demoted, or reassigned. I was angry. I..." He finally drops his face into his hands. "I don't know what I'm doing, Rung. I miss Springer."

Rung watches as First Aid slowly seems to shrink in on himself, "It sounds more like you are experiencing grief.. but First Aid, how close were you really to Springer?" Rung cannot remember being told that the two of them were close... If he didn't know any better he would say First Aid was projecting a relationship that didn't actually exist but he couldn't imagine the medic doing that...

First Aid smiles a little, mostly for his own thoughts wandering to that particular green Wrecker. It fades when Rung asks him the nature of that 'relationship'. "We were... He... W-well he thought I was important enough, skilled enough for the job..." The little medic perks a tad. "He praised me a few times." Saying this all aloud was dangerously unsettling. He shook his head, the panic in his denial turning to defensiveness. "He was close, okay? Closer than anyone else here."

Rung can tell he is beginning to go into territory that First Aid himself seems to be denying, "The only problem is that I, in all my years including evaluating the wreckers, have never heard of or witnessed anything outside a work relationship between the two of you..." It seems the nurse really is projecting a false relationship... He doesn't want to outright say what he suspects, but perhaps he can lead First Aid to this conclusion on his own.

First Aid vents steadily. No one has really challenged him on this topic. It may take more than one session for him to say it outright. "Well," he says through a misplaced laugh. As if that resolved the question. "I-I'll see if I can find a way to get some proof together for you, regarding the mission," he murmurs hurriedly, hands bracing as if he means to stand. "Thank you for taking the time to talk to me, Rung."

Watching how First Aid reacts, Rung decides this is best left for another session but it is definitely something that must be addressed. He lets a gentle smile reappear on his face, "I am glad you were finally able to meet with me First Aid. I would like for you to come in for another session once your schedule clears again. If that is alright with you?" As he says this he moves to type away at his datapad, maybe kinda beginning to word a secret message to Ratchet about sneaking some free time into First Aid's schedule so he has no excuses. But as far as the Nurse knows at the moment, he is writing down some case notes.

"Nnnn," is the beginning of a 'no' from First Aid, but Rung has always been painfully kind to him, and the smile tricks his spark. Perhaps he could convince Rung without proof. The medic stands, rolling his shoulders. "If... If you think I should. I usually talk to Getaway. Poor guy. He's really twisted up in his thing with Skids."

Rung lets his smile grow a bit warmer, standing as well to escort him to the door, "Thank you, I appreciate you taking time to let me help you. I would even be willing to meet with you after work hours if that works best." He has had to do this with other patients before in the past. Being the only Psychiatrist on a ship meant time off was more of a joke than anything else.

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