2016-06-25 To Scare A Ghoul

From Transformers: Lost and Found

2016-06-25 To Scare A Ghoul
Date 2016/06/25
Location Lost Light: Docks and Storage -- Shuttle Bay
Participants Ghoul, Vortex
Summary Vortex spots something fun while on a search for his brother. Ghoul does not find this 'fun'.

Ghoul has managed to stay out of trouble for a while, which probably isn't a good thing. Like a ticking time bomb, he'll go off eventually. As for right now, he's minding his own business by tinkering with a tiny little project... on top of the Rodpod. First thing anyone would notice is the pod and look away, so no one will really notice the smaller 'con up there. Except for the small noises he makes with the clatter of metal and some paints he's borrowed from the machine shop. He doesn't like the smell down there so that's why he's here.

Vortex is poking around for Blast Off, who could be in any number of places. Swerve's, his habsuite, the nav deck, or the shuttle bay. The last one mostly because his brother is a shuttle and shuttles like to hang in shuttle bay, right? Secret naps and what have you. The rotary sticks his helm in a little warily- after all, he did get bombarded the last time he was here- before happily bouncing in. "Blaaaaastyyyyy~" He calls among the normal shuttle hub-bub. "Are you in heeeeere?" He tromps around, optics lingering on the Rodpod- the previous bombarding perpetrator- before sweeping around. Brown and purple... Brown and purple... Brown and p- w ait a minute. His optics flick back up to the Rodpod. Hmmm... He squints. Swear he saw something. "Blast Off! Ya' in here, bro?"

The smaller jet looks up from his work when he hears someone calling for 'Blasty.' Could mean Blast Off or Blaster, but he's not sure who it is an which they're looking for. He stands up a little to see who it OH SHOOT THAT'S VORTEX! Ghoul sits back down quickly, and starts rapidly putting away his things. He doesn't like Vortex he had decided after the whole 'learning the Autobot Code' incident. Smug, know-it-all, stupid Decepticon. No, he doesn't like him at all.

It doesn't matter whether the heli noticed him or not, the jet starts putting away his nearly completed doll and everything else before laying low. Maybe Vortex will leave after he realizes Blast Off's not in here.

It doesn't take long for Vortex to realize Blast Off isn't there. But he still calls out for him a few more times and then quiet. Quiet- as quiet as shuttle bay gets- for one split moment before the sound of transforming followed by a loud whubwhubwhub from behind Ghoul as Vortex shoots up and over the Rodpod, transforming once more to drop down more or less ontop of the Con. "I knew I saw someone up here! Hah! What're you doing all the way up here?"

<FS3> Ghoul rolls Density Shift: Good Success. (1 7 3 4 4 6 4 6 3 3 3 4 7)

Okay quiet- quiet is not good when hiding. It means Vortex has either given up looking, or he's coming to pounce. Ghoul stays silent, hoping for the former to happen but then he hears the sound of the rotors. Not good, not good-- "AHHH!" The jet shrieks when a tropical party colored mech drops down practically on top of him. He thought Vortex was purposely going to land on him so he shift his density to fall right into the Rodpod. Safest place right now after startling him. "I'm not doing anything!" he shouts back indignantly, as he paces safely inside the pod. "Blast Off's not here so fly off!"

Vortex tilts his helm as his pedes meet solid red metal. Ah, tricky little bugger. He chuckles, starting to slowly pace in a circle and taking great care that a sharp click could be heard with each, methodical step. Just so Ghoul could hear him. "Sounds fake, but okay. And I know he's not- but now you're here and you're almost as interesting as him." The rotary chuckles, sliding a pede to make a nice scraping sound. Hear that in there all by your lonesome? "Its Ghoul, right? I remember you."

"Stop that, you'll ruin Rodimus' pod!" Not that Ghoul really cares about it. He probably left some blue drops from when he was painting up there. That scrapping noise is just too eerie for him to handle. He doesn't like it at all, it makes him shiver. Thankfully he could always shift out when he needs to, but Vortex can't get it. So he's safe. It's just the fear that's getting to him. "I remember you too but don't mean you're interesting. Buzz off!" Now how to get rid of Vortex without getting in trouble with Soundwave again. He could jump up and tackle him off the top of the pod. Or pull him inside, shift out and run away. He's never actually shifted anyone before though... has he? Hrm. Maybe he could try it....

If there's one thing Vortex excels in, its sending shivers down spinal struts. He takes out a rotor, letting a tip swipe and scraaaaape as his steps continue to circle. He adjusts slightly as he hears Ghoul's voice so he's circling just above him. Like a vulture. "I remember the looks you were giving me. Do you not like me? Is it because I'm smarter than you? Better looking? Are you jealous of my rotors? They are quite fabulous." The tip of his rotor taps the top of the Rodpod. "Or are you just scared?"

Ghoul backs up against a wall, keeping his optics trained on the ceiling. That scraping noise sounds far too close for comfort, and it makes him tremble. His frame rattles and he vents rapidly. He's not cornered but why does he feel like it? Why does Vortex seem like he's going to drop in from the ceiling of the pod? Just stay inside, everything will be fine. He's not coming in. He can't come in.

"I'm not scared!" Ghoul shouts back, managing to sound defiant, "And I DON'T like you! You're not smarter than me, who cares about looks, and your rotors are just- just UGLY!" That's the best insult he can come up with right now. He steals away into another section of the pod, in case Vortex feels bold enough to make a hole from the top and jump on top of him, again.

"You're a terrible liar~" Vortex croons in a sing song voice, continually tip-tapping as his visor sweeps. If Ghoul tries to get out, he'll spot him. He scowls though, rotors flaring. Ugly?! "Perhaps... But at least I can't fit a bullet between my dentae... And, primus, never quite seen a face like your's. I mean, I have... But that's usually after I've been told to deal with them. If you want, I can make the other side of your face match." He scrapes his blade once more. "Hmmm... Hey, were you paintin' up here? Tsk, tsk. Cap won't like this blue at all."

Ghoul's tongue licks between his gap, before he frowns. He's never really minded it so the comment doesn't bother him. Sure his whistles on his 'S's and flops his 'F's but he's gotten used to all that. His face, on the other hand, "My face is fine! It doesn't need fixing, unlike your's!" The jet shouts back, "You had to go mod your mouth because your mask wasn't doing a good enough job hiding that ugly mug!" Oh and the question is conveniently left unanswered.

Vortex makes a sound like a buzzer as his steps slowly turn and head toward Ghoul's voice once more. "Rrr! All I had was a faceplate. Gave myself a mouth. All the better to smile at you with, right?" The rotary is tempted to stab is blade through the Rodpod buuuut... He's not going to damage the Cap's goods. Also, he kinda blew it up a little already. Instead, he spins the rotor in a circle like he's going to try and cut through and drop in. "Why ya stayin' in there, Ghoul? For a bot who isn't scared, you sure are hiding away in there. Come out and plaaaay~" Vortex coos.

<FS3> Ghoul rolls Density Shift: Good Success. (1 2 3 4 6 6 8 3 8 8 1 6 4)

Is Vortex trying to cut through the Rodpod? Now that the Cap won't like. Ghoul falls quiet as he shifts his density again to go out the back. Common manuever but at least he can shift his density to escape at anytime. He's not scared, he's not scared, he's just avoiding Tex. The jet doesn't want to be around crazy helis who cut their faces open to make mouths. That's creepy! And terrifying, or at least would be if Ghoul were scared! Which he's not! Just going to try to slink around the side and bolt out the shuttle bay door before he's seen. Foolproof!

<FS3> Vortex rolls Reaction+Reaction: Good Success. (2 1 7 3 6 8)
<FS3> Vortex rolls Transportation: Success. (6 6 4 5 4 2 8 2)

Vortex tilts his helm as no answer comes. What is he doing? Playing the quiet game perhaps... Or perhaps too scared to answer? Hmmm... He looks around, light behind his visor flicking around. Oooor, the little bugger could be- HAH! There he is! Vortex sticks his rotor in and jumps off the Rodpod to transform, flying much faster than Ghoul to run and unleashing his clamp as he transforms once more. He lands on his pedes to real in his catch- if he caught him. "Hey now, where ya running off to? We were having such a nice talk!"

Ghoul tries to sneak away quietly but when he hears the sound of transformation, he books it! Unfortunately that doesn't get him very far when the clamp thrown, catches him. He cries out briefly before growling and turning to face Vortex. "I got better things to do than talk with you! Rustbucket! You're not terrifying! You like to think you are but you're not! I'm not scared of someone who thinks they have the power to intimidate everyone!"

Vortex chuckles, continuing to pull Ghoul closer. "Its cute how brave you are. You know, its really rude to run off like that. Come on! We were having a conversation. So, gonna tell me what you were doing up there? I'm really just curious." Pull him closer and closer... "Wasn't anything illegal, right? I won't tell, I'm good with secrets."

"I don't got to tell." Ghoul spats, trying to dig his heels into the ground. "Who do you think you are? Security?" Not like what he was doing was illegal, although Rodimus might think it is once he finds the paint spots on his Rodpod. "Besides, I don't know you enough to trust you so you don't got to waste anymore time!"

Stubborn little guy, huh. Vortex does frown behind his mask. Look, he's trying to get on security. Don't go rubbing it in. "Geez, you're a lot smaller up close, ya know that?" Almost close enough. "Lemme see what's up with your face though. Just a bit closer now." He's honestly curious about it. It's so messed up and fascinating.

Ghoul glowers at Vortex, he's not that small! You're just a little bit taller, like a head and shoulder taller. He hisses at the rotary, "My face is fine, back off!" He should phase out, and he's considering it, but he just stays there glaring at the con.

Vortex grips the cable before giving and strong tug forward, lifting a servo to grab Ghoul's face. "I honestly do not give a single slag about what you want right now. I'm taking a look and I invite you to try and stop me." This is fun! Perhaps if Ghoul tried not hide from him, he wouldn't be pushing the boundaries like this.

<FS3> Ghoul rolls Density Shift: Good Success. (6 5 1 1 6 2 4 5 3 7 5 7 1)

"I don't have to stop you." He shifts his density to escape the clamp and phase right through Vortex's hand. Finding the floor, he sticks his tongue out and puts some distance between them. "I just shift and you got no hold on me no more. So good luck getting me back, ugly." The jet smirks and turns a heel before walking to leave.

Vortex's visor shutters, claws clacking against his palm as Ghoul goes right through. His rotors twitch in annoyance. Mmm, tricky little fellow. His clamp reels the rest of the way in as he watches Ghoul go, helm tilted in curiosity. Now, how would he break him? "Bye, bye, Ghoul! I'll see you again soon- I can't wait to test your limits!" He calls out cheerfully, waving.

Ghoul will make sure there is not 'next time.' What a Creep!

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