2016-06-25 Ever Flirted with a Celebrity?

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Ever Flirted with a Celebrity?
Date 2016/06/25
Location Lost Light - Recreation -- Gallery
Participants Blaster, Starstruck
Summary Starstruck gets starstruck when The Voice decides to jam with him.

Not all brought on the Lost Light is personnel but also culture, and the desire to share and explore that. Upon entering the ship's modest museum, the faint melodies greet visitors, music collected from locations the Lost Light has visited. The lights are dimmer here than the other locations on the ship, nearly dark. This is to help highlight the rows of holographic walls, displays that show a gallery's worth of interesting sights. Moments of historical significance are rendered for viewing, as well as shared pieces of personally crafted art, or vid-caps of locations the Lost Light has visited. Holographic replicas of cultural artifacts lure attention over here or a particularly interesting visual recreation of perspective call to the senses over here.

At the far side of the room from the entrance is a small stage, complete with a microphoned podium. It would be ideal for small productions or concerts.

<FS3> Starstruck rolls Saxophone+50: Good Success. (6 3 3 4 7 6 2 5 6 6 1 1 1 4 5 5 6 4 8 3)

The gallery is boring. It's full of weird paintings and history and, WHO WANTS THAT? Certainly not Starstruck. He's come back hoping Mirage would be here so he could impress the pretty Autobot, except - except Mirage isn't here. Well, frag. Starstruck mopes around for a bit before he remembers that there's a stage with a mic, and with a quick glance he confirms that no one is using it. Alright! His saxophone comes out of his subspace as he heads toward the empty stage. He steps up and immediately takes advantage of the unused mic to play some sweet sax. Yeah. It's awesome.

Hm. Someone is making noise.

Blaster turned the corner to peek into the gallery to see... obnoxiously loud mech actually playing a pretty mean saxophone. He didn't intend to linger as long as he did, but he found himself watching, mesmerized by the sax playing. Soon, he had slipped inside and took a seat, tapping his peds along to the tune of what Starstruck is playing.

It seems the saxophone is one of the few things that can keep Starstruck occupied enough that he doesn't notice those around him. He'd kind of been hoping that, with his playing, Mirage would just appear, though the pretty Autobot never does. Oh well! There were so many others around to impress! And the saxophone seemed like the appropriate instrument anyway to use while in the gallery (though Star would have happily broke out beatboxing or into a Beyoncé song despite his surroundings) so it's the sax he continues to play. He doesn't, as of yet, notice those who come and go. He's too busy playing one of the songs he's learned by spark, though there's a stand he's set up with the book he's been using to practice from, in case he needs to glance at it.

<FS3> Starstruck rolls Saxophone: Success. (3 1 3 8 1 5)

Blaster leans on his hands and listens to Starstruck play a little longer, getting lost in the rhythm and sound before he starts to beatbox. It might have sounded unusual to others, beatboxing with saxophone playing, but the communications officer was definitely a musician at his spark and knew how to make it work. It makes whatever tune Star was playing a little more jauntier, although he hoped it would catch the sax player's attention to who was in the room instead. Didn't matter either way- Blaster is enjoying all of this.

<FS3> Blaster rolls Beatboxing: Good Success. (8 8 1)

Starstruck is still playing, loving the sweet tunes that come from his sax, when something new starts to slowly penetrate his processor. His optics, beneath the visor, finally alight on Blaster, and his antennae quiver with excitement. Holy shit, it's The Voice! Sure the guy went Autobot (why did he and Jazz make such bad decisions) but! Star remembers who this is, too!

Starstruck finishes out the song with Blaster's accompaniment, and when he's done he puts the sax back into his subspace, along with the music book (the stand belongs to the gallery) and then hops down off the stage. "I can't believe it! Blaster!" You knew he was here, Star. You've read all the personnel files. Perhaps he's a little too caught up in another 'pre-war hero pops up out of the blue' to remember that at the moment.

As Blaster is beatboxing, he made his way to the stage where Starstruck was standing, matching the pace and the energy as they both played out the song together. He smiles at Starstruck's enthusiasm, even as his optics noted the Decepticon insignia. But he didn't react- the war was over and the Lost Light was an exploration ship for any mecha who wanted in on the journey. He gives a wider smile at being recognized. "Yes I am, but you probably know that from hearing my voice on the intercoms sometimes." It is not like he forgot about his Voice stint, he just felt like he was more well known for working the comms instead.

Starstruck gives a loud, booming laugh at that. "Yeah, I totally knew that." Yes, he has heard Blaster's voice over the comms, quite often. It's unfortunate that he usually tunes it out because it's usually ship news, boooooring. "Before the war, though, dude - you were so hype! I used to listen to you all the time!" Up until he actually joined the 'Cons, the faction stuff hadn't really meant anything to Star. He just liked listening to the Voice, starting as a fan long before Blaster even began commenting on the growing tensions on Cybertron. It's possible he was incapable of believing someone so awesome (just like Jazz) could end up on the same ship as him. And one he wasn't even robbing! "That was some sick beatboxing, by the way. You do that often? I'm okay at it, but man, you're wicked."

Blaster laughs a bit. Of course he would be known from being the Voice. Although he is surprised at how far his show broadcasted, he didn't think there were... well... many Decepticons listening. Although, from what he heard, there were neutrals who tuned in as well, wanting to hear something more substantial in the earlier days when censorship really started to stifle and silence a lot of voices. In regards to the beatboxing though, he says, "I think I am rather casual at it, I have heard more phenomenal beatboxing from others. One of these days, I will match up to them." He holds out a hand towards Star. "And you are quite the saxophone player, did you learn that from anyone or from a datanet video? I would like to know your name, by the way."

He's very ready to reply to all of this and then - oh yeah, he hasn't said his name yet! "Starstruck," is his first response, as he takes the proffered servo and gives it a quick, firm shake. Quite fitting, considering how often he is, ahem, literally starstruck. "Heh, no need to be modest around me. I know a good beatboxer when I see 'em." His extensive knowledge of Earth pop culture and music means this is actually pretty true, though Blaster wouldn't know that. Unlike Mirage, Blaster edges near the 'hero worship' category of Star's processor, which means Starstruck is slightly flustered and won't try to hold the handshake longer than normal. And as he acknowledges the compliment, he almost gives a shy tip of his helm. Almost. The only indication that it was a possible occurrence is the way his antennae tilt slightly back. "I picked up some vids while I was on Earth, and some practice music, too. Haven't had much time to practice, though, since I had to wait for a friend of mine to make a sax I could actually use, heh."

Leaning on the mech as if they are already best buds- Blaster has no sense of proper space or a lot of propriety when it comes to socializing, he smiles brightly. "Mech, you got some talent there, are you a musician or a budding one? Been a long time since I seen someone play like you do. Also, you have to introduce me to your friend, I would like to see if he would make me a guitar that matches my size." He then does some air guitar jamming, sliding his fingers on an invisible guitar neck.

<FS3> Starstruck rolls Flirting: Success. (1 4 1 3 7)

Starstruck's visor brightens when Blaster leans on him. This is - wow, wow! Okay so he will flirt with literally almost anything that moves but, but - the Voice is leaning on him. Star doesn't even hesitate to snake an arm around Blaster, gently keeping him where he is. "I am so a musician. Mostly I dance, and sing. The sax is the first instrument I've picked up." His hold tightens only slightly on Blaster at the air guitar, and he laughs again as he leans down. Just a bit. "Wrangler totally could. You know, I should send him a message, promise him some nice new toys and shanix - " Brainstorm could totally help in the 'new toys' department, "- and I think he could hook you up. He's the one who made my sax for me."

Hmm, Starstruck doesn't do subtle very well, but Blaster just gave a cocky grin right back. "Wrangler, hm? An appropriate name for someone who gets you want you want or need." He is not sure if Wrangler deals in just the legal stuff, but everyone knows a someone, and Starstruck doesn't even look like the exception there. "I will have to see about the new toys, the only thing I got that is new is my deejay station, and that is the most recent."

<FS3> Starstruck rolls Flirting: Success. (8 4 6 3 4)

Hey! This is actually going pretty well! Blaster hasn't acted awkward or made an excuse to leave yet; a good sign! Starstruck does, though, laugh again at Blaster's idea behind Wrangler's name. "You know, I never thought about that! He's not like Swindle, though, he's more like...a greasemonkey. And he makes stuff on the side, but it's hard to get him to make anything for free." Unless you're Trailhawk, but that's a whole different story.

Star's antennae perk straight up at that. "Deejay station?" His excitement is easy to hear in his voice, and he even loosens his hold on Blaster a little bit. "Man, I've always wanted to learn to DJ!" As if he hasn't already bribed Swerve into using his playlists in the bar. "Would, uh, could you ever show me? Maybe?"

Blaster gives a big, charming smile at Starstruck. He leans in closer to the bigger mech, tilting his helm up. "I am always willing to give lessons on how to properly deejay anything. And especially how to use the table and mixer. Lesson numero uno is that the best music comes from what sounds good to you. If you feel like you can groove to it, so can others too! The rest of it is from just knowing how the equipment worked." He gave a wink at that. "And ask Wrangler what his price is for a nice guitar. I always wanted to use a stringed instrument."

<FS3> Starstruck rolls Flirting: Success. (1 8 4 5 2)

<FS3> Starstruck rolls Singing: Good Success. (5 6 2 4 4 8 7 4)

<FS3> Starstruck rolls Dancing: Good Success. (4 4 3 8 4 1 7 7 2)

Starstruck's grin has turned delighted. DJ lessons? Fuck yes! "That would awesome, mech. Amazing. Thanks." He is actually really pumped to learn DJing from Blaster himself. He would be pumped to learn it to begin with, yeah. Still! "I'll send him a message. He loves making stuff, I don't think it'll be too hard to convince him." That's not a lie. Despite always desiring payment, it was waaaay easier to bargain with Wrangler, as the Jeep loved inventing, than going to any of the other markets in the galaxy.

Star's grin turns into a broad beam as he steps away from Blaster, only to grab the mic from the stage before he's moving back toward the Autobot. "You wanna see a groove?" he asks, through the mic. There may be other bots in the gallery who really, no, do not want to hear 'the groove'. Too bad! "I'll show you a groove." And then his speakers come to life, blasting a song that he sings along with almost perfectly. Their voices are so similar. "All alone she was living, in a world without an end or beginning..." He's even beckoning to Blaster as he dances along to the music. Join me, Blasty.

Blaster laughs joyfully at Starstruck's very visible joy and delight, then he became slightly perplexed when Starstruck decided to grab the mike and... there was music playing out the mech's speakers. It was their luck that the gallery was not full and whoever was straggling there did not seem to mind the sudden blaring of song (maybe) and the dance.

Yeah, Starstruck was showing off, Blaster knows what that looks like. But hey, when was the last time he had someone want to show off just for him. So, after the song started up, Blaster smoothly slid into the groove, taking Star's free hand and uses it to spin, joining in on the chorus. "In the night she hears him calling, In the night she's dancing to relieve the pain-" He did not sound like Star or the singer, but his falsetto was perfectly in tune, "She'll never walk away~"

<FS3> Starstruck rolls Singing: Good Success. (8 1 5 4 1 5 5 8)

<FS3> Starstruck rolls Dancing: Great Success. (8 5 8 6 1 1 8 7 7)

<FS3> Starstruck rolls Flirting: Success. (4 4 3 4 8)

Eh, who cares about the other mechs? The gallery was a place for 'culture', right? And Starstruck is definitely sharing some great culture right now! It doesn't matter if Blaster realizes what Star is doing - the bus absolutely loves showing off, especially to a mech who seems like he'll actually be into it. And hey, look at that, it's so working out. "I don't think you understand," Star sings as he spins Blaster, keeping a hold on the Autobot's servo and pulling him along while they dance.

"In the night when she comes crawling, dollar bills and tears keep falling down her face," Starstruck continues, using the servo to pull Blaster in close, not quite a frame-on-frame dance but nearly. For such a big bot he makes it work, agile despite his bulk.

<FS3> Blaster rolls Dancing: Great Success. (7 7 1 8 7 7 1)

Yes, Starstruck can move, and fluidly. It is usually hard to make that much bulk look graceful, but there was a grace to the way Starstruck can gyrate. Blaster continued to dance with Star, getting fancy with his footwork, for he was never a mech that just stood in one place like most others, swaying back and forth. Pit no, if he was going to move, he was going to /move/.

It was not hard to get lost in the song and dance, at the moment, Blaster didn't notice anything else. He was going to spin Starstruck in place, then dip him, big size and all.

<FS3> Starstruck rolls Flirting: Good Success. (8 7 3 4 1)

Blaster looks so good as he dances, just as good as Torque did those few days ago. It makes Starstruck light up - okay he's always lit up. But the sentiment is there! Star continues holding on to Blaster's servo, even as he sings and the two guide each other through some great moves. He's absolutely caught off guard, however, when Blaster, a smaller mech than he, spins and dips him. Star's exvents, which were already heavy from the dancing, catch.

"Oh," Star breathes, full of awe. His optics are actually clear beneath his visor, wide and bright and sparkling. "You're so fucking cool." From most that would sound, well, fairly sarcastic; yet Starstruck emanates nothing but amazement, servos latched onto Blaster's shoulders.

It couldn't be helped, Star's compliment made Blaster look more cocky. "Well, it's hard not to get into it when you are rather inspired by someone else." He winks at Star before standing and straightening Star up. Still an impressive feat, given the size difference. But he is Blaster, and he could make anything work. "You are quite the muse tonight."

<FS3> Starstruck rolls Flirting+50: Amazing Success. (8 8 7 2 8 7 2 7 3 4 7 3 4 5 1 2 8 5 8 5)

As the song ends and Blaster lifts him from the dip, Starstruck is...nearly speechless. Almost - and by almost we mean absolutely. As Starstruck is brought back to his pedes, he does recover and then he's all crooked smiles, servos finding themselves on Blaster's hip struts. His true dork is showing when he says, "I'll be your muse anytime." He's so enamored with Blaster, even more so now that he knows the bot in person. And, true to himself, he leans down (allll the way down) and claims Blaster's mouth with his own.

Blaster is surprised when he is suddenly kissed, his optics going wide and bright. It might be the only time Starstruck could see that Blaster is hesitant. But there was no worries, cause as quick as the look of surprise came, it went, and he was kissing Star back confidently. After a bit, he pulled back. "Forward, I like that." He said with a grin.

What a good kiss. What a good kiss. Even if Blaster hated him forever, Starstruck could still confidently say he'd kissed the Voice. Except. Except Blaster kisses him back. His optics are offlined, and therefore he doesn't notice the hesitance on the Autobot's part. He's too wrapped up in, holy fuck, Blaster was kissing him back. When Blaster pulls away, Star straightens. His cheeks are visibly tinted with the pink traces of energon. "You know it," he says, though his voice comes across much more steady then he feels. Frag....frag.

Star pretends to check his chronometer before giving a fanged, crooked grin. "Off to work. Catch you later, Blaster." Now he's the one stuttering an optic in a wink, though as he turns and leaves his processor is spinning. Oh man. Oh Man.

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