2016-06-25 Brothers at the Bar

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Brothers at the Bar
Date 2016/06/25
Location Lost Light: Recreation -- Swerve's
Participants Air Raid, Blast Off, Skydive, Whirl
Summary Just bros looking out for bros. We're all family here.

Often referred to as the heart of the ship (by Swerve), the bar is rarely empty, rarely quiet. Central to the whole is the bar itself: just tall enough for a minibot to serve over the edge and lined with stools capable of accommodating bots of any height. Large, clear vessels stand behind the bar, containing the brews of the day. Behind the bar, an engex distillery assures there's always something new.

Round tables are scattered across the floor. Seats fold up from the floor beneath. Large booths along the sides of the room have room for a half-dozen or more, if they don't mind getting cozy, while monitors here and there find occasional use showing old vids.

A sign outside the door says:

                        No Guns, No Swords, No Bombs

Underneath is written: I MEAN IT!! LOCK YOUR WEAPON SYSTEMS DOWN AND DUMP EVERYTHING ELSE IN THE BIN BY THE DOOR. It is signed with a little frowning Swerve face.

On the other side of the door is a SHAME LIST. No, really, that's what it says. It has the number of days that various people are banned from Swerve's and counts down at the start of the morning shift.

Air Raid is perched at the bar, spinning war tales that no one around him believes. Yet they give him attention, simply for how animated he is, using shot glasses and sound effects to illustrate a heated dogfight. Eventually he's told to shut up, but it doesn't kill his happily buzzed mood. He drinks, he flirts, he mocks poor Bluestreak, etc.

Whirl has been at Swerve's for quite some time now. Drinking to excess is his hobby, you see, so he tends to spend a lot of time here. He was joined by Blast Off not too long and and they haven't left each other's side since with Whirl ordering drinks for the both of them as soon as they finish the ones in their hands (or not hands, in his case.) At one point, Whirl catches sight of a particular flying Autobot which prompts him to lean towards Blast Off and murmur into his audio receptors. "Hey, check it out, it's Air Raid. He's the one that beat up on Vortex, right? Maybe we should have a little talk with him.."

"Are you certain that's how that fight went, Air Raid?" The familiar voice of Skydive says rather coyly before he steps into view, a warm smile upon his face, which is completely fixed now. No glasses, though, sadly. In a smooth movement he takes a seat beside his brother, giving a polite word to the tender for an enertini. Back to Raid, he gives a kinder look, wings shifting downwards a tad. "How've you been? Apologies for not being able to hang out as much lately."

Blast Off is enjoying his time with Whirl. He's been working long shifts and researching in the library in his time off, so getting time to spend with his rotary boyfriend is welcome. So much so that he doesn't even mind actually *shwoing* that he's having a good time, leaning in to the larger mech, sipping his wine, and once even tapping Whirl's foot with his own under the table. But then Whirl mentions Air Raid. The Combaticon's optics narrow and darken and he glances behind him briefly to assess the situation. Hmm. Skydive is there and he's the one this all started with. He's also the one Blast Off wants fencing lessons with. He frowns under his faceplate, then looks back to Whirl. "You want to do that right now? That turbo turkey ought to get a talking to, yes, but..." he glances behind him again. "I... don't know."

"You just have bad memory," Air Raid insists, reaching to shake Skydive's shoulder roughly. "I'm good! I've been good!" He remains oblivious to the rotary-shuttle combo, guzzling his glass. "No one's been pushin' you around have they?" he asks abruptly, expression darkening. "Hey, where's your specs?"

"Of course I want to do that right now," Whirl says, rubbing the toe of his foot along Blast Off's leg. "He's here, I'm here.. it's the perfect opportunity." He flashes a glance back over towards Air Raid only to see he's been joined by another Aerialbot. Hmm, this got a little more complicated but it's nothing he can handle. He finishes the rest of his drink and leans in again to nuzzle at the side of Blast Off's face. "Don't worry, I'm not going to kill him or anything. We're just gonna talk." He places his empty glass down and rises from his seat so he can approach the Aerialbot duo.

"Well, well, well.. just the bot I wanted to see," Whirl says, taking a seat next to Air Raid at the bar. "Been a long time since we talked, hasn't it? How've you been, Raid? Gotten into any fights lately?"

An airy chuckle escapes Skydive at the shake, used to his brother's rowdy behavior. "Ah, if only." He mutters softly afterwards into his drink once it arrives, stealing a small sip, and glances back his way. Raid's more serious tone is met with a soft expression, reassuring with his tone remaining quiet. "I've been fine, it's alright." He would reach for his hand to give a squeeze, but he's being asked about his glasses and he retracts, brows pinching a hair and optics shifting back to his glass. "I'm still hoping to find someone who'll be able to repair them. They're quite intricate and I--"

Oh, a visitor. ..Oh, Whirl. Attention shifts quickly to the rotary joining them, his face suddenly more neutral. "Whirl, pleasure to see you." And if Whirl's here... Skydive leans ever so slightly to look around Whirl, spotting Blast Off at the table. To the shuttle his wings prick up just a little and a small smile flits across his face.

MMmmm, that leg rub drives a shiver through the standoffish shuttle's frame- standoffish unless it's Whirl, then the closer the better. The nuzzle is returned with a quiet purr, then he takes a slow, long drink of his own wine as Whirl heads off. Aloof, calm, that's the Combaticon. Still taking his time, he stands up and heads towards the others. Skydive's small smile brings the slightest pause, the tiniest crack to the otherwise flat surface of what's visible of his face, but soon he returns a small nod of his own, then focuses on Air Raid. For now, he simply looms, standing, on the other side of Raid from Whirl. The Aerialbot flanked on both sides. He doesn't do anything yet, though. And sips his wine, because of course he brought that with him, too.

"Ugh!" Air Raid blurts as if catching the scent of something rotten. The reaction is clearly directed at Whirl. "Back up and get a shower," he spits, then smirks. "So what if I have?" Then Blast Off comes up beside him. Now Air Raid glares. What is this. "Maybe Blast Off knows someone that can repair your specs, Skydive," he says pointedly.

Whirl was serious when he said he wasn't going to kill Air Raid but now he's even more serious about reconsidering. FUCKING RUDE. "So what? So nothing. I've got no problem with people getting into fights. It builds character, it's fun, and it's great exercise. Absolutely no problem... oh!" Whirl shakes his head and laughs. "I almost forgot.. I actually DO have a problem with it. You see, Vortex and I are..." He shrugs. "We're family now, you know? We look out for each other now. When someone messes with him, they're messing with me. When someone hurts him, they're hurting me." He leans in, looming over Air Raid. "You don't want to hurt me, do you, Raid? I mean, you've seen what happens when I get hurt, right? I have a tendency to lash out. I have a tendency to.. oh, how can I put it? Flip the fuck out? AH, yes. I tend to flip. the. fuck. out. And heh.. you wouldn't want me to flip the fuck out, right? Of course not, no. We don't want another civil war on our hands.. right?"

<FS3> Whirl rolls Staring: Great Success. (8 2 7 8 2 3 5 8)

"Perhaps.." Skydive comments softly to Air Raid, optics hanging on Blast Off as both he and Whirl surround his brother. He would ask what this was all about, but he already has a feeling. The connections between them all stem from one singularity. Vortex. And even if Whirl didn't have a face, his body language was enough to convey his intentions when moving up to them.


The word is by no means loud or forced, but it holds the strength of one used to giving strict instruction. His posture is upright and proper as it always is, though wings hold a certain, rigid height to portray his seriousness. "I kindly ask that you desist. If this is an issue with Vortex, then your actions will be directed at me."

Blast Off is content to stand and watch Whirl work, for now. His own degree of anger at Air Raid beating his brother up isn't quite as obvious yet, what with him simply standing there and slowly sipping his wine. *sip, sip* *stare*. But perhaps that's the point. It's a quiet contrast to Whirl's open belligerence... a subtle shadowed backup, an uncomfortable looming presence cutting off escape. Whirl's own words do get a flicker of response from the shuttle, though, as the rotary speaks of being family. Whirl, Vortex, and him. Family. His gaze lingers on the ex-Wrecker a moment, a slightly warmer shade to his optics. It's touching, really. It makes him feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Or something. He goes back to sipping his wine, the curl of a smile playing on his lips under that faceplate.

His focus is interrupted as Skydive speaks, and Blast Off briefly turns his attention to the other Aerialbot. He sips his wine calmly, gazing at Skydive now. Finally, he speaks. His voice is still quiet, flat. "I do believe it was Air Raid who punched Vortex, not you. Is that not so?"

Air Raid turns back to Whirl and his big ol' staring optic. He stares at it for as long as his nerve allows him, while Whirl goes on about flipping the fuck out and civil wars. But Skydive being nearby gives him a resolve buff. The black jet gets to his feet, wings swept back and hiked high, chest puffed out. Whirl is still a scary fucker, however, so his optics not-so-subtly pull away to just stare at the taller mech's chest. Before he can respond, Skydive is stepping in. "Skydive," he hisses through his denta, trying to angle himself in a way that blocks his brother with a broad span of a wing. "Yeah I beat him up," he snaps at Blast Off, jerking his head over. "You apparently stood by and let 'Dive get scrapped by your freak of a teammate!" Blast Off is a slightly better option when it comes to poking a finger at his chest. Tap-tap. "Tex deserved it!" Well, even Raid might not believe that.

Whirl's gaze flicks over to Skydive as he so bravely tries to pull his aggro. "This isn't about you, nerd, so just back off! This is about Air Raid and him beating the hell out of Vortex. Did you know about that? Did you know your brother tried to enact some kind of vengence in your name by pummeling him?" He looks back to Air Raid just in time to see him jabbing a finger into Blast Off's chest. Oh heck no.

"Hey!" Whirl shoves Air Raid. Hard. "Don't you fuckin' touch him! Get your greasy finger off of him or I swear to whatever god you pray to that I will rip it right off your hand and shove it so far up your exhaust you'll choke on it!"

<FS3> Air_Raid rolls Assholery-4: Success. (8 3 2)

"Yes, but your brother--" Skydive starts at Blast Off, his stony gaze shifting to him from Whirl while the answer is also directed to him. But he only gets so far before Air Raid decides to take it a step further by prodding Blast Off, which only encites more rage from Whirl. Damnit..

His seat is forgotten the instant Raid is shoved, step quick to move to his side and help him. Serious look melting for but a moment, he fixes his brother with a concerned frown when suggesting in a hushed tone, "Raid, are you alright? ..Please, you have to let me try and resolve this. Fighting isn't worth it." Once he's sure he's alright, Skydive stands and turns to the couple sharply, his face hardened and posture stiff, though they lack any malicious intent as he steps up to stand directly in front of Whirl and look into that beady optic without hesitation or falter.

"It is about me for two reasons. One. As second in command of the Aerialbots and highest ranking member of said team in the room, I take full responsibility for any and all of Air Raid's action. Two. My confrontation with Vortex should have began and ended with us. I believe Vortex viewed my words to harbor ill, which gae him every right to strike me. In my own defense I meant nothing of the sort, but I recognize and understand my fault in the matter. That being said, this ends. Now."

WOAH. Blast Off stares at Air Raid as the Aerialbot snaps at him. HIM. What'd HE do?? The shuttle's frame goes rigid by the time the Aerialbot gets to calling Vortex names- and then poking him in the chest. Optics widen and pale.

"Did... you just call my teammate a *freak*?"

Whirl's reaction is not unexpected and secretly pleases Blast Off... or it does until that nagging little Getaway ghost claiming he needs Whirl to *protect* him pops into his head. He lifts a hand towards the rotary. "It's alright, Whirl, I can deal with this turbo-turkey myself." He pauses to watch Skydive step in, noting the Aerialbot's calm, but says nothing for now.

Air Raid tries to back up the moment he hears Whirl lift his voice, but the hard shove to his chest topples him just the same. He's still growling when Skydive helps him up, and he's about to ramp up his frothing aggression when his brother rolls out the diplomacy. It's a /very/ heated moment as he debates inwardly on whether or not getting even more physical will end well for anyone. Reason /somehow/ wins out. It's probably because Whirl is just a liiiittle too intimidating to stand up to right now. Air Raid will let Skydive do the talking here, folding his arms, head lowered. Blast Off gets an icy look but little else.

Whirl glares at Air Raid as he's helped up by Skydive, silently daring him to retaliate. Go ahead, Raid. Hit him. Give him an excuse to really go nuts on you. His glare turns on Skydive who has taken it upon himself to play the diplomat and try to keep everyone from killing each other. "The confrontation SHOULD'VE ended with you, but it didn't. Instead, Air Raid ran off to enact some vigilant justice all on his own and you're going to.. what? Let him get away with it? Apologize on his behalf!?" Whirl laughs. "Where the fuck were you when Raid was wailing on Vortex, eh!? Now that he's the one suffering the consequences of his actions, you're going to step in?"

Skydive remains silent through Whirl's speech, held gaze never wavering. Once Whirl finishes, the Aerialbot replies calmly, "And now you come to enact the same justice on Vortex's behalf. If I could have stopped Air Raid in that moment I would have. It's something I regret, but.." Optics narrow a hair and mouth tightens just a bit, his voice becoming stronger. Again, not yelling, simply making his point. "This is a vicious circle I wish to stop and I intend to speak to Vortex when I am able on the issue. I will not have this become another quarrel between teamsas it once was. I will not. You speak of not wishing to create another civil war, yet here you are, searching for a fight. All of you..." His optics shift to Blast Off, then Air Raid, and finally back to Whirl. "Will cease this feuding and allow Vortex and I to resolve it on our own terms. Do I make myself clear?"

Blast Off wouldn't have minded watching Whirl go to town on Air Raid, to be honest. He's a touch disappointed when nothing happens but hey, the night is still young. Though then again, the Aerialbot almost seemed to have some redeemable qualities earlier, and Vortex had liked him so... Blast Off just wait and see how this turns out. He listens as Skydive speaks, expression still rather aloof. Shrugging, he thumbs over to Air Raid. "I repeat... did you just call Vortex a freak? It certainly sounded like it."

Air Raid stands stiffly as the fight drains from him. Skydive's tone has him listening closely, paying attention. He'll ignore Slingshot and just laugh off Fireflight, but Skydive can draw his attention pretty quickly if he adopts the right demeanor. So he shrinks under Skydive's disapproving gaze, and reluctantly turns his optics on Blast Off, expression unreadable. "Sorry. He just pissed me off. He didn't even apologize!"

"Oh, Skydive... Skydive, Skydive, Skydive.." Whirl shakes his head, shoulders jostling with a quiet laughter. "You misunderstand. Unlike your shitty brother, I have no intention of hurting anyone. I only wanted to explain to him that should something like this happen again, he'll die. Poorly. Very, very, poorly." He looks at Air Raid, single optic bearing down on him. "VERY. VERY. Poorly."

Skydive is far from pleased with that reply, his optics squinting a bit further. He wouldn't doubt Whirl to complete said threat, or at least come close to it. He's tempted to issue a threat in turn, even hold brig time over his head, but he stays silent, not wishing to further the issue. Instead he looks to Blast Off, tamed anger bleeding away in favor of a soft frown of apology and a mixed look of worry and disappointment. "I'm.. sorry for this. I didn't want this to escalate as it has. I will fix this. Just.. make him see reason." A brief glance to Whirl.

That said, he removes himself from the company of the shuttle and rotary, though pauses when a small chime goes off. In practiced grace, Skydive produces the pocket watch from his chest compartment and flicks it open to view the time. Is it time for that already? Well... He glances to Air Raid, a moment of thought passing over him, before he shuts the timepiece and places it back. It can wait.

Moving over to Air Raid, he offers an endearing smile and rests a hand on his shoulder. "Shall we go somewhere else?" His brother comes first. Always.

Blast Off 's optics narrow again at Air Raid's answer. The hint of a smile returns at Whirl's threat, then is gone again. Nonchalantly, he lifts his wine glass for a sip through his faceplate hatch. *siiip* He lowers the glass, then looks to Raid. "Well, to be honest, he sort of *is* a freak, I suppose." He shrugs, lifting his optic ridges in a dry sort of humor. Normalizing, he glances back to the Aerialbot. "However. He is also *my* teammate. He carries more skill in one digit of his hand than you may have in your entire body."

He's interrupted by Skydive and focuses on the more *cultured* of the two Aerialbots, violet optics gazing back as Skydive pleads for some time. As Skydive then *checks* the time, Blast off glances back to Air Raid. His frame tenses, armor plates bristle... and then smooth again. He sips some more wine. "...That all said, I... understand looking out for your teammate. I suppose I can't fault you for having your brother's back. Loyalty to your team is admirable." Another sip. "Just remember I have Vortex's back, too." Finally, Blast Off reaches a hand to touch Whirl's claw. "I... think he gets the point, Whirl. For his sake, I shall hope so."

Air Raid puts on his best angry jet threat, wings flared at Whirl, lips twisted in a snarl. But Whirl's got these scare tactics down. Raid backs down yet again, averting his gaze like a submissive omega, hating himself for it. He remains a few feet behind Skydive, sulking, wings drooping. Blast Off's insult earns a twitch. But at least he attempts to call Whirl off. "Hnf," he grunts in distant acknowledgement. Back to square one with the shuttle, Raid frowns to himself. Skydive's hand on his shoulder jerks him back to the present. "Yeah. Yeah, let's go."

This conversation is far from over, at least according to Whirl. His plating bristles slightly and he takes a step forward, looming over the pair of Aerialbots in an attempt to look as big and intimidating as physically possible. There's still so much he wants to say but the instant that chime goes off, all the words die in his throat. He knows that noise, he knows it very well despite not having heard it for millions of years but.. there's no way, right?

Wrong. Skydive pulls out his pocket watch and Whirl goes as still and unmoving as a fucking statue. His optic hones in on the timepiece and stays there; even after Skydive puts it away, his gaze lingers on his chest. He says nothing. No witty retort, no threats, no sarcastic remarks. Nothing.

Skydive understands Raid's posture well and is eager to get him out of this environment as quickly as possible. Perhaps they'll go sparring to help cool off, or share some engex in one of their habs. Whatever Raid wishes to do. Nodding with a warm look, he moves to lead his brother out. On the way there he happens a glance back to Whirl and Blast Off, though the rotary's odd silence draws his gaze and has him sending him a weird look. Why is he.. staring at him like that? It's not even an angry stare. Probably. Maybe. Hard to tell. Either way, Skydive dismisses it and heads out with Air Raid.

Well... everything suddenly went kind of quiet there. Blast off watches as the two Aerialbots leave, still torn between brotherly outrage at Air Raid daring to beat Vortex- and a grudging acceptance, even respect, for one Aerialbot's loyalty to his own brother- and vice versa. Brothers are brothers, no matter the side. Finishing his drink, he places it on the table and turns to Whirl. "Are... you alright?," he asks softly.

Whirl continues staring at that specific spot on Skydive's chest where he now knows the pocket watch lies behind. Blast Off's words get no response and it seems like he didn't even hear them to begin with. It's only when the Aerialbots disappear from sight does he snap back to the present. "..I need a drink."

What the smelt is that all about? Blast Off isn't sure, but he decides not to press the issue. The Combaticon's black hand reaches to thread into Whirl's claw and he tugs him towards the bar, where the drink will be on him.

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